Big Brother Spoilers “If I get out by Ginamarie’s hands I will kill myself” -Andy

POV Holder: ? Next POV Aug 10th
POV Used ? POV Ceremony Aug 12th
HOH Winner: ? Next HOH: Aug 15th
MVP: ?
Original Nominations:
Current Nominations:
Last Evicted Houseguest David, Nick, Jeremy, Kaitlin, Howard, Candice, JUDD
Have Nots ?


8:03pm Cockpit Amanda, McCrae, GM and Andy
Andy asking GM if she will drink one night with them in the house. GM says no she doesn’t like to drink, she jokes that she’ll drink during her and Nick’s wedding

GM leaves

Amanda: “That was HUGE Andy.. we can fully trust Aaryn now.. you, me and McCrae trump everybody”
Andy says that Everyone has other targets other than them. Aaryn will go after Elissa and everyone else will go after Jessie.

Andy reports that Jessie came to him and told him they need to figure out a plan to flip the house.
Amanda: “If she wins HOH.. god help us ”
Andy: “I can sway her away.. with JUDD gone I’m her go to and maybe Helen”

Amanda says as long as two of them do not get nominated they are golden in this game. Andy thinks they have enough side deals they can prevent that.

Andy: “I need to start distancing myself from you two and getting in good with Helen’s good graces..” Andy explains that sooner or later Helen will want to come after McCrae and Amanda he wants to make sure he’s on their side during that.

Andy is pissed off that they are never call him into the diary room. he Feels he’s not getting the credit for being a big part in all of this.

Andy reports that Spencer thinks him and McCrae are his biggest allies. Amanda tells them to make a final 3 alliance with Jessie. (McCrae, Andy and Jessie)

McCrae thinks if they do that right now it seem too hasty. Amanda agrees they will cut the deal after they know who the HOH is.
Andy wants to backdoor GM so they don’t have to run the risk of her winning veto and gunning after him.
Andy: “If I get out by Ginamarie’s hands I will kill myself”
Amanda: “I can’t believe we survived this”
Andy: “Oh my god I had diarrhea every day.. it was so crucial for me to make it to Jury.. I really need the money”

Amanda says they can do this they can win the game they just need to keep spreading out. Andy: ‘I’m going to keep Jessie/Spencer close”

Amanda: “In my heart he’s coming back”
McCrae: “If he got MVP he’ll come back for sure”


8:21pm Storage room Gm and Spencer
GM and Specner pinky swear they will never throw each other under the bus.
GM laughing saying she told Andy that it was JUDD who told her to put Andy up as the replacement nominee.
Spencer: “I was 100% joking about that because I knew you were putting me up”
GM: “Bro bro.. I got you bro.. this sh!t is going to get crazy cause we’re outnumbered again.. we just got to keep winning HOH”

CBS Interactive Inc.


8:27pm Storage room Andy and Aaryn

Aaryn says she doesn’t want to have done all this then find out she’s nominated up with Andy next week.
Andy says he’ll do whatever it takes to keep them safe this week. He’s talked to Spencer and jessie and feels like he can influence them.
Aaryn: ”I trust you”
Andy: “You can you can “
Andy says he will trust people until they give him a reason not to. “I just found out from GM that JUDD wanted me up as a replacement nominee and JUDD was supposedly in a final 4 alliance”
Aaryn: ‘He wanted to go after Helen, Elissa and Jess.. that is what he told me.. but how do I know he wasn’t going to them telling them the opposite”

Andy: ‘Ya exactly”
Aaryn says JUDD was really stupid in how he played the game he kissed her on the mouth and then he turns around and does the exact same thing to every other girl in the house, “I see what you are doing your tactics are stupid”

8:48pm Trivia they must be doing the HOH comp

Use the Big Brother Live Feeds to FLASHBACK to SEE what they can’t show you on TV: BB15 N!p Sl!ps / N*des

CBS Interactive Inc.

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Has ANYONE been watching Wil Heuser’s parody videos on youtube for this season of BB??? They are SO HILARIOUS, I AM DYING!!!!


ROLMFAO …. thanks for the posts .. I love it … still laughing .. thanks again ..


