“Frank what are you doing finger popping peoples butts.. what the hell Frank that crazy”

POV Holder: ? POV Competition July 9th
POV Used ? POV Ceremony July 11th
HOH Bridgette Next HOH July 14th
Roadkill Competition Winner: ?
Original Nominations: ?, ?, ?
After POV Nominations: ?, ?, ?
Have Nots Da’Vonne, Paul and Zakiyah

Big Brother 18 Alliances Help Guide

Big-Brother-18 2016-07-08 01-13-16-504

1:15am Natalie, Frank, Bridgette and Bronte

Talking about getting Tiffany out and using Paul as a pawn. Frank says the entire house wants her gone. Frank says if you are working with Paul then ask him for his permission to use him as a pawn if you aren’t working with Paul then don’t tell him.
Bridgette is worried about “the girls being mad”
Frank tells her he’s talks to everybody in the house and he’s tested the waters before Da’Vonne, Z, they all want Tiffany out. “Nobody cares for her in the game.. because she’s so emotional you can’t work with someone emotional”

Frank leaves..
Bridgette – should I tell him (Paul) before i’ll be up till 5am ..
Natalie- he’s going to be staying..
Natalie says if she talks to Paul just tell him she is putting him up tomorrow but he’s not the target. No need to explain it.
Bridgette – I can’t tell him he’s going up.. I just feel that he’ll go downstairs and be pissed off and start something..
They can’t decide what to say to Paul..
Natalie – ask Frank what to do

Bridgette warns Bronte people are naming her as a target. Bridgette tells her to lay low and be chill.
Bridgette – not trying to be rude..
Bronte – who is trying to target me..
Natalie – people don’t talk to me
Bronte – you have to swear you have to trust me..
Bridgette – it’s just not 1 person that told me..
Bronte- why do they think I’m a threat.
Bridgette – you did well in that POV, You are intelligent well rounded women and you are not afraid to speak your mind..
Bronte is worried about people targeting her now.
Bridgette tells both of them they are safe this week they don’t have to worry just lay low and get off people’s radars. .
Natalie and Bridgette tell Bronte to relax with people talk about herself and her family..
Tiffany comes in asks for privacy with Bridgette.

Big-Brother-18 2016-07-08 01-35-46-518

1:27am Tiffany and Bridgette..
Tiffany – oh my god I asked for burts bees to..
Tiffany – you excited to win HOH
Bridgette – I’m so nervous..
Bridgette says all her strategies going into the house didn’t involve winning competitions because she never thought she would win any.
Tiffany says she could offer her a deal but that’s not her laughs say that’s more like her sister. She just wants Bridgette to know she’s never come after her.
They huge it out..
Tiffany – good night.. Enjoy your room.

Big-Brother-18 2016-07-08 01-19-30-952

1:17am cam 3-4 Tiffany, Nicole, da’Vonne and Zakiyah
Nicole is saying Frank should not be putting up a 8 pack member..
Nicole – lets see how loyal he is..
Zakiyah 0 i’m tired of being harassed.. I’m tired of being a peace of meat..
Tiffany is sick of the farting.. “he farted on Da’s face basically.. “ (LOL goddamn)
Zakiyah is afraid that he’ll push Da’Vonne until she snaps.
Tiffany – he’s like the dirty uncle
Zakiyah – he’s a horrible person.. so damn manipulative.. too man he’s crazy
Tiffany – he’s a sales man to the max.. I see right through it.. he fakes his laughs..
Zakiyah – he’s conniving..
Tiffany – I was loyal to the 8 pack and he blew that shit up
Zakiyah – it’s gone..

Big-Brother-18 2016-07-08 01-28-34-776

1:25am Frank, cam 3-4 Corey, Frank and Paulie
Laughing at Frank sleeping in the HOH tonight, ‘Frank’s bunkering down digging a trench and bunkering down”
Mention Tiffany going home this week how they don’t have to worry..
Paulie and Frank bring up how they are both competing in next week’s HOH one of them will be winning it.
Frank leaves..

Big-Brother-18 2016-07-08 02-21-13-181

1:28am cam 3-4 Frank slaps Da’Vonne (Audio only)
Frank laughing…
Frank – She’s not serious..

Big-Brother-18 2016-07-08 02-22-07-511

Paulie and Corey rush into the have nots to comfort her..
Frank follows “Whats up.. I’m sorry Da… “
Da’Vonne – it’s cool frank…
Da’Vonne leaves

Big-Brother-18 2016-07-08 02-22-14-512

Frank – I just poked her in the butt.. It’s not the first time we’re just joking around..

Big-Brother-18 2016-07-08 02-23-50-138

Bathroom James, Nicole, and Da’Vonne
James – yo man that shit ain’t cool man.. He needs to leave her alone i’m about to get into the shit I don’t give a damn.
James- i’m telling you man..
Da’Vonne is crying.. _ I almost just lost it.. Shit.. I almost just slapped him
James – he’s gotta stop leave her alone..

Big-Brother-18 2016-07-08 02-24-08-143

Da’Vonne runs to the DR right past Frank

Big-Brother-18 2016-07-08 02-37-17-199

1:31am Frank and Michelle
Frank – I just popped her on the butt… she came out of the DR I dunnno
Michelle – Some people don’t like that you gotta stop..

Big-Brother-18 2016-07-08 01-32-44-512

1:32AM storage room James and Natalie..
James – Frank is running around the house being crazy..
James- Da almost hit him.. He hit her butt when she was already pissed at him.. He keeps messing with her.. He hit her on her butt AGAIN.. Just a few minutes ago..
James- she almost hit him.. He’s bringing up people’s kids into the game.. He made a comment about having kids doesn’t mean you deserve to be in Jury. James is pissed Frank even brought that up why bring family into the game. James isn’t going around saying he deserve Jury more because he has a daughter.

Natalie says Frank is telling Bridgette everything to do, “It’s his way.. he’s going to sleep up they’re tonight..
Natalie is pissed none of them get to sleep in the hoh it’s Frank every week.
James is getting tough tells her he’s about to say something to Frank
Natalie tells him to calm down.

James agains says Frank told to Corey and Paulie he didn’t care if we Da and James had kids they don’t have any bigger reason to make it to jury.
Natalie – is momma da ok
James – we didn’t tell momma da heshe would go out and kill him.. She’s already pissed Frank hit her up on her butt..
James- he told Da to shut her damn mouth.. Right before he hit her butt.. That is why she was pissed in the first place.
Natalie – was he joking because he’s always joking
Jame s- maybe I don’t know but Da is sick of it..

Big-Brother-18 2016-07-08 01-41-26-142

1:40am HOH Bridgette and Frank
Frank interrogating Bridgette about her conversation with Tiffany.. He wants to know about the deal Tiffany is trying to make
Bridgette – it’s the whole girl thing.. All the girls are trying to band together.. I don’t think it’ll work 8 person alliance is not probable.. I don’t talk to 1/2 the girls in the game..

