“That’s the honest truth.. I do want to get Tiffany out.. Now” – Paulie

POV Holder: ? POV Competition July 16th
POV Used ? POV Ceremony July 18th
HOH Paulie Next HOH July 21st
Roadkill Competition Winner: ?
Original Nominations: ?, ?, ?
After POV Nominations: ?, ?, ?
Have Nots ?, ?, ?

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Big-Brother-18 2016-07-14 19-04-25-444

7:05pm Safari room PAulie, Frank, Bridgette and COrey
Paulie talking about putting Tiffany and Da’Vonne up.
Paulie – one of our teammates flipped..
Frank – Michelle flipped..
Frank – I don’t see James flipping
Frank says he doesn’t see Nicole flipping either
Paulie – well someone flipped

Big-Brother-18 2016-07-14 19-05-02-445

7:05pm Natalie and James
natalie – well I lost my best friend in the house.. I hate this game so muc..

Big-Brother-18 2016-07-14 19-10-14-165

7:08pm Frank and Tiffany
(Ohh shit we got a fight CAm 3-4 )
Frank says DA’Vonne told him Tiffany was coming after him and because of that he was gunning for Tiffany.
Da’Vonne comes out.. Starts to argue with Frank they both are yelling..

Frank – I swear on everything she told me that
Da’Vonne keeps saying Bridgette told him that.
Frank – you’re lying.. You’re lying.. You told me in the bathroom
Frank – Tiff she’s a liar.. The only reason I was after you is because she said you were coming after me..

Tiffany – you’ve been saying a lot of things to a lot of people..

Da’Vonne, Paul, Bridgette, Coprey, Paulie, Zakiyah and Tiffany now in the room

Frank to Da’Vonne “I want to send you home”
Da – guess where I’m not going .. Home… Guess where you’re going.. Home..
Frank – I’m not going home this week

Da’Vonne – there’s PLenty of weeks.. They took swings at you and they got you
Frank says this is why Da’Vonne went home in her season because she stirred up sh1t and started Drama.
Da’VOnne – I didn’t start no drama my season, you just mad because you’re bested
Frank – I’m not mad..
Paulie – lets not blow this house up lets have cooler heads prevail.. Emotions are clearly high right now..

Big-Brother-18 2016-07-14 19-15-17-983

7:14pm Nicole telling them they have to stay strong...

Big-Brother-18 2016-07-14 19-22-00-608

7:20pm Frank, Bridgette and Paulie

Frank – “I think the votes were you, me, James and Natalie”
Paulie – I can put Da up next to Tiffany
Frank – I didn’t know I was a dictator

Big-Brother-18 2016-07-14 19-25-33-898

7:26pm Da’Vonne and Frank shake “it’s just a game”

Big-Brother-18 2016-07-14 19-25-47-901

7:27pm CAtegory 4 minus Michelle hug

Big-Brother-18 2016-07-14 19-28-51-306

7:27pm Frank and Paulie

Frank says Paulie is putting up Da and Tiffany but he’s not sure.. he’s safe either way.

Big-Brother-18 2016-07-14 19-29-51-299

7:30pm Corey, Paulie and Da’Vonne
Paulie – Bridgette is on her scout game hard..
Da – Ohh 1000%
Paulie – he already said just think about it Tifany next to Da
Paulie – i was like Tiffany I can 100% agree with but I would rather have Natalie up there.
PAulie – that’s the honest truth
Paulie – I do want to get Tiffany out.. Now
Da – She’s got to go now

Paulie says if Frank wins Roadkill he’s putting Da up. Paulie wants to take out Tiffany this week she has to go.

Big-Brother-18 2016-07-14 19-41-53-692

7:40pm Nicole and Frank
Frank trying to figure out who flipped.. He says Da is yelling at him that he’s going home the house wants him out.
Nicole says Paulie wants Tiffany out this week.
Frank – I don’t want her out.. I want Da out
Nicole – work on that
Frank – All I know is I voted Tiffany out.
Nicole is hinting that James maybe voted out bronte, “Maybe it’s 2 vets vs 2 vets”
Frank – whats your read on Paulie
Nicole – it’s fine he trusts you he trusts me.. I would be surprised if he put us up.. I would be shocked if he flipped.