I was going to advertise his videos too but I forgot!! I was CRYING at them!! They’re absolutely HILARIOUS and I didn’t even like him as a houseguest!!


His Julie impression is SPOT ON!


Thank you for the links! HILARIOUS Julie!


This gives me something to look forward to LOL I love Wil. His Judd impersonation is so spot on


OMG!!! This was so funny. I really like the part when the klan was praising Aaryn


That is so funny! His Elissa is spot on!


omg so funny… I love his GM, “this houseguests only talent seems to be putting things in her mouth”

Aj Hollering

oh my god found those yesterday they are halirous I can’t wait for episode 7, EVERYONE I recommend you watch those lol


Yes Breanna – I just discovered Wil’s videos the other day! They are the BEST! He is freaking hilarious!!! I can hardly wait each week for a new one to come out! All of his impersonations kill me – especially when he does Elissa – HILARIOUS!!! OMG and the one where he was Amanda doing the dance for McCrae’s b-day in the black one piece. I died…….


A guy in Florida just killed his wife and posted the pictures on facebook . People are going crazy in todays world . Amanda was wrong to talk about murdering Jessie in detail like that ?

Jeremy's Boat

Uncle Creeper for Coup d’Etat

This Season Blows

Andy: “Oh my god I had diarrhea every day.. it was so crucial for me to make it to Jury.. I really need the money”

That just sums up this cast – a bunch of ambitionless losers who just want to settle for the jury money.


At least now they can play with “nothing to lose” so to speak.


ahut the fuck andy & amanda, win a comp then talk. you have no right.

not even a gm fan but damn…


Props to Aaryn!! Like her or nor that girl is a beast on competitions! I wish that Elissa and Aaryn would team up and kick those pigs out. That would at least make it interesting.


none of demandas crew would see that coming … I hope Aaren is finished doing their dirty work and start playing for herself .. and get away from that filthy GM .. dang that is one nasty girl…


Aaryn is everything GM wants to be.


Aaryn may be a beast at competitions but if she and GM make it to the final 2…..I’ve wasted my entire summer.

Sh!t….the blondes need to go to jury!
Demanda needs to go to jury!
Andy needs to go to jury!

Have fun with Candice in Candyland!

And the rest….open the Pandora’s Box! I’m ready for another twist!


its nerd herd 2.0 except no janelle to fight them. really sad. at least i dont have to watch anything and can just read about it here :)


Maybe its wishful thinking but I do think this season will get better now that its jury it has to superfriends need to turn on each other now.


My opinions on the cast this season

Amanda-I despise her. Everything she does and says, she says as fact, without any actual evidence (ex. Howard/Judd being MVP), and her racist and derogatory comments are horrible.

McCrae- I can’t root for the guy because he doesn’t have a full brain in the house. He has half a brain. He needs Amanda to complete his mindset. She leads all of his decisions and he’s just pretty useless.

Aaryn-No Aaryn, America has not forgot about the comments you made, and continue to make. You’re still a racist and bigot. And from a game standpoint, just plain spineless. Yes you have won competitions, but what have you done with them? What everyone else told you to do.

GinaMarie-Not much to say here, you disgust me overall. The way you talk about people and forget you have your own flawless (Intelligence of a third grader). And pretty useless in the game.

Helen-I dislike your fake personality so much. I loathe everytime you speak and kiss someone else’s *ss. Stop making excuses for Aaryn, and pronouncing how she is a good person and was misunderstood.

Elissa-On a humanity level, I probably dislike you the least. But I can’t root for you. You exemplified why in the DR today. “I really don’t want to but the rest of the house is…” I don’t dislike your as a person, but as a game player you don’t have a backbone and just follow Helen. You don’t want to stand up and make any type of move at all.

Andy-I dislike your fake personality as well. You’re pretty much just a floater, nothing much to say here.

Spencer-it’s sad, but I feel myself forced to root for you, simply because you’re probably the only person who wouldn’t go with the “house alliance” and do what they tell you to. I remember you’re derogatory comments, and disgusting jokes, but you would cause the most waves to ripple of you won.

