Big Brother Spoilers McCrae and Andy cry over JUDD leaving “This is the end of my game”

POV Holder: ? Next POV Aug 10th
POV Used ? POV Ceremony Aug 12th
HOH Winner: ANDY Next HOH: Aug 15th
Original Nominations:
Current Nominations:
Last Evicted Houseguest David, Nick, Jeremy, Kaitlin, Howard, Candice, JUDD
Have Nots Aaryn, Helen , GM, Elissa

10:58pm Andy and McCrae Crying
Andy: “From a game standpoint i’m happy but from a personal standpoint i’m sad” Andy adds that JUDD was his partner in crime everytime he wanted to mess around and have fun he would go find JUDD.
McCrae enjoyed hanging out with JUDD.
Andy: “you are talking to someone that loved him as much as you do”
McCrae growls in anger
Andy: “F****”
McCrae starts crying again “I don’t know what’s wrong with me”
Andy: ‘JUDD was awesome I understand”
Andy is glad JUDD hugged them after. Andy starts to cry says getting rid of JUDD was like ripping a bandaid off.

11:15pm Aaryn gets her HOH basket minus any food


11:29pm McCrae and Amanda.
McCrae is whimpering about JUDD going home.
A: “I know that was hard for you.. you helped me and because you did that I will do anything for you”
McCrae: “He wasn’t up to all those things”
Amanda says he made a final 2 with Aaryn and as along as he is here they could never fully trust Aaryn.
MC: “It will f*** my game over.. “
A: “it won’t”
MC: “This is the end of my game”
A: “You are wrong. “
A: “we need to put up the people that will put us up together.. that is why after this eviction Helen has to go.. you never knew what JUDD was going to do and he lied to us a bunch of time “
MC: “ya yup yup ya ya yup up” (After Amanda says something McCrae says either ya, yup or both. it’s the same kinda thing as LIke, OK and you know)

Amanda: ‘No matter what JUDD will vote for you in jury”
MC: “Ya yup”
A: ‘you will get more votes than any of these people”
MC: ‘I still need to make it there”
A: “you’ll make it there I promise you .. the only way you won’t make it is if someone puts you up with Andy”
Amanda says all they have to do is make sure that 2 out of their three do not go up.
A: “We have everyone on our side”
MC: “Thats the problem”
A: ‘youre game is not ruined”
MC: “Yup”
A: “If he had got me out how upset would you be”
MC: “Yup”
A: “getting him out was a good decision”
MC: “Yup”
A: ‘What’s wrong”
MC: ‘My eyeballs hurt”
A: “Everyone trust you that’s a winner in this game.. nobody has the b@lls to put you up on the block”
A: ‘If it’s between you and me I will go home I will make sure of it.. you deserve this more than me.. we are going to make it to the final 2 me and you”
MC: ’I hope so”
A: “you are the best male competitor and aaryn is the best female competitor and she’s working with us”
MC: ‘We have to worry about the next double eviction”
A: “There’s going to be another one”
MC: ‘In two weeks”

Andy joins them

Andy says Spencer’s targets are everyone but them three so he’s gotta be careful about putting him up. Andy will talk to Spencer in front of Helen and Elissa and tell him he will not go home Amanda, McCrae, Elissa and McCrae will vote to keep him.

Andy leaves Spencer joins them..
Amanda about JUDD ‘He played too hard too fast” Amanda adds that JUDD was trying to stack the jury he played selfishly and should have stuck with the goof troop.

Use the Big Brother Live Feeds to FLASHBACK to SEE what they can’t show you on TV: BB15 N!p Sl!ps / N*des


12:06AM Cockpit Helen, GM and Jessie
Helen says this is the time of the game they will start giving out powers so they have to have backup plans.
Aaryn : ‘I think Andy gets a power”

Aaryn mentions if a player gets brought back into the game they should all work together and vote them right back out.

12:34AM Specner, Amanda and McCrae
McCrae telling them it’s a easy week Jessie is the target. Spencer laughs: ‘Maybe I can stay off the block”

(FYI McCrae is not upset anymore he’s laughing and interacting with everyone like normal)


12:49Am Andy gets his HOH room

In his basket there is a finger nail from when he slammed his hand in the door. There’s a security blanket and a t shirt with organs on it. Helen calls the organ tshirt the new bear shirt.
Helen: ‘YA YA YA YA ANDY I love your HOH room GO ANDY.. BAM BAM”

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1:03AM lock down over the smokers race outside.
Helen dancing around “BAM BAM BAM”

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123 thoughts on “Big Brother Spoilers McCrae and Andy cry over JUDD leaving “This is the end of my game”

  1. Ya, so much for everyone saying Helen’s brilliant for keeping Amanda. Helen’s planning to take Amanda to final 2, but Amanda’s gonna take her out next week. No surprise there. Can’t wait to see the look on Helen’s face as she walks out the door. Can’t stand her.

        1. I hope the next BB twist this season is that the house catches on fire. This season is full of villains — there is no one left to like.

      1. I would love to see Helen get blindsided and taken out. I would then also like to see Amanda kicked out the door, along with her goofy boyfriend.