Frank says if Nicole is telling the truth the vote was Nicole, Corey and Paulie.
Nicole that sounds right.. \
Frank says he told Paulie to put Da and Tiffany up
Nicole – he wants Natalie up.. James will be pissed.. getting Natalie out is a waste.. no offense we can get her out at any point..
Frank – Da and Tiffany are up there that’s 2 vote they don’t have.. WE only need 4

Nicole – I just don’t open my mouth to anybody
Frank – I just need you guys to vote with me
Nicole – Yes 100%
Frank – it’s got to me James and Michelle
Nicole – yeah probably.. but I don’t know.. Bronte left that’s not that terrible.. Tiffany might go this week that’s not bad.
Frank – I have two decent targets that want to come after me.. Da and Tiff… Da’s the bigger threat.
Nicole – you’re the best person in competition in Big Brother history.. I want you on my side.
Frank – someone else said that to me it was Brittney Haynes..
Da comes in grabs some clothes and leaves.
Nicole – she’s going to be so pissed… she’ll put me up

Big-Brother-18 2016-07-14 19-54-21-308

7:54pm Da’Vonne, Michelle and Zakiyah
Da’Vonne brings up Tiffany telling Frank all week people have been coming up to her saying Frank wants her out this is the only reason she was coming after her.
Zakiyah – why would she say that
Da’Vonne – that’s how all that sh1t got started.
Da’Vonne – he got pissed when I said he put up Bridgette.. he got pissed…
Da’Vonne- Paulie is saying he’s putting up Natalie and Tiffany… if Frank wins roadkill he’s putting me up.. the goal this week is to take out Tiffany.
Zakiyah calls Frank a b1tch a grown b1tch
Zakiyah is pissed at Bridgette for walking into rooms asking people if they are OK.. “B1tch we’re not friends”

Big-Brother-18 2016-07-14 20-02-23-852

8:01pm Bridgette and Frank
Trying to decide where the votes went..
Bridgette is sure James and Natalie did not vote Bronte out.

8:06pm James, Da’Vonne, Nciole and Zakiyah Have nots
JAmes says Natalie is pissed at him because she thinks he had something to do with it.
Corey joins them.

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Powder Puff Girls

Tiffany’s speech did nothing for her game I think it alarmed Paulie as he is dictator#2


Production scripted for sure.


Doesn’t matter. Paulie already after her anyway.


Paulie told her to attack Frank and the Spygirls in her speech.

Powder Puff Girls

it did not take Frank long to figure out the votes


He hasn’t figured out anything.

For one Nicole voted out Bronte so hes wrong there and two they all technically voted Bronte out but decided to make it 5-4 to confuse him (and it appears to have worked.)

Paulie had to win but it screws him long term.

Theres no throwing Bronte and Natalie up as a drama free, safe option.

One way or another he’ll have to show his hand this week (particularly when it comes to Davonne and Michelle.) And if he makes a move against Davonne then Zakiyah is fucked because playing the middle wont work.

BB ever

Frank should shut his mouth up and keep all the information to himself !! Cause in BB house, everybody run their mouth, nobody you can trust!


I hate it when people try to figure out who voted for what. Just crawl under a blanket and forget it! Shut your mouth. Quit being dictatorial still!


I’m sure he’d like to crawl under the blankets but that spot has already been claimed this season by The Great Sunglassed Pillow Gnome.


Come on Paulie put up Da….. a week of Frank torturing her would be great TV IMHO.

This season has the potential to get very, very good.


Frank has tortured Da enough by being disrespectful and slapping her on the behind, making comments about her breasts, calling her sluts, etc. None of this is funny and if he did this in the real workplace, he will be charged will sexual harassment and terminated; something CBS should have considered. There is nothing funny about Frank’s treatment of Day and Zakiyah may I add, IMHO

Everyone has an Opinion,

Not that I agree with Frank’s behavior but, It is NOT sexual harassment if the person who does not like being slapped on the @ss doesn’t tell the person doing the slapping that they do not like it and MUST tell that person to STOP and NOT to do it again. If one does not speak up then it ISN’T harassment. if AFTER the encounter she tells him to not do that to her and he does it again then that would be harassment. NOTHING IS HARASSMENT UNTIL ONE IS ASKED TO NOT DO SOMETHING AGAIN AND THEN DISREGARDS THE REQUEST TO STOP. In this instance she allowed him to slap her @ss on multiple occasions and said nothing. How the hell is Frank to know that she didn’t like it if she didn’t speak up after the first instance!