Jessie-I so wish you could have developed this mindset earlier in the game. I find myself also forced to root for you because you would again cause waves to ripple by winning and shake up Amanda and Helen’s dictatorship.


Calling out practically everyone *but* Elissa for being phony? Really?


My opinions.:

Amanda- She’s playing a great game. Yes she’s the villain but I gotta hand it to her she can’t win anything but who needs a victory when you have an army on your side and a snitch feeding you info.
McCrae- he’s okay but not as whippedas people think. He does oppose Amanda and doesn’t just agree. At the end of the day he knows it’s in his best interest to keep her as an ally and not piss her off.
Aaryn- I don’t care for the racism, but the girl is playing now she has to stop doing Helen’s dirty work

GM- meh
Helen- another villain, but she’s a puppetmaster playing a great game, she’s controlling Aaryn. What would make good TV is her being put up under an Aaryn HOH
Elissa- meh, she can go I really don’t care

Andy- the snitch that ruined the plan to get Amanda out, enough said

Spencer- may not be popular but I want him around to go after the superfriends

Jessie- my top pick fot HOH, just so she can flip the house. Right now without any power or loyal allies there’s not much she can do. So she needs an HOH

Just a thought

I agree with most of what Waiting for BB16 said except for what was said about McCea and GinaMarie. First McCrea needs to decide which head he is using in the game before he can use half of it. As for GinaMarie…most 3 rd graders are smarter and have better manners….so it was kind of an insult to 3rd graders.. I really don’t like to be mean but BB15 is getting ridiculous, BEYOND RIDICULOUS !!!

This Season Blows

My takes:

Demanda – total piece of crap, easily the most despicable person ever to be on this show. I had wanted her to stay anyway because of her gameplay, but even that’s now eroded into her sitting around and personally attacking people knowing full well that the rest of the house is full of her sheep. The things she says are disgusting.

McCrae – had potential week one but Demanda quickly snuffed that out. Pretty much a floater at this point, don’t really care about him.

Aaryn – she was a screeching trainwreck on wheels the first few weeks, blurting out ignorant comments left and right, but I do have to give her credit for learning from her mistakes and toning it down. I think she at least has a chance of exiting the house as a better person than she was when she came in. Also has become a beast at competitions.

GinaMarie – psycho, racist, ignorant, trash. GTFO. She’s not even any good at the game and is a waste of a spot that could have gone to a better and more deserving person.

Helen – fake personality that grates on my nerves, hypocrite, bossy as hell. Some of the things she’s said are beyond the pale (i.e. her comments about Jeremy’s parents).

Rachelissa – extremely overrated by the Cat People who rooted for Brenchel and therefore feel the obsessive need to root for Rachel’s sister as well. Terrible gameplay. 100% dependent on production to get her through the game. Extremely catty, can’t handle hearing positive comments about other women’s looks.

Andy – he’s really lucky that he’s on this season, because any other year, he’d be gone by now after everyone figured out that he’s a slimy, two-timing rat and snitch. So sick of him snooping in on everyone’s game talk so he can go scurrying back to Demanda with the details.

Spencer – other than his off-color jokes, he’s probably the least objectionable person left in the house…. that being said, that’s like being the tallest contestant in a midget contest.

Jessie – also overrated by the Cat People by virtue of her alliance with Rachelissa. Much like Candice, her gameplay revolves around whining and throwing pity parties in an attempt to garner sympathy. She waited way too long to actually try to make a move. Also extremely clingy and desperate with men.


damn, you hit the nail on the head. totally agree with everything.


Come on Jessie! Win this thing and cause havoc! If you nominate aMANda/Helen or Andy the Rat/McPizza I will marry you when you get out!


Jessie will be like Aaryn who thinks she owes the house for saving her.

Aaryn was a sure done deal, gone, but they saved her and instead sent Kaitlin. which is now paying off .not only is she loyal she is desperate to impress prove her loyality, instead of realizing she has the power when she has it not those fools, she is winning things left right center. not to mention her racist nature that blinded her from making big game moves.

