“Each boy needs to find a way to mount the shark”

POV Holder: Liz POV Competition Aug 15th
POV Used ? POV Ceremony Aug 10th
HOH Liz Next HOH Aug 20th
Original Nominations: Johnny Mac and Becky
After POV Nominations: ? and ?
Have Nots Vanessa, Johnny Mac, Steve

(Not very much game talk has happened. this post is a collection of tweets, gifs and images of the house guests goofing around the house.)

Big-Brother-17 2015-08-16 17-40-57-236_jpg

“In this weeks photo booth we want to see your best Duck face so Picker up”
Meg – on all of them.. so we do four duckfaces
Austin – there’s only 1 duck face
Steve – or you’re Donald trump face.. he does that

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Big-Brother-17 2015-08-16 17-58-24-539_jpg

5:56pm havenots
Steve telling Jamc they are team Vanessa until … “You know what I mean”
Jmac – Yup I hear ya

Big-Brother-17 2015-08-16 17-59-56-536_jpg

6:08pm Alone

Big-Brother-17 2015-08-16 18-43-03-176_jpg

For the last hour the houseguests have been riding the shark like a bull… these series of Gif Highlights this. There is no game talk just random fun..

Big-Brother-17 2015-08-16 18-56-02-853_jpg

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[envira-gallery id=”128826″]

Big-Brother-17 2015-08-16 19-21-27-796_jpg

7:20pm Meg, Julia, James and Steve are playing tin the Pool. JMAC and Austin are lifting weights.
(There has been very little game talk for the last bit)

Big-Brother-17 2015-08-16 19-32-23-000_jpg

7:30pm Julia, Meg and Steve are playing in the Pool. Austin and Jmac working out again on the feeds.

Big-Brother-17 2015-08-16 19-45-41-320_jpg

7:36pm Liz and Austin HOH
Liz going over her conversation with Becky. Austin wants to know they
Liz – She really thinks she’s the pawn she’s going instead of him

Austin – explains if the whole house votes her house if she comes back she’s gotta target the whole house

Austin says Steve is critical for them because he comes with Johnnymac
Liz says Vanessa came up there and talks crazy game.

Liz – this game has gotten to her I’m telling you
Liz brings up Vanessa seems to be turning on Steve
Austin – Oh my god what about her
Austin warns that vanesa will spill the beans about steve tio james and Meg.
Liz – I’m more worried about what we’ll tell Steve About Meg and JAmes

They agree Vanessa is the only person in the house that can’t let go and have fun.
ustin – James and Meg have become my favorite People they are so Funny
Liz – I love Meg she’s so funny
They agree Jackie was the piece that was pulling them all apart from James and meg.
Liz doesn’t understand why they all liked Jackie “She’s so boring’
Austin – I was having fun with those three in the dental cxhairs.. you’re right she had to go for us to get them..


  • Goblins/Gremlins = James and Meg
  • Generals = anyone allied with Becky
  • SOS = Steve and Vanessa
  • Rockstars = Steve and Jmac
  • AUS-Twins = Austin, Julia and Liz
  • “Brass Tacks”  Gobins and Austwins
  • The new “Brass Tacks” = Aus-Twins, Meg, James + Vanessa
  • “Freaks and Geeks” “The Scamper Squad” – Aus-Twins, Vanessa, Steve

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liz and austin. stfu
you guys are super boring and annoying
jackie was amazeballs


Need Pandora’s Box..

Anyone except Vanessa or Steve for the win…


Why did Steve say to cameras he didn’t want to win HOH but still won it

Is this guy a moron and doesn’t know how to throw an HOH by choosing False instead of True

Vanessa does the same thing


I swear I saw steve do a thumbs down action before the 2nd last hoh question. So I was surprised when he went on to get it correct.


Your comment is the answer to a question these noobs keep asking…… Why is Johnnie Mac in the DR all the time? Because he is ENTERTAINING freaking bore twins.


