Big Brother HOHitus sets in “If anyone f***s me I can turn so many people against them”

POV Holder: ? Next POV Aug 10th
POV Used ? POV Ceremony Aug 12th
HOH Winner: ANDY Next HOH: Aug 15th
Original Nominations:
Current Nominations:
Last Evicted Houseguest David, Nick, Jeremy, Kaitlin, Howard, Candice, JUDD
Have Nots Aaryn, Helen , GM, Elissa


12:03pm Bathroom Andy, Amanda, Aaryn, Elissa, Helen

Aaryn saying she heard someone tell JUDD during last night’s eviction “I had no idea” Aaryn looks at Amanda “I was going to slap you”
Amanda: “I never said that”
Andy: “I never said that”
Helen: ‘I never who said that”

Aaryn thought she heard someone say that maybe she’s wrong. Amanda claims to have been near JUDD the entire time and never heard anyone say that.
Helen: ‘Maybe it was Jessie”
Helen says evicting JUDD last night was like putting your dog down.


12:10pm HOH Jessie and Andy
Andy tells her he has a bigger plan and even if she is going up she is not going anywhere.
Andy: ‘If people are not loyal to me this week than f*** them.. I’ve been so loyal to everyone in this entire game I feel if I don’t get what I want happen this week i’m going to be pissed”
Jessie: “YA”
Andy: ‘I think people know they will lose my trust.. my trust is so valuable at this point”
J: ‘OK well I trust you Andy”
A: “cool alright cool”
J: “I trust you…… “
A: ‘Cool”

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12:11pm HOH Andy and McCrae
Andy goes over his conversation with Jessie. He felt bad because Jessie kept telling him she trusted him. McCrae says he’s the same way feels bad when telling people they are safe when they are not.
Andy: “We haven’t had to f*** anyone over yet. Andy thinks all the blood is on Amanda and Helen’s hands. (Andy lied straight up to almost everyone evicted)
Andy: “If that Veto is used and GM goes up and you have to convince Amanda to vote out GM”
MC: “Ya yup ya yup.. i’m with you 100% it me you and Amanda to the end”
McCrae: “I’m worried about next week.. Elissa is going to take a shot against me.. .she’s already planting the seeds with Amanda”
Andy: “Really”
Andy mentions that Helen’s allegiance is with him over Elissa. Helen told him Elissa has gone rogue already a couple times and is a liability for Helen.
McCrae: “I would keep Helen over Elissa”

They agree Jessie/Spencer go up Jessie is the target. if Jessie uses POV then GM goes up and she is the target.


12:15PM HOH Andy and GM
Andy wants her to know she is not going up. He hopes that the deal stands if he doesn’t put her up she won’t put him up. GM says that deal stood before the show started she’s always though he was a cool guy.
GM has no issues with Jessie beyond her kissing a$$ and following the power.
GM: ‘The only person I had a problem with was Candice because she is disgusting and has no class”
Andy: ‘Play your a$$ off in the veto and do not use it I want the nominations to be the same”


12:21pm HOH Elissa and Helen

Andy says he wants Jessie gone this week he’ll put Spencer up with Jessie. He’s telling Jessie she’s safe this week but the truth is Spencer is safe. Andy explain he told Jessie he has a master plan but he can’t tell her the details. He doesn’t want Jessie going into the POV with a do or die mentality.
Andy: “I don’t want Spencer out of here”
Helen: ‘So we have to make Jessie think she is safe this week”
Andy: ‘you need to reiterate to Spencer that he is fine.. it is important I get out of this HOH with no enemies.. “ Andy adds if Jessie uses the POV GM will go up and go home he does not wants Spencer out.
Elissa: “I’m cool with it I think Jessie is really scary”
The girls leave yelling BAM BAM BAM (I think they are trying to impersonate BBCAN Tall)


12:24pm HOH Spencer and Andy

Andy: “I have your back and I don’t want you going anywhere.. I just want you to know if you go up there is no chance in hell you are going home”
Spencer doesn’t like the idea of going up but he trusts Andy
Andy explains he’s trying to go into next week with nobody mad at him he has solidified with everyone that Jessie is the target and is set to go home. If Jessie wins POV then GM goes up and GM goes home
Andy: ‘I have been loyal and if any one f*** me I can turn so many people against them”
Spencer: “OK I trust you”
Andy says there are 3 pairs in the house if he puts up anyone of those 3 pairs the other one will be gunning for him. The only option he has is to put up Spence. If he puts up GM Aaryn will come after him.

