Spencer says to himself – Oh Andy don’t you know being in an alliance with me is the KISS Of DEATH!

POV Holder: ? Next POV Aug 10th
POV Used ? POV Ceremony Aug 12th
HOH Winner: ANDY Next HOH: Aug 15th
Original Nominations:
Current Nominations:
Last Evicted Houseguest David, Nick, Jeremy, Kaitlin, Howard, Candice, JUDD
Have Nots Aaryn, Helen , GM, Elissa


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10am In the kitchen – Helen tells Elissa that when she gets out of the house she want to try out for Miss America or Miss Universe. She says after talking to Candice and Aaryn about it I really want to try it. Maybe I can win a crown. I will have to check a couple out and see if I am even up to the calibre or not but I think it would be fun. Elissa tells her she thinks she should. Helen starts talking about an athletic apparel line she wants to start with Elissa. She wonders what the logo should be and then says she might take something from here since it was birthed here. Elissa says the tag line could be “Sweating for a cause”. Elissa says her husband and her parents are friend with a manufacturing company that I can hook us up with.

10:15am Out in the backyard – Andy tells Spencer that the only time he distrusted him was back during the whole Kaitlin vote. Andy says that he wants to talk to everyone today and will fill Spencer in after. I know what I want to do but long story short you are not going anywhere. Spencer says I just appreciate being kept in the loop. Andy says he wanted to keep Spencer in the loop last night but just couldn’t take the chance of Judd being tipped off. Spencer says that he just hates that the whole secret alliance but any double back in your mind. Andy says that Judd was so dangerous, he could smile and joke to your face and then stab you in the back. Spencer says almost like a sociopath. Andy says I dont think he is one but he definitely had the characteristics to do things like kiss up to Jessie right before an HOH just in case she won it. Andy says that his long term plan includes Spencer. I feel like there are a lot of pairs in the house and I think that we could be one but not tell anyone. Spencer says yeah I would like that. Andy heads inside to take a shower. Spencer says to himself – Oh Andy don’t you know being in an alliance with me is the kiss of death!

CBS Interactive Inc.


10:30am – 10:45am In the bedroom – Aaryn pranks Amanda about how one of the jury members is coming a chance to come back into the house. Aaryn tells her that she really does believe when they get down to the final 5 the jury members will compete or get voted back in. Aaryn jokes with Amanda that if she gets evicted on Thursday ..which you probably will then at least you will have a chance to come back. Aaryn then gets into her bathing suit and heads out to the backyard with the mask on. She lays out on the lounger to sun tan. Aaryn gets called to the diary room. Aaryn talks to Helen in the bathroom about Judd. Aaryn says that after she heard Judd made a final two deal with Elissa too, it made me feel less bad. Helen says that he was taking key women and putting them on his side.


10:45pm – 11am Andy tells Amanda and McCrae out in the backyard that he is thinking of putting up Jessie and Spencer. He says that if Jessie win the veto then Ginamarie has to go home no matter what! Andy says that he will tell Jessie that he has to put her up but that he has a master plan. Andy figures this way Jessie won’t becoming after him and that she will trust him. Andy says that he just can’t put up Ginamarie because she only sees things in black and white and would be pissed at me. Andy says that he is going to tell everyone that Jessie is my target but that no one can tell her. I will tell Jessie that I have a master plan. Andy says if he tells Ginamarie if I don’t put you up then she can’t put me up next week – I think she would honour that. Amanda tells to put her up as a pawn to seal the other nominee’s fate as a possible scenario. Andy says that’s too scary. McCrae talks about really not wanting to go up on the block. Amanda says everyone has to go up at some point. Andy brings up another scenario of putting Helen up as a pawn. Amanda says that she could give her (Helen) a bag of my jewellery to promise her that she will not be going home.

