Big Brother Spoilers – Week 3 HOH Nominations

POV Holder: ? POV Competition July 9th
POV Used ? POV Ceremony July 11th
HOH Bridgette Next HOH July 14th
Roadkill Competition Winner: Frank
Original Nominations: Paul, Tiffany, ?
After POV Nominations: ?, ?, ?
Have Nots ???

Tiffany and PAul are nominated

Big-Brother-18 2016-07-08 08-46-17-060

8:38am HOH Frank and Bridgette Checking out the fish..
Frank is saying today will be an easy day they have the road kill and that should take all day.
He doesn’t think Tiffany is going to comes after Bridgette.

Big-Brother-18 2016-07-08 08-56-20-376

8:34am Frank and James
Frank – I kinda just popped her butt… wasn’t the first time she usually laughs.. I do it to my nanna..
Frank says Bridgette has been bringing up Nicole/Corey, Nicole/Tiffany. .. a combinations.. She hasn’t brought up Da’Vonne.

Nicole joins them says Bridgette is on board with getting Tiffany out. Frank brings up Tiffany telling Bridgette they she can be the bridge that brings the two sides of the girls together.
Frank told Bridgette the girls on the other side hate Tiffany nobody wants to work with her.

Nicole says Tiffany is digging herself into a deeper hole it’ll be easy to vote her out after a week on the block.

Frank says Victor said “Let get this over so I can get out of this f****g place” apparently it was on the live show which means CBS pays a fine.
Frank – I can’t believe he shouted out his instagram..
James – He’s going to be an actor and model when he comes out
Frank – shampoo commercials

Feeds cutting in and out when they come back Frank is farting.
James says he doesn’t want to smell the air..
9:12am Frank brings up how quick Big BRother ways last night to tell him and Bridgette to turn the lights on. Frank says Him and Paulie were up in the HOH for 20 minutes talking in the dark.
James says the same thing happened to him… (Feeds cut)

Big-Brother-18 2016-07-08 09-06-04-261

9:05am Nicole and Zakiyah
Nicole says Frank was up in the HOH all night and Bridgette is going to put up Tiffany and Paul as the pawn.
Nicole says Tiffany is trying to form a girls alliance saying she’s the glue between the two group of girls.
Nicole – We got to get her out of here
Zakiyah – or she’s going to f*** it up for everybody.. I don’t trust her a$$
Nicole – she follows me around..

Big-Brother-18 2016-07-08 11-32-26-076

11:23am Feeds finally back.. Paul is laughing about being on the block every week.

Big-Brother-18 2016-07-08 11-37-13-692

11:37am Zakiyah and Tiffany

Zakiyah is stressed about being nominated saying it’s so hard to play when you are always on the defensive. Tiffany doesn’t know who to pick for POV since everyone in her group wouldn’t want to win it for fear of going up.

Tiffany – I gotta win
Nicole comes in.. “You have us”
Tiffany – I need to win roadkill
Tiffany – if I survive this week Frank is going down with a F****g vengeance.. and Bridgette I’m going to put both their a$$es up..
Nicole – you are doing really good..

Big-Brother-18 2016-07-08 11-43-44-780

11:41am BRidgette and Bronte

Talking about telling Tiffany putting her up was all Frank’s idea in the event she is taken off the block.
Bronte thinks Tiffany is more mad at Frank.

Bronte – I don’t want you to be blindsided.. I want us to make it past jury.. I’m telling everyone I want to make it to jury.. There is a big thing that went on last night between Frank and DA..

Frank has slapped Zakiyah and DA’s butt sometime.. He also jokingly called Da a slut. .she went into the DR and reported him..

Bronte he slapped Z butt a couple times and she was really upset about it
Briont e- Frank apologized and stuff.. A couple people have rough feathers with frank now
Bridgette I told him to not make people so angry
Brionte says “they” are going to try and take out Frank next week.

Bronte says more people are siding with Paulie over Frank
Bronte says Paulie rolled his eyes when Paul was nominated.

Nicole comes up and thanks her for not nominating her.
Bronte says her plan was to play up how strong she was in competitions so the girls would rally around her but it’s done the opposite it’s driven the girls closer to the boys.. “It turned into All the girls are intimidated by you”

Paul comes up.. “I OK don’t take shit personally”
Bridgette to Nicole – are you ok with the nomination I know it’s part of your team
Nicole – ya .. I know it’s super hard to be in that position

Paul jokes that he hopes he’s a havenots this week so he gets the full experience again..