Bridgette – she pretty much said I’m attached with these girls she’s attached to those girls I can be the glue that holds them together.
Frank – that’s funny.. All those girls want her out.. Do you want the girls to sleep with you
Brigette – it doesn’t matter.. You can sleep up here incase she comes back.. Hehehe we can have girl time tomorrow.. HEHEHE
Bridgette says she would feel better with Frank up here in case Tiffany comes back.

Bridgette giggling..
Frank – it’s fun to be in the big room..

Frank brings up Da’Vonne crying at him.. “I popped her in the butt a little bit.. She started crying.. Sometime those Diary room sessions you come out a bit frazzled
Bridgette says she gets a sense “They wanted her (Da’Vonne) to win” (Production)
Frank wonders if Da’Vonne is going to be a have not again this week.. Frank says that will be rough for Da she’s not having a good time as a hav not sleeping in the bumper cars.

Big-Brother-18 2016-07-08 01-44-22-923

1:44am Corey and Nicole
Nicole says if she’s nominated she’s picking Corey for Veto and if he wins he better take her down.
Corey – I’m going to win one soon.. I feel it.
Paulie joins them, “I want to say something to Frank about doing that shit.. I don’t like that shit smacking a girls a$$”
Nicole – why don’t you go upstairs and camp out..
Nicole says Frank is for sure just joking around with Da’Vonne this is all it is..
Nicole – he has a girlfriend so why is he doing that..

Big-Brother-18 2016-07-08 01-47-27-691

1:47am Have not Da’Vonne
Da’Vonne- I almost hit him James.. I almost hit him I was right here..
Natalie – I had to control him
James – I almost hit him James..
Natalie – well momma da everyone knows you are a good person we love you
Da – I love y’all

Big-Brother-18 2016-07-08 01-48-04-681
Bronte and Zakiyah come by hug it out..

Big-Brother-18 2016-07-08 02-48-18-752

1:49am Tiffany and Da’Vonne hug

Big-Brother-18 2016-07-08 01-49-39-686

1:49am Paul brings Bridgette some fresh muffins.

Big-Brother-18 2016-07-08 01-51-33-689

1:50am Paul offers Da’Vonne some muffins.

Big-Brother-18 2016-07-08 01-55-39-182

1:55am Bathroom Da’Vonne, Zakiyah,
Da’Vonne – slapping me on my a$$, always talking about my t1t1es, calling me a slut.. TElling me to shut my damn mouth that’s a problem..
Da’Vonne – everytime I walk past.. “Ohh Da t!tty sitting right”
Da’Vonne going on about all the annoying things Frank did to her.
The girls in the back share some of their stories. Zakiyah brings up him lifting up her shirt and popping her in the belly looks at Tiffany “you remember that”
Tiffany does.
Zakiyah – F****G creep .. I feel like I’m following Da at this point something pops off… I’ll jump in ..

Da’Vonne thanks god for catching her and preventing her from hitting Frank because she was so close.
Tiffany says just go into the DR if it happens again it’s not worth getting removed from the game for slapping Frank.
Da’Vonne says she’s trying to raise a daughter she doesn’t want her going back watching these shows and learning it’s ok to slap a girl on the butt or tell her to shut her damn mouth.
They are now realizing that Frank was a bigger a$$ than VIctor
Da’Vonne says she’ll break her ankle, toes and damn throat to win the next competition.

Big-Brother-18 2016-07-08 01-58-21-182
Michelle joins them..

Big-Brother-18 2016-07-08 01-52-49-688

1:51am Paulie and Zakiyah
Talking about Frank slapping girls butts. Paulie says he only slaps his girlfriend butts and that’s more of a playful thing
Paulie tells her they have to make sure one of the girls go home, Natalie, Bronte or Tiffany.

Big-Brother-18 2016-07-08 02-55-55-189

1:57 Paulie, Nicole and Corey cam 1-2
Corey – he’s 32 years old he should understand that sort of thing
Nicole – did he 9Frank) say anything to you about noms.. Why is he sleeping up there..
Paulie – he doesn’t want people to talk to her
Nicole – that’s reasonable.. I didn’t think of it..

Big-Brother-18 2016-07-08 02-57-42-297

1:59am Paulie Da’Vonne
Paulie is going to say something to Frank because he’s not going to stand for his behaviour
Da’VOnne hugs him
Paulie- Z told me he did it to her..
Da’Vonne – bring up he’s saying ohhh titty sitting right
Corey joins them.

2:03am Paulie and Frank

Paulie says Franks joking with Da’Vonne doesn’t sit right with him. Paulie says he didn’t believe when Da would say Frank did that but after Da got mad..
Paulie – I get it you are f****g around..
Frank – I f*** around with my family..
Paulie – theres a lot.. she’s missing her daughter.. this is all videotaped she’s thinking of her daughter.
Paulie – she’ll be fine by tomorrow.
Frank – I’ll talk to her tomorrow..

Big-Brother-18 2016-07-08 03-03-41-366

2:24am HOH Paulie and Frank
Frank tells him they are all good this week. Brings up Tiffany tried to make an all girls deal with Bridgette..
Frank brings up Bridgette being used as a glue between the two group of girls.
Paulie saying how it’s worrisome how paranoid Nicole gets. Says James, Frank and him are calm.
Paulie adds that Corey isn’t that bad it’s Nicole who’s way too paranoid.

Paulie – definitely a good week for us..
Frank – being safe and still being able to play in HOH
Paulie – once Tiffs gone we never have to worry about anonymously being put up by anyone..
Paulie thinks they are good with Brionte and natalie now too.
Bridgette comes up they hug it out

Big-Brother-18 2016-07-08 02-28-07-453

2:28am HOH Frank and Bridgette
Frank – momma da is not happy with me .. I’m confused.. I don’t grab her butt I don’t pinch it.. I do a finger pop.. you know like that..
Bridgette – What are you doing finger popping peoples butts..
Frank – I did it before we always laugh .. I only do it to people I feel comfortable with..
Frank – I pinch my grandmother’s butt.. I pinch my nanna’s butt.. I pinch my momma’s butt That’s the way we grew up .. my momma pinched my butt.. It’s a family thing you know
Bridgette – what the hell Frank that crazy.. That’s weird.. That’s quirky,,..
Frank – that’s the way we are..
Frank – no more butt touching for me.. Obviously

They start getting ready for bed..

Bridgette – Get comfy Frank I like to take my time
Frank – Ohh I will..

Frank – I love .. just the way you talk
Bridgette – ehehheheheeh
Bridgette – that album is really relaxing..
Bridgette comes out of the shower
Frank listening to her HOH CD – I just can’t tell if he’s doing it all with his violin .. sometimes he makes the violin sound like a Spanish guitar
Bridgette – he truly amazing me the way he does it.. he usually uses a lot of whistling.. it’s kinda what he’s known for.. he’s a master of the whistle..

