“All of a sudden he’s a glory h*le savant”

POV Holder: ? POV Competition Aug 15th
POV Used ? POV Ceremony Aug 10th
HOH Liz Next HOH Aug 17th
Original Nominations: Johnny Mac and Becky
After POV Nominations: ? and ?
Have Nots Vanessa, Johnny Mac, Steve

Big-Brother-17 2015-08-14 21-37-26-816_jpg

9:35pm Vanessa and Steve
Steve says he’s been giving Johnny Mac a pep talk

Big-Brother-17 2015-08-14 21-52-22-661_jpg

9:51pm Have nots

Big-Brother-17 2015-08-14 21-55-29-661_jpg

9:55pm HOH James, Twins, Steve, Meg and James
Steve fries up a have not pork chop. Austin is giving him some pointer in how to do it. Tells him to oil up the pan first.
Austin is joking around calling Steve “Boy”
Everyone joins in on the friend
Austin – I vote to evict BOY.. Boy take a seat
James – Boy
Steve – why is this white
Austin – why’s the sky blue BOY
Steve – no Serious
Austin tells him pork is white says the pieces are thin and will cook fast,

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Big-Brother-17 2015-08-14 22-09-44-896_jpg

10:08pm “khal drogo” gets his mane braided

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Big-Brother-17 2015-08-14 22-15-29-239_jpg

10:14pm Becky, Steven, Twins, Meg, Austin
Meg makes James a sandwich she puts on Swiss he says he like pepper Jack.
They laugh as he puts pepper jack on it. Everyone agrees the swiss cheese they have is not good swiss cheese.

Big-Brother-17 2015-08-14 22-41-12-562_jpg


Big-Brother-17 2015-08-14 22-43-56-822_jpg

10:42pm Steve and Jmac Have Nots
Steve – come play a game with us everyone is there.. we invented a new game
Jmac- Ok
Steve- are you feeling OK you’ve been sleeping a lot
Jmac – what else is there to do
Steve – come play with us
Jmac – I need to sleep I didn’t sleep last night you know
Steve – you want to sleep
Jmac – Is everyone literally out there
Steve – yes, Literally everyone
Jmac – Ya then I’ll come out
Steve- I think you should
Jmac – I’m good
Steve – your voice has been off… somethings been different about you recently, like since Clay and Shelli left..
Jmac – there’s a lot I need to talk to you about
Steve – OK do you want to talk tonight than
Jmac – ya .. ya I do

Big-Brother-17 2015-08-14 22-48-15-969_jpg

10:52pm A new game to play

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Big-Brother-17 2015-08-14 23-23-39-396_jpg

11:23pm After a hour of playing this new game they get in a fight over sponsors it’s Irish springs vs seventh generation

A twin – Caring today for seven generations tomorrow
A twin – so beautiful
James and Austin represent Irish springs
Steve says something against Irish springs
A twin – Why does Steve hate Irish springs so much
Steve – It only lasts 12 hours
Austin – He’s got animosity for his father because he’s in love with is mother some Freudian shit

(so far all summer they have been given Irish spring soap lately it’s switched to Seventh generation. Some people like it other’s don’t)

Big-Brother-17 2015-08-14 23-37-38-555_jpg

The game is called pot ball. There’s a collection of pots staggered on the ground in the hall way between the kitchen and living room. You throw a tinfoil ball from the kitchen into a pot. You play a couple round there’s a bonus round called Glory Whole. One game they played James Dominated the glory whole round.
Austin – All of a sudden he’s a glory hole savant

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Big-Brother-17 2015-08-14 23-57-08-144_jpg

11:47pm HOH Meg, Julia, Liz and Austin
Talking about how crazed Vanessa is.
Liz – when she walks in a room I cringe

Liz and Austin tell Meg they have to be cool with Vanessa because if she wins HOH next week “She’ll go rogue”
Meg suggests Vanessa will throw HOH
Meg – James is terrified of her right now
Austin – I am to
Liz – Oh my god I’m obsessed with James

Austin – I don’t think she’s going to try and win next week
Liz tells them if the Veto is sued she’s really worried about who to put up.

