“I feel like a pregnant woman that gets the contractions.. It’s unbearable”

POV Holder: Liz POV Competition Aug 15th
POV Used No POV Ceremony Aug 10th
HOH Liz Next HOH Aug 20th
Original Nominations: Johnny Mac and Becky
After POV Nominations: Johnny Mac and Becky
Have Nots Vanessa, Johnny Mac, Steve

Big-Brother-17 2015-08-19 14-13-17-854_jpg

2:12pm Becky in a lot of pain, keeps moaning in pain.
Becky – it’s gone from being OK to throbbing..
Becky thanks Steve for his help but asks him to leave she needs some alone time.

Big-Brother-17 2015-08-19 14-16-01-848_jpg

2:14pm HOH Austin and Liz
Austin saying they find out today the status of Becky’s toe
Liz – recover in jury hun
Austin wonders if Becky will even be able to compete in the Jury competition.
They decide whoever wins next week is the person they work with. Austin comes back after getting Liz a water.
Austin says Becky is moaning in pain she’s going to go back into the Diary room.
Austin thinks Becky is “Milking it” he adds “I think it’s strategy”
Liz – 100%
Austin just hopes Julia isn’t falling for Becky’s toe, He points out how sad Julia is acting downstairs.
Liz – made her (Becky) a cup of tea and that’s all I’m doing
Liz – it does look really inflamed though
Austin – it’s a big toe, I can move around like this if I had to.. Look she has it hangin out so everyone can see
Says Becky is going to come up to the HOH tonight and tell them to keep her because she cannot compete.
Liz says she doesn’t want to keep Becky “It’s going to heal in a day”
Austin – whatever you want
Liz not whatever I wantttttttttttt
Austin – Yes whatever you want
Liz – noooooo, whatever you want tooooooooo
Liz – we are the king and queen of this house, we make mutual decisions
Austin – OK thank you..
Liz – It’s so convenient poor becky and her toe.. I don’t want her in this house she’s the one coming after me, Johnny mac isn’t
Austin – it’s kinda weird it just happened right when she needs it to happen
Austin – Jmac isn’t coming after us, he’s good but isn’t as good as her
Austin – right now it’s him and James and JAmes/Meg with Becky who knows
Liz – who the F knows
Austin – We got 2 and 2 and ,1 Vanessa, they’re all connected to us
Liz instructs Austin to go downstairs and Talk with Julia/Becky
Austin leaves.
Liz to the mirror – “Girl got hit by a train I’m not feeling sorry for her because of a friggin toe”
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Big-Brother-17 2015-08-19 14-54-12-767_jpg

2:51pm Liz and Austin HOH
Liz is saying Julia is acting super nice to Becky right now.
JUJU comes in.. “What the f***”
Liz – what’s going on down there I’m watching (Being extra friendly to Becky)
Julia – If I was in that position I would want someone to help me out
Julia points out that Liz was making Becky tea
liz – I know what kind of Tea she likes
Liz – I have my caretaker
Austin – mmmm Hmmmm
Feeds switch to the kitchen,…
3:08pm The feeds come back to this conversation..
Liz is saying the house is feeling sorry for Becky right now, she won 10 grand she can go fix her toe.
Wondering who is coming back. They seem to think Jackie has a good chance. Twins saying James winning the HOH is the best case they think he’ll put up Vanessa and Jmac.
Austin “He’s not coming after us Steve’s in his ear”

3:00pm Becky makes her way to the bathroom

Big-Brother-17 2015-08-19 15-20-26-273_jpg

3:18pm Becky and Jmac
Becky – I feel like a pregnant woman that gets the contractions..
Becky moans in pain
Becky is waiting for production to get her prescription.
Becky is in tears “It’s unbearable”

Becky hopes it doesn’t get on the show all the toe pain
Jmac – it’ll get on the show
Becky says she’s allowed to wear flats “I can pull off sandals”
Becky – I could even imagine the thought of putting on a tennis shoe

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Big-Brother-17 2015-08-19 15-46-24-548_jpg

3:34pm The twins
Talking about how they are sick guys winning this show all the time. Liz says this year the girls are running the show last year it was the guys.
Austin joins them.
Austin talking about how they can trust Johnny Mac next week. Austin thinks the goblins will go up with Vanessa being the b@ckdoor. (I believe Jmac’s real plan is Austin and Liz nominated and the backdoor is Vanessa)
Austin says Vanessa has done more sh1t to them than the rest of the house. Austin adds if they vote Vanessa out next week and she comes back they’re f****d.
Austin – what if Vanessa tries to poison people against us
Liz – that’s what I’m scared of Austin
Liz is freaked out if Vanessa wins the HOH everyone is going to talk to her.
Austin – she can’t win
Julia doesn’t think Vanessa has a chance if it’s endurance.
They all seem to think it’s endurance.
Austin tells her people are not going to believe what Vanessa says she’s lied to way too many people.

