After $*X and a B**w J*b – Amanda drinks from McCrae’s water bottle. He says Oh GROSS!

POV Holder: ? Next POV Aug 10th
POV Used ? POV Ceremony Aug 12th
HOH Winner: ANDY Next HOH: Aug 15th
Original Nominations: Spencer & Jessie
Current Nominations:
Last Evicted Houseguest David, Nick, Jeremy, Kaitlin, Howard, Candice, JUDD
Have Nots Aaryn, Helen , GM, Elissa


1:30am In the bathroom – Amanda, McCrae and Spencer continue to talk. Spencer asks Amanda so if I get House Guest Choice during the veto players pick, who should I pick? Amanda says everyone is keeping it the same, so it really doesn’t matter. You would just pick someone that would win it. Aaryn is a good competitor. Spencer says well I thought about Helen because I know she won’t change it and it would be interesting to see what she would say to me to not use it. Amanda says that’s too risky. McCrae says I worry about Helen. Amanda says that’s too risky. Spencer says okay, okay, fair enough. Amanda says give it to McCrae, he is not going to use it. Spencer says yeah I know. Amanda says he is not going to use it and you’re not going home. Spencer says I hate to say I don’t care about winning it but when she (Jessie) is out my care of winning it drops. Amanda says the entire house is with it, I am telling you there is no f**king way you are going home. NO WAY! If either one of us wins it we cannot use it but I am telling you, you will not go home. Spencer says yeah I know you can’t use it. Amanda says Don’t ever throw it. If Andy has to get a little dirty.. Spencer says yeah I know I am more worried about my safety than his hands. I won’t throw it but my worry will be eliminated once she is gone. I will just have more fun with it when she is gone. Everybody I have confided in, in this game, has f**king gone behind my back and f**Ked me. I do feel that I can trust you guys. Amanda says we all need to stick together, we are all targeting the same people. Spencer asks where does Andy fall? Amanda says we talk game with him when we need to. Spencer asks but where is he long term, is he more with Helen or ya’ll. McCrae says that he thinks he is more with Helen. Amanda says I am sure Andy wants to do what’s best for his game and he doesn’t want to make enemies. Spencer says my fear is that everyone I have confided in has f**ked me. Amanda says if you have our back, we have your back. Spencer says I just get funny looks from Helen and Elissa. Amanda tells Spencer to keep Gina close. They head to bed.

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1:40am Amanda and McCrae head into the rainbow bedroom. Amanda says if Jessie wins the veto, I really f**king want to push for Helen to go up to back door her and get her out of here. She needs to go! McCrae tells her that would be too early. Amanda asks who would care besides Elissa? We could make something up. McCrae says it would be on Andy’s hands though. Amanda says but only Elissa would be mad. McCrae says but he won’t do it, there is no way. DON’T EVEN PUSH IT! I am already worried about. I am worried that we’ve already pushed it. Amanda says we haven’t pushed it. McCrae says that Andy is already kind of split. He doesn’t want to blood on his hands there is no way he will put up Helen that’s asking too much. That’s his vote in the end, it would make him look bad to everyone. Amanda says we just need to make sure Jessie doesn’t win it. How many people play in the veto, 6? McCrae nods. McCrae says he hopes it hold em, fold em. McCrae says all I would need to do is fold every single time till the end. She will probably hold on some of them and be wrong on one of them. As long as one person folds every single time until Spencer and Jessie are out. McCrae says don’t push Andy. Amanda says I haven’t brought it up until right now. McCrae says Andy would never do it and you should never say it. Amanda says I still don’t 100% trust Spencer. McCrae says he doesn’t either but he has nothing. McCrae says I am worried I would go up if the veto is used. Amanda says you have to trust this four, I can read people Andy is loyal to the final 4. I have not made a final two with Andy or Aaryn. McCrae says I could talk to Andy about it. Amanda says no. McCrae asks do we have a final 3 with him? Amanda says yeah. McCrae says that he wants to wake up early and talk to Andy first and then talk to Helen and say this is what we need to do. McCrae says I look like the biggest f**king pu$$y on national tv. Amanda says you don’t look like a pu$$y, you looked compassionate. Amanda says Spencer should go before Ginamarie. They agree to take it week by week and to not over think it.

