Week 8 Nominations “He’s flipping out he looked at me like he was going to kill me”

POV Holder: ? POV Competition Aug 15th
POV Used ? POV Ceremony Aug 10th
HOH Liz Next HOH Aug 17th
Original Nominations: Johnny Mac and Becky
After POV Nominations: ? and ?
Have Nots Vanessa, Johnny Mac, Steve

1:55pm Big Brother blocks the live feeds and switches to the highlights for the nomination ceremony to take place.

Becky and John were nominated.. John is not taking it well

Big-Brother-17 2015-08-14 15-14-52-054_jpg

3:09pm Storage room James and Austin
Austin about Jmac – He’s flipping out he looked at me like he was going to kill me.. He’s losing it dude
Austin and James complaining about Jmac being a downer because he is a have nots. Austin points out it was his turn “there’s nobody left”

Big-Brother-17 2015-08-14 15-15-21-052_jpg

3:11pm HOH Julia and Liz
Liz – Sorry bro, not sorry, You’re my main target
They are both scared that Vanessa is going to fill Jmac’s ear
Liz “Drinking wine in the afternoon it’s so Miami”
Liz – I feel like a peace of shot after my speech

Liz says Austin is doing all the dirty work everyone thinks Austin is running things , “I want Johnnymac outta here”
Liz – LIfe is stressful yo in the BB house..
Liz cheers to her nanny “Happy friday”

Liz explains that Johnymac hasn’t talk game to her since day one he only started last night when she was HOH, “Becky is kinda not my target she’s handling better than he is”

The twins are concerned about Vanessa talking to Jmac all the time.

Liz is pissed off at Austin says he never wins anything.
Julia – “I’m happy you won because I don’t think I could beat Johnnymac”
Liz – Who else could I have put up Julia.. we need to think about next week.. if we can make a connection with James and Meg..”
Julia feels bad about Becky
Liz – I’m not putting up Steve he’s my baby brother nobody is touching Steve. .. there was no other options. .this is freaking me the f*** out.

The twins do not trust Vanessa. They call Vanessa ‘Audrey” saying she’s playing all the sides of the house.
Liz says she wants Becky to go after Vanessa. they can’t go after her because she’s done too much to help them.

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Big-Brother-17 2015-08-14 15-30-30-867_jpg

3:28pm HOH Twins
Liz – For our game what do you think of James
Julia – as a backdoor ya
Liz – Becky will always go after Vanessa
they agree to tell Austin they drank all the wine .
Liz – I feel like one of us could make it.. I will 100% split it with you
Julia – we don’t need to talk about that right now
Liz – we’re in a really good spot

Julia – He’s just a guy you don’t really like that much
Liz Umm hnmm
Julia – You need to play that up and tell him you really like him
Liz – I love that you are telling me this tat is what I’ve been telling you that the entire time
Julia says she realizes they are still in the game because of Austin
Liz agrees
Liz- He said he’s not playing for first.. your a idiot because I am
The twins don’t trust Vanessa but will not target her.
Julia – she plays the victim card too much she doesn’t care about anyone.. she’s a 30 years old women.

Liz – I’m not taking out f****g James.. I’m not going after James at all.
Julia suggests they put u Meg as the pawn, “She’s the ultimate pawn .. I’m sorry”
Liz- You’re the Victoria of the season
Julia – I wouldn’t give her that, Victoria is the worst
Liz – what is Austin doing
Julia – Liz please we’re having twin time
Liz – No he’s making me food
Julia – oh
They laugh

Liz says the goblins are backdoor targets Becky and John are front door targets.
Julia – I really respect Austin’s advice.. he’s super smart and has seen every season.
Julia – Vanessa, i’m not believing anything she says it goes in one ear out the other.

The twins are saying they know Johnnymac is playing the “I don’t care” game and must be super popular with the fans because he’s called into the Diary room. They want “America” to know john is the most boring player in the BB house.
They agree Austin needs a beard but he needs to shave the pony tail beard.