Andy: ‘I want to tell you don’t pack your bags… plus this downplays how much I care about you”

Spencer: “OK man if you got the votes to keep me you can use me man”
Andy: ‘No chance in hell you are going anywhere”
Spencer: ‘Let me ask you one question.. strictly between me and you do not let this leave this room bro ”
Spencer: “How on my side is Helen”
Andy give him a thumbs up says Helen has bigger fish to fry, “Helen came up here and told me I should go after a bigger target this week and I told her now is not the time.. we still have 9 people”
Spencer: “Let me tell you why I worry about that.. All she use to talk about was Howard one of her good friends and them POW.. I don’t want to be one of Helen’s good friends then be packing my bags”
Andy: “I got Helen if helen get HOH you are not going anywhere”
Spencer: ‘Andy I trust you and I feel like my trust in you will not be my fatal flaw”
Andy: “I am one person you can trust.. and if you would leave on a personal level I would die”


12:59pm Backyard chit chat




1:38pm HOH Aaryn and Andy

Andy says it breaks his heart but he thinks Jessie will make a big move and put up people they do not want up. He thinks Jessie has flipped on everyone in the house
Aaryn: “Spencer will definitely come after me”
Andy: “Jessie has been gunning for you for so long.. she’s going to put up you and Amanda”
Aaryn: “you don’t think spencer would do that”
Andy: “I think Spencer would be prone to talking with me”
Aaryn: ‘really”
Andy: ‘Ya he trusts me and he knows if he goes against me I have people that will go against him”
They agree the only people they care about are Amanda, Andy, McCrae and Helen.

Aaryn asks him if Jessie comes off the block then does GM get nominated and is she the target
Andy: “umm that is what’s hard.. yes… You think that is a good idea”
Aaryn: ‘Ya.. i’m just scared of Spencer”
Andy: ‘I got spencer.. I can get him to go after Elissa and Jessie if she strays”
Andy wants the nominations to stay the same.
Andy: “I want to blindside Jessie”
Andy: “If Ginamarie goes up it will break my heart but Ginamarie will go home”
Aaryn: “I will have to be the dingle vote against Spencer if GM goes up”
Andy: “I understand.. I want the Veto to not be used.. I want to tell Spencer to just f*** throw it”
Aaryn says she understands what Andy is doing if she was HOH she would be gunning for Spencer but she will support whatever Andy wants.

Aaryn is worried about Helen getting the next HOH she thinks Helen would put her and Spencer up. Andy thinks he can influence Helen earlier in the day Helen told him she trusts him more than Elissa.

Have nots Food is Mung beans and Mackerel


2:01pm HOH Amanda and Andy

Andy going over all the conversations. Andy doesn’t think Helen and Elissa will go rogue and try to make a big move but he doesn’t want to tempt her.

Amanda: ‘It’s so imperative that Jessie goes this week.. “
Andy: “I want to tell Spencer to just throw it”
Amanda is worried if Spencer wins the Veto and GM goes up and she might get evicted. Amanda wants Jessie to still go if it’s GM/Jessie on the block.

Amanda does not want Spencer to go she will flip if it’s spencer/GM on the block and Spencer goes.

Amanda wonders if they should Back D**r Jessie. Andy really doesn’t want to put GM up. Amanda suggests he give GM his baby blanket (a piece of fabric he got in his HOH) and tell her she’s safe. Andy still doesn’t want to do it thinks Jessie will get pulled for POV regardless because that is how this game works.

