Veto Ceremony Results! “That speech was ridiculous! If you don’t save me I’m coming after you!”

POV Holder: Liz POV Competition Aug 15th
POV Used No POV Ceremony Aug 10th
HOH Liz Next HOH Aug 20th
Original Nominations: Johnny Mac and Becky
After POV Nominations: Johnny Mac and Becky
Have Nots Vanessa, Johnny Mac, Steve

Big-Brother-17- 2015-08-17 11-57-26-965
11:20am Big Brother blocks the live feeds for the power of veto ceremony to take place. As Head of Household and Veto holder, Liz has all the power this week. She has decided Becky is her target and does not want to get any more blood on her hands so she did not use the veto. The nominations remain the same and either Becky or Johnny Mac will be going to jury on Thursday. (As of today Becky is who they will be voting out.)

11:55am – 12pm Havenot room – Austin Austin says I don’t think she means to do that in her speech but she basically just said I am coming after you if you don’t save me. Becky basically just said that.. accidentally. Liz says she said last week if you save me all is forgiven. Steve says I think we look too much into these speeches. Austin says I don’t think she meant to say all that. Steve says well its my bed time. Liz says I’m not scared of her. I messed up my speech. Austin says there’s more to come. Now she’s up there. She keeps outing groups. Julia and Vanessa join them. Julia says that speech was ridiculous ..If you don’t save me I’m coming after you.. that doesn’t make you want to use it. Vanessa says it was her best shot. And her best shot was a threat. Julia says what are you going to do save her and get more blood on your hands? They leave the room.
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Big-Brother-17- 2015-08-17 12-04-05-781
Backyard – Becky and Johnny. Johnny says its the losers corner. Becky says my speech was good. Brass Tacks. Johnny says yeah I think it was good. James could win sh*t. Becky says I’m not scared of Austin. He’s the head of the snake. Austin doesn’t like me and Liz doesn’t like me. I’m not in a good move. I tried to get them to go after Vanessa and it didn’t work. Johnny says if I had won HOH.. I could have gotten it done. I would have nominated Meg & Julia and backdoored Vanessa. Becky heads inside. Meg joins Johnny and then Vanessa comes out and tells Johnny she is sorry he is still on the block. You’re speeches are epic. How do you do that? Talking about the chair is more comfortable than the dental chair.

Big-Brother-17- 2015-08-17 11-59-46-189

12:15pm Havenot room – Becky complains to Steve that she never put any of them up when she was HOH. They were in summer camp. They all act like I’m a big threat but Liz has won more than me.

Big-Brother-17- 2015-08-17 12-16-22-825

Backyard – Meg, Johnny and Becky. Johnny says if we do get her (Vanessa) out next week she is not coming back against these three (Shelli, Jackie, Becky). Becky says because I turned on the plan I am an untrustworthy wildcard.

12:25pm – 12:35pm HOH room – Austin talks to Vanessa. Vanessa says that she’s just been down because she misses her girlfriend. Austin says I can’t even imagine. Vanessa says ever since I was blind sided people are just avoiding me like I have block-pox. And then you got upset with me. Austin says I just got upset but at the situation, not you. You had that question right too (Which hand Clay was using to hold the bowl). Austin says for the rest of the week we just need to work on making Johnny Mac comfortable. Vanessa says Becky can’t come back. If she does .. that’s why Johnny Mac needs to go next week. And if Shelli comes back she would work with him too. Austin says I didn’t think about that. If he wins HOH we just need to make sure he targets the you know whos’. (Meg & James) I talked with him last night and said he felt good with us. Steve is our liaison too. Vanessa says the problem is he is very hard to convince. Big Brother blocks the feeds. Austin says if she (Meg) goes then James is vulnerable. She keeps saying that no one can beat her, she can’t win anything. But the problem is all her friends are in jury. Vanessa says agrees and says if she gets near the end everyone will take. Austin says I feel like Julia is almost guaranteed top 3 because people will go after me and Liz before her. She hasn’t done anything. Vanessa says people will target her for the same fact as Meg. Austin says that’s true. Vanessa says I asked for permission on something. It would be a deal outside of the house, if one of us wins and the other doesn’t ..we make some kind of a deal where the winner makes a stake.. you know about staking in gambling? Austin says yes. Vanessa says this is what’s fun because we both win. We stake the loser and x number of dollars in gambling where we split the winnings. I was a professional gambler and can make it very profitable. And if you the one to do the gambling I could give you pointers. Its something fun on the side. They’re getting back to me on it if I’m funny allowed. In the gambling world gamblers get staked by wealthy people. And we could maybe do a little spin off thing because they like gambling.

