Becky wakes up crying “Its at the point if I were at home I would be in the emergency room”

POV Holder: Liz POV Competition Aug 15th
POV Used No POV Ceremony Aug 10th
HOH Liz Next HOH Aug 20th
Original Nominations: Johnny Mac and Becky
After POV Nominations: Johnny Mac and Becky
Have Nots Vanessa, Johnny Mac, Steve

Big-Brother-17- 2015-08-19 09-47-34-666

9:35am – 9:50am Bedroom – Becky wakes up crying in pain over how painful her foot is. James gets up to turn on the light. Becky says that she her foot is so big its double in size of the other one. I’m about to get a razor and cut it open.Meg asks don’t they have the medics on call always. Becky says last night I told them I needed a doctor and stayed up till 4am and that’s when I went back at 4am and said this is serious. This is really serious. I was scared it would double in size and now I wake up and it’s double in size. I’m like UHHHHH.. NOW!! James says staph infection are bad. We used to have a lot of guys in the prison that would get those. It swells up and they take the puss out of it. Becky says I’m ready to do it myself. Meg says no don’t do that! Becky is cry saying this needs to be solved. Its at the point where if I were at home I would be in the emergency room. I went in there again and they said they’re doing everything they can to get someone soon. I’m supposed to elevate it but it hurts so bad. James asks have you taken any advil? Meg says yeah she’s taken too much. Becky says 8 of them. Becky lays back down to try and wait and not think about it.

FYI – Before coming into the house Becky broke her toe nail off. She aggravated it recently by hurting it in the endurance slip n slide HOH and then again in Saturday’s OTEV competition.

Big-Brother-17- 2015-08-19 09-48-02-425

9:55am – 10:50am Big Brother blocks the live feeds to wake up the house guest. When the feeds come back – Meg says that she misses her mom. James asks do you think she misses you. She’s probably on vacation right now. The camera’s switch to Becky showing her tearing up over the pain. Steve asks Becky if having the ipod might help take her mind off it. He says he’ll go ask first if its okay to bring it down. James says god bless Steve .. he cares so much but also cares about not breaking the rules. Steve comes back and says its can’t leave the HOH room. Steve says as I’ve said before I think we’re under the best medical care we’ve ever been under in our lives. They conversation turns to talking about survivor. Steve asks James would you to the race (Amazing Race)? James says yeah. Steve asks with who? James says not Meg. Becky says she would do it with Cody (BB16). James says you just say that because you want to bow chicka wow wow with him. Becky says he is super capable. James asks super capable at what?! Becky says no one is going to date me with a Staph infection.

Big-Brother-17- 2015-08-19 10-15-51-317

11:30am – 12:35pmAll the house guests have gone back to sleeping. Austin is the only house guest awake. He’s in the kitchen making breakfast for himself and Liz.

Big-Brother-17- 2015-08-19 12-29-04-921

12:55pm Austin brings Liz protein pancakes with Nutella. Austin says do we know what we’re going to say to Becky. Liz says I don’t. Austin says you don’t have to say anything, just sit there and look pretty. Austin says what Meg was saying. Johnny Mac made a really good case to why he should stay. He didn’t say anything against you. I don’t want to say what he said to me because that wouldn’t be fair to him but.. Liz says what can you offer. Austin says he is probably making a good case to everyone so you should probably make a good case not just to me but everyone. Do you have anything that could turn the tides back in your favor? Austin and Liz head downstairs.

Big-Brother-17- 2015-08-19 12-55-20-563

1pm Becky comes out of the diary room after receiving medical treatment for her big toe. She elevates it in the bed and goes back to sleep. After 10 minutes Becky starts crying in pain. Julia comes and to help her. Becky tells her that the doctor cut her big toe open to drain it.

Big-Brother-17- 2015-08-19 13-05-08-605

1:05pm – 1:20pm In the kitchen – Liz goes to pull the coffee pot out and hot coffee shoots out hitting her. After she calms down they realize that Austin didn’t put the plastic part back into the coffee maker. Austin complains that he had so much going on trying to make Liz breakfast. Julia tells Liz the least she could have done would have been to make the coffee herself. Liz says I was sleepinggggggaaaaa!!! Julia says okay good point. Liz says it was attempted homicide. I think we need another court case.