      2. Please Jessie- Win HOH and put up Amanda and McCrae. Vote out Amanda. Please Jessie pull this out. The rest of this season is totally going to suck if someone does not do something. How are these people so hypnotized by Amanda? She is disgusting and not at all someone to emulate or follow. I cannot imagine McCrae staying with her after this game….maybe for a while…..but it is already quite obvious he thinks she is an a$$hole. Not sitting by her and telling her she is stupid. He knows who she really is, but I am sure they are both just using each other. I would bet Amanda has no real relationships and only uses people in life. Oh and Gina Marie is so stupid. So very stupid. Sad.

      3. Because the universe is unfair and a dark-hearted bitch, Aaryn and GinaMarie will make it to the final two. They both need a safety net now that they don’t have jobs. The producers will ensure this will be so.

    1. Judd had more of Amanda’s back then Helen’s back. So its more of a loss for Amanda vice Helen. Aaryn can’t play for HOH this week, so I am going to say HOH is going to reside with Helen/Elissa/Jessie. Helen is not going to put up Aaryn or Gina for the next two weeks if she wins. So I guess that means Spencer goes up, but not sure that means Jessie goes up as the second nom. Helen is putting all the fake alliance stuff and how Judd wanted Jessie out on Judd. Helen also wanted Jessie out at various stages of the game, but doesn’t share that part with Jessie. Does Jessie realize that Helen is not to be trusted? However, who really does Jessie have to work with? Candice is gone. She tried to work with Judd, but he had his own thing and Jessie was never going to be a part of it. Nope Jessie has to work with Helen and that means any moves Jessie makes, will need Helen’s blessing first and benefit Helen.

  2. Helen is such a selfish, annoying, fake human being! She acts like she is the mom of the house and is morally above everyone else!!; she lies to her teeth and when other people lie, she scolds them like little kids! If you’ve noticed she never cries when people are evicted; she only cries ( which she does a lot) only when she is putting a guilt trip on other people for having done something wrong for her game( which is the same thing she said she does to her actual kids when she wants them to do something she wants); by doing so, she makes something that had nothing to do with her and someone else was affected by it completely about herself. Literally everyone was crying when Judd left and fake Helen who told Judd she loved him million times didn’t shed a tear. Even her job description is fake. political consultant my ass!! she is a fucking lobbyist!!; you wanna know why nothing ever gets done in this country; its all because of these fucking lobbyists who like to protect the interests of the special few who have fat wallets. I really hope she doesn’t win BB.

    1. I can’t stand Helen. She is so fake. I will thoroughly enjoy seeing the look on her face when she meets her demise.

      1. I would love to just slap the dog piss out of that C U N T HELEN.. I loathe the fuk out of her. More so than ANY bb contest in the history of BB. I HATE YOU HELEN and I HOPE YOU SEE ALL THE HATE FOR YOU

    2. I love that you said she ‘lies to her teeth’. She might as well because she lies to everybody and everything else. Very cute spelling misshap. :) The rest; I couldn’t agree more.

      1. It’s “through her teeth”, not “to her teeth”. One of the reasons I’m growing sour with this blog – no disrespect to Dawg and Simon who are doing an extremely difficult job – is the quality of people posting here. Half don’t watch the feeds and don’t know what’s going on. The other half don’t have a grasp of basic rules of the English language. I don’t care about typos or basic errors, but too often I have to read a post a few times to understand it. It is shameful how bad the education system is in the United States.

        1. First of all, I made a simple spelling mistake. I made a note of that shortly after a commentator politely brought it to my attention. Second of all, I wrote the acknowledgement of my mistake an hour before you posted your comment; had you taken the time to actually read all the replies to my original comment, you wouldn’t have made such an unnecessary and condescending comment. Third of all, I didn’t realize I was writing a personal statement on a law school application! I had just finished watching the latest episode online and I was simply fired up and did not proofread it. This is just a fun website for Big Brother fans to visit and comment; besides, my comment was far from lacking the “grasp of basic rules of the English language”. Finally, questioning the education system on a BB blog and attacking people’s “quality” doesn’t make you look sophisticated; it makes you look like a condescending snob!

            1. I think your previous condescending comment regarding people’s “quality” without even knowing anything about them is a clear indication of who the tool is! Nice comeback dumbass!! I guess the education system didn’t teach you how to come up with a better answer than that!

    3. Hate to pick a nit…but there’s really no difference between a poltical consultant and lobbyist. They’re basically interchangeable roles that require the same skill set…and Helen is neither. She is just a housewife. She might fancy herself a “political consultant” but she’s just a volunteer.

      1. Name, never ever ever ever say anyone is “just a housewife”. That is condescending to the nth degree against many hard working mothers!!!!!!!!! You have NO clue!

        Simply put, her idea of politics or lobbying is to manipulate people. I wouldn’t have her on my campaign team. People have said she’s polar opposite to Amanda, but she isn’t. Amanda is crass and a bully, Helen is full of BS. She tells people “you’re so great” and “I love you”, blah blah blah to manipulate nothing more. She is evil. If I were her husband I’d wonder how much I should have believed from her by now. I wouldn’t trust her as a friend or employee.