2:17pm Amanda tells Andy She wants Aaryn in the final 4 over Helen. She points out that Aaryn never talks about going after any of them like Helen does. She also feels that Aaryn has no on in the house whereas Helen Still Has Elissa and now Jessie/GM. Andy Agrees they want Helen gone 5th.

Amanda gets a bit emotional says the only people she cares about are McCrae and Andy.

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I hate these people !!!!!!


Is it just me or does anything else think about @nal s$x whenever they say the term “Back Doored”? I’m sure Amanda cant wait to “back door” McCrae!


Howard can’t wait to backd*or Amanda.


me too!!


So Gina Marie says Candace has no class and is disgusting . Wait till she looks at the internet everyone is saying the same thing about you Gina Marie ?


The bad thing about it is that Candace amazingly really didn’t have an issue with Gina Marie like she did . She just had to keep poking the situation with a stick for “Aaryn’s honor” wink wink. I mean you got her out, made a unnecessary nomination speech as if she was supposed to just take being disrespected and being labeled something derogatory in front of millions of viewers. But you’re still in the house so STFU. No one can help it if she came in there as some type of bitter chick with Peter Pan syndrome.


Ok, GM said, Candice you’re a beautiful girl but you’re a rat. Ouch, that’s really hurtful after she called out Spencer in front of the whole house(mind you Spencer was one of the very few people on her side). Then Candice goes off on the live eviction night how GM is 32 years old and still lives with her parents, trying to degrade her in front of millions live. Which is worse? I’d say Candice was the low life there.


No Jon, you have it completely wrong. GM belittled Candice FOR BEING ADOPTED!! That’s much worse, hands down. I take pleasure in knowing GM has hell to deal with once she leaves the house. Nick won’t want her, no job and she will stay in her mother’s basement out of fear, shame or both.

Roz Johnson

I was moved to tears when Candice was subjected to such vile comments from GM. Candice was called a “RAT” in front of all the house guests. GM’s Employer, please call her into work, sit her down in the Conference room in front of all the employees and after calling her a “RAT” Fire her. How much more insulting could Candice take please?……being adopted and made fun of that fact totally blew my mind……I feel the CBS Mgmt. should be humiliated for allowing this behavior to take place week after week after week. Candice you put the CBS people to shame because you stood your ground and held your head up high, never retaliated, acted like a lady…which cannot be said for Amanda and you left with a lot of grace. Good for You.


Gimzie has said horrible things about Candice this entire time since she found out she was a pageant winner.


I bet this is the first cast in big brother history to not open a pandora’s box. Either that or they’re going to go ask Amanda permission first.


or, they open pandora’s box, and lawon emerges granting the hoh with a special super power!


I just almost spit my drink out. that was an acutal LOL


I think they are going to use Pandora’s box to bring back someone from the jury. Since it’s too early for this to happen I am expecting multiple twists to occur.


Pandora’s Box = Big Brother 15 REDEMPTION!

Keri Helen

Kind of hoping Pandora’s Box gets open and leads to shaving GM’s head because I honestly can’t stand that weave anymore.


I vote for you for favorite hg, so you should win $25,000!!!!


Love the fact that GM has 0% as house favorite XD


Not sure why Amanda is above Dawg though.

This Season Blows

Andy is a JOKE. Stick to being a rat snitch, because HoH is way beyond you, Andy.


Andy’s doing a great job getting that desired fanbase of his. (sarcasm included)


I hope pandora box is something like DPOV, $10000, or even meeting with a celebrity. However, I hope unleashed the twist like MVP for one week, bringing Rachel for 24 hours or even hgs with special power.


Seriously, you just need to end you imaginary relationship with Rachel.

Wide load is not backing up in that house.

Pizza Boy with the Delivery

Andy is playing the BIT** GAME.

Amanda has convinced McCray to take Helen with Andy to the final 4.

Helen wants McCray and Amanda out.

Is anyone targeting Andy? NO.

