Big Brother 17 Week 8 Summary and Live Show Results Jmac Vs Becky


Week 8
Week 7 ends with double eviction. Shelli and Jackie are both excited. Liz ends up winning the HOH and POV. This was a simple week not very much game actually happened. Liz was targeting Becky and nothing changed that plan. If Anything Liz and Austin’s showmance flourished grossing swathes of fans out. We did see a lot of Social games being developed, Julia, Steve, Asutin, Jmac all making positive moves within the social sphere. Becky buggered up her toe Wednesday night she was in excruciating pain, She was placed on Vicodin and Antibiotics (I believe it was a staph infection) Vanessa’s game is still in shambles she’s kinda moved to the sidelines which is different since the first 5 weeks her and Shelli were running things.

This whole week has been a giant Kumbaya even the nominees didn’t really campaign. Everything was fine with hours of BB Blowing, Glory Hole games and Chopped competitions. Moving to next week there is not one single scenario I can think of that will lead to it being slow. Buckle up..

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Quick summary of the week with links

This week is best summed up with the animated gif collection, Check it out!

Big-Brother-17 2015-08-20 18-30-06-968_jpg

Summary of live show
In the jury house. Shelli thinks Vanessa was the reason her and Clay’s game getting destroyed.
Jackie says that she never trusted Vanessa
Shelli is blaming everything on Vanessa saying they got to get her out or she’ll win the game.
Jackie wants Vanessa to stay in the game so when she comes back in she can be the one to take her out.

Steve votes to evict Becky
Vanessa votes to evict Becky
Meg votes to evict Becky
Austin votes to evict Becky
JUJU votes to evict Becky
James votes to evict Becky

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Big-Brother-17 2015-08-20 18-43-13-085_jpg

Becky is evicted

Becky says she’ll go after Liz if she comes back in. She up to work with Vanessa.
Julie says next week Zing bot comes in.

Big-Brother-17 2015-08-20 18-53-45-290_jpg

HOH Competition

“Ready, Set, Whoa”

There’s 6 races 1 house guest eliminated every race. The last player to hit the button.
The race doesn’t start until “GO” displays on the screen. The word “GO” could display in 30 seconds or 30 minutes

First race Meg is removed

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Simon…….don’t forget to prepare your acceptance speech because I will inducted you & Dawg into the hall of fame. Post the video on your acceptance speech. You & Dawg getting the award.

Sorry, Not Sorry

Vanessa’s Out of HOH comp, false start. Of course Meg was out first, followed by the loud rude Julia. Ask going as planned, that means the rest will throw it to JMAC who ran his campaign as Vanessa’s assassin. Now, will Steve & Austwins follow through with the deal? Will James feel safe enough too, or still worried about a pawn position on the block?

Why was tonight’s show focused most on James & Steve? to rehab their image and set them up for America’s Fav? Thursday nights they used to show the squabbles, showdowns, campaigns and strategy leading up to eviction and HOH power struggle. Now they seem to spend too much time whitewashing what’s really going on. No Van JMAC fight, No Vanessa tantrum. No Austiz eeewww. They’re covering up the Twins mean girl routine. And completely ignored ToeGate. Thank goodness for BAD or we’d see nothing.

Becky was generous & professional with Julie. Best part was a shirt on Austin. Is that headband his dressed up look? Why not a ponytail for that mop? Liz borrowed Grandma’s lipstick. Best for the kissing up she’ll have to do if Austin doesn’t win.

James v. Austin

Oh geez, pleeeez, sweet baby jezus, not another week of Austwins in HOH.


Welcome to Big Brother Hall of Fame Class of 2015
First inductee is……Rachel Reilly Villegas (BB12 & BB13)
Second inductee is……Simon & Dawg ( 2015 Lifetime Achievement Award
Third inductee is………..Erika Landin (BB4 & BB7:All-Stars)
Fourth inductee is………..Jordan Lloyd (BB11 & BB13)
Fifth inductee is…………..Joshuah Welch (BB9)
Sixth inductee is…………..Sheryl Crow (BB3) Celebrity Wing
Seventh inductee is……….Sue Hawk (BB2) Celebrity Wing
Eighth inductee is……….Curtis Kin (BB1)
Ninth inductee is…………Jason Guy (BB3)
The tenth inductee is…………………………………Jessica Hughbanks (BB8)
Congrats to Jessica Hughbanks to inducted to the big brother hall of fame class of 2015
Next week will be the Eleventh member into the Halll of Fame. Also the eve of big brother finale and hall of fame induction ceremony with All inductees including the 2015 lifetime Achievement award recipient Simon & Dawg!!!!

Grease the Goblins

Vanessa for HOH. Hopefully she nominates James and JMac and James gets the boot.

Buh-bye Vanessa

Vanessa’s Out-she’ll say she threw it. JMAC is Out problem with his button, stopped feeds. Conspiracy!
Of course Meg & Julia out first because coasters. They’re shooting for next week uh-huh.

james crouching tiger

to be honest the only people who deserve to be in the finals right now are Steve, Johnny Mac, and James. Not only have they won the most comps in the house, they have all been targets at some point and have managed to deflect the target on to someone else. Two weeks ago I would say Vanessa deserved it, even though I can’t stand to hear her hypocrisy, but now she’s just done so much stupid shit no one even cares about her anymore. Not only does her game talk not have an off switch, she cries about pointless things and lies about even dumber things. If I have to hear her say i never go back on my word one more time, I’m gonna reach through my TV screen and grab the bitch by her beanie and ask her what the fuck about that time you lied to all of the “Dark Moon”? Yo word aint shit


nope Vanessa still deserves to be in the Finals. She has played a very good game. Even though her antics are incredibly annoying, all her confrontations have resulted in her becoming the victim even if its her fault.
Your annoyance with Vanessa does not justify her not deserving to be in the Finals, because like it or not she is playing the BEST game as of right now.