Big-Brother-17 2015-08-19 16-03-03-345_jpg



  • “Goblins/Gremlins” = James and Meg
  • “The Generals” = anyone allied with Becky
  • “SOS” (Students of Sound) = Steve and Vanessa
  • Rockstars = Steve and Jmac
  • AUS-Twins = Austin, Julia and Liz
  • “Austin’s Angels” = Austin, Liz, Julia, Vanessa
  • “Brass Tacks” = Gobins and Austwins
  • The new “Brass Tacks” = Aus-Twins, Meg, James + Vanessa
  • “Freaks and Geeks” “The Scamper Squad” = Aus-Twins, Vanessa, Steve
  • “The new Freaks and Geeks minus Vanessa” = Austin, Liz, Julia, Steve, Johnny Mac

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MAC Attack

Jmac for the win. I just Like the guy

Mini Me James

Team Meg.

Allison Grodner

I look like a pregnant woman.


And what’s wrong with looking like a pregnant woman ? It’s a beautiful thing. Remember, your mom looked like that too at one point. 🙂


Omg bro, seriously

Chill this Town

yep. for me he is this year’s Zach Rance. a guy I totally want to win, but don’t really believe should/will win unless he wins that next HOH and makes a real move.


James or please finally step it up Meg and win HOH
And get Vanessa out . Hey if she wins pov ship Liz out
on a rail.


Haha wow and I thought some peoe were terribly mean on here! This bitch takes the cake.

Mini Me James

Becky was even worse than Liz when she won HOH.


I could not STAND Becky during her hoh. Still don’t like her lol. But I still would feel bad for anyone in her position, being locked in that place and it’s taking so long to even get anything done medically.

I think hoh-itis is a running theme for this years contestants. They have ALL been annoying as hell. But Liz is just plain being a bitch. I just don’t like her. Or Austin. I thought Julia was ok, she is better than Liz, but even she is getting on my nerves. Lol. I just hope next weeks noms are Austin and Liz. Nothing would make me happier with regards to this show at this time.


It may seem mean but I think Liz right and Becky is playing it up for sympathy.
Becky goes on about how tough she is getting hit in the face by a train lucky it didn’t run over her toe.


I’m sure when Becky got hit by the train she was getting mega doses of meds. Now she only has Advil. Not the same at all.


She seems like she’s really jealous of Becky lol.

Pinocchio Obama

i can’t believe Austin and Liz think Johnny Mac has their back.


This better be the redo week thing that BB has every so often, and hopefully a Gremlin or Jmac/Becky win and flip this whole house. I cant stand Austwins or Vanessa


Liz’s lack of empathy for Becky is appalling. If it was her she would have Austin jumping hoops to do her bidding. She would be milking it for sure.
And her comment “we’re the king and queen of the house” is so laughable. Why does everyone become narcissistic sitting in the HOH room?


I wonder how PROUD her family is of her selfish, narcissistic comments? After seeing her response to being sprayed with hot coffee, one can only imagine her reaction if she were to get hurt!


I know. I didn’t see the coffee incident till after I wrote that. Just reinforces my comment. Guess we now know for sure which twin is the bitch.


She couldn’t even handle the face mask. She said it hurt so much. But Becky with a draining toe, is the overly dramatic one?

Member of the Ant Farm

Remember when Meg, James and Jackie thought they were running the show when they were in power? Now after a few weeks of the power shift, Liz and Austin are doing the same thing. The water must be different in the HOH room or something. It’s time for another power shift. I do hope JMac wins HOH but don’t waste it on Vanessa yet…got after Liz and Austin. When people start to get too comfortable…tears start to fly!!


I am one of the few, that didnt understand Jmacs appeal, and his game was weak… but in the past few weeks his tenacity to attack Van completely won me over.
He knows the austwins are strong only in numbers, so he can let that burden fall on the other houseguests. His main goal is Van, then the rest will have to finish the job.
Austwins let the power get to their head, and buried themselves knee deep in deals! They don’t know their head from their ass. JMac even said a few posts ago, that he wouldn’t even spend time in there if he won HOH. I think he realized how cocky the groups get.
I didnt have a favorite before this week, now I have one.Keep on, keeping on JMac, Vanessa needs to go!