Nicole and Brionte leave.

Big-Brother-18 2016-07-08 11-53-31-374

Paul and Bridgette Bridgette – you’re not my target this week..
Paul – I don’t know what everyone else thinks..
Paule says Tiffany is being weird
Bridgette says she wants Paul to win the POV but if she wins it she won’t be using it on him. The only person she doesn’t want winning it is Tiffany.
PAul says he’ll pick Paulie for POV
Bridgette will pick Frank

Big-Brother-18 2016-07-08 11-55-39-986

11:56am Tiffany talking to the camera
Tiffany would be good if I won the road kill.. Really really really good

Big-Brother-18 2016-07-08 11-58-22-982

11:57am Corey and Frank
Frank is farting.. Corey laughs says he told Tiffany “He pick me to play for you”
They laugh..

Frank says this is why he got close
Corey saying theres a lot of girls in the house they have to watch their backs
Frank – we gotta cut Da she’s way too paranoid
Corey – ya.

Frank wishes Da would have told him the first he’s done it 3 or 4 times. Frank is irritated that it took 4 times for her to make a big deal out of it.

Corey – you know I got you’re back I’m sticking with you
Frank – I still feel good about Nicole, you and Z.

Frank says he sat Da down this morning and apologized, “If I do it it means I am close to you.. If you don’t like it I stop”

Frank – I don’t think she took my apology very well.. Hard to tell… I’m not worried about Da one bit I get votes against her real quick

Frank knows for some people watching at home they may be saying Frank shouldn’t do that – that’s the way I am .. I apologize for being myself.. You know me it wasn’t friggin meant.. I got a girlfriend.

Frank – I know it’s mean but last night I was thinking f** let’s get Bridgette to put Da up ..

They laugh
Corey had a weird feeling he was going to do that.
Frank – i’m not that kinda guy… I am tired of walking around landmines with these people.

They talk about keeping floaters on the side as votes. THat is why their grop is so perfect they all have a floater on the side.
Corey – Floaters are voters

Nicole joins them..
Frank – I told Corey I want to be lined up against Tiffany tomorrow (During the POV)

Frank mentions how he’s concerned about how close James and Natalie have become.
Corey chimes in that they spend all their time together
Nicole adds that Natalie gets mad at her when she spends time to him.

Frank had no idea they were a thing until Bridgette told him last night. Nicole says the other day she was having a coffee with James in the living room and he told her if Natalie comes by he’ll have to get up.
Corey – he’s got moves..

1:32pm Feeds have been cut for the Roadkill..

2:22pm Feeds still down yo

3:16pm Feeds for you NO!

4:16pm FEEDS? NO!


Feeds back Frank won the roadkill he plans to nominate Bronte.

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Nicole just went in to check on Tiffany. She said just stay calm, you’re doing really good, I’m here for you.

Right now, Nicole ‘being there’ for Tiffany is sort of like having a 50 pound weight tied around your neck and being thrown into the deep end of the pool.


I feel so bad for Z, this is her third week as a have not 😥


Frank for the win

Tiffany the Female Chauvinist

Ideal events for BB chaos. Frank gets evicted next week. He only competes against one person to get back in the house. He is safe for one week, like Nicole in BB16. Following week he wins HOH and goes after Da.


Nicole keeps going down on my list. She criticizes every one else that acts paranoid but she does the same thing if she even begins to think she might be a target..and the whining.. will it ever stop?

Canadian Kev

Best Strategy poll?

LOL, i don’t honestly think anyone has a strategy this year.
It’s cling, and hold on for dear life, while Frank tells everyone what to do.

Nicole buying into the whole let’s get Tiffany out. Tiffany is someone who would actually get Frank out.
And they’re worried she’ll blow shit up? Let her! The only game THAT hurts, is Franks.

Oh for the days of Dan’s funeral. Or Chill Town. i haven’t seen a good season since 14 – and it sure as hell wasn’t because of Frank (that it was good).


I can’t believe that these people have seen Da’s game play and still trust and believe her. I can’t believe how afraid of Tiffany they are. If they get her out this week I hope the battle back comps are fair and not geared to the guys.


A competition not geared towards guys??
What, are you hoping for a bake off??
Maybe a shopping competition??
How about a Strongest Menstrual Cycle Challenge??
Get outta here!