Big-Brother-17 2015-08-14 15-46-41-618_jpg

3:40pm HOH Jmac and Steve
They are talking about vanessa denying she was the person that spilt the 8 person alliance when Jmac know it was her.
Steve – you were in the room at the time
Jmac – I know

Jmac – they’ll send me home over James.. I win more
Steve – I’m not so sure.. win anyways but i’m not so sure
Jmac – Meg will keep him
Steve – we’re talking about you and James on the bloc
Steve – there’s six votes.. the tie breaker will be in your favour you need 3 three.. you need me, you have the other twin and you need Austin..
Steve- Becky will vote to keep you.. I think you’re safe..
Steve – Win
Jmac – that whole double evacuation deal was it Vanessa’s idea or your idea
Steve – I would be lying if she wasn’t involved but it was my deal.. I couldn’t connect with her (Jackie) I tried just couldn’t
Jmac – Is vanessa Trashing me right now
Steve – She just went up there to listen to music
Steve says Jmac is not leaving this week, “I’m sorry if you and Becky get split up.. I think you’re good.. still win it”
Steve – how are you emotionally
Jmac says he’s good he just can’t talk to Vanessa anymore
Steve – who will you go for this week
Jmac – if I had to I would probably.. Vanessa and austin
Steve saying he feel like a idiot (for the double eviction.. Steve is playing up he made a mistake taking out a goblin)

Jmac says if the POV is punishments he’s taking them all
Steve – I don’t think it will be
Jmace – it wouldn’t be tonight it’ll be tomorrow
Steve – Yes
Jmac – if houseguests choice..
Steve – I don’t want to make any commitments, let’s talk about that later tonight.

Big-Brother-17 2015-08-14 16-00-18-173_jpg

3:56pm James and Meg
James – I’m scared Vanessa will flip targets she does that might go to me

The goblins are pissed that Becky keeps calling them a group in public.
Meg – She really need to stop doing that
James – Johnny Mac tried to throw me under the bus
Meg – I know that
James- We’ll james said we’re part of his crew
james- we gotta watch what we say
Meg – they have nothing to lose anymore
Meg – this week is not going how I expect
James – I never thought we would be working with Vanessa
They laugh that jason is throwing “shit” at the screen
Meg says she trusts Austin
James – Austin has a good feeling about you and me both
austin comes down tells them Vanessa is upstairs blowing a fuse.
James- why is she trying to run your HOH
Austin explains that Vanessa wants to put target ahead of her

Austin says Jmac is full cocked right now for the Veto
Meg – He’s good at random crap

Big-Brother-17 2015-08-14 16-16-01-443_jpg

4:00pm HOH Vanessa, twins, Austin and Steve
Vanessa blowing a fuse says she’s scared of Johnymac. Vanessa adds that jmac was calling her a bully. There’s residual anger towards her, “Johnny can’t get past it I’ve explain it to him multiple times.. He’s so stuck on it
Steve – So why is he mad at you
Vanessa – if you can tell me I would love to know I don’t know it’s irrational
Steve – You had nothing to do with his nomination
Steve – How did you get involved with his at all
Vanessa saying that jmac is telling her one thing IN private than the opposite in public, “I’m sorry I did give you the opportunity to come clean in private.. I pull people one on one into a room I don’t handle thing publicly.
Liz asks them all to leave the nominations the same
they agree.
Vanessa – My target is Becky Johnnymac is acting weird
Liz says becky and Johnnymac are very strong in competitions the reason she put them up is for her personal game
Vanessa – you’re letting the house deiced which one you want to go home
Liz – we’ll see tomorrow.. f Johnnymac keep acting like this irrational and emotional I want him to go home
Vanessa – I think he’s a fun guy and probably a good person

Steve sounds like he want them to tell him what Steve needs to do to be safe this week

Vanessa says Steve if he wants to give jmac advice tell him to stop sleeping so much and start talking to people in the house

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Big-Brother-17 2015-08-14 16-27-32-449_jpg