I mean for Andy to be able to drop Amanda and McCray so easily while discussing taking them out with Helen but protecting Helen with Amanda and McCray, it proves where Andy’s loyalty lies.

And Andy will never chose a side just let others ruin their games while he coasts.

In reality he has no loyalty just a ton of security ========= BIT** GAME

A Pandora’s Box will replace all 8 of these house guests and put in the previous 7 voted out with DAN !!!!!!


It’d be a better game too.


I think I’m at the point where I miss Kaitlin lol


Seems like Andy is playing the perfect social game actually. He’s just gonna have to win something when it gets down to the last four or five.


another boring HOH. makin moves to make the least waves…

these houseguests didnt come to play big brother. they just want to be in jury but they already are so why arent they stepping their game up? dumb sheep.


I hate to say this, but I think I’ll be taking a break until next HOH…that ‘total-bottom’ Andy is just too boring…I can’t even read the live feeds this week…sorry to whomever is the owner of this awesome site…


Because their heads are covered with Amanda’s shit being so far up her narcissistic ass


Oh waa, you’re favorite Jessie is gonna get voted out this week.


GM: ‘The only person I had a problem with was Candice because she is disgusting and has no class”

ROLMFAO @ a psychotic gutter trash hoodrat telling ANYONE they have no class…

I agree, Candice is no angel, but she was provoked to say the things she said.. Wasn’t like she stared this with them.


GineMarie is pure trash! how in the hell can she say Candice has no class, she is the worst person to play this game she is vulgar, nasty and inhumane. she is just a loser does she really think that Nick will be waiting for her, please get a grip you idiot, she wears that stupid hat and just in so dumb! Please BigBrother God get this woman OUT!!!!!


Honestly VAg!na marie is like a 2 or 3 with makeup but when she takes it off……………… i try to look away from the screen. that weave doesn’t help her either.


Since Andy won’t make a big move and will only do what he is told, I hope Jessie wins POV and GM goes home.


Watching Ginamarie and Candice in the jury house will be more interesting then watching the rest of this season of BB if they don’t do some big movies soon. I see a boring final 4 of Amanda, McCrea, Elisia and Helen…………. *yawn*!


They should evict gm JUST so her and Candice are in an enclosed space together. Hardcore Trolling


Candice will fart in her face.


I’m done watching this season! I will continue to follow this site for updates, but these people in this house are beyond stupid and I feel my brain cells seeping out of my head! This season is worse then the couples season!


i doubt anything can be worse than the couples season, tbh…

Grimace 122

It’s damn close to that lackluster season!

Roisin Dubh

I’m just waiting for Helen to iron fist Andy and it backfiring bigtime.


I hope Elissa wins next week! I think she will put up Amanda and Mc bec
she understands that they are using her for votes. Helen messed up
when she didn’t want to vote out Amanda. I really hope Andy doesn’t get the box
bec he is so weak it would be a worthless power and basically controlled
By McManda!


I wish I could see the faces of GM, Aaryn when they find out they have lost their jobs! Even Spencer is going to lose his job when he gets back to work! Gotta love morons!


And don’t forget Amanda’s work websites have all been taken down. I heard the ADL (Anti-Defamation League) wrote a letter to Prudential and they pulled her sites.

Dan's Mist

I’m hoping Julie tells them on Finale night live for all our eyes to see!!

helen is smart???

Helen knows Amanda needs to go soon but she wants to get out the only person who was going after Amanda the last two weeks?? The she says she’s OK if Mcranda goes after Elissa? What a moron.