Ohhhhhh here we go. Queue Vanessa melting down in the hammock, grilling Steve. Oh dear.


Umm question….I haven’t seen Becky in bikini or thong….did she not participate/mount the shark?

is it just me

she is aloof of sharks ever since she took a geat white to the face

Big Jim

Wake me up if/when something happens


It is just the Austwins talking sh*t on Vanessa 24/7, while they evict Becky.

So tired of Austin going on and on about Vanessa. Serious shut up already.

Jackie's thong

Yes, let’s wake up when Van has control again. That’s when things will get strategic again.


That really is the only hope for some future action in the house. Van wins hoh and Meg/James rat out Austin for saying he would have backdoored Van.


Has anyone else notice????? It is always the person they voted out, that was keeping the ATwins from having fun. The ATwins are annoying twits. I did not think anything could be more childish then their alliance names, and then they did their dance for each alliance name, I was wrong AGAIN, VOMIT TIME!!
After watching BB on CBS, What is with this cast, they are always crying, Stevie is crying because he is an adult male still attached to his mother’s breast, Vanessa is whining because Johnny Mac didn’t fall for her bull crap, and Meg, while that is her game playing… crying. THANKS BB


Thats not true. They voted out Shelli over Van, and Van sucks the fun out of a room.


From the way things are forming up, I’m starting to think that James/Meg will be in a great position moving forward. Vanessa/Steve are thinking of targeting Austwisns, Jmac is targeting Vanessa, and the targeting James/Meg is building up too big of a resume come end game.

Good episode of Rob has a Podcast tonight with Shelly Moore the “Straight Shooter”.

Ms Chiff

Guess no one considers James/Meg a ‘power alliance’ because of Meg.

You know who’s in an equally good spot unfortunately isAustin – not sure if this was just coincidence or by design, but he’s got two layers of shields, Vanessa and Liz … because people will likely target them before they’ll go for him? And then the person coming back in’ll be a target – so he seems like a solid lock as well for final 6? Final 5 if he can win HOH before then?

There hasn’t been a female winner of BB in 3 years, since Rachel Riley – it’s looking like maybe there won’t be one this year either … Vanessa and Shellie seemed to have the most promise early on, but now not so much …

Wouldn’t be upset of James won – Austin on the other hand … meh :/


I kinda miss Rachel, she’s so sassy, love it


Are you on the moon?
If James and Meg do not win HOH next week, they will be on the block.
Do you actually think Austwins will nominate Vanessa/JohnMac to do the dirty work for James/Meg? I doubt it. They will take a shot at James/Meg to break up the couple. Right now Austwins are playing along with James/Meg to cover their asses next week in case James/Meg wins HOH next
Steve and Vanessa will also nominate James/Meg to break up the couple next week.
JohnMac might also nominate James/Meg initially and backdoor Vanessa.
If Meg/James wins HOH, they might nominate Steve/JohnMac and backdoor Vanessa because they think the Austwins are loyal to them.


still a ways til thursday. i’m hoping the house figures out that breaking up the twins is the best move for their games and backs away from targeting vanessa (and vanessa turns on them now). you don’t get the twins now, they control the vote. twins are the only ones who should be thinking of putting up meg and james, everyone else should be targeting them.

Vanessa's 40th Nervous Breakdown

Vanessa can tell she’s not number 1 anymore. She says everyone’s treating her differently and switches from crying to targeting Austin, then Steve, then James as acting weird, not believing her, not looking at her. She can’t just relax, have fun, doesn’t believe they didn’t know she was in the block, sensing she’s going up again. Psychic! She said Bible reading has gotten boring and she’s starting to lose her sh*t. Kudos to Liz Austin recognizing Van going of the rails again is bad for their game & she wants to put Austin up. Steve even getting annoyed she’s trying to blame sabotage on him, you’re playing stupid with me and quizzing me with wing answers. Maybe they’ll get smart and get Van out BD. Becky is taking it well, though she thinks she’s safe. Van not so much. At least Van’s crazy moments takes the focus off JMac.