4:16pm Have nots Jmac and Meg
Jmac – I caught her in a lie that’s why she’s freaking out and she’s going to say I’m lying because i’m the last one left
Meg says the other side is starting to turn on Vanessa, “That what I got the sense after talking to them last night.. I don’t know what their target is this week”

Meg says Austin only cares about the twins he doesn’t care about Vanessa.
Meg suggests Jmac throws Vanessa under the bus, “I’m having the sense she’s not running the house this week”
Jmac caught Vanessa on a lie that she sore on her mother about
Jmac ask her who he should pick for houseguests choice..
Meg suggests James
Jamc is worried if james uses it on him then Meg will go up, “Steve doesn’t want me to pick him”
Meg – why not steve
Jmac – He’s freaked out about everything.. he f****d up
Meg – He’s getting away with everything
Meg says Steve is the best choice for POV
Jmac – He needs to get permission to use it on me.. there’s no good person to pick for me
Meg – it’s hard cause anyone could go up
Jmac- ya they won’t put Steve up
Meg – who do they want to go home
Jmac – it‘s her speech Becky and I are most likely to win sh1t
They talk about vanessa trying to make a deal with Meg during the double eviction while Meg was crying

Meg says Austin is a odd one “But when I talk to him I feel pretty good.. I don’t know where his head really is”
Meg – She’s (Vanessa) done some bad stuff to them
Jmac – really
Meg – She doesn’t tell them things and she was going to backdoor him
Jamc – they are still bitter from that
Meg – more and more keeps coming out.. it was all her plan

Meg asks “Why does she have it out for you so bad
Jmac – Because she knows I know SHe lied to me, That whole fight with clay happened because.. he did something stupid and I had to take the blame for it but it all stems from this thing I got her one.. I just haven’t told anyone


  • Goblins/Gremlins = Jackie, James and Meg
  • Generals = anyone allied with Becky
  • SOS = Steve and Vaenssa
  • Rockstars = Steve and Jmac
  • ? = Becky, Shelli, Jmac, Steve
  • Freaks n Geeks = Austin, Twins, Steve, Vanessa
  • AUS-Twins = Austin, Julia and Liz
  • “Brass Tacks”  Gobins and Austwins
  • The new “Brass Tacks” = Aus-Twins, Meg, James + Vanessa
  • “The Scamper Squad” – Aus-Twins, Vanessa, Steve

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BB Drafter

Please choke on your wine Liz.


You don’t have to like the twins but you have to see that this move was really good for them. They’re playing very well imo. I do like J mac but if he leaves Becky and Vanessa are still targeting each other, and the twins can make a deal with the gremlins cause they didn’t target them this week. Vanessa is still a huge target in front of them and to some extent so is Steve now. They’re smart at least

Back Door Dentist

Man, Johnny. Mac’s gameplay is ON POINT!!! Wow, I have never seen such superior gameplay on Big Brother! I see why everyone LOVES and thinks HE’S THE BEST!! He’s always up to something! When is the scheming going to stop with this MASTERMIND!!???? He is such an incognito rock star!! He is by far THE MOST ENTERTAINING houseguest of the Summer….maybe of ALL TIME! Johnny Mac keeps me on the edge of my seat watching the live feeds… i cant wait to see what he will do next!! Best strategy this season….come in, find someone to bow down to, do EVERYTHING they tell you to do, completely disregard how it will affect your game, mope around when you no longer have someone to serve. Beg everyone in the house to let you be on their team. Continue to be someone’s Minion. Seriously people, how can you even root for a player like this. I cant stand Nasty Nessy, but i can at least respect her for playing the game. He is by far THE WORST PLAYER this season….yes I rank Meg’s gameplay above his. I have no idea why people think he is so great. His gameplay isn’t even sub-par. I bet he sucks at playing the guitar too. I’m sure he plays the guitar about as good as he plays Big. Brother.