Puzzles, Balance or Another Crap Shoot

Wow all the emboldened sickos out here! Height & Muscles idiot, but sounds like you’ve got none of the advantages a “real man” or monkey has for that matter. Let’s make it a f- your momma comp, Frank & you win!

BB fan

This comment proves being a pig isn’t limited to men IN the BB house.


I think maybe this one is more comedian than pig … and I can really appreciate that … too funny to be insulting.


Hmm…why don’t you ask Janelle, Rachel, and Aaryn which competition is best since they all tie Ian Terry for most HOH wins?
Or how about you ask Janelle (again) or Daniele Donato which POV comp is best since they also tie for most competition wins?
I wonder which woman has hurt you in your past…
Yes, I fed the troll :p


Yes. Any of those would be just fine. I don’t normally stoop to the level of morons, but you’re a real ass. No brain, no respect for others, just an ass.


If Tiffany gets the boot I hope she wins the battle back I want to see her come back guns blazing. I hated Crazy Train Vanessa but Frank is a pig Bridgette is clueless and Frat Brat Corey thinks lighting a live goat on fire is a good time. Nicole is back to having a showmance so disappointed in her. So bring Tiffany back pissed off and watch the fun!!


Someone should will roadkill and put Frank up. Let’s make this interesting!!! Frank or Tiffany would be a toss-up I don’t know who these people hate more!


Frank is safe this week, can’t be nominated

Fruit Loop Dingus

Can’t, Bridgette’s entire team is immune from being nominated in any form because she won HOH.


Yep they can win back to back HoH safety week after week, it’s the most fk’d up flawed twist to date

Jimmy 64

This team thing is not going to last much longer!

Your mom

Yeah this team shit has got to go. Why does Frank get safety for the week because Bridgette won a total crap shoot? Cmon man


Is this shit for real or is it all being manufactured for ratings? If so, Frank will be around for a long time. Why the hell does Frank keep bringing up Victor? Victor was in no way the asshole that Frank is being. I guess if you keep saying stuff long and hard enough,people will start believing this shit. Why are the racist comments allowed to come through? It’s mean and hurtful. Does anybody care?


What racist comments?? I didn’t hear anything and nothing has been reported on this site.


SMH.. i get thumbs down for asking a serious question??? Really? I was expecting an answer. I really wanted to know what did i miss, and who said it? I don’t want to be rooting for a racist.

You Haven't Noticed?

The racist comments posted on this site. Some of us beg to get them off, but they appear none the less. The fact Frak is only targeting the African American girls for the worst, audible slaps, lifting their shirts, talking about their fat, chubby, saggy tits, janky teeth animals, you don’t find that odd? Coincidence? You really think Frank is so sexually obsessed with Da’Vonne’s & Zak’s beauty he targets only them for his worst insults and innappropriate touching? Flattering right?

If you don’t watch feeds or read transcripts then stayed tuned or hit every update comment section since day 1 for the plethora of skank braid, fat ass, black b*tch, wig pulling, Latino deporting, ass slapping comment & enjoy. Someone’s putting them through just for you. See Vanessa’s twitter page for all Frank’s Southern Charm antics & warnings unless you’d prefer to ignore blatant sexism & chauvinism. On your way, make Frank a sandwich & do his laundry he’s tired from setting everyone straight.


last time i looked Nicole was caucasian, and i saw Frank slap the shit outta her


Thanks for answering the question. No i haven’t noticed on this site. I haven’t been reading the comments until today really. YES, I did notice that he is only targeting the African Americans in the house for his worse violations. Generally when you bring that up, people complain you’re playing the race card which oddly enough is similar to the whole sexual harassment thing. Because if you complain about REAL racial biased you’re accused of playing the race card and then people turn against you. Again, its a way to further neutralize the people with the least amount of power. This tactic is used not just in race issues but issues of gender, age, and sexual orientation as well. Im not sure why you seem to want to insult me though. “go make Frank a sandwich” and “the comments are just for me”, etc.. this give me insight to you and hatred as well. FYI.. I am member of not 1 or 2 but 3 minority groups. I know all to well about racism/sexism, gender bias and discrimination.I am also old enough to know better than to try to insult someone who has not insulted me and who I know absolutely nothing about. I save my insults for those who deserve it.

My Favorite Poker Hand Is...

I’d like to know, too.


Your mom hasn’t noticed..
Burn! Oooh..


The racists comments ON the site.


