Big Brother 16 Commercial with the NEW CAST and Jeff Schroeder Interviews!

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CBS just released a new promotional commercial with the ALL NEW Big Brother 16 Cast so that you can get to know them a bit better.

Jocasta Odom “If you plan on stabbing me in the back, you better watch out!”
Devin Shepherd “I want to go in there and win HOH right off the bat!”
Caleb Reynolds “The girls are going to fall in to my southern good Country boy”
Julie Chen “Summer now has become synonymous with Big Brother now! The people that move in, they’re the stars of the show. The make the show good!”
Victoria Rafaeli “I talk and breath big brother!”
Jocasta Odom “Well me being a minister is just one of my great assets!”
Amber Borzotra “I just like competing!”
Devin Shepherd “I’m playing this game for my 2 year old daughter.”
Julie Chen “We always say expect the unexpected!”
Derrick Levasseur “Well my job is to work as an undercover officer and in that capacity my job is to find people’s strengths & weaknesses and exploit them when the time came and that is big brother in a sense.
Christine Brecht “I went to school for sign language and I’m really good with remembering things using my hands, like I have little tricks.”
Brittany Martinez “I feel like its going to be like high school all over again.”
Executive Producer Allison Grodner “We look for the best cast and the best mix of people to make this the most interesting summer ever.”
Zach Rance “I can control peoples wants and desires.”
Frankie Grande “My sister is Ariana Grande. If somebody walks in with more fabulous hair than I have, I will just leave.”
Victoria Rafaeli “We’re so traditional – we do the holidays, we don’t go out Friday night. Saturday’s we don’t work. Sunday’s we go to temple.”
Hayden Voss “I’m a goofy dude, I’m funny, friendly and out going.”
Cody Calafiore “I really like when people tell me that my personality out weighs the way that I look.”

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Jeff Schroeder has also interviewed each of the new house guests:

Amber Borzotra

Donny Thompson

To watch the rest of the Jeff Schroeder interviews visit:

Recently released Big Brother 16 news:

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Pinocchio Obama

I vote to evict Frankie.


So Alison, who’s the pre determined winner of this season? My bet’s on Frankie.