Big Brother 17 Week 8 POV Results “you’ve turned into a little Janelle”

POV Holder: Liz POV Competition Aug 15th
POV Used ? POV Ceremony Aug 10th
HOH Liz Next HOH Aug 20th
Original Nominations: Johnny Mac and Becky
After POV Nominations: ? and ?
Have Nots Vanessa, Johnny Mac, Steve

Veto Players: Liz, Becky, Johnny Mac, Steve, Meg, Austin
Veto Host: James

A lot has changed in the house over the last day and a half. Vanessa’a influence has taken a nose dive, Everyone with the slight exception of Steve seems to have turned against her. Since Thursday Vanessa had been scheming hard with the twins, Liz and Jmac. Essentially the house compared notes about Vanessa and what they found gave them all the ammunition they needed to make her the enemy of the house. She is now universally not trusted in the house.

Liz, Austin and Julia do not want to be the ones to evict Vanessa however. They want to keep a large target like that in the house. The next big target in the house after Vanessa is them after all. So because of this Liz/Austin will be targeting Becky this week, If she wins POV they are saying Jmac will be the target. It will be a toss up between Meg and James to who the pawn will be. Given how toxic the house is towards Vanessa it’s not a stretch that by this time tomorrow Vanessa is a backdoor solution.

Big-Brother-17 2015-08-15 19-50-59-876_jpg

POV Winner is LIZ

7:46pm Feeds back
Liz won the POV.
Austin says Becky knocked him over during the competition.
Juli a- Johnnymac has literally not won anything.. she’ll win the next HOH and you could go up.

Austin points out that Vanessa is thinking she is the backdoor target.

Austin hugs her “you’ve turned into a little Janelle”

Big-Brother-17 2015-08-15 19-53-49-191_jpg

It was Otev

Big-Brother-17 2015-08-15 19-58-00-737_jpg

Austin singing “Wouldn’t it be nice if we could…
Austin mutters “This is the perfect week for the brass tacks”

Big-Brother-17 2015-08-15 20-01-53-151_jpg

8:00pm Getting sketchy

Big-Brother-17 2015-08-15 20-11-36-652_jpg

8:05pm Meg and Becky in the bathroom
Meg – I can’t believe we just played OTEV
Becky asks her to tell her if she hears anything
Meg – I could really go with some take out tonight… I wonder if they will play my fall.
James rolls in
Meg – I seriously had so much fun today that was OTEV

Big-Brother-17 2015-08-15 20-18-31-863_jpg

8:13pm HOH Liz, Vanessa

Vanessa – two HOH’s and a veto.. Ohh YA
Liz – Austin’s Angels
Vanessa – Becky’s handling it really well

Vanessa brings up that Becky did a “beast jump” says it was a “Professional athlete jump”

Liz says the only thing she heard was Becky tried to take ‘It” out of his hands
Liz says she’s leaving the nominations the same “No more blood on my hands”

Vanessa brings up some past things where Becky was trying to get the twins nominated During James’ HOH
Liz – Becky is more of a threat to me
Vanessa goes on and on digging up conversations from the past month using everything to sulley Becky’s name.
Austin says he wants Becky to leave on a good note “she might come back”
Austin says let Becky think she has hope maybe there’s some Johnnymac dirt she’s willing to tell.

Vanessa comes in “ Good job Liz”
Austin – HEY that was a co-win
Liz – He got a kiss so don’t complain
Vanessa – I can’t believe Johnnymac went out first

Austin says Jmac might had thrown it he’s looking for a team and willing to work with us..
Vanessa- wunderbar
Austin – He’s been number two in every HOH he’s due, Steve’s been pep talking hi
Austin – Jmac without becky he’s really lonely she’s his last person.

Vanessa starts bringing up more twin, sibling crazy person theories.
Vanessa leaves. Austin and Liz see right through what she was saying of course she’s trying to make Becky look bad ebcuase she’s worried she’s a backdoor target. Austin says vanessa still doesn’t trust then she thinks he’s telling Liz to backdoor her. Liz says Vanessa might target Austin next week. Austin doesn’t think so, Vanessa will stick with the plan with the scamper squad.
Austin thinks the conversation with Vanessa went well she knows the Nominations will stay the same and she can relax and stop scampering around.


  • Goblins/Gremlins = James and Meg
  • Generals = anyone allied with Becky
  • SOS = Steve and Vanessa
  • Rockstars = Steve and Jmac
  • AUS-Twins = Austin, Julia and Liz
  • “Brass Tacks”  Gobins and Austwins
  • The new “Brass Tacks” = Aus-Twins, Meg, James + Vanessa
  • “Freaks and Geeks” “The Scamper Squad” – Aus-Twins, Vanessa, Steve

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152 thoughts on “Big Brother 17 Week 8 POV Results “you’ve turned into a little Janelle”

      1. And on the opposite end of that spectrum, if they don’t backdrop Vanessa I kinda hope she wins HOH next week only to then strike first against the Austwins trio. If they go and take Becky out of the game for her it may go and open that possibility up a bit.