It's about time!

Finally…… Someone speaks the truth. I also think Frank is rude and annoying, but he’s not HARASSING Da by no means. How is he supposed to know she doesn’t like it when he’s done it for 3 weeks now and she’s laughed about it. Then suddenly out of the blue, it becomes a huge issue. Kind of funny how it’s only a problem now, when she’s trying to get everybody to target him. When they were working together it was just a joke. Lol. Nice try Da, but I’m not buying it. She’s so annoying and I can’t wait to see her get evicted:)
It’s also hilarious that she’s the one that initially got everybody wanting to get Tiffany out(like wk 1 wk 2) then she talks everybody into keeping her last night, now suddenly she’s back to wanting her out again, now that she’s a target. LMAO. I hope Da goes this wk.


The problem with that is no normal person walks around slapping people on the butt or talking about a woman’s breasts especially in what is a work environment after just a few days together. That’s egregious behavior and a rational person shouldn’t have to be told not to do these things. That’s why it’s still harassment.


I know right? Did you see what she was wearing? She was totally asking for it too. I mean everyone knows you get a “Get out of jail free card” the FIRST TIME you slap someone’s ass or call them a slut, and it’s THEIR FAULT for not saying anything! If they don’t saying anything…hey, it’s practically an invitation. SAID NO ONE EVER!!!

I hope you don’t have children. Idk if you’re male or female, either way WOW. Imagine your daughter, sister or mother being blamed for not saying something right away. Even if you had a son you’d be teaching him these ways on how to treat women. You sound like a bully too. Keep pushing it and disrespecting someone because they’re not saying stop, so hey what’s the problem right?


Paulie would have thrown the HOH if he was down to get Frank out! It’s going to bite him a n the a** in the long run! Because Frank knows Paulie’s a good player and will turn on him soon!


I completely agree…Paulie is a little bitch. He is AS bad as Frank and just a little cuter. Tiffanessas speech was priceless but scared the shit out of Paulie.


Paulie’s answer was a guess. You can’t adjust like that to throw to Nicole. Both 3 got wrong, reset and Frank has a great chance of winning.


Paulie would have been a bitch if he threw that when it was down to Frank and Nicole. He could have been safe either way. But by staying in it he allowed the house a week of not being controlled by Frank…..hopefully.


Paulie said well in advance of the HOH comp that he would throw it as soon as Frank got out, but if Frank was still in he would try for it.


“Logged in as Simon. Log out?”

Why does this site say I’m logged in as Simon?


Because you da man!


Better be careful making statements like that Paulie, you’re gonna get the MooMoo Crew all riled up outside of the house!


Why are Paulie and Da saying Tiff has to go NOW. As opposed to an hour ago. Are they pissed about her speech? I thought it was great — if only she has won HOH to back it up. Ugh.

Tiffany the Female Chauvinist

Because that is how Da plays BB. She deflects everything on to other people and creates paranoia throughout the house. She created the Frank paranoia. She will now be on a Tiff paranoia crusade.

She is only against Tiff now, because she knows she is vulnerable this week. If she is still around, next week it will be back to Frank paranoia. Then after that, my guess she would start to target Paulie or Nicole. She wants big targets out.

Her game is so transparent. It will catch up to her. Oh and so much for her keeping her cool this season. LOL!


Corey is such a follower. Like? Do you wanna so something?

Corey's sleepers

We do want to do something! Frank! Need someone to wash your back?


Corey always look like a Deer in Headlights when you are talking to him


Either Tiffany or Da are leaving this week. My hard earned cash is on Da leaving, she just don’t know when to zip those lips..smh..Nicole will just follow a guy as usual, Z will leech on Paulie, Paulie will stick with Frank, hense his vote..James will follow Natalie any everyone else..Only person that would keep Da is Michelle, but she will have to vote with the house..

