Saw Stories “Spencer I want to play a game, you spent your whole life eating butterscotch… ”

POV Holder: ? Next POV Aug 10th
POV Used ? POV Ceremony Aug 12th
HOH Winner: ANDY Next HOH: Aug 15th
Original Nominations: Jessie and Spencer
Current Nominations:
Last Evicted Houseguest David, Nick, Jeremy, Kaitlin, Howard, Candice, JUDD
Have Nots Aaryn, Helen , GM, Elissa


9:15pm the infamous white and black fish. They all seem happy equally starved by the lack of food by CBS


9:15pm Elissa and Andy HOH

Elissa is saying she’s embarrassed hanging around everyone when they are talking about Candice.

E: “how do you like being HOH”
A: “it was hard nominating two people but it had to be done”
E: “what are you going to do if Jessie wins POV”
A: ‘I dunno.. (Whispers) put up Ginamarie”
E: “oh my gosh that will be hilarious”
Elissa says GM’s “good friend” Aaryn hinted that GM has issues.
Andy: “I don’t know what to do about it Production has to know.. “
Elissa: “you definitely have to see the pattern”
Andy: “I don’t know enough about the signs and symptoms of an eating disorder.. “ Feeds cut
Andy: ‘you can’t survive drinking pop all day… you know it worries me if it was that big of a problem other people higher up than us would step in”
Elissa agrees she doesn’t think Aaryn should talk about it
Andy: “I think it comes from an area of concern.. Her eating habits are so unhealthy”
Elissa: ‘People don’t understand if you are eating less and purging… it throws your body out”

Elissa says it makes her feel really sad seeing GM do this. Andy thinks it would be best to get Helen to talk to her.
Elissa: “I feel like maybe none of us should say anything.. “
Andy: “I’m right there with you girl… it’s been on my mind”

Elissa says the food in Canada taste much less processed than the food in the US.

Andy asks her if she’s seen the movie Food Inc. .. he recommends she sees it. “It’ll probably just reinforce things you already know but it’s a real eye opener”


9:35pm Bedroom chit chat They are playing “Saw stories” Where they pretend to be the guy on Saw Helen goes first with her “Saw story” (See above)
Helen: “ANDY you think you are so cool cause you are HOH but in reality I am cooler”
Everyone laughing.. Andy :”That is the lamest saw story”
Helen gives is a second shot “Andy I want to play a game with you I want you to pull out all your teeth and bake them in Spencer’s blood and feed them to the house guests.,
Helen: “That was better”
Spencer: ‘At least blood was involved”
Helen: ‘Elissa, you do one”
Elissa: “I haven’t ever seen saw”
Jessie: “Aaryn i want to play a game with you… You spent your whole life winning competition now I want you to take the HOH key slit your wrists with it then drink the blood to replenish what you lost.. then put the POV up your butthole”
Andy: ‘OK that has got a little ridiculous”
Aaryn: “Spencer I want to play a game you spent your whole life eating butterscotch and being with marilyn little does she know you’re a f*ck head.. “

Jessie: “Spencer you do one”
Specner.. ok let me see here”
Spencer: “Ginamarie I want to play a game with you.. you spent your whole life looking for a man.. when you get out of the house you need to marry Nick Uhaus”


9:56pm They killed a spider OK now even I hate these house guests


A shot with the squeaky cam


10:14pm Pool table Helen and Jessie

Helen says that JUDD was making final 2 deals with everyone in the house she adds JUDD became way too dangerous that is why she decided he needed to go home.

Jessie is shocked that it was Aaryn that got rid of him. Helen says that once everyone started talking what JUDD was doing it didn’t add up.
Helen: “JUDD played too many people”
Jessie: ‘he played too hard.
Helen: “I don’t know what he was thinking.. he thought I got him out but he was the one that go himself out “
Helen doesn’t think she’ll get JUDD’s jury vote
10:19pm Spencer joins Helen because Jessie gets called into the DR

Spencer: ‘What do you think”
Helen: “theres a lot of game left to play”
Spencer: “you definitely deserve the money if you win it”
Helen claims this season was the craziest twist ever she adds this is the longest season. she thinks they all deserve the money if they get to the end.
Helen: “they cast this season very well”
Helen wants Spencer to know he’s safe this week she recommends he lay low.