Austin says the need to see what Vanessa does these next two days because Vanessa has already “Started 50 things”
Liz says Vanessa was in the diary room for 1 1/2 hours

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11:57PM submitted without comment

Big-Brother-17 2015-08-15 00-05-40-148_jpg

12:06am HOH Liz, Austin, Julia and powerhouse Meg
Julia says Vanessa never wants to talk she just talks game.
Austin bring sup Vanessa getting close to them once Liz one HOH saying they are a team.
Julia adds that Vanessa weasels her way to the power

Austin and Liz talk up how smart it would be to put up Vanessa next week. Liz complaining that Vanessa would win the buy back competition and comeback. Meg is certain they will all vote her right back out
Austin – Unless she was in that HOH
Meg wonders if Vanessa’s would be eligible to play in HOH after the buy back.

Meg says Jackie didn’t like Vanessa.
Austin – Jackie was really right about her that’s the scary thing

Meg says she never really talked a lot with Vanessa. Austin and Liz warn her that Vanessa is crazy good and manipulative. Austin shares a story about when they won the HOH and he lost the Veto Vanessa wanted him to win.

They start going over old Audrey stories

Big-Brother-17 2015-08-15 00-22-39-988_jpg

12:23am HOH bunch still talking about past events. Audrey dominates the conversation
Julia tells them Shelli and clay had their hand in too many cookie jars.

Big-Brother-17 2015-08-15 00-33-01-574_jpg

12:33Am Peeling off face while the reminisce about past events.

There’s a negative slant towards Vanessa during this entire HOH conversation.


  • Goblins/Gremlins = James and Meg
  • Generals = anyone allied with Becky
  • SOS = Steve and Vanessa
  • Rockstars = Steve and Jmac
  • AUS-Twins = Austin, Julia and Liz
  • “Brass Tacks”  Gobins and Austwins
  • The new “Brass Tacks” = Aus-Twins, Meg, James + Vanessa
  • “The Scamper Squad” – Aus-Twins, Vanessa, Steve

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Omg these pple r going to b so scrwed without jackie and becky if she goes thia week, hope johnny mac meg and james unite and get the fourth sense + the sheep steve out


Becky is a straight smoke bomb

Smart Guy

Becky looks like Truman Sparks on Fandango.


604 Macho

Glory Hole savant! Lol love it!


my guess is only James knows what a glory hole is.


Omg Dawg with his hair product and designer shirts.
Simon with his swagger and voice on the Kill Show.
Those dude must get some serious strip.
It’s must be good to be a Blogger.


Lmao hilarious


Would have thought Jason or Clay to be the glory hole savants… but okay.


Pretty sure glory holes are not just a gay thing.


I don’t get why Steve is SO OBSESSED with being someone’s submissive slave/rat.
He just told Vanessa that JMac told him he wanted to talk to him about “something important” later tonight, and that he’ll let her know.
Why does Steve feel the need to rat everybody out to someone SO BAD?!?
I mean, first he told DaeVonne he wanted to be “her Jason” (to her Danielle), then he did the same thing with Audrey, and now Vanessa.
OK, you think you’re in a tight alliance with her (despite all the evidence that she has similar deals allover the house and doesn’t really care about you), but this just seems to me like he’s giving up his own game just to help her.
Such a one-sided deal, and it’s the 3rd in a row. He should realize the need for having more than 1 real ally. JMac has been good to him, and yet he’s ready (and about) to sell him out to Vanessa for no benefit to his own game.

GeekSquad McGee

Steve needs his mommy, but in the meantime he has Vanessa as his surrogate mommy. That’s why he’s the most loyal to her in the house.

Steve's Mommy Issues

Right on! Isn’t it weird he calls her Mommy? Completely comfortable in his infantilism? I love to hear his stories about women he dates and dumps, riiiiigghht! Austin is onto something about being in love with his Mommy, and having Daddy jealousy issues. He acts like a needy baby to keep Mommy’s attention and craves physical contact and talk to his mother incessantly. He definitely doesn’t identify as a grown man. Eeeewww way too sheltered & enmeshed & controlling mom! Don’t think people would vote for Steves gameplay in the end, no one’s buying his act, except maybe Liz.