Tiffany's memory

is not “photographic” apparently


Wait what? Peoe on feeds were saying Frank said that. I’m confused now lol


Can someone tell me why Paulie voted Tiffany out when they all agreed last night to vote out Bronte? Was this done on purpose to make it close? Thanks.


Yes to make it appear that it was really close and Frank wouldn’t know who flipped but he knows now … also damn those people in production can they make it more obvious that they favor frank over everyone else at least he when he gets evicted he won’t have a chance to come back into the game ( battle-back ) and stays out the house take your farts with ya .

Fuzzy Num Num

Even if Paulie would’ve thrown it, Frank would’ve won HOH. None of the others were even close. But, no worries, we have a week of fire works! Yay us!


1) The countdown is on to Paulie replacing Frank with the house dictator charge. He’s covered himself, playing all sides…and it’s a matter of time before people notice he shutdown the fight just as they started to reveal origins of beef.

2) Stunning how fast they went right back to tossing Tiffany away…so what was the point of blowing up the house? Why is Da not firm that Nat has to go to isolate Frank’s only chance for allies.

3) It’s going to be real interesting to see what James does because there will be a Natalie campaign and personal feelings aside, he’s going to finally wonder why his “allies” are targeting his side pieces in back-to-back weeks, while Paul stays safe…and where he stands in the pecking order.

4) Nicole is going to panic hardcore when she learns Frank believes the vote went as it did…and that “stay strong” speech was so she’ll have a clear path to backstab them all to Frank, who I’d bet will feed the info back to cause dissension.


Paulie has even covered himself to the point of not even being one of the ones who voted for Bronte to be evicted. He can swear on any and everything to Frank that he voted for Tiffany and that he has Frank’s back. Douche. Smart though. I have to admit that I was shocked that he actually won a mental comp–he’s an even bigger threat than I thought. Hope the other house guests see it too.


The only reason they kept Tiffany was for her to target Frank, not because anyone wanted to work with or trusted her. Frank’s safe this week and the hornet’s nest is stirred so the targets are limited and Tiffany is an easy one.


This is so depressing. If I was Paulie, and wanted my best shot of getting out Frank next week, I would put up Natalie and Paul.
Also, since the whole team is safe, they can’t even be put up from Roadkill?


As much as I would like to see that happen. I think it would be in Paulie’s best interest to have Frank in the house a little longer. Once Frank is gone Paulie will be seen as the top Dawg, he won’t make it to final 5. It’s funny they will likely get Tiffany out. If they had got her out tonight this would have been an easy week for everyone with bronte and Natalie on the block.
Should be interesting!

Katie Girl

This “Team” shit sucks. If it weren’t for that, Frank would be going on the block this week!


What a great episode. Poor Paulie had to go and win it just to keep Frank from winning it. The look on Frank’s face was great. Tiffany’s speech was great. It would have been better had Tiffany won. Paulie just up’d the target on his back, sadly.


Frank and Paulie are on the same team. Meaning both are safe. Paulie made a mistake and won the HOH, now the plan to get rid of Frank this week has to wait


Paulie winning HOH was no mistake. Frank trusts him now that he didn’t flip, otherwise he wouldn’t protect him by winning HOH.
Technically, he voted out Tiffany, so he’s not lying to Frank about who he voted for. And by process of elimination with the showmances voting together, he knows Frank will deduct that Natalie & James are not the flippers.
The house needs to be concerned because Frank isn’t an idiot. He will take all the info Day spilled out and figure out the 5-4 scheme quickly.
He got too comfortable, now his blinders are off and it ain’t gonna be pretty for everyone else.


I don’t think Paulie won the HoH as a strategy to build trust with Frank etc.. I think it was just because Frank was still in so Paulie had to try to stop him from winning it.

Bad Breath

There is a silver lining here. With Frank not being evicted this week, it removes the possibility of him being able to fight his way back into the house. But they had better get him out the following week. I so want Farty Frank gone. He’s a bozo (both seasons).


Well these feeds are already thoroughly enjoyable. Im still laughing about Tiffany’s speech but man, is she regretting that already??! This is drama I can get behind.

