“I would never go against you I love you and want a life with you after this” -Amanda to McCrae

POV Holder: ? Next POV Aug 10th
POV Used ? POV Ceremony Aug 12th
HOH Winner: ANDY Next HOH: Aug 15th
Original Nominations:
Current Nominations:
Last Evicted Houseguest David, Nick, Jeremy, Kaitlin, Howard, Candice, JUDD
Have Nots Aaryn, Helen , GM, Elissa


2:22pm GM and MC Backyard couch They are talking about the money and how much they need it.
GM saying she wishes there was 100K prize for second place and 10K for third. She’s hoping to get a couple g’s. She mentions America’s player is a possibility but thinks first prize is out of reach. MC says third place is the worst the only good thing is it gives you the chance to win more luxuries. GM says her ‘Surgeries” cost her 200 a month they are like car payments.


2:28pm HOH Andy and McCrae

Talking about every single HOH they have controlled except for Aaryn’s second one. Andy wants to come out of this week without anyone gunning after him he feels he’s played a smart game and made sure nobody is targeting him. Andy says the only thing that could derail their plan is if Jessie or Spencer win the Veto then they will have to put GM up.
McCrea tells him GM is more valuable than Jessie he wants Jessie gone they have to make sure the Veto isn’t used. Andy wants GM to stay this week as well.
McCrae: “Me and Amanda just talked to Elissa and we’re solid now..” McCrae was worried about her earlier.
McCrae telling him JUDD didn’t like Andy because Andy and JUDD played the same type of game. McCrae thinks JUDD was a good guy but he should have stuck with the goof troop instead of branching off.

Andy says Helen was pissed at McCrae for taking the 5 grand during the POV competitions a couple weeks back. She’s forgotten what it’s like to be young and without money. ‘She’s 37 and she has money”
Andy says he’s frustrated with CBS they never ask him questions about his strategy and game. He feels he’s never called into the Diary room and they never focus on the game just silly things. Andy believes he’s been one of the more active game players this year and should get the credit.
Andy: “I don’t want to be an Ashley.. every f*** vote every week I’ve known what is going one”
MC: “You have been crucial with mine and Amanda’s game.. the live feeders know the game you’re playing”
Andy says Nick and Jeremy thought he was floater and completely disregarded him in the game “Go f*** yourself who do you think you are I’m here to play and I have the numbers’
MC points out that the MVP twist really screwed with their Jeremy and Nick’s game.
MC mentions the game has gone their way the entire time. This is why he’s worried because that never happens in Big Brother. Andy adds he’s gotten his way every week. Andy says the time when he turns his back on Helen will break his heart but he thinks she’ll understand from a game perspective.
McCrea: “It’s going to get tough and dicey after this week“


2:55pm Bathroom Aaryn and GM planning out a dance
You can re-watch ever second on the feeds using the flashback feature.. It’s just like a DVR and is super easy to use. click this link for a Free Trial —> Subscribe to the Big Brother Live Feeds


3:10pm HOH Helen and Andy
Helen is saying she knows Andy and knows where he’s from she’s closer to Andy than Elissa. Amanda asked Helen today who she was closer to and even though Helen didn’t tell Amanda straight up she alluded that she wasn’t as close with Elissa.
Helen adds that Elissa has hurt her game a bit whereas Andy has done nothing but strengthen it.

Andy: “I’ve talked to Amanda and McCrae and they have your back Helen now is not the time to make the move.. with 9 people still here it’s not the time”
Helen agrees.


3:33pm McCrae and Amanda
McCrae: “what the hell is that”
Amanda: “Looks like a wart”
She tells him he should ask teh DR about that “Stuff” for his hand. McCrae doesn’t want to because they will probably take it out of his stipend. Amanda says “Dr Scholls” is only $30. McCrae doesn’t care about that ‘Sh!t”

3:43pm Storage room McCrae, Ellissa and Helen
They got a package of mackerel the price on it says $42. they also got a bunch of Mung Beans. The cooking instructions has butter in it which is usually not allowed for Have nots to eat.