10:31pm Just waiting around for the Pandora’s box

A lotta chit chat


10:55pm HOH Andy, Spencer and Andy
Skittles party just chit chat.. Amanda and McCrae join them.


11:24pm Kitchen Elissa and Helen

Helen saying that they need to up the money they offer to winner of Big Brother 15. (She been saying this a lot lately) Elissa says the stipend is more than any other cast in the past (Feeds cut)

They head to the Cockpit to talk some game. They decide that Andy isn’t making a very big game move. Helen is worried that Andy is loyal with Amanda and McCrae over them. Elissa asks if Andy will backD***r them. Helen says no he won’t do that.

Helen tells Elissa Aaryn is not coming after them and she’s wining comps like crazy, ‘She’s playing an amazing game”

Elissa asks Helen if Andy is up for backdooring Amanda or McCrae. Helen says he’s up for it in a couple weeks. Helen: “What if they strike at us first then we’re screwed”

Helen: ‘At the end of the day we have to make a big move”

Helen brings up that Aaryn didn’t want o backd**r JUDD at first but after Helen talked to Aaryn and offered her two weeks safety she did. Helen: “that was a huge move for her to do”

Helen asks if Elissa wins HOH who would she put up. Elissa says GM and whoever stays this week and if POV is used she wants to back door “One of those two” Helen says they can probably get Aaryn to help because she knows there’s no room ion the final 2 with Amanda and McCrae in the final 2.

Elissa says she’s nervous to even talk to Amanda and MCcrae, she trusts Helen only.

Elissa: “If I won the veto and used it on one of them.. who would Andy pick”
Helen: “Ginamarie.. he’s going to play it safe” (Helen does a thumbs down motion with her hand)

Helen says they cannot let Aaryn win the next HOH they have to win it and control it, ‘I think she’s more loyal to Amanda than she is to us” Elissa: ‘Oh ya 100%.. I feel like Jessie is more loyal to her now also”
Helen: ‘that is why she has to go”


11:57pm Have nots Aaryn and Jessie Jessie says there’s a possibility if she wins HOH she would put Amanda and McCrae up. Aaryn asks if she’s told Helen that. Jessie says no. She feels like the longer they stay in the house the stronger Amanda and McCrae are getting.
Jessie reminds Aaryn she’s done an amazing job rebuilding her game but she also entered the Amanda group late and essentially is at the bottom
Jessie starts to blame JUDD for sinking her game, “I just want to hurt him”

Aaryn tells her she needs to leave like Jeremy not Kaitlin or Candice. There will be opportunities for her and if she goes out like Kaitlin she’ll look like a 7 year old. (I miss a big brother where the players didn’t think about potential “opportunities” that would go their way for being boring as f**** on the feeds.. rock the house Jessie spit, kick and punch your way outta the house)

Jessie: “the two people that haven’t won anything hold the most power in the house”

Jessie tells Aaryn one of the biggest mistakes she made in the game was telling Candice about the deal between Aaryn and Helen. Jessie thought Helen and Candice were close it was a honest mistake/.


12:22AM backyard Amanda and McCrae
Amanda telling him it will be awesome if they were the first showmance to make it to the final 2.
MC: “That would be f***ing cool”

McCrae says they are on equal footing. She was more strategic about “Things” and he made a lot less enemies.

They chat about the 3 final HOH competitions. McCrae says if the first part is endurance and it’s a sitting type he’s got it. “If it’s sitting I’m a champ.. especially if its do or die”
MC tells her she needs to win the second part then it wouldn’t matter for the third part, “you know what i’m saying”
Amanda: Ya”
MC: ‘The second part is usually a puzzle”
Amanda points out Andy is great at memorization and puzzles..
MC: ‘Thats going to be a problem.. We’re going to have to win a lot from here on out.. like I can’t win it by myself”

McCrae says if it’s between her, him and Andy in the final HOH he will win the first part Andy will win the second part and the third part. McCrae is certain Andy will take Amanda over him unless Andy pulls a couple more competition wins.
Amanda doesn’t think Andy will do that.
MC: ‘You have a lot more enemies in the jury”
A: “I guess we’ll have to get there”
McCrae: “Aaryn can’t make it to final 3.. “
Amanda agrees.
MC: “The only votes she won’t get are Elissa and Candice”
Amanda says they should take Elissa to final 3 because Elissa doesn’t win anything and nobody will give her the cash in the end.
McCrea agrees says that Elissa would be best person to take to final three. If he was her he would just keep losing every comp because people would be stupid not to take her to the end.