They might as well hand frank the check everyone does his job for him and also his team is the only team with four players.


That’s because Frank got his “mist” skills from Dan. Nicole, Corey and Paulie should try and keep Tiffany just so she can take out Frank. Too scared! Frank cashing that check!!!


I think you are confusing the cloud of gas that follows Frank around for mist. Frank has no mist. Mist is subtle…and odorless.


I can’t defend that

disgusted by frank...

Well said Grendon…
Most rascist people really do not believe that they are. You literally have to spell it out for them, and even then, they deny and claim that they were just kidding. I read recently that rascist people are generally ignorant, and have a lower I.Q., no matter how much they have in the bank.


Talking about the low IQ of others might have more of an impact if you knew how to spell “racist”.

And I’m sorry but no, truly racist people know they are racist.

Min O'Pause

I heard Frank passes so much gas they have to send in a canary into the room to see if it’s safe.


They should at least keep Tiff long enough to get on jury because she is one vote that Frank will never get.


And oh by the way, I didn’t think that I’m now really rooting for Paul…


@nicole …. U do realize frank is safe from roadkill as well, right?


So, as expected, Frank is now blaming Da’vonne and telling Corey that if she wants to be like Tiffany, he can get the votes real quick to get rid of her.
Gee. Shocking.


This is exactly why she didn’t say anything the first 4 times he did it! This is what sexual harassment is and this is why it works so well. You are in a position of power… playing a game for 500k… she wants to stay in and play not get evicted because she wont allow you to touch her. However, if she says something, instead of being a man about it and apologizing and taking it no further, you take it out your revenge in the game. She wont allow you to degrade her so she must go! In the work place it’s no promotions, extra work, or being fired. CBS should have demanded that it stopped or he be removed. They contributed to his behavior. If i were her, i would sue them. THIS IS NOT RIGHT!!! he says she is acting weird???? Now the other girls will be even more afraid to say something. CBS will allow anything to happen in this game. I wonder if Jozea was going around grabbing guys balls would they have been ok with that? Frank has gotten no penalties for this. I have seen people get penalty votes or evicted for lesser… come to think of it.. weren’t they all women? If he wants her out for game reasons that’s one thing but for because she got upset at him for violating her???


Frankie Grande went around grabbing dudes by the ba**s and I don’t believe CBS did anything about it


As far as I know, in the wake of Big Brother 15, nobody in season 16 went to the d/r or production in order to formally complain for fear of being viewed as homophobic.
In this case, someone has gone to complain. The end result will be the same: jedi mind trick with editing “this isn’t the jerk your looking for.”


As much as I dislike Frankie, he did grab several guys. However, the guys were not intimidated by him nor were they bothered enough to try to avoid him. They still joked around with him. He didn’t mess with Donny or Derrick if I recall. Frankie said some terrible things but he avoided the line. Plus the guys knew they could beat the holy crap out of him if need be. Frank is not a small guy, he’s loud, and can come across as aggressive. I can see the girls feeling as if their responses are limited unless they want to leave the house.


This is what sexual harassment is. Once you say no, then they will take out revenge on you in the workplace/game. This is why most women try to just deal with it hoping it will stop, and FRANK this is why she didn’t say anything to you the first 4 times you did it, but BIG BROTHER DID… PAULIE DID!!! Get a clue.. Now all the others including the women will go against her because Franks said so.. not because of game but because she said no! This is the power BB is allowing him to have. Now how many other girls will say something to him when he violates them?? None. What message does this send the women and young girls that are watching this show?? Great job CBS!


Although it’s likely useless, has anyone else sent a message to CBS that allowing harassment and failing to take a complaint of harassment seriously is not cool?
Da’vonne said she made a complaint, and the night staff said they would inform a supervisor in the morning. It’s been more than 12 hours, and no action seems to have been taken.


Frank told Corey “I set her straight”, this is the way I am. Lies she’s never set told him to stop, Nic never told him, Zak never told him, DR never told him. Can’t keep his lies straight and told Bridge to evict Day before he apologized, the nerve not to like it. Already told 5 people Da’Vonne is going up and out. That’ll teach his floater votet wenches. Well at least Frank’s farts make it to the update.

Is he lying again?

Where’s Frank’s apology? Oh dang, poor misunderstood Frank. Don’t worry, he’ll be able to tell Victor what he thinks about him face-to-face in BattleBack, if he’s a real man, not just hiding behind the girls he abuses into submission with Production’s help.


