Big Brother 17 Endurance Competition Continues on the Live Feeds

POV Holder: ? POV Competition Aug 22nd
POV Used ? POV Ceremony Aug 24th
HOH Austin Next HOH Aug 27th
Original Nominations: ? and ?
After POV Nominations: ? and ?
Have Nots ????????

Big-Brother-17 2015-08-20 19-22-52-865_jpg

7:23pm Feeds back Meg and Julia are out

7:26PM Vanessa is also out.

(I’ll continue updating this post.)

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Big-Brother-17 2015-08-20 19-32-11-020_jpg

Big-Brother-17 2015-08-20 19-37-38-530_jpg

Jmac out.

7:50pm “Go boys”

Big-Brother-17 2015-08-20 19-55-19-421_jpg

7:55pm Steve out Just Austin and James in it

Big-Brother-17 2015-08-20 19-59-00-484_jpg

Big-Brother-17 2015-08-20 20-00-30-283_jpg

Austin wins the HOH


  • “Goblins/Gremlins” = James and Meg
  • “The Generals” = anyone allied with Becky
  • “SOS” (Students of Sound) = Steve and Vanessa
  • Rockstars = Steve and Jmac
  • AUS-Twins = Austin, Julia and Liz
  • “Austin’s Angels” = Austin, Liz, Julia, Vanessa
  • “Brass Tacks” = Gobins and Austwins
  • The new “Brass Tacks” = Aus-Twins, Meg, James + Vanessa
  • “Freaks and Geeks” “The Scamper Squad” = Aus-Twins, Vanessa, Steve
  • “The new Freaks and Geeks minus Vanessa” = Austin, Liz, Julia, Steve, Johnny Mac

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149 thoughts on “Big Brother 17 Endurance Competition Continues on the Live Feeds

    1. 24/7 Shirtless Austin and screeching Twits another week in HOH. He better find his stones and put Vanessa up. You know he won’t, he’ll save it for later or back door then back out. Tuning out of live feeds, can’t take it. Hope Vanessa is worried at least. Austin’s ego will balloon and crack the TV screen. And he will get laid tonight, can’t watch. Uuuuggguuh!

      1. Roach Beard wins blech…someone call in CDC..worst week ahead…BUT it is now clear if Shelli, Becky & James return – they will exterminate Austwins. Van becomes secondary…Shelli is the wild card. You think she would run after Van, but then again she’s smart enough to see the writing on the wall. She will manipulate JMac and Van against the Austwins in a new alliance.

    2. AARRGGGGGG! I know it sounds like sour grapes but Austin with his loooooong legs had an advantage over short legged James!
      This week will be unwatchable!
      See ya next Thursday…………….

    1. This should be Austins comp. Defenetly the most athletic person in there and has HUGE reach advantage/bigger strides while running.

    1. NOT Austin—ugh he is getting on my nerves, and the way he kisses Liz is weird and gross and makes me very uncomfortable. He needs to go home finally!

      1. He’s too big of a bitch. I seriously cannot survive another week of Austin and Liz. Will tune back in on Thursday lol. Hopefully it will all be better by then.

  1. Yes! It looks like either James, Johnny Mac, or Steve will pull in the win. Big guys like Austin are built for short bursts of speed and quickness but i’m not sure how he’ll hold out over the long run. I’ll be damned if he wins…

  2. Come on Steve. Win this HOH and then put up the Twinions. Do something more meaningful than getting rid of Jackie.

  3. What’s Austin do if he wins HOH this week I wonder? Go after Vanessa, James, or Jmac?

    Who will James go after Vanessa.

    U just don’t want Steve to win, because then Vanessa’s cruising for another week.

    Go James!

    1. austin’s best move is to put up james and jmac, claiming the plan is to backdoor vanessa so they don’t get pissy (the plan should not actually be backdooring vanessa). he then votes out whichever one doesn’t win veto replacing with meg or keeps the noms the same and then it’s kind of a toss up.

      long term his and the twins best move is to just eliminate comp threats and try to cycle comps, keeping in good with vanessa and steve as they can that way at least control the vote should they lose an hoh (plus both are seen as way bigger targets than they should be). keep meg as long as possible, final 4 is ideal, but don’t make it obvious so steve and vanessa still trust you as you stab them in the back to drag someone as worthless at comps as meg to the end. the trio then work some deal to throw the final hoh however they want and the finale isn’t even worth watching.