        1. This is one of the worst season’s ever. Its so boring. The twins voices are annoying, vanessa thinks everyone should make a deal with her like they owe her and when they don’t she cries and austin is really not a real “wrestler”…..WWE is not real wrestling. Honestly I’ve stopped watching this season because of them and Shelli and Clay. Worst season ever.

    1. How about Johnny tells Steve & Vanessa Austin & Liz are plotting against her she’s going out BD or next week. Van goes ape-sh*t and Austiz has no choice but to BD her THIS WEEK taking no chances she wins HOH next week and puts Austin Liz BD Julia. They could definitely push Van over the edge to evict herself this week! Van’s hanging by her fingernails on slop, HN room and Liz Austin Julia’s imperious attitudes. She knows she’s got no respect, no power. She’s ready to blow!

      Meg James will be on board it will give them a back up plan since bending over for Austwins & Vanessa no fun. They know they’ll be the pawns next week too.

      1. Now is the time to start “planting” doubt in Van’s paranoid mind. Don’t think it will take much for her to EXPLODE on Austwins. I can hear her now: “Really you think you can BD me and get away with it!” Go Johnny
        and Becky!

        1. Go JMAC? Didn’t you hear? Julia said Jmac literally hasn’t won anything. What an idiot. He’s won at least 3 POV’s. What has she won? I haven’t liked Vanessa from the beginning with the non stop crying and the “I keep my word” bs but right now I’m hoping Austin the Douche goes next week. Fake a$$ wrestler. One win he’s such a DA. Austin’s angels. He’s the weakest one of the group. Hope Jmac stays and puts him up next week. Ponytail beard mouth breather

      2. Unfortunate for me I could not sleep tonight and landed on the channel, I could stomach a whole 3 minutes of this show. Really people is this really what your minds are reduced to. It is bad enough the marketing commercials out there portray Americans as being so stupid. Shows like this; shout out to the world STUPID!!!! Yes, I am changing the channel. Just BARF!!!!

        1. Are you seriously so lame you had to seek out a blog so that you could comment your ridiculous feeling? Seriously? Go get a hobby and leave BB to the fans. What an idiot.

    2. Vanessa’s ready to blow! Can’t believe the ego on Austwits. Accusing Austin of calling her a liar about Clay JMAC fight. She’s schooling Steve aka Renfield on their Final 2 to take out Austin and JMAC if they can’t get him to their side. Vanessa has forced Steve to take a blood oath to secrecy Final 2 forsake all others marriage from hell. She says they need to get James Meg out. Steve tells her he’s hearing lots of rumblings she started alliance of 8 prior to Double Eviction, SHE LIES NO and alost goes postal while Steve tries to calm her down. Can’t wait til this F2 is outed hopefully before POV ceremony, so LIZ can put her up. And Steve next. He spits on himself with excitement, Steve is disgusting for making this choice. Liz is stupid for thinking she can trust him.

    3. Okkkkaaaayyy! Steve’s talking to cameras more than anyone in the house. Creepy, yes, sincere no. Steve says, I’m lying to Vanessa, she’s not my Final 2, I’m just getting information. For what? To blackmail her? To use as ammo, A Reason, to get her out? He’s getting her targets so he can tell others for deals to stay? This means he’s dishing on all the houseguests too, and giving Vanessa info she can use when directing the Austwits & Brass Tacks.

      Then he says, Vanessa had so many enemies she wouldn’t win in Final 2. Does that mean you ARE TAKING HER TO FINAL 2? Are you buying it?

      Does he think we’re dumb? He’s aiding abetting the most disliked person in house but does not want it to make him look bad, so he says he’s just playing along with her? Anyone else getting tired of this legend in his own mind routine? Idiot savant, mentor over master strategy. Let Vanessa carry him to end, stab her in final 2, ultimate betrayal. Sinister. He’s gonna make Vanessa his Victoria? Delusions of grandeur much? He’s teeming her little by little she’s lost her power getting her riled enough to do HIS dirtywork?

    4. They’re “on to her” and yet they are taking out HER target lol. I really hope she wins HOH next week and puts up Austin and Liz.

    1. I have a strong feeling it will be a waste. Liz is too coward/stupid to put Vanessa on the block. She would get Austin to do it for her if she could. lol

      1. If they kill Vanessa’s game, to save others, and exact revenge, and prevent their own potential evicting should Vanessa win they have more to gain by getting her out. The got no game cred in the house or jury and LOOK AT VANS FACE, AUSTWINS ARE A TARGET. Heck, Liz is the next Janelle, Vanessa should keep Becky to go after Liz Austin since her magic powers are waning.