Big-Brother-17- 2015-08-17 12-26-59-726
12:50pm Backyard – Meg and Becky are talking by the pool. Becky says I probably shouldn’t have done that speech. I don’t know what I was thinking. Meg says You had good points but I don’t know if it helped you. Becky says if I stay here I have no beef with them. I would still go after Vanessa and she would still go after me. If I win she would go out and if she wins I would go out. Johnny Mac doesn’t have anyone and isn’t really set after anyone.

Big-Brother-17- 2015-08-17 12-45-21-440

12:40pm – 1:05pm Vanessa tells Austin that when she was mad at her she thought he was faking it because he never gets mad. Austin says no. Vanessa says and Liz said you have a limit to the amount of game you can talk. Vanessa says I was at my breaking point. I was frazzled. Austin says we have the votes no matter what if they come after us. And which ever one goes we have the votes when one of them to come back. Vanessa says if they put you up against Liz .. we would have the votes.. if the were smart they would put you against me. But we could win the veto. Vanessa asks do we throw HOH this week? Austin says I don’t know, we have a deal with everyone. Austin says you need to make a deal with Johnny Mac. Julia and Liz join them. Vanessa says I can’t wait to see what Becky says when she campaigns to me. Vanessa tells Liz if you wanted me to vote out Johnny Mac, then I would. Liz says oh really. Austin says lets give her time to campaign and see what we can get out of her. Vanessa says she wants to say in her goodbye to Becky .. if you take a swing at Austin’s Angels you better make sure its locked in because we’re coming after you. Vanessa says I’m going to try really really hard to win next week. I was trying to not make a deal with Johnny Mac. WHat would be better is if you guys make a deal with Johnny Mac because then if I win I could put him up next to Steve and tell him he’s the pawn. Austin says if we make a deal he and you don’t he will wonder why you didn’t. I think its better we all make a deal with him so he feels so safe and doesn’t try to win.
Big-Brother-17- 2015-08-17 12-48-25-859


  • “Goblins/Gremlins” = James and Meg
  • “The Generals” = anyone allied with Becky
  • “SOS” (Students of Sound) = Steve and Vanessa
  • Rockstars = Steve and Jmac
  • AUS-Twins = Austin, Julia and Liz
  • “Austin’s Angels” = Austin, Liz, Julia, Vanessa
  • “Brass Tacks” = Gobins and Austwins
  • The new “Brass Tacks” = Aus-Twins, Meg, James + Vanessa
  • “Freaks and Geeks” “The Scamper Squad” = Aus-Twins, Vanessa, Steve

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I hope johnny means hed nominate julia and liz and backdoor vanessa and not julia and meg… im sorry but some times I feel like becky is the only one that knows whats going on in this game


No. If you want to backdoor Vanessa, Julia and Meg is the correct choice so that the veto is more likely to be used no matter who wins it.

If you put up Liz and Julia, then James or Meg could win the veto and not use it.


Keeping boobies in the house is Brass Tacks


becky knew what was going on in the game, but was clueless about using that information to her advantage. she should have stayed off everyone’s radar and either thrown the hoh or nominated anyone but shelli and vanessa (preferably the twins). she had a great opportunity to form an alliance with herself, shelli, vanessa, john, and possibly steve and threw it away (though john’s equally stupid for not seeing that he could work with vanessa instead of against her as well).


If JMac had a brain, he would def team up with Van and Steve and break up the Austwits. His only purpose so far in this game is to sleep, be used, and propel other people to the end. Right now he is so focused on Van they are steam rolling the Austwits to the final. Which is a total joke since depending on the day, the Austwits don’t even like him. With all the rest he’s had, you would think he’d be thinking clearly and could come up with a plan that actually gives himself a chance at a win.


I don’t like his game either he’s a dog. Its a shame because he could of been great player and people seem to really like him.


Becky is the only one that knows what is going on, and she just so happens to be a smoke bomb @-;——


Ugh. I knew that Liz didn’t have it in her to make a big move. I just hope J-Mac doesn’t get evicted. This week has been predictable and boring. Can’t wait to see the Twins on the block or Vanessa. It’ll be so great when one of Austin’s Angels gets evicted.


And him!

AKA Twistin'...

It’s just not in me to call those three alley cats “angels”. Besides…Austin and the Alley Cats sounds so much better. Bunch of dummies.


Such an insult to the alley cats.