I’ve been rooting for Paul for a while now. Felt bad he hasn’t been given a fair chance. Yeah he’s said some stupid stuff but who in there hasn’t?


No really get tiffiany out the house she is not trust worthy and yet again everyone is doing Frank’s dirty work.

big bro

Tiffiney needs to go beacause of paranoia


More like everyone else is paranoid about Tiffany.


I just don’t get what Tiffany is thinking:

She knows that her original “alliance” is done, knows from Da that the Showmance 4 are firm with Da as the 5th. She has to see James is off in la-la land with Nat, which throws his loyalty to her versus any of Nat’s friends into question. So she’s very much in peril being on the block since she’s in nobody’s long term plan and any big move will be moot if she stays on the block because she won’t have the votes.

She knows that Frank is public enemy no. 1 and will be coming for her every single week he’s there…yet everybody else wants him gone, so why should she take the heat for a sentiment everybody shares? Why is she alone as his only enemy, simply because she was first to a sentiment everybody now shares? Is she not wondering why nobody pretending to be Frank’s friend, especially Paulie or even Michelle who are safe, didn’t lobby hard last night to keep her off the block? Doesn’t she start wondering if they’ve been feeding Frank’s hate for her as a way to shield themselves?

Is she really ready to lose just so somebody she doesn’t like won’t win…even though they have virtually no chance to win anyway…and does she find valor in jumping on the grenade for “friends” that couldn’t even be bothered to try to deflect it into another trench?


Da needs Tiff as a meat shield. After yelling at Frank he will soon know that she is painting him in an unflattering light as a b@tt thumping jerk. Without Tiff she will be the one he starts dropping hints about to anyone and everyone to watch out for as the house’s emotional and untrustworthy loose cannon.


I don’t really see a way out for Tiffany other than to take herself down. She could win roadkill and try to put up Da and then try to get her to crack but she would have to chill and go work with Frank to get the votes. The house will listen to Frank but not Tiffany. Crazy how Paul has flipped his game so well and is no longer a main target. He is in Paulie’s good graces so if he can get even tighter with him he could be safe for a while. Although he will be a pawn for a while unless he gets HOH. Then he could really side with Paulie and get Frank up on the block.


I hope Tiffany wins POV! Then we watch them scramble!

Bronte's Nose

Fuck ya


How about Bridgette grows a pair and doesn’t do what Frank wants? It’s HER HOH after all not his…


I agree. But if others had bothered to talk to her sometimes then Frank wouldn’t have this much influence over her. There’s a down side to only associating with your alliance.


Hey Les Moonves! How would you like it if when Frank gets evicted…he comes out & slaps your wife on the butt????
If CBS does nothing about this, they are complicit.
BTW, just a thought that occured to me….why hasn’t Frank slapped any white girl’s butt?
What goes around, comes around. Can’t wait for it to come around to you Frank….

Frank & Bridgette on the block would make me sooooo happy.


I don’t know if I have ever been this confused by strategy or lack of strategy. When Bridget won it did not spell doom. All they had to do was stay calm which Tiffany actually did pretty well. Nicole was the worst going into total meltdown, Zak showed her jealous side because Paulie was talking to Tiffany, DaVonne wasn’t bad until Frank pissed her off and she had every right to snap. Michelle was fairly quiet. I thought when Paulie went to talk to Tiffany he was going to tell her she would be safe and actually mean it but then he jumped on the bus, stopped to pick up Cory and James, and steamrolled right over Tiff’s body. None of them are using common sense.
Tiffany is not coming after any of them because, unfortunately for her she still thinks they are on her side. There were 8 people working towards getting rid of Frank. There are only 13 people in the house, only 9 voting. The only person who really has Franks back right now is Bridget and she can’t vote. The only thing they had to worry about is if 3 of the 8 were on the block at which point Tiff would obviously be the one voted off the island. Even if 2 of them were on the block, as long as the third nominee is Paul or Bronte, they still would have had 5 votes which is a majority and could have kept the 8 together. If they are afraid of upsetting Frank they are idiots. They had been telling Frank that they wanted to stick to the original order and at least take out one more from the other side before they took out Tiff. They have been very vocal about saying they want to call Frank out. If they are afraid to keep someone who could help them because they don’t want to upset Frank then they are playing his game and might as well give him the check. If they keep Tiffany what’s the worst that can happen? Frank would only have Bridget. Once James explains who Tiffany is actually targeting Natalie will probably stick with him and Bronte will probably follow. Paul would be so happy not to be the target for a week that he would gladly join the bigger group to achieve a common goal.