      2. Vanessa is laying low. If she stays she will continue to lay low until HOH is decided. Provided none of the Austwins wins, she campaigns hard for them to be nominated. That is very bad for Liz’s game. Do you really think Vanessa hasn’t noticed Liz win shit?

    2. Liz is a waste lol! Can’t play her own BB game & relied on Van this entire time. She won’t make any power moves,has Austin do her dirty work(talk/negotiate) & all she does is whine miserably-waste if an HOH & POV.

    1. Right now, the talk is Becky. They think JMac will be easier to work with. But I’m sure it will flip flop all week.

  1. julia… you’re really disapointing me.
    YOU haven’t won anything.
    and john has won a BOB and three POVs
    so stfu

  2. I don’t get leaving a big target in the house so they’ll be targeted next week. If im HOH I look at it as taking out a big target to put on my resume in case i make it to the final cause its always that “what big move did you make” question at the end.

    1. Seems like this happens a lot. I sorta get why you want to have a big target around to supposedly take the attention off you, but at the same time it seems a little idiotic. Just get rid of the threat!! Plus, everyone is so focused on keeping the “big target” that they are failing to see that despite how much they might be disliked they are also one of the best players. By the time they realize this and want to get them out, they can’t b/c the target always ends up being in control. I think Liz should put Vanessa up, but she doesn’t seem to want to think for herself and listens too much to what Austin and Julia, and Vanessa want her to do. However, even if she did make that big move I don’t know how much good it would do, b/c I have a feeling that just like last week they’ll all start talking and overthinking and then somehow come up with it being better to keep her vs. Jmac or Becky and then watch Vanessa win HOH and see the house in an uproar and again, missed a golden chance to get rid of the real biggest threat.

    2. But if you are the second biggest target, as are Austwins, then you want the the bigger target to stay so people will focus on that.

      1. If the biggest target wins hoh she will probably go after the second biggest targets. Vanessa might put up James and jmac but Austin would probably be her Backdoor option. Right now she doesn’t know that they know all her lies. She probably thinks she could control the twins better with Austin gone.

        1. AND you can bet that if Vanessa were to win HOH next week everyone else in the house would tell everything to her that the Austwins have said about her this week trying to save their our necks.
          All three of the Austwins think they are back in high school and are just happy to be in with the cool crowd. I want them out more than Vanessa

    3. They are taking out a big target, Becky. Plus she can work with the goblins, Johnny and sometimes Stave, that with Jackie, Shellie etc. Van’s not going to have much power down the road. Who’s really going to work with her past this week?

    4. No blood on your hands…. another over used unappreciated term in BB history. 1st off before jury you should get all the blood you can just to create the HG mix that gives you the best chance F4/F2. Same money 1st or last on jury. Evicting voting HG’s takes some touch but it’s about house votes if your a smart player. The whole HOH target thing is so over played season after season.
      This year Vanessa set up a pretty good house at jury if you thought about it at the time(less than 2 weeks ago). Even I have to admit do nothing Austwins have been riding her coat tails and the turning the back like this as early as they are is surprising. Had to happen mind you.

      Lastly what an insult to Janelle this Liz BS is. Summer camp for layabouts versus Janelle she’d crush this douchebag like the cockroach she is. I guess Austin is the new Dr. Will and James is Dan! F that BS non of these morons compare to some of the icons of the game. I will say this the Austwins sure do feel comfortable. Comfort can mean real trouble right around the corner.

      1. Thank you Stan, Liz is nowhere near Janelle level and nobody has ever been near my level not even Dan. When you can get a whole house of people to do a fast for 24 hours then you can be somewhat considered a true puppet master and the best to play this game.

  3. Am I the only one who thinks this season of big brother the cast are horrible. What happen to the big brother where everyone votes based on who they wanted out the house? Not what the house wants!!! The best player in the house is vanessa! She basically plays like an orgrinally big brother player. Smh!

    1. This cast is evenly matched, thats why I don’t have a favorite. In reality, Vanessa is just a more educated Audrey with slightly more balanced meds?

    2. Yes – 100% agree. Wish it were someone else going out other than Becky, but she has a chance to come back. Vanessa is at least playing the game. Regardless if you like her strategy or not, she is playing.

      Liz, Austin and Julia are just figuring things out. Just can’t stand any of them.

      Meg – I don’t get her – she appears to be bright but has a bad read on people.
      James – he really does try.
      JMAC- love him. Don’t get his fixation with Clelli
      Steve – not sure if he is playing or following but keeping in bigger targets is a great strategy.