If they’re not going to put up Vanessa I wish they’d put Steve up and vote him out this week.


I am so over the “lovable, awkward guy ala John Cochran, Ian Terry or Steve whatshisface. Please just send these people to the nearest escort service and lock them in til they come out men. They are weak people, although I believe John and Ian have grown out of it-finally. Really, shouldn’t 4 years of college be enough life experience. I hate boy-men,they act like boys but think they are men.


Steve continues to regress, it’s non-stop. His baby talk, fascination with fats and burps. Toddling around the house goo-goo-ga-gaing into the cameras, crying for his mommy. Vanessa can hardly stand him and his constant vacilation, she’s going nuts thinking JMAC & Steve are her only prayer of breaking up Austwins since she’s 4th on that totem pole. I love it when she smacks Steve around and he grovels apologies. She dresses him combs his hair. Next she’ll have to change his poppy diapers. He loves it Liz calls him little brother, ugghh. I mean there’s playing non-threatening or even hiding in bed (meg) to get farther in the game, but Steves hiding in the womb. I only came on Big Brother cuz my mom’s such a fan. She must be proud. Yuk!

Steve the Rat Slave Renfield

You are so right. His social ineptitude means his only way of connecting & gaining favor with people is selling them secrets and his so-called expertise. He creates this idiot savant persona, which appears harmless but he’ll sell you out in a heartbeat. John is mistaken to have him as a friend and he realizes it too late. Notice he didn’t confide in Steve tonight?

In his warped mind, he considers Vanessa intelligent like him, musical like him, and wants to be a leader like her socially. Also, as she makes everyone an enemy with her crazy rants, and her friends drop like flies, Steve figures his stock rises and he go to Final 2 with her by facilitating feuds while they pick them off one-by-one.

Like Renfield, he asks permission to play Veto use Veto and blame his poor gameplay on his “masters” in this case Vanessa. Liz makes a mistake when she calls him her “son” as though he’s too stupid and backwards to run his own game.

If only Steve would tell Vanessa Austin & Liz want her out and consider backdoorIng her – serves them right for keeping her around as a shield to terrorize the villagers and blow up everyone’s game.


Okay– I think jonnymac is gonna spill the fact that he’s been switching with his twin….many hours in the DR, and “your voice has been off”, “there’s something different about you”…just sayin’!

Better Than Last Year

Seriously Hey…..I was thinking the same thing!
Supposed to be the season of “twists” but we haven’t seen a twist in a while.
Would explain all the DR sessions. Him catching his brother up on everything.
I think you’re right & we’re seeing the twin in the game right now.


I was thinking Jmac’s twin is in the house too. He has been called in the dr alot, and I was thinking he looked a little different. Also I noticed that sometimes when he talks to us in the diary room his voice is that crazy voice and sometimes it isn’t. Then Steve is wondering if he is ok now. It’s starting to make sense or do I have BB house paranoia now too?! lol


Oh dear god! James explaining how glory holes work to the twins just now had me in tears, lol. Honestly, sometimes he makes me cringe but times like this? He absolutely kills me.

GeekSquad McGee

It’s such a funny contrast to how he normally is. Normally he’s a sober, level-headed, straight shooter, and then outta nowhere he goes completely off the deep end.

Porn-Addict James

Seriously, acting Glory Holes stories out? You know he’s used them. Because i dont believe for a minute he gets chicks. And Liz announcing (to Austin) girls don’t suck it for free. How’d you think she paid for her plastic boobs? And poor grammy Meg with both horn dogs James and Steve in her bed. She should win something for having to share a room with them.

Porn-Addict James

Seriously, acting Glory Holes storijes out? You know he’s used them. Because i dont believe for a minute he gets chicks. And Liz announcing (to Austin) girls don’t suck it for free. How’d you think she paid for her plastic boobs? And poor grammy Meg with both horn dogs James and Steve in her bed. She should win something for having to share a room with them.