Still hate Nicole though. Can someone win roadkill and put her up? Woof.


You can’t really blame her though. She couldn’t have felt safe, surely expected a blindside….and those mad she blew it up are to blame for letting her twist in the wind. She had to think either this is my f*ck you or my best shot to show anybody on the fence that I’m publicly at odds with Frank, no back deals, I’m going to get him out if you keep me.

Her “allies” should have decided after veto what they were doing and stuck to it, so if the gerrymandering was the decision then they spend the rest of the time keeping her comfortable, so she doesn’t screw it up…just like she ended up doing.


Paulie is a coward, plain and simple. He wanted Tiffany to win and put Frank out because he doesn’t have the guts to do it. Well, this will bite him in the ass in short order. Nice to see that Frank outed Da for lying. Unfortunately Tiffany won’t believe it. Now Paulie will go after Tiffany? This guy has a one track mind, and it is stuck on “stupid”!!!
Leave her in till Frank takes her out. That will be his number one target above you, you ass. After having Derrick’s tutoring prior to coming on BB, he has completely gone off the rails. Number One rule….in a room full of people remain the quiet one. He cannot shut his big mouth.


I mean, I see your point, but what else can he do. The house talked about putting up Frank and Bridgette because then at least one of them would go home…but then the entire house that studied and was so smart did so badly in this competition that he had to win or risk giving it to Frank…he knows that Frank has mentioned putting up the showmances and then Z could potentially go up, messing up his game and plan to have fun with her later in the game/jury. This week will be interesting, but I don’t see what else the kid could have done. If anything the rest of the house let him down.

sunny dee

Paulie didn’t have a choice, everyone agreed that even Frank’s team members would not throw it until Frank was eliminated. Obviously Frank never go eliminated so Paulie wasn’t going to throw anything. It isn’t a comp where he could know that Nicole wasn’t getting the right answer until the answers were done. both Nic and Frank chose the same answer, so it is possible maybe that Paulie thought he was throwing it.

The main thing is that Paulie can still control who he puts up, but he wouldn’t be able to control who Frank put up if he just threw the comp, and everyone by this time could figure out there wasn’t anyone left in the game. half the players gone in the first question, that’s really bad. half of the remaining half gone by the 2nd, shortest comp ever

oh, and because Frank (and Bridget) are on Paulie’s team, Paulie winning means that they and Michelle are all safe from being nominated. Including by Roadkill. Paulie isn’t scared to put up Frank, he literally doesn’t have the option to put him up. there are very few people he can choose from now.

and for those who think Nicole is sneaking around, well not sure what game you are watching, but i am seeing someone who is playing BB. even if Frank knows she and Corey voted to keep Tiffany, it is totally plausible because Tiffany is on their team and they could have done it for sympathy voting. But Frank STILL wants to work with Nicole and thinks she is with him 100%, she also knows getting Day out now is better for her game cuz maybe Day knows what she has been saying. She may not want to work with Frank ever, but he sure wants to work with her, and that will continue to keep her safe when the noms come around. which is the entire point of the game. she was very close to winning that comp as well, so she is still doing ok. i still think she should have chose Paulie, since she got to choose first when she chose Corey, because it would have been a different kind of team there for her. still surprised that she didn’t do that, no idea why not.


“He wanted Tiffany to win and put Frank out because he doesn’t have the guts to do it. ”
Paulie and Frank are on the same team genius! He can’t win and put Frank out even if he wanted to!!


My boy James is just going to keep avoiding drama, slipping under the radar, and before anyone notices it will be F2.


I’ll be thrilled….THRILLED once Paulie and Frank are takin out. I’ve personally had enough of both.


I love tiff’s speech tonight Frank ” I didn’t know I was a dictator ” um do you have selective hearing because you’re more delusional than jozea if you think you’re not perfect example bridgette’s hoh .
Since paulie won I’m happy frank’s safe this week because one production keeps saving frank and two when he gets evicted he won’t get a chance to come back and i hopes he stays out for the rest of the summer and bridgette is safe so there that only people avaliable is corey,nicole,tiff,paul,day,zak,james, and Natalie i”m guessing the target this week is day unless ( by some earthly miracle she wins veto & roadkill she’ll put up nicole or corey ) then tiff or nat becomes the target . Dammit we were so close for either bridgette or frank leaving damn those people in production.