McCrea: “If I was anyone else I would HOPE to sit next to her.. anyone would win against her.. But I would take you over her.. just for the fact.. ”
Amanda: “We both would get money”
MC: “Ya.. first showmance in the final 2”

Amanda thinks MC would win over her she points this out a couple times throughout the conversation. McCrae isn’t sure he thinks it would be even. He believes to have Spencer and JUDD’s vote in jury. Amanda would have Elissa and Helen. Amanda: ‘I wouldn’t have Helen if we get rid of her next week”

They think Spencer winning HOH next week will be the best case because he would put Helen up.
McCrae says Spencer has to feel like he’s in the shittest position. MC says he’s been feeding Spencer girls alliance conspiracies.

Amanda says that the odds are in their favour she thinks they are set to make it. Amanda reminds him that they have controlled every nomination, every eviction and every replacement nominee.

Jessie rolls in tells them if they keep her she will have their back 110%

1:22am Spencer and Amanda
A: “There is no way in hell you are going home”
S: “I’m nervous”
A: ‘Spencer i’m telling you I have known every single nomination every single every single replacement nomination and I’m telling you.. you are safe”

Spencer is worried that Jessie will get Aaryn, Helen and Elissa together
A: “No way.. me, aaryn, McCrae boom done.. theres no way”
Amanda: ‘Aaryn needs me in this game and I need Jessie to go home this week for my game… for everyones game”

Spencer says jessie asked him to go sleep in the triangle room with him,”F*** No.. I don’t want to sleep in the same room as her” If he did that she would tell people he talked about something (Like she did with JUDD)
Amanda: “spencer it’s so dead set.. there is no fucking way you are going home..”

Spencer: “I feel like i’ve been on the block for so long i’m getting nervous.. this is a crucial week for me .. I mean crucial “

Amanda: “spencer i’m looking you in the eye you are safe and i’m telling you if I win the veto I will not use it and you will not go home. “

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Hello -

I just realized something weird (among other things) about this season – has Julie interviewed the HOH just before the votes. You know when she says “Just a reminder – the other houseguests can’t hear anything you say….”. Has she done that this season and I just overlooked it?


I’ve noticed that as well. There’s a lot of things they don’t show like they used to. I think we’ve only seen one episode where they show what the Have Nots get to eat for the week. This whole season has been off kilter and I don’t like it. I miss the old BB. Like Dan said – remember the days when the villains were people we loved to hate, naming Mike Boogie. And he’s right, I remember – and I miss those days. I miss the FUN villains. These “competitors” are atrocious, and I hope next summer we get back to basics so to speak.


Probably changed the format because it’s live when she interviews them, and with this crew who knows what racist or derogatory comments would spew out of their mouths. I also feel that there will be VERY heavy security at the finale and when guests leave the house. That’s when the real show will begin…

Big Brother

This season really is terrible when you see Simon put no one in the favorite houseguest left in the house poll.

Roisin Dubh

C’mon dude, put a Powerhouse picture up for old times sake.

Roisin Dubh

Thanks Simon, you’re the greatest!!!


Thanks Simon!! I miss, any other season actually, this one is so……………life sucking!! It literally drains me on how awful these people are. They are so pathetic and all seem to be followers. Britney I have to say is my all time favorite player. I loved her sense of humor and she always cracked me up! It was good seeing a picture of her again. I know I said I was done watching this season, I do check in from time to time still, we all love a good train wreck now and again!!!


I don’t have a favorite, and it sucks!! I hate to see any of them win except Jessie.

Left Right Left

People keep saying this is the worst season ever and that may be true. However, if you are so disenchanted with the season, then stop watching it. What are you expecting, that Dr Will is going to suddenly walk through that door? It is what it is, this is the cast CBS is so proud of. So from week to week you keep watching the show and hoping it will get better is a little off like Gina. Well I am not saying Gina is crazy, I am just saying if she was mentally evaluated, they wouldn’t release her.


Spencer and his butterscotch comments are getting out of hand. He’s so f*cking creepy it’s ridiculous. With those teeth, the way he acts, and the things he says, I wouldn’t doubt he’s related to some of the good folks of Wrong Turn. (Sorry, I’m not sorry.)