    4. I can’t disagree with most of what you’ve said, but you’re dead wrong about Helen’s job description. She’s not a lobbyist. I’ve worked with her for the last three years — she is a political consultant for a private organization. Her career has (obviously) been rooted in politics… but let’s be honest. People in politics have several distinguishing characteristics about them. Helen has brought all of them with her to the BB house.

      Say what you want about her game so far, but I know from experience — don’t count her out just yet. She’s good at what she does. I think the Helen/Amanda fireworks show will be well-worth the wait.

    5. Hey guys. Remember that one time Howard lied to Helen? Man, did he deserve to be evicted for that one lie. When Helen lies over and over again, it’s lies that are ok, to people that have to be lied to.

      Also, remember that time that Judd was more loyal to Amanda and McCrae than anyone and he got evicted unanimously by Amanda’s hand because she couldn’t have been more wrong about him being MVP? Well, by the look on her face I think she knew he wasn’t MVP, but needed a reason to get him out.

      Have there ever been this many unanimous votes in BB history?

      1. Just like when Amanda told everybody that Howard was the MVP and McCrea isn’t fooling anybody with fake ass crying talking about Judd wasn’t any of those things that Amanda said he was. Sorry I really don’t give a crap that Judd is out of the house serve him right for being so dum I hope they Bring Candice back in the house and her and Jessie goes to the final to and if they bring her back in the house nobody is safe because they all voted her out she didn’t get a I feel sorry for you vote even tho I know your ass is still walking out the door tonight and what really is a big ass shame is Aayrin racist ass got Judd out the door and voted for Candice and they are the ones that saved her then she won HOH and then the other stuck on stupid GM had her Candice put on the block then Aayrin win HOH and MOV So in reality Kaytlin is having the last laugh!!!!!! Still don’t like Kaytlin she is pretty but a rude nasty BITCH!!!!!

  3. Oh man, we need an over the top jessie’s funeral segment for mccrae/andy crying like children over d-u-dd leaving.

    He’s going to jury house not afghanistan.

  4. Randomness…

    Has anyone ever seen McCrae eat anything other than pizza?
    Seriously, every time he eats, it’s pizza.

    I have a strong suspicion he is, in actuality, a cleverly disguised Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle.

  5. Juddhead….oh Juddhead!

    Judd you didn’t want to work with Howard. You didn’t want to work with Spencer. You didn’t want to work with Jessie, even after Jessie explained Amanda/McCrae were coming after you. You labeled Jessie as a shit starter because she is not going along with the game as you and Helen/McCrae/Amanda have outlined. So any independent thought must be bansished from the house. You thought it wasn’t time to vote out Amanda, well how ironic. Amanda got rid of you. Helen sold it and Amanda bought it. They want an all girls game and well…you gave it to them. Andy is essentially one of the girls, Spencer is a non factor, and McCrae is Amanda’s girl. Judd as far back as when you were HOH, you realized Helen wanted to get all the guys out, but somehow you still proceeded to help get rid of Howard and didn’t create your own alliance. Plus you loss two hot girls. So you tell Jessie go “f” herself and Aaryn tells you go “f” yourself by getting you evicted. How ironic….LOL!

  6. there is only one scenario which can salvage this season and keep it from being utterly predictable. and that is if jessie wins HOH. wtf? you ask? let me explain.
    with Helen/Amanda running things, they have ben knocking out players in a predictable order. next to go will be spencer, jessie, andy, ginamarie, aaryn. helen/elissa and amanda/mcCrayfish will be the last 4. because they are running things. andy, ginamarie and aaryn will not put up amanda. only jessie will, cause she knows she’s the target anyway, no matter what. maybe spencer will also.
    so, if jessie puts up amanda, she also has to put up someone helen values, like elissa, to make sure amanda is voted out. if amanda wins veto, throw up crayfish. If elissa wins veto, throw up aaryn.

  7. on a side note, if things go as predicted, i cant wait for helen’s face when amanda sends her packing and she realizes-DAMN! those people were right-i should have pushed for amand’s eviction, she’s gonna win-just like they warned me. helen’s attempt to gather votes against amanda was feeble. if she REALLY wanted it, if she thought amanda was coming after her, she would have parted the seas to make it happen…..she better hope jessie wins HOH….that is the ONLY person left (except MAYBE spencer) who will go after amanda……
    not that amanda can WIN-she can only get second place. if jessie does not win HOH i’m calling my bookie and putting money on McCrayfish and Elissa for the big win. I want elissa and jessie final 2, elissa for the win.

  8. This season sux so predictable I feel psychic. Anyways watching BB Canada finally and its way better than this season. Any of you Canadians know what kind of beer the HGs got on the show the brown bottles just curious. Wish they would give the US HGs that much alcohol might make things more interesting.

    1. Sorry not a beer drinker but my guess would be it’s either a Molson Candian or Labatt’s Blue.

      If you like the Canadian version you should check out the Australian BB available on Youtube. It’s a daily show and is full of similar tasks etc that was in the Canadian version.