3:49pm Amanda and McCrae Bedroom
Amanda is a bit worried about McCrae now that JUDD is gone. McCrae tells her not to worry his problem is he’s feeling like his position in the game is worse now that JUDD is gone.
Amanda says McCrae deserve to win over her because Big Brother is his dream.
Amanda says aaryn told Andy she would rather GM go over Jessie.
McCrae: “No way”

Amanda says their eviction list is Jessie, GM and Spencer. “Eventually Elissa has to go up as the pawn”

Amanda: “I would never go against you I love you and want a life with you after this”
Amanda wants to win the money so they can start a life together.
Amanda: “I have a career and money after we get out of here.. I have 10 thousand dollars plus the 13 we get here.. “
Amanda wants him to move and get a car. She clarifies he’ll get his own place and be able to do what he wants.
Amanda: “I don’t want you to question me ever”

CBS Interactive Inc.

4:14pm Backyard Helen and Aaryn
Talking about relationships Candice, friendships and careers

4:19pm Bedroom Elissa, McCrae, Amanda, spencer, GM
Random chit chat.

Elissa says they have a lot of cars but doesn’t drive their Audi SUV as much as some of the other ones because the maintenance is high. Amanda tells them she only drives a luxury vehicle because she needs to for her business.

4:41pm Bedroom Everyone but Aaryn and Helen
They are teasing Candice, impersonating her voice and the whole Candyland thing. Amanda, Andy and Spencer are doing the impersonations. Everyone is laughing. Elissa laughs but tells them they shouldn’t talk about Candice when she’s not around to stick up for herself.


4:50pm cam 3-4
Still talking about Candice. They all seem to agree she wasn’t the most considerate roommate. She did stuff like slam doors and use other people’s things without asking.
GM: “She had no manners.. she was low class”
GM: ‘And I even said it at least my mom likes me.. “
Spencer: “I know.. you cut deep on that one GM”
GM laughs (See image) nobody else laughs.
GM: ‘Sorry.. “ GM explains that Candice brought up her living with her parents it was tough after she lost her place she had to move back home.
Andy says he understands. GM brings up how Candice said she wore blue contacts like it was going to upset her. She doesn’t care that people know she wears blue contacts.

5:20pm Nominations Ceremony
(No need to get too excited Jessie and Spencer are going up)
6:10pm Still TRIVIA..
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CBS Interactive Inc.

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if ever a week coup d’etat was needed, this is it


Who should get it, though? Jessie? Spencer?

Roisin Dubh

They both are on the block.


What’s the point? No one in that house has the guts to do something with it.


I would think maybe Elissa would be the only one. Jessie is too scared too now. I hope the player who comes back from the Jury gets it….

Roisin Dubh

Bring back Mr Pectacular, dude would roll that house in an instant.


nobody this season deserves to get the coup d’etat. if anyone had it, the house will talk the person into not using it, because the house voted on it.


If McCrea does not get Helen out next week, he won’t win.


It will never happen. Elissa is not going anywhere!

Scarlet Nicky

Why is the goal of all the players to finish 4th behind Amanda, Helen & McCrae? Everybody’s goal seems to be to appease Helen & Amanda so they will be cut last.

Congratulations to Amanda for another HOH. She may be the first player ever to be HOH every week for an entire season.


I know, right? After controlling 7 HOHs, Amanda deserves a HOH basket and a letter from home.


Move over, Andy! Here comes Amanda & McCrae to sleep in your HOH bed!

U cannot be serious

Yeah its never gonna work…Dr. Will won every HOH and lost….psyche


hey andy, cbs doesn’t ask about your gameplay and strategy because they know what it is…

be a little rat bastard to demanda and mcpussy.

and to answer that question, the live feeders know that too. hate this cast, they all suck.

U cannot be serious

You said that about Ian last year…u have anything else to say that’s new?

Big Jim

What a bunch of clowns


I wanna punch Andy’s face. F**king p***y! I dont want any blood on my hands! Then why are you HOH! Whimp!

U cannot be serious

The Willie-Hantz-Strategy don’t work. N Jeremy left 4 weeks ago. WWE don’t work in BB. Who are u?


WWE is more fake than Big Brother. Willie can kick there a$$.


