Podcast Mashup – Big Brother 17 After Show episode 8 hosted by Kevin Zelman, Ryan Hooks, Ashley Iocco (BB Season 14), Jen Johnson (BB Season 8) – all super fans! On the Block – With hosts Spencer Clawson and Mccrae Olsen from Big Brother 15 talk with Clay Honeycutt about last nights double eviction and Jason Roy gives his rundown of the game thus far. Unfortunately AM 2 PM did not produce an episode this week but stay tuned for one to come out soon. Also Simon did another podcast guest appearance on the Kill Show last week.

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Big Brother Canada 2 – POST Finale Interviews, Photos, and MORE..

Last night on the finale of Big Brother Canada 2 the winner Jon Pardy was crowned by a vote of 6-1 and took home the grand prize of $100,000, $25,000 gift certificate to the brick and a $10,000 vacation sponsored by Twistos. Sabrina Abbate took second place and left with the second place prize of $20,000. The visually bitter Neda Kalantar walked away with only regrets and disappointment in not being the one to have been able to cut Jon had she beat him in the final part of the 3 part HOH competition.

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Big Brother 15 Interviews, News, Scandals and MORE.. PART 2!

After just over a week since the finale the cast of Big Brother 15 have just begun to digest how the fans viewed their experience inside the BB house over the last 3 months. While some are in denial about their words and actions others have taken ownership of their mistakes and are trying to grow from the experience. Below are a number of new interviews and articles about the cast since they’ve left the Big Brother world.

During the BB15 wrap party a number of the Big Brother Canada season 1 cast joined the party and got mixed up in some of the drama.

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Big Brother 15 – After the FINALE Interviews and MORE.. “I love my job so much and $500,000”

The finale episode of Big Brother 15 concluded last night but the reality of real life outside the house is just now hitting the cast of the most controversial season of Big Brother. After being locked away from the outside world for 3 months the final 3 and jury members are now trying to make sense of how the viewing public perceived their comments and actions inside the house. It is likely going to take time for the cast to grasp the full extent of their action and comments from this social experiment. It is hard to imagine being locked in a house with extreme personalities all competing, lying and backstabbing for the chance to win a half million dollars. With time to reflect and finally see with their own eyes what transpired throughout the season, it will be interesting to see how the cast reacts and which of the house guests own up to their actions. Below is a collection of interviews of the cast that will be added to as more are released.

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Big Brother 15 SPOILERS – Live Eviction and Part 1 of the 3 Part HOH Competition!

On tonight’s live eviction episode we will get to see Andy’s nominations as HOH where he nominated Spencer and McCrae for Eviction. During tonight’s episode will see the Veto competition that Andy won and whether or not he uses it. Since Andy made the nomination as HOH and won the veto there is no reason for him to change the nominations. As a result Ginamarie will have the sole vote to evict McCrae or Spencer tonight. The Exterminators Alliance (Andy, Spencer and Ginamarie) have a final 3 deal – Ginamarie will be voting to evict McCrae tonight. Earlier in the afternoon today – Andy, Spencer and Ginamarie broke the news to McCrae about the Exterminators Alliance. McCrae was shocked and disappointed to learn that he had no chance of staying and that his time inside the house was up.

Following the Veto competition, Veto Ceremony and the Eviction – The remaining Final 3 House Guests will compete in the first part of the 3 part final HOH competition.

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The Exterminators reveal their Alliance to McCrae – He realizes his fate is sealed..

12:18pm When the Big Brother Live Feeds return from being blocked for the last hour – Spencer is in bed with his taking a nap with his sunglasses on. McCrae is in the bathroom taking a shower and Andy is up in the HOH room packing up his stuff to leave the HOH room. He doesn’t want Big Brother to lock the HOH door if he leaves for too long so he piles all of his stuff on the chess board outside the HOH room door. Andy takes his stuff down to the rainbow room and tells Ginamarie that he is happy to be back with his old roommate. Andy comments that Spencer will be all alone in the other room.

Andy puts the Amanda’s fly in front of Ginamarie’s face and scares her. Ginamarie says that she almost punched it. Andy tells her and Spencer that he will be calling a meeting in a few minutes. (To tell McCrae about the Exterminator’s Alliance and how they will be evicting him tonight.)

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“I wish she had left one week early.. I felt crippled after she left” McCrae

2:00am bedroom Spencer and McCrae

Spencer – “I still think Amanda was the best game player in the house”
McCrae – “yuuup.. I believe that in a way I don’t know what it’s going to be like watching it”
Spencer thinks from their inside perspective Amanda was a top notch player.