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11:10am – 11:30am Up in the HOH room – Andy and Helen are talking. Andy tells her that his target is Jessie and that he will put up Spencer with her. He says that he will tell Jessie that he has a master plan to get a bigger target out. He says that if Jessie wins the veto he will put up Ginamarie and everyone will vote out Ginamarie. He says that he talked to Amanda and McCrae about how if Spencer were to win the veto he would possibly put up Amanda because she offered to go up but only if you and Elissa promised to not vote her out. Andy brings up another scenario. Andy says that they also talked about how he talked about putting up Helen to make Jessie think I am making a big move but then vote her out. Helen says no I do not want to go up because I will go home. Andy says okay no problem you will not go up. Helen says that a really scary situation would be if Jessie wins the next two competitions (POV and then HOH next week). Andy tells Helen that he trusts Amanda and McCrae as much as he trusts her (Helen). Helen talks about thinking it might be time to get out Amanda / McCrae. Andy says that they aren’t that big of a threat – they aren’t winning competitions. Helen says but there aren’t many weeks left to get them out. Andy says I know but we have other target to get out first. It has worked so well to trust the people I trust and I don’t think its time to go against that right now. Helen says Amanda and McCrae will take each other to the final two over us. Andy agrees. Helen brings up how we need to keep Aaryn closer on our side so if it comes down to it we will have her vote if they come after us. Andy says that he thinks if they come after us they will take out Elissa first. Helen isn’t so sure. Andy asks Helen if he has her loyalty over Elissa’s. Helen says yes. Andy says next week – Amanda, McCrae, Elissa, Jessie would not put us up. Helen wonders who Spencer would put up on the block. Andy says Gina and Aaryn. Helen tells Andy to keep in the back of his head that we don’t have a lot of time to get Amanda and McCrae out. I love them but they need to go soon. Jessie will be up here pushing for them to go too. Andy says if we don’t go after them this week we will have no one coming after us next week. It has been working for me so far as I have never been nominated. Helen says that Spencer needs to win HOH next week because he is the only one that can put up someone close to us.

11:40am Andy asks Helen what she would do if she had won HOH. Helen says she would put up Amanda and McCrae. I would then make a deal with one of them to save them and evict the other. Andy says I am just not ready to do that yet. Helen says okay I trust you. Andy says next week or the week after then yeah. This game is all about timing. I know, I know 100% we are safe with them next week. You can punch me in the face if we go up next week. Helen says you have to realize there are only 6 more opportunities to get them out. Andy says she is going to tell him 100% he is not going home. Helen says we play this game differently I come out guns blazing.. my gut tells me if you play it safe you cannot win this game. Helen says next week we have to take one of them out .. I will put my foot down. Helen says Amanda and McCrae will be the reason why we don’t win this game. Andy says that he will make Jessie feel really safe and tell her that even if his big plan doesn’t work then Spencer would be the one to go but that he will tell Spencer that he’s telling Jessie that. Andy tells Helen if she plays in the POV and wins it … Don’t use it! Andy says that McCrae needs to go over Amanda. Helen agrees. They talk about throwing next weeks HOH to Elissa because she would take out Amanda, McCrae or Aaryn. Andy says if I pull this off, Jessie will go home and I will come out of this without any blood on my hands. I almost want to tell Spencer not to pack his bags. Helen talks about how Spencer thinks we all saved him during the double eviction, so that’s good. Helen says I will trust you on this.. lets just hope neither of them wins veto. Andy says oh my god I hope not, I don’t want to have to put up Ginamarie. Andy and Helen head down stairs. Andy talks to Amanda in the bathroom about Judd being so surprised. Andy then heads back up to the HOH room.
CBS Interactive Inc.

11:45am – 12pm In the bathroom – Helen talks with Amanda about how Jessie’s jaw is going to hit the floor when she gets voted out. They talk about getting Judd out and how good it was for them. Amanda tells Helen that my loyalty is to you and I am not ready to break that. Amanda says that people that stay loyal from the beginning make it to the end. You, Me, McCrae and Andy will make it to the final four. We have the numbers no matter what. They both talk about how Andy has never cross them. Amanda says that Jessie needs to go. Helen says that it scares her that Jessie is influential over Elissa. Helen tells Amanda that Jessie needs to go for coming after you the last few weeks. Amanda says now that Judd isn’t here we have so much more control over the house. Helen agrees. Elissa joins them. Amanda says that’s what happens when you aren’t loyal to your alliance – POW! Elissa asks about getting Spencer out. Amanda says yes, but not this week. We have to get Jessie out because if we don’t she will put up me and McCrae and then we won’t have the numbers. Helen tells Amanda that her game is really good, most people would not have survived being the MVP nomination two weeks in a row. Amanda says you were so influential in me staying. Helen says I told McCrae that you and him and been so loyal to us that this was payback.


Use the Big Brother Live Feeds to FLASHBACK to SEE what they can’t show you on TV: BB15 N!p Sl!ps / N*des

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yawn…when’s the pov comp?


Aaryn is so so so BEAUTIFUL but her hatred in how she talks about people makes her look ugly . She doesn’t know she is racist . She is the type of human being who doesnt mean to be racist . So it will be easy to forgive her for all her hate filled comments . But AMANDA is another story . AMANDA uses words filled with hatred on purpose to trash people . AMANDA knows what she is saying about people . SO EVERYONE WILL IT BE EASY TO FORGIVE Aaryn because of this . She doest mean for her words to hurt people .


Wow! Aaryn has you fooled. She knows she’s a racist and she doesn’t care. She hides behind those sweet, innocent looks and gets people like you to make excuses for her. She knows she hurtful and takes pleasure in it.