Amanda is going to win that stupid HOH competition they have been practicing all along now that Aaryn cant compete in that, so expect more of the same. Jessie and Elisa will be the nominees and they will back door Helen or Aaryn next week.


With the way the game is going Jessie will NOT win HOH and she’s going home next week. It really sucks when the people willing to shift the game cannot win the necessary power to achieve this.
If Helen and Amanda keep escaping eviction I’m gonna start rooting for them they’re playing a great game making others do the dirty work for them.


Not home, but Jury house….just wanted to point that out

la la la

Add andy to the list of people I want out this week! lol hes super annoying! he does shit in the house!


It’s a little redundant I’m sure to pick on Helen and Amanda but they make t so easy to hate them. On the live show right before they went off air Helen was saying Judd had to go cause he was “scheming”.

And what exactly is he supposed to do in a social game where 500 grand would change his life in ways you couldn’t possibly understand?

I don’t expect her to say “he was a threat cause he’s playing the game” but atleast I’d respect her for it. I dont fault her for getting rid of him cause it was a good move for her but someone as intelligent as Helen could word it better where she doesn’t come off as a hypocrite.



Judd's granny

Now ole Judd gets some alone time with the girl he really wanted all along…CANDY!! Boy Howdy!!


I honestly can’t stand her and I think she is a vile human being (pretty on the outside HIDEOUS on the inside) but when it comes to competitions as much as it pains me to say it…Aaryn is a beast. She won that POV within like 2-3 minutes I swear….


that’s why illegal drugs are not allowed in the Olympics .. what she is taking is giving her the edge .. totally wrong as far as I am concern …


how can I read the HOH blog?

SK ….under “more”….it will say hoh blog


Thank you for your help. I’m new to this!


I hope the pandora box is coming!


I hope that instead of Pandora’s box this year they have a box of crickets, crabs, and bed bugs. I would so be back on good terms with CBS if they did this. It would make for great live feeds!


Maybe a few scorpions too…

Aj Hollering

if were gonna go with poisons creatures how about trantulas and snakes


As long as Amanda is in the game McCrae is safe how do you not like that for gameplay. When it’s down to 4 and Mcrae cant save her he goes to final 3 and uses Amanda’s moves as his moves and wins.


Jesse needs to win HoH, Lord give the fans one already!!


worst season ever………no one can make their own decisions. they just let amanda and helen tell them what to do…..


The ratings would beg to differ. Seriously, the players are just stupid to follow Helen and Amanda’s orders but I don’t think this is the worst season. Helen and Amanda have position themselves as untouchables in the house but this week would definitely shake up the house. This season is much better than last year where production is clearly protecting Boogie, Frank and wants Dan to win. At least for now, production hasn’t shown their inclination to a particular housemate (cept Howard) who has been now evicted.


I wish people would stop including Helen when they say she’s leading the house with Amanda. She is one of Amanda’s sheep, just like everyone else in the house. All of Helen’s people are walking out the door, and she’s just willingly sending them off, the only people that would actually back her. She’s not a mastermind at this game, she’s not a good strategist, and it’s giving her way too much credit to put her on par with Amanda. She is doing whatever Amanda wants her to do, week after week, and she’s too stupid to realize it. At least the other house guests know they’re Amanda’s sheep, Helen somehow thinks she’s a “power player”. No.

Roisin Dubh

Don’t fret, I think Helen will be the target this week. Spencer’s safe, it’s either Jessie or Helen and Jessie goes if they can’t get Helen.Anybody else completely wrecks his game. Keychain is gonna finally wake up and start putting it down.


when did aaryn and judd kiss!? time stamp pls! i cannot believe judd is gone :( i thought andy and mccrae would avert this before it actually happened :( judd would have stayed on their side and could have helped them get rid of helen when the time came. choosing aaryn for your final 4 instead??? she’s freakin racist, super conceited and a huge final comp threat. wtf.

and what’s with everyone wanting to keep spencer now? i thought ppl were keeping him for jury, but now ppl seem to want him to go really far? i hope him and gina marie go next, they are both disgusting. obviously the next target still seems to be jessie, i thought 100% she was going tonight!!


You would think now they everyone made it to jury the sheep shit would stop, and start playing for the fucking prize money.