Vanessa will win the next HOH and mess up the scared, obsessed houseguests plans. She will put all the haters in their place. She’s the only one playing this game strategically. Does whatever it takes to convince the other gulable HG that she is less of a target. Jmac finally woke up and sees the light lol. One week too late! Van is the only one with real jewels. She deserves the 500K. Haters gonna hate … Van will have the last laugh all the way to the next poker tour doubling up in a flash! 😉


Honestly. Having empathy doesn’t make you weak, it makes you a human being. I hope it’s just the environment they’re living in that’s been rampant with paranoia that is making them out to be major douchecanoes. Because if they’re like that outside of the house I have to wonder how they even have friends.


Toe injuries can be very painful especially swelling under the nail ..it’s throbbing relentless pain and pressure. Your toes are furthest away from your heart..so healing is slow and infection is common. Liz is selfish, demanding and acts like a bratty child. Obviously no compassion…after all it’s not about her.. Hummmm karma’s a bitch …let’s hope she gets a toe injury sometime soon..(awful I said that) I know everyone wants V out next but I would rejoice with glee if Liz or Austin left next.

From the Non-Stop Screamer: Whiniest Biotch Liz Gotta Go

Can’t wait til Liz is screaming in pain 48 hours in labor pushing out Austin’s baby, then scream even louder once she lays her eyes on it. No one is voting any of the Austwits to win. They better sign those contracts with Vanessa to split her winnings quick, that’s the only way they’re gonna see any cash.


OMG! King and Queen of the house??? I really want to Liz leave SOON, what a selfish B****!


Blown away by the compassion Liz and Austin show for someone in pain. Maybe karma will get them some day. They probably wouldn’t remember tho.


Liz truly is the evil twin.


Austin and Liz are so cold, badmouthing Becky about her toe pain. Anyone in that condition should be given the benefit of the doubt. The dr did have to open and drain it. If Liz even stubbed her toe, Austin would be nursing it and overcoddling her. They are trying to ease their guilt over evicting a wounded person, but sacrificing human compassion is very flawed.

Johnny Mac Fan

What is that white stuff all over Liz/Julia’s face??


Yea your big toe pain is the same as contractions. Desperately seeking attention


She obviously has not gone through childbirth yet. I’m sure her toe really hurts, but boy is she going to be surprised when child #1 comes along!

Julia's fake tooth

Definitely never had a baby


I have gone through natural childbirth and I have also had a smashed/broken finger. Trust me, they were both equally painful! It’s been 19 years since the accident to my finger and it still hurts sometimes.

Min O'Pause

I haven’t given birth but I was constipated as hell once.

Min O'Pause

Same amount of pushing, but no college tuition.

Mini Me James

With Becky injured they should all switch their votes and evict Johnny Mac.


It’s getting to the point where I hope that Liz gets booed when she finally gets evicted. Her behavior is just unacceptable. I’m hoping when she gets off the show and realizes how she has portrayed herself, that it opens her eyes, and helps her take the steps that she needs to never make these poor behavior choices again. The same goes for the other houseguests that have made unacceptable behavior choices as well.


I’m sure she will be getting a wake up call. I hope people see she is young and still has much to learn. It could change her for the better.


Who’s gonna cry harder, Liz if she doesn’t win, or Austin when she kicks him to the curb after the show?


I think Austin will have a mental breakdown when he finds out Liz played him.

Jezus N' Nem

Have sympathy for Becky! She would never fake something so serious just to stay in a game …… Neither would Johnny Fairplay….


The twins are used to feeling superior cuz they’ve probably always gotten attention for being hot blonde twins, and even in the house they’ve been the center of all the oohing and awwing, people helping them through the game, cooking for them, etc….so it’s not surprising Liz has no empathy for anybody other than herself cuz in her mind she’s the special one…she needs to be humbled.

twitsy twins

they think they’re all that, but really they’re not!!!! they do need to be knocked into reality.foul mouthed and gross.,.why is it when random people come on here they think they’re bigger then a zzzzzzzz list celebrity….and then back to no where ville..after the season’s over they become nobody’s again..


Exactly. Tired of the celebrity delusions of grandeur. Never came close to happening yet and never will but they many of them think they will.


Hot? Beauty is in the eye of the beholder absolutely! I do agree with you on everything else though..the twins may be young and Julia seems more compassionate than Liz (which one came out first from the birth canal?) but usually tigers don’t change their stripes.

migraine headache

Anyone else find otev to be extremely annoying? I had to mute, what genius in production thought this would be a good idea?