DaVonne has moments of great clarity and she and Tiff were building trust. I think DaVonne has more influence over James than other people do. If Paulie would pay attention and realize that some of the other girls are the ones doing the things they accuse Tiffany of doing I think he would start reconsidering voting her out this week.

A lot can change in a week. I hope Tiffany wins POV but I also hope she finds out the truth about people she trusts. If she wins roadkill it would be hysterical if she kept it secret and put up Nicole or Corey. Nicole would go into a complete paranoid meltdown not understanding who was targeting them. If Tiff does manage to stay, she could always win HOH next week, put up Frank and Bridget and if one of them wins POV tell Nicole that she needs someone no one would want to vote out to be a pawn to make sure her target would go home so, in other words, take your pawn seat Nicole.


I think I agree. They should vote out Paul if he’s still up there…Natalie, Michelle, Paulie, Nicole, Zakiyah, Da’Vonne, James and Corey. Then when the votes are read someone says Frank, we’re not playing your game. Then he has to play HOH all by himself b/c Paulie and Michelle throw it. Maybe then he’ll get a clue. But alas, they don’t have the balls to do that.

Vanessa Tweeted Coverage

See Van’s twitter page of all Frank’s assaults & warnings. Because “No Frank, Ouch, Stop it” doesn’t really mean stop. He’ll love ya til ya hurt! Nic’s his favorite she doesn’t scream loud, she runs away to hide in DR just like she’s s’posed to.

Donald Trump

I really hope Paul goes. I really hate tattoos and beards and I’m really tired of looking at him.


Paulie’s been playing a great game. Played dumb and a pawn first week. Wins HOH and backdoors Vic using his #2. And week 3, stays safe while he didn’t have a chance at winning HOH. Still bigger targets now because of Da, Frank, Tiffany drama. I underestimated him.

Hal 9000

Frank is retarded. He’s like a cross between Opie Taylor and Forrest Gump.


That is an insult to both Opie and Forrest. Both those characters would never act anything like Frank, they were well mannered and never tried to hurt anyone.

Hal 9000

Ok, Carrot Top and Forrest Gump. Is that better for your delicate sensibilities?


Omg ppl quit crying cause so.someone gave you a thumbs down lmfao is your life that meaningless that a thumb down hurts your feelings?

Also for the 1000th time FRANK IS SAFE THIS WEEK! Stop saying they should put him up with roadkill…


There are some real geniuses in the house this year. They hate Frank and want him out but they are trying to get out the person who hates him the most and leave in someone who Frank manipulates with his eyes closed.


Lol exactly! They’re all so spineless and scared of Frank it’s ridiculous. Go ahead and let him steamroll to the 500K morons. Just make sure you “get to jury” so you can cast your vote for daddy Frank.


This season is so boring. Disappointing cast for sure. I am a huge BB fan and have been for years and I just cannot get I to this season. Was a fan of Frank’s coming into it, but that changed quickly. Frank and Day need to go!!!

Pit Boss

Problem is that in the last few seasons fun players are voted out first and than we are stuck with all these boring players not doing anything.


boo! way to waste your hoh, bridgette, put up the two people with no allies.

Congratulations Frank!

Just when you didn’t think he could sink any lower. After “setting Da’Vonne straight” then campaigning to get her out, Frank slithers down to #15 in HG Rankings (US sites). If he keeps acting like God, he could win Jozea’s spot #16. Sorry, Frank’s DR handlers, they won’t be getting their full pay either once he’ evicted.


What is the matter with these people? Nicole you are awful. Last time on BB you were the nice girl. This time you have completely changed to a whiny little brat. All of these people wanting to take Frank down cannot see the big picture. They all know that Da lied about Tiffany wanting to go after Frank. Its OK for Day, Nicole, Michelle to break down and be paranoid. But Tiffany…………no way. The girls wanted a girl alliance, and when Tiffany is all for it and trying to help with speaking to the other girls on the other side, she can’t be trusted. They don’t seem to realize that Tiffany only wants Frank and Bridgette out, and not any of them. Are her targets not the same as theirs? She is called underhanded by Nicole and Day because she went to speak to Bridgette about staying off the block. I just wish Tiffany could eavesdrop on these people who supposedly have her back, and then go blow up their game. The poor girl has no one in that house, and been accused of being a loose-cannon by Frank and they all believe him. They are like a pack of wolves preying on the sick and injured. And now, Frank is going to get in her face about speaking his name. What a joke. How many times has her name come out of his mouth in just the last 2 days. When he does get in her face, what are those bunch of wolves going to do? Probably just sit there, because that’s the type of people they are. By the way, before responding, I do not like Tiffany, but would like to see they girl get a fair shake in that house. There are so many of them that haven’t done a thing so far in the game so that isn’t an excuse at this point for their behavior.