Is that the most ridiculous thing to say Amanda should have been gone a long time ago! Which play is she talking about?


yeah, Helen trying to play it so safe & thought she had it all figured out, that she could talk Andy into putting up Amanda & McCrae…She kills me talking about herself as a power player when she’s doing the exact same thing everyone else is doing & that’s to get out whoever Amanda says, & then Helen tries to act like it was her idea all along… I wonder how many times Helen has replayed in her mind her conversations with Candice the past 2 weeks not knowing it was gonna be a 9 person jury…. That little kink wasn’t in her plan…


TO BE FAIR: I think Amanda deserves some credit for totally mindf**king these other houseguests. She’s somehow managed to have them all (well, most) wrapped around her finger, devoted to keeping her around (at least FOR NOW…and maybe just as a meatshield), and has been the driving force behind all seven evictions. She has socially engineered the game around her well being and has built up safety nets on all sides. Does this make for the most exciting game / tv? Probably not. Can she be a total bitch / has she said some pretty awful things? Definitely, but so has everyone else who has ever played Big Brother in the history of the universe, ever. But does she offer some pretty great DR sessions? Yup.

I think this season’s inaction (after a really great first few weeks) is partially due to houseguests not wanting to make a move, but also to some pretty great manipulation on the part of a few other houseguests. So, give credit where credit is due. I honestly think Amanda would have been more willing to pull the switch on Helen had the latter been nominated by America last week.


It doesn’t take much ability to mindf@@k a bunch of people with the collective intelligence of a single dung beetle.

For real

Ok Amanda’s dad! We hear you!


Um. No. Her diary sessions are contrived and only vaguely humorous. But the majority of your post is pretty much spot on.


They stacked too much of the house with simple-minded people with no backbone who are playing for the jury. And with Helen’s manipulation, she and Amanda were both very influential in getting some people out that weren’t going to bend over and just take it. So they should get credit for that. But Big Brother casting deserves the rest, the MVP vote, passive people, people who act like they are mentally 7-12 years younger than what they actual age is, This is like watching Major League Players go against a little team.


I agree, Amanda has played a great game considering she hasn’t won anything. The truth is if it weren’t for the MVP twist the Moving Company could’ve steam rolled through this season.


Really I think they both lack class. When have you ever seen a nominee’s speach be a verbal boxing match with someone. For a “queen” and a pageant instructor both women are poor example of class for women in America in the pageant sector. As much as everyone seems to overlook Candice’s bad behavior in the house, she has definetly lit the fires that caused her problems, and as for some of the other girls behaviours well there is never an excuse for racial slurs but you can clearly see lack of knowledge, cultural differences and background differences playing their part. However if you do notice apart from Candice ( where there was constant conflict) those same people have tried to diversify in the house where as in the beginning they weren’t.


So you agree with Aaryn that it’s Candice fault that she is seen as racist? You make all the excuses for them you want but it doesn’t change the facts.


Candice wasn’t a racist. she just stone cold sucked at BB !!

Hello -

If you can supply a timestamp of when Aaryn said anything about Candice regarding her colour, I might get on board about her so called racism. The remarks she did make were in regards to making fun of Chinese people on a few occasions and saying go make some rice to Helen. Other than that people have been overblowing and lying about her hating Candice because she was black.
Candice was not a likeable houseguest (as per feeds). Anyway, I look forward to some documented backup from everyone who claims that Aaryn hated Candice because she was black. I’ll wait.


Oh hey there Aaryn’s PR team…just curious how much do you guys make an hour to troll the internets?

Hello -

In actual fact, I am a mixed girl from Canada who does not like Aaryn’s behaviour at all but as a woman who is tired of people abusing the word ‘racism’ when it does not apply, I am asking for answers. It is called THE TRUTH.


Its funny how everybody out here loves Candice, but it seemed most people in the house couldn’t stand her. Hmm, I’ll take the opinion of the people who are actually around her all day.




To Hello-says. Yes Aaryn did specifically say things about Cancice and her color. Please feel
Free to check out YouTube and. Search Aaryn the racist. I can’t quote her verbadem but
It was something about Candace and her COLOR (black) & not being able to see the bitch in the dark.

Hello -

Uh no – that was Gina Marie. I saw and heard it. I’m still waiting to hear about Aaryn’s specific comments about hating Candice because she was African-American. ….


Not going to debate it I saw it. It was Aaryn.