Why is Andy even playing the game if he doesn’t want blood on his hands? Is he expecting someone to serve him the Grand prize of $500,000 on a silver platter for being a weazel, or as GM says a rat? Come on!

Jack Daniels

Amanda has been playing this game so well. Evicting Judd has now locked both McCrae and Aaryn to her for good. Andy is a slithering rat, and I think he knows how to play the game, but I have to question his sanity. A final 3 with Amanda and McCrae is so foolish. He cannot beat either of them and neither will take him to the final. If he goes this route he will basically be perceived as McCranda’s minion. He has to make a move soon, or he is playing for second place. Even is he takes Spencer to final 4, I think McCranda will evict him at that point. Helen has also been playing very well, but she needs to make a move asap because she is the new Judd. Amanda wants her out. I think Helen and Aaryn are in the same position. They need to now separate from McCranda and Andy if they want a shot @ the money. In a normal season I would be rooting for Aaryn but her racist comments, and the continuing to come after Candice is such a turn off. I would rather Candice come back in the house versus Judd. Judd will only go after Helen and Elissa, and they are already targets. He will not get that his alliance of McCranda and Andy where the ones to actually put the nail in his coffin. This season for all it’s antics and contempt among the houseguests is incredibly predictable. I hope Helen and Elissa connect with Aaryn and GM to evict whoever they want this week, win HOH next week, nominate both Amanda/McCrae with Andy as the backup. That will cause so much drama a and chaos in the house. The alliance shifts will be huge and Amanda evicted or not will have a meltdown. I then hope Candice comes blazing back into the house, coming after Aaryn GM and Amanda. The vengence of Candice would be great TV.


I’d say Candice is meaner than any of the “mean girls”. None of those girls would try to degrade somebody on live tv like Candice did. What a POS.


At least what Candice was saying was trying to defend herself unlike the “mean girls” who degraded Candice with racial remarks…behind her back as well.


I agree that Candice was defending herself. Look at what GM said to her during nominations and she was quiet. At the time of evictions, it didn’t click onto me (too much chatter), but what GM said to Candice was low. I don’t care how much you don’t like someone. So what, GM, she told you that you live with your mom. Big deal! It’s 2013! A lot of adults do! But, when I remembered when Aaryn told GM that Candice met her mom for the first time on Oprah and how emotional it was for her….knowing that Candice was adopted…..How low can GM be!

Disgusted at her! Send her A$S to Jury with her WACKY HAIR EXTENSIONS!


GM hair is always dirty and she call\s everyone else dirty!! She is just gross

Tellie J

Candice degraded GM on the live show. GM, Amanda, Aaryn, and Kaitlin degraded Candice (and sometimes even Jessie and Helen) the entire time she was in the house. But you think Candice is a POS? That makes a lot of sense. O_o


Right, because making fun of someone because they still live with their parents after the age of 30 is much worse than making fun of somebody because of their ethnicity (sarcasm at its highest level).


i was a manager for 25 years get a bunch of women together at work or at home that same kind of drama goes on I surprised a women has ever won it

no name

Candice degrading people on national tv? Are you delusional?! GM, Aaryn, Spencer, Amanda and all the sheeps have been degrading Helen, Candice, Howard and Andy!!! You watching he same show? She has the right to speak…she was on the block! GM should’ve shut her damn dirty ass mouth! Candice actually held it in all those times in the BB house. I know I would’ve been kicked out for assault! Actually, Candice should’ve said MORE!


WHAT show have you been watching?!


Were you not watching any of this season. Candice was defending herself against unwarranted racial and personal attacks. Fuck Ginamarie and Amanda – they are two of the most classless, disgusting trash bags to ever live in the big brother house. Don’t know how McCrae even fcks with Amanda she says Puerto Rican’s are dirty but she looks like she has a layer of slime and dirt all of her body and her p**sy must be dirtier than a Mcdonald’s dumpster. Same with Gina she looks like she doesn’t bathe that often either, plus she’s a dumbass. Good luck to Gina finding a job that with employ her illiterate ass after this.


I guess saying “at least my mother cares about me” is like droplets of morning dew.


Candice doesn’t have the game to do something smart. She has already proven that she isn’t very bright or good at playing the others. and I really just don’t like her. Helen is a good player that is why they need to get her out!