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2:15am – 2:47am They turn off the lights and start making out. Amanda climbs on top of him and they start to get all hot and heavy. He then tells her no I don’t want to look like that. They continue making out and then Amanda takes off her underwear and the camera zooms in on it. She then climbs back up on him and they start having $*x.. Big Brother then switches the camera to that havenot room. Then 10 minutes later the cameras switch back and Amanda is looking for her underwear. She then goes and turns the light on to find it. Turns the light off and goes back to the bed and drops the sheets showing her bare b*tt. She then asks McCrae for that towel and cleans herself up and put the towel on the night stand. She then gets under the covers and gives him a b**w J*b. Amanda asks McCrae do you have any water? He hands her his water bottle. Then says oh gross when she goes to take a sip. Amanda says did you just say oh gross? Amanda then says I need more water and takes another sip. Amanda asks can I have a kiss goodnight? McCrae says no. Amanda laughs. They turn over and go to sleep.


7:10am All the house guests are still sleeping..

10:20am Big Brother wakes up the house guests.

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148 thoughts on “After $*X and a B**w J*b – Amanda drinks from McCrae’s water bottle. He says Oh GROSS!

    1. Ok, for everyone that thinks this season blows. Here are some helpful suggestions:
      1. Stop watching the show. Unplug your TV and turn the TV screen to the wall.
      2. Watch BB Canada reruns instead on the days BB15 is being shown. For those that haven’t seen BB Canada, I just want to clarify any possible confusion , the red phone is not a direct line to Bat Man.
      3. Watch Sex and the City reruns. I wonder if Carrie will ever find love in the Big City and if Mr. Big really that big or its just a moniker?
      4. Watch beauty contests to restore your faith in America. There is Miss Utah 2013 and Miss Teen South Carolina 2007. I still think both of them are trying to figure out the answer to the question posed to them. I always wondered why the beauty contestants responded with World Peace as the answer, no matter what was asked. Now we know. If they are required to put two sentences together, well we get Miss Utah or Teen South Carolina. I wonder if Gina was sponsoring these 2 ladies?

        1. That was good Relax ….LOL. I wonder what McCrae meant when he said “no I don’t want to look like that”.

            1. Relax I want to play a game with you. You keep giving people homework or tell them to figure it out. I have something to tell you, STFU! Now “Relax”. LOL!

        2. Oh please share with us the definition of pun oh great one. Don’t keep us in suspense. Will you be giving us the Russian or Chinese version? Wait don’t tell us, keep us in suspense. For someone named “Relax” you are so “Intense”….opps did you make a pun? LOL! Could irony and pun be similar? Talking about pun is more exciting then talking about BB15. In BB15 we seem to know the outcome, but with the English Professor, I mean Intense, shucks! I mean Relax we will be enlighten everyday with a new word.


      1. How is someone a whore for having mutually consensual sex?
        Sex is a normal part of life and she should be affected why? for doing what almost everyone in the world has done?
        you must have a huge crush on MC if you are you are really that disgusted like the name says you need to get a grip or at least grow up…


        2. She has a boyfriend outside of the house ? Amanda is disgusting because of all the stuff she has done . She has talked about gang raping people ,hurting people , trashing people , she has done so so so so so so many hate filled things . How can you all not see this is one nasty, hate filled , trashy disgusting human being ?

  1. The kiss of death is when the other house guests so condfidently tell you there is no way you are going home. Aaryn tells David, there is no way you are going home. Gina tells Nick, there is no way you are going home, the votes are locked up. Now McCrae is telling Spencer, nah man there is no way you are going home. I hope Jessie throw a wrinkle in their plan and win the POV comp.