    3. What happened was the stupid BoB. People didn’t know what to do with that so it started the whole house vote crap. Production needs to realize that BoB is ruining the game and get rid of it.

      1. Finally the truth is spoken on here. It’s no longer BB with the shitty BOB twist. It makes the game solely based on numbers instead of strategy, building relationships and deciet. Hence why you don’t see 2 or 3 person alliances anymore but instead 8 person to complete house alliances until BOB is gone. Grodner honestly sucks at producing and has really destroyed BB since taking over sole control with all of her twist to captivate teenage audiences. There’s a reason why BB2, BB6 & BB7 were the best seasons. Mainly Chilltown was on two of those seasons and Grodner wasn’t in sole control. Nonetheless everyone in the house plays with fear now which makes for extremely boring TV. On a side note when did Austin decide the Captain Lou Albano look was a good one to go with on national TV?

  4. I love otev, but Jmac shouldn’t have thrown it, this comp was kinda bulit for fan favorites to win (expect donny but zach was a favorite too) Liz winning was good and bad for her game, she gets to keep the noms the same and evict Becky, but now she’s seen as the female comp beast or better yet, The overall comp beast. I don’t like liz in this game but she’s starting to rack up the wins

    1. He is all about the comparisons lately. Lol He compared himself to Derrick today too.
      Janelle is an all-star. She won when she had to, made deals, and did what it took to stay. Liz, on the other hand, is using Austin as a human shield. That’s her only strategy. She’s so lame.
      There is nobody in this house who is at a Janelle level. The only thing saving the AusTwits is that everybody in the house is just as stupid as they are.

      1. Derrick heard about Austin comparing himself to him, so Derrick got on Twitter and said “I mean, he’s not completely wrong . We’re both males and we both have heartbeats and…yeah… that’s all I got for now”.

      2. Liz is more so an Alison than a Janelle. Blatantly uses her sexuality on many guys (Jace and Jeff) as a strategy, and has a filthy mouth which they will never say the horrible thing to the person’s face.

    2. Jannelle has a brain … Liz on the other hand?
      Hey wussy Austin … just because once again your (???) woman smoked you
      does not make you “co veto” winner
      quite the opposite, a major loser on all levels

    1. And the biggest IDIOT!!!! I hope Vanessa wins HOH next week and put him up with Liz. Vanessa might be sneaky in her game but Austin is just a disgusting and Vile jerk !!!

  5. What in the world is Julia talking about? Has she even been playing this game at all? Johnnymac just won the power of veto during the double eviction and didn’t use it. And her comment about Steve going up as the replacement nom if he uses the veto on Johnny?? I definitely prefer Liz over Julia, but she seriously is so clueless.

    1. Like really DE was several days ago, she can’t be expected to remember that long ago…LOL!
      But really the thing that gets me is that Julia seems to have forgotten why Austin almost got backdoored. Outing her name and telling Jason that he wouldn’t mind is Julia was voted out. Julia was hot at the time but she seems to have forgotten it now.

  6. Liz, as HOH and POV winner, makes me sick to my stomach! Austin comparing her to Janelle is ridiculous! If they don’t target Vanessa soon, she will be sitting in the end $500,000 richer. SMH

  7. This is the perfect time for them to get Vanessa out. Just about everybody hates her now. The longer she stays in the game, the better her chances are for her to win the game

    1. Grandma Meg did a faceplant, made a giant gorilla cookie, in the goop just for you! Now if you could get Beyonce in da crib to kick some Vanessa bootay, I’d hook you up with a king size chronic blunt, ya hear me? fashizzle ma nizzle!

  8. julia… you have won nothing you just ride your sister and austin.
    johnnymac has won three povs so don’t say he won nothing

    1. Dont think of it like that. She was trying to redirect the target to Becky to make sure Johnny Mac stays. She has her own agenda, Johnny Mac is better for her game. Lets hope Austin and Liz buy what she is selling.

  9. will Someone get these ASSSSSStwits out ,…….divide and conquer! put up liz and julia if 1 comes down put up Vanessa…… get them out!!!!

  10. This can’t be serious. The most inept houseguest -well she and Meg- wins 2 comps in a row, and when it matters!! This season is crazy stupid, they all know what they have to do and they don’t do it.

  11. okay Liz here is your chance. Back door Vanessa. She is only one vote in jury. I’ll bet you would get everyone else’s vote for being the one to evict Vanessa should you be in the final two.