McCrae says he didn’t come into the game wanting to play the game he played. He wanted to play more the game Amanda played.

Spencer says he didn’t have the physical or mental strength to play Amanda’s game. Spencer adds that it really took it’s toll on Amanda.

Spencer says being on the block so many time ssucked but there was nothing he could do. He was in a position after the moving company that nobody wanted to work with him.
Spencer- ‘it’s been a pretty crazy summer for me’

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Big Brother Nomination and POV Results “do your stretches NICK”

9:00pm living room MC, Spencer and GM
MC says he liked Adam from Big Brother 13 but didn’t think he made very many game moves, “Anyone that likes Metal and 90210 is a interesting dude”
very little talking going on. Spencer tells GM he likes the crafty bracelet she’s making “Love it”
Spencer jokes asks GM if she is ever going to dye those roots. GM “SHUT UP I did them last week”

They are all doing shout outs and the feeds keep getting blocked..

GM – “I want to say hello to the lovely Nicholas Uhaus.. i’ll see you in a week get ready”
Spencer – “do you stretches NICK”

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Big Brother 15 SPOILERS – Special Eviction Episode RESULTS!

Tonight on the Special Eviction Episode we find out the actual results of what has transpired over the last couple days. Big Brother has blocked the live feeds since 11am yesterday morning to keep the eviction and HOH competition a secret until tonight’s television broadcast episode. Unconfirmed spoilers of the results were leaked last night after the episode was taped and tonight we find out if those results were true or false.

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UNCONFIRMED Rumored SPOILER RESULTS of the Special Eviction Episode!

Although the Special Eviction episode is set to air Wednesday September 11th – there are already unconfirmed spoilers leaking out about what happened during the episode.

As everyone who has been following our live feed updates and watching the feeds the last few days knows that JUDD’s fate was pretty much sealed. His attempts to save himself came off more desperate and annoying to the other house guests as most of his time was spent badgering the other house guests repeatedly for assurance that he was safe to the point that Spencer, McCrae, and Andy tried to avoid him. As a last ditch effort Judd said a speech during the Veto Ceremony in a fake attempt to get McCrae mad at him so that Andy and Spencer would want to keep Judd in the house as a bigger target. It was a failed attempt that didn’t work and only made Judd look more desperate. Both Spencer and Andy lied to Judd telling him he was 100% when they knew they wanted him gone over Ginamarie. Andy planned to break the news right before show or during the first commercial break that Judd was being evicted.

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GM “Wheres my KISS NICK.. there better be fireworks.. if not i’m going to kick him in the balls”

GM – “If there is a HOH tomorrow I’m going to kick a$$ in it”
Andy – “same”
Spencer- “I need it I can’t play HOH it’s all up to you guys”
GM – He cannot be that much on a roll (MC
Spencer – “He’s one 2 HOH’s and a veto”
Andy – “I’m so mad he won that veto I hate it”
JUDD comes back from the diary room.
McCrea joins them.
Andy leaves to go to bed, “Goodnight everybody”

GM says she wants to keep the HOH picture of Nick with his shirt off because he looked pretty nice. GM – “I was like NIck are you a skater.. thats the first thing I’m going to AXE him”
GM – “where’s my kiss f*** face that’s what I’m going to say to him.. you better tip me over and there better be fireworks.. cause if there is not i’m going to kick him in the balls”
everyone snickering.

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Spencer tells Judd – “Gina is going to be hard to beat in the final 2.” Judd asks “What? Wait she’s going home!?”

7:30pm Andy and McCrae are sitting out by the hot tub. Andy asks if McCrae is okay? McCrae says he is just super nervous. I just feel like I need to win that HOH tomorrow or I am going home. Andy asks why, I wont send you home. McCrae says yeah but if you win HOH and Gina wins veto then I’m going home. Andy asks who do you miss most other than Amanda? McCrae says the old Judd. Andy says he misses Helen. McCrae says yeah me too, although I didn’t talk to her much. Andy says other than Helen, you four will be the people that I will keep in contact with the most. Hopefully people will be forgiving. McCrae says he thinks people will. Andy says hopefully Elissa doesn’t poison me with my true love Ragan Fox. That ship might have sailed. McCrae says he thinks he knows better than to listen to them. McCrae tells Andy if I don’t win HOH, it’s going to be a real tough battle for the veto. Andy tests McCrae on his knowledge of the days things happened in the house.

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