No…Aaryn definitely says hurtful things on purpose. Yes….Aaryn MAY not think she’s a racist because in her twisted mind she probably believes that just because she hasn’t lynched anyone, then everything’s fine and dandy. She was probably spoiled silly by the Klan that raised her growing up, not to mention people giving her a free pass because she’s good looking (if you ignore the fact that her teeth are way too big for her mouth). So as a result of her royal treatment, she thinks she can say anything she wants and not be criticized for it. But everything she says is intentional. She a racist, homophobic, cold-hearted, malicious bitch and she deserves every bit of what she’s going to face when she exits that house.


That twat fuk HELL-EN.. I can’t stand that c u n t

Ian's Squeeky Hammock

Seriously? Think you’re a big man using that language on a public forum about someone that you don’t know who is playing a game?
Come on Simon and Dawg, a little decorum please?


Really Helen now is the time to get Amanda out what was so different about now and last week and the week before?????????????????????????


“America’s Favorite House guest” will have to be renamed “America’s Least Disliked House guest” this year.


Helen telling Aaryn that she’s like Janelle now is the biggest joke I’ve heard all season and I’m sure Janie feels the same way with the tweet she sent out last night about it. Aaryn is a disgusting person. Janelle was the whole package! It’s sad that she never won the game ’cause players like her OBVIOUSLY (This season as an example) don’t come around anymore.


So what IS Andy’s “master plan”? To get rid of Jessie? Some master plan, boyo…or is there something he’s keeping to himself? Now I’m hoping for either Helen, Jessie or Spencer to win POV so Demanda can be gone, for cryin’ down the sink (if you can manage to work up the tears)!!!


Andy is just as bad as Judd! He probably has an alliance with everyone in this house!


Candice killed gina marie last night, just wish GM shut up so I could here everything candy was saying


Any youtube clips because I refuse to watch this season.


wait…you refuse to watch on air or cbs.com, but youtube is ok? what’s the difference between youtube and other sources?


Something called ratings, jerky tits.


Difference is cbs can’t cash in from viewing clips on youtube. Bad enough they’re fueling this nonsense for ratings and $$ at the expense of others. I hope that Candice or Judd get voted back in right at the end and it’s between them and (racist xyz). The jury finally realizing the shit storm waiting for them out there, attempt to save their reps, and vote for Candice or Judd to win.

Silly I know but my brain can’t accept there are such horrible meanies out there :( I need for there to be a happy ending to all this!!!


Uh no – Candice killed any attempt at looking good – she looked like a clown in heels who didn’t make an exit speech but attacked a girl on TV. Period. You and others give her way too much credit for being better than the other mean girls – NOT SO.


she still came off lookin better ten the racist b*tches


Candice looked like a fool personally attacking Gina Maria when Amanda had said much worse things to her. It was pretty cowardly on Candice’s part because she knew Gina Marie is weak and wouldn’t have any come back and if she said something to Amanda, Amanda would rip her apart.


Telling someone they live with their parents is nothing compared to telling someone their mother never liked you, that’s why she gave you away.

Which we all know GM Aaryn and Amanda joked about it.

If you’re going to post, get it straight.

Ivy League

That is not true…Both Aaryan and GM have said worse to Candice’s face and behind her back. Can you read?!?!? Amanda, as much as it hurts to say it, has not really said a lot of bad things about Candice. Howard, is a different story. Plus, it was GM’s HOH, thus it was GM who nominated her. Take a logic class.


Candice was commenting on GM’s mean Nom speech but GM just couldn’t shut up. They need to get that shrink back in there.

Team Fair


Personally, it was GM who was the fool! How GM was attacked? Where you using the word attack when GM gave that awful HOH speech when putting Candace on the block? Now, since Candace is so bad and attacking people — give me one example of Candace attacking GM because I must have missed that footage.

Now, as far as Candace being afraid…uuumm, NO! Don’t see Amanda ripping Candace apart. Because if Amanda was so intimidating and such as bad ace as you say, she would have told Candace off in her face; but, no what does Amanda, Aaryn and GM do — say things behind Candace’s back! Yeah, that Amanda is real scary!

We most likely would have witness Candace get to Amanda but that RUDE RACIST GM interrupted; so now we won’t know what Candace had to say to either Aaryn or Amanda.


Candice knew she was going home. Nothing she said compared to whats she’s been hearing from them! The whole time she was in that house she endured that hatred toward her. She waited till the prime time to fight back. Expose them for who they are. Not her fault theyre immature and slow!
Good for her!

Team Fair


UH, NO!……You are too funny and watching a different show than the rest of us!