Al E. Katt

If I ran into those females I’d hightail it to the vet and beg to be neutered.


Vanessa as no loyalties to no one but to herself


Austin or Liz on the block, do any of them have loyalties to each other?

James and Meg on the block, does Meg give up and let Jame go on like Clay did for Shelli?

Only one person wins the big money, so everyone is in it to save themselves. Becky and JMAC not campaigning makes for a boring week.


Why do people say vacuous crap like this? Who in Big Brother has a loyalty to someone greater than to themselves?


Isn’t that the point of BB?


Hope Becky comes back rested, strong and loaded with info from the others in jury. She will reteam with James, Meg and Johnny and the snake will be chopped up piece by piece starting with Liz. Austin will go next because he will be lost and more useless without Liz. Ne xt hoh will be James or Johnny and it’s bye bye Vanessa.



Johnny's Nair

The twist this year, was all the twists from previous seasons would be used. So I expected diamon veto, coup d’etat, america’s player and pandora’s box to show up for sure. If there was a week to give someone Coup D’etat to remove both noms night of eviction – this would be the week. But production would have to go through the show of “America Voting” and they didn’t.


Honest question here: Doesn’t Becky annoy you when she takes over conversations all the time?


Johnnie Mac will be the target no later than Tuesday night. It’s going to be a bad week.


No not Becky, the love of my life.


Lol @ people thinking that Liz should have backdoored Vanessa. If Liz put Vanessa up and Vanessa went home, Liz would lose an alliance member and the Aus-twins would become target #1. If Liz put Vanessa up and Vanessa didn’t go home, she would lose an alliance member and have Vanessa/Steve coming at her from one side and Team Goblin coming at her from the other.

If this was a couple weeks down the road and a houseguest from jury had already come back, then it might be a good idea to backdoor Vanessa. But as of now, with the numbers as they are, getting rid of Vanessa is about the stupidest thing Liz could do (Plus, you know that if Vanessa is one of the first four in jury, Big Brother will do everything they can to make sure Vanessa is the one that comes back).

Putting up Becky v. John is about the smartest move Liz could have done.

Mr Belding

This is the same cowardly logic they are using. It makes for a boring game!!!


Cowards for not saving “your” favorites right?


When you are an wimpy emotional player you are right to keep her, but if you are a strategic player, you are dead wrong to keep her. You keep on saying they will lose an alliance member. Van is not loyal to them, she is in 3 different alliances with them, and making deals left and right… They know this, and have been talking about it all week. Van is smart, and they are too dangerous. She will strike first, and they gave her the chance… For some reason BB players are always thinking that they will have a chance next week, and obviously some fans still think that too?!

AND not evicting a key player when you have the chance, because they have a 25% chance of coming back, is plain stupidity! It was the same idiotic logic they had when bringing in the deadly twins, and look, someone is coming back anyways… I would rather evict and have her come back, than her NEVER to be evicted at all!


You’re right. Besides, if Van is not ejected to jury, the jury itself will give it to her for all her gamesmanship. She should have been sent packing this week. Once Becky goes to jury, the only one who has a chance to here all the information, come back and do something with it is Jackie.


Austin has deals and alliances with every single person in the house…so what if Vanessa does too. Actually she doesn’t have anything with JM or Becky for that matter. This is BB it’s what you do if you’re in the game..


My thinking exactly!!


What’s so wrong with Vanessa having multiple deals with people? EVERYONE in the house is doing the EXACT same thing. Just look how many different alliances there are! There isn’t one person in the house who hasn’t lied, two-faced someone, or made deals. The fact that Vanessa is the only one getting crap for it is astounding.


All van needs to do is win next HOH most of them are throwing it so IMO she will win.
The Austwits are crazy not getting her out because she will be putting them up next week.

Too Funny

Dumb dumb dumb vanessa survives another week. I hope her or johhny mac wins upcoming hoh n makes a big move and shakes up the house.




Becky could tell Vanessa how she told the Austwins about James throwing BOTB and now they plan to take her out, then she could make a deal for Van and her to … but Ooops, she’s done with deals.


PuppetMaster — Bahahaha Lov it… Well said!


Austin’s Angels, gag me!


I bet that is what he plans on doing to that little Lizzy slut in the jury house……………………. gag her. On the plus side nobody will be able to hear her annoying voice. Lizzy says “wow it is so big” and Julia says ” I knoooooooooooooooooooooooow”

Lemon balls

Liz is such an air heaaaaaaaaddddddddd. Can someone please take her and Austin out please. By far the most annoying people in that house by an asian country mile …


Why an “Asian” country mile? A mile is a mile no matter where. It’s a quantitative unit of measurement.