  12. Sad that I’m at the point that I want the final 3 to be Austwins only to see Austin’s face when he goes out 3rd and Liz tells him “sorry Austin, I don’t like you. I just used you to get my sister and I here. Thank you, see you never!” Lol

    1. That’s probably exactly what production is pushing for. That would be hilarious and would bring on the high ratings.

    2. And Julia responding “byeeeeeeeeeeeeeee, thanks for $550,000” We can go back to Miamiiiiiiiiiiiiii and get our nails and hair done! Remember Liz, you’re an ugly crier… said! Lol

    3. This is why Austin is aligning with James, he knows he can’t go final three with the twins.

      He either works with Vanessa or James. His best bet to win would be final two with Vanessa.

      James would win because of his daughter card, plus Jackie, Meg, Shelli, Vanessa, and twins would vote for him.

      Austin needs Vanessa big time.

  13. Liz is a little Janelle? Hahahaahahaha.

    I love how Vanessa has filled the hole that Audrey left in the house. It’s like their can’t be a person not losing their s**t this season. It makes for wonderful drama.

    So long as Vanessa and Steve don’t win HOH next week, I could see someone nominating the two of them against each other. I’m not sure what Steve would do without his surrogate mother in the house though.

    Seems like Becky will be going home this week, unless something changes. And seeing how sketchy Vanessa looks in that picture I’m sure a lot will come Thursday.

  14. Don’t cry Becky, have a vacation in the Jury House and come back for the kill. It’s a while til Noms and Eviction, anything could happen! Love sketchy Vanessa ready to explode she knows her game is over too. Be proud Becky, James Meg Steve won’t be coming back once their out!

  15. Now it’s Vanessa’s turn to say, “Bye Bye Becky!” So glad she’s going home! Especially after she was so mean to Vanessa last week! No deals Becky, REMEMBER THAT?? So don’t go making deals with anyone, you turd!

    1. Your kidding me. right? Becky was mean to her? WHos making up the bullshit lies about Becky? Vanessa. Becky didn’t say anything to ruin her game. Sit the hell down

      1. Huh? YES Becky acted like a mean little middle school girl. The majority of feedsters cannot stand her, the way she acted last week before the vote got flipped was embarrassing. She’s supposed to be a grown ass woman, all she did was literally obsess about Vanessa for 3 days. Every other word out of her mouth, regardless of who she was speaking with, was Vanessa. Everyone was sick of hearing it. The houseguest and the people watching the feeds. Everyone switched cams when she came on. lol I’m glad shes going. Would rather watch the adults play.

  16. IF everyone are sleeping and think that the twins and austin are summer camp they are not. Twins are deadly combo right now. I hope jmac and steve have the balls to put up the twins on the block because if they want to put up james/meg that would be a dumb move.

  17. I can’t wait to see this production “rig” job… Wow! No way will I believe this wasn’t rigged to have her win! Little Janelle? Even those games were rigged… These twins have gotten on my last nerve, with her stupid whining and those voices, don’t even get me started, it’s plain torture for us feedsters that have to listen to them!

    1. Here we go again with the production rig blaming. Happens every year when it doesn’t go the way people want it to go. Just accept that she won freakin’ Veto.

      1. she works out all the time. she’s young & energetic enough to dig & find stuff fast the way you need to in otev. she studies all the time. she is small enough to go under whatever they had to go under in Otev, and scamper up the ramp pretty easy. Meg sleeps all the time, and austin is too big. Jmac is on some kind of new blah wavelength, so if he went out before Meg it could be throwing it or just thrown in the towel. he has complained about being super tired.

        Julia did not play, but i would be surprised if she didn’t beat Liz in that same comp. did steve play? if so, he doesn’t have the strength/athleticism for it.

        all things considered, it shouldn’t surprise anyone that Liz won it. I’m going by what I can see those 3 actually doing in the game, not by what others in the house think that they are doing. she’s also smart enough to not piss off vanessa,

  18. Enough of the “we’ll evict _____ next week” garbage. Eventually someone is going to have to go, so jury vote be damned, be respected for playing a good game and making big moves. This season started slow (BOB, anyone?), then started to get interesting, and is now making a slow decline again (I knooooooowwwwwwwwww, riiiiiiiggghhttt??) JMac & his clone/twin are a freaking snoozefest. So could someone, puh-leeez do something to get things moving again?

  19. It was OTEV, you can’t say “Steve threw it so he wouldn’t be tempted to take Jmac down, or be the one to tell Jmac he isn’t using POV” fast enough.. Little Janelle, is this fool smoking or what? a few lucky comps and she’s “Janelle” all of a sudden? I can’t wait til Liz tells this creep she’s no into him, she just used him to get to the top, just to see the priceless look on his face. Austwits won’t be bold enough to Vanessa up, so I guess Becky or Jmac is ghost..

  20. The twins need to request some hair dye. Those roots are horrible. To be honest, I think they would be prettier with darker more natural color. But this season of BB, the majority of the girls think orange blonde looks good.