  2. What a strange season.

    The only person that I like (Jessie) is probably getting voted out next.
    With all the racist crap we have heard this season why does GinaMarie’s “At least my Mom likes me” piss me off so much? I didn’t really care about her before but now I want her out.
    I have hated Amanda and McCrae all seaon and while my hatred of Amanda has grown I am now kind of liking McCrae.
    I can’t believe that I might have to start rooting for Spencer and Aaryn since they are the only ones in the house besides Jessie who MIGHT make a move.
    Please don’t let a floater like Andy win this game. Pasadena on Amanda and Helen too.
    I never would of believed in the beginning of the game that I would of ended up wanting Jessie or Elissa to win the game.

    This is what bothers me the most. Everyone tlaks about how this season sucks and I really don’t like many of the people in this house but I am still so hooked and I just can’t stop watching.

    1. What grosses me out more than anything, is that Amanda said she had her period yesterday… So sitting on the night stand is a towel with her body fluids on it, how freaking nasty is that? Bitch has NO class whatsoever.

      1. I thought the same thing! She just was talking about how she started her period and she ended up giving him oral after. That is just gross!

        1. I agree that Andy is sticking to his alliance with mcmanda. He only goes to other houseguest to get info or to control the info that is going around. To bad he dosnt see how little many people in the house think of him and how they constantly use his sexuality to discribe him when they talk about him he will be suprised when he leaves the game. im sure of it.

        2. I know its strange, but i think Amanda has no since of how badly the house sees her. shes so arrogant She probably sees herself as just a realy good person that everyone should love. everytime she was put up for 3rd nom she was shocked that there was someone that would put her up. Shes one of those people that thinks an appoligy fixes everything. no matter how many times you say something rude to appoligize for. same with ginamarie and aaryn.

          1. Based on some other videos of Amanda that are on the net, I am thinking that she has always wanted to be on the screen (big or small). Maybe this is her desperate attempt to make a name for herself. Look at what it did for Kim Kardashian. Others are doing it, and it has paid off, so maybe she thinks it will work for her. It is pretty evident by her actions that she likes being the center of attention. While she would enjoy having the $500,000, she would probably enjoy the notoriety and money generated by someone like Paris or Kim even more. At her age, she knows what she stands to lose. She is gambling that all of this will all pay off for her, but that wont happen.

            1. Kim Kardahian has never talked about murdering people and saying hate full racist remarks to people ? Amanda is disgusting . There must have been blood all over the sheets ?

        3. I’m thinking happy thoughts and hoping he used, and then discarded, a condom before she opened her big mouth. The alternative is just TOO much for a normal brain to handle…

        4. YK, sometimes at the beginning of a period there’s much less flow so it may not have been a big deal. It’s not my preference but there’s a whole lot of other stuff to be weirded out like her not respecting Mc saying no. Yes, he could have gotten more assertive but there’s challenges w/Amanda — she might totally wig out.

          What I think is weirder … did she use a condom? If she’s not flowing that much, she can still get pregnant. Watch out McCrae!!

          1. I could see Amanda thinking she is invincible and having unprotected sex. She went to McCrae the other day and said she had her period and he must be so happy because that means she’s not pregnant and he said they haven’t done anything that it would be possible for her to be pregnant – until last night!!!!
            I hope when the show is over McCrae changes his number and moves to another city, takes on a new identify so he can be free of Amanda. That cougar won’t let him go so easily and will hunt him down. Not because she loves him but because it will be a challenge.

      2. She IS nasty!!!! Last time she left a menstrual strain on the living room couch that someone else had to clean up and she complains about Peurto Rican showers??? I really do wonder what her family are thinking right now!!!

    2. Andy isn’t a floater, he’s clearly only working with McCrae and Amanda. Anytime someone has talked about making a move against Amanda he tells them that it’s too early and tells them that they are being targeted. He’s actually playing a pretty good game but he’s playing it SO under the radar that I think he has made it almost impossible for him to win unless he really starts to make bold moves out in the open thus blowing his cover.