Aryan said it. And, she nailed it. He’s a trick.
Jessie was funny in true Saw fashion – Andy’s a buzz kill


LMFAO! Helen “They cast this season very well” Honey wait till you get a clue when you step back into the REAL WORLD. Worst cast ever. At this point no one deserves it. Cancel BB!


Helen is drunk with other people’s HOH power. I’m tired of her MISS KNOW IT ALL attitude. Howard & Judd are gone because of her stupid witch hunt, telling the house they were the MVP in the game. I can’t wait to see the expression on her face when she realizes it’s too late to take down Amanda. she had the opportunity of a life time for two straight weeks to evict Amanda, but her paranoia damaged Candice, Jessie and Elissa’s game with her constant “it’s too early to make a move” speech. I can’t wait til everyone votes with house to evict Helen.


It’s an old trick politicians use. Whatever comes out of their mouths, assume the opposite! She knows exactly what she’s doing and she’s not even letting the cameras (public) know what her real thoughts are on everyone. I also don’t think she cares for Elissa as much as it seems; she’s just a pawn to take to the end because no one will vote for her.

Roisin Dubh

Helen-” They cast this season well” OK now we know, the girl is a crackhead. I can’t for the life understand why they think MVP was a huge twist. The biggest twist in the game is voting against the people Ahandjob and Keychain want out of the house. I actually saw the double eviction show a few minutes ago. Guttermouth is just plain trash, and isn’t it weird the only time Judd didn’t mumble was when his ass was on the line? Dude straight up spoke the King’s English. He knew he was caught the moment Aaryn mentioned his name. He looked like a third strike criminal going away for the longest time and ran like a little B when his ticket got punched. It’s a straight vote and he tells them to get rid of Jessie? Wow. I know, old news but I had to vent. Back to Guttermouth, looks like she’s getting pulled. Can’t wait for CBS to do a disclaimer about eating disorders before the next show. She’ll be evicted on Thursday “out of concern for her health” That storyline is up and running. Aaryn only ratted her out because she doesn’t want her blood on her hands. Is it just me or does Ahandjob have shark eyes? Very creepy. Keychain is looking more shagged out with each passing day. I’ll give Spencer credit, he only says one dumb thing a day now, I guess being on the block all the time takes the piss and vinegar out of ya. Elissa, babe, keep doing what you’re doing, you went from public enemy No 1 to an afterthought. I hope they show more jury house this year. It’ll be ten times better than watching the playing house. Just waiting for the Helen blindside. I’m gonna love every minute of it, and I think it’s gonna be done by Aaryn, boy wouldn’t that be great? I can already see Julie breaking shit. Out of hope to see another BBUSA please don’t let Ahandjob win. And the beat goes on.


GM is thinking about what’s gonna happen to her when she goes the jury house. Candice is gonna put a beatdown on GM for saying that “mother” comment. somewhere Howard is in his incredible hulk praying position hoping Candice doesn’t catch a body in the jury house.


I’m rewatching past seasons, on All Stars currently, and what depresses me the most when I compare them to BB15 is that there is no one to love, and even worse, no one to love to hate. Remember season 2 when Kent the old southerner formed an unlikely friendship with hairy Bunky? Kent was annoying but he knew what was going on in the game and acted on it. The old guys like Kent and Jerry in 10 seem like a burden but usually they’re actually more astute than the college kids. It’s like in BB15 they just cast too much of the same type… young kids, super fans… I don’t know the point of my rant, so apologies. I thought BB1: was horrible but then BB14 was very good. Next year cast more schemers and entertaining folk, maybe some d geezers? lol

btw thanks Simon and Dawg!! you guys rock, this has always been my favorite BB site


YES! This. Everything you just said, although I did love BB1. I was hooked from the get-go. I was less of a fan of BB9, especially when it comes to the winner, Adam. Can’t. Stand. Him. I think Ryan should have won over Adam. Hell, I highly doubt Ryan would have went to the pokey for turning his BB winnings into drug money.


Did anyone notice Julie did not ask Judd about derogatory speech in the house? She talk o Candice not hm. I wonder why?

