Big Brother Spoilers: Daniele Donato and Dominic Briones – Where are they now?

Jeff Schroeder announces that he is in Huntington Beach, California to interview former fellow house guests Dominic and Daniele. Daniele Donato first appeared on Big Brother 8 with her Dad Evel Dick Donato. She then returned to compete on Big Brother 13 which is where she met newbie Dominic Briones. After the season concluded their friendship grew into a relationship and married on January 19th, 2013.

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Big Brother 16 Spoilers: The CLUES Leaning Towards the Second ALL-STARS Season!

With so many rumors and speculation circulating the internet through different forms of social media its hard not to see the clues leaning towards this the 16th season of Big Brother being an All-Star season. This would be the second All-Stars season since Big Brother began back in 2000. The first Big Brother All-Stars was back in 2006 with Big Brother 7 where we truly had an all-star line-up of the best big brother alumni. The speculation about the 16th season being an all-stars season started a couple years ago but nothing has yet been publicly released or confirmed.

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Big Brother 14 Rumor Control Part 3 with Rachel And Daniele

On the third installment of the Big Brother 14 Rumor Control, Spicy and Ellen hosted the segment with special guests Daniele and Rachel. The begin by talking about what happens during the first 5 days of being in the house. Rachel and Daniele talk about how everyone gets to know each other and its fun. They talk about the food that’s available to them and hearing the Big Brother voice for the first time.

They ask Rachel and Daniele if it’s bad to win the first HOH competition. Rachel says that she didn’t think it was bad, she won it last season and Hayden won it the season before and we both won the game.

How hard is it to put someone up after you had just met them? Rachel says that it was nice to have Jeff, Dick and Brendon in the house to help guide her but that it would be harder if it was an all new cast. Daniele says that it’s easy to just put up someone and say that they were weak in the competition or whatever. Rachel says it’s a strategic move because you are HOH for almost 2 weeks so you always have people up there wanting to talk to you.

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BIG BROTHER 2012 Ultimate Houseguest Twitter List

Complete list of BIG BROTHER Houseguest Twitter Accounts, The best way to keep up with your favorite past BB player. All accounts have been added to a twitter list. Don’t forget to follow @dawgsbigbrother and @bigbspoilers for all the Big Brother 14 Spoilers

Twitter is the best way to catch up on what your favorite past Big Brother houseguest are up to. You’ll be surprised how different many of them are when they are not stuck in the stressful BB environment.

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Big Brother 14 Spoilers: Weekly BB News and Links from the Internets (2011-09-25)

Really is light with the “news” this week.. Looks like the BB13 Players Sans Rachel are slowly getting back into their regular lives. Adam Poch (@HeavyMetalTeddy) Tweeted “Cannot believe in 9 hours I go back to my “real job.” 3 months off was awesome, but gotta get back to the grind!… “. We have confirmation that there is a Big Brother 14 This in 2012 and the application/rules are available to download other than that For all I know it’s JJBR again. The big Question on everyone’s mind is Dani and Dom banging (there getting pretty close in this pic) and will Brendon go back to skyping dudes? only time will tell.

  • | Rachel “Hey Floaters you better watch out cause I’m in charge now I just won Big Brother”
  • You tube | JimAsian1’s Channel on youtube has the Big Brother 13 Episodes if you missed anything
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    Big Brother Spoilers: Porsche Briggs on the Rachel-Daniele feud, friendships, and gameplay..

    Here’s what Porsche told Digital Spy about her time in the house…

    Did you expect Rachel to honor your final two deal?

    “Yes, definitely. At this point in the game, she had saved me and I saved her. We’d been going back and forth over the past few weeks, playing together, kind of getting back to where we were in the beginning of the game so I expected her to honor the deal just as much as I would have.”

    Do you think that Rachel’s decision was only based on your agreement or did Adam being seen as a “floater” help your case?

    “Adam definitely played his game. He was very social in his game if we remember – he’s definitely won more competitions than Shelly. Unfortunately, he didn’t use the Veto on me that week but I feel like he’s kind of proven himself and earned his little spot as well. He wasn’t the most physical competitor, just as I wasn’t always able to beat Jeff. Luckily, I was able to beat him once in the Veto but everyone has their own time to shine in the game.”