      1. Andy reminds me of a female Shelly… I hated that woman……And speaking of Amanda……I don’t know about any of you but the thought of my parents watching me having sex repulses me…..and after last night, I don’t think anything bothers her. I mean, you would think that she would have thought about her parents viewing it……..and I would love to be a fly on the wall when McCraes parents talk about Amanda dating their son… that would be a real interesting conversation!!

    3. Yups, this season does suck, but I don’t want to stop watching, I might miss the 1st “Big Move” of the season. Should be next week when Helen gets what she deserves and that’s a well deserved royal shafting my Amanda and McCrae, and a melody of “I told you so” from Candice.

    4. I know what you mean. This season does suck…well actually it blows…but I can’t stop watching it either. It is like seeing a train wreck. It is really tragic but for some reason you cannot look away. That is how I choose to view this season, as one BIG train wreck.

      1. You need a dictionary.
        Slut or slattern is a term applied to an individual who is considered to have loose sexual morals or who is sexually promiscuous.

    1. Again, people do none of you know definitions to words?
      a slut is someone who will be with anybody and everybody so Jessie pursuing Nick then Judd and she liked MC…
      that is a slut… Amanda does seem to genuinely like if not Love MC how is that slutty?
      I never said I liked or respected Amanda but people learn some English…

      1. It amazing me how you hop on your high horse acting as if you are the creator of the English language. The true definition of slut is : Slut or slattern is a term applied to an individual who is considered to have loose sexual morals or who is sexually promiscuous. The term is generally pejorative and most often applied to women as an insult, sexual slur or offensive term of disparagement, meaning “dirty or slovenly”.
        So how does that not EXACTLY define Amanda? It does not say a slut is someone who likes different men. It defines Amanda for exactly who she is….A SLUT!! Who would go on national TV and have (more than likely) unprotected sex, while she’s on her period, then finish, wipe, and give the guy a blow job. If I was her Mother, I would be thoroughly disgusted. She is nothing to be proud of and that is not even putting into the discussion how racist and vulgar she us. I hope that this world teaches her a thing or two about how to act like a lady when she gets out of the house. She needs to be held accountable for her sexual mid-deeds, being the true definition of a SLUT, her racial slurs and attitude and her truck driver/ culver mouth. Great pick to win Allison Grodner!!! I would live to know if you are as disgusted by your friend as most of America is!!!

        1. do you really think making all these terrible comments about what the girls in the house do is any better than spencers comments about women in general

    1. No, if Amanda wins McCrae will stick around to share the money, even if it takes being controlled by that ****sucker.

  3. I can’t help but feel sorry for Amanda’s family, they seem decent; this sex must be killing them. I’ve got to laugh though, frequent bjs will get a man to do anything you want. If only Amanda could get McCrae to give Andy a bj or even a handjob, Helen would be history.

  4. So…McCrae and Amanda are having $*x on national television. She gave him a BJ. And he thinks she is gross for drinking out of his bottled water, HA!

    And, he didn’t go down on her? LOL…..she really is playing this game hard on all levels. LMAO!

    Where is Howard when you need him? He needs to help her pray.

    1. So….now, being reminded that Amanda was on her period, had sex, then gave a bj to McCrae…..

      How dare she drink from his water bottle? B!tch get your own own water bottle! I agree with McCrae–GROSS!

      Eeeeeewwwwwww…..such disrespect.

    2. So now Howard is a minister? Straight up player. Disgusting (his face was ugly as hell). Hypocrite. Wesley Snipes wanna be.
      One of the worst BB players of all time.

  5. I must admit…..this cast is lousy with game, but they sure find a way to grab my attention with their behaviours.

    Who would sleep on that bed after those two had did their nasty in the house? I hoped they used protection!

    Imagine a BB baby? OMG!!

    1. CBS has higher ratings every time these people push the envelope and do or say vulgar things.
      They have over 1 million viewers in the Nielson Ratings and that was a increase of 9% since all the controversy.
      Nothing is going to change.