You know good and well that GM was WRONG! Pleazzzee….attacking a girl on TV — you sound so silly! You are right when you describe GM as a girl…because she certainly NOT a woman. This was Candace’S moment NOT GM! How dare GM interrupts Candace during her Last Speech! Now, let’s remember when GM gave that HORRIBLE and DISGUSTING HOH speech and knock Candace! Did Candace say A WORD…NO…she sucked it up and moved on….what your “girl” did and continues to do is made her RACIST behind look bad on LIVE television! Read the comments you are clearly in the minority when it comes GM & Candace.

What was killed — GM moment to act like human being and let it go…Candace was voted out; and GM continued her nastiness! I was done once again when she mentioned Candace’s biological mother. Now, all that hate and jealous energy that GM clearly has should go to getting herself out of the mother’s house, I mean she is 33yrs. old……she should grow up on so many different level it’s impossible to name just one!…and you know thatt or I could be wrong…maybe you don’t know.

I see you attempting to be a loyal friend; but, a loyal friend would recognize their friend is wrong and help them be a better person. I see you two want to be wrong together.

Attacked a girl! Ha ….. Get outta here with that piece of crap thinking! PERIOD!

She Said What

There’s a saying, I can’t remember by whom …. “there’s nothing more frightening than ignorance in action” and we saw GM in action last night.

Aaryn is Badass

Helene wants to try out for Miss America or Universe lol. The only pretty girls this year were Kaitlyn, Aaryn and maybe Jessie all others yuck.,


I think if she is married – she would have to do Mrs. America………oh maybe she is single….


Helen is too old for that she needs to go home and be a mom

Big Sister

Helen is married with kids. She can’t compete in those contests. How dumb of her.


I think Helen’s denim shorts are making her think stupid.


She is probably thinking that if Candice could win a couple that she is just as good. Even as Mrs. America, I don’t think she can just drop into a competition and win. I think she thinks it would be easy and not take much work. I think after Big Brother, most would not think she would make a good role model.


The only title she could win is Miss Delusional – if she could wrestle the crown from GM.


Amanda’s not a very smart player, but luckily for her, some other people in the house are much stupider. She goes around telling everyone that they can’t do this and they can’t do that because it’ll put HER in danger because she expects them to work in her favor. You’d think that someone in her alliance at some point would pick up on this and realize that she doesn’t do anything for their game. I feel like at this point, only Jessie or Spencer would actually grab an opportunity to get rid of her, but sadly they’ll probably be on the block.


I think you’re missing the dynamic at play here. They all want Amanda at the end because they don’t think she can win. They all get she’s a bull in a china shop and (wrongly) assume they will beat her because they are more well liked. Of course they don’t realize that people like Judd will reveal their duplicity and betrayal to the jury as they enter the house, which means none will be so likable.


This is for the people left inside the house now Aayrin GM and Amanda all 3 of them are hated the most for how stupid and racist they are so anybody that goes aginst those 3 could have a good chance to when the game


Actually, McCrae has pointed out to Amanda several times that she needs to stop being so selfish, and stop making waves for no reason. But he won’t pull the trigger and get her out, probably because he figures if they were final 2, he’d win.


Darn nick if you would have just made a deal with Elissa this season would not have been as boring


Yeah I think MVP is somewhat responsible for the worst BB season in history.

Dan Fan

You said the same thing last year


Wait, is this Gina Marie typing?


Lol i totally agree. Never decline Elissa when she saids “make a deal with me you have no other choice.” That is perhaps one of the best lines of the season.

Dan Fan

The Jeremy-Nick-Moving-Bowel-Syndrome-Train left the station 6 weeks ago. Dude.


There’s no way Andy won hoh unless the comp was who could insert themselves into more conversations.


Helen…Miss America….Blaahhhhaahhahahhhhaha….Blahahahahhaaah…Blaahahahaah…

This girl is beyond delusional.


Beauty Contest……Helen!!! The Helen in the Big Brother House? Who put that idea into that ugly troll’s head? She come up with that all on her own? Now she is just lying to herself. She isn’t even as pretty as that sow Demanda. And that’s all I got to say about that. Beauty contest REALLY!!!!


When is Pandora box is coming? I would love to see how Andy open the Pandora Box if something good for him and something bad for the houseguest or vice versa.


Captian here is my wish for the Pandora Box: Andy enters the room to three buttons and three envelopes underneath them. The buttons read
For Reset – last Thursday didn’t happen and both Candace and Judd return with immunity for this week
Swap – Candace and Judd return and each get to send another houseguest out in there place
Blindside – Judd returns and gets to blindside another hg and send them packing
Of course there is money in the envelopes for him to pick from. The only bad thing about this scenario is that Judd would probably come back and choose Elissa or Aryn to go instead of Amanda or McCrae, and Candace would send GM home.