Asian because of James?


James wasn’t mentioned in the comment. Regardless it’s passive racism


“Dude you can’t say asian, that’s racist!”

Come on now.


Asian AND country, as in James. There’s plenty on here that’s offensive, ‘Annoyed’. This isn’t.

AKA Twistin'...

This has been a yawn of an HOH. Dumb-ass play by Liz. When people make dumb-ass plays like that, they need to suffer the consequences of their stupidity. Assuming that someone will target Vanessa next week instead of them is just ridiculous. She should have had some guts and put Vanessa on the block. She would have been a HERO and would have been safe at least one week because of her heroism. What a dunce.

I’m telling you – those twins are going to be sitting in the final two. Of the 4 that helped Julia get in the game, only two remain – Vanessa and Austin. Now they don’t line Vanessa who will be their third vote-out. Austin’s days are numbered. These people HELPED to solidify the strongest alliance in the house thinking it would benefit them and it was a stupid strategy. The twins are people-eaters and somebody better get the traps out and catch those rabid bitches or they’re going to be this year’s winners. Shit’s gross.


So in one sentence they are bad players who will lose for not putting up Van and in the next they are going final two. Think you just answered why they wouldn’t put Van up.


I can’t believe they are shocked she said that. I guess most people don’t say it out loud, but it kind of goes without saying if you evict someone they will be coming after you if they get to come back. Oh, and did you hear Vanessa sucking up to jmac? Haha!


van james steve would be final 3 deal that would work take no prisoners


Liz is the new Cody.


Johnnymac is the new Peter Brown.


I understand everyone wants to see Vanessa go, but it makes no sense for Liz to do it this week. If Vanessa goes there is no alternative for everyone else to go after so they would go after Austin and the twins. Becky is the best move for Liz this week. It’s a marathon not a race. With Becky gone they r still in a pretty good spot.


I do not like Vanessa at all. I am a huge fan of Johnny and Becky, as they are the only two that saw what has and is going on in there. Since, Asstwins didn’t seize the opportunity to rid the house of Vanessa, I will be cheering for the remaining of BJ and getting behind Vanessa. Can’t reward the morons.

James 2 Win

The twins should have taken Becky’s threat seriously. The odds are not in their favor that Shelli comes back into the house. And if Becky comes back in they’re toast. Austin and the twins do not deserve to be in final 3.

Beast Mode Cowpie

Would love to see this but I’m more skeptical. Becky and Shelli probably have equal chances of coming back, but even if Becky makes it back in she can’t defeat the Austwins all by herself. Last week is proof of that – Becky is very direct with her strategy but she can’t back it up with votes if no one else has her back. As of now no one seems to have her back. She has to get back in from jury, then win HOH, then get enough votes to take out the target she wants. It can be done but it’s a long shot so that is probably why the Austwins aren’t concerned about her threats now.


People calling Liz stupid for not backdooring Vanessa are very wrong. As much as I wanted Austin gone weeks ago, I still believe Vanessa was smart to backdoor Jason for the same reason – this game is about numbers. They’re all playing for $$$. The longer you stay, the more you make. Liz is sitting pretty right now, and she knows that if Vanessa wins the next HOH she be coming after her; she doesn’t have that guarantee with John or Becky. That means she’s safe from Austin, Julia, Vanessa, and probably Steve. Getting out Becky or John means the other side of the house is continuing to dwindle.

Are Becky or JMac power players? Not necessarily, but it’s still hurting the other side to have one less vote and one less chance at HOH each week.

BB Drafter

I would love to see Liz evicted next. I believe that would blow up that threesome quickly because Julia would not want to work with Austin.


I’m with you there. Ideally, Becky goes home this week, JMac wins HOH and puts up the twins, Vanessa wins veto, Liz goes home.


I’m not usually one for prayer but holy FUCK am I ever praying for Jmac/James/Meg to win that next HoH. The fact that Austwins are so overlooked as a threat is insane

Last year was better...

Ever since it was announced that Vanessa wins this year it has become more than obvious. You would think they would hide it better but I guess not. I preferred last year, no one knew who would win until the last vote was cast.


Seriously? Derrick had his pecking order set by week 3 and nothing changed.


This could change quickly if Becky goes and rats john out on what his plan will be if he gets HOH. I have a feeling she will do just that and they will make a deal and buh bye jmac. I really prefer Becky gone over jmac but at least it may get a little drama going and liven up this week.