I agree with you 100%. I would love Tiff to either win POV or win her way back in the house knowing what all of her allies have actually been doing. Da has had moments when she is not paranoid about her memories of Vanessa where she seems to really want to work with Tiff. I think they could start with a clean slate. James is trustworthy if the trust is returned and he and Da have a bond. Paulie seems logical when Nicole isn’t whining in his ear and he also trusted Tiff before the girls ruined it. I would like to see those 4 working together-the vet bond, the sibling bond, two guys, two girls. They can keep the rest of their core group or replace them with Nat, Paul and Bronte-I really don’t care at this point. After Frank is gone, the first from their core group that needs to go is Nicole. As she likes to point out about Tiffany, Nicole is all over the place, emotional and she has loose lips. She won’t stay true to the vets because she wants a girl’s alliance, she won’t stay true to the girls because she wants a showmance, she won’t stay true to Corey because of the vets. It seemed for a while that Michelle considered Nicole her closest ally. Michelle needs to realize that Nicole will do the same thing to her that Christine did to Nicole 2 years ago.

That is my dream scenario but, like you said, I just want Tiffany to have a fair chance. She has been screwed over by every person in that house and it all started because she had the nerve to stick up for herself against Frank. Yet, for some reason, people wonder why Da and Zak have kept their mouths shut instead of sticking up for themselves against Frank.


If frankie manages to evict day with any of the puff girls on the block next week it i’ll be convince that these players are dumb. LOL.


i cant stand da’s “oh no you di-int” endless fake drama if shes really offended and tells production frank sexually assaulted her he would be sent out the door immediately


You’re not up to date. Production has warned Frank Twice.. each time he laughed about it. Plus Production sees that the women, not just Da have been complaining to each other and to the other guys… which is why Paulie spoke to him TWICE! You have more faith in production than you should. Their only concern is ratings!!! WAKE UP!


err like i said if da tells production she has been sexually assaulted he is gone period. she clearly has not done that. without question cbs would absolutely not tolerate any form of sexual harrassment and if you think they would for ratings you are very naive


She has, that’s the thing. Most likely the girls get the: we can get rid of him if you want to destroy his chance of half a million and possibly his life. So the girls settle for production telling Frank to knock it off again because the girls don’t want to seem like they are over reacting. It’s very similar to why women stay in abusive relationships, they don’t want to over react or he’s sorry now. Frank was complaining she didn’t say anything the other times he slapped her but he’s been warned multiple times. Frank doesn’t take the complaints seriously. Legal has to set him straight at the least.

Goodness NO

Sounds like you’re the naive one. The HGs sign waivers regarding the extreme duress and inappropriate behaviors and viewpoints that they will be exposed to. CBS lawyers know very well that Frank has not crossed that line of liability for CBS. They cannot tolerate assault, but just about anything else goes, as long as they are warning the offending HG. Perhaps if he continued and escalated his behavior, they would have to reconsider. But most likely it would have to be rather extreme and bordering on sexual assault. Remember that Audrey was on the verge of a real mental breakdown, to the point that they allowed her to break the have-nots rules. But they still penalized her during the vote. Frank’s behavior is reprehensible, but all the HGs come into this with their eyes open for a chance to win that money. It’s not real life. Frank’s an ass and will always be an ass, but CBS doesn’t owe the HGs that type of protection.


There is never an unconditional waiver of rights. Frank has physically hit several women without consent after being warned and told to stop. Frank has crossed the line and the waiver doesn’t protect CBS from actions which taken in the real world could lead to criminal prosecution. No waiver will protect CBS, if they fail to protect the house guests, who are employees, from criminal acts. If CBS doesn’t take a serious stand against Frank, and Frank continues I can see several girls filing suit and winning, or more likely a receiving a settlement.


the next time Frank slaps or assaults Da she should not bother going to DR. She should stand in the middle of the house and scream it down until security enters. If they try to remove her from the house she should yell for a lawyer or the police so she can lay assault charges. It would certainly get Frank’s attention and spice things up.


go power puffs girls go since there alliance guide simon and dawg!