A few of the comments she has made include:

She called Andy a “queer”
She said to the Asian house guest Helen behind her back “go make some rice” and “she is the first Asian I know that doesn’t do nails”
She advised another house guest saying about Candice the African American, “watch what you say in the dark, you might not see the b*tch”

For real



I think the only thing that can shake up this house is for a change in the way Julie Chen announces the vote during eviction. Julie Chen should not tell the house guests the number of votes for each person, just who was evicted. This would completely change many of the house guests votes as they are worried that the rest of the HG will figure out who voted for who simply by the number of votes. Last night there were many HGs that clearly did not want to vote for Judd, but felt they had to for the house. They are all just Helen’s puppets in my eyes. I think this would completely change the game. What do you think Simon and Dawg?


I’ve never understood why CBS feels they have to announce the votes in the first place.

Why not just say, “_______, you’re evicted from the BB House.” That way no one would know if they were voted out unanimously, by three votes or by just one vote, thereby increasing the level of paranoia among the remaining HGs.


I think in seasons past the point was to let alliances know if they had a turn coat. If the vote didn’t go as expected then a witch hunt would ensue and cause drama. This season that’s not working out because the MVP already has everyone so paranoid nobody ever wants to run a risk. They should tell or not depending on what helps the action the most. The only issue then is production messing with game play but they already do that as we all know.


So, do you think their Is any chance Julie will tell the houseguests that MVP was America while they are still in the house?


that is highly doubtful. not until the finale i think.


Nope, my guess America will have another vote – but for what, is the $64,000 question.


Shame Andy is still playing like a good sheep, he said it himself, there’s 3 pairs in the house, why the fuck would you let them stay, and go after weak targets for the 4th time?

Best bet for Andy’s game is get out Aaryn, without her Amanda has no leverage in power. She’s keeping Aaryn around because the Adderall is working well for her.


That would be the stupidest thing Andy could do. Aaryn likes Andy would not put him up and is a beast in competitions. That would be beyond stupid for Andy.


I was talking about backdooring her.


How is dawg not winning the poll these houseguests all suck. I’m amazed andy didn’t tell mcmanda helen said she would put them up. If he’s smart he won’t say anything it would be best for his game for helen to take them out and then he has two votes in jury no matter who he’s up against.


Is Andy more with McCray/amanda or Helen??


Being the world’s worst 3rd wheel that he is… In the last HOH, if Andy doesn’t win, he’s screwed. Or is he delusional enough to think either Amanda or McCrae would bring him to the final two?


Aaryn might take him. Andy is playing it smart right now although he is a RAT!

Pizza Boy with the Delivery

Simon I respectably disagree.

Have you noticed that Andy has been listening to people (Helen and Elissa) about getting about McCray and Amanda but never tells them. While for some reason McCray and Amanda are not targeting Helen and it is somewhat due to Andy always talking about having Helen in check.

When you think about it, if Helen or Elissa gets the next HOH he will have no issues when they put McCray and Amanda together but if McCray and Amanda wins he will tell them to make the ridiculous move of putting up either Jessie or GM (depending on who leaves this week).


Andy is 100% with Amanda & she is 100% with him, even over McCrae…Andy about had a panic attack when Helen was talking about taking Amanda out last week, he was shaking & started to sweat & knocked that plan down quick… Amanda has known for 2 or 3 weeks Helen has been talking about the time getting close to putting them up but Amanda is biding her time to let Helen know about it…That will be their excuse to vote Helen out when the time comes. Andy will back it up telling Helen she was talking against A & Mc when they were still sooooo loyal to Helen…That’s why he kept telling Helen that Amanda has never ever lied to him through the whole game…….and yes, I’ll say it again, I think Amanda & Andy were friends before BB, She has always had 100% trust in him…


Thanks BB for ruining my summer by making it so boring!
Now to spice things up a bit I go to supermarkets and drop anal lube in the shopping carts of couples shopping. Then I follow them to the checkout and just watch.


Just a random thought
Do you think siamese twins ever get bored of having threesomes?