Big-Brother-17- 2015-08-19 13-12-16-733

1:35pm – 1:45pm Bathroom – Austin apologizes and says that he messed up. Liz says thank you for admitting you messed up but you’re still in time out. Austin and James talk about Becky and if she has a staph infection. They think its contagious and if so big brother would need to remove her from the game. James says in the prison if someone had a staph infection they had to bleach the cell. Austin says it would be illegal to leave her in the game if it was infectious. Maybe they’ll remove her and cancel the eviction for Thursday. James says it will limit her ability to compete if she stays.

1:55pm Becky explains the James that its not a staph infection but it is infected. She was told it should clear up in a couple of days.

Big-Brother-17- 2015-08-19 13-55-20-518


  • “Goblins/Gremlins” = James and Meg
  • “The Generals” = anyone allied with Becky
  • “SOS” (Students of Sound) = Steve and Vanessa
  • “Rockstars” = Steve and Jmac
  • “AUS-Twins” = Austin, Julia and Liz
  • “Austin’s Angels” = Austin, Liz, Julia, Vanessa
  • “Brass Tacks” = Gobins and Austwins
  • The new “Brass Tacks” = Aus-Twins, Meg, James + Vanessa
  • “Freaks and Geeks” “The Scamper Squad” = Aus-Twins, Vanessa, Steve
  • “The new Freeks and Geeks” with JMac minus Vanessa = Austin, Liz, Julia, Steve, Johnny Mac
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train wreck

Becky will try everything to stay in the game. Sore foot. Smart move. She will not “seem” like a threat in physical comps. Let’s see is she can fool the there houseguests into keeping her lol


I think she’s in real pain. I feel bad for her.


I agree, look at her toe she can’t fake the infection, I’m not saying she wouldn’t fake an injury but, fairly sure this ones real. CBS should have better access to medical care than that, it’s been more than 12 hours, I think that’s a bit much.

come again

I am in the medical field and looking at that pic it really doesn’t look that bad. Many times after an injury occurs the bruising which is part of the healing process looks way worse. Looking at her whole foot I don’t think its infected. If it were an infection she would also be on antibiotics
I do think CBS would have consulted a doctor immediately to make sure it was not infected. They wrapped it for her because she said it hurt. I would not put it past production to give her the idea to pretend it is worse than it is. I am not saying it is fake I am saying she would be on antibiotics if it were infected and it would be a crazy smart move for her. She is no longer a threat they think she’s out for Hoh and if she recovers in a day she’s just super woman. Not a bad game move and not against the rules. She just seemed way to calm about this eviction even though she thought she was going home . This stinks of production it also puts a twist on what may happen. This a possibility it could happen

Another Injury Story for Becky

Becky will have another story to bore people about how she nearly lost her toe an leg on BB.


hi train wreck.
you suck


I believe she is legitmatley in pain, she isn’t trying to fool anyone. Heck this is an even better reason to vote her out so she can get more treatment for this at the jury house.

Ian's lament

If she really has a staph infection that is highly contagious and leaving her with everyone is courting disaster. They may have to go through and decontaminate the entire house. It could spread and even lead to possible legal actions by house guests. Her in the pool or shower is basically spreading infection everywhere.


Poor baby


hurting a toe is excruciating.
I use to be a welder and took a 7″ grinder to the face. (Always wear proper PPE people!!) Two weeks later I stubbed my baby toe on the foot of my bed and broke it. The broken toe hurt 100 times more then a 7″ grinding disc spinning into my face. I ended up taking 3 weeks off work for my baby toe it was so swollen I couldn’t wear my work boots. And even then it was 4 months before the pain went completely away.
I’ll never mock someone over a sore toe.

Best Strategy Yet

Why don’t girls form alliance & evict the guys? Audrey would appreciate it since she had to take the fall for Vanessa’s lies about it. It’s hysterical they keep having court cases about guys sexual harassment, fights, and endure constant jibes, groping, pawing, kissing, inappropriate comments. Meg ignoring James for a day, will hey him to stop, right.