Rigid Rod of Reality

Vanessa can’t let up.. . She’s a poker player. She will, in the end, go up in flames in this mostly social game that is being player out.. .


I give credit to Meg/James, they want Van out. But they don’t talk about her constantly. Austin literally doesn’t shut up about Vanessa. He and twins are saying some awful stuff about someone that has for a fact helped them get to where they are in the game. That being said, I still want Van to go out next.


The funny thing about Jmac is he thinks Vanessa has been gunning for him this whole game. In reality she hasn’t and still isn’t this week. Jmac relax bud, she wants Becky out. Jmac also thinks Vanessa was behind Clay/Shelli getting ousted. Umm…Jmac they were in an alliance together. Which your so called best friends(Clelli) in the house told you nothing about. He is rather clueless about the game to be honest. Oh also, Jmac your best bud Steve, has a final 2 with Vanessa.


The funny thing about Van is she seems to think she can get the same devotion from JMac that he gave to clelli. Her mistake will be keeping him around…


I agree. A couple of nights ago Vanessa literally tried to force an alliance with Jonny. He obviously wants no part of it and gives her clearly negative feedback.

But then later on Vanessa is talking with the twins bragging about how she is reeling Jonny in and she is going to make a fake alliance with Jonny & Steve and fool them both. Delusional.

She thinks she can just go up to people and demand things. Even to her closest allies like Steve, she stares him down and says things like “Don’t BS me Steve, Who are you going for? “. Or like going up to Jonny with “I have some game advice for you too” like she’s some sort of fucking wizard.

Like...I'm Jackie

We can only hope they change their minds and get her out. I doubt that’s gonna happen. Liz and Austin have both said their not going to do Vanessa’s dirty work…if Becky or jmac go home…you just did!


Liz wants Austin like I want exercise.
I loathe it.
Exercise makes me stronger, and helps me live longer.
But I loathe it.
All my friends seem to like it too, but I suspect deep down they don’t. Who likes the stink?
I’m sooooooo baaaaaddddd… It can make me feel good about myself and I dont mind the sweat!
Plus everyone will think I’m fucking lazy if I don’t like it and it can make me look good!
But I loathe it.


Simon/Dawg – from your perspective as the publishers, what’s the difference between a slow week like this and an entertaining week. I’m not just talking workload, guessing you guys bored out your mind?

Vanessa needs Proactiv

I’m sorry, but BB better change soon and quick! You have Steve, I’m sorry but plain and simple, he’s a little bitch! Maybe Meg will feel bad and give him his first kiss with a woman. You have Austin/Judas (multiple personality disorder) the wanna be tattoo’d wrestler that’s hopefully getting played by Liz…Vanessa, oh Vanessa, she’s a psychiatrists dream patient! I pray she’s gone soon, but at least she’ll get an endorsement deal from Proactiv!! The twins are completely useless and where in hell did they learn to talk like that, how annoying!

I hope Jackie can get back in the house and change things up because I’ll be sick if anyone of those people win!


Tonight on the telecast, Vanessa got the best edit. I’m sick and tired of Vanessa’s antics not being shown. The girl is insane, and because she is in the LGBT community, she can’t be shown in a bad light on CBS. True equality would be people shown in their true colors, not the forced rose-colored glasses that CBS places upon their audience.


I don’t know what show you’re watching. Vanessa looks like a complete psycho and two-face after her convo with JonnyMac and instantly going to the HOH to spin it to Austin/the twins. JonnyMac knew what she was doing and even Liz suspected that she was just blowing smoke.


That’s the first thing I said after the show tonight was over, Vanessa is getting a much better edit than she should be. I’m not sure how much of that has to do with the LGBT community, but I agree they should show more of her weird sh*t, because there’s a lot of it to choose from.