  21. Not that I’m a Hugh Vanessa fan but it would be awesome if she could stay and get James Meg and Steve to get Austin out. Sickening watching him kiss Liz’s ass. Ugh. Mr Big Shot needs to be blindsided…then have a panic attack when he’s separated from Liz. He’s way too confident

  22. If Van survives the week …
    Austin or Julia do not win HOH
    I would bet that Van will swing it to get Austin and Liz on the block
    It’s the only move to save her game

    1. YESSSSS….. that’s exactly what I was thinking! Austin is being a real jerk. He needs to be sent home! I’m hoping Vanessa can pull it off next week and put him and Liz on the block! Sweet revenge for treating Vanessa like crap this week. She’s no angel but he’s vile! DESPISE HIM !!!!

  23. If they send JohnnyMac home then it will break up the opposing group of 3 in the house… Steve, JohnnyMac, and Steve’s Mom

  24. According to her Twitter account Janelle is cheering for Vanessa:

    “@JanellePierzina: Am I the only one rooting for Vanessa?? I will be sad if she goes home tomorrow. #BigBrother #BB17”

    1. Objectively speaking, Vanessa is the only one really playing the game and deserves to win. That being said, I hope she gets booted.

      1. You say shes the only one playing, and then say you hope she’s booted? lol What? So basically you don’t want to watch the GAME of Big Brother, you want to watch an edition of Summer Camp 2015.

  25. Meg faceplants, and JMAC blows it in the first round. Way to compete to be Vanessa’s & Liz toe rag biotch. Couldn’t you make it look like you cared? Why not pull off your granny panties and wave a white flag?? It would save you your fake shower afterwards. Becky says it’s a milestone to play OTEV week why don’t you play a great game of KISSASS and make a phenomenal deal with Liz Vanessa to stay in the house and vote JMAC out, he has a better chance of getting back in against Shelli & Jackie.

    Better yet BACKDOOR Steve to cut Vanessa down to her knees before next week. Do as you were taught and FIND: A Reason, like earning brownie points in Jury for having an actual independent game. Steve has made mucho mistakes, take him out for his own health; he misses his mommy and his teeth are falling out and he’s got STDS from licking the toilet King CoVeto said.

  26. If Meg and James wanted to do an entire house flip they could. Meg/James tell Vanessa the Austwins don’t trust her anymore and Austin said twice if he had won hoh he would have gone after Vanessa. Also tell Becky she is the target. Vanessa, Steve, Meg, James can vote out Jmac. Then have 4 against 2 in next hoh comp. Then take out one of the Austwins.

  27. Vanessa is the only one left who would take out Austin and Liz. Then someone can get her out. I can’t stand watching’s ruining my enjoyment watching the feeds. I feel ill

  28. The ONE thing I dislike about Johnny Mac’s gameplay is he throws competitions. Hmm…he’s on the block. Throw a POV on the off chance that you aren’t the target or win the POV, take yourself off the block, and ENSURE your safety for the week. Yeah, that is really some dilemma…Let’s not forget that this is the season of constantly changing targets, so even though he may not be the target NOW, there’s a LONG way to go before Thursday’s eviction. Things could change.

    1. I would totally agree if I thought Jmac actually threw this
      POV. I genuinely think he just couldn’t find the first name in OTEV. I think if he was going to throw it he would have
      at LEAST made sure Becky was out first! Even if she wasn’t I don’t really think he planned on throwing it, I mean he wouldn’t even throw the veto for Shelli &Clay, and he actually liked them!

  29. I don’t understand why they would be SO stupid as to NOT backdoor Vanessa!!! Liz would have ALL of the support of the house, JMac & Becky would be indebted to her (or them, (eye roll), they have a handful of reasons, and it would be the biggest move of the season!!! But NO they won’t do it and not because they want to keep a bigger target, because they’re a bunch of friggin pu*sies! UGH!!

  30. When this season started I thought that Vanessa was going to be a player with an analytical mind, that would be enjoyable to watch. Now I have had enough. She plays the victim at every opportunity, cries at will, and has made more deals than Monty Hall did in over 20 years on television. I hope Vanessa keeps running her mouth to the point that Liz will consider throwing her annoying ass on the block. If the seed gets planted, a lot can happen in a 4 day span in the BB house.

    1. Liz, I hope you’re a Star Trek fan, because in the words of the incomparable Capt Jean-Luc Piccard, “Make it so.” Someone has to be reaching a boiling point with Vanessa’s nonsense, so Liz, make the move – get rid of her. The downside? Shelli and Jackie will have to listen to her wailing about how loyal and honest she was.

    1. otev is ‘veto’ spelled backwards.