Does it gross anyone else out, Austin cooking shirtless, never washing hands, never tying hair back, wearing same shorts he has sex with Liz in? I wouldn’t touch a doorknob after him.

Well okay

Yeah, sexual harassment is always hysterical.


I was thinking the same thing about Austin hardly ever wearing a shirt. I know he thinks he is a stud (not) but it is so disgusting to watch him cook without a shirt and his hair hanging over everything. He so disgusting. Liz is right up there with her nastiness just in a different way. She is so bossy, whiny and just a nasty girl. The comments thats she is making about Becky is so wrong. Austin is just repulsive especially the way he waits on Liz and caters to her every whiny need. Can’t wait till they are out of the house and after they stay with Austin a week he will really see how stupid he was. She will drop him in a heartbeat!!!

Liz Clips Austin's Nails & We Know Why.

Eeeeeewwwwuhh. Really, we get FISH for all the stupid comments about Production staging, but we’ve got to watch Liz getting fingerbanged and Austin stroked and Steve wiping his boogers everywhere! Now Lizard has to cut the Barbarian’s nails cuz they scratch her & hurt in there. She wants girls to win but continues to bash them, evict them and prostitute herself to get farther? You go hurrrl, I mean gurrrl. Whatsa matter CBS can’t get ratings except by pandering to the lowest common denominator? Frankie, McCranda, Caleb Beastmode Stalker, glory holer James and gagworthy Medusa Austin will paw and f*k his way to the Finals. I can’t stop throwing up in my mouth.

Canadian Kevin

To be a dentist, you have to go to med school.. where is Jmac?


He actually went to dental school, so he wouldn’t know how to treat a staph infection haha. I’m sure he knows she needs antibiotics, but he obviously can’t prescribe them for her being in the BB house.


He also would have to have a license to practice medicine/dentistry in California. Hence, why he could not be of too much help to Steve and his oral problems.


I guess it’s different in US, hey? A lot of Canadian dentists get their MD first, then specialize. I guess it’s possible to go straight to dentistry from a science degree here too, but all my dentists have always been MDs first. Poor kid, I did something similar and have also broken a toe before and the pain is no small thing. It shoots up your whole leg when you put weight on it. I hope she’ll be able to compete next week to get back in the house.


Johnny will awkwardly ask if Becky is ok. Then he will go back to obsessing on Vanessa. His love for Becky is beyond creepy. I will be happy when I never again have to hear Johnnys fake voice in DRs or have to see his creepy ass slither around the house stalking Becky and obsessing on Vanessa.

Dude makes 3O0 grand a year and can’t find a woman. This should tell you all you need to know about creepy Johnny Mac. Also the fact he told everyone day one to call him Johnny Mac proves what a huge douche bag he is.

Pot Kettle Black

Anonymous, JMac is extremely popular. First in most polls. You can bet he won’t be alone long after this show ends and he is a half mill richer….

Jmac is CBS's Boy

Not everyone is on the Jmac bandwagon. Plenty of us that actually watch the feeds everyday see that he didn’t even start playing until what? A week ago? When he became obsessed with Vanessa when he lost the love if his life..Clay. Between his fake voice and his use of information so old it’s practically from last season, I’d question his real popularity outside of CBS producers and the mindless TV viewer. I’m sure he will be in the finals as even Austin has said the DR tries to steer him away from Jmac as a target. He is yet another one of theses mind numbing morons America seems to find so captivating and dare I say, relatable.


You’re so right. It reminds me of my daughters old middle school cheer team. Her coach would coddle the couple of girls that weren’t so good. Some people always have a soft spot for the “underdogs”. Although I have noticed in the last few seasons of big brother that unfortunately a large number of “fans” don’t even care about the game itself. They just want the underdog to win, even if they are not really a good player in terms of big brother. I’m sure Johnny Mack is a very nice guy, Donnie was very nice, I loved Zack for entertainment purposes, but none of them were/are good players. Therefore, I never could root for any of them to win.

