Big Brother 16 Spoilers: The CLUES Leaning Towards the Second ALL-STARS Season!

With so many rumors and speculation circulating the internet through different forms of social media its hard not to see the clues leaning towards this the 16th season of Big Brother being an All-Star season. This would be the second All-Stars season since Big Brother began back in 2000. The first Big Brother All-Stars was back in 2006 with Big Brother 7 where we truly had an all-star line-up of the best big brother alumni. The speculation about the 16th season being an all-stars season started a couple years ago but nothing has yet been publicly released or confirmed.

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Big Brother 13 Cast Revealed


looks like a bag of douches this is going to be a spectacular season 🙂 Check out the BB13 Polls There are also exclusive Big Brother 13 Interviews being shown on the feeds, get them here 3 day trial

“This season, some of BB’s most dynamic duos will be re-entering the house for another shot at the game!”
Worst of all CBS is asking us to vote who will return to the Big Brother House. the choices are brendon and Rachel, Dr will and mike booger, Jessie and Natalie (HA I told you), Evil Dick and Daniele, Jeff and Jordan or Hayden and Enzo.

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Big Brother 13 Spoilers: Weekly News Recap from the Internets (2011-05-31) *Updated

Another week closer to Big Brother 2011, BB8 Evel Dick recently tweeted that This is the weekish that the Big Brother 13 finalists are sequestered. They are looking up everything BB on their computers So if your a BIG BROTHER 13 finalist and your reading this blog trying to figure out the inside workings of the Big Brother house for the past 3 season i’l give you a couple hints right now…

BIG BROTHER 9 Matty McDonald Blogs From Prison
One of our readers (bbfan4172 <- thanks Mate!) has dug up Matty Mcdonalds Big Brother 9 blog being written straight from prison. It’s going to be a interesting read heres a small excerpt from it

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