He definitely sucks at playing the guitar. He’s awful. https://www.youtube.com/user/slowfuse61/videos


If what Liz said about Austin is true, that’s horrible. What the twins are willing to do for money is disgusting. Don’t they understand they’re saying all this publicly? You only get one chance to make a first impression. I’m guessing there have been other cases where a BB player toys with someone’s emotions but this feels like a new low, I could be wrong. Liz and Julia are simply old enough to know better, no excuses.

Ms Chiff

There was the winner of BB5 – was his name Drew? Who played Diane – it was pretty brutal to see him vote her out.

Hopefully Austin doesn’t have to go through that and get his heart broken in that way – would be hard to have to watch :/


F**KING WHOR*S, parents should be proud.


If she “breaks his heart” he deserves it. He came into the house with a girlfriend, as far as I know, and this girlfriend has had to watch him swoon, cuddle, rub/touch, and kiss Liz. I’m kinda hoping Liz makes a fool of him, just as he made a fool of his girlfriend at home, ON INTERNATIONAL TELEVISION.

Paging Dr.Will

Are you serious with this nonsense? This is Big Brother and if some fool is gonna eat up fake affection and be your puppet then I say WELL PLAYED! It’s a classic Dr.Will move and is fantastic gameplay.

Vanessa's Straight Jacket

I don’t run this game, I don’t control anyone, Johnny defied me, He won’t Listen, How dare he fight for the Veto to take himself off the block, He’s gonna kill me, He’s a rager, He’s red faced mad, He aggressively enters rooms, He’s got a mood disorder. His paranoia is making him a target. She’s seriously schizophrenic – She’s describing herself, not JMAC! Guilty much? Like Edgar Allen Poe’s “The Telltale Heart” or in lawyer-speak she Expresses Knowledge of Guilt! Thank god everyone knows she’s a lunatic, but afraid to approach her like a mental patient with a knife. Just backdoor the biotch, there’s enough votes and what crazy fun she’d have in the Jury House with Shelli & Jackie The humiliation might push her over the edge.

On the othrr hand. I’d love to get in the BB House and give her 1/2 of what she dishes out. She needs to get screamed at. She needs to get threatened. She needs crazy lies to be told about her moves. Tell her she’s safe, scheme behind her back, then tell her it’s personal for her own welfare. No deals. no meetings. HN again. She needs to be tortured on the block for a week! Backdoor isn’t long enough. Why is everyone so afraid. She couldn’t taint the Jury anymore, no one believes a word she says.


i was really behind her, what with being behind the Austwins, for quite awhile, but then it really turned around for me when she decided to listen to everyone else except her alliance members for info about Austin. and told a group of 7 people that he was going up, for sure.

and that again, without even talking to him or to Liz, the one person whatever it was said that was most affected.

All this, you have to get a reason, find a reason, need a reason, like some kind of broken record. No, you are HOH, you don’t need to explain yourself, you don’t need a reason, you don’t need to obsess about it, you don’t need to encourage someone to confront another person then conveniently walk in on it to get a reason to put someone up. it is all way too convoluted and sketchy, and she makes herself sick with paranoia worry that she isn’t coming up with a solid reason to go back on a firm deal with someone she gave her word to. lol

everyone else is saying, i am putting you up because we never really connected, so….

Vanessa should look around and say to herself “remember what happened when Audrey was doing all this stuff?”

Vanessa's Shrink

Wouldn’t it be great if Vanessa came out of DR and the entire house was in HOH agreeing they were going to backdoor her and send her home. She couldn’t scamper, they all say No Deals! Then hand her the Bible. Her head would explode! But as the Mad Hatter says, this ain’t time for Kumbaya.(Or as James says CumbaMe.)

But Nooooo! Production is giving her her 5 o’clock meds and calming her down instead of letting her deal with the consequences of her actions. Why else did she get DR in the middle of her rant to Liz in HOH? Liz & Austin could take a quick vote and they could get their Girl Scout badge of honor for being so smart. Steve would probably need time to channel his mommy. But the rest could pinky swear and get back to Summer Camp Wine and whatever else is going on under the sheets eeeeewwwwuuuhh!