Poker Chick a Bust, Let's Promote the Dentist

So now the CBS commercial ads focus on Dentist Boy getting evicted Thursday, you better watch & find out! Anyone watching knows it ain’t happening, and they’re isn’t anything else aka, Zingbot , Celebrity Guests, Twists or Takeovers to draw in new viewers, that would cost money. So we’re forced to watch their made up characters poker chick, transgender, duck dynasty, dentist, twins, super geek and wrestler duke it out. Well not really, they didn’t script it, and they’re recruits so they just throw it to each other and chase each other in circles, with gross pranks. YUCK.

Producer’s who’ve invented these costume charades get a bonus if their recruit stumbles through week to week, not because they’re players, or even want a prize. They’re here to get laid because Jeff Jordan BrenChel get ratings too and a guest spot on Bold & Beautiful. Even Austin says, I hope they skip the fake luxury comp where we have to watch a sucky CBS show and pretend it’s good. No Austin that’s what we’re doing right now when we watch you. It’s fake, and the social experiment joke is on us.

Don't Worry

Life will get better for you, just hang in there. In the meantime maybe you should take a break from the Internet and go take a walk, get fresh air and realize that bitterness will only consume you if you let it.

Stay strong.


Awww did someone tell the truth bout your little favorite player Johnny? Awww I’m sorry that you are butthurt now. It will be ok.

Don't Worry

Yeah, I’m super sad about something someone said to me on the Internet.


By the way,all of you teenage girls obsessing over JohnnyMac, he has repeatedly said that he is an asshole with girls. He does not want long term relationships and uses girls. So not really the nice guy all of you want to see in him. Or he is lying because he can’t get a girl, which would just make him a douche. Anyways, he just sucks to much to root for…unless you are a teenager.


Poor Becky. I feel sorry for her. Hope you feel better soon!


I think she needs to go the jury house today and heal. No reason to wait and she can get the attention she needs.


I agree with Train Wreck. I believe Becky is trying to make it appear that she’s weak.

If she is in as much pain as she claims why hasn’t she self evicted.
Heck CBS sent in a doctor when Rachel appeared to be having a mental breakdown but they are going to keep Becky in the house injured when there are no comps?


As a nurse myself I have concerns about their medical attention each season. Seems they should have a doc to address these things in a more timely manner.


Just curious since you are a nurse; with her toe being so red and swollen wouldn’t warm salt water be better than a cold water.


Ice will decrease swelling, warm salt water sounds good but the heat may increase the swelling. This is not my field tho. I do pediatrics. She probably needs antibiotics started soon.


Really warm salt water will help with the infection and that will make the swelling go down. I just did that with a cat bite. But my brother in-law almost died a month ago after hurting his toe and it got infected. The infection got into his blood and started attacking his organs. So this can get serious.


She appears to have cellulitis, a bacterial infection of the skin and connective tissue. Cellulitis can progress very rapidly to the blood and adjacent tissues. Even with oral antibiotics, it can still advance to the point where IV antibiotics are needed. Flesh eating bacteria can also invade. It is inexcusable that they are taking so long to bring her medical care. Even a mild complication could mean the amputation of some of the toe tissue. Absolutely ridiculous. I’d like to see how long the producers would keep their own family members waiting on that type of presentation.

Hot Twins

She had better get that looked at soon or she will look like Jon Snow.


If it is a staph infection they should know its contagious and to get her out of there.


Just have Austin suck on it.

Pinocchio Obama

The worst thing is that Austin would probably love to. He could put the Clay Aiken CD on and go to town on that digit.


We’ve read quite a lot that the show has lots of prescribed meds among the guests so there must be someone on hand who can scribe and qualified enough to a look at her foot. If she ends up hospitalized, losing her toe or worse because of this thing, CBS will be forking over more than one $500K award.

Nikki Graham's Rant

I’m not saying that the injury is fake, but there is something strange about this situation. I believe they have medics on hand at all times or at least someone with some basic medical knowledge that could make an initial evaluation of the condition. Even if they do not, they could get medical help fairly quickly, not 12 hours. As you stated they would be held legally responsible if the injury was serious and they didn’t take appropriate steps to provide medical attention. The HG;s all signed waivers stating that competitions are physical and can lead to injury but they also have a fiduciary responsibility to provide medical attention when it is necessary.