      1. On thu. 8-8, on bb after dark ., early in the show., While in the have not room with elisa, helen & jesse , andy said, I get to go to DR this this week & be involved with the PLOT, insted of just makeing stuped comintary about elisa. Thay told him he could not talk about production. I can`t belive no one else saw that. It`s about 15. mins. in.

  6. “McCrae says I look like the biggest f**king pu$$y on national tv. Amanda says you don’t look like a pu$$y, you looked compassionate.”

    Awe McCrae, you think! Seriously, one ot the biggest “understatements” in Big Brother history!

    McCrae statement reminds of the Joker in the Batman movie, saying “Wait Till They Get A Load Of Me” ….

  7. Why am I always surprised at the level of disgusting that amanduh goes? Why does everyone have to run things by her first? Oh I think Andy needs to wipe his ass…. Should we ask amanduh first if it is OK and see how the house would vote on it? Omg is this horrid season done yet? If not let me know when the slut is gone

  8. Awe poor little Amanda, you know what the old saying is: ” Bad Girls Spit Good Girls Swallow”. Wow, Mr Zuckerman isn’t that daddy’s little good girl?

  9. Spencer isn’t that stupid to NOT try and win the veto. Things could easily change and they could want him out instead. He’s telling them what they want to hear.

    Why is everyone surprised Amanda’s a slut? I think we established that 1st week, there’s been sluts every season of Big Brother, this one happens to be running a farm of sheep.

    But um, giving a BJ right after sex is pretty nasty, “she swallowed it”, can’t get many women to do that without it being a special occasion, McCrae, you lucky dog…

  10. I wonder how McCrae is going to feel when the game is over and he doesn’t have those DD’s in face anymore. She will drop him and go back to her Sugar Daddy’s!

  11. I’ll say this…Mccrae came in the Big Brother house as a Digiorno & will leave as a Pizza Hut or Little Ceasar’s, which ever you prefer.

  12. Reeks of awesomeness. Is McCrae living his dream or what? He probably thought he was going to be playing the geek role. Now, he is banging a chick and getting head in the BB house! He’s made jury and in a strong, um, position in the house :)

    1. Oh, I forgot, I’m supposed to say something bad about the season. Amanda is a trashy whore! There, now everyone is happy! Not as happy as McCrae, but happy. :)

    2. This made laugh out loud! I guess that saying “when you’re the last guy on the planet” has a part to play in this giving the likes of the pick of guys in the house. I would totally expect this type of behorior from aMAnduh of all people and she calls the other females who know how to keep a lid on it whores. They both deserve each other, both are disgusting and classless trash. Gross is right, I agree with him 100%.

  13. Amanda is gross why would you have se on national tv and knows that there are cameras watching you 24/7 and Amanda called Jessie a slut Amanda’s the one that’s a slut for having sex on tv hopefully Jessie wins veto and then wins hoh so she can put up Amanda or mccrea or back door her when someone is taken off the block and put her up Amanda needs to go its called big brother not the Amanda show where she tells you to put up and who to vote out she hasn’t even won hoh or pov hopefully Jessie or Elissa win big brother but it seems like Amanda will win this season is so predictable.

    1. The ONLY reason why Jessie hasn’t had sex on “national TV” (it’s actually not on national TV but on internet feeds) is because, no one on the show wants to have sex with her . I guarantee you if ANYONE had showed any interest in wanting to have sex with her she would have jumped all over it. (no pun intended)

      1. They are on National TV. The TV Guide Channel TVGN is showing Big Brother After Dark Midnight to 2:00 AM. So the only reason it was not seen on TV was because it was TVGN was off the air. But some of that other stuff people did see and hear.

        1. I know that the TV Guide Channel TVGN is showing Big Brother After Dark from Midnight to 2:00 AM. I watch it every night (morning) and the sex & blowjob was not aired on After Dark therefore it was NOT on nation TV. I know in this world of technology that we live in it is easy to confuse National TV with Internet Feeds but you need to remember that not everyone has the 24 hour feeds and does not see the stuff that happens when “National TV” is done with.