Vanessa's Shrink

Seriously Austin? You can’t backdoor the Devil with the Bible in her hand because you need her as a shield??? He says she’s quoting the Bible now instead of just telling parables. And oh njy god, JMac listens to heavy metal he’s evil. No one in the house more loathsome to act as a target? I thought Becky & Steve & JMac were horrible, ghostly, scary weird. Now apparently Austin & Liz are so hated they owe their existence to Vanessa.

Vanessa’s been in the DR too long…is she getting scolded for openly fearing for her life, and slander or are they working to keep her too?


Not JMAC! No 🙁 Great Dumb and Dumber are ruining this week now. JMAC for the Veto!!!


Dumb and dumber lol.


The twins… I just can’t… nooooo… WTF… (sigh)


NOOOOOOOO. NOT JMAC. Becky can go though. JMAC for the veto


I really hope Jmac wins POV. :(. I really can’t stand anyone else. I would like James if he wasn’t so disrespectful about women and his conquests. Ugh. Diamond POV for Jmac!!!


I don’t get all the love for JMac. He’s stayed in his PJs for weeks and doesn’t talk game with anybody. It’s as interesting as watching paint dry.


I don’t get it how is he disrespectful towards women??

Ms Chiff

Am pretty sure JMac has consciously decided to present himself to viewers in a way that would work best for his dental practice … like as some light-hearted, non-threatening, happy-go-lucky bowl of sunshine. But I don’t think he’s really like that if he’s shooting daggers at Liz for nominating him.

Think James truly is the even-tempered, accepting sort of person that Johnny Mac has chosen to present himself as.

Would rather have people just be themselves, warts and all – but can understand why JMac would be so concerned about public perception, and making sure his dental practice doesn’t get adversely affected … super boring tho to only be presented with an ‘image’ … am bored with him! He’s barely been better than Meg!

Good Grief eh?

As least he isn’t hunting! Or at least as far as we know. . .


I’m actually glad they claim the target is JohnnyMac. If Becky does somehow stay this week, she is so going to go after Austin and the twins, deals notwithstanding. I doubt she can be bothered with Vanessa until one of those other 3 is gone.


All of the JMac fanbois are going nuts right now…lol

Like...I'm Jackie

They can’t put Vanessa up because she has done so much for them?!? That’s just not totally true and Vanessa would and will cut them loose in a heartbeat!

I survived last seasons BB

Well JMac P.O.V is Your only shot,,Hope You pull it off A Vanessa vs Becky block would be lights-out


bring back last years crew, it was so much better than these lesser lights.


Um… no


You can put 16 hamsters is the house and it would still be a better cast than last year.


At least this season has some back and forth with people. Last year everyone not in the gigantic alliance were complete pansies.


I get that last year was boring TV. But there’s no way in hell that smart players like Derrick, Frankie or Donnie let those twins come into the house, and even of the weaker players, none of them left the house with their tail between their legs like Clay and Audrey.

I like the BB17 cast more for entertainment purposes, but good game players they are not.


Hey Simon & Dawg
What is this alliance of 8 Vanessa keeps harping on?


Please let JohnnyMac win POV. I loathe Austwins soooooo much. They cannot make it to the end. I would be ok with anybody but those three winning this whole thing.


These twins are crazy. They are in the hoh going around in circles. They don’t trust Vanessa, but I say am never putting her up.

Then they like Becky, owe her. Then one minute later, they are saying who should we send home Jmac or Becky. Then they talk about they love Meg, but she would be a backup plan.

Bb anonymous

Liz has a nanny ??

Yo Yo Yo

I thought the same thing….does she have a kid? HMMMM


Is it weird that I wouldn’t be surprised by this?

Min O'Pause

Uh…nanny like grandma or nanny like “I’ve got boatloads of bank so I can pay someone to take care of my kid while I sell my soul to Cousin It on this reality show” or nanny as in pet goat….which could also refer to the second option?


It’s more fun to think she has a babysitter though 🙁

Unusually Confused

I was confused by that as well – but then I thought that it might be a name that she used for her grandmother?