Nail Biter

Vanessa probably made a deal with Production for a share of split winnings to delay care, getting her jollies watching Becky cry and beg for a doctor. She could have shared some of her own meds. CBS only hires psychiatrists psychologist as most problems are mental. Austin James already dancing she’s out of Jury return comp and want to amputate. Seriously, train jokes still?

Missing Ranceypants

I don’t really care who goes home this week, but whichever one of them it is (Becky), I hope they come back in and take Vanessa out. Vanessa’s game got sloppy, and it’s annoying to hear everyone realize it, but no one wanting to do much about it. The twins, Austin, and Vanessa, should be primary targets for everyone else in the house at this point. Anyone going after anyone else isn’t paying attention.

sorry for Becky

This season is getting soo predictable..No big moves…Nothing exciting.I think production does everything at the last minute, but is it really bringing in the ratings?? Jmac seems to be half there. They really do need some better twists in this maybe a hidden idol like survivor, where it guarantees your safety..or some special challenges,to be immune.from being put up,..All of them are getting more and more boring to watch…I know they put on special skits and challenges themselves, but its like grade school stuff. Somebody needs to liven up this party!

Yo Yo Yo

What is taking BB so long to get a doctor for Becky? Seems like there should be someone on site for them. ???

I survived last seasons BB

Pretty lame to see People saying She is faking an injury…It’s obvious that She is not

Becky at least tried to make a big move in Her HOH, The execution of it was not very good but at least She tried. Now She is paying the price for that by likely being evicted.

I do see a career for Her out of the BB House as a Spokeswoman..In fact the perfect fit would be with a certain Air Conditioner Company..Their slogan is …”Nothing stops a Trane” lol

I survived last seasons BB

There are many things that can make You cry in the BB17 Household

1) Having to clean Austin’s oily hair out of the Shower
2) Being stuck listening to Vanessa talk for more than 4.36 minutes
3) Listening to the twins read “The Paddington Bear” (thats what level their reading comprehension is at)
4) Finishing behind Meg in any comp ( though thatmay be impossible)
5) Having Steve hiding under Your bed whispering to the cameras that Guys that are aces at Euclidean Geometry are studly

Backseat Driver

They need to get Becky and her toe out of that very unclean house.


I’m surprised no one has been diagnosed with a MRSA infection. All those people living in crowded conditions & sharing a nasty bathroom/shower


I’ll say a prayer for Becky’s speedy recovery. Plus it is going to suck when she gets to the jury house and wont be able to drink alcohol because of the antibiotics.
Now to the game. All this being nice, having fun and playing games is making me sick. If there is an Americas player I wish America would make him start some shit. Just saying.


Random question? Did Austin and liz had sex yesterday? Is there video of it?




You would have to be sicker than those two to want video. Ewwwwwwwwwaaaaa


Just a hand job, she doesn’t want to look slutty on TV. πŸ˜‰


Poor Becky! I feel really bad for her. I’m sure taking showers in that nasty place didn’t help either. I remember in college we had to wear flip flops in the shower to keep from getting bacteria on our feet!


I find it distressing that BB has left Becky in that kind of pain for so long. I think they should have at least called a doctor to see her by this morning. Her toe seems badly swollen and infected. I know from experience that it must be throbbing as bad as a toothache at this point, and appears to be full of poison. Surely to goodness someone there (a medic at least) could lance it for her to at least relieve the pressure buildup.


Is this the only BB fan site on the internet that it takes three hours for replies to post? Does anyone know of any other fansites where you can post in a timely manner ? Thanks in advance.


I think they are asking about the delay in comments being posted. I guess they could go to an unmoderated site but then who knows what types of comments you’d have to slog through. The delay isn’t a big deal.