Roisin Dubh

For some reason, season 4 has always been my favorite. The whole ex’s twist and all. Jun and Jee rocked it from beginning to end and the house had mutual respect. Jun is the OG floater and played the role perfect. Nobody has even come close to replicating it, that’s why that term is now overused, misunderstood and abused. That was when BB was pure strategy. People put the personal crap aside and I think that’s why I love that season. I think it changed when they stopped making the HG’s compete for food, that took the respect and solidarity out of it. Can’t take away from Will’s season, no POV and the dude pulled himself off everytime.


completely agreed. the beauty of the food competitions was that as much as everyone hated each other, they all came together for food, or they failed which painted a target on their back. also season 2 had weekly house meetings and weekly America’s Choice for silly things like getting a pet. my favorite seasons of BB are those with a good mix of strategy and whimsy- the way this cast plays the game may be effective but it is boring to watch.


The best season was the one with ” chilltown”. They started the whole naming your alliance thing.


In the early seasons they had to play for “luxury” items like a toaster or a coffee maker. They also had to earn the unlocking of the hot tub. That was fun. I think it was season 4 when the POV started. Before that, one of the two nominations went home with no chance to save themselves, making Dr. Will’s survival to the end even more impressive. The show was still fresh back then, nobody knew what to expect. Since season 11 everyone knows what kind of competitions to expect and when to expect them, the “how many” competition, the OTEV competition, endurance, the majority rules, etc. They all know there will be Pandora’s box (stupidest twist of them all) and Double Eviction. It’s more fun when we all really do have to expect the unexpected. Especially in a season of sedated sheep and lemmings like this one.


Jerry was an awful SOB. He made horrible comments about women while in the house. One of the must disgusting hg’s to ever step foot in there. He makes Spencer seem tame. My grandpa would have never said those things. He is a horrible person and he will rot in hell.


HOLY CRAP!!!!!!! That was a huge spider….I sure hope it was just zoomed in or something….YIKES!!!!!!


LOL…..”they cast very well this season” These houseguest are delusional if they think they are anywhere close to being a good cast….in fact I believe it is totally opposite. If Amanda gets voted out and doesn’t make it to the f2 (doubtful) I would love to see how long it takes for her to take over the jury house. This season has made me actually start to believe production is rigging the shit out of this game….first Ellisa gets MVP first 3 weeks…then Aaryn starts the racial shit so then America gets MVP ( obviously because production wasn’t about to do it and knew America would try). Then America goes after Amanda 2 weeks in a row and that fails… seems like all the houseguest that should go home…DON’T GO!!! How Aaryn..Amanda…Gm…Hellen stay in the game is beyond me. Also how they believe the way they are playing the game is so great ( have they never watched BB before) that voting the way they do will get them somewhere (all the weak players all the time). It’s like production is telling them exactly what to do and how to do it. I’m sorry I just find it hard to believe that not one of these houseguest I have mentioned have not left….it’s like BB is keeping all the controversial people just for ratings. It’s a sad season for loyal BB fans.


What power would Amanda have in the house? No threat of being tossed out. What she going to say–Give McCrea the money or I’ll go bat crap crazy? That train has left the station.


I think Julie should have told the houseguests that the MVP is ending and America was choosing the 3rd nominee the last two weeks. It would have thrown aMANda into a frenzy and McPizza would have really started rethinking his strategy for the game.


I agree. I was waiting + hoping for that bomb. I wish I could see Amanda’s face when she realizes/finds out it was America voting. News flash, doll – NOBODY LIKES YOU! Well, I’m sure there are a few out there that do, but not many, at least not anyone with a heart, brain, and decency. Scummy person, through and through.

HGs, Get a Clue, Please...

I actually hope they don’t find out until finale night because they will continue to be “truthful” to who they are, or at least more “truthful” than if they were on their best behavior. Think of Aaryn — she said she was changing and toning it down, but yet, last week she was horrible, and true to her real self. Also, imagine Amanda’s shock on finale night. It will be PRICELESS!

Dan Fan

AGREE! THEY SHOULD ABSOLUTELY TELL THEM THE TWIST ASAP. That would snuff out all the BORING HG discussions. Mcrae would get into a fight with Amanda for thinking it was Judd putting her on the block. Amanda would have a MELT DOWN for a couple of days for being America’s Most hated player. Helen and Elissa might get emboldened and backdoor Amanda. Spencer would tell all the HGs – ‘I told you so!’ Andy’s bad game would look even worse. Elissa would throw a fit to find out America put her on the block. Aaryn would start thinking that Amanda’s game is based on total PARANOIA….Then we can all root for Judd on his revenge campaign if her gets reinserted. FALSELY ACCUSED JUDD COMING BACK WOULD BE GREAT TV… give him some kind of power too along the way..Tell them before the next POV ceremony. DROP THE GRENADE PLEASE!