Frank – you ready to go to sleep… or do you want to listen instead..
Bridgette – Nah.. I listen to my dreams.. heheheh

Bridgette – hehehehh..It’s weird to have a room to yourself..
Bridgette – this fish tank is kinda creepy
Frank – I know eh
Bridgette – hehehehh
Frank – I’m proud of you.. you got up there by yourself..
Bridgette – I don’t know how I won it… heheheheheh
Frank – powerful.. you got up there stayed positive
Bridgette – hehehhehehe.. i feel if we didn’t want his week they would have taken a shot
Frank says he’s worried about Paul..
Bridgette – hehehehh
Bridgette says she’s been coaching Bronte to calm down and chill, “she came on strong”
Big brother yells at them saying the bedroom likes must me on
Frank doesn’t understand they usually let you talk a bit with the lights off..
Bridgette – Meanies..
Frank – you don’t mind I pop my shirt it’s hot in here..
Bridgette – no
Frank good night Bridge
Bridgette – goodnight Frank.. heheheheheeheh
Frank – you won HOH
Brdighette hhehehe
Bridgette – you’re awesome
Frank you’re awesome too ..

Big-Brother-18 2016-07-08 04-56-39-229

Big-Brother-18 2016-07-08 02-50-04-862

2:54am James and Da’Vonne
Da’Vonne brings up Natalie. James doesn’t want to rush things with her.
Da’Vonne- One thing for sure you can check off your list she does in fact like you
James – Sweet ..
Da’Vonne- she always talks about how sweet you are how much of a gentleman you are..
James- she likes a sweet guy .. she’s not into big muslces and stuff.. She likes a genuine guy..
Da’Vonne – I see how you are with her.. you are very delicate with her..
James says it’s only Natalie and Bronte
Da’Vonne thought they were a trio with Bridgette.
James says they weren’t.. it’s Natalie and Bronte that are close, “They’re best friends”
James- I’m going to tell yo something and you have to promise me you won’t get upset.
Da’Vonne – I got your back
James- save it until you need it..
James was trying to feel him out about the idea of Backdooring Corey.
James told Frank they don’t have the vote. Frank said to him they should make sure Bronte is on the block so they can send her home.
James- he also said we gotta get Paulie out he said we can’t have Corey and Paulie get till the end..
James – I tell Corey that..
James- Frank tells Corey and Paulie he doesn’t want to be sitting in Jury with me and you just because we have kids.. or Da and James don’t deserve to go to jury just because they have kids.. they could go now..
James – Corey is sitting there thinking this is fucked up..

Jame s- whenever I look at him.. I can’t stand him .. you are a disgusting person.. I don’t know hoe why or where America thought you were america’s favorite player.

James- the way he talks to women, the way he degrades women.. he doesn’t deserve to be AFP
Da’vonne – I can’t wait until next week.. I’m going to get his a$$
James – it’s going to be sweet.. Paulie and Michelle are going to make sure he does not win

Da’Vonne – I knew he was up to something
Jame s- makes me sick.. I told EVERYBODY frank was one of my favorite players..
Da’Vonne same… Nicole did the same.. all three of us were fans of his..
James- now i’m going to.. nationally let it know that I do not repect him.. I don’t respect him
Da’Vonne – at all..
Jame s- Franks has a good social game all he needs to do is lay back .. this extra stuff he doesn’t need to do..
Da’Vonne – he told Nicole that I said I would put her on the block..
James – thats my only mission to get Frank out before Jury
Da’Vonne – I know for sure Paulie,. Corey and Zakiyah have a final 3.
Da’Vonne – me and Nicole are the plus 2 to their final 3

3:07am Bathroom Zakiyah, Corey, Paul and Paulie
Corey asks how his talk with Frank go.
Paulie – it went well.. he’s going to apologize to her tomorrow.. I kept it simple..

PAulie says Frank is sleeping in the HOH bed tonight.. “He’s trying to keep Tiffany from having alone time with her”
Paul says Bridgette was complaining about that earlier ..

5:21am .. everyone sleeping
(I’m still up)

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Pervert Frank

Yea, its always fun to watch girls be sexually harassed.


And the best part is he blames it on his mom lmao! This guy is such a douche. I just can’t.

Bolt Uprite

I’ll bet Frank misses goosing his Granny.


The only reason they are upset is because of his awesome game play and everyone wants to go to the end with him. If it was somebody like Cody from a few seasons ago or his brother Paulie whom they LIKE nobody would say a word. Just giggle and flirt. They are just mad he’s better than them.

Tiny hands




People Here Love It

Folks here graduated from calling the girls Liars to LOL’s when they HEAR SLAPS on cam, “miss” Nic’s slaps on feeds and all the titty slams, shirt raising, stomach slapping chubby slut hussy calling. Folks here “miss” everything on feeds James face everytime Frank farts, Corey, Paulie DR intervention & Frank lying about fingers only, “Bridgette hehehe” sleeping with Stank who blames his family for his dysfunctional “strange quirky weird stop it” women butt, tit, stomach, yelling obsession. Shout out to Stank’s Dad, Mom, Nana, Granny & GF you raised an unemployed winner who’s deaf to warnings & defends & lies about his actions, saving apologies for later. Don’t worry, it’ll get “missed” .

Open season on Frank’s junk! Slap it or grabbed his junk yelling LOL so you can hear the joke & screams off camera, he’ll be laughing. He’s not slapping, hitting, pinching the guys he wouldn’t have any teeth left. No bias here just physics & strategy to pick on girls. Frank counsels Michelle to taunt Tiff to hit her so she can get thrown out, just like he’s hoping Day, Zak or Nic punch him back. Grab his slimy sack & twist cuz it’s LOL!


I can barely watch it because Frank is so disgusting and annoying. I had to turn my feeds off last night, I couldn’t take him another second. Lol. If this is how it’s going to be the whole summer (with Frank) I doubt I’ll even continue to watch. Just have to have hope for next summer I guess.


Hoefully Grodner will drop her annoying obsession with Frank because of this and move on because this now will not look good for her if she continues to save him, but yet the woman has no shame so we’ll see.


The ONLY reason I might support Frank staying in the house is if he damages the show so bad they have that they fire Grodner!

Shark Teeth

I urge everyone to tweet or Facebook, email, Instagram CBS about this behavior. No woman should have to suffer in silence. CBs should’ve reprimanded him by now, and since he’s done something similar to Zekiyah and Nicole he should be booted. It’s clear these advances are unwarranted by all parties except frank. I find this beyond disgusting and inappropriate. And in NO WAY is this funny, Frank.


Back to Back HoH Team Safety? Are you fking kidding me? These twists are BS!!
So the twists have opened a path for the same team of 4 to be safe from eviction week after week! WTF?!?!

You're going home, son...

Frank is treating Bridgett like Derrick treated Victoria…you’re my little sister BS…he’s gone too far, treating these women so disrespectful. Needs his ass evicted…by production.

F society

Do you think he just got a really good edit last season? I don’t watch the live feeds so idk…did he show any signs of being this big of a narcissistic a hole last season? What am I missing? He’s horrible and all I must cop to liking the guy up until this season. Blech!


