Big Brother 16’s TWISTED “Secret Plot Twist” is… “Battle Of the Block!”


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Today on CBS – The TALK, Julie Chen finally revealed Big Brother 16’s Twisted Twist that will be apart of this season. Only a couple days ago Julie Chen announced that she would give us the scoop on what twist we and the house guests have in store this summer. The photos of the newly re-designed Big Brother 16 house were just released today and there are definitely some interesting rooms to go along with the “Urban Tree House” theme. Julie Chen calls the twist a “Secret Plot Twist”..

Big Brother 16’s Twist:

  • 2 Head Of Household’s (HOH’s)
  • Each HOH will nominate 2 House Guests (4 Total) for eviction each week.
  • A Brand NEW Competition named “Battle of the Block” where the HOHs won’t be 100% safe. Just because you are HOH doesn’t mean you’re safe due to the new competition. 
  • MORE interaction / Voting from the viewers this season. There will be a new interactive twist called “Team America” that will allow America to influence the game like never before.


Executive Producer Allison Grodner states:

“When the House guests learn about the new twists, they will need to throw out any pre-existing strategy if they want to survive in the game. The new Battle of the Block competition will shake up the power in the house like never before. A House guest can go from zero to hero, or vice versa, every week!”

HOH TWIST = TWO House Guests win HOH each Thursday. They both nominate 2 House Guests (Total 4 Nominees). The 4 Nominees then compete in the “Battle of the Block” competition and the PAIR that wins is safe for the week and the HOH that nominated them will be dethroned and in threat of being nominated as a replacement should the Power Of Veto be used.


  • Instead of the usual 1 HOH and 2 house guests nominated for eviction – Big Brother 16 will have 2 house guests as Head of Household and 4 house guests nominated for eviction each week!
  • This will likely only last for about the first 4 weeks as Julie Chen said last season that the MVP twist would last all season however it ended after the first 4 weeks.


Big Brother Nomination History:

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The house theme and this twist might make for a good season especially since it will end “Going with what the house wants”


sooo basically it’s gonna be a team of Veterans vs a team of Newbies … let’s hope they bring back some decent vets


Basically, not

Jimmy 64

I’m glad there getting America more involved than just picking
Food for the have nots to eat.


This can be very interesting! I’m most excited to see how the guidelines of the rules are set!
Most interesting twist idea yet. Lets hope it goes as well as it sounds!


I wanted all stars 2 🙁


If there are vets then I’m really hoping we see dan. He always makes for an interesting season


No… enough of him.

Jimmy 64

If they bring back Dan I hope he’s the first vote out


one week to go!!! Hi Simon and Dog…im back for another year at the number one Big Brother Website!!!


I really hope Dawg didn’t get replaced by a Dog. Dude deserved much better than that! 😉
The twist idea seems intriguing to me – but my “red flag sensors” detect even more possibilities for BB to “twist it the way they want it to” by having even more hurdles than usual for “those they don’t want to win” to be stripped of their power, or to have their power become meaningless (choice of what kind of comp according to who’s playing)… I really hope BB will be fair with how they influence the game.


I’m really hoping if it is vets that they arnt vets who have already played 2 times!!!

Adam Poch's Strategy

I’ll reserve judgement until I see it in action. At this point hoping for all new players but this does make it seem like vets are likely.

Pinocchio Obama

This should be interesting. I love that they are shaking things up. Hopefully Team America means the viewers get a vote for eviction.

King Silva

I think being able to overthrow the HOH is pretty crappy..

They won it so they should be 100% safe.

So is Veto now the only way to be 100% safe or is that out since they have this battle of the block competition?

I honestly don’t expect this twist to last that long like most of the early twists but I do fear that some good people who win HOH could be eliminated for winning and it could lead to floaters going farther and that is never good..


I think that the floaters are going to be the first ones out because everyone is going to want to keep the stronger people on their team so that they win and don’t have to have their nominees go home…


i like the idea of 2 hoh’s and 4 nominees, but i don’t like that winning hoh doesn’t make u safe. they shouldn’t change the rules like that. it makes it a completely different game with the “battle of the block” competition! i wish the “losing” hoh would still be safe.
i didn’t get the part when she mentioned two teams. does this mean an hoh can only nominate 2 ppl from the other team? so from a pool of 7 ppl? (16 hgs – 8 each team?) there’s no way these teams can last for too many weeks, or that they can keep nominating 4 ppl each week for the twist. will prob only last 4 weeks like u said.


I guess I’m the lone dissenter who was hoping for a totally new cast with totally new challenges,sort of a re-boot. It seems that CBS is taking the safe route out by going for ratings instead of being true to the ‘Big Brother’ game. They might as well call the veterans re-curring characters and stick their names permanently in the show’s opening credits.


I was watching the $25 pyramid on rhap yesterday. Ian Terry was a contestant and said he was in BB sequester .. It was also brought up that Eric Stein is mia?


glad to see you guys are back!!

looks to me like vets versus newbies.. I HATE THAT.. I didn’t want any vets… I just hope no more Rachel or Jessie and if FRANK comes back I just plain wont watch


If the HoH is not safe from eviction, why would anyone try to win it? All you’d be doing is putting a huge target on your back. . .doesn’t make sense.