Not Yet

America will have another vote, in my opinion, and that’s why Julie didn’t tell them,


She would have had to tell them that America was MVP so Amanda would know what people really think of her. She truly believes America loves her.
Surprise!! <——–expiration points


I was waiting for Julie to tell them America was MVP. It would have been a TOTAL game changer because all of aMANda’s alliances would start scattering. She would become hyper-paranoid, grow horns and and poop would hit the fan!


Why did Ellissa say to Judd when he was leaving, “I had nothing to do with it”? (something to that effect). I think if he comes back he may well just get right back on the Am & Mc bandwagon.


He better not, it was a unanimous vote. They all backstabbed him. But honestly I hope Candice comes back in with furry, teams up with Spencer, Elissa and Jessie (praying she wins veto) and cleans house starting with Helen and Amanda!


Aye Simon and Dawg, I love how Andy’s lame ass nominations aren’t even worthy of posting on the houseguests portrait picture board. These players are so weak i’m praying for a coup de tat, pandoras box, or ANYTHING to shake up this game…and I usually hate those twist.


The truly sad part about Andy is he is from Chicago. The home of rough and tumble, backstabbing politics. Here he had a perfect chance to be the house hero and take out Amanda/McCrea and he wusses out.


Helen and Ellissa are now having a discussion on who AA and Jessie are more loyal to and they concluded it’s Am and Mc. To late Helen you had your chance!!! They are now wondering about An. To late Helen you had your chance. She is going to look back and kick herself in the @ss for not making the move. I rather her than Amanda … what a vile woman.

helen is smart???

I’m not sure how Helen was fooled by Andy this long but i’ll give her the benefit of the doubt on that. What gets me is I’ve never seen someone misread who their friends and allies were. Helen not only let some people who would vote with her get sacrificed, she’s consistently thrown them under the bus and led the charge to evict them.

Elissa: ‘Oh ya 100%.. I feel like Jessie is more loyal to her now also”
Helen: ‘that is why she has to go”

Really Helen??? The person who two weeks in a row put a target on her back trying to get Amanda out? The one who went after Amanda a 2nd time AFTER incurring her wrath!? You mean Jessie, the one that warned you this would happen? People lie all the time but you want to get out the one person who’s actions prove she wants to vote with you?

What an idiot. If Helen doesn’t win HOH or there is some major twist, this is over. Can’t wait to see Helen’s face when she gets put up next week.

helen is smart???

I’ve never seen someone misread who their friends and allies were *this badly*


Helen is a lobbyist and made the biggest mistake ever–never believe your own press. Ok Ok it’s too early. Next week.


GM: With all the talk about the saw movies I remembered seeing a jigsaw puzzle in the house. Please come to the kitchen with me and help me. It’s a killer jigsaw puzzle, and I can’t figure out how to get it started.”
Andy: “What is it supposed to be when it’s finished?”
GM:“According to the picture on the box, it’s a tiger.” I’ve got it spread out everywhere all over the kitchen.
Andy: “First of all, no matter what we do, we’re not going to be able to assemble these pieces into anything resembling a tiger.”
“Second, I want you to relax, and then….. we’ll put all these Frosted Flakes back in the box.”


Helen: “There’s a spider on my head! There’s a spider on my head!”

Spencer: “Stay still”, as he rolled up a newspaper…..around a wine bottle. I’ll never understand how a woman can pour boiling wax onto her upper thigh and rip the hair out by the root……but still be afraid of a harmless little spider.


I can’t believe more HG’s aren’t wondering about Helen being so freaking sketchy and a huge liar. I mean, I can’t get her saying “JUDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD, JUDD THE STUD! JUDD THE STUD JUDD THE STUDD JUDD THE STUDD! like 100 times on television. how she hasn’t been called out yet is just crazy


oh how I yearn for ONE moment this season where the drama is based around game moves and not petty insults!

this one veto ceremony in all stars was more interesting than BB15 in its entirety:

Roisin Dubh

That clip showed why Will is and will always be the greatest. Just like his jury speech in season 2, he Jedi mind tricked them. Just classic.