Yes. He showed all of these behaviors on his season but most was not shown on the CBS edit. The show made it look like he was a lone warrior and that every week he had to fight for his life. I think that’s why he won favorite player. He did fight to stay in the house and he was a comp beast, I won’t take that away from him. But the t.v. show did not show the real Frank. He started out without the numbers because when the other house guests started learning who they could trust and an alliance was formed, he wasn’t part of it, mainly because he and Boogie seemed to be surgically attached. Originally it was not personal, it was game-he was not in the alliance that had HOH, he was a comp beast which made him a threat so he obviously became a target. But he took it personally and then it became personal. It got to the point that getting him out was no longer just a good game move, the people in the house just didn’t want to deal with him anymore. At one point his behavior was so mean spirited and aggressive and, yes-I know the word bully gets thrown around a lot, but he was a bully. He was threatening and intimidating. Britney pulled him aside when they were outside, as far away from the cameras as she could, and tried to have a heart to heart. She had played before and she tried to remind him that BB is a game and it’s not real life and that people can do and say things in the house that can effect their life outside of the house. She knew he felt targeted and frustrated but she said he was a good guy and she didn’t want to see him do something in the house that he would regret after the game was over because it wasn’t worth it. It went in one ear and out the other. He continued to be Frank and then he made the worst game move in the history of BB and still continues to blame everyone but himself for that. He was a narcissist and an ass the first time he played. He still feels the disappointment of losing along with the embarrassment of making the move that took him out of the game so I think he is overcompensating with an even bigger ego and more outrageous attitude this time around.

so icky...

Frank is so gross…he’s either farting or picking his nose every time the camera is on him. He needs to shower once in awhile. All he does is go to everyone complaining that Tiffany is talking bad about him and is after him. Doesn’t he realize that he is doing the same thing to her? He SO needs to go…


He was the same sexist person on the first show too! Does know one remember the comment he made about raping Dan’s wife with Boogie an laughing about it? It was disgusting an vile an still he was production favorite! I have to admit started thinking he had grown up this season, but unfortunately same disgusting Frank!


I have definitely never forgotten that comment, nor the fact that he lied about Willie and set him up to look like he was being homophobic. That’s why I can’t always judge people on game alone. I know everyone says that who they are in the house is not who they are in real life but, when a camera is on you 24/7 your true character is bound to show. That’s why I don’t like Frank as a player or as a person.

Smart Guy

He was definitely arrogant last time because he was with Booger, but now he’s more spastic arrogant and is in everything and making threats like Ronnie the Rat. I hated him from the time I laid eyes on his pre-show interviews. No one gives sh*t about your hair you dumbass curly-headed clown bastard! You should go on YouTube and watch the f*cknugget just ooze out of his pores during his interviews.


At least Derrick was genuine with Victoria and was never creepy. There is something that I can not put my finger on about Frank. He is scary manipulative in a very passive way and there is also something off about his interaction with women. I get a very nervous pit in my stomach watching him. I have to hit mute when he is on. He is a shark in sheep’s clothing.


Idk…Derek’s nostrils were creepy…you could see what he was thinking looking through his nose.


I guess everyone in the house with Derek weren’t looking at his nostrils because he smoked their a$$!!!


If Frank’s little sister was Victoria this season. I don’t think he could keep his hands off her but. Thank Goodness little sister Bridgette doesn’t have a butt like Victoria. Can you imagine the harassment then. The girls should take over the HOH, kick Frank out and barricade the door.

Hal 9000


Carly 4874

I used “shark” intentionally as a wolf seemed to tame a word for him.


Then maybe go with ‘Shark in Dolphin’s clothing”… Shark in sheep’s clothing, I ain’t ever seen no land shark sneaking up on sheep.

Fwaidy Cat Fwank

Slap Bridgette’s ass to seal your “tight friendship” STank, whats the matter momma’s boy Franky afraid, he needs to grow up on a plantation to learn how to be a Southern Gentleman. DR gonna show him Gone With the Wind as his employment contact training video next? Slap Julie’s Ass til Moonves can Hear It! Better yet, play America’s favorite game, not baseball, hand out AK’s for target practice the next HOH comp and see where Frank lands with his “friends”.


Mama Day should’ve falcon punched that dickhead out the damn house, that shit is not cool.

Canadian Kev

Da’vonne shouldn’t have to kick him out. Production should have.
WTF man – it’s ok to sexually harass people for ratings?

Grill Crusher

Hopefully, she will. Hopefully, she jacks him in his grill and then he craves her grill in with his elbow and then they pluck each other bald and scratch each other’s eyes out and then do the pee pee on each other and then they both GTFO!!!

Mrs. Mac

Good God, Frank comes from a family of perverts. Poor, unwashed thing.


LOLLLL This comment takes the cake! XD


Maybe it’s a gender thing….but if there was a girl who was touching my butt, commenting on my appearance, etc and I didn’t appreciate it, my very first move is to sit her down in private, very calmly, not making a bigger deal than needs to be, and tell her she’d be doing me a favor if she stopped. This is doubly true if I see her intent is not malicious just being inappropriate and too comfortable.

Now if I wanted to make her an enemy of a bigger group of people, then I’d tell all those people…but never her personally….but that means I have a very different goal than simply changing behavior.


The difference here is its Frank they are dealing with. He screams and yells and flys off the handle at the slightest thing. He’s done it several times already. Maybe she’s trying to avoid a huge fight that could possibly ensue since I doubt Day would respond calmly if he were to scream or get loud with her.


But this is something I see with so many women I know. Instead of nipping a problem in the bud, they let it fester, tell everybody but the person who’s annoying them….then by the time the confrontation happens they’re not in control and explode and often times it’s old news to people who’ve heard the complaint for so long, and in the confrontation she ends up looking worse for it.

And if game is a consideration, getting Frank to overreact to a very simple request…and not just a passive stop, but a sit down “hey I know you don’t mean to be mean…but that’s how it feels, plus humiliating, degrading. So just don’t do it anymore and we never speak of it again”…only makes him look bad, even if you give it back fire for fire.

Mrs. Mac

God, this comment pisses me off so much. No, that is not something WOMEN do. That is something PEOPLE do. And it is hardly comparable to say “well this is what I would do”. You’re not in a social game trying to win half a million.


Seriously? Are you really saying that a grown woman needs to ask a grown man to do not use the word sl*t or invade her space? You seem to be as clueless as Frank about his pervy ways.


Frank: “she’s not serious”

Here at Home

Frank has been asked to stop by other houseguests and the diary room/production and he is ignoring the warnings. I think he’s does it as a dominant move.


If he has been asked repeatedly by Production, and he continues to ignore their requests, they should remove him from the game immediately. Have him go to the diary room and never come back. No one would shed a tear.
Someone commented on his inability to hold a job; perhaps we’ve seen the reason why?


I keep wondering why Production is allowing him to touch anyone. I Da had turned around & slapped him across the face, she’d be out. Yet he can touch her ass?


I keep hoping there will be a massive lawsuit after the girls get out of the house that hopefully results in Grodner and others fired by CBS!


1:28am cam 3-4 Frank slaps Da’Vonne (Audio only)
Frank laughing…
Frank – She’s not serious..

He’s been told before, he doesn’t care. Production knows Da’Vonne at least is visably upset by the unwanted attention by Frank. Production needs to sit Frank down with production and legal and let him know he’s crossed the line. That may get Frank’s attention. If production ignores this too long they open themselves up to legal action.