      The house guests don’t sit around every day, they have to perform tasks to win their food budget. The nominations and voting is done completely different and their Big Brother is a much bigger part of the show with his snide comments and DR interviews. The current year has a split house, a safe house and a half-way house where all the nominated housemates are banished. in the half-way house, their beds are half beds, they have to milk a cow every morning for the daily milk supply, someone has to cycle to operate the shower (which is cold) and they can only eat what the safe house guests give them. Poor behaviour is punished in the naughty corner with some very creative punishments. There is no HOH but there is a luxury suite which they can win access to for the night. Some of the Canadian ideas appear to be based on the Australian version

      I just find it much more entertaining and am working my way thru last year'[s show as well as watching this year’s edition.

    2. not sure, they said something about it being something local so someone from ontario is probably the best bet to know

  9. Ok sooo Andy, mc and Elissa. That’s 3 people who apparent didnt want Judd out… Add Jessie to this list.

    Am I missing something cause that’s majority right? Kind of contradicts what the house wants yea? Last time I checked but when did the majority start doing what the minority wanted in order to keep their hands clean?

    It’s embarrassing to be honest. I was just sitting here watching reruns of big brother Canada and realized how pathetic These guys are. Emmet would destroy them. He really would.

    1. Jessie hated Judd towards the end. She said as much after he left and before he left she bragged about how much she played him by kissing and flirting with him.

      1. Not only was Jessie happy to see Judd leave I was to because he had got really rude to the people in the house that he shouldn’t have the ones that was actually trying to help him out sorry I was hoping for Judd to win n2 this last wk and half it’s his own dam fault!!!!

  10. I feel pretty bad for JUDD. He was truly blindsided. Andy, Helen, Elissa, McC, Andy the Rat, no one, gave him any indication he was on aMANda’s radar. She could not have made up a better conspiracy theory about JUDD being the MVP. He truly was loyal to the G-Troop.

    1. Well he did get blindsided, was truly loyal to the G-troops, and was not mvp. But then again he had a way out of this fate with Howard & Spencer (but declined and bashed Howard); then he was presented another way out when Candice straight up told his dumbass he was being targeted by Amanda and others followed by Jessie trying to make him see logic. (ultimately he turned them down and bashed both of them).

      He was funny so I only miss him for that

  11. Helen’s gone. She’s getting blindsided this week. Aaryn’s and Helen’s fatal flaw in the game was not taking out Ahandjob. Keychain wouldn’t have given two squirts about it this week. He’s over her, but he’s addicted to the lovin. Ahandjob now feels completely threatened by those two and they will be dealt with. Andy’s really got no choice but to bounce Helen or Jessie this week, anyone else ruins his game completely. Aaryn thinks she’s in the catbird’s seat now, but she’s be gone in three weeks. This is gonna be one bitter jury this year and the sad thing is they have nobody to blame but themselves.

  12. i think they all suck honestly.i think that none of them have the balls to make a big move.i think that aaryn could have easily put amanda ugly ass face back up on the block and she would have been voted out.even with cray cray vote for her.if the rumors are true that the production for BB is backing amanda and allowing her to make it to the end to actually win then this is BS.cray cray doesn’t realize how much of a bitch he look like being amandas pussy pretty much.and helen sucks everybodys ass just to be on their good side.little do she know the so called queen b “amanda” wants her out of the house next week.why wont someone just make that move that everyone knows needs to happen.i hope that jessie does win and im happy that candice still is in the game and made it to jury even though them bitches just knew they were sending her stupid do they look now.and she still made more money then all of them pretty much.Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyy Candice!!!!!!!

  13. Damnnnn that last pic of Elissa I thought Big Sis Racheal was sitting in the house !
    Time to send the zingbot in and revive this game. Zingy will tell it like it “T.i iZzzzzzzz!!!!!!!
    Go McCrae :)

  14. Usually, I have a favorite from each season: Amy from S3, Renny from S10, and Ian from S14. I have tried to find someone I like in this season. However, as soon as I do, he/she opens his/her mouth and changes my mind.

  15. Amanda, McCrae, Aaryn and GM are a hugely powerful alliance now. In the next couple of weeks they will go against Helen or Elissa causing ratfink Andy to run scared to their majority power alliance, which will get rid of his flabby white arse as soon as they can.

  16. HELEN is a LOBBIST!! she is PAID to LIE!! lol and when ELLISA and ANDY find out who she really is and that she is married to a judge, and her (BS STORY) about feeling sorry for her because SHE’s a MOM routine will blow their MINDS!!! HAHA

  17. andy and elissa are the only 2 who never got involved in a screaming match with anyone. elissa got emotional a bit at the beginning but she’s been pretty much a buddhist monk the entire season. that yoga must work. maybe amanda should try it.

  18. Simon and Dawg,

    What did I miss? How and why did the house turn against Judd so quickly? I know that Judd had the argument with Jesse earlier in the day.