Zzzzz, so predictable. I knew Saturday the noms wouldn’t change. Admittedly I’m a big bro addict, somethings I watch the feeds till i fall asleep, with headset on, watching. But I haven’t watched the feeds since Saturday, so annoying since I’ve paid for them. Sorry, just needed to vent.

On a positive note, thanks to Simon and Dawg for keeping me up to date with these awesome posts!! 🙂


I really don’t get all the hate for the Austwins… they have played a smart game. Been socially active when they had to be, won when they needed to. James carried his entire alliance and when he didn’t win, his teammates got picked off because they couldn’t win anything.

Becky won an HOH and was a bitch once she got shes getting what she deserves.


100percent right


As expected, Liz is doing Vanessa’s dirty work and getting rid of Becky. I hope that Johnny Mac would put up Liz and Julia if he wins HOH, if one of them wins the POV, then put up Austin not Vanessa. If you take out one of the twins or Austin, Vanessa will not be able to manipulate anyone other than Steve and the remaining Twin or Austin.

Liz, Julia, Austin and Vanessa need to be up on the block whenever the HOH is won by anyone on the other side. This week has been a total bore, and it is very predictable, Liz, Julia and Austin think they are running the show, if you evict Liz, I 100% guarantee that Austin would ask everyone to put him on the block and evict him so that he can go and be with Liz.

I hope Becky is evicted and not JohnnyMac, Becky has the same issue as James and Meg, they all talk too damn much and cannot keep information to just the people in their group. James and Meg think that they can trust Austin, Liz and Julia, they are so blind when it comes to who they need to work with.

I am hoping and praying that JohnnyMac wins HOH, and please do not try to backdoor anyone, it is too late in the game to keep putting up a pawn. Go for the targets you want out, put up Liz & Julia, if the does not work then you put up Austin as the replacement Nominee if Liz or Julia win the veto, if one twin is left up on the block, then evict the twin. This will hurt them, and if Julia is left in the house, she will turn on Austin, and then the other side of the house can tell Vanessa all of the things Austin, Liz and Julia have been saying about Vanessa.

Hopefully James wins the next HOH and he puts up Vanessa and the remaining twin Julia, if one of them win the veto, they put up Austin as the replacement nominee. This will leave either Vanessa and Julia on the block, vote out Vanessa, once you break up this group, hopefully JohnnyMac wins the HOH after James, and he puts up Austin and Julia.

This would be an exciting time in the house, and very fun to watch. I also think Simon and Dawg would be busy as hell trying to keep up with updating this site, they would not be as bored as all of us have been during the Liz/Austin HOH. I’m hoping and praying this will happen, I am so tired of hearing about Vanessa, and why you cannot evict her now, and then listening to Austin compare him and Liz to Jeff and Jordan or Rachel and Brandon.

Come on James, Meg, JMac and Steve, get together and start ending the dreams of the Austrians and Vanessa. Steve claims to be a superman, start playing like one and stop being Vanessa’s little bitch boy, and stop playing up to the camera’s when you are alone, it is creepy and strange. You are not making yourself look good.


I really hope Becky AND John take this opportunity to call a ‘silent’ truce with Van and out her so-called loyal alliance… I hope regardless who goes home between John and Becky that they fight tooth and nail to get back in… I hope that A&L are on the block together next week with a very open plan for Julia to be a replacement so it becomes a stressor between A&L, and no matter which comes down, the other goes home. Then next eviction one of the remainder of that trio go home, (preferably Julia is left in the house)
Then you’re left with Steve, Van, James, 1 of this weeks nominees, 1 of the trio, and whoever comes back from Jury (hopefully Becky or JMac depending which one walks on Thursday) all playing at least semi-independent games and it could actually be interesting to see how that progresses. No super strong trust ties, pure game…. Yes there’s Meg… I find her likeable if not a strong player, but I don’t want to see her with the others aforementioned as last one’s standing.
I hope, I hope….


I don’t know if someone has already pointed it out or if she’s been wearing them for a while and I just haven’t noticed, but did any of you see Becky’s shoes on last nights episode? Her shoes were rats hahaha! I barely watched my recording of last nights episode and thought it was funny.

Ariana Grande stinks!

The show is getting progressively boring. James has the X-entertainment factor, all the others ZERO.

The Jiz KMart sisters are unbearable, Austin is sleazy, Vanessa is human filth (aka poker player), booger-earing asshole Stevie is an uninteresting psychopath, Meg killed the game last week…

So it all boils down to James and Johnny Mac (latter being quiet most of the time). In that configuration, checking the onlinebigbrother once a day is enough.