Shut Your Damn Mouth Woman

Right before he hit her he shouted arty her “Shut your damn mouth woman” and hit Nicole’s leg loud enough to hear on audio yesterday. His constant yelling is always heard on all four feeds. Add that to slut, sloppy tits, big ass, chubby, disgusting, animal eating, janky teeth, you’re ugly comments. Now Paul’s called Tiff a “c*nt” this morning. Julie & Moonves, AG & RK catching hate, while they play up Tiff’s “spirals” Vic hate and Frank’s golden edit. Julie gonna chat about this on The Talk? (Sounds like more Trump morals make everyone fair game. This trouble wouldn’t last for long cuz Apprentice, Donald would make sure everyone in the house carryied guns.)

Abuse Of Authority

Dont be ignorant. Google the Definition of Abuse of Power, Authority & Threats. She’s said stop it, Nic screams, Corey told him plus he’s been warned by DR a d he STILL tells everyone thats HIS way of being a FRIEND. From the HOH Room, the self & BB Production Appointed King Francis threatens Tiff’s life in the “game” on a daily basis for looking at him wrong or asking a question. The entire show, Comps & Twists with Team Safety, plus DR prompts give Frank Authority Power to Abuse or you lose your stipend.

So Day, Zak, Nic & James like Carson at Fox News have to decide do they lose their job, starve their family or put up with abuse. Because slavery would’ve ended if someone said please pay me wages, whips don’t feel good? Physical & Economic ExploItation for Cash is what this is, and Frank isn’t slapping men so hard you can HEAR it on feeds cuz he’d get his teeth knocked out and evicted. Schools & Employers teach it’s illegal, so Frank has NO excuse & neither do you. Only sicko’s blame victims for getting hit repeatedly saying you didn’t say STOP loud enough. Date Rape, Frat Hazing, GHB & Cosby your style too right?


Frank wtf are you doing!?!


It’s almost like he wants to be the a**hole bad guy of the season. Almost like he wants to be evicted. Maybe he knows the first 5 evicted get a chance at returning. Maybe that’s supposed to be his glory moment.

With what’s going on in the news (which he doesn’t know), it’s a bad time for him to do this. I do think Da makes a bigger deal out of a lot of things because she’s an emotional person. Nevertheless, he should pick up this form of “affection” isn’t working for him.

Jake K.

PHEW what a night. My favorite of all of it… “Paul offers ____ muffins” just nestled in all the drama. LOLLL I chuckled super hard with that especially with the smirk he had offering them on the feeds. He may be a bit annoying but he has had the biggest change in my mind

After Calling Tiff a C*nt

Paul calls Tiff a C*nt then passes out muffins makes him a hero? Or jumping on & catering Frank’s abuse train? Must’ve missed it, along with the FU’s on his morning show.


Maybe this sounds a little bit dramatic, but aren’t there grounds to expel Frank for all this? I mean, you get kicked out for assaulting someone, so why not for sexually harassing (physically, too) several women in the house?

Of course, he’s production’s darling, so like with Evel Dick, they’re not going to do anything about it…


AMEN ! Frank should be warned by Production that any further “finger popping” as he puts it will get him removed from the house. I don’t care if that is the norm in his household/family, it’s not a valid excuse on his part.


Exactly. It’s disgusting already. And it’s unbelievable how they clean up everyone’s acts for the episodes. So wrong. If this happened in BBUK, he’d be out on the following morning. Gross.

Tom Foolery

Also, Frank isn’t as young as he was…
He could’ve easily been a fan favorite. But, I think he’s cooked his own goose this time. He’s turned off the men as well as the women.


Frank is four years older and up against some younger, stronger, and more composed competitors. He should watch his step! Sexually harassing the majority of the house shows he has his head up his a$$ in this game. I think a new twist this year should be America’s least favorite house guest! Maybe America can vote how much of his stipend should be paid to the girls for sexual harassment.

hey CBS...

Your boy Frank has seriously crossed the line. If you don’t think that this is grounds for a class action lawsuit, think again. Your disclaimer isn’t going to protect your network. Get. Him. Out.

Smart Guy

I hated that fool from the word go the first time around and stopped watching the feeds a month into the season. It actually took me a week to hate him this time but I hate him twice as much to make up for it. I’ve always wanted to pound his head.


This week would be relatively easy for the girls. They have 7 votes and as long as there are only 2 girls on the block, they decide who goes home with 5 votes. Yet, none of them see the power that they have. Their heads aren’t in the game and are letting these men manipulate them. Nicole is running around with a school girl crush on Corey. Day is stomping around crying over Frank. Z is going along with whatever Paulie says. Natalie is busy cuddling with her protector, James. Last but most appalling, Bridgette “doesn’t care who gets nominated” and is letting Frank run her HOH. But congrats to Paulie who is so far playing the best game and in the best position in the house.


So much for the Fatal 5…this is why all girls alliances never seem to work, b/c at least one girl always thinks she needs a man to get farther. Or one of the girls falls for a man and she chooses him over the girls. All the girls seem to be talking, just not to each other, so how can an alliance work if you don’t bother to communicate?


You are 100% right. They are too busy snuggling to communicate with each other and hence why the Fatal 5 isn’t very fatal.


For weeks now Brig has refused to share a bed with a guy in a shared room, even when the bed situation was tight, and now she is OK sharing one with Frank in a room all alone????


James has noticed it.


Unwanted touching is assault and Frank should be removed from the game. Next, it takes a very intelligent and studious person to become a travelling nurse. That being said, Bridget is the dumbest rock in that entire sack of rocks this season.

Fuzzy Num Num

No, it takes a very intelligent, studious person to be a GOOD travel nurse. We have no clue how good she, or Nicole for that matter are at their profession.
She seems very flighty and Nicole seems very whiny to be good nurses.

Bad Breath

I’d be pooping logs in my bed pan if I had Nicole or Bridgette as nurses during a hospital stay – I doubt if rubbing two brain cells together from either of them could produce any smoke


All these hos are drama queens. Trying to win best actress for pretending they don’t like to get their asses finger popped. Mom and grandma were the same way at first, but they came around. Admit it ladies, you like nothing better than to have your rumps slapped purple by a stallion like me. Sometimes I turn my rings around so they can really feel me. And a fart in the face is like a cherry on top of a sundae…you can ass slap without it, but it’s just not the same.


Well, I guess you must be a family member of Frank’s. I sure hope you don’t have a daughter!


Maybe his daughter is his sister…


Poor Bridgette. Winning HOH might be the worst thing that could have happened to her game. She is too out of the loop to realize just how despised Frank is to the majority. Everyone assumes Frank is running her HOH and whether or not it is true she will now be as disliked as he is. Just like Vic, Paul, Bronte and Nat with Josea. If Paul and Bronte survive this week she could easily shoot to the top of the hit list. After Frank of course. This week in the HOH with Frank next week on the block with Frank. Hehehe.
And lol Frank saying everyone in his family pokes each others behinds. Makes me think of the Seinfeld when George gets caught eating out of the garbage and he tells his gf that growing up his family regularly ate out of the garbage. FYI that doesn’t make it all right!!!!