What are you mad at production for? They didnt save Frank!!The team twist has been in play since day 1. Category 4 is just better at comps than the rest of them. too bad so sad


I think it’s because of the type of comp it was. It’s hard for anyone to hinder Frank’s chances at winning HoH or team safety. You had to wait until Frank got himself out to throw it and that didn’t happen until the end. I’m sure if Nicole was still in it Paulie would have tried to throw it to her.

The Roach Coach

This has been such a great season so far! I’m expecting the unexpected at this point!

James is a Creeper

im kinda over Nicole, she gets annoying every week along with her sexually confused showmance partner


Can’t stand Da’vonne she is horrible at this game.


Someone please tell me WTF is the point of having teams for HOH competitions when they just keep doing individual comps?! It’s just another way to manipulate the game, as is the ever-so-obvious Roadkill comp. Please CBS, we are not as dumb as some of the house guests!


The teams were designed to protect the vets for the first month, since they were such easy targets in the beginning. It’s like season 14, where they were put in as coaches but production fully knew that they’d be in the game once the house had settled into alliances.

I’m sure they’ll be playing as individuals after the battle back winner comes back next Friday.

The Roach Coach

Let me get this straight… Frank put you on the block week 1 (you thanked him for doing it), he’s stolen your hoh (which could have been a huge power shift for you individually and you could build relationships, instead you’re a huge target now), he’s flopped on your ankle and could have broken it which would have surely thrown away any shot you had @ the 500k (you’re lucky you are walking), he’s nominated one of your closest allies in the spygirls (she was evicted during your hoh, embarrassing)… I wanted to like Bridgette at first, but comeon! Frank has taken her game and completely trashed it on 1 weeks time… and yet there’s Bridgette, Frank’s shadow… get a clue Bridgette! You are the worst guuuuuuurl…. hahaaahaahhahhaahha heeeeeehehheehehehe hahaha aha (bridgette’s laugh whenever there is a boy in the room)….uhhhhgh

sunny dee

Remember Danielle?

Bridget should know better than to follow anything someone tells her to do because she should remember Danielle too.


Bridgette’s cluelessness is an insult to women everywhere. You are exactly right! He did all that to her and she doesn’t see it!


That ignores the fact that the house refused to talk game with Bridgette from the start.


frank wins veto take tiffiny down then what cause right now frank not happy
tiffiny will know frank was told she wanted him out then


English please…..


English please…..


I want to see the feeds but it says can’t in Canada. All I watch is the ones on slice with the annoying Tresemme commercial on and on or day olds on Youtube. Anyone have a solution?


Last month Simon and Dawg posted how to get the feeds if you live in Canada. Maybe June 16th or so. Go back to last month’s post when they are revealing the cast . Hopefully that can help you or email Simon or Dawg

Powder Puff Girls

you have to pay for the feeds in the USA. there are Instructions posted on this site here is the link http://www.onlinebigbrother.com/how-to-watch-the-big-brother-canada-3-live-feeds-worldwide/ you read the instructions on how it works as you have to take a few steps like getting a VPN Virtual private network

I watch the feeds on AfterDark on Slice but miss out on lots so rely on this site. Have not signed up yet so that is all the info I have on it.


To get the live feeds to work if you live in Canada:

– Purchase a $25 American Express prepaid credit card from Shoppers Drug Mart (Only the American Express card will work)
– Sign up for the live feeds using our link: http://cbs-allaccess.7eer.net/c/130370/175360/3065
– Enter any US address and Zip code
– When it asks for your payment info put the American Express card number in and use the 4 digits on the front right hand side of the card for the security code.

– Next you need a VPN to trick the CBS website into thinking you’re accessing it from the US. http://hidemyass.com/vpn/r16399/
1. Sign up for your VPN subscription.
2. Download Hide My Ass VPN and install it. (You will be prompted after signing up.)
3. Open the program and enter your subscription username and password.
4. Click on the “Protocol” box and select “Open VPN”.
5. Click on the “Quick VPN location change” box and select any USA location.
6. Finally click the “Connect to VPN” button. That’s it!
The CBS site now thinks you live in the USA.