      2. Wait, Howard and Spencer wanted her… ROLMFAO

        I for sure thought Howard was in there, Jessie liked him too, but then the racist bitches made him gravitate to Candice.

        Judd, I’m not sure what his problem was, he could’ve hit it and quit it…. I think he was high.

  14. At this point, the only people that I would be “okay” with winning BB15 are Jessie and Elissa. The rest are just a mix of racist, pussy, b#tchy, waste of space, waste of blood, and pieces of sh#t.

  15. I thought I was the only one who remembered that she said she just got her period! Now she’s in the bed with no underwear on and we know she is not the most careful with her period blood due to the stains on her pants and the couch, but then to go down on him AFTER sex while you’re on your period is enough to make me want to PUKE!!

    1. Guess all the SAW talk got her in the mood for some red, but what more could we expect from Mcramda, put Spencer outta the room so they could get giggy with it, who cares about the cameras, and oh yea then theres just all of us throwing up while watching. gone to gargle, rinse n repeat !!!

      1. Funny coincidence Candy Girl – Cheri signed with Endemol (the producers of BB) in February to create a parody reality TV comedy series!!

  16. A good twist right now would be:

    Have the Veto played in pairs; if the team of Spencer and Jessie win they both come off the block.. That way Andy would be forced to put on of his so called Allies.

  17. Just sitting here wondering during McCrae and Amanda’s compromising positions, is Amanda thinking about Howie or will she slip up and call out his name. Things that make you go, hmmmm…..

  18. I really wonder what is going on inside McCrea head,. Where Amanda stands with him long term. I do believe he’s playing her and why not get all the benefits if she is willing to give it up so easily. As a mother, I’m pretty sure his mother is appalled on his behavior with Amanda. Amanda did say she was on her period and he had sex with her, now that is gross. Those HG’s with the exception of Howard, Candice and Jessie are really silly to believe they would have a final 2 deal with either Amanda or Andy. I think McCrea would have kept his final 2 with Judd if he wasn’t evicted. I also believe the reason why McCrea was crying so hard because now he knows his only chance to have Judd get blood on his hands and Amanda be evicted, he could still count on her vote. Andy thinks he’s playing a good game and question why the DR hasn’t pulled him in to talk. For one, your not doing anything daring but going back and tattle telling what has been said so Mcanda won’t get angry with you. I would love to be at the finale party and see what would happen. I’m not into violence but Gina, Aaryn and Amanda needs a wake up call and told the facts about there belittling certain cast members. I’m glad I didn’t buy the feeds this yr and I’m also glad that BB didn’t cast my nephew on this season. What I appreciate is, Simon & Dawg provides enough of commentary for me to know what exactly is going on in this unstable house. I can say if CBS purpose of studying people behavior and there dysfunctional demeanor, well this cast should complete there findings and call it a rap for no further study needed.

  19. I just wanted to thank Dawg for putting up that close-up photo of McCrae. It confirms what I’ve suspected all along….McCrae is actually good looking. Personally, I find that long hair of his (and what he uses to tie it back) extremely unappealing; but he does have nice facial features. His eyes are beautiful. No, I’m not crushing over McCrae. The kid is young enough to be my son. I’m just being fair in my comments about his looks. He desperately needs to cut his hair. Dressing better wouldn’t hurt either. Of course, when he’s being given the $50,000 second prize check, he might look into investing in a different wardrobe (and occupation).

    More importantly, McCrae has proven he has a brain, and I think that brain of his is telling him it would be beneficial to him not to make waves this far in the game as far as The Red Queen is concerned. He’ll stay with her at least until the end of the game. As mentioned above, when The Red Queen is handed the $500,000 check, he might consider staying with her a bit longer, although I think that’s when she’ll say to him, “Me stay with a pizza delivery boy? As if!”

    1. I agree with your comment. And yeah he’s still a baby especially in man years.So I think he has a lot of potential to be good looking if he matures in his looks some and doesn’t look like he’s about to play Jesus is in an Easter Special at church. I guess it depends on his ambition after this is all over. He sort of has hippie vibe to him.