Seinfeld Fan to Frank

You have now crossed the line between man and bum.

Frank's wrinkled forehead

I am so tired of Bridgettes fake “oh I’m just a little girl hehehe” act.

“My target is Tiffany” Do you really think having no mind of your own and blindly following Franks orders is best for your game Bridge?

These girls all but Day and Tiff think latching to a guy is a good strategy for their game. Now granted Nicole’s main focus is a bf for after the show but she is also latching on Corey as game move.

Women like these are the reason pigs like Frank can exist. They actually make it possible for him to treat women as lesser humans. Because by their actions they also feel it to be true.

Something as little as when Nicole said “those roadkill comps only guys can win because our bodies can’t move fast like that” All the girls she said it to were agreeing. Give me a break. Theae women thank god are the minority. Most women are strong minded and strong willed and don’t think they are helpless without a man.

They Are Afraid of Men

These girls like many women are afraid & itimidated by men needing another man for protection to stand up because most women lose any argument worn a man & are hormonally programmed to keep the peace for babies sake & survival of the species. When Tiff asked Frank a question Frank threw her out of the alliance & been OTB as a target of house wrath. Frank talks about Bronte & Bridgette being the next exames to all the women for forming the first power Puff all girl alliance voting for Joz against Frank wishes. Speaking g up, Corey Paul Speaking up & DR warnings didn’t stop him. He needs pulled, other sites have complete coverage of what’s really going on if you don’t have feeds top see for yourself.


I have tried so hard to keep liking frank but this finally did it for me I’m done rooting for him. I rooted for Dan in his original season but I thought frank wouldve learned something from so many greats his first time… Guess I was wrong. Paulie is my number 1 now


Why is this allowed? None of the girls wanted this. Natalie and Zak both said they didn’t like it. I think maybe they felt dominated and didn’t feel comfortable in telling production about how it made them feel. Who is watching this for CBS? Since when did it come after so many times of women saying on camera they were uncomfortable with it?? Words are one thing. He can be degrading as he wants..but touching..and slapping people on their bottoms?? I know that stuff happens in sports between men and women and makes and it’s warranted and accepted. This has shown it is not in this context. You do not do that, not as a male or female when you make someone feel degraded. Stand up CBS.


At this point, regardless if any of the girls tell production directly or not, production is aware. They have audio and video of nearly every square inch of that house. They’ve seen and heard the conversations. Even conversations not on the feeds because while we get a few cameras at a time they are able to watch them all, all the time. That’s their job. It’s in productions hands already, the question is, will they do anything?


If he has been warned by production already than he should be removed from the house…his behavior could be classified as criminal, if his family really does think it’s ok than it should be kept in the family….shame on production for letting any kind of unwanted physical touching continue…

Dark and twisted

I wonder what Les Moonves would do if he finger plopped his wife Julie Chen’s ass?!? Maybe THAT would get CBS’s attention?


Yes, that was a very loud love tap.


At this point I d say the evictee will be Tiff or Paul…And I kinda want Paul to stay coz he s getting more of an interesting character….


A girl evicted from the BB house? What a novel concept. Maybe the idiot men in this house will fire up a few of their dormant brain cells and realize that it might not be such a bad idea.


Yeah I love the way Paul calls women the C word. He’s trailer trash with that mouth, nothing interesting about him


Don’t worry – Paul is gone this week unless he wins POV. The guys have foolishly provided the girls with a significant voting advantage. The girls don’t even have to like each other. It’s just common sense to use the voting power they have been given (without having to do a thing to earn it) to ensure their safety for at least the next few weeks. After that they can go after each other being guided by their true feelings and emotions.

Nicole's coin slot nostrils

That all sounds good except no Paul won’t go home unless Tiff wins POV and takes herself off block.

Yes you are correct the females indeed have the numbers. However these females like Nicole and Michelle and Bronte and Natalie will all go along with what Frank wants and what he told them “the house” wants.

Bridgette is Franks puppet and will tell the other girls “thanks for helping me with my HOH and getting Tiffany out girls” Frank laughing at them behind their back.

Get that POV Tiff.

Franks bitch ass is scared of her. U notice he never tries his slap ass shit on her? Cuz he scared shitless of her.


Frank’s behavior definitely makes life more uncomfortable for those in the house. I just hope his girlfriend doesn’t watch the feeds. Poor thing, I would not be a happy camper if my boyfriend was grabbing other girls butts on television.


Yeah, but she is though probably happy at the thought he being away all summer.


Im not victim blaming here. I strongly agree with all the girls franks being an inappropriate dick. But im so sick of seeing the girls just deal with the unwanted touching or comments and then complaining to others. I get that its a game and you have to choose your battles and be careful how you handle it. But the more they put up with him and said nothing the more he sees his actions as ok. That being said. Now that its been brought to his attention they dont like it if he does anything like that again the whole house needs to confront him and make a stand.
He should know better. But he didnt. Now he does. Im curious to see what happens from here as far as his actions.
And please. Any women out there. Dont ignore this crap. Dont complain to others. Stand up and say NO thats not ok you cant talk to me or touch me like that. we have been groomed to smile and be polite and avoid confrontation. we have had the bs of “boys will be boys” brainwashed into our thoughts our whole live. Its not ok. Stand up for yourself. Stand up for other women. Be loud and be strong and dont let a man make you feel like youre inferior in anyway.
End rant.


Its’s not covered on this site, but Day yes no stop it, Nic got smacked loud on leg by Frank, screamed ow, Fraaank, stop, Zak smacks his hand away, they each went to Production when he wouldn’t stop, he’s gotten at least 2 warnings from DR then brags it’s the girls fault. Girls speak up, nothing is done, you should work in HR sometime. Calling BS on blaming victims for getting hit repeatedly like they should be flattered. It’s illegal, in schools, employers and in public, so trying to make it ok cuz Frank said is crazy.


Frank: “she’s not serious”


Here’s the thing, if I were to walk up to someone and shove them into a tree and when they get pissed defend myself by saying that’s how we are in my family, I could still face charges. It’s a ridiculous defense because the action is so contrary to normal behavior. Most people don’t slap girls they know on the butts. Such an action requires an elevated sense of familiarity between the two.
As for the house guests confronting Frank, it’s not their place. CBS is their employer and it’s CBS’ job to ensure a safe working environment for everyone. This is a special type of situation as the house guests are subjected to additional stresses most people aren’t. It’s different when you are forced into close quarters with someone you may be afraid of hurting you. That’s why I think CBS has a much higher need to be proactive against these types of situations.
At the very least, legal needs to confront Frank and make it clear to him his actions are crossing the line and he’s violating his contract. The house has already tried to explain it to Frank but he doesn’t take them seriously.