For more info on how to install / use the VPN here is a help guide (just make sure you’re connecting to a USA location instead of a Canadian one)

If you have any issues just ask Simon or I and we’ll be able to walk you through it. 🙂


Durn Canadians stealing the feeds!


Love those Canadians! 🙂


Once Frank gets Paulie alone up in the HOH room for the night, the dictator in Frank will come out and Frank will have his way with Pauli’s week.


Paulie should say get your ass out of my HOH room. I sure hope he doesn’t think he’s entitled to sleep with Paulie!!!!

Fuzzy Num Num

Why not? He did last time Paulie won. Are we absolutely sure he doesn’t also go by “Frankie”


Interesting that Da explodes when Frank says the reason he was going after Tiffany was because Da said Tiffany was going after Frank. Nicole acted mildly upset after Michelle reported (in front of Da) that Frank said Nicole was in agreement with getting Da out. In DR session Da claimed if someone quoted her as saying something that she had not said, she’d laugh it off.


Tiffany’s speech was EPIC, but it needed to be reenforced by HOH win, otherwise it made the target on her huge. Too bad Paulie didn’t throw the comp to Nicole, but I think Tiff speech scared the F outta him. I agree with the poster Da is gone unless she can pull off POV, whichvis doubtful.


Yes, but it was a hard one to throw. I couldn’t see it as my satellite was down due to a storm but I assume it was Nichole, Frank, and paulie at the end and he would not know if Frank was going to get it right or wrong.


Frank, how is this not being a dictator?

“Frank- I just need y’all to vote with me this week.”

Why Frank, should people vote with you? You’re not even HOH!


Please tell me we only have to put up with this team crap for another week or 2 AT MOST. The roadkill winner should be able to put ANYONE up except for the HOH. So stupid/annoying. Why couldn’t you just win HOH Tiffany????


Paul is going to win this thing! He is going to sit back and watch all season.


I want Da to stay. She speaks her mind, is the only one to stand up to Frank, and she’s funny on the DR sessions.


Davonne has some serious work to do this week if she wants to stay in the house…Z’s relationship with Paulie might save her from the block but if Frank wins roadkill she will definitely be up there. I foresee Frank winning the next week’s HoH. I don’t believe he will be easy to get out but he’s killing his game by being such a loud mouth! He really needs to tone it back and play a smarter game.

Tickled Pink

What a great episode tonight!! I rewound it several times to watch Frank and Bridgette’s faces during Tiff’s speech. Actually LOLed when Bridgette got called a Frank’s Cabbage Patch kid.


Everybody has lost members except Category 4. sucks!!

Franks Fumes says

I love Frank and Iknow i’m in the minority here but after watching the brutal mostly exaggerated ripping on him last week this is sweet for Frank fans. Come on he’s not Pol Pot or something! LOVE THE SITE DAWG AND SIMON CHEERS!


I don’t have live feeds so just wondering if anyone knows the reason Paulie voted Tiff out. I personally think Paulie was tired of arguing about it. He was firm on Tiffany being the bigger threat. I actually think Paulie is a smart guy. I wonder if he decided to let them bury themselves in the drama and he could vote the way he wanted. Not have to lie when telling frank he didn’t flip. They end up catching the drama when it’s found out and he’s in the clear from both sides. Which is smart. Frank won’t be so worried about getting Paulie when he has traitors to attend to. And the Beard keeps rockin’ on. Never thought I would end up rooting for him at all. He started playing the smartest game of all of them after starting as the worst.


They agreed to make the vote count 5-4. Some voted Tiffany and some voted Bronte to confuse Frank.

Franks Fumes says



As our Canadian’s should! I love watching their seasons, also!
I love that they can watch our seasons, and us, theirs.
Neda Kalantar and Jon Pardy; Jillian and Emmett; our one and only, RHAP correspondent, Jordan Parhar, who sadly made a fatal move, in being a pawn and his demise.
I love hearing him talk about that now, and all big brother, that he talks with Rob, Taran, Alex, and Brent. Always good stuff from you all.