So Frank nominated Tiffany & Paul? SHOCKER.


And yes I know Frank didn’t win HOH, but let’s just be honest… Frank is HOH this week.


I don’t know why Tiffany is stressing about winning “Road Kill”. Her efforts should be concentrated on winning The POV and taking herself off The Block. (Not that I’m a fan of hers, just saying).


so true.. roadkill is stupid anyway didnt victor win that???


RoadKill is extremely powerful if you play it right. AND you have to keep it a SECRET(not even your closest ally should know).


Cannot wait for Paulie to take out Frank!! Calling it now, he will be responsible for getting Frank out of the house.


Simon, do you know who are the have nots right now and how they have been choosing them since the food competitions are over?

Froot Loop Dingus

Paul is like this season’s Johnny Mac. Up as a pawn every week, each week becoming less of a target as new targets emerge. He has a slightly better social game than Johnny Mac. He could go pretty far, especially if he strengthens his bond with Paulie.

I’m also surprised that I’m now seeing Paulie as a front runner. I was prepared not to like him based on Cody and how he was portrayed on the season premiere. But he’s playing a very good social game. The only one talking about getting him out is Frank (but he’s targeting everyone anyway). Lol


Paul=Spencer lol


Right!! Spencer was on the block every week until he was evicted. He even volunteered to go on the block


Nothing has changed with Frank. He has always been a poor sport, with a nasty mouth. I never understood how he could win AFP, everyone I knew disliked him. Of course, if you only see CBS edit, you think, “poor Frank.” CBS needs to show the truth about all the people, not give favorable edits to their favorites.


once again CBS allows the women to be harassed and demined . I bet if Julie Chen was in house and frank smacked her a$$ , he would be thrown out instantly ! The audacity that the PTB allow this to happen to multiple women multiple times with no repercussion is horrendous .Even after they all complain about it . then he laughs about it and says it is no big deal . why don’t they show that on the national broadcast and see what all of the viewers think . Maybe the women should start poking/slapping him in the dick ,a few times a day , everyday . lets see how long he enjoys that and if he and CBS finds it amusing .


I’m rooting for tiff to win veto actually I want for her to win both roadkill&veto to shake the house up and put nicole or corey on the block and don’t tell nobody that you won then win the veto and force frank I mean…. Bridgette to name a replacement nominee between zak,day,natalie,Bronte , James , corey and nicole and also see who’s she really loyal to Frank or the spy girls + the other girls( she did say she wasn’t going to put a girl up and she wanted a girl to win this season and also said she has a boyfriend and didn’t want any guy to sleep with her but frank can for some unknown reason. )


Frank says he sat Da down this morning and apologized, “If I do it it means I am close to you.. If you don’t like it I stop”

Frank – I don’t think she took my apology very well.. Hard to tell… I’m not worried about Da one bit I get votes against her real quick

Hmm…Frank, you didn’t apologize. And once again Frank is unfazed when he’s called out for unwanted physical contact. His comment that slapping her butt means he’s close to her is very similar to the abuser’s view that such actions shows how much he cares. I beat you because I love you is heard all too often in abusive relationships. Add to that now he’s irritated and Da’Vonne needs to learn a lesson not to upset him. I can see Frank escalating.


I think Frank should have gotten a penalty, that said we have no clue what Da’Vonne said to production in the DR. If Frank had really assaulted her, if she felt that offended he would have been removed. Was Da’Vonne bothered by the slap? yes, but was she as bothered by it as she was making it on the feeds? I don’t know. She could also be over playing it to get the House to turn on Frank, since she blew up her gown game earlier this week by revealing the alliance of 5 to Tiffany and James


PLEADING with the BB gods (otev and zingbot) please, please, please let Frank get a penalty nom this week!!!


I want Frank to slap Natalie on the ass so we can watch James come at him.


Paul is the only person I am rooting for. Everyone else has been exposed.


Should Nicolle not think that her team will be down to two players if Tiff goes? Could that not be a problem in comps?


LOL the no feeds updates are hilarious. xD


I keep reading about who won roadkill on twitter (scrolling by the feeds). Should I assume that it’s all rumors since I haven’t seen the feeds come back on yet?


Roadkill should be done by now.