      It is the comp where there is this big creature called ‘otev’ who asks a question, like ‘who ate cereal from a red bowl & then had a fly buzz around his head?” the players then run back down a ramp, under a log thru water, and go to a usually muddy or foamy area with a bunch of boards that have HG names on them. they might have to wipe the boards to see the name,not sure. when they have the right name, they have to go back thru the water, under the log, then use a rope to get themselves back up the slippery slope and stand on a spot.

      6 players start, but there are only 5 spots when they come back. last person to arrive is eliminated. the rule i am not sure of is what happens if someone on a spot has the wrong answer. i can’t remember a time when everyone didn’t have the right answer. In my example, everyone would find the name clay, and show it to ‘otev’. in order to continue in the game.

      repeats until there are two left, whoever gets back first and is correct wins the veto.

  31. I must be watching different feeds than everyone else, because I’ve found this to be an interesting season. I don’t dislike any of the HG’s. None of seem like they “horrible people BB15”. They are all just trying to play the game. Love this site by the way thanks so much Simon & Dawg for all you guys do!

  32. Liz is surprisingly good at comps and has numbers on lock. She has played a good social game and houseguests underestimating her has only helped her cause. She really needed Austin, Vanessa or Julia to win the pov though to keep a low profile. Cat’s out of the bag now.

  33. What a waste of the perfect opportunity to get Vanessa out. What if she is hoh next week? She’s smart either to know it’s time to break up the last solid alliance….Austin and the twins. She should be smart enough to team up with James, Meg and Steve to get it done next week. She’s due for a win. Wish Liz would show her the backdoor while she can.

  34. I knooooooooooowwwwwwwwww, rigggggggghhhhhhhhhttttttt!
    I love how Julia has to remind Liz that all of this is on live feeds. But Liz already said she’s hoeing it on live tv.
    Austin is so needy…nooooooo girrrrlllllll wannnnnnttttts thattttttttt!

  35. OMG Liz is now Janelle? Oh no, Liz wouldn’t make a pimple on Janelle’s ass much less be anywhere near the caliber of Janelle. As for Austin he is a moron who agrees with anyone who had a different opinion. He is a mental weakling who is totally lost in this game. When he has to make a decision he goes to Van for advice because he is incapable of doing it himself. His ego is larger than his body and it makes me sick to watch the loser stick his chest out and pretend he is equal to Derrick of BB 16. Derrick would chew him up and spit him out if he were in the house right now. As for Van she has been caught big time. It’s about time too because she is such a whiney biotch. I despise watching her run to the power with everyone falling into place behind her words. Come on people wake up. Kick Van to the curb so we can see her squirm. I don’t think that will happen though, not with these weaklings. Nuff said… I don’t usually rant but this is too much to be watching. (please don’t suggest I don’t watch because I will be watching).

  36. I think Austin has more game than he is showing. He can win comps and HOH moving forward then Judas put up the twins… He can’t be sitting there thinking he will win this knowing he is 3rd on the Austwins totem pole… His big moves coming soon, and I do know what he said in the dairy room. Jmac is thinking long term play along with their plan.. If they vote him out he can come back and has a very good chance, if they don’t vote him out he has likely earned their trust and can stay in longer than Van, James, Steve, probably Meg and of course Becky, and almost no matter who comes back from Jury he has an ally..

  37. You don’t want Vanessa out pre-jury coming back in… both Shelli and Vanessa will tell everyone bout the 6th Sense while in the jury house to tell everyone else.

    And before you say “they would be in sequester” they won’t be… they weren’t last year, they won’t be this year. You need to get Vanessa out AFTER the jury member comes back in.

  38. Teams have been set and all of em are trying cover their butts.

    Austin, Liz and Julia
    James and Meg
    Vanessa and Steve
    Becky and John

    The smart move next week is to take out Austin. Even the playing field. Plus Austin won’t come back over Shelli. Vanessa definitely could.

    1. Wonder what JMac would do if he won HOH next week – or James … or even Steve?

      Even if Vanessa tells them that she’s all alone, and that no one’ll vote for her at the end so therefore she’s no threat, which is kind of true, could see how they might nevertheless still want to try to get rid of her first?

      Interesting to consider the Austin vs Vanessa question in light of who might come back into the house too – what if it’s Jackie? What about Shellie? Becky?