OMG these twins are SO annoying. Can’t stand them… hope they’re on the block together next week!

Top Gun

Where did they get these twin air heads. They are all over the place, and they act like middle schoolers


God I kinda hope Be my and Vanessa end up talking and realizing what the Autwins are up to….I would like the see someone get at them! I don’t get how they are going to progress in the game because they are too good of “friends” with everyone to nominate them, WTF! I hope either Becky, Vanessa or JMac can take one of them out before they get evicted cause the others won’t do it! The twins are VERY fickle abd easily persuaded and now that Liz is in power it took all of 5 minutes for it to go her head!

the coreys

What a boring week. Barring a James and jmac back to back to back hoh wins the final 4 is settled.


LOL the week just started.

Ariana Grande licks donuts and hates Americans

What are you talking about?! The week is just about ended. Audrey was cast to win the whole shabang since this is the year of the trannies. But when demons started manifesting themselves and Audrey started going psycho and changing personalities, CBS production had to sedate Audrey with horse tranquilizers. And out the door she went.

CBS production’s backup plan is for Vanessa to win the whole shabang now that Audrey is gone. Vanessa is no tranny, but she is a lesbian and no lesbian has thus far won the 500k. So Van is a good p.c. consolation prize to have as the winner this season.

I said all that to say that the week is basically over because wheels are in motion to favor Vanessa’s gameplay and move her forwards to the finale.


When will the houseguests ever, ever learn that it is the worst thing to wait to get out a dangerous player. They know Vanessa is manipulating everyone, yet they won’t take her out. She is going to manipulate them out of the $500,000 prize keeping their current course of action.

Like...I'm Jackie

I wouldn’t mind if Vanessa made it to final two and then lost! Having everybody letting her know that they won’t vote for her because she is a MANIPULATING LIAR!

Like...I'm Jackie

Scratch that! After what she’s doing to jmac (and everybody else for that matter!)bitch gotta go now! I want her to stew in jury and watch from the sidelines as somebody that’s not her wins the game!


Go Girls!

Ariana Grande licks donuts and hates Americans

Surely you’re talking about Becky and Davonne, they were the only girls of this BB season.

Dawg/Simon Help!

Thanks for the excellent posts! Weren’t one of the alliances the Presidents because they kill Generals? Or was that a temporary deal? Brass Tacks without Vanessa, Presidents with Vanessa?

Also what does SoS stand for? I think it was Sultans of Sound, or something like that in homage to Steve & Vanessa’s sound board engineering skills?

What do YOU think of the multitude of alliances? Lots of moving targets good keeps people off balance? Or too many that lack of similar goals & communication hinders execution? Flexible or do they forget whose side they’re on?

Your expertise is appreciated!


I’m ready for Vanessa, Becky, Austin and Liz to go…


I don’t the people on the outside of the big alliance realized how deep that 6th Sense alliance was including Johnny Mac. He couldn’t have known how deep Shelli and Clay was in it as well. I couldn’t stand how he didn’t try to connect with others in the house and put them on some sort of pedestal to the point of throwing comps to advance that group. But now I realize he’s just like the rest wasn’t aware how deep Clay and Shelly were in with Vanessa and Company. And maybe thought he was playing the game with them. Too bad but he’s played a isolated social game with them because now they are gone and he and the rest are there with the mess that they help create and one of the biggest messes is the twins. Vanessa could be gotten out if most of the house agreed to go after her. But the twins are two votes and a solid alliance.

Evil Twins

The twins are mean! Why do HG need to be so nasty and talk crap about everyone. This is a game, no need to be hatefully. I think the reason JMac is liked, is because he doesn’t talk crap about people. I was really liking this season, but when you hear how these HG trash one another, how can you root for them. No need to trash talk, just vote out the person that isn’t good for your game.