Really? Because Candice was the most perceptive, figuring out the alliances, and she is the only one who realized that in order for anyone to have chance of being in the final two they had to break up McCrae and his shit sack fiance. Towards the end she couldn’t do anything because Amanda and Aaryn slandered her so badly in combination with the fact that Amanda basically controls everyone she didn’t have the social game to really save herself.


I hate this season!

U cannot be serious

That’s what you said last year


Why would production take medical needs out of their stipend, they don’t have insurance for the HGs?


Not to mention how cheap this show is to make in the first place. Its survivor without any of the logistical costs. Talk about dirt cheap. Its roughly the same cost as Waynes World with higher ad sales revenue. Go spend 30 bucks on medical needs even if its over the counter and not insured.


it’s not that amanda has been playing so well just that everyone else has been playing so poorly.


That’s true, Amanda’s strategic game isn’t really that strong, but everyone in the house is so concerned with doing what the majority wants. Which is dumb because they can’t all win a half a million dollars, and eventually the majority will want them out.


Like if I were Amanda, McCrae, Helen, and Aaryn’s friends and family I would be sooooo embarrassed to be even associated with them after this show. Like they’re really shown their asses. Aaryn is going to be embarrassed to go back to college after watching this show. Amanda may not ever sell a house again, and her parents should be disgusted by how she conducted herself in this house (not like being sexual or anything but just because she’s so vicious and disgusting climbing all over this 25 year old pizza boy, she looks thirsty as fuckkk), and the PTA mom’s Helen associates with are going to know how bitchy and conniving she is. McCrae’s family is going to realize how low their son is because he is a pizza boy at 25 who was too cheap to request wart medicine. Oh and Andy’s students are going to realize what a scummy, lying weasel he is — no integrity and no backbone.


evil dick would smoke her in seconds


Mc and Amanda hate each other, but remain married for years. During their shouting fights, Amanda constantly warns Mc, “If I die first, I will dig my way up and out of the grave to come back and haunt you for the rest of your life!”

One day, the Amanda abruptly dies. After the burial, Mc goes straight to the local bar and begins to party. His friends ask if he isn’t worried about his wife digging herself out of the grave.

Mc smiles, “Let the old c*nt dig. I had her buried upside down.”


Lurker001, I sadly miss yourJuddisms. :(




“Amanda tells them she only drives a luxury vehicle because she needs to for her business.” She may need that luxury anymore.


may not need….


Andy is pretty much telling McCrae to get him out soon because he is playing the perfect game so far. That is the way I perceive it. If you are telling me how good you are doing and everything is going your way, then I don’t to be up against you. Dumb move Andy, or will McCrae even catch this??

Roisin Dubh

Andy, you don’t get called into the DR because tattling isn’t a strategy, it’s character flaw. Just be happy they aren’t harping on that. .Good ole Helen planting the seeds of distrust against Elissa, the only person that never thought of voting against you. Guttermouth thinks she has a shot at America’s favorite, wow, that’s a hoot. Aaryn still obsessed with Candice and blames her for Aaryn calling her Shaniqua. Amanda sinking her claws into keychain and keychain doesn’t know what to do for the power of the cooter is no only destroying his game but draining his lifeforce. Spencer grabbing his balls thinking about how to survive for another week. Jessie knows she’s the target and trying to ride out the storm. Elissa doing yoga and flying under the radar. I think that about covers it until nominations come around. Until next time- Keep the faith and remember, you can’t expect the unexpected, because that requires the houseguests to have a pair and use a brain.


gm as americas favorite? let me go barf forever. she’s such a joke.


What is going on? Where is the Pandora Box?


Did anyone hear Spencer’s “chinamen” comments? It just never ends…I’m so disgusted by him.


so spencer’s going next then jessie if she dont win hoh then andy, GM, yep final 4 will be mcCranda and helissa…..elissa will probably win hoh since the other 3 cant win jack shit….i’m really seeing elissa winning this thing.


WTH are $200 (every month) surgeries that GM is claiming she needs?……

Roisin Dubh

If I were her, I’d ask for my money back.


haha, I thought the same thing. she looks like an anteater


the bitch look like a leather car seat. are you sure she didnt mean she HASN’T gotten surgery and she is PLANNING to get it???