Either this week will be super long & uneventful OR Cinderella’s stepsisters & The Beast can shake things
up and we can see an epic Vanessa backdoor.
But since we never get the eviction what we want, I would say this week will be a real snoozer.

is it just me

austin is the male meg. big talk, thinks he is smart but in reality has done nothing not is he likely to do anythjng more then flap his gums.
if you expect him to do anything more then wax poetic about when he will make a big move i think you will be dissapointed. the only big move i see him making is in the toilet after having too much granola.

Derek's police badge

Am I the only one who thinks that the twins turning on Vanessa and evicting her could potentially win them the entire game, having evicted arguably the biggest/ most dangerous game player so far?? What game do they think they are playing

V's zoolander

I agree, that would be the smartest game move. Someone needs to take her down sooner than later.


i was thinking that last night, but realized they would have needed to put up meg and james to have pulled it off. with meg and james voting who are completely unreliable plus steve who’s obviously a vote to keep vanessa, all you can do is force a tie that makes a lot of enemies (jmac and becky pissed about being on the block, meg and james with steve all pissed about the vote not going their way) plus vanessa could potentially come back. meg and james on the block, they can make a solid five with becky and jmac, but i think they screwed that possibility at least for now.


The twins are just mad because of the bob thing with Vanessa. Once they ask her about it, and she worms her way out of it, they’ll be back on her side in no time.


Liz is upset. Julia was in on and part of the plan. she promised Van and Shelly she wouldn’t tell Liz in case Liz liked Austin more than she was letting on.

Ms Chiff

She’s not after them. But if she gets evicted and comes back in she would be.

She also has too much info on them, like that Liz might be playing Austin slightly.

Way better to let someone else do it for them – John’s wasting his time trying to make her a target.

be a friend, steve...

Steve needs to be a friend to jmac and not tell vanessa what he says. It looks like jmac has something on his mind outside of BB. He wants to talk to Steve about it. He needs to listen and be a friend.


Why does Steve need to be a friend to JMac? ?
JMac hasn’t been a friend to Steve.
Last week JMac asked Steve to pick him for POV so he could win it and save. ….. Shelli.
Steve tried to talk to JMac about his own personal secret and JMac got up and walked away. (this happened a few wks ago)
Steve doesn’t owe JMac Jack shit. JMac is just using Steve the same way everyone else is.


They seriously need to backdoor/blindside Vanessa and call it a day. With all of that info on her manipulations of everyone, keeping her in the game another week could potentially be dangerous and she just may win the game


Yeah so then James, Becky, JMac, Meg can go right after them next week. Makes perfect sense.

Uh huh...

Hey guys, it’s great that you all have Vanessa figured out… so why are you keeping her in the house again?… oh yeah, that’s right, I forgot, you’ll get her next week… when you hope she doesn’t win HOH or go about casting her manipulation spells upon whoever may happen to obtain it… my bad…

“Are we on really on Big Brother?”
“Hell if I know… I’m sleepy…”
“We’ll get Vanessa next week…”

sleep, sleep, sleep… zzzz, zzzz, zzzz….



The twist is that JMac’s twin and he have been trading places. The twin has a special problem. That’s why he’s been laying low. I’ll give up then. They should have given Jmac the money right away. Pronounced him winner. No one will have a chance in the game.


Perhaps the brother is a savant?


Did Vanessa lie to Johnny Mac about telling Shelli n Clay about the 8 person alliance or is Johnny Mac dreaming that he heard Vanessa tell Shelli n Clay about it?

Because Vanessa seemed genuinely honest when she was telling Jmac that she never told Shelli n Clay about the 8 person alliance.


I think there’s no meeting of the minds: they’re both probably telling the truth because they’re probably talking about two different alliances, is my guess.

I’m more curious about JMAC’s demeanor/outcry when he voted out Shelli. I know the live audience laughed (I think they would’ve laughed if he coughed because we like him) but it was weird and kind of uncomfortable to watch because it was rude to Julie. I think he was rude, really, and I LOVE JMAC.