Big Brother

You know this season has a horrible cast when you have to root for the child molester who is our only hope of seeing a big move.


lol despite spencers creepiness, i actually find him to be one of the only house guests that are fun to listen to and root for. not to mention the highlight of the season when he said “shut up amanda”


When the season’s over, and GM goes home to watch all the episodes – I wonder if she’s going to realize her obsession, or be proud. I would be ashamed of myself. Especially after seeing how Nick felt. She genuinely needs help.


Several of them in there need professional help! I wonder if casting did that on purpose – there’s no way you could not know from screening them.


I think Candice threatened CBS, so they created a nine person jury. It will be no surprise when she goes back into the game. Does anyone else remember In the opening show when Julie said the MVP was “all season long”? Targeted their darlings Elissa and Amanda, so no more MVP. I’m just saying . . .


Julie did say “every week”. I went back & watched the 1st episode to make sure…I think 9 person jury was already part of the plan just like I think there will be a 3 person finale like on Survivor & it will be Andy, Amanda & maybe McCrae but definitely Andy & Amanda,( i keep saying they know each other in real life )….


Helen, you would have to try out for Mrs. America you moron.

Ugh. Just leave already.


Helen is fu@#$!£ delusional, it’s like cry baby Amber wanting to be on America’s Next Top Model. They both look like they got hit in the face with a shovel.


Will nomination be later today or when? Anyone know?


What???? Nick was a moron. Dont kid yourself


Sorry Helen, but you would never even qualify for Miss America or Universe! Even if you added inches in height and transformed your body from 10 yr old boy to bombshell – your face still messes up your chances. Seriously, she thinks she can compete with gorgeous 19-21 yr old tall model types? Helen is not ugly, but she is far from beautiful! And apparently delusional…Aaryn and Kaitlyn are the best looking of the group and even THEY are not goood enough for that level of competition.


……so happy when nick got kicked out, but now its my biggest regret. he may have been another Dan, a mastermind puppeting everyone around him. I figured if Nick could be got so early, this season has potential with big moves and going after big players I mean an early alliance (the moving company) sniffed out and pulverized. but now its obvious what’s going on…. when Aaryn won the POV last nite Andy said “Aaryn, what do you want to do”…what did Aaryn say….”I don’t want to do anything that upsets the house”………AAAARRRGGGHH!…what the f**k. YOU ARE ON BIG BROTHER, so play BIG BROTHER damn it.


What would be the difference between Nick puppeting everyone around from Helen/Amanda already doing it? But I totatally agree with hating the idea of “doing what the house wants”!!!! Its so ridiculous how these players are this season. I mean, geez what’s the point?! The game has really evolved since the earlier seasons. Being a BB fan, its kinda a bummer. I don’t have a favorite at the moment, I could care less who wins.


Nick would be one less ignorant person in the house. There’s really no way having him in the house would be bad in that sense.


I don’t think Nick would have used the hate and vile that Amanda has. But Nick would have had to get GM out early or he wouldn’t have been able to play. There is a difference between game play and hatred.


Jackie, ahhhh, you’re totally right about that! (“There is a difference between game play and hatred.”) Ok, I can agree that that’s the difference.

Elissa's Botox

Judd right now : “I was thinking with the wrong head”

I laughed out loud when Aaryn backdoored him after he bearded Jessie that same day thinking he was solidifying a relationship with Aaryn.

Aaryn is playing the game very well coming from an alliance that collapsed


Helen’s pushing for Amanda to go now, LOL. A week too late, perhaps? I guess she finally decided that the “time was right” but Amanda/McCrae have already planned her eviction. If only Helen and Judd had listened to Jessie a couple of days ago.


I’m not gonna lie, I laughed when judd told the houseguests last night to “vote with your hearts and not the house”. So NOW you want to say that. Jessie and Candice tried to clue you in to the fact that Amanda and Mcrae were coming after him, and to not vote with the house. He said it himself, Mcrae and Amanda NEVER talked game with him, so he had no reason to trust them so deeply. Its his own fault he went home. Same thing is going to happen to helen soon, too.


@ blingbling, my sentiments exactly. Jessie and Candice tried so hard to save Judd by letting him know Amanda badly wanted him out. He had seen the writing on the wall but he instead became even nastier when talking about Jessie. He knew Candice would leave because of his unwillingness to follow his heart and he campaigned soooooo hard for Jessie to follow. Urgh

So I was very happy when he was shown the door. The Amanda that he protected did not respond in kind. And I will not feel sorry for Helen when that Amanda gets her booted next week. She is lucky Amanda did not do it this week. As the audience/MVP we wanted Amanda out but since they refused to get her out, I think it will be ok for her to win. These people will go to jury and collectively decide that Amanda in final 2 deserves to win the money.

My suspicion: Production bought mass quantities of Dan’s mist and sprays it generously at all the house guests of BB15 every day in favor of Amanda.