  20. Lol I really can’t believe she just had sex and far a blowjob. This makes her even more of a hypocrite for calling Jessie a slut. I would be embarrassed if I was her parents.

  21. Helen is the worst judge of character.
    1. America can’t be the m.v.p,….America loves Amanda
    2.G.M. will surely be America favorite player
    3. I believe you Aaryn not Candice on saying racial comments
    3. Elissa, Jessie, Candice have to go they are messing up my game.
    4. Andy is loyal to me
    5. Spencer i don’t like how Candice spoke to you…you are a true gentlemen.

  22. OMG go to the bathroom and wash properly after sex!!! Or have things changed since the last time I had some???

  23. Unless CBS steps into this game with a MAJOR twist…This will go down as the WORST season in the history of the BB Franchise!! Think about it, the people who we liked have either been kicked off, or are on their way out & everyone we hate (which is about 80% of the current house guest) are steamrolling through week after week by listening to their leader Amanda the Hun’s orders. This is BAD BAD TV. THUMBS DOWN to the cast…THUMBS DOWN to CBS for letting the season unfold in a predictable manner!

  24. Wasn’t every single one of you born through sex? Haven’t you all had sex? Why is Amanda a slut for doing something that billions of people have done billions of times? And pizza boy? You are a boss!!!!!

    1. I completely agree. People on this site have such a puritanical
      view on sex. Secret peeping toms I think. They love to watch and then
      judge people afterwards. Sex is a bodily function like breathing and
      eating. Not doing it is dysfunctional. What makes Jessie the slut
      is using sex for power and not for pleasure or affection. I find that

      1. And you think Amanda isn’t using sex for power?!! C’mon! MC had a brain when he came into the house but got bamboozled by boobs when he got the first HOH and Amanda made the moves on him. To. Gain. Power. She is like a black widow working her prey. MC stopped thinking with with his head and she has him by the b****. He wants out but can’t because she will find a way to kill him, plus he will look like a jerk in the eyes of the others if he dumps her on the show. Amanda is nothing short of a sex pro. She is merely exchanging sex for $500K.

        1. I think she’s legitimately attracted to him. Otherwise she would
          have tried to gain this type of power with all the males.

      2. Let’s get the facts straight, Amanda was giving MC hjs within 48 hours of him winning HOH, which could’ve been ANYONE, she wishes it was Howard, she gained his trust and affection, which made him betray his alliance, to help her get closer to the prize.

        1. It’s not the showmance itself but the motivation behind having one.
          Jesse wanted one with anyone when BB started. That definitely says something about her too.
          You can call that whatever you want. I just seriously don’t understand what
          is the big deal about 2 of the participants having sex. Or I guess I don’t understand
          the “outrage”. It’s just really weird, maybe it’s just this site. You have to admit that
          as each year goes by, this site gets populated by stranger and stranger people.
          Possible stalker type people who seem somewhat mentally disjointed about a TV show.
          The comments on this site used to be more about the gameplay. It’s too bad.

    2. I’m not a prude. But let’s get real. What Amanda did was just plain nasty. It’s not about having sex while she is on her period (gross, but that’s their choice) but to put your towel on the table and give McCrae a BJ without him washing up is disgusting. Those kids are welcome to have sex all day every day if they want, but show some self-respect. Even a $2 hooker has pride.

  25. That just goes to prove McCrae is a child. If a man can’t kiss a woman, drink after a woman, etc. after she’s s*cked him off, he not only doesn’t deserve another bl*w j*b, he is a child.

    1. You must like A$$-To-Mouth?

      McCrae was thinking what any man would’ve been thinking, “EEEEWWW, My semen is in there now”

      1. So you’re saying it’s okay for a man to kiss a woman after going down on her, but not okay for a woman to kiss a man after s*cking his d*ck? You’re a child, too.

        1. So, you’re saying that you come up off your man with a mouth full of jizz, and he let’s you kiss him? You’re disgusting.