    1. J Mac was the one who threw, not Steve. Steve just hopes he is safe this week again then whomever comes back from jury should target Austwins please get them out of this game, Vanessa has so much work to do now, Austin might pay her back like she did to him when she was hoh who knows what floater Austin and Liz will do

  4. Breaking News: 7:59 pm : North America registered an 8.9 tremor when a collective groan was let out from millions of people as Austin won the HoH.

  5. This competition was made for the guys to win. Speed is directly proportional to strength. That is why many world class sprinters are looking for the steroid edge. In BBC 3 Godfrey got to carry buckets of sand up a set of stairs, against two women. The only way he could have lost is if he fell asleep. The only thing that is in doubt is will Steve put up Vanessa?

  6. Austins hoh!!! I love it…people will be complaining on here all week….again lol but really not for nothing the austwins have played a pretty good game, laid low to start, they were nice enough to everyone to not be targeted and now when numbers dwindle down 3 comp victories in a row…like a boss lmao

    1. Wow, I was just wandering if there was a single Austwin fan alive. Guess you’re the one and only. Must be a relative lol

  7. another week to look at the crazy dumb shamonace in the HoH room. Dammit!! I wanted james or johnny mac to win. Austin is tall. of course he’ll have an advantage at this comp. uughhhhhh

  8. Obviously Austin was gonna reach it first with his go go gadget arms. James still came pretty damn close though, but this was tailor made for Austin.

  9. Aaaaannnndddd I am officially done with BigBrotger17, I’ll wait for next season in hopes CBS does a better job casting … I just can’t watch another week like last week

  10. NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!! NOT AUSTIN…. Another boring week bye bye vanessa!!! Now we have to see another week of fondling n non sense… sucks!!! I wanted james to win

    1. at this point it’s best for the austwin’s game to get out comp threats and try to cycle comps (while keeping on good terms with vanessa and steve so they can control the votes should they fail to win a comp (plus vanessa being a target is a bonus)). they should put up jmac and james with a claim that the plan is to bd vanessa. one comes down, meg goes up, other one goes home. otherwise noms stay the same, and then debate who’s the bigger comp threat.

  11. Looks like Vanessa stays. Austin kept saying he was going to throw HOH so someone else could go after Vanessa. Looks like James is in trouble this week. Production must have wanted Austin and Liz to stay in the HOH room for more hand sex. Truly disgusting.

    1. vanessa and jmac will go on the block. unless jmac wins veto, he goes. otherwise it’s james. no way twins and steve vote out vanessa.

    2. IF production wanted to influence this comp, it would have been one of the easiest ones to interfere with. All they’d have to do is wait until the person they want to lose is distracted before saying Go.

      It did look like James wasn’t fully ready, but I can’t for the life of me understand why production would want Austin to be HOH.

    3. You know she’s going all the way this week, whether to get out Jamed the Couple Clelli Killer, to be sure Austins HOH letter from his girlfriend doesn’t distract him, to keep Vanessa. He’s gonna get more than hand sex this week. We’ll all go blind, hysterical blindness. Projectile vomiting. Scarier than any summer horror flick. And the worst part is they think America loves them. They’ll be planning their spin off reality show. Silver lining, there’s no way they’re not a target now, even for this floater faker cast. And the only high point tonight, they heard extended cheering for Becky.

      I’m with you, this comp was made for Austin. James was short-changed. And JMACS yammering he didn’t try too hard??? WTF, whatta d*ck. He’s lost his fan club now. This guy works on teeth? He’s gotta lose patients after this performance.

  12. UGH! You got to be kidding me, another week or repulsive hugging, kissing and rubbing each other all week! I feel like barfing, ugh.