      Meg’ll probably try to throw HOH so she won’t have to deal with those sorts of questions – not sure how hard she’d have to ‘try’ to throw it tho. lol :/

  39. Wow most of you hate van an love Johnny i want one of them to win love them both or even james. i really cant stand Austin the most he never been on the block he dont really win anything he thinks liz loves him lmao what a joke lmao. it would be smart to get Liz out first then Julia or Austin If by next week not one of them goes i think one might win it. How dumb you got to be to leave twins an Austin in the house Austin well do anything liz asks I sure hope the house wakes up an gets one of the 3 out it would be a smart move then to get van out. i dont think they well use the veto it really would not be smart of them to bz people like if james or Johnny i dont think meg well win Steve might win hoh if one of them wins HOH they would go after van it would be a dumb move when there are twins an Austin in the house i wish van would have put up Austin when she could have it was not dumb thats for sure. she leaves lets say julia or liz wins well then they go after Johnny more then james.Austin has not been on the block oh wait julia has not you think from watchig last season they would be like hey wait he or her never been on the block but no one seems to see it but they dont lol so here what i think the twins or one of the twins an Austin well win it bz no one looking at them they want to keep van so that anyone eles wins HOH they well take out van an not look at them. they might change there minds an take out Johnny keep Becky so that van an Becky go after each other Mmmm Lets hope people do get make an take them out i dont think its going to happened

    1. I mean to say it was dumb she didnt put up Austin…All of you who keep crying get van out may never know they might but it would not be smart of them bz the house well not go after them it would be her…

  40. I so want Van to win HoH and take out Austin. Thing is, it won’t be hard to turn her against them. Everyone in the house knows they’ve been talking shit about her. They will definitely want to point her in that direction.

  41. Have to admit I am really starting to love this season as it progresses on. I jump up and down and celebrate every time I see Vanessa do her “Debbie Downer face” and then cheer that she is gone soon in this game…

    You go Debbie…

  42. Honestly I dont think anyone deserves the money this year. Nobody has been a consistantly good player. While John is likealbe and easy to root for, he hasn’t made any strong moves and was manipulated by the house to keep Vanessa last week. I personally dont like Vanessa BUT if she somehow finds herself in the final two i think she deserves the money since she will have single handedly convinced the entire house week after week to keep her. (example, last week). While she is annoying if she manages to last to the end, she deserves the money since she had a huge say in almost every eviction thus far.

  43. Wow most of you hate van an love Johnny i want one of them to win love them both or even james. i really cant stand Austin the most he never been on the block he dont really win anything he thinks liz loves him lmao what a joke lmao. it would be smart to get Liz out first then Julia or Austin If by next week not one of them goes i think one might win it. How dumb you got to be to leave twins an Austin in the house Austin well do anything liz asks I sure hope the house wakes up an gets one of the 3 out it would be a smart move then to get van out. i dont think they well use the veto it really would not be smart of them to bz people like if james or Johnny i dont think meg well win Steve might win hoh if one of them wins HOH they would go after van it would be a dumb move when there are twins an Austin in the house i wish van would have put up Austin when she could have it was not dumb thats for sure. she leaves lets say julia or liz wins well then they go after Johnny more then james.Austin has not been on the block oh wait julia has not you think from watchig last season they would be like hey wait he or her never been on the block but no one seems to see it but they dont lol so here what i think the twins or one of the twins an Austin well win it bz no one looking at them they want to keep van so that anyone eles wins HOH they well take out van an not look at them. they might change there minds an take out Johnny keep Becky so that van an Becky go after each other Mmmm Lets hope people do get make an take them out i dont think its going to happened

  44. This group left in the house is extremely passive, for example:

    – JMac offers to throw the veto comp, even though he’s not a pawn (although he wasn’t the target either)
    – Becky loses the veto comp and says, ‘oh well, I still have a 1/4 chance of making it back into the house
    – Liz didn’t ask either of them to promise her (and her alliance) safety for the next x number of weeks in order to secure their safety

    It seems like once Vanessa gets the boot, the remaining players’ll maybe be content to let the prize money be decided by competitions?

    The rest of this season could wind up being quite dull :/

  45. They are a starting a game on BBAD.

    Time to turn that shit off. Ha.

    The best part of the show was at the start. Steve and Vanessa talking. Vanessa:”So who do you think my target is going to be next week?”
    Steve:”The twins?” Nope. Haha

    Stay tuned….

    Could Austin make himself look any more disgusting? Gross braids in his rats nest of stinky hair. I mean Jeff was digusting and looked like a blow fish but no wonder Liz likes him more.

    Can we pay now to see Austin tied to a chair on finale night..being forced to watch Liz hook up with Jeff.

    1. Austin got tuna fish in his hair and didn’t even wash it. How can Liz stand to make out with smelly? She must not have very high standards, oh yes she was taking about picking up guys in bars for a rip and dip or dip and rip.

  46. Hope the house guests do lots of talking this week about Planessa. She of the plans and fake stories and true-to-her-word lies has got to go this week. If she doesn’t go this week the rest of the house can kiss the big cash goodbye.

  47. omg i cant take the 3 duech bags sorry ladys if i affended any you out there but i cant take them anymore they act like they just got off the short bus they annoy the shit out of me Now does everyone agree finally

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