I just realized something kind of amusing. Two of the biggest egomanics who thought they were God’s gift to the world to ever play this game are Frank and Jesse (season 10 and 11). Both of them spent years harboring resentment towards Dan. Frank was convinced he was the BB winner and blames Dan for screwing it up even though he is the one that kept Dan in the game choosing to get out the ‘bigger threat’ Britney. Jesse didn’t even make it to jury in season 10 but also believes he could have won if Dan had not single handedly ruined his game. There were 3 votes to keep Jesse and 3 votes to evict with Dan being the swing vote. Dan technically did not vote. America controlled Dan’s vote and America wanted Jesse to go home. Wow-Britney was right about that Dan Mist being powerful. He gets credit for things he didn’t even do.

I left Jozea off the biggest egomaniac list because, to be fair, he does not think he is God’s gift to the world. He thinks he is God.

Smart Guy

They were also on seasons with teams where they’re safe for the whole week if one person on their team gets the HOH. That’s not even Big Brother! Those massive tools should have been drop kicked out of the front door as soon as they walked in the house.


KIanye Kardashian oops WEST might have an opinion on that.


Someone please tell me how the have-nots are selected this year. The post above still shows Paul, Da’vonne and Z as being have-nots. Just not right to be a have-not for an extended period of time.


Whatever team comes in last in the HOH competition becomes the Have-Nots…..


Thanks for the info!


Frank is absolutely confused as to why Day is upset which amazes me. How he could become a 32 year old man and not know that you don’t know someone for two weeks and start grabbing on their butts and talking about their boobs is very hard to believe. But, on a lighter note, Simon had me cackling with his talk with Bridgette. All the “hehehehehes” are hilarious! Thanks for the updates!

Smart Guy

OOOOOOOOOOH YEAH!!! That Da and Frank backyard brawl I’ve been itching to see is just about to go down!!! Let’s get reeeaady to rip each other to SHREEEEEEEDSS!!! Let the braids and hunks of meat and curly clown wigs fly! YEEEAAAH!!!!

Prize Poster

OBB & their Smart Guys love to let the hate flags fly! Here’s more click bait! yank the wig off Frank the Stank’s nuts twist & shout, hehe he joke grandma! game over! LOL! This is fun!


Guys like Frank will never get it! That this shames and humiliates women!


I hope production is realizing that they made a huge mistake casting Frank. He is a legal nightmare. That loud slap of Da’s backside and her angry warning to him to stop touching her in a very inappropriate manner (which implies this was not the first time) means he has been warned. He does it again then he can’t claim innocent fun or ignorance to how unwanted his behavior is. It is officially no excuse harassment and he should be booted. I personally think it already has crossed any standard rules of unacceptable and disqualifying touching but CBS seems to need for these things to accelerate and then cover themselves by posting a warning before the show: CONTESTANTS DO NOT REPRESENT THE VIEWS OF CBS. WE IN NO WAY CONDONE THE INNAPRORIATE TOUCHING, POKING OR SLAPPING OF ANOTHER PERSON’S BACKSIDE.


and as a typical abuser, he lies about his action. “I don’t grab her butt I don’t pinch it.. I do a finger pop.. you know like that..”

Sorry, Frank, the audio proves otherwise. A finger pop would not make that sound!!!

When you start to feel the animosity, maybe you’ll realize your behaviour is not cool. Josea and Vic had to learn that the hard way too.


Exactly what did Victor do other than exercise his free will in choosing not to engage in a showmance with Natalie? I get that he played a terrible game. He knows nothing about how to play Big Brother. However, last time I checked none of this rises to the level of a criminal offense.


power puffs girls in charge this week!


I do not understand CBS. I have watched CBS, their talk show with Julie Chen and news shows. Apparently when they have said that the sexual harassment of women is something horrible is just words. It is OK if it is on Big Brother when done by an ass hat. In Franks defense there has been worse on the International versions… they had a male houseguest hold a girl down while another rubbed his member on her face in Australia.

It just surprises me that physical contact is supposed to have you evicted by production but it is ok to hit a woman rear end or make comments about her breasts because or fart in a woman face…. Frank may say that they are friends but he has not known any of these people for more than a month. I joke around with friends two but damn I have known them for a decade… not just a month. You can’t go around violating a persons personal space.

So the next time CBS talks about the Sexual Harassment of women and what a terrible thing it is (It is a terrible thing.) Just know from the feeds that their actions say a different thing. CBS supports the Sexual Harassment of Women. I have been disgusted with them before… the cook who takes a dump doesn’t wash his hands and then cooks people food, Rachaels complete mental breakdown… etc. I’d fire Frank because it is all on video.


It’s UNWANTED physical contact. I thought it wasn’t allowed?? Why is it being allowed to continue without Frank getting the boot (aside from him being a production fav)?


Unfortunately, it comes down to production “talking” with the girls, they get the well we could expel him if you want us to go that far…it was just a slap on the butt though and that might look bad on you for over reacting…I mean it’s ruining this guys shot at half a million for a little tap on the hiney, so if you want to make us throw him out and possibly ruin his life just for brushing your bottom a little…

Now production can blame the girls for Frank getting the boot or if they don’t boot him blame the girls for not saying to.


I have to leave another comment here even though I have already commented on other people’s impressions. Take me for example: this year I’ve been busier and I cannot watch feeds and for that reason I also visit this site less (but I always click on ads! Let’s help Simon and Dawg, guys!). I want to give myself the opportunity to be surprised by the episodes so staying away from spoilers is my way of doing so. So just by watching the episodes I had not a single clue that Frank was behaving this way. I knew he wanted to boss people around, but that is a faraway road from “pervy road.” Yesterday I was very surprised that production actually broadcast Natalie’s goodbye speech to Victor because that was a very poignant and harsh criticism. I had no clue he treated girls badly. So I came here to take a look back in the archives, and even though I wasn’t able to find anything about Victor, I caught up on Frank’s antics. Only one opinion: I’m disgusted that production is allowing this Frank sh!t happen. After BB15, I truly thought that they would try to keep things real and stop cleaning up the behavior of people in the house with magic editing or simply by omitting stuff. I think that unless twitter and facebook users go crazy asking them to remove Frank, nothing will happen. Shame on them. For instance, I wonder racist stuff was being said about Bridget… would they let it fly under the radar or would they broadcast the whole thing in respect to Julie Chen? After all, Chen did say that the racist comment the stung her the most was when people in BB15 said that Hellen should “make them a boll of rice.” I remember thinking: so if racism was just direct towards the African Americans, would that sit well with you, Julie? Anyway… this idea that we shouldn’t judge BB contestants on a personal level but only based on their gameplay is bull! “Big Brother is always watching.” Big Brother is the eye that sees every little damn thing. Nothing is private once you’re in BB, so drop this “judging them on a personal level” sh!t. People evict others based on social dynamics too, so Frank’s behavior must be shown to America… They can’t keep on ignoring the bad and just showing the good. And Frank will probably be evicted based on what his doing to the women and not because of the way he plays. I’m just so disgusted with how production is not taking any measures to just kick him out.

On a different note, I’m appalled to learn that Frank is just 32. I thought he was approaching 45.


I feel so bad for Tiffany. Everyone is throwing her under the bus. Bridgette lied to Frank about their convo. Tiffany was just trying to be genuine with her.