I think Vanessa is talking about the deal with the 8 people regarding double eviction, and JMack seems to be talking about something completely different. I don’t think she is actually lying about that.


I mean really… How can you beat that? Just thinking out loud…


SIMON, I luv how you call Meg, “Powerhouse Meg”. I chuckle to myself every time I read it!


WHOA .. Meg is Powerhouse Chef Joe 2.0

BB14 chef joe


Hate these people…….is not her is them there stupid


I’ve been reading a few cases of presumption that JMac has some issue beyond game that is impairing him. There’s no proof of such conjecture. It is equally possible that he isn’t enjoying being a participant in the game as much as being a fan of the game. It’s also probable that he is reacting negatively to the way that the game is progressing for him.
There’s no need for histrionics without evidence that something beyond game is going on.

Ms Chiff

I’ll bet it’s just going to be him wasting more time whining about Vanessa – he’s Becky 2.0 zzz


So this whole show was set for JMAc and Steve to win? They both have something they need to share with somebody. They will reveal their secrets. Something no one ever saw coming. Bingo they are on top. Winners.

backdoor frankie

God I hate the twins. Especially Liz ..

Whats wrong with johnny mac?

Why johnny mac is alway sad?? Tell me

is it just me

nitrous oxide withdrawls


I , like others on here, think his twin has been coming in this house, and he probably gets so much money each week, if no houseguest finds out. The fact that he stays in bed, well maybe its because he doesn’t want people to notice he’s the twin. He is in the diary room a lot, even if he is America’s player.. I’m not that much into conspiracy theories, but what if this year the BB production was playing a trick on the houseguests and America..?? hmm just a thought..

Ms Chiff

Probably because he’s a floater and now he’s being forced to play, so he finds that stressful.

I get the sense he thought the house was filled with idiots who grouped into sides that were targeting each other, and that they’d take each other out, and he and Becky were the smart ones who would coast all the way to the end.

Think it shocked him last week to see what numbers like the goblins had could do to Becky during her HOH, and it’s shocking him this week to see the two groups joining forces to target him and Becky.

Like victory ‘seemed’ like it would be easy for him, in his mind, up until last week? And now he doesn’t know what to do?

I don’t think winning BB was ever going to be as easy as he had envisioned – has anyone ever won without having allies and making deals?


In Jmac’s mind, he was ride or die with Clellie and both of them were evicted so he’s now looking to be part of a “team.” However, he recently found out about the 8 person alliance targeting him, Steve, and Shellie. So I guess when you lose the people you were riding with then find out the house is gunning after you, you become down. No to mention the blowup with Vanessa, Clay and James that he was the center of. He feels like anyone who gets in a blow up with Vanessa goes home.


Power house Meg! LMAO

Vanessa's Chin Zits

Another wasted HoH. This is just a repeat of the first 5 weeks.
Remember when the entire house wanted Audrey out but it took them forever to finally pull the trigger?
This is literally the same thing. No one apart from Steve can even stomach Vanessa when she walks in a room. This is painful to watch.


Has Julia forgotten that she was in on backdooring Austin?
I’m surprised that she has never told Liz about it.
Seems like Julia doesn’t trust her own twin.


I think production needs to look into Steve’s letter. I have a feeling it holes some secret message about the game. It was soooooo long. I know his mother writes for newspaper. His “Mommy” may be one of his nerdy friends feeding him clues. Think about how he quickly notice that something different about his hoh letter saying BB must re write the letters from the love ones, then quickly says it’s no his mother hand writing. Then he has a conversation with Vanessa abt secrets messages being sent through hoh letters. Vanessa saying that’s cheating. Fast forward, Last night Steve was studying his letter and pointing his finger. I know when I’m trying to figure something out reading I use my finger to point at key things. I smell a RAT


thumbs down for Austwins n Gooberlings for having tunnel vision
thumbs up for Vanessa for getting away with what she is
thumbs up for Jmac n Becky for seeing who Vanessa is early on
THUMBS up to Steve for seeing what all HGuests are

Team JMac

The crack up every time I read “Powerhouse Meg”