    Do you think that Helen will wise up before Amanda “pushes” her out the door? I do not know why Helen is so delusional. It seems as though she believes that she has Andy and Aaryn. To me it seems obvious that Amanda has Aaryn and Andy. Candice realized this, however, Helen would not listen. Elissa agreed with Candice about Aaryn and Andy working with, and, being loyal to Amanda. Elissa told Helen this when “the house” was preparing for Howard’s eviction. Helen said then, and seems to continue to say, “Elissa you’re wrong, you know. Listen to me, you know, that Aaryn is getting Howard out for me okay. Aaryn, you know, basically gave me her HOH.” Elissa would reply with “I don’t know …. Howard isn’t coming after me … I don’t know if this is best for my game.” In other words, Elissa (speaking in her native language “Elissaism”) was telling Helen: We should keep Howard and work with Howard and Candice!”

    Then everyone watches GM bet McCrae for HOH – McCrae says, “no.” GM swears that she will not nominate him – McCrae says he needs protection for both himself and Amanda. “The House” (as it is called by the current “Big BANEFUL” contestants) watched this. No one commented on how strange it was that McCrae would fight GM for HOH considering that McCrae & Amanda had told almost everyone “we trust you …. it’s 100% …. this game is about trust.” Which was odd given the fact that the week before Amanda giving the okay to her sheep to keep Aaryn by saying, “Kaitlyn is a bigger threat …. Kaitlyn will win things … Aaryn will not win things.” The next thing that happens is Aaryn WINS HOH.

    The last POV comp – Amanda was horrible towards Candice! Amanda ferociously attacked Candice. Everyone watched as Amanda relentlessly “hit” Candice with a sadistic verbal lashing.

    Not one person in “The House” took a stand and said, “Amanda’s behavior was a brutal attack. It was wrong.”

    Amanda by showing herself as an unfeeling, unstable, and inhumane person GAVE “The House” the perfect excuse to evict her. America gave “The House” two weeks to evict Amanda.

    Am I wrong about Helen? Is Helen playing the game and she is just not one of Amanda’s sheep?

    Helen said that it is too early for their game (Helen and Elissa) to evict Amanda when Elissa was suggesting that they evict Amanda instead of Candice. Helen, Jesse, Elissa could have worked together to get Amanda out this week. If Helen believes that she has Aaryn (if Helen believes that Aaryn is loyal to Helen because Helen saved her causing Aaryn to give Helen her HOH); if Helen believes that she has Andy …. Why would Helen not push to get rid of Amanda instead of Candice?

    Helen would have to know (Elissa knows) that Candice would be more loyal for the duration of the game than Amanda and McCrae. Candice would only have Helen and Elissa (or as they say in “the house” Candice would be Helen and Elissa’s person). Helen and Elissa could make GM their person. It would not be difficult to convince GM that Amanda was behind Nick’s eviction.

    Who really made the decision to evict Judd?

    Is this the most atrocious group of degenerates in the history of Big Brother?

    Does Helen have any influence / true allies (besides Elissa)?

    Why did McCrae cry after Judd’s eviction?

    For two weeks I had hope that Amanda would get evicted. Do either of you think that there is a reason to continue watching this season? Or, are you both 99.9% confident that the rest of the summer will be more of Amanda telling her flock of sheep what to do?

    Do you both predict that the remaining weeks will be filled with the sounds of Amanda sucking and licking McCrae – the degenerates in the house will stop holding back now that both Howard and Candice are gone allowing them to speak freely about how they really feel about African Americans – No Matter who wins HOH Amanda and McCrae will be sleeping in the HOH Room – Unil …. The final 2 will be Amanda and McCrae and they will no longer have to hold back, take the feelings of others into consideration – Amanda and McCrae The Final 2 will be able to lick, suck, rub, sleep in the HOH Room on / with each other ALL DAY EVERY DAY!

    I am very sorry for the long rant!

    Dawg and Simon – You two are the best! Please know that you are both greatly appreciated and valued!

    Please do share your predictions on the rest of this season, and, your feelings about this season. I know that many would like to know what you are both thinking / predicting. You are both such dedicated Big Brother fans, and, you both have fans of your own. You both created and maintain this awesome site. It is really amazing! Do you guys have another site (a site where you go into detail about your thoughts and feelings about Big Brother and BB Contestants).

    Again, sorry so long!

    Thank you both very much for being so awesome!

  19. Can’t believe the people on that site would vote for elisa as their favorite!! She have no game play, she is just waiting to execute whatever Helen tell her to do! She’s pathetic.

    1. she only does what helen wants when she knows it means it wont change the outcome….she did her own thing with mvp and she tried to flip the house on amanda and spencer last week when amanda didnt work….she has every intention of making a big move but shes not in a position to unless she wins hoh unfortunately

  20. Did I say something wrong a minute ago? I posted a message that I thought was non-offensive and now it’s gone. We all have to edit here and there but…

  21. Does anyone remember what it is exactly that Helen “does” in this world…like, for a living? She’s a freaking P-O-L-I-T-I-C-A-L A-D-V-I-S-O-R people!! So, just remember: the next time any of you call her behavior “selfish, annoying, and fake” you are just complementing this so-called impostor of a good-hearted, honest poster child of today’s democracy. How? By reaffirming that she is living up to the pure definitive nature of politicians in general, and specifically to the reason why most sound-minded human beings mistrust (and, for lack of a better word HATE) politicians and all they (fail to) stand up for! If Helen isn’t the perfect example of at least one non-racially motivated stereotype living up to it;s fanfare, I don’t know who or what is. Sorry, Helen’s kids, but your mommy’s a smooth talking phony just like any other dem or rep alike. Peace.

