McCrae Olson

TROUBLE IN PARADISE! McCrae says you’re yelling at me telling me to SHUT THE F**K UP!

12:15pm In the havenot room - Judd asks what if I won it and I used it on Candice so that Jessie would go home. I would say here you go Candice I just want to ensure Jessie goes home. Judd says worst case Amanda a bigger target goes home. Amanda jokingly says f**k you Judd. Judd says Candice could be MVP if she is friends with Eddie Murphy. Judd says I struck a deal with her. Eddie Murphy might put me in the Nutty Professor 4. Judd leaves to let Amanda and McCrae talk. McCrae says we are in an alliance with Aaryn. She is acting like a whinny little bit*h but you need to think about your alliance before you think of yourself. I want you to stay here of course but if you can get Gina to use the veto then you will look like the puppet master controlling people.

BIG BROTHER 15 Spoilers – MVP Nomination & VETO Player RESULTS!

10:30am – 10:55am The Big Brother 15 live feeds switch to TRIVIA for Big Brother to reveal who America chose as the 3rd NOMINEE and for the house guests to pick VETO PLAYERS! When the live feeds return, we learn that America chose AMANDA as the 3rd MVP Nomination.

THE POWER OF VETO PLAYERS ARE: Candice, Jessie, Gina, Amanda, Spencer, Judd!

HOST of the POV: Aaryn

10:55am Up in the HOH room – Amanda, Jessie, Helen, Andy, McCrae and Gina are talking about the MVP nomination. They all agree that Candice is still the target. They wonder if Candice got MVP. Amanda has been nominated by America as the MVP. Amanda tells the others that Spencer told her that if he wins the Veto he will use it on her to prove his loyalty to her. Amanda wonders why anyone would use it on her.

Aaryn says if I get MVP you all should self-evict because I have done nothing MVP worthy!

8:30am Big Brother wakes up the House Guests. When the live feeds return, Helen and Andy are talking about who the MVP might be this week. Helen says that if Spencer goes up it would be Ginamarie. They continue speculating on who it could be depending on who goes up. Andy asks who do you think we need to take long term. Helen says that she thinks taking Spencer to the final 3 would be the best option. Helen says I think we need to take out McCrae soon, if we take Amanda to the end no one will vote for her. Helen says McCrae needs to go before Amanda as she is easier to beat. Helen says that McCrae will always been seen as less of a threat than Amanda. They think if they keep Jessie and Aaryn in the game they we go after Amanda. Helen says that others will take Amanda and McCrae out for us. Andy thinks we have a good solid few weeks of being safe. Andy and Helen leave the storage room.

Aaryn asks if H & C go home because of us, do you realize how that looks? Gina says what like black on black crime?

1:05am Ginamarie talks to Aaryn about how she hasn’t been a havenot and people want her to throw it. Ginamarie says I am here to compete, this is a competition, get off you’re fat a$$es and do something about it. Can you play like everyone else, I don’t understand it. Aaryn says MVP was already passed out. Gina asks how do you know that? Aaryn says because it’s the night before. When Elissa got it it was the night before. Gina asks how do you know that did she tell you? Aaryn says Helen told me. Gina says don’t believe everything you hear. You can listen but don’t believe it. Gina says it could be tomorrow morning. Gina comments that I haven’t heard anyone called into the diary except for me because I am HOH. Aaryn says because you know how he came over the speaker and called me? Gina says yeah. Aaryn says he did that to Amanda too in the cockpit. Gina asks he did what to Amanda? Aaryn says called.. Big Brother cuts the feeds. When they come back, Gina says that sucks, whatever!?

Big Brother Spoilers Ginamarie impersonations “It’s a hot girl thing”

9:40pm Living room

The competition begins where the players have to impersonate Ginamarie. The best impersonation gets to have a BBQ with Helen, Aaryn and Elissa.

In the centre of the living there is a collection of GM’s stuff, the meow meow hat, hair extensions etc etc.

Participants are Amanda, McCrae, Jessie, and Spencer. Helen and Elissa are also in the contest but just for fun. On the count of three they have to race to the centre and grab a prop to prepare.

Each contestant stand in front of the group and does their impersonation. (In my opinion McCrae and Jessie and Amanda are the best flashback to see it all)
Everyone has a great time after they are done with the impersonations the judges head to the have nots to decide the winner

Whatever happened to Superfriends “At some point I’ll have to betray Helen and Elissa”

8:34pm HOH Aaryn and Andy

Aaryn telling him that during the mattress flipping event Amanda convinced 6 people in the rainbow room she was responsible for David and Nick’s eviction, “She convinced everyone in the room it was my fault.. “
Aaryn adds that after Amanda told her in private that Aaryn was not responsible for those two evictions.

Aaryn says you can manipulated David’s mind so easily she’s worried that David’s at home right now thinking she is why he went home.

Andy: “If i Know two things about Amanda is she likes to be in the centre of trouble and two she is very loyal and I want her on my side and not against me”

Aaryn Hopes that they are loyal to her. Andy says he’s trusting his gut on this one and he feels they can trust Amand and McCrae.

Aaryn says they all have bonds with people in this house and if they want to win this game they have to have loyalty. Andy thinks the first couple weeks of this game is all about making those

Big Brother Nomination Results Andy: “We need to Honour Ginamarie and Aaryn this week”

6:04pm HOH GM and Candice
Gm : “Hi sweetheart”
C: “That was pretty harsh GM”
GM: “I’m sorry I think you are a cool person.. I hear things.. err.. don’t believe rumors but you told Elissa about what we said in the bathroom” GM explains that when her Kaitlin, Amanda and Aaryn were in the bathroom talking about Elissa Candice ran up to the HOH and told Elissa that they were talking bad about her and GM wasn’t. Gm doesn’t like people that spread rumours around. The truth of it was GM never said a bad thing about Elissa during that conversation.

GM: ‘People have their own personalities and their own game play I don’t like rats not saying you are .. you are beautiful and a good person”
GM points out that candice has big fights with people then the next minute she is buddy buddy with them again that makes it hard for GM to trust her.
Gm: “no hard feelings.. JUDD and McCrae.. I promised them I wouldn’t put them up. cause they never put me up.. . Andy is cool with me and I promise McCrae I wouldn’t put Amanda up when we’re in the HOH competition… the only last resorts were you and Jessie”

Amanda tells Jessie that she is sorry about the derogatory comments she made about her.

Helen says Jessie is a little Devil, the way she talked to Amanda was so mean! Gina says Jessie is a womanizer!

Amanda & Jessie FIGHT! Amanda says you go after every guy, CLOSE YOUR F**KING LEGS YOU SL*T!

Another cliff hanger week? “Bye Bye good parting gift the 5 grand go to candy land b!tch”

Big Brother Spoilers Guess who’s sleeping in the HOH tonight.. Clue it’s not the HOH

Big Brother 15 HOH and Eviction results Candice Vs Howard Vs Amanda

Andy tells Aaryn how Jessie was trying to get him to flip last night. Aaryn says I would never vote out Amanda!

McCrae says the twist is you’re a boy! Amanda says you know I’m not! Judd says yeah you poked her oyster!