Big Brother 16 – Rachel Reilly with Reality Relapse Video Interviews of the New Cast!


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Today CBS released the official cast of Big Brother 16 and most big brother fans will be excited to learn that it is an all new cast. We now have less than a week to get to know the new cast before the 2-Night première begins on Wednesday, June 25th! Reality Relapse with Rachel Reilly & Ryan Carrillo interview the new cast of Big Brother 16!

Recently released Big Brother 16 news:

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Amber Borzotra & Cody Calafiore

Frankie Grande & Christine Brecht

Derrick Levasseur & Paola Shea

Caleb Reynolds & Victoria Rafaeli

Devin Shepherd & Zach Rance

Donny Thompson & Jocasta Odom

Hayden Voss & Brittany Martinez

Nicole Franzel & Joey Van Pelt

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6 thoughts on “Big Brother 16 – Rachel Reilly with Reality Relapse Video Interviews of the New Cast!

  1. Thanks so much for having all of these videos on here. :)
    I watched them all and for the most part I like everyone. I mean the only people I didn’t care for initially was Zack and Victoria. That could easily change though.
    I’m off to watch Jeff’s interviews now.

    1. From what I gather the majority of the cast was recruited. Smells like they were planning something else and at the last minute had to scrape up some people. Hopefully we’ll find out as the season progresses.

      I’m thinking it might be best to have a healthy mix of people some fans others totally newbie model wannabes.

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