I thought she might need dialysis or something for a minute. Never mind.


GM is the older Honey Boo Boo.


It sounds like Jessie is the only one willing to make a big move. That’s who needs to get HOH to stir up whats left of this sad and boring group. Of course she’ll probally be gone this week. Or maybe she’ll get Coup de ta and completely change the votes like Jeff did a few seasons back. It’s crazy they say she’s kissing HOH #@ss, oh sure like everyone else isn’t? She’s just Amanda choice this week, so boring!!! Come on BB productions, I say Coup de ta!!!


CBS is airing the real Shark Week with this cast! A bunch of blood thirsty racist, with tiny brains who are on a feeding frenzy ripping each other to shreds with their ignorant comments and preying on the weakest contestants….This explains the blood stains on Amanda’s bed sheets.


It’s too early for the DR to ask Andy about his gameplay (aka hovering).


i HATE Helen the most


Amanda is talking about the sores on her tonsils and how they make her breath smell bad. If this is true her tonsils are infected by either a virus or bacteria. BB needs to find out right away if she has a disease that could be contagious. To determine what is causing the problem she needs to get a throat culture done then can be put on the appropriate antibiotics if it is being caused by a bacteria infection. If it is viral all she can do is treat any symptoms. In the meantime I would advise Mc to keep his distance.

Roisin Dubh

Just goes to show that losing your gag reflex can have a downside.


How ironic that bacterial infection found a home in Amanda’s big mouth. But I her think her breath smells bad because she is the devil.


Amanda I think would kill her own mother to win this game..


gina needs the money to pay for all those herp treatments she gets run nick run


GM talking about someone being of low class,that’s laughable, when she’s lower than the entire 16 HGs combined, and she’s stupid.

She claims she lost her house? More like she was living with her fiance and when he found out how psychotic she is he gave her the boot, and she had nowhere else to go besides home.

Living with your parents at 32 is your choice, parents giving you up for adoption isn’t.

How can she afford plastic surgery if she’s living with her parents? Yea, I thought so, hoodrat rather get plastic surgery instead of paying rent.
Nobody feels sorry for her.


omg, GM really needs to stop. Her saying she could see herself being America’s player and get the money??? How delusional is this bitch!!! And yet again, she’s bringing up comments about Candice’s birth mom. She makes me sick!!

That's the wrong thing to do

Maybe it’s just me, but I personally don’t see Amanda and McRae living a life together outside this house. From what I’ve heard, Amanda lives a pretty expensive lifestyle, and I don’t think a pizza boy will satisfy her. So unless McRae wins a large sum of money, I personally don’t see it happening.

Roisin Dubh

Keychains doing something right. He’s A- Swinging a monster club
B- Has the ability to lick his eyebrows clockwise and counter clockwise
C- All of the above


I think Amanda likes to have a man that is co dependent and will do anything for her. I think she honestly does want him to be with him after the show. He keeps his cool when she freaks out and forgives her for her crazy behavior. As long as he does that she will spoil him and do everything she can to make sure that he is successful. She will of course hold that fact over his head and if he ever leaves her or betrays her she will go ballistic and make his life a living hell.


No one else would have Amanda once they spent a couple hours with her. McC is the only one who’ll put up with her & he appears to be ready to back off.


gina get wefare she is a hood rat


Problem tho w cadice or Jessie returning is that they can win competitions either, so there will be no flipping of power


gina get welfare and sells her ass to pay for those surgeries lmao


“Elissa laughs but tells them they shouldn’t talk about Candice when she’s not around to stick up for herself.” Elissa’s maturity level is lightyears beyond all the other people in the house. It’s a pity that she has to spend her summer hanging out with toddlers.

Shiny Happy People

I think you missed the part where she laughed right along with them.

Elissa just likes to pretend she’s better than everyone, and the sheep at home just eat it up.