GeekSquad McGee

Yeah she’s playing a great game, that’s why she’s probably going to jury in a unanimous vote next week.


James got to win the hoh!!

Jake K.

“Unless it spawned a monster”. Lolllll Simon and dawg. This is why I have come back year after year after year!

BB Party

SUMMER CAMP is over….liven it up a bit..get some new competitions…i’m snoozing worse than the contestants..


I feel like the only person who can win without it being a joke that they won is Vanessa. Nobody else has “played the game” the most. In fact, no one else has even played at all! The only reason why the other people are there are because they got lucky or she chose to let them still be there. Just my opinion ????


One could say the same thing about Vanessa. She wasn’t able to make any deals on getting off the block. Honestly she got lucky that James and Meg (for eliminating shelli instead of vanessa when they already agreed) are not the brightest people or very strategic for that matter. One could say Vanessa’s background is groomed be very successful at this game where deceit is key to success.

Dude Bro

Literally everyone except Becky is wearing athletic wear. If that isn’t a sure giveaway that she is going home I’m don’t know what is!

Mini Me James

Becky did look good tonight.

Dude Bro

Ah I don’t blame her. The past few days have been pretty rough for her.

Jake K.

Hahaha my fave is def Jmac. But I kinda want him to go on the block weekly just to hear his speeches!

Mini Me James

The only good thing is that if James did win HOH he would nominete himself.


I love house guests being upset because other people want to win. Kinda makes you wonder what they are playing for


I like that Zingbot is back. The only one that I cannot figure out what the zing will be is the one for Steve.


Maybe something about being a Mama’s boy?

Member of the Ant Farm

Steve…I hear you like to be in the center of conversation…is that why you like to talk to yourself? ZING!!


How about a twist in the game…for those 4 competing to come back into the house…the winner is also the HOH for the week.. That would be a twist with some clout!!

Jake K.

this comp is fun!

I survived last seasons BB

Meg out first…Gee what a shock,,,lol


Oh no james might not win since there is mental with the endurance.


Meg sucks!!! Is she even trying?

come again

Meg is the ultimate floater. Feel bad for Becky I feel even worse that I thought she might be exaggerating her injury. I really just did not think any medical professional would have left her in there that long with out proper care. Now I know better.


Victoria #2 is first eliminated…shocker


god Meg is pathetic. Cmon can you at least pull off one win


How many people in NYC and this is the rep chosen to play? I’d rather see an international BB or All stars so those worthless floaters aren’t a part of it. As a fan of the show I’ve been disgusted with some of the losers let on


she did OK in the OTEV, and the BoB battle was hers & Jasons to win, and they did.

In this HOH, Liz is taking care of shouting out Go, but the rules might say those on the sidelines cannot do that. i can see Austin losing it, not on purpose. there hasn’t been much that he has lost on purpose, but he does get called out for losing on purpose, and then when he doesn’t win he always has that to fall back on so he doesn’t look so inept. but he is.

Julia however is not inept. the fact is the twins wanted Becky out because most of the time either Liz or Julia have a harder time beating her. they really don’t have a hard time beating anyone else. their main goal has been to target anyone who is physically competent because they are competent themselves. plus while everyone else is laying around, they do actually work at it. their studying skills, well Liz anyway, are as good as anyone elses, if not better, since they study all the time. heck, they are universtity graduates, i think because they are blonde, young, pretty and somewhat silly, people forget that, but they are strong and confident young women, and motivated to win.

well Liz is anyway, everytime i see her talking about it,she is very focused and very specific about what they need and want in order to get further.

People say it’s summer camp for them, but i think it is just that it isn’t dramatic and angry and fighting all the time. vanessa isn’t winning anything, becky was, becky had to go. before that, Jackie was capable, and before that, it was Shelli. those were 3 directly opposite to the skills of the twins. vanessa and meg are not. one way or another, they are now the powerhouses, physically at least, and could be more than some of those guys (well, at least, austin.)

i would not have a problem, seeing Liz at least in F3 or F2 at this point in the game, after her HOH and VETO wins this week. plus she still manages to stay off the block, with her Austin shield lol


sheesh this season is getting boring again. and then they’re only giving a chance to the last 4 contestants to come back? what happen to the twistiest season yet? bb takeover?? bueller? bueller? anyone? hope james and his little legs can pull out a win and we can see some squirming from the remaining houseguests.


The takeover got cancelled because “enough” was going on inside the house without twist influence, according to Julie.


Austins 7 feet tall it takes him 2 steps to get to the buzzer. If he loses this hoh ill be surprised


Honestly Meg, figure it out already.

is it just me

so im guessing vanessa out of the comp second round, she just barely beat meg the first round
julia might have a shot same with james and jmac, can’t see sasquatch getting past 3rd round


Do people still not know that meg has knee issues?
That hate is annoying

Vanessa with a V

In the first heat Meg lost a 10 yard race by 8 yards. Is there anything she could be competitive at? Do they have a competition where you have to find the one chocolate in a box of chocolates that has a cherry center? This competition is made for the guys in the house. The women do not stand a chance. After watching it in slo-mo the order of finish in the first heat was Steve, Austin, JMac and James. It will be hard for Austin and Steve to throw the competition to JMac, as JMac barely beat James. Like the majority of you I would like to see JMac win just to see what the diabolical dentist will do.


befor the live show over it seem like steve is a great runner i dont want him to win because he wont go after vanessa but i think he will … come on james


For anyone who wonders why Big Brother repeats competitions, we’re seeing why tonight.

Whenever they try out a new competition they screw something up.