Min O'Pause

I’d much rather see Little Sweet sliding down the Bannister. And butter his bun instead.


Why os Johnny Mac so annoying?! I have to change the channel whenever he’s on tv…ugh!


JMac reminds me of Chaz Bono. Season of twists and secrets. I think JMac used to be a girl.

Zingbot Fan

Can we have a vote for worst hat in the house? Thumbs up for the green Vanessa beanie and thumbs down for the James cat hat.

Chill this Town

dang. I need 2 votes for this, they are equally awful.

Pinocchio Obama

I’m with Chill. We need a both option.


I couldn’t even stand it. The whole show was Liz and her man voice.

We all hate Johnny

People who like Johnny obviously don’t watch the feeds a lot. The dude is a fucking pathetic waste of life.

He laughs at Meg falling on her face? What a loser.

I would so love to just slap the shit out of that kid.

I so hope Vanessa drops kicks this kid out the house soon. There are actual threats to take care of first though. Johnny wants people to think he this huge target when in reality he is just irrelevant.

Chill this Town

Meg looks and acts like Chiana from Farscape. except she is in a game where one needs to actually play. at least MAC is trying, Meg is a true waste of space and truly irrelevant. MAC had a plan with Becky last week and it failed, he is still tight with steve, and has made his way into an alliance with the twins and Austin. even if you were to call that stupid and say “there are 3 of them”…OK, say you go final 5 with those 3, Steve, and MAC ATTACK….I put money down on Steve and MAC to not only win a comp but at least one would make the finals.

but hey, I guess MAC is supposed to team up with James, a bigger target who is the most untrustworthy person in that game. he made a deal in front of the house and went back on it at NOMS. look, it made nice TV, but I wouldn’t trust him, and his useless sidekick who can’t win a comp if its throw to her. I’d try to remove Vanessa, add a name to my own list(currently empty) and work with Steve to get to the final 5. In the meantime you hope Becky returns

there isn’t much else he can do. but you are mad because he laughed at meg? really?


I don’t think Johnny wants anyone to think he’s a huge target..? Pretty sure that’s kind of part of the game. You don’t want to be a target…

BB17 is grand except for Johnny Mac

Johnny in all his convos with Steve has said ad nauseum that he is Vanessas biggest target. Which isn’t true. Vanessa is nice to him and has tried to help him in the game.

Will she take him out later in the game? Probably, but he isn’t her main target right now like he keeps going around telling people.

A lot of you like him. Great! Just accept that a lot of people don’t.


Very true. I never got the hype. If he at least was a good social player, i could probably tolerate his lack of strategic gameplay and fake diary room persona better.


Hope it’s Austin and Liz on the block. Noms stay same after veto. Let’s see some true colors!

Another Terrible Broadcast

It’s like I can’t stand watching the BB show, reading the feeds about the comps is bad enough, but watching the pathetic race to throw the game first, Meg injuring herself for her excuse to lose, while their talking heads proclaim their wisdom in sucking up to freaks geeks is nauseating. Who in their right mind calls this a game or entertaining? And POV Selection cheating is disgusting, Meg JMAC how do you pick me every time? Austin how did Liz find your name. Cheating with the Braille chips CBS you should be ashamed, I’m sure the ratings reflect.

The only redeeming edits were those that made Austin Steve Vanessa JMac look bad. More Vanessa crying victim, more paranoia, manic depression, Austin picking his nose and humiliating hickies, Twins juvenile whining screeching, Steve creepy poking sucking Vanessa’s butt under the hammock, JMAC sounding an a$$ with his grunting wimp strategy. CBS makes these houseguests look creepier than American Horror Story. But unless they all die at the end, I don’t want to watch.


…you do know that you can stop watching/reading posts any time…..right?


I can’t believe so many people are offended by Liz’s lack of empathy for an injured toe. Its a toe, people. She’s acting like she broke her leg.


I like JMac but his plan is terrible, pleaseeee just put up people you want out. It’s too late in the game to risk an ally as a pawn.

Liz is mean girl

Liz is not only slutty but she is a bitch. I really want Van to go, but the the devil threesome of Austeins needs to see their rain cut off.


No, Jmac’s plan is what he said his plan is. Put up a Goblin and a Austwin. Then pretty much no matter who wins the Veto gets used and Vanessa goes up. Picking 2 from one side makes no sense at all.


Wow, what a b1tch Liz is!!!!!!!!! She’d be a little whiny b1tch if she had pain like Becky does.. ugh! Can’t stand Liz!!!!!


Becky is hopping around like she has a broken leg, not an infected toe. She has a low tolerance for pain.