I thought for sure when Julie announced it that there would be a different outcome with the noms & voting, but nooo…baaaaa. I saw something about Helen threatened Aaryn, saw it on the tweets maybe? anything to that? I wish Julie had at least told em about America being MVP for the last 3 weeks. I hate to see ole JUDD go out like that…


There is a special place in hell for GinaMarie, Aaryn &
especially Satan herself AMANDA.


and spencer




Hey Andy: “Oh my god I had diarrhea every day… watching you run back to Amanda telling her every conversation you’ve ever heard in the BB House. No wonder, despite her bullying, vulgar nature & shitty wicked witch demeanor…she is & will continue to be the “QUEEN” of this sorry Group. (except Jessie,) She knows every GD thing that has ever been said, or about to be said. Why in the HE++ would you be called to the Diary Room? WTH, are they going to ask? “What is the longest time, between when you have walked into a room & sat in on an uninvited conversation and the time you went back and told Amanda”???


I’m just happy that bear shirt is gone !! That thing was used & abused and had seen better days.. Kind of like Amanda come to think of it..


OH Andy, you soooo need the money, why don’t you go out
and be an escort since all your morals are already out
the door. BUT wait, no one would hire you, not even a desperate
old sugar daddy because your not only a disgusting human being
but by far the most ugliest looking creature on the face of the planet.


can’t stop thinking about him, eh?


would be nice if someone who wants to do something actually wins an HOH. don’t actually care who wins but i like it best when an entire week is actually hard to predict. stop complaning about who is controlling the house and lying about you, win something, and make your own “big move”


I hate everyone left in this house but Helen tonight gave me a great idea that I passed along to CBS. Helen said she thinks the grand prize is too low and should be increased to 1M from 500K. I personally would like everyone to leave with as little as possible so how about a new game. Give each player a choice of having the possibility of the grand prize being 1M for them if they win but 100k if they lose. Its a gamble that each individual would choose to take or not take. But if the final prize turns out to be 100k for the person winning BB then CBS kicks the balance of 400k into next seasons grand prize for a total of 900k

Butters Mom

Everyone will be so disappointed if Jessie wins HOH and doesnt follow through with putting up Amanda and McCray or Helen and Elissa… I just see her as all talk and no action… Not holding my breath on Jessie winning or following through.


How can Jessie conceivably win when Aaryn’s drugs have her working at “limitless” potential. Did you see how fast she completed the HOH and how few nails she needed? Let her ADD run amuck, which is a symptom of rejected children anyway.

This Season Blows

“Let her ADD run amuck, which is a symptom of rejected children anyway.”

Wow, is that you, Demanda? I have ADHD and I’m pretty sure I wasn’t a “rejected child.”

Aaryn hasn’t been the only houseguest taking medication (at least Judd was confirmed to be on them as well), and she clearly needs it to be on a level playing field with the rest of the house. Cat People are just reaching for an excuse to discredit her wins, just like you did with Frank last year.

BB15 sucks

Only if we had a janelle or James in the house to win HOHs and povs back to back


GM, at least Candice has a job when she gets home, you gotta survive on Jury allowance for a while you nincompoop


Mark These Words! At the end, there will be 3 people to decide between for a winner this season, like Survivor. It will be Andy, Amanda & McCrae…wait & see. Does anyone else see how Andy shakes & starts to sweat when someone starts talking about taking out Amanda? I swear they knew each other before coming on this show. His job coming in was to keep up with conversations & report back to her. And he has done that job well.. Anyone else sneaking around like that would be gone already… They are just too close… She trusts Andy more than she trusts McCrae. Amanda has never, not once, questioned Andys loyality to her, ever! And she is just as loyal to him, maybe even closer to him than she is to McCrae…And Helen calling Aaryn Janelle? I don’t think Janelle will like that at all…With Nick being a wanna be Actor, I am starting to wonder how many more “actors” are in that house….something just ain’t right…it’s starting to feel scripted-ish….


I think it will be Amanda, Helen, Aaryn for final 3.