  22. amanda is going to take over a next HOH bed ……. why are they celebrating ANDY hoh thats amanda and macrea lol … loyal people like judd went through bullshit in this game he should of listen to jessie , candice if they only knew he was so loyal … AMANDA over think it and she cost herself a great supporter …. All aaryn has to do is tell hellen andy tells amanda everything game changer but that wont happen this week …..

  23. “Amanda about JUDD ‘He played too hard too fast” Amanda adds that JUDD was trying to stack the jury he played selfishly and should have stuck with the goof troop.”

    This is why I could never be in BB because there’s no way I could sit there and not call bulls**t…and don’t even get me started on Helen…or Andy…or Aaryn…or Jessie…or Elissa…or Gina…

  24. Since Julie said the jury members are still in the game my prediction is they will us the “Race” card and bring Candice back.

  25. At some point, America (or production depending on how you view votes) will vote to send one of the jury members back into the game. Still won’t save this season though….

  26. As much as I can’t stand amanda, I can’t wait until everyone gets the boot. Especially helen. She is going to be walking out of the door telling elissa thats its still too early to get rid of amanda even though amanda planned her eviction. you suck helen.

  27. Judd has himself to blame for trusting the likes of Amanda. He had two chances to take Amanda out. Instead, he helped take out Howard and Candice, who were probably the two least threatening players and two least likely to win.

  28. I would have loved to see Amanda go to the jury house for a week with Candace. I hope that idiot Helen goes soon. Spencer is going to do whatever Amanda wants him to do.Jessie is the only one with any brains. McRae I hope you marry that piece of crap Amanda. She’s a despicable human being (I bet daddy is so proud ) Andy’s just a weasel, Arryn’s just an idiot,GM is just plan dumbe, in need of a lot of therapy( RUN Nick RUN)(beauty fades DUMB iS FOREVER) Spencer is not the wholesome boy mama makes him out to be ( must be proud now, huh ma) I gues I’m just tired of watching Dumb and despicable pieces of garbage. BYE BYE Big BROTHER. RIP

  29. With Andy ( of all people, really?) as HOH, It is going to be such a BORING week!! How is that even possible? What a bunch of losers. I guess aMANduh winning won’t be so bad afterall with all this extraordinary talent in the house winning comps left and right. I hope aMANduh comes back for all stars so I can see Janelle and Evil D!ck eat her alive! And only for that reason, not because she won this season, which isn’t saying much because there’s no real competition in this house at all this year.

  30. Jessie is a pile of garbage. She needs to go this week followed by Hellen, Elisa, GM, Amanda, aaryn, spencer. Go Team CryBabies!

  31. OH and OMG! Did anyone else see that crocodile tear on aMANduh’s face during last night’s episode pretending to be human? What a cruel heartless b*tch especially since that was it, only one tear, that was all she could sacrifice?!
    Wth was she crying for, the f’n nerve of her? She is the reason why Judd went to jury!!

  32. Yes this is the worst BB cast. I do have one question though. Does the house have a name?? And Will the house get interviews at the end of the show?? It only seems fair because the house is doing all the work while these little sheep wait for their turn to leave.

    Yes I do know who is pulling the strings in the house, but I’m sick of hearing we will just do what the house wants. This is so ridiculous . I know that Jessie really doesn’t want to just do what “the house ” wants, and a few others have tried, but enough is enough. Aaron looked like she’s figured out what is going on but doesn’t seen to know how to go against ” the house”. McCrea sometimes looks like he’s trapped, I’m not sure what to think of him. I would still love to hear him really tell Amanda off. That would help save a part of this season. If they would just vote out Amanda, Helen and Andy and then play out the rest of the game it would be better than this.

    Hey…I just thought of this….Can someone convince the House that it would feel much better and would have a lot less digestive problems if it would just spit out Amanda, Helen and Andy. I know I would feel better.

  33. Okay, I don’t love Helen either, but you cannot deny the fact that she’s DOMINATING the house, all the while not really rubbing anyone the wrong way. Sure, there are those who are annoyed with her, but no one really feels all that threatened by her. Helen and Amanda sit in similar positions in the house, but their games could not be more different, Her social game is the opposite of Amanda’s. Amanda threatens and intimidates, while Helen comforts and acts like she cares. It is for this reason, that Helen is BY FAR the more dangerous player. Helen is playing one of the best social games I can remember. Oh, and lets say she does play the “mom” card….. she’s all the smarter for it. These people are looking for some sort of guidance in this lonely house, and Helen is smart for capitalizing on that.