The final 9…what a cluster!
Andy-the biggest floater, will never make a move
Amanda-someone send her home PLEASE!
McCrae-A little late to be crying over JUDD. Your ho will be sending you home soon.
GM-Stop talking i don’t want to hear it…..oh look there’s Nick getting an order of protection
Spencer-what a creepy perve, hope they yank him out by his b.a.l.l.s
Helen-Had so much potential to be my favorite, please make a big move against McCranda soon
Arryn-The first few weeks were so ugly you don’t deserve to be there. That being said, you do get props for turning your game around.
Elissa-Being Rachel’s sister is not enough to win. Did not deserve MVP for namesake. Hope you out last the slime in the house.
Jessie-Girl, I hope you win but I don’t think you will be around next week.


Aaryn may be doing great at competitions and changed her game, but she is still ugly in character. It’s not just the first few weeks. Now, she is just “cautious” because HG have warned her that she is being portrayed as a racist and possibly a mean girl. So, she’s been holding back her tongue. This was evident in episodes back when she was talking to Judd on how people should notice how nice she has become.

She’s all fake. Don’t be fooled. Aaryn is still a B!tch. She is even throwing her GM buddy under the bus, has kicked out Judd (who helped her to stay) to jury, trashed talked everyone behind their backs, manipulated folks just like Amanda, and started drama with her fits and gossip.

I must admit, I like Elissa for seeing Aaryn for who she is. In Elissa’s own words, “She never changed.”

At least, GM is still keeping it real with her obnoxious, unstable, disturbed, and troubling behavior. We all know where Amanda, Spencer, and all the headliner HG members stand.

As for Aaryn, she an undercover B!GOT who is now trying to “be nice” to be perceived differently both in the house and outside the house. She is dangerous.

production rigged it

Yeah I don’t understand they are talking about backdooring Amanda or McCrae and maybe getting Aaryn to help then they turn around and say that Aaryn is closer to Amanda and McCrae than them. So why would she help backdoor them then? Also they think Jessie is more loyal to Amanda now than them, yeah her loyalty to Amanda is why she got nominated again. If they get any dumber they won’t be able to remember they’re own name.


What they NEED to do is evict Amanda and McCrae from the HOH room and just literally stay in there constantly giving Amanda no chance to spew her bullshit prior to the nomination ceremony.

Sir Peanut

I’m glad Elissa shuts down some conversations about Candice. GM has such an off memory of all the arguements between her AAryn and Candice. She never remembers Aaryn starting an argument and sitting back with a half smile on her face while everyone else yells and fights with other people. The fight when Jeremy told the girls where the can go Aaryn tells him people are bothering her, he starts yelling and she sits on the sideline watching with a smile. Afterwards making her comments on how much she enjoyed that. GM doesn’t see herself being used as a pit bull enforcer. Her excuse…I was protecting my girl.


Could this be the most boring season in big brother history???


Seriously hating everyone left in this house, I can’t even read the spoilers because its so easy to predict what’s going to happen. Please make some twist were Amanda gets voted out and Helen can’t stand those two bitches

I hate Andy!

Actually, I think Amanda and McCrae are in trouble. Andy is convincing them to take out all the people that wouldn’t put the two of them up on the block together together. Watch, he will make up stuff on Aaryn and take her out, if she doesn’t win HOH. I hate to say it, but he is in a really good spot. Hope someone realizes that.

Chilltown Fan

I’m hoping Spencer now wins, Judd was my last hope, but wasn’t smart enough. At this rate Jessie is Porsche, 2nd place finish.


This is the worst cast ever….. Going with the house is stupid. Can someone tell Andy he hasn’t made any great historical big brother moves come back to reallity Andy.

Chilltown Fan

And why is he still in the game?

Chilltown Fan

I hate to say this, but Andy is a typical F***** …He has done absolutely NOTHING! in this game. I called him dead weight weeks ago.


Wow, you’re a classy dude.


We may not Andy’s game but stop with the homophobic comments. You diminish yourself as well as others.

Chilltown Fan

Spencer has to win POV. We are looking at a Helen, Jessie, Aaryn final 3. I would love GM to make it to the cusp of money(only because of her ass), but she ain’t smart. Spencer has the tools to win, but he has to win veto now.