  13. Urggggggggg another week of yucky Liz and Austin make out fest…I feel this comp. was made for Austin. He’s much taller than James so his strides are bigger even if he’s not faster than he has the advantage. Big brother must want the sustains to get to the end…don’t they know we all hate them.

  14. Fuck.
    Vanessa isn’t going anywhere.
    James will probably get evicted this week & be the returning jury member.
    If there is a God, Jackie will return, flip the script and win this fucking game!!!

    1. I’m seriously thinking about canceling mine. Didn’t watch at all last week till tonight and won’t this week now either. Can’t take Austin and Liz.

  15. BOOOOOOO! wanted anyone but julia or austin to win. bye, jmac. maybe this will make people see what a threat austwins are though.

  16. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!! Another week of Mrs. King and Mr. Queen and the other one. I have a bad feeling about this. Liz just won HoH again.

  17. Curious to see who will be nominated this week seeing as how Austin and the twins are in an alliance with everyone. Likely Meg and James? I was really hoping James would win! Maybe big wuss Austin can grow a pair and put Vanessa up. Her head would likely explode!

    1. More like disgusted, annoyed, bored, nauseated and some may be suicidal from being so disgusted, annoyed, bored and nauseated. Oh and really bummed.

  18. Been quiet this year. Been enjoying this season of BB. Haven’t been following the post here (No time).

    What I don’t understand is all the hate for Austwins. What is up with that?

  19. Omg another week of Austin non stop running his mouth and groping under the covers. Impossible to watch! UGH! Someone please save us from the Austwins.

  20. Austin might go after James, coming in second, he proves again how much of a threat he is, and the Austwins really don’t think Vanessa will put them up. Too Bad, I really wanted James to win, he’s the only one who would put up the Austwins.

  21. Another week of watching that gross couple. Don’t want to say goodbye to James but that will probably happen!????

  22. Yay… Austin wins… another sucky week is ahead of us. Hooray… I guess the nominees will be Johnny Mac and Meg… use veto save Meg put up James… Good bye James… what a fun week full of twits and turns full of surprises.

    1. Anyone else notice when you look at the twins, you can only look at one eye at a time? Their other eye is clear across the other side of the tv screen.

  23. WOOHOO….Austin will not put Vanessa up….he is too much of a wussy. James and JMac go up, James gone….Hopefully they will talk my girl Vanessa down a little bit and get the alliance back in line.

  24. So disappointed in players! Step up ! I can’t believe Austin is a wrestler..big Puss! Hate the way twins talk and have no game play! I pull for John or James! Think smart!

  25. Yeah JMAC show us how you are going to win and get Vanessa out!! – Unless it is a POV I don’t see that happening! Let’s hope they keep James. He has a better chance of winning a HoH and getting rid of Vanessa.

  26. Well damn. I thought Austin didn’t want it. Guess Liz promised him a bj if he won. I really thought his size would work against him getting off the block. Sure did want James or John to win this week. They’ll never get the three headed snake out now. Still, I hope Becky gets back in.
    Just me or did Steve’s parents seem a little socially awkward too?

  27. Cant wait for Austin and Liz to see how (most of) America feels about them together..yuck yuck yuck! #brasstackswithnoclass

  28. OMG … so glad I see the advertising for BB Canada…. BB 17 USA … is the MOST boring and predictable show…the twins are dumb and dumber as far as I am concern….the whole cast that is left should be wearing chicken outfits because that’s how they are playing … not sure I will follow it next year …..

  29. So….this sucks. This won’t be an interesting week at all unless Austin grows a pair and takes out Vanessa (newsflash, he won’t grow a pair). LAME.

  30. Cant wait for Austin and Liz to see how (most of) America feels about them….yuck yuck yuck!!! #brasstackswithnoclass

  31. I called it ahead of time when I first saw the comp-unfair advantage with Austin having freakishly long legs. I seriously can’t stomach more Austin/Liz foreplay! Was rooting for JMAC & James. Epic fail this week:Austin winning HOH!