The fact that you only focused on her laugh in that situation is more telling of your character and it is of hers. If she was “pretending” to be a good person, then she wouldn’t have laughed at all even though she found the joke funny. Her laughing along with them shows a break in her moral code, revealing that she is human, too. Moreover, it reveals that she is not “pretending’ to be anyone but herself. I’m just glad to see that there is an adult in the house who is self-aware enough to step in and say “hey guys, maybe we shouldn’t laugh at candice in her absence.” By the way, that sheep comment was absolutely unnecessary. Perhaps you may want to give yoga a try to release all that negative energy you have bundled up.

U cannot be serious

Her maturity is blinding. Ask Harold.


Keep complaining about Amanda guys-America played a hand in making her game so flawless. Putting her up twice in a row did nothing but garner sympathy and concern from her alliance and housemates that someone was targeting her like a coward from the shadows. after the first week of them suspecting Aaryn of doing it, the voters should have caught on and not repeated their mistake (but when does the Big Brother viewing audience ever learn)?

No, instead the voters pulled the same tired boring predictable crap (all the while complaining that the house guests are boring and predictable) and put Amanda up again, this time, it cost Judd his game. Congratulations to anyone whose goal was to get the remaining interesting people out of the house, you’re doing a superb job.

Hate Amanda? Were you fool enough to put her on the block twice when not a single person was wanting to vote her out? You only strengthened her game by making her a victim, and you’ve only yourselves to blame.

Not Sure

I’m just not convinced that America was the true voter. Still think production put her up, as well as Elissa. Production gave Elissa the POV win and knew Amanda wasn’t going home. And no way Elissa won MVP. This year BB manipulation seems over the top. Racism was not a part of the gameplay – Julie Chen said it was and said that’s why she needed to discuss it on The Talk. Don’t misunderstand – things that have been said have been horrid – but have not bothered the houseguests. We’re all being played this year for the sake of ratings and dollars. Amanda, Helen, MC, Jessie et al – I don’t care who wins – this season BB fans are the losers.


I look forward to hearing McCraes DR sessions bout the Judd evict. I think he knows all this Judd is a liar s BS, and he knows Amanda didn’t do it for them but for her.

Roisin Dubh

Boomhauer was the one that could’ve destroyed that house, his cowardice did him in.


Every year we scream that production is getting too involved, this year we’re all begging them to get involved, lol, us BB fans are a crazy bunch, don’t ya think?


Please take Janelle up on her offer to come in and shake up the house! Put Janie in Pandora’s Box and let her take a HOH. Previous cast members are even tweeting their dissatisfaction with this season.


I’m not surprised McCrae now has a wart. He had contact with Stoolie the Toad when he hugged him.

Roisin Dubh

He didn’t get that wart from Stoolie the Toad, he got it from Ahandjob.


Is anyone else sick & tired of “this is what the house wants” $hit already? More like what Helen & Amanda wants Ugh! These people are such pu$$ys! I cannot believe BB chose people who are pretty much ONLY worried about going to the damn jury house rather than winning the game I guess that’s what hhappens when you cast people from bars rather than true fans of the BB game who have applied to actually play the game Sorry for the foul mouth but these people are driving me nuts! I cannot watch the live feeds bc it’s making me hate this show I cannot tell you even 1 person in rooting for This isn’t “let’s TRY to relive high school & we’re 30yrs old” Pathetic!


The simple strategy is to go from 9 to 7 by trimming the fat. Then to trim again to get to final 5. The fear of the house guests are that they really don’t know where they stand with others in the house. Amanda is a player. Too bad everyone here hates the bigot players like Amanda and aaryn. Aaryn is a beast with some prescription help, Amanda knowing and Helen knowing that to get rid of the other, for Amanda’s abrassiveness and Helens being a puppet master and very fantastic player. . . If one goes, the next is sure to follow due to realignment of players. No one wants to be on the bottom of a realignment of players. No one is going to go right behind Helen if Amanda leaves and follow the same spiel.., because Helen is liked in the house and is a player. And thus a threat. Amanda is gold due to her having blood on her hands and knowing that she is the face of getting people out, yet Helen and Andy played major parts. And boo hoo to anyone who calls Andy a rat. He is protecting his alliance. To Amanda. To McCrea. To Helen to some extent. When he hears something that fucks his game up, ie Amanda gone. Helen gone. He is left dead in water…he kaboshes it. So he reports it. …good play Andy. He looks trustworthy. Sounds it. Is it, to Amanda and McCrea and Helen. He got sooo far by being what he does best. A listener and observer and he tells what needs to be told. And he picks his spots. Amanda is a canon. If she caught wind of Helen wanting Amanda out, Amanda would be epically crazy, and Andy thinks that is persona non grata. . . To his game. Awful cast. Predictable season, so far. Too much Amanda bashing and Helen hatred in the forum. So they play the house? Good for them. If I could for five hundred K. It shall be done. My favorite season was BB10 when Dan was ostracized for his choices at the beginning. Then ran the can’t win shit card, then became a baller and unanimous winner.