Wow. I didn’t watch big brother after dark when Frank was in the house last time. He was one of my favorites. I didn’t know about his behavior. I only saw CBS’s version of him. So wow. I was thinking why is he being such an asshole now, when last time he was ( seemingly) such a nice guy. Boy the things you learn… The girls need to let him know he’s being a jerk.


Paulie stepped up in my books! He was the one to confront Frank that he was out of line. Also Frank lacks a lot of maturity for his age he acts like a rude teenager

Corey & DR Did First Last Week

Frank brags about the warnings on feeds. But he’s making the rules like Vanessa did last year. Douche wouldn’t get a Vote from any Jury. LOL Last Laugh on FrankenMonster!

Fuzzy Num Num

Frank is gas lighting people. He is saying Tiff is very emotional and making people uncomfortable. To everyone, and maybe she is a bit, but no more than the next, and so slowly it becomes true. He says something else to Tiff, and then she wonders why everyone is treating her different. Then something that seems small and out of context happens and BOOM! Tiff explodes and becomes the emotional unstable critter Frank has said all along. This will not just happen with Tiff. It will happen with everyone he targets.
BB set up both Tiffaney and Paulie to be linked with their siblings. It just seems as if Paulie has been able to neutralize it more with that rats nest on his face. Tiff meanwhile wears the hats, sunglasses to morph into Vaniffaney.

For Sexual Harassment Training

Less Moonves writing Frank’s scripted apology personally? Flying in Mom Dad & Granny for a refresher course on Federal Law? Before or after Paul called Tiff a c*nt?


Well I see a Day/James alliance brewing….. this could get interesting. It wont be easy getting James out the house and he will have no problem putting Frank up.


Sexual Harassment is against the law in the work place. He can’t hold a job because he finger pops the girls. At 32 he knows what he is doing. I believe he know production won’t do anything, but I hope I’m wrong and production steps in. Saying sorry at this point doesn’t count. He should have stopped the first time or never at all!!! I hope his gf leaves his butt.
Remember when Frankie said they should rape Victoria and nothing happened? Difference here, those were words and frank is actually touching.


This whole butt popping is ridiculous, Frank is wrong for doing it no question. That said the girls who are so bothered by it should not go whine and cry in the DR, just go up to Frank and tell him to F..off. I grew up in a family that the men did childish stuff like that, spanking your behind with a wet dish towel, making comments etc. There is no evil intent behind it, Frank is just a guy who acts childishly I dont believe he means to offend any of them. Be grown women and not little girls and confront him end of story

H. Stern

Problem? They are not family, they do not know each other like that. To the girls it was a violation of personal space and, by law, sexual harassment. There is a legal aspect to be considered here considering that everyone is a little above being strangers. It was unwanted contact. Maybe in your neck of the woods it’s something to giggle at, but BB could be considered a workspace and as such breaching the contract everyone is required to sign off on.


Bridgete is the “dumb” girl of the season…a girl wont win again because of her, she will screw up all the girls….


I never did understand how Frank got favorite player. I know how he was portrayed on T.V. but if you watched after dark or the live feeds he and Boogie were really nasty. I so remember Brittany walking by and the vile things he said as she did ….. that was it for me. I still believe he is trying to play a Derrick game ….. but in so the wrong way as he is offensive whereas, Derrick played like Dan in the sense to have a relationship with everyone, ask about their personal lives, watch what and how you say things in the house. Frank is doing it all wrong …… I thought he may have learnt something and made it fare. IT WAS SO UNECCESSARY. Dan and Derrick never played emotionally or personally either. He only wants Tiffany out because she didn’t sit there and nod like the rest of the HGs.


the blame is on production, Frank was warned he will probably calm it down, production wants to keep drama for them its important than anything. We have seen stuff like this before, its nothing new, I dont get why these girls just dont go up to him and be in his face, Frank would do that to me one time and I would tell him that i would rip his finger off next time he would do it. Dont go cry in the DR


Again, Bridgette picks the wrong person to align with!!! OMG … trying to hide behind a strong male, which will make her a big target as she isn’t aware the house wants Frank gone.


Bridgette is so dumb. I was actually rooting for her in the first episode yikes. The way she trust Frank and betrayed the spy girls alliance so shitty. If anyone is dishonest and loyal, it is her and Frank and not Tiffanny.


CBS has always had a hands off approach when it comes to verbal comments. This is a given. If things become bad enough they will put a disclaimer about views expressed on before the episode in order to cover their own ass legally, but will not stop the comments. I didn’t realize they were so laissez faire about unwanted or unprovoked physical actions.
The moment someone lays a hand on another person, by letter of the law, they are committing assault. Intent and severity notwithstanding, that’s the actual fact. If in doubt about whether it’s a case of good touching or bad touching, just don’t do it.
Will CBS continue to gloss over Frank’s behavior? Probably. In viewing the feeds against the episodes it is clearly evident that Frank is being given a glowing edit, while others are being tainted. Look at how they edited the Frank / Tiffany exchange. They cut out the reason for the argument (Frank going lone gunman to inform Jozea he’d be going home without telling his alliance beforehand in order to improve his own standing in the game at the expense of his alliance), and instead turned it into Tiffany just being a nutball and starting arguments / flying off the handle like she’s mentally unhinged. Notice, in that clip Frank didn’t even raise his voice, it was all Tiffany. Last night’s episode showed Da and James turning against Frank because Frank informed Paulie of the 8 pack. On feeds we know that Frank has been fomenting chaos by proposing multiple deals and multiple alliances, while telling each side to target the other to keep himself from being in the crosshairs while turning everyone against each other. But no, CBS makes it appear that James and Da are just over reacting.
In view of the current edit, and the publicized view producers and casting have of Frank, I’m sure this will be swept under the rug, or edited in such a way to make it look like Frank is an uninformed angel, and Da’vonne is just overly sensitive. They’ll have a nice clip of Paulie white knighting in order to give him the stand up guy edit, with the “she’ll get over it by tomorrow” stuff included, and Frank playing all “aw shucks, that’s just the way i was raised i don’t mean nothing by it hyuck hyuck”. Da’vonne will be edited as just being too sensitive and having a bad day. Paulie the educator of poor misinformed Frank. Add in d/r of Frank saying oh i just feel like these people are family and we’re joking around but now i know better tinkly music and added twinkle in his eye.
They’ll consider it ratings gold.


I wish James would STFU He was in the Bottom 2 of the Popularity Poll the first 2 weeks
last year and was being branded a perv with his titty talk and staring at the girls.

Then he goes on to play his dumbass pranks and America all act like he is so funny and great.

Frank didn’t deserve AFP. Shut up fool. Neither do you

You all better be careful what you wish for in regards to Frank going next week.
He will win the Battle Back comp especially if he only has to win 1 time in a redemption island type format
Supposedly their have been rumors/spoilers that Glenn already beat Jozea?


Wow! Frank is really effing up his game. We all know he was joking(other commenters will NEVER admit that), but he needs to lay back and chill. He’s getting carried away with it. And I don’t care what anybody says, Da’Vonne was definitely using that as a poor me. She totally took advantage of that moment to get everybody on her side. Kind of smart really. I probably would’ve done the same.