I think conjoined twins is the correct term. You need to be more careful on this board. LOL


I think they (Big Brother) are planning to pull GM from the game because of her eating disorder soon. Aryan earlier before she went to the DR, she mentioned something like I need to talk to them about GM (seems like she is getting worse). I have also heard that its definitely either Candice and Judd will come back and they aren’t even in the jury house. Since its only those 2 being considered I think they will be back in the house any day now.


I almost wish that MVP lasted one more week so that Amanda would flip out over being the nominee for a third week with both Howard and Judd gone. Who would she have blamed?


Maybe AG sensed a possibility of the house finally figuring it out, and decided to take Amanda out. It felt fishy seeing as there’s still 9 people in the house, when it was supposed to end when there’s only 5.


She would have blamed the jury house — they got MVP.


Honestly, I’d rather be watching whats going on in the jury house. I’m sure that will be much more entertaining than anything that has happened this season.

Answer to Joey Caudle

The only people (it seems) who are allowed to cover jury house is CBS. There is no 24/7 feed. Updates will be posted here (you can clarify that with Simon/Dawg), but you will only see it aired on the CBS shows. Hope that helps a bit.


“Mung beans and Mackerel ”

I can’t wait til they get chitterlings for a have not food, the only food I can think of that could disturb the whole house with it’s stench.


yeah andy get rid of amanda’s targets so when the time comes she can shitcan you. good job puppy.


yeah andy get rid of amanda’s targets so when the time comes she can shitcan you. good job puppy.

Answer to Joey Caudle

I forgot one thing – yes they are allowed to do most everything ‘we’ do except any outside information cannot be given to them. In other words, they are sequestered just as a jury who is participating in a court trial. No newspapers, no phone, computer, etc. Food and drink is back to normal. Their digs are pretty sweet too. Usually somewhere gorgeous with a nice big pool and beautiful bedrooms. :)


I have to give Simon and Dawg credit for not only watching the boring feeds this year, But reliving the torture by recapping for us.
hats off to both of you and hope you can keep your sanity after the season is over :-)

Roisin Dubh

At least in 13 people tried to win comps. The only thing that stopped the big moves was meathead(Jeff) winning HOH or POV


I hate amanda,andy,mcrae,GM,aaryn
Im annoyed by GM,Andy,Helen
Rooting for jessie


Dont worrie GM you are still the psycho. no one can ever rob you of that title, ever

Teri B

I’m just one person, but I’m taking my “stand”. After watching the streaming video of the DE yesterday, I have had it.

I have deleted BBAD from my Series Manager and the regular BB week day shows – I’m done except for reading updates on this board. F*&K CBS and Production. I have to say it was a really great feeling deleting those two, especially when I deleted the “weekly” show before it even recorded. HA!

Demanda, her lap dog, and Andy will be final three (just as Production wants, and will manipulate to happen)
Demanda and Andy go into F2
Demanda wins. (Shocker) No one will go against her after she has so lovingly “protected” SO MANY of her minions, oops I mean allies…..GAG GAG GAG.

Sorry if I spoiled it for anyone (LOL), just kidding.

If it happens any other way, I will be shocked, but I’m not giving CBS my support any more. My support will be here. Only.

Simon and Dawg, you guys rock. I want to thank you for all the hard work you guys do. I’ll check back next year (if it even gets renewed after this frakking TRAIN WRECK of a season) and see what’s happening.

Good times, “chatting” with you all. I’m off to watch UK and AU finish out their seasons because they are both a thousand times better than this season of BBUS.. Cheers!!

teri b

Gator girl

Where o you watch BBUK?