I am laughing b/c no matter what blog or site you read there are so many that say….” this is the worst cast/season ever”. That should
Be the drinking game. If you see this …. take a drink. See you guys in AA!!! Again I have never seen people that did not
Do the work and did not win HOH have MORE power than the actual HOH!!!!! Aaryn said last night. If I didn’t do this I
Was told I’m going home next week. Smh


i belive jesse wins pov in gm goes up in goes home that how they want it so amanda will have to fight when mcrea goes it will be all women at the end final 2 will be amanda in ellsia


A one on one fight between GM and Candice, My bet is that Candice would beat the living shit out of her.


That would require Candice to get out of bed…. I don’t see that happening


I am not a Gina Marie fan but i would put my money on her whooping Candace’s ass. GM I believe is like a pit bull, she only knows what she knows & that is to attack. It is her nature. Candace is only mouthy when there is a bunch of people around. On the live feeds when she lied about Amanda & jessie ran back & told Amanda, Amanda confronted Candace in front Kaitlyn Candace went to backtracking like a defeated puppy. She coward down to Amanda. Candace made her little scene w/ Spencer b/c it is easty to do. Spencer wouldn’t combat back w/ her b/c he would just look bad. Candace is a lot of bark w/ no bite. Please everyone proceed to thumb me down and call me racist.


I’m telling you guys, I think there is a chance certain people in this house are brilliant and you guys don’t see what’s going on. If this possibility is true, then Helen and Amanda have a super secret pact. Seriously, these two have major blood on their hands. Who would give them a chance at winning this game in the final 2? The answer is that they either have to both be in the final two or in the final two with Aryan.

Amanda and Mc in the final two? Mc wins.
Helen and Elissa in the final two? Elissa wins.

Amanda and Aryan in final two? Amanda wins.
Helen and Aryan in final two? Helen wins.

Amanda and Helen in final two? Coin toss with Helen maybe having a slight advantage.

You really believe Amanda isn’t playing MC and Andy? MC has wised up to it. Andy hasn’t. Why would she take these two into the final 3 if they’re threats to her winning? Amanda cares about MC? My gosh, she is stringing him along hard. Helen not making any big moves? Why would she? She knows the only people she can take into the final 3 that would give her a chance are Amanda and Aryan. You guys think they are in there to entertain you or to win $500k? When you’re looked upon as one of the bad guys, you don’t evict the other bad guys, you evict the good guys or clueless.

Whoever goes next is unimportant. After next week, we’ll see Spencer, then Andy, then Jessie or GM, Elissa, then finally MC get evicted, leaving Amanda, Helen, Aryan left.

Roisin Dubh

You’re giving these people way too much credit. Want proof about how dumb they are? Look at how long it took them to realize Elissa was Rachel’s sister. Case closed


If only the BB gods would give Jessi a coup d’etat and she would be smart enought to put up Amanda/McRae or Amanda and Helen.


Not only is this the most vile cast but also the most boring season. All of these people are just sheep. And the ones that do want to make a big move don’t have any power to do so. Stopped watching the show a while ago and am just reading about it on here but now I think I’m done and just ready for survivor. #worstseasonever

U cannot be serious

U say that every year. what’s new?


the only way this becomes interesting is if jessie gets some kind of power. otherwise its predictable as the seasons. i dont expect the unexpected. i expect the expected.


If the houseguest were smart they would vote out Elissa before a jury member returns, eliminating the chance of others returning via public vote, lord know america loves Elissa …


right it would be smart to vote out elissa rather than amanda….gotcha.