Live feeds are excruciatingly boring.

Mr Belding

Screech has masterminded the eviction of either Jessie Spano or Zach Morris!!!


I fineally figured out why Van was studying the rule book recently. Back the feeds to 12:33 today. She’s talking a deal with Austin for the winner to commit an amt. of $ to the other to gamble with & split the winnings!!! Apparently she’s asked BB if it’s OK & is waiting for an answer.Talk about covering your bases!!!


They shouldn’t be allowed to make deals with the prize money IMO what if they all made a deal to split the cash between the remaining houseguests with van the winner but she gets none? she’s rich anyway.


I don’t understand why people think Liz should have put up Vanessa. They think
Vanessa is on their side even if she is not their side anymore. Why get someone out that you think will support you?
What I want to see is Vanessa win HOH next week to see if she really knows what is going on in the house or if she is really blind to the change in the Austwins towards her


Becky j-Mac and meg are weak-ass players getting what they deserve go to jury already Shelly will have no problem beating those losers I’m sure John will throw it for her like he’s done all year


I hope Jackie comes back. She needs a better chance to fight in this game. She wasn’t scared of any of these idiots! (Austin, Vanessa, Steve)


it’s not the Austwins I have a problem with….it’s Austin. Little girl inside a gross body that thinks we care about his showmance while his girlfriend cries at home. Asshat scumbag. LOL


I don’t understand why James voted to Keep Meg, other than he thinks she will have a weak moment and mess around with him. Which is not going to happen, Jackie was good a competitions and she has actually won something, Meg is a nice person, but lets be real, she is not good at any of the comps in the house, and she has done nothing but sleep and laugh and talk with people.


Because Meg is his closest ally in that she is loyal to him first and foremost, whereas Jackie was also close with Becky. If Meg went home then he might have ended up alone, with Jackie being pulled in by Becky and Johnny.


This week Becky. Next week PLEASE let it be Liz!!!


If I were James’ horny ass and Becky gets evicted this week I’d have to self evict and strut all the way to the jury house. That would be 3 hot babes in there all alone and at least one if not all would be down for a little male attention!!! I’d like those odds anyhow!!


The only way anything exciting is going to happen (maybe) is if James wins HOH he might nominate a twin and Austin then other twin if POV is used. One of these people must realize that they must do this and soon before dummy 1, 2, 3 make it to the end aka Austin, Julia and Liz. Of course I dislike them in the game but I almost dislike Vanessa and Steve just as much don’t want any of them to win


James and Becky have been the only people willing to do anything useful with their HOHs.

New Twist

I just thought of a new twist for all future seasons that would keep people from throwing the comps to fly under the radar. Say on week 9 or 10, the person with the least total of both HOH or comp wins is automatically evicted from the house. And the person with the most wins at end of the game get an extra 10K. This could at least help with these boring weeks, actually make everyone try so they don’t get booted and keep someone that has won nothing from making F2.


That’s stupid, it’s not all about winning comps….look at Dr. Will he won nothing and was a good player


Throwing comps is a strategy and it’s one of the things that makes the game interesting. People like Dr. Will and Dan were masters of it.

If you want to watch people compete hard every week, just watch football.

Min O'Pause

I’d love to be a fly on the wall when Asstin shows up in Liz’s real life in Miami among the hoi pulloi. It’d be like Ol’ Min here showing up at a church ladies’ tea party and saying “How the f**k are ya?!”


I kinda wanna see Vanessa win next HOH, austin and the twins talked so much about getting her out, everybody would be throwing EVERYBODY under the bus hahahahah

Or, they try to backdoor her, but she wins veto somehow, then people would be turning on each other even faster.

I feel that we need a gigantic argument


Vanessa and her motherfuukin DEALS!!! Arrrrrrggggghhh I’m so sick of it!!


The Twins are straight up Two Faced Bitches!! They talk about EVERYONE behind their backs and act nice to their faces. They are viscous. Vanessa is a Boss at playing this game although I think her days are numbered. Austin is nasty. Why is he not wearing shoes or a shirt on national tv during comps and evictions? Just gross. Meg is playing the dumb blonde. JMac and Becky…Blah but Steve actually has surprised me lately. Last but not least, why is it that everyone in power laughs at putting someone up and then talks about them moping around and crying and then when they get put on the block they do the same thing? Just stupid in my opinion!!! Rant Over!