Who didn’t see this coming? Pack your bags James. And you have Meg to thank for it. The twins are terrified of both JMac and Becky b/c they’re both smart and win comps.They also want to keep them around so that they will target Vanessa, but also b/c they’re worried that whomever is left of the two will target them. If they BD James should either Becky or JMac win VETO , Meg will do absolutely nothing per usual. I just cant get past my Meg hate, but she brought absolutely nothing to her alliance . By the end of the week all of her alliance members will most likely be gone and she will get further in the game. On the other hand, maybe she’s smarter than I give her credit for. Maybe this has been her strategy all along , appear to be dumb and helpless so that you’re perceived as a non threat . I wouldn’t be surprised if she made it to F5. SAD.


uuuuuuuuggggghhhhh maaake themm staaahp taaalkiiiiiiiinggguhhhh


Awesome. I am loving this HOH. The Austwins are so fun!

Double the Fun!!!

I hope they get to F3 with Austin, one of them wins HOH, then in unison say BYE BYE AUSTIN! Then Julia sez “We won 550,000 dollars” and Liz sez “I Knooooooowww!!!


The twins are so dumb saying we can’t get out Vanessa because she has looked out for us” when Vanessa was alright with James throwing the BOB with Liz so Jackie could be HOH. She’s not looking out for you she almost backdoored Austin and is playing all sides of the house. This might be their only shot to get her out.


And Vanessa almost backdoored him for good reason. He told Jason about Julia and then lied to Vannessa to her face 3 times before she threw out then how did Jason know Julia’s name. It is one thing to lie to others in the house but to lie to someone your in alliance when they are doing all the work for you and keeping you safe. Austin has done more damage to the alliance than good, I hope he goes soon.


They need more alcohol!!! Nothing hard, just wine and beer!! It will start t get good in there:) how is it bachelor cam have unlimited alcohol and yet BB can’t even give them a few bottles of wine every night and a 24 pack?
Bb16 should have gotten a couple handles of tequilla, but with even all that, nothing would change how boring they were


Julia is coming out looking better than Liz. Liz seems like she has to have a man to cling to, and doesn’t mind doing whatever she has to in order to keep her meat shield in place. Austin thinks he’s awesome, Vanessa is just bossy, Meg is Victoria and will be drug to the final 2, Steve – you are so not Ian, JMac – just do what you can to stay in this game. At least you were put straight up and are able to play in the VETO, Becky – nobody but John has your back, James – you make big moves, but Meg is your only true person in this game (take that for what it is). I seriously cannot wait for Austin to be put on the block, because he has never felt it and needs to. Has anyone ever seen him on a wrestling show? I know people who have watched wrestling for years and have never heard of him.


Type in Judas devlin into google


Since they haven’t let any really huge twists or takeovers out too much this Summer, however, dubbed it the craziest (and longest) Summer yet – I have a theory. I think ALL of the jury members will be let back in and the game will be reset all the way.

BB Obsessed

I tried, I really tried to like the twins…Julia is such a dark horse and kind of a question mark -I had such hope for her… It’s so irritating that they both (twins) turned out to be bratty mean girls. Austins has to go…the only thing keeping me hooked is that the slim hope of the eventual fight between Van and Austwins and or one of the three headed monster (prefer A or L) gets booted.

Van Diagnoses JMAC Mood Disorder

Can’t take it! He’ll must me in my sleep! Cray cray Audrey/ Vanessa /Rasputin destroying JMacs dental practice for sympathy votes since her wretched game play threats aren’t working with him! Because he disagreed and told her not to yell. I love Steve tEllington her to pipe down. Get her out before you’re her next victim!

Vanessa is a lawyer, she knows this is slander and she’d pay huge civil damages for what she does outside the house. Meanwhile, she runs at the mouth touting her college degrees looking for her next job. You go gurrl you’re not gonna win this money.

Austin Liz Julia everyone would benefit getting this psycho out now before she blows their game and future earning potential with her criminal malicious slander. And BB Production. better watch out, she’s gonna sue them for aiding abetting failure to provide protection.

She already said the house was making her Bi-Polar now she diagnoses JMAC with Mood Disorder?? Extra meds tonight Vanessa, better yet self-evict before you do any more damage to your future earnings outside the house. She’s committing game suicide!