  34. i just woke up this morning and i am still sad about judd. he didn’t deserve to go. i hope mccrae takes it to the end and wins!

  35. Oh, I almost forgot. The only way McCrayCray can save his game is if he gets with Elissa, Andy, Jesse, and Spencer and votes out Amanda. It would be the biggest move of the season, and solidify a place for him in the end. He’s a super fan, he should understand that.

  36. Has the thought ever crossed anybody’s mind that WE (America) are partially responsible for JUDD going home? As MVP, America nominated Amanda two weeks in a row. This led her to become paranoid (rightfully so) and (incorrectly) assume that JUDD was targeting her, which led to the whole series of events witnessed last night. I think production needs a big slap on the wrists for really botching would could have otherwise been a great twist. Had the MVP not been allowed to be the same person two weeks in a row (cough Elissa cough), I don’t think America would have ever become MVP and thus been given a much larger role in the game. Too much power was given to outsiders, and it has really messed with the general fabric of the show (ultimately leading to JUDD’s eviction last night).

    1. I think its ridiculous to blame America for Judd leaving. Judd would still be targeted by the other HGs because they don’t trust especially after the Kaitlyn lie. Judd was warned by Candice and Jessie but he didn’t listen instead decided to bash them. He helped get himself evicted.

  37. The best thing that could possibly happen right now is to vote everyone out except Amanda, Spencer, Aaryn, and GM. Just lock them in there and them go at it….for eternity!!!! HAHAHAHAHA

  38. in this epic fail season that gets worse by the day you can only root for aaryn at his point. she seems to have come full circle personally, grown a lot and is playing the best game. she was done and rebuilt her entire game from scratch quite remarkably. shes the only who deserves the 500k

  39. I’m sorry I have NO pity for Judd. He had EVERY opportunity to make MUCH smarter alliances with people who were 1000x’s more trustworthy…but NOOOOO he decided to team up with the Legion of Doom & help get his once good friend Howard evicted, he had a part in people ganging up against Candice AND he decided to have a freak out session on the only other “half-decent” person in the house Jessie. So no tears here Judd….your stupidity landed you in a home with Candice…who if she were me…is now rubbing in the fact that “I TOLD YOU they were gonna blind side you!!” Ugh…..I’m over this season already.

  40. It’s ironic how Judd said “dont vote how people are telling you, vote how you want to ” Howard said something
    Similar but it wasn’t okay for him. You had a chance to make a big move and get Amanda out. You blew it. I did love
    Him saying. You 2 change your vote, you 2 change your vote , you 2 change your vote. That was funny!
    Now Andy is HOH! Ugh!!!!!

  41. This is the most boring season of Big Brother. I cannot stand Helen – what is with that women? I couldn’t stop laughing last night when she went intot he diary room to vote because her facial expresses were so crazy. If Helen things Judd was a ‘mastermind’, she is not as smart as she ‘thinks’ she is.
    As everyone is sad that Judd left, there is Helen, so happy and pumping up her puppets that they did her a good thing (for her!).

    After the show last night, I am done watching. What is there left to watch? Another week of Spence and Jessie on the block? Wooo hoo – those two are not threats and if they leave the game it won’t matter.

    Helen pretends she isn’t running the house and is little miss perfect because I am a mom – ugh! Well, I would be humiliated if that women was my mom!

    Big Brother Canada was WAAAYYY better than this season. They were there to play the game! Bring in Emmett or Glitter Gary – they will spice it up!

  42. Can’t wait until they all go home and read how much America (Canada whoever else is watching) can’t stand all of their guts!!

    worse. season. EVER!!!

    Voting how the house wants and then crying like F babies?!?! da f*ck??

  43. I wish Julie Chen would not give them the time to discuss who is going on the block. It might shake up the game if she said: Congradulations Aartn, you are the new HOH. You must now put two of the house guest on the block. No time lapse. Not enough time for the dictators to tell her what to do. Just do it, then go to commercial.

    Literally got sick to my stomach last night! This show is not like it use to be. I knew what was gong to happen. Candy would leave, Aaryn’s drugs would help her win (banned by the NFL), and who she would put on the block. Not a surprise about Judd, that is all Amanda has talked about. I just wish Julie would have told them who MVP was.

    CBS is going to let Allison Grodner’s friend win. My Mother always told me to choose your friends wisely, because you are who you hang around. People think you are like that person. Sooooo what kind of person is Allison Grodner? Like Amanda?

  44. I didn’t realize that the comment GinaMarie made about Candace was that her real mother not wanting her and her being adopted. The fact that nobody stood up for Candace shows just how low rent the ppl in this house are… Game or no game… you cannot go off on ppl about tuis kind of personal stuff like their family and being adopted not be wanted that’s disgusting. I wish it was some kind of Big Brother twist that gets a scumbag Gina Marie out of the house. She’s disgusting.

    1. They edited out what Candice said about GM. Watch that part again and you’ll see the slight skip. Candice started the personal attack, GM finished it.

      1. um what game were u watching????? GM started it with her nomination speech and even wayyy before then…. Candice finished it.

