Big Brother 16 – “Team America” Voting is NOW OPEN!


Julie Chen released the details of the Big Brother 16 Twist during The Talk. Julie explained that this season there will be 2 house guests that win HOH each week and they will both nominate 2 house guests (4 total) for eviction. The 2 HOH’s will then battle it out in an all new competition called “Battle of the Block” where the winner will remain as HOH and keep their nominations. The other HOH that loses the battle will then be dethroned and won’t be safe that week if the Power of Veto is used.

In addition, viewers will be able to alter and impact the game in a way that has never been done before! Your role as a fan and viewer is called “Team America”. The first “Team America” vote of the season is now open to viewers so after you’ve been caught up on the new Big Brother 16 Cast – head over to CBS and make your selection!


If you had to form an alliance with one of the House Guests who would you select? Choose wisely, your vote will impact the game.

Tune in to the two-night Big Brother premiere starting Wednesday, June 25th at 8/7c to find out how your vote will influence the season. Vote up to 20 times.

Voting closes: Friday, June 20th @ 2:59am ET / Thursday, June 29th @ 11:59pm PT.

Voting is now open:

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When will the Big Brother Live Feeds begin?
The Big Brother Live Feeds Season 16 will start on June 26, 2014 at 10:00 pm (PT).
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sarah ledger

Go home celeb we dont want you anymore on the big brothers house be gone forever byebey and dont come back 2


Hi I want to send my deepest condolences to Frankie about his grandfather passing Frankie I know what that’s like I’ve been there I wish you all the best from sue a huge big brother fan


Frankie love u so much. I’m sorry about your grandfather passing hope u stay hear in till the end .
The PINK hair

sarah ledger

we want donny out this week to go home thursday night be gone forever bye bye dont come back at all


Derrick sorry about your grandfather passing. Go team ????????


Nichole thumbs up to you could you other KIDS try and play a good game your very boring . You damn sure don’t have last years guts! All but Nichole I wish they could bring in a hole new group.


Like to see Donny win


Christine,derrick,Caleb,Frankie,go homeoooooo let Donny win