Beware of aaryn

If the spider was white it probably would have survived

Spice Up The Season

Jessie should really consider wearing full length shirts :-(


I tell you Helen is a stand-up comedian in real life, she is sooooooooo funny

– GM deserves to win America’s favorite
– They cast this season very well
– They all deserve to win

Ha…Ha…Ha… A real comedian…



Why does Elissa often talk about Canada? Is she part-Canadian, does she lives there? Is her husband Canadian?

Just curious :)


Her husband is Canadian


She has said some pretty ignorant and stereotypical things about Canada.


I agree that the daily beer at lunch thing was pretty stupid…..


Ooohh ok thank you Dawg!


OK – I have only vaguely watched the odd episode of BB prior to this season & I have given up on this one at this point. What’s the best prior season to watch if never seen any before?




Hands down Season 2 and Season 3. Second place is season 6 and season 8.


Helen has played a stupid game, and she thinks she is the best BB player in history. All she did was get rid of all the people they had as allies and left all Amandas allies in the game. I think the only person she has left is Elissa. This season has been so bad, and its so funny when you hear them say “best BB ever” “best cast ever” These people are delusional!


I also look forward with much anticipation to the day Helen gets her comeuppance and gets ousted by Amanda, but if there is a twist and a member of the jury gets to return I pray that person is not Helen.

Jake K.

We are all hating on this season cause of the people and I agree but at this point I have to just appreciate some, ANY gameplay. Aaryn and Amanda are currently my favorites for their competiton prowess and social games respectively. Do I think they are good people? Absolutely not. But if those two never made derogatory statement they would have been this year’s favorites which I think BB is looking for. They have had many more male favroites then female favorites and come an allstar season they wanted some more. Also we have to applaud McCrae and Andy. Hate on them all you want, but bothhave now won competitions and not been nominated iimpressive.

So hit thumbs down if you want, but I think it is time we start appreciating gameplay to make this season bearable.


McCrea has had the best gameplay up to now. He has to get cut loose Amanda or he doesn’t deserve to win.

Arya Stark is a Badass

What a strange season.

The only person that I like (Jessie) is probably getting voted out next.
With all the racist crap we have heard this season why does GinaMarie’s “At least my Mom likes me” piss me off so much? I didn’t really care about her before but now I want her out.
I have hated Amanda and McCrae all seaon and while my hatred of Amanda has grown I am now kind of liking McCrae.
I can’t believe that I might have to start rooting for Spencer and Aaryn since they are the only ones in the house besides Jessie who MIGHT make a move.
Please don’t let a floater like Andy win this game. Pasadena on Amanda and Helen too.
I never would of believed in the beginning of the game that I would of ended up wanting Jessie or Elissa to win the game.

This is what bothers me the most. Everyone tlaks about how this season sucks and I really don’t like many of the people in this house but I am still so hooked and I just can’t stop watching.


Not me. I returned to watch live feeds yesterday and a major sense of ‘who gives a fuck’ came over me. Then Helen came on screen and I nearly puked.


We keep hoping against hope something good will happen.


OMG, what happen to Pandora box!!!!!


Does anyone know if the police checked Spencer’s computer? That is the only way to find any criminal activity – surely they would have”just cause” to do so. I work in the field of criminal justice and the thought of those little victims is terrifying.


Spencer’s father is a judge and his brother is a cop–nuff said?


omg – is that true – i did not know that at all!!


If Amanda is able to manipulate Andy into backdooring Helen, then she deserves to win the game.


I think ONE of Amanda’s desires is to actually get McCrae out.


Actually, it appears that she *used* to make more money than McCrae, but that may not be true anymore…it has been reported that she lost her job (or more specifically that the real estate firm that acted as her broker has let her go…,therefore her license is “current but inactive”). Hope McCrae makes good money in tips!


Howard for the favorite, he’s the only one that kept his mouth shut from lying and squealing. \

Though Amanda will take her crew down, she has dominated/brainwashed them into so much weird sense of loyalty they will vote her winner because they won’t have stood far enough back to see it for what it is.

McCrae might just be stupid enough to follow her to Florida because she promises she has more money than his pizza delivery job earns. The condition, of course, is he remains puppy-like and never speaks up for himself. Sorry McCrae, she’s emasculated you. Your male hormones got in the way of your game play.


I quote Julie”There is still alot of Summer left.”