Big Brother 16 FULL Video House Tour with Julie Chen!

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Get READY Big Brother FANS! Big Brother 16 is about to START in a week with the TWO-NIGHT première episodes airing on Wednesday, June 25th & Thursday June 26th. Just last week we showed you the Big Brother 16 house tour sneak peak and today we get to see the full tour. The high resolution photos of the new Big Brother 16 house were just released today showing off the “Urban Tree House” Theme! Julie Chen also released the details of the Big Brother 16 Twisted Twists coming our way this summer and its definitely going to change the game as we know it!

Head of Household (HOH) ROOM – Julie Chen describes it as a “Love Nest”
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Julie Chen takes us on the tour of the new house:

“Welcome to the Big Brother House! This years theme is an urban tree house, which is why if you look at the walls, we have this wood panelling and it’s made to feel and look like you’re sitting in a tree house looking through the branches. At what looks like is an open sky but its really just wall paper. The colour palette this year in the living room is like all earthy – with green couches and the wood coffee table. This summer we have 76 HD cameras, that’s 11 more cameras than last year… AND its more cameras than at the Super Bowl and the Oscars. This camera right here in the living room can span the width of the corner of the kitchen and in the same shot all the way down to the bedroom hallway.
This bedroom is called the earth bedroom, and these rocks are actually not rocks at all – they’re pillows! Expect the Unexpected! All of the bedrooms are named after elements. This is the EARTH Bedroomm, that is the WIND bedroom. Now lets go to the FIRE bedroom.
This is the Fire Bedroom – being that there are 3 double beds and people are going to be sharing beds you know that this are going to heat UP!
And this is the BEE HIVE room, where you know house guests are going to come in and start buzzing about who said what and who’s on our TEAM and who’s an ENEMY. Hello, we have a photo booth in the hive room and this is going to make this season MORE interactive than ever! You can kind of talk to the OUTSIDE World … if we let you!
Welcome to the bathroom – Of course the element here is WATER! And you know there’s going to be a lot of clean up to do because this game gets dirty!
Now the Head of Household always gets his or her own bed, this year its made to look like a birds nest! Or as I like to call it a “LOVE NEST!”
Now we’re actually in the tree house! Perched above everything else where you feel like you rule the world!
This is the kitchen – Like in most homes its the center of it all! And this center island is made to look like a CHOPPING BLOCK! A place you don’t want to be if you’re a house guest!

Watch all the drama unfold in our special 2-Night première back to back nights starting Wednesday June 25th at 8 o’clock!

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I wanna LIVE there! Best layout of all seasons! Excited to see the season start!

Pinocchio Obama

Thanks Dawg. Let’s get this season started!


I did not see the “wind bedroom” she was talking about?!