  45. Please Everyone Remember – this is a GAME. Backstabbing and lying are the 2 biggest parts of playing this GAME! Remember what Dan did? He lied constantly, humiliated Danielle, used his “Mist” and still made it to the finals!
    It’s a GAME people – CALM DOWN!

  46. it really bothers me that none of these people “want blood on their hands”. if i had a nickel for how many times someone has said “i don’t want to get the blood on my hands” or “let’s do something that causes the least amount of waves” like COME ON! you’re playing big brother…live a little for crap’s sake! i get that you don’t want too much blood on your hands in order to get far in the game, but making bigger moves PROVES you’re playing a good game, and if you make it to the end, that can benefit you. playing it safe is the easy way out. if jessie goes this week i am going to be SO disappointed. she’s literally the only person in the house that is willing to make big moves apparently. if they don’t do something about this amanda and helen situation, one of them will win. and that will be so disappointing. i personally (in my fantasyland) wish that mccrae wins HOH next week and sends one of them home. this..would make my life.

  47. Amanda and MC already jumped in Andy’s bed the first chance they could! Some nerve and they wonder why they aren’t targets.

  48. I really don’t get why everyone keeps complaining about this season. I happen to think its pretty darn good. Why does it have to be unpredictable to be good? This is a different type of season. A season where actual alliances stay together and eliminate people. A season where two people are single handidly running the house. I think its brilliant. And what is brilliant about it is in another week or two all hell will break loose! Aaryn is playing a great game. She was out 3 weeks ago but is still here. Yeah she has to be a “sheep” but that is the perfect strategy for her. She will strike in another week. Helen and Amanda are annoying as anyone can be, but they are playing amazing. You play with the hand you are dealt and they are killing it. Just wait another week or two and you’ll see this season will be perhaps one of the better ones in a long time. Every season is predictable until a certain point so I just don’t get the complaining.

  49. And Now The Time Has Past.

    With all of her potential allies eliminated Helen “The Pretender” looks around at what she hath wrought. She surveys a house set up and guided by her Queen to whom she has sworn her allegiance. She reaches out to scratch the head of her tamed monkey Elissa in self satisfaction. She is truly indispensable to Queen Demanda. She has had a hand in the demise of a succession of her Queen’s enemies. She smiles a smug smile.

    Now she must set her eye on her master’s next target the very dangerous Jessie. This bitch has threatened her mistress on more than one occasion and has made it known that Her Royal Highness must go. The Pretender knows this first hand as she was contacted to be part of the plot. She agreed at first to set the trap and then defused it by saying now is not the time. She convinced her pet monkey to stop this nonsense and cast her vote to out the cruel and very dangerous villain Candice. What a coup that was!! She felt a ping of self satisfaction knowing that she saved the empire on this night with the assassination of such a hated criminal.

    She begins her work against the dastardly Jessie. She sends out the empire’s super sleuth RatBastardAndy the red-headed weasel. Like every other successful assault on an opposing camp this maggot infiltrates the enemy headquarters and reports back to his Queen. With the enemies battle plan in hand in comes the Pretender to advocate caution, now is not the time, her monkey smiles. She tells the misled rebels some affront their leader has committed against her person and cries because of the pain it has caused her. Her tears are the tears of the unjustly wronged. This sinful evil Jessie must go!! Her monkey does a little dance to entertain the folks.

    A Week On

    The Pretender sits in the eviction box dazed and confused. Has she not served her beloved Queen? What has she done to deserve banishment from the Kingdom? What about the evil Jessie, why is she not been put up with her? The Pretender will rally the troops….JUDD!…..JEREMY!……CANDICE!!!…..NICK… ME, I LOVE YOU ALL…….

  50. It’s just ridiculous that they all BELIEVE Judd was a huge threat. Okay if they were convinced by Amanda or someone, but they all genuinly believe it! WTF! I’m not sad that he’s gone, but these houseguests are blind. Helen will try to get Amanda on the block and in turn Helen will get backdoored because of it.

  51. This BB peeps suck!! None of them have game now!! All are followers!! Yet they sit there and cry when “they are forced” to vote someone out! That’s why they vote behind doors so they can make their own decisions! Do over this season

  52. Amazing how Amanda can cry because “I haven’t won anything”, yet she is ruling the game as the HOH without the title. No one can do anything without her approval. I cannot wait for Helen and McCrae to realize that she does not give a >>>>about them.

  53. Well, for all the Aaryn haters…I’m not too crazy about her racial slurs, however, the rate she is going she will be final two as she is such a beast at the competitions!! How many now has she won…..? She also has seemed to mellow out a bit and is showing loyality…either out of truly feeling part of an alliance or just fearing for her safety, she is doing pretty darn good for herself.

  54. Can someone explain to me when Helen got so weird. Last night on the eviction I thought she seemed like a different person from week one

  55. this is a random Amanda comment but does anyone else feel that she is trying waaaaaaaaaaaaay too hard to be like Britney in the DR? It’s blatant that she’s TRYING to be funny and sarcastic when really it’s plain stupid.

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