You’d think Spencer would do something with himself besides sit around and sweat all day.

Dude, how about getting some exercise in as preparation for the next round of competitions?

He needs to win an HOH or he’s going to be out the door.


BWWWWAHAHAAAAAA Helen has convinced herself she is amazingggggggg


My guess is Andy will put up Jessie and GM. Seems like the easiest thing to do. If Jessie doesn’t POV I think she will go home. And whoever is saying Nick was the next Dan is WAY OFF. He played oh so bad!! He wasn’t aware of what was going on and if he was smart he would have taken Ellissa’s deal when presented to him. He was my most favorite evictee!! He better hope GM doesn’t win the money cause like someone said, GM is hiring a PI to find him.

This Season Blows

Helen is reaaaaly trying to steal the “worst houseguest ever” title from Demanda.


Gotta agree. Amanda has been a complete tyrant this season but Helen’s head has been up stuck up own her ass and around a corner post-Nick.

I really want Spencer to pick off one of those two (Amanda or Helen) before he’s eliminated. Would be too perfect.


Yes I want to see the bitches now who would they be loyal to Amanda or Helen….The irony of those two on the block makes shit needles


I’d prefer it if next season BB returned to the 13 houseguests, 70 days format. Bigger is not always better, as we’ve seen with BB15.

I would also advise them to try and recruit semi-sane people who are not on psychological meds, and do a more thorough job of vetting the HGs to make sure they are what they say are, as opposed to those who lie about their occupations, like BB11 Russell Kairouz, the “MMA fighter,” (yeah, right) with an amateur record of 0-1-0.

Dude had one amateur fight and claims to be an MMA fighter. That’s like me spitting on a building fire once and then claiming I am a “Fireman.”

Is that too much to ask? Maybe so.


Andy is the worst player… cannot be his own person.. i hope he goes after is HOH is over.. and by Amanda and mcreas hand if he does not put her up. Whayt are tjeae HG’s problem.. Andy is so clueless.. get him OUT!

Dan Fan

U a newbie right? Ian did the same thing and won. Wasup!


Ian was a MUCH better player than andy. Yeah he ratted out boogie but it benefitted him in the end where as andy is going to get screwed over by demanda and mccrea if he doesn’t get them out. Also Ian had his entire plan written out before the season started and followed it pretty closely.

U cannot be serious

Andy forgot to write a plan. He’s goin home. Yeah right.


I cannot equate Andy to Ian. Ian was smart. He played both sides for a short time to avoid being evicted while he figured out which side would make sense to stick to. At the opportune time, he chose a side, was very loyal to it and won comps at crucial moments in the game.

Andy on the other hand is stuck with a couple – dump choice. Naturally Amanda and MC will chose each other for final 2 over Andy. But he is in a situation where he feels like he cannot put them on the block. A lose lose situation.

Andy is no Ian just like Aaryn is no Janelle

U cannot be serious

Why are you equating anything? Is this high school algebra? 100% Copycatting from a previous player and year doesn’t work. If there are parts of Andy’s game that look like Ian’s and parts he makes up himself – go ahead and steal his thunder. The kind of social game that it takes to manipulate a Demanda/Helen – Not sure even Ian can pull that off. Dan could easy. Ian had to win HOHs in the end because his social game was no where near Dan’s. So leave Andy alone. He’s no Dan. He’s no Ian. Andy is in the middle of the BB seesaw. leave best alone.


wow! Helen is already spending her BB winnings 500,000 & pushing for this year BB should award 1 million!!! …lol… She’s so sure of herself, I can’t wait til she’s in jury at the hands of Andy & Amanda! She has been talking to Andy about getting Amanda & McCrae out & the look on her face that Andy is NOT going to do her “dirty work” is priceless!!!!!!!!! HAHAHA!!!!!!! She is so afraid of getting “blood on her hands” but pushes for someone else to do it! Andy asked Helen who she would put up & she said Amanda & McCrae, I can’t wait til he tells them this!!!


I’m not sure Andy will tell them, at least not for quite a while. Right now he see’s it in his best interest to keep the status quo for as long as possible. In the mean time he needs to decide which side its in his best interest to ultimately side with. I think he’ll chose the Mc Amanda side but there’s a chance something could push him the other way. Who knows? He also has his Spencer option so Andy is a guy with lots of options and no desire to choose any of them until he absolutely has to. Pretty smart game play.


this season is laughable at best. by far the worst cast in terms of morals and values, but even beyond that is worst gameplay ever.
“let’s do what the house wants!”
“I don’t want to upset the house!”
“this is YOUR HOH as much as it is MY HOH!”

where do these people get off lol? there’s no surprises, no masterminding… really disappointing. I quit watching after Aaryn won HOH the second time around and after reading what’s going on in the house, I’m glad I did. here’s to hoping next season is better and the casting crew has learned a huge lesson.