Aryan was pi$$ed when she won HOH. She didn’t want to win but she wasted a good opportunity and didn’t even realize it. Go with the house like good puppets do.


At least the HOH should be done in time for BBAD or what will they show? LOL!!

production rigged it

Andy upset because they haven’t been calling him into the DR, he feels like he’s been a big part of what’s been going on. Earth to Andy you’ve done nothing except be a little rat b*st*rd and they don’t let rats in the DR because they don’t want an infestation in there they already have one in the house because nobody can have a conversation for more than 10 seconds without you popping your nosy rat ass in there.

Janelle pov queen

Janelle Pierzina ?@JanellePierzina 14m
These houseguests are morons. Vote out real threats! IE Amanda or Helen. What’s with this voting with the house nonsense?!?! #BB15

@ChimaSimone 18m
I hate this season more than mine. And I reallllllly hated my season. #BB15

What kind of drag

And I hate Amanda and loathe Helen, but I will admit they are running a good game. The IRONY of them wanting Kaitlin out because she was a “beast” at comps. And the IRONY of Spencer thanking his employers who are going to fire him lmao


I hate Janelle so much. She was a ‘lighter’ Amanda. She was disgusting on the feeds. I don’t get all the “JANELLE LOVE’ Maybe it’s that ability for blondes to make idiots believe they are saints.


Well, can’t say the MVP worked out well for America. I voted for GM and Aaryn, and I was thinking today if those two were picked off in that order, Howard and Candice would have stayed one more week. I guess the moral of the story is this…America, if you’re going to hate one person, hate the person that the House also wants to get rid off. I’m not a fan of Amanda, but with Aaryn and Gina gone and Howard and Candice in, flipping the house may have been a good possibility.


Pick off the two weak sisters, and let the numbers kick out Satan. That was my plan. Maybe next time MVP gets the vote, America should do more straterygizing


I really can’t believe people are disappointed Judd left. I couldn’t stop from laughing and that’s not because I don’t like the guy but simply because him and the other houseguests were too stupid to get Amanda out when they had the chance. At this point, it’s a give in that Amanda will make final 2. Right now, I’m simply going to be hysterically laughing at everyone of her “allies” that exit the house by her hand. No sympathy and no respect. Candice and Jessie came and told Judd that he was next on Amanda’s hit list. Amanda asked Judd if he was MVP. Yet with all of this, he not only trashed both Candice and Jessie in every sense of the word, but couldn’t put two and two together, sticking blindly by the same people who he knew were preparing to stab him in the back. Judd was not blindsided. He was given information numerous times as well as multiple opportunities to get out the person running his eviction and chose not to believe it. I was looking forward to his exit mostly for Candice to have her “I told you so” moment as he entered the jury house. Sadly, it doesn’t look like that’s going to happen considering this new Reset twist as they’ll most likely both be sequestered separately. The next eviction I’m looking forward to a good “HA!” from is Helen’s as well as Andy’s when the time comes (possibly Final 3, or whenever that good old Amanda paranoia kicks in).


I was laughing too! He is a dumbass! He was warned but didn’t listen and he dumped Jesdie the only person who really had his back. He made gus own bed, let him lie in it.


If BB were psychiatrists, they would be fired for medical malpractice. Giving out Adderall like candy and then supplying them with alcohol? Gee, what could possibly go wrong? Then you got GM the bulimic who is skin is looking grainier everyday…that’s a tell tale sign of a woman with an eating disorder. No wonder she wears so much tanner.


Rumor has it that Amanda is best friends with one of Big Brother’s main ladies (Allison G.) and is set to be the winner of BB15. – I don’t know how I feel about this, because again, it is a rumor, however, I’m hoping Amanda doesn’t win, not only because she’s a horrible person + player that does not deserve the money, but if she does win, my feelings towards CBS and Big Brother will forever be tainted. Fingers crossed for Elissa to be crowned the winner of BB15!


This rumour has been circulating for days now. This information will be as useful getting out Amanda as the 3rd nom.

This Season Blows

You do realize Rachelissa is production’s true pet, right? She’s openly admitted to being given information and marching orders by production in the DR. She’s only still in the house because of a rigged twist and rigged veto. I think the Demanda rumors are a red herring and distraction from the reality that Rachelissa is production’s favorite.