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    Big Brother Spoilers: Rachel says I hate to be a b!tch but did Adam really earn his spot in the final three.. *Updated*

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    9:15am Big Brother wakes up the houseguests. When the feeds come back, Adam is in the backyard smoking. Kalia is in the bathroom telling Jordan about a dream she had about walking her dogs and how they fell down a stair case shaft. And says that after they bounced their necks weren’t so good because of the leash. Kalia, Porsche and Jordan are all getting ready for the day in the bathroom. Kalia leaves the bathroom. Porcshe tells Jordan that she loves it when BB gives them a warning about how much time them have till the ceremony it makes it so much better. Jordan agrees. Kalia comes back. Jordan leaves. Kalia starts telling Porsche all about how she was trying again last night to get Adam to consider using he veto. Kalia starts talking to herself saying that it’s veto day … find out your fate day… Kalia starts going over her speech that she will give during the POV ceremony.

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    Big Brother Spoilers: Rachel tells Jordan not tell Kalia how we are voting ..she is going to be asking all day. *Updated*

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    10am – 10:50am Big Brother switches the live feeds to the TRIVIA screen. At 10:15am The live feeds come back, Rachel is getting ready in the kitchen and Shelly is packing. Porsche is having a shower in the HOH bathroom. Rachel sits down at the kitchen table to eat her breakfast as she studies the memory wall. Jordan and Rachel go into the purple room to start studying the events or the house / competitions and dates. Jordan heads to the kitchen to make breakfast. Jordan then goes back to the purple room to eat her breakfast. Rachel says we have to win HOH this week and the veto. Rachel says that this HOH is more important. Jordan agrees. Jordan tells Rachel how Porsche overheard that there were 14 days left and was had no idea they were so close. Rachel says that I bet Jeff and Brendon are going to be freaking out for the rest of the day. Jordan says yup.. thinking who are we going to see walking through that door. Rachel says if we can do this Jeff and Brendon will be so proud of us. Jordan asks Rachel if she thought she was going to get this far. They talk about Rachel’s season the final four got the competition where they had to hide things for $10 grand. Jordan says that if we don’t win tonight I am not going to get as upset as last time.

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    Shelly says that everyone that loves Jeff & Jordan are going to hate her

    12am Up in the HOH room Kalia is getting ready for bed. Out in the backyard, Adam, Shelly, Porsche and Rachel are out in the backyard talking about random things. They talk about Ellis Island, Atlantic City and LasVegas. Adam says that Atlantic City is such a dump. Adam says that when he went to Las Vegas he went to every casino along the strip. Shelly says that when she goes to Vegas she wants to go with Rachel to see all the cool spots. Adam says that when he was in college, him and his buddy would drive up and down the strip looking at the strippers and laughing at them trying to hustle in the freezing cold weather wearing small fur coats. Rachel decides to go to bed. Porsche heads inside to put her cookies away and says that she may go to bed early too. Adam asks put your cookies away …is that code? Porsche laughs and says no. Shelly then heads inside to take a shower. All four cameras switch to Porsche and Rachel putting away the cookies that are in the shapes of their initials.

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    Adam about the Vets: “They were dangling those keys over our heads and made us jump like a dog for a bone..”

    Shelly: “They just want me out”.. Porsche: ” doesn’t matter We want you in”. Porsche tries to rally them.. she explains that they need to win the veto and keep them 4 in the game, if they lose the veto they lose a number for next week and the odds are worse for HOH.
    Shelly tells them not to be worried if she doesn’t win veto she goes home they are all safe.. Shelly: “I’m the evil one for Jeff leaving remember”

    POrsche: “Shut up with that Shelly you need to focus.. nothing has changed we have to win VETO”
    Adam brings up that Jordan is not good at comps and Rachel doesn’t do well under pressure. Kalia: “is there anything we can do to throw them off”
    Shelly leaves..

    KPA talk about how they need Shelly to suck it up they need to win that veto.

    Shelly comes back.. Porsche says she will give Shelly and adam the 5 g’s if they win the veto and keep the nominations the same. Kalia asks Shelly what happened inside that made her so upset. Shelly explains that JR are calling her a bitch and bashing all 4 of them int he bedroom. She suggests they take a listen next time they are over there.

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    Big Brother 13, Shelly and Jordan FIGHT! .. Jordan wants to pack her bags BB is stupid

    7:08pm Purple Room Kalia and Adam Adam explains why he choose to go with JJR over DKP. His reason is he trusted JJ and they were always good to him all along. Kalia then attempts to pull Adam closer to her side says she’s still open to work with Adam. Adam being this years true blue floater starts to agree.

    Kalia explains what happened with her LAst HOH and why Lawon went home. She continues to explain there is still a lot of game left and she knows her and Adam can work together to get farther.

    Live Feed Screen Capture Gallery

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