          I’d have no problem with them eating or drinking off me, but wash your mouth out 1st.. and YES, I would do the same.

          1. At some point in your life, if you want to be a sexually healthy adult, the word “ew” should never
            come to mind regarding an act between 2 consenting adults. Sex becomes so much
            better when you get rid of your hang-ups.

          2. Did I say she should kiss him with his come still in her mouth? No. – A lot of women swallow, and there’s a difference in kissing after swallowing than kissing with a mouth full of semen. Again, you are a child.

    2. Not necessarily. A man that loves and respects the woman who just gave him a bj will kiss her afterwards. A man will not kiss a prostitute, slut, whore, or whatever else you want to call her after a bj.

      1. True. I don’t consider Amanda a prostitute, slut, or a whore, but I do believe that McCrae does not have an ounce of respect for her, and I can’t say I blame him.

  26. Gag. That read like a awkward sexual exchange with him initially saying no.It reminded me on how Vince Vaughn’s character got night rapped in the Wedding Crashers. She’s probably just trying to control him and keep him on a tight leash.

  27. You know You know These are some of the most lamest HG’s ever!! They are so paranoid when they find out somebody wants them out. Duh! Everybody at one point wants someone out so that they can win the game . You think that they would have figured this out by now

  28. Okay so while reading this I’m thinking.. no no – no way she had her period still that must have been days ago.. so I went back and looked and it was Thursday morning she said that… IDK about her but 2 days is not really sufficient buffer time! Tried to give her a benefit of the doubt but that is just gross having $ex during her period then giving him a happy ending! MAYBE! just maybe he backdoored her. Yes, I will think that because thinking of it the actual way is gross for my mind.

  29. CBS certainly scraped the bottom of the barrel in getting this lot. I thought Jewish women did not consume sausages, especially bloody ones! Eeew! Aaryn is still a racist and I heard her say on BB After Dark that she can’t understand why her mother hasn’t written her. The mother is probably hiding in shame since their racist attitude has been displayed on Television for all to see. As for Gina Marie she has her own problems with purging after eating. In my day, she would have been branded as a “brassy blonde” – loud and crass. It amazes me that CBS is allowing her binge eating and purging to go on……they should pull her from the show. Andy and Elissa were talking about it on the After Dark show today because Aaryn (her buddy) brought it to Elissa’s attention. As for Helen, she thinks she’s so smart, I can’t wait to see her exit the BB house.

    1. So who has Aaaryn been receiving HOH letters from then? sorry haven’t watched in a while because I find the write up here to be much more palatable.

  30. So basically Amanda did to McCrae what she claim Howard wanted to do to her… having sex. She is a walking contradiction.

  31. Hilarious that Amanda says she can read people when she REFUSES to believe that Judd was not MVP and that America is grossed out by her and kept putting her up as the third nomination. She is truly disgusting and vile. I think McCrae will drop her when this is over.

  32. Hilarious that Amanda says she can read people when she REFUSES to believe that Judd was not MVP and that America is grossed out by her and kept putting her up as the third nomination. She is truly disgusting and vile. I think McCrae will drop her when this is over.

  33. I want to know what happened to Amanda saying she wanted to wait to have sex with McCrea until he was tested because he doesn’t use condoms. She either forgot that or she really doesn’t care. If I were McCrea I would be more careful. With all the baby talk it seems she thinks she’s ready. But the way she has been acting McCrea seems a little more mature than she is. I think he is going to be overwhelmed by who she really is when they get out of the house. And she will probably grow bored with him fast after the BB house. I don’t see it lasting.

  34. Why you all hating on Amanda acting like you never sucked a d–k before. All you people here act like your real good or something. Trust me your sh-t smells too

  35. amanda did not have sex with herself. where is all the mcrea bashing? werent they kind of engaged? i persnally think it was a bigger deal he didnt kiss her afterwards. why do woman get it harder for wanting sex too…. redic. after awhile you forget about the cameras and live your life…kind of the point of the show.

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