Not sure how much of it is bc of the lgbt thing, it could have something to do with it, but i think its bc shes tight with one of the producers. Like amanda zimmerman? Zuckerman whatever the hell her name was Vanessa is probably best friends with allison grodner


I hope the twins get over their cold soon.


Oh Rose. That was kind of greedy of you. We could have alternated at least. That exchange cracked me up. And James. It has so many layers. Lol. One of my favorite movies.


ohh I’m sorry i must have dosed off! i mean with Becky leaving thursday there goes the eye candy and Johnny Mac next week.. there really isn’t any reason to keep watching. Meg And james are likable but are literaly the most clueless, and easily bamboozled they have made one wrong:decision after another Stammering there way to the finish line like a drunk walking home from the bar. Creeps R Us steve and austin make my skin crawl. and the twins are annoying. Thanks BB for nothing next time u want to get in a players ear on who to vote out pick someone we DON’T LIKE. I’m not even going to address the V word cause i have nothing nice to say and the DR is the OLNY reason she survivied last week. keep the Villain great job cubs :{ zzzzzzzz… is it june yet

Meg's Twig Legs

Nasty, you think Becky is eye candy. She needs braces and fix that blotchy brown crap on her face.

The women this season, were the worst in years of BB.


Edits on the show are really boring. Vanessa gets whitewashed. Steve’s crazy isn’t showing. They never show the fights, and hardly any strategizing. Not sure why. I watch & read feed updates and skip the broadcast. Even James said they’re so boring he’d cancel the feed subscription. Crazy!

Hate to say it but Vanessa’s rants and everyone’s reaction is the most interesting. Even her BFF Steve begs not to be left alone with her because she sketches out and accuses even him of sabotage. JMAC says no way I’m not going near her and bounces. She days what’s wrong nobody likes me is like high school cliques. She is BB poison. What a long hard fall for a talented player.

another name

the problem i’m seeing isn’t vanessa’s perception. it’s what she does with her perception.
she thinks that each of austin, john and steve in some way against her. she’s right.
if she were to play the clueless card, lay low until after the pov ceremony, and talk to the twins about the relationship with austin the same way she was weeks ago, she’d be completely safe.
Realistically, Austin and the twins shut Vanessa out after the blind side pov ceremony, then went back to Vanessa after James changed the target, and now they’ve shut her out again.
If she does stay and win the HOH, i’d be thinking all bets are off. She could feasibly turn on anyone thinking everyone has marooned her.
Getting rid of Becky or John is actually better for the twin’s game. Getting rid of Vanessa this week loses a number and a shield for the twins. If everyone wants Vanessa out so badly they are willing to disregard twins in the game they should keep her.

Backdoor Vanessa Please

I cannot stand Vanessa and would love to see her backdoored. I want to throw up every time I see her ugly face. Please oh please – send her out the door!!


omfg. the austwins really did turn BB 17 all about summer camp… this is just weird.


This is to make folks laugh it’s a boring week……

What if Austin is playing one of the greatest games of all time? 😛 Big muscular guys like him are usually early targets. Generally that’s from winning. Austin hasn’t even made the block. He gets in a 6 player alliance then takes a back seat, smart stuff. He looks like a dufos chasing Liz he’s no threat an inept!
Or is he just a lummox waiting to get back doored?

bb T

What happened to the take overs? Did cbs just totally drop it?

bb T

bummer! I was initially worried they were going to go overboard – but I feel like they should use it at this point.

Just me

I wish they would address the lack of twists, or throw in a Pandora’s box, or something to spice up the game. My goodness, they are making aluminum foil penises (sword…whatever) and throwing things into pots and pans…come on! Bring a diamond power of veto or rewind, or something. It’s like watching paint dry right now. Oh I got an idea… Bring Rachel and Amanda in to torture Liz and Julia…that would be worth watching!!