Dan Fan

Dude your comment is so last year


They keep saying what the house wants. When Amanda wins the 500 grand is she gonna share it with the house? NO! These house guests are wimps and need to start playing their OWN game.


Between Spencer and Andy, this house does more ballhandling than the Boston Celtics…


Helen you have to be hot for those competitions not ugly as a dog!

Roisin Dubh

Can’t wait for Helen to leave. Today they’re talking about Jessie, by Tuesday Helen will be ready to be served on a platter. That’s the eviction I’m waiting for. These dummies had Ahandjob handed to them and still did nothing. You know she brought a case if Dan’s mist into the house.


USUALLY…all i want to do is shake helen and say “just..just shut up”…but right now, i just want her to keep talking and keep pushing andy to put up amanda and mccrae and to stop being such a wuss. this way, either she’ll push him just enough for him to think it’s the best thing to do, OR she’ll push him too much and he’ll put HER up. both scenarios would be perfect! if he goes the stupid “no blood on my hands” safe route and puts up spencer and jessie…i hope to the big brother gods that jessie wins veto. she is literally the only person in the house that is even worth rooting for anymore…this season is just disappointment after disappointment after disappointment…after another disappointment. DO SOMETHING STRATEGIC PEOPLE COME ON!


“Andy tells her that his target is Jessie and that he will put up Spencer with her.”

what he should have said was, “demanda decided for me that i will put up jessie and spencer”

and now is the time helen? 1 week to late you idiot. the only good thing about all this will be people finding out that andy is a little rat puppet due to how before he was hoh, he tried to tell jessie and spencer the 3 of them needed to stick together.

i’m on the edge of no longer paying attention due to not much left to root for. jessie leaves, i’m done and i recommend that all of you join me.

Are we done yet????

Perfect week to backdoor Amanda and for Andy to make the real game changer. Assuming Amanda or McCrae don’t win it and the noms stay the same Andy pulls Jessie down puts Amanda up.

Votes go Aaryn, McRae and GM voting out Spencer with Helen, Jessie amd Elissa voting out Amanda. Andy looks at Amanda and votes her out. Now Spencer and Jessie are loyal to Andy and with Helen and Elissa it’s now 5 vs 3. Hell they all wanted to just get to jury so why not just do it now.

Well a person can dream right?


Andy is a chicken sh&t.

Dan Fan

Lame comment..next


Helen told Andy, “Ok, I will let you do this one the way you want”<—LET you!??!!! I can't wait to see the look on Helens face when she is voted OUT! Andy let her know also if it comes down to between Amanda & McCrae then they keep Amanda "cause she can't win any competitions", That tells me that last night when Amanda was crying over not winning any comps it was all an ACT! I honestly am starting to see a pattern here & I feel like I'm watching actoring, She sure dried up quick enough after everyone saw her "crying"…Andy even made it better saying Amanda was pooping on his HOH win… this is all just looking more & more scripted… something ain't right….


One of my favorite things about Big Brother, season after season, is having that ultimate player who you feel like you would die if they go home… And then having that player go home and having so much anticipation to figure out who to root for in the alternative. Unfortunately for this season, the only thing I have begun to root for is who to go home, not somebody to stay. When Amanda began to domineer the house, I thought “Oh boy, get her out!” Sadly Amanda is the only real chance of having a character to root for. If she can make it a few more weeks without winning anything, this girl may have something after all. So I am now rooting for Amanda in hopes of her making it to the final two, and for the looks of all these people when they realize that the time is still not right to send her home because sadly they cant.


yeah, I mean within 30 seconds after someone wins HOH Amanda is pulling them aside telling em who to put up, who the target is, who the replacement nom is… every. dang. week.


I would love to see Pandora’s box be Rachel come in to spend time with Elissa and tell her everything that has been going on. Tell her everything Helen has said, just so Elissa knows not to trust anyone!!!


CBS wouldn’t do that because it would ruin the game, Rachel’s been watching the feeds all summer, besides Elissa’s “game” never materialized, the MVP twist and bigger targets kept her safe, if she gained knowledge that everyone was using her it wouldn’t change anything. She would need a group to rally, and let’s face it, the sheep in the house belongs to Amanda. If they were going to bring Rachel in the house temporarily, they would’ve done it 4 weeks ago, when Elissa could’ve changed things up in there.

The only way she could be brought in the house now, isn’t for Elissa, it would be to cause some drama, meaning, Elissa would be locked in the box while BIG RED wrecks havoc on the house. THAT would be sweet.

Hello -

All of Julie’s ‘hints’ last night pointed to someone in sequester (so far Candice or Judd), will be coming back in the house.