You can watch BBUK on You Tube, just search for Big Brother UK 2013. HTH

Teri B

I watch it on Youtube. Search for this “Big Brother UK 2013” and then you might have to do this “-celebrity” to thin down the options. The one that is going on now is just about to end with next two weeks, I think. It started on June 24th, so you could even put that date into the search engine. I have to keep track by writing stuff down (that’s why I know when it started) because I’m watching that and the Australian version at the same time. Oh, and I watched Canada, too, but I didn’t think it turned out right because there was a voting error, but that’s a whole other story. LOL

Sorry this got so long. I’m still checking in here for any responses to my comment, and of course, scanning the details on the rest. I just can’t be invested in this dribble any longer. Anyway, I hope you find UK and/or AU on Youtube. They’re both lots of fun…..minimal nomination and scheming, lots of fun tasks and I actually laugh out loud at some of their antics. Can’t imagine doing that with this bunch of idiots.

Simon and Dawg, regards again. Love ya both!!


I’m almost there myself, my past comments are the same 3 people as yours at the end but in a different scenario. I think since this season is about being bigger, 9 person jury, there will be 3 people ( bigger ) at the end like Survivor & maybe even a bigger prize… Amanda, Andy & McCrae final 3, 9 people voting for 1 of those 3 to win…

Teri B

Great minds think alike! LOL

Gator girl

Where do….typo above


Oh, so hoping they blindside Andy by evicting Spencer. Who will vote for Jessie and who will vote for Spencer? I don’t have the knowledge to speculate.


Do you think that if Spencer slept in Andy’s HOH bed it would make him just a little safer?


Andy will be stupid enough to get rid Helen.


I read the blog and what is going on makes sense. And then I read the comments and 99% of the people are not agreeing. What? You like the game of Elissa? Helen? Jessie? Sweet heavens are you all loopy? I bet you are the same people that like Rachel. I’ll look for the thumbs down as confirmation of your loyalty to the dregs.

Roisin Dubh

Gameplay wise, Rachel is definitely up there. She cracked that house bigtime and it’s never talked about. Whoever saw the feeds that year in the middle of the night knows exactly what I’m talking about.


This board likes Helen? OK, reading comprehension is clearly not your strong suit, OK.


Opening Pandora’s box should be a cash prize and automatic spot on the block the next week. Or the inability to play POV the remainder of the game.


If there’s an all star BB, it would funny if evil dick and amanda were hg



Grimace 122

BREAKING NEWS: Nick has left the country and is seeking asylum in a country GM doesn’t know how to spell! I guess he will be safe then because she can’t spell any country!


Andy makes me want to barf… i can’t stand how much he pops his pimples and eats loudly with his mouth open.

Mike B

taking Aaryn tot he final 4 is a big mistake in my opinion. She will win this game if she makes final 2 if not these people are stupid. Aaryn is not my favorite person in the house but lets see here 3 HOH’s a Veto and the fact that she’s still in the house is beyond me.


i think gm is going home this week in jesse going to win pov then next week win hoh in put up amanda an mcare then spencer win pov keep it the same in mcare goes to the jury then after that week elssia wins hoh in put up andy an spencer an aryan wins pov keep the same in andy goes to jury then the follwing week spencer wins hoh put up amanda an helen an helen wins pov take her self off then spencer put up arayn then aryan goes home week after that amanda wins hoh an put up elssia an helen elssia wins pov take her self off in spencer goes up an helen goes home then elssia wins final hoh in take spence to the end with her an elssia wins big brother 15

my predictions elssia wins big brother 15 an america favorite player


Hmmm maybe their is hope andy didn’t tell amanda that helen wants mcmanda out? I think that’s a first for andy withholding info from them…


Throughout this entire game so far, I figured Andy was completely aligned with Amanda and McCrae (telling those two more information than anybody else in the house). But Andy didn’t tell Amanda that Helen is strongly considering getting rid of Amanda or McCrae next week if she wins HoH. If Andy can help orchestrate the eviction of Amanda (hopefully Amanda) or McCrae next week, Andy goes up there alongside Helen as the best players out of this shitty bunch of houseguests. (Aaryn good at winning comps lately but her lovable personality and ruling her HoHs with an iron fist (sarcasm) would keep her from winning the 500K.)
P.S. I hope Jessie wins veto so GM can get the fuck out!!!!