Chill this Town

hey production….if you were thinking of bringing a HG back from jury, you better wait another week, because Becky will need to be able to compete or it sort of ruins everything for team J-MAC. if she can return to the game MAC’s meat shield returns. if not then its likely we see the goblins get another number, Shelli would be OK for MAC’s game but would ultimately go to Vanessa.

J-MAC might be the only hope to remove Vanessa, and I legitimately wonder if his best move is to put up Vanessa and Meg. let POV play out, and hope noms stay the same. then if James wins POV he will simply save Meg, it puts Austin and the Twins in an interesting spot, this would be my move. otherwise how else is she going to get voted out. I think these HG’s would put just about anyone else up there and still keep Vanessa. yeah, MAC can nominate a twin, but if he does that he has multiple people coming after him. the only way I see Vanessa going home is with a MAC HOH and to not ruin his game its if its her versus Meg.

Pinocchio Obama

I’m not a huge Becky fan but I hope she gets better. I feel sorry for her with the bad luck with her toe and the way her side ( James/Meg/Johnny Mac) didn’t have her back with her Vanessa eviction plan.


Everybody wants Vanessa out… everybody.
If I was in there I would use that to cause some chaos (OK I would have been evicted long ago from being cranky and over it… I would never go into that house.) I’d tell everyone right up to the nominating ceremony that my targets are Vanessa and Johnny Mac and I am thinking of putting up James and Meg backdating Vanessa…. then put up the twins… then once the veto was played… hopefully on Julia… I would blow up that group when I put up Austin or had the veto not used…. expose Steve if he won veto… then watch them campaign against each other. Clue Vanessa in that I nominating the twins because of all the crap talk and campaigning that have done to get Vanessa out… “I don’t know… I started thinking Vanessa has covered for them and protected them and this sis how they treat a person that has done severe moves to keep them safe… how can I trust them after what they have done to you? How please tell me.”
If they start to talk to me or try to shout me down… “Please Meg and James are standing here… please tell me why do you feel that you are more deserving to be here than they are?… because isn’t that what you are really saying.”… “How can anyone trust you three? You all backstabbed the woman who has been covering for and protecting your ungrateful asses.”
I would make Steve sweat until he spilt the beans. Vanessa may be a professional poker player and thinks she can read people…. but I am a professional artist and I have been trained to look and see so I can put nuances in an image and part of that is behaviors or mannerisms. I would take them down and that is what I am hoping what happens… because for me if there was two people in that house I would want in there it would be James and Meg at the final three… I think I would have a better chance winning the last HoH. Of course this is just for fun, because even though I love big brother as a fan… I would never want to be in that house because it would drive me nuts… as the youngest of 6 children… I live for and love my alone time. Growing up sharing a room with three older brothers makes me really love not sharing a room. I just know me.

james 100

“Steve asks James would you to the race (Amazing Race)? James says yeah. Steve asks with who? James says not Meg.”


Zingbot Fan

My favorites of the housequests left are in order:


I’m predicting Meg makes it to the final.


meg and austin are final 2 material for all the wrong reasons. the real question is, which of these 2 will win if they were the final 2…?


It really depends on how wins next week. Meg / James float to the power and always get burnt. I think it can happen again. I really really believe Vanessa was trying to get JM to work with her along with Steve. She knows she can’t stick with the Austin and the twins much longer or she loses, realizing she is the fourth wheel. Wish JM would see this too. I think she realizes just to relax this week. It’s most dangerous to say too much with so little people in the house, especially the way JM shut her down and her obvious rival with Becky. I think she can come back from this, I really do.

James Fan

Eye sez jaymes wil winn thee monee. Hee iz Doctur Wil lik.

Hot Twins


When will they allow a player back into the house? Will they be voted back in or play their way in?



Everyone seems to be assuming it will be a competition but I don’t know for sure. I think it happens next Thursday.


Usually when they brought HGs back , it was right after the fourth jury member was evicted. They’d play a game or some such and one of them stayed in the house and the other three went right back to the jury house. That would put the return at next week. The returning HG usually gets screwed over quick but with this crew…I mean who leaves a tight threesome alone this deep in the game?!