  32. Again just a big boo. People who were granted the honor of.paying their respects to the king and queen of horror have to sit on the couch while they recline in the bed. Just a huge yuck factor for me. Ugh! For at least one day the peasants should avoid that humiliation and them. Crap

  33. I was going to write something……………but you all wrote what I was feeling! Austin will not have the kahunas to put up Vanessa. He will complain about her all week, but won’t put her up!

    1. Which makes his HOH a complete waste. I almost would prefer if he wouldn’t even “target” Vanessa at all since he obviously won’t really target her and likely won’t put her up. It’s really annoying.

  34. Another boring week:(

    Good news is that if they don’t win next week then one of them is leaving next week:)

    With no chance of coming back:):):):)

  35. Ultra boring 7 days coming up. Unless the big meathead puts up Vanessa. But unfortunately the smartest move for the big meathead is to put up either James or John.

    Austin is so gross. Liz is an airhead. I knowwwwwwwwwaaaaaaaaa

  36. Why? Why? Why couldn’t James have won? Can’t be tortured anymore listening to Austin and twins. I hope their game blows up!!!!!

  37. All you people can bitch and crab all you want. Both JMac and Steve threw that comp. JMac admitted it, and we all know Steve did as well. They both belong on the block. There are too few people left to be pulling that crap. I can’t wrap my head around JMac’s behavior at all. Does this guy want to be here? Austin won because he knew he had to, and offering James and Meg immunity this week was the best thing for him. Now he needs to get rid of either Steve or JMac, and let the returning player focus on getting out Vanessa, and not one of them. I think that is the best thing for his game, llike it or not.

  38. Austin putting me ( James ) and Jmac up?? really??? good game move. But not as good as mine (James),I need to go inform Vanessa that you told me and Jmac your sick of doing her dirty work and you want her out but don’t want that blood on your hands, so your waiting to back the HOH that is not you or the twins to backdoor her. Have fun the rest of your game. well played !!?????? maybe.

  39. Austin Power and his little vacuous girls are soooooooooooo annoooooooooooooooing! oh my gooooooooooooooooood!

    can we have a twist please!

  40. UGh Austin will not have the balls to put Vanessa Up, goodbye James foe sure. The only thing that would make this week interesting is if Austin gets his HOH letter written to him by his “open relationship” girlfriend who he originally said he loved so much lol

  41. It’s funny how two weeks ago this show was super fun to watch. Once Steve ruined the double eviction with his creepy self it has just went downhill. Doesn’t production know that we all hate the austwins? Why would they make the competition one that they pretty much know austwit will win. They must not want us to watch. So guess what big brother I’m done til next week. Hopefully James can somehow stay alive. I won’t know cuz I seriously cannot take another second of Liz Austin and the other non existent twin.

  42. How does production not know that we can’t stand the austwins. Two weeks ago this was one of the best seasons, then creepy mommas boy wins double eviction and it all goes downhill. This show has become unbearable to watch. I used to stay up and watch after dark every night (I don’t have feeds) and since Liz won I don’t even watch it at all. I guess they don’t care about rating cuz this comp was tailor made for Austin to win with the advantage of his height. So I’m done til next week. Hopefully James can somehow stay alive in this game until then . If not whatever then I can just be done for the season. F.U. BIG BROTHER PRODUCTION!!!!

  43. I refused to get the feeds after last year. This season shows me I was right making that decision. Do the twins (mostly Liz) have a clue how awful they are presenting themselves? I’m all for having fun, but if I were either one of their bosses, I’d sure as hell be thinking long and hard about their future at my company.

  44. I didn’t watch last week and I am not watching this week. No point until next Thursday. Man I hate the austwins!! 2 spoiled bratty girls and a gross pervert wrestler wana be……you can’t make this stuff up!!!

  45. This is what happens when most of the good competitors are taken out early in the game. We get very predictable/dominate alliances winning most the later HOHs, making for boring predictable weeks towards the end of the game. If the remaining houseguest don’t start winning and targeting Austin, Liz & Julia, they are going to make it to the end. I think I’d rather see Vanessa in the end, than Austin/Liz. Jmac please, please, please win an HOH soon and flip the script on this house.

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