And production hasn’t been helping Elissa!

They aren’t going to rig anything for her.

Except for that whole MVP twist.
And keeping her safe when she was on the block.
And keeping her calm when she was going crazy.

It’s not like she Rachel Rilley’s sister or anything.

production rigged it

I hope it’s not true either but so far it looks like it is, everything has went her way through the first 7 evictions.

May be too late but -

Candice did not exactly have the ‘gift of gab’ or ability to make a deal with anyone who others may not expect her to be allied with (ie. Aaryn or GM). This is a crucial part of Big Brother. The short end of that stick (unfortunately for her), was she had nothing to bargain with, being incapable of winning any comps at all and having about 0% sway on anyone.
I’ll repeat – it was not about her color but about her lack of wanting to really play Big Brother.
Being fabulous means never having to say ‘I’m Fabulous’ BTW. I hope she does one day become the person she professes to NOW be.
She acted more like a drag queen on her exit than a lady IMHO. :) I’m glad to not have to watch her anymore before she went any lower.


Why is everyone mad at Amanda? Is it her fault that everyone listens to her? NO! She just reaps the benefits…is it boring…yes, but don’t blame Amanda. Blame Andy (the rat), McCrae (the submissive boyfriend), Aaryn (the competitor with no backbone), and Gina Marie (the idiot). Amanda doesn’t make anyone do anything. She says what she wants to happen and her army does it. Her fault…no! Good gameplay…yes!

Keri Helen

Christ almighty, Jessie PLEASE pull an HOH win! Get that HOH and put Amanda up with Andy. Or McRae. Or Aaryn aka AdderallMcChipmunk mouth…come on girl, do it for America!


Laser focus. Amanda has laser focus, and despite the hate she got, it worked. America, however, decided to take out the big dog who is lousy at competitions instead of the little dog that wins the HOH’s. Now the House won’t get rid of her because she 1) wins the competitions and 2) does what Helen and Amanda wants. The House will keep her until the final three, only to pick off one of the two powers in the House who will eventually aim for the other power. Amanda vs. Helen coming shortly. It’s a fool’s errand waiting for this House to grow some balls. That’s where America messed up. They thought that the House would get the hint…c’mon this group of rejects getting a clue?

Keri Helen

Yeah, you’re right. These HGs would not know a clue if it fell out of the sky, landed on their face and started to wiggle.


you act as if anyone else that got HOH wouldnt be a puppet either.

wrong. thats all this season is about, people being puppets.


Aaryn and Jessie for Final 2 so After Dark is back yard scissoring sessions


r.i.p. judd.


Just when I thought things couldnt get any worse this season! It does. Anyone who gets amanda and the rest of the mean girls out is my HERO

This Season Blows

Rachelissa, GM, Jessie, and Andy need to go so this game can really get started. A house with just Demanda, Helen, Spencer, Aaryn, and McCrae might be competitive and interesting enough to salvage a little bit of the season.


i have a feeling partly why aaryn wins alot is because no one else really tries to win.

why win, when they can just keep manipulating her (or whoever else wins whatever) to do what they want. thats the problem with this season, they bully and manipulate the people actually playing saying, “its what the house wants”

i really hope each of the HGs went into the house hoping that when its over, america would love them. can’t wait for them to find out they are the most despised cast of all time.


Yeah! Andy won HOH!!


Adderall is a controlled substance…. a narcotic! (not sure on the class, but it’s a big one) I don’t understand people saying that “production is handing it out”. The ONLY people they can hand it to are those with a prescription. If they’re giving it to anyone else they’ve got bigger trouble than the racist b/s and Time Warner issue.

The statement Elissa made wanting to ask them to “give us some” is ridiculous. Especially since she already knows plenty about the drug. She’s the one that called it Meth. (which is incorrect, but adequate comparison).

Grow up people… CBS is not “doping” anyone.

I read that Amanda took 2 one day… they shouldn’t have allowed that and if that happened there will be a day that she doesn’t have one to take. (kinda makes you question her medical NEED for them)