Chill this Town

there is a new narrative here that people are focusing on the wrong target(s).

that is a debate that breaks into two parts…yes, you need to break up Austin and the Twins because they control such a large percentage of the vote week by week.

but you can’t then ignore Vanessa, or how she has managed to get out of just about everything, and still has people nervous to take her out. can you beat her in the final 2? I know for a fact that no one in that house stands a chance in the final 2 against Vanessa. not a bleeping chance

so yeah, you can get yourself far in this game by getting a group together to remove a twin from the game, but it really won’t matter if you leave Vanessa. and for you 6 haters on my above comment, just like you hated on me with pro Jackie comments until you saw she had value, like you hated on my comments on removing the twins but now all of a sudden have a one track in regards to it…I fully expect you to be calling people idiots for leaving Vanessa in this game when she wins 500k.


I don’t get were this thing comes from, that Vanessa is hard to get out. Only one week has she even been a target. She was gone last week, nothing she could done to stop it.

She had absolutely nothing to do with the goblins flipping on Becky, zero. If goblins wanted Vanessa out more than Shelli, Vanessa would have been packing.

Vanessa doesn’t control anything right now and cannot control votes. Her closest alliance has completely thrown her under the bus. Her game is toast.

Misty Beethoven

Waiting 12+ hours for medical attention is unacceptable. Even with our screwed up medical system, I don’t think she would have waited that long in any ER. I have no idea who is align with who at this point, except the gruesome threesome, who sadly will go to the end unless someone takes out Liz. Taking out Austin or Julia won’t make a damn bit of difference. And then there’s Vanessa. She needs to go right after Liz. James, Johnny Mac, Meg better get their act together and figure out what to do and fast.

CBS doesn't care

In Surviror Becky would had been remove and probably in other shows to, i don’t know what happens in other big brother’s but CBS’s big brother there is health care is at best a joke and its not like the house isn’t near hospitals either also its on a CBS lot so there should be always be a nurse or doctor on stand by CBS is filming other shows and has employees working around the clock. All you against lawsuits i’m sure ok if someone dies on big brother to as long you get your entertainment who cares about the hgs health and well being.

Zingbot Fan

WellI see we are up to ten alliances now but the only two with staying power are the Goblins and the Aus-Twins.


Someone please get me a doctor for even watching this show It’s the lowest of the low..creepy..I have succumb to basement TV..


Sleeeeeeepingggggaaaa. Good one. My nephew talked like that when he was five. I knooooooooowwwwwwaaaa right?


Seriously, where the hell does that come from. I certainly was shocked when a grown woman started with that awful “slang”. Don’t know how else to refer to it. Secondly, Simon and Dawg, you do an excellent job of portraying it in words.


The hoh comp is made for james or john for tomorrow. I hope vanessa is leaving next week. She bugs me the most in the house.


I find it so hilarious that Austin and Liz are trying to so hard to be intimidating with this hoh power of theirs, trying to make deals when no one seems to be interested in the slightest except of course vanessa and steve, their rat and minion, respectively.

Milking the toe injury for a lawsuit

Becky is just the suing type.

From what was said about the train accident, it seemed like she has an impending law suit against the train company. Despite the news article described her as a careless pedestrian, she did reveal she’s waiting for the compensation outcome.

Seems like Becky might be coming up with something up her sleeves to add more monies, to her already existing $30 plus k. $10 winning $13 jury, plus more than $10 stipend.

She’s one smart worldly chick, someone i will not trust in real life, and someone i avoid like virus, becos she spells trouble.



Makes Sense

Well, at the very least she probably spells words correctly, so there’s that.


Ten things I would like to see happen in the big brother house: 1# Evel Dick giving out the zings this year. #2 Austin cut his hair shave off his beard. 3#Vanessa put Austwins on the block4# Jacquie the one to come in the house5#Steve is found out as a rat6#Austin putting on shirt7#James winning H.O.H and making a big move8# Do something else then sleep and stare into nothingness9#Austin and Liz showmance to end!James as the winner or America favourite player


They shoot horses don’t they?


Is it sad to say that I would rather stare at Beckys f’d up toe than see Liz’s face in that screenshot???