I’d say there are too many people in the house for someone to come back in. Who knows though. Just sounded to me like she was pointing out the importance of the jury members vote.


Probably Candice with a Pandora’s box she can do “keeping it real with Candi” to the house guests. The new zingbot.


I hope it’s Nick or Howard; they had the right idea to get Amanda out early and look what happened. Judd/Candice would be okay too.




Or….. Andy could go the other way and put up Helen and Elissa and make a big move taking out one of them. Helen would be best. She would be better at rounding up the rag tags if she stayed. None of them are worth rooting for, but Andy would end up getting more loyalty from Amanda and Mc so that would probably be a better move from his point of view. It would be so nice to see whiny, needy, Jessie finally go though. It looks to me like there is still too many rag tags to make a big split move just yet.

Game wise its hard not to argue that Andy and Mc seem to have the best game and probably best chance at final two if they stick together. I’m guessing they both see that and probably will. Mc is clearly a student of the game. It shows every time he tries to talk Amanda down from one of her bull in a china shop episodes. He always very clearly explains exactly how shes currently screwing things up.


McCrea needs to get Andy to backdoor Amanda. The DR’s last night showed us he is trying to figure out when to cut her loose. He didn’t want Judd gone but had to go with her so that means he’s even afraid of her. If Andy backdoors and takes Amanda out, the others will be happy and McCrea can still keep his hands clean. If Andy won’t go for it then McCrea needs to tell him he’s either loyal to McCrea or Amanda and if he tells Amanda he’ll deny it and she’ll believe him. He’ll tell her it was Andy and Helen trying to get them fighting so they would turn on each other. Which means they’ll both be on the block next week. Andy has left himself open to this so shouldn’t be surprised. And he can appease Helen by putting up Amanda and breaking up the couple.
McCrea is a student of the game and has been the strategy behind McManda. Now is the time to strike.


Aaryn is not so so beautiful!!!! Candice is so beautiful inside and out!!!!


Anyone but Jessie or Aaryn winning this season will really suck.



Helen wins


Amanda needs to be voted out for being stupid enough to offer to go on the block. She’s too confident that she will be safe. I bet if she went up, out she would go. Helen needs to go too. I wonder what would happen in this game if those two left and everyone had to actually play the game on their own and make choices that aren’t being dictated to them.

Dan Fan

U a newbie right? Amanda fake offered to go up to see where Andy’s loyalties were. If Andy said yes, Mcrae was ready to say ‘over my pizza boy body u will’. Dude get with the game.


MVP and The House, made this season boring , Next season no MVP, and no house.. HOH gets to make their own decisions.


I wish that Spencer, Elisa, Aaryn, Gm, {I actually can’t believe I am hoping this} would save Jessie, then go after Amanda, Helen, and McCray. The Whipped puppies against the Bullies. I would love it if Amanda would go up as a pawn!!


Helen is pretty and definitely looks younger than her age, but she’s delusional if she thinks she can be in Miss America or Universe. That ship has sailed. She could do a Mrs. Pageant, but why?

Also, she thinks her style of play is “gun blazing”??? She’s been throwing HOH competitions, she doesn’t want to get blood on her hands, she thinks it’s too early, she hides behind “it’s what the house wants”, she got out Judd who really wasn’t an immediate threat, she’s been letting Amanda pick the nominee (to her detriment), she’s lost control of Andy. The only assertive thing she has done is get out Nick.

Dan Fan

Nick??? Helen backdoored Jeremy dude. What u watching?


Yeah, you’re right about Jeremy — it was Helen’s HOH and she did backdoor him.

But, it doesn’t seem as major as getting Nick out. Yes, she did have the help of Elissa, Amanda & McCrae, but that was a piece of game that actually took guts and it really turned the game.

Aaryn was HOH
Helen & Elissa were on the block.
Elissa got MVP & named Jeremy.
Jeremy got POV.
Elissa named Nick.
McCrae spilled about the Moving Company (before or after Elissa named Nick?)
Helen, Amanda & Elissa began campaigning for Nick.

Pizza Boy with the Delivery

Andy is playing the BIT** GAME.

Amanda has convinced McCray to take Helen with Andy to the final 4.

Helen wants McCray and Amanda out.

Is anyone targeting Andy? NO.

Either Andy makes the final 4 with them or final 2 with Helen “UGGHH”

Amanda just cannot read through the lines.

And Andy will never chose a side just let others ruin their games while he coasts.

In reality he has no loyalty just a ton of security ========= BIT** GAME


If you were possibly weeks away from $500,000 how devil may care would you be with your choices How much money do you have to have to be able to throw around criticisms like “BIT** GAME” Go throw away your own half a million bucks before you criticize Andy’s smart game.


lets just hope they can raise the prize to 1 million.

I mean, it is a lot of work in there!