Mystery solved, Steve planned ahead to take out Jackie and just gave her an excuse later. I think it’s not a bad move, Jackie-Meg-James were pretty full of themselves this week and it showed. They thought they had some real power in the house and were strutting around until the eviction. Now they’ve returned to bed where they’ve mostly been all summer.


I didn’t realize that was a mystery. Steve said he would put up a combination of Jackie/Meg/James (either Jackie or James being backdoored).

Am I the only one who thinks Steve is a master manipulator? Ya, don’t care for the guy. He’s playing a rat coward game like Andy. Steve is a good liar.

It looks like Shellie was the right person to go.


Hey, Austin is bashing Vanessa to Meg/James… man, he is jealous of her lol


Vanessa literally makes me sick to my stomach

Saucers Aunt

Noooooo, not Jmac!!


Steve is such a terrible ally.


Steve is terrible. Period. I lost what little respect I had for him the minute he started saying “Mommy”. Grow up, jeez.


The only mistake Steve made was aligning with Vanessa and he’s still aligned with her.

Steve tv

Steve’s lying to his real only friend johny that he was confused when he chose the nominations.He actually is partly responsible for jmac being on the block right now…Twinsys were right Jmac is Americas favorite player…Their soo jealous of him…Gooo Jmac get yourself off the block!

Like...I'm Jackie

Steve has got to be the worse liar ever! Jmac should have brought a shovel with him in to the house…bullshit is everywhere!

Ms Chiff

Didn’t Jmac ask Steve to pick him to play POV last week? Then Steve asks him, ‘So if I pick you to play for me, will you use it?’ And Jmac says no.

I think they’re trying to look out for each other, but they’re not in an alliance as strong as the goblins or the twins.

Yo Yo Yo

UGH… Can’t stand Liz as HOH. She has no idea what she is doing beyond what Austin and Vanessa tell her. But at least she has won two HOH’s so far.
I hope JMAC stays.

Foreal tho

These dumb twins need to realize Becky will take them out once Vanessa goes. They need to evict her this week!


One good thing is vanessa wants becky out. She will be planting seeds against her continuously. Now once the twins talk to her about the whole James throwing the bob, they’ll listen to her more. Lol. It’s austin that is set on JMac and keeps forcing the issue.


Hope JMac loses the veto!


Now JMac knows what it really feels like to be on the block. All of those BOB’s he threw to help somebody else further their game has finally backfired in his face. He needs to go the whole 9 yards and be on the block until Thursday so he can get the complete BB experience of possible eviction.

Golden power of cheeto

This is why you’re the evil twin, you are the bad guys not the good guys. Jmac is the man and you’re just a crazy bitch


The twins talk real big now…and when Austin goes they will grovel at Vanessa’s feet. They think Austin knows a lot because together they don’t even have half a brain.

Get the wine away from these two space cadets. Let’s focus on smarter people. These two make Meg look like a genius.


Which of the 2 scenarios is more likely to occur: 1) Vanessa and Becky as the final 2 because everyone expects them to take each other out or 2) Austin and Meg as the final 2 because they are not deemed a threat by anyone right now.


Okay! Who wants to slap that glass of wine out of Liz’s hand?

Tramp Scamp

Oh man seriously just get Meg and James out already. I’m done hopelessly rooting for them. They trust austin more than jmac and Becky? I can’t. .. I just can’t. If it’s just the Freaks and geeks from here out it’s going to be a disappointing end to a very good season for me. That side is just so unlikable. Can this week be over already?


I hope something does happen whether even if it’s production’s help i still want something to change again. Otherwise i can see this season being like BB6, where it’s a great season, but a bad ending like when Maggie and Ivette made it to the finals.

Uh huh...

Can we please just get Vanessa out of the damn house… it’d make things more interesting again because we’d get to see how the rest of the remaining crew would operate without her having herself strongly play into the outcome of everything.

After that everyone not in the Austwins trio should work on blowing that group apart. And start with Liz because I would love to see how Julia would be toward Austin with Liz out of the game.