Amanda says I’ve had a black pen!$ inside of me, I’m not racist! McCrae says that means you’re not?

12:35am Helen, Jessie and Ginamarie are sitting by the hot tub talking. Ginamarie talks about going on like 100 dates with guys over the past couple years but there’s just no spark there. Ginamarie says that it’s not like she is obsessed with the guy. Helen says well if it doesn’t work I want you to send me some photos and I will build an eharmony profile for you. Ginamarie says oh okay, cool. Helen says I want you to be proactive. Gina asks okay, like the acne stuff? Okay! Helen says yeah because literally the last few weddings she has gone to the couples have met online and I am about to be in one in October. If this Nick thing doesn’t work out, if I was single and looking to date I would go online right now. Ginamarie says yeah. Gina talks about one of her ex’s that was a “total f**king loser” who still lived at home with his parents and didn’t care about paying for anything. She says she slept with him the night before coming in here. Helen talks about the type of guy she needs to attract.

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Andy tells Spencer If Ellissa leaves next week Helen will come after them Bazookas blazing

9:18pm Spencer and Andy

Spencer: “Who should I put up next week”
Andy will respect whoever Spencer puts up he understands why Spencer would be targeting Helen. Andy says Helen has never done anything to him to betray his trust so he’s doesn’t want to see her go but he’ll honour Spencers HOH.
Spencer lost a lot of trust and respect for Helen because she was after Howard and him so hardcore. She kept saying how Howard is her friend but she really wanted to chop his head off.

Andy says for what it’s worth Helen told him she’s done coming after Spencer anymore.

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Spoilers – Helen and Andy agree to another final 2 “Sorry Elissa Sorry Amanda”

7:14pm HOH Helen and Andy

Andy explains Jessie wants Andy, GM, Aaryn, Spencer and herself to go against Helen, McCrae and Elissa.
Helen: “Is she stupid”
Andy: ‘From her standpoint it makes sense… I understand where it’s coming from she doesn’t know we’re all so close”

Helen: ‘Do you think that plan came from Aaryn and Ginamarie”
Andy : “NO”
Andy told Jessie if he takes out Amanda he has 3 people after him but if he takes out Spencer he has zero. Andy mentions how Andy will be getting 5th place if he doesn’t make a big move now. Andy and Helen laugh.
Andy confirms Jessie is going.
Helen: ‘She’s so dangerous..”

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“I’m the girl in the relationship, I dunno how to describe it.. I’m the weaker one” -McCrae

5:59pm HOH MC and Andy
MC talking about a girl he liked back home. They didn’t leave on good terms but he still likes her. Andy asks about what will happen with Amanda when the show is over.
MC: “A part of me feel like she’s using me”
MC explains that with other showmances in the past there was one person that cared about the game and wanted to win and another that was just “scouted” to be on the show. He points out with Jeff/Jordan Jeff was recruited and with BRendon/Rachel it was BRendon. He feels with him and Amanda they both want to win it and they both care about the game.
MC thinks there are some trust issues between him and Amanda. Andy says he should 100% trust Amanda.
MC: “I don’t know what is going to happen after this week.. what she tells me is she’s totally in love with me.. we’re going to get married.. all this stuff”
Andy: “I think she legitimately likes you a lot based on little queues”

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McCrae “I just have a bad feeling about next week.. she’s getting ready to get rid of me”

3:39pm HOH Andy and McCrae
Andy says Jessie came up here and gave her a big pitch about a 4 person alliance that is ruling the house leaving 4 players on the outside and Andy in the middle.
Andy: ‘Why the f*** is everyone thinking this”
Andy says Jessie wants me to Backd**r Amanda this week. He confirms that He wants Jessie gone after his conversation with her.
Andy: “she said if Amanda doesn’t go this week she’ll take out Amanda next week.. that just sealed her fate.. and it sucks”
McCrae tells him to just keep saying the target is Spencer and when the votes come in and she goes home she just acts surprised.
Andy: ‘Pull a you week one”
MC: “I don’t know why but I have such a bad feeling.. about everything”
Andy: ‘Even if Spencer is lying about everything he’s not as dangerous as her”
MC: “Ya… this week doesn’t matter. I just have a bad feeling about going into next week.. I have a feeling I am going to be gone next week.. Amanda wants to have the wedding tomorrow.. ”
MC: “I feeling she’s getting ready to get rid of me”
Andy: ‘You think Amanda will cut you… really”
MC: ‘I’m a paranoid freak though”

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Helen says it’s too soon to go after Amanda! McCrae said he won’t come after us if we go after her.

12:10pm Up in the HOH room – Helen and Andy discuss getting out Jessie this week. Andy says that I don’t think that Jessie is coming after me but I need to not be selfish and think about how she is coming after McCranda. Helen agrees. Helen says I think it is too soon to go after Amanda. Andy says you’re changing your tune?! Helen says yeah, I did after talking with McCrae and how he won’t come after us if we go after Amanda. Andy tells Helen about how Aaryn told him that she doesn’t want Helen to go anywhere and is not coming after her and won’t. Helen says that is good but she is wanting to get out McCrae over Amanda. That is not good for us. Helen says that the only thing I worry about with taking McCrae to the finals is that he will be great at the first part of the 3 part final HOH, he would be good at the second part and okay at the third part. Andy agrees. Jessie joins them to check in. Jessie says that she was so scared during the POV competition that Spencer was going to win because he was doing so good. Andy says no matter what she is safe this week.

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Aaryn says I had a dream my friend gave me a huge black d!ldo. Why do I dream about stuff like that!?

10:10am – 10:36am Big Brother wakes up the house guests. When the live feeds return – Andy, Helen, Aaryn and Jessie are awake and moving around the house. Aaryn, Andy and Helen talk about how they were told not to sneak in any candy from the competition but that some of the house guests did anyways. In the kitchen Aaryn talks about how she had a dream where her friend Jessie gave her a huge black dildo that had Velcro on it. She has no idea why she dreams about stuff like that and what do you do with the Velcro. Aaryn says that she also has dreams about being on camera and thinking she is sleeping naked where its then all over the internet. Elissa agrees Helen joins them and talks about how at midnight tonight it is the half way point. Aaryn says that before she came into the house she did a lot of research to see what would happen if she did certain things. And found if you do anything it is on the internet forever! Jessie asks did they ever catch Britney Haynes?

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Elissa says I hate to get rid of the girls but Jessie is such a flight risk. She is just the most inconsistent person.

1:25am Out in the backyard – Amanda, Jessie, McCrae, Elissa and Gina are talking about random things. Amanda says I legitimately have no idea how I am being portrayed. Gina says I am being portrayed as the funny dumb one. Amanda says they get me to talk in a bit*hy way but I say it in a funny way. Big Brother cuts the feeds and when they come back the house guests are talking about how they all thought Howard had the f**king Coup d’etat. Amanda says she stressed herself out for a week about and when she asked her “friend” (someone in production) he did have any idea what it was. As soon as my friend was like “what’s a Coup d’etat?” I was like ah good! Andy says Howard’s master plan was, I am going to form a bunch of weird alliances and try and flip the house last minute. Amanda says I would be a real bit*h when I would talk to Howard.

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Andy says he’s teetering between who to vote out his gut is telling him Spencer

9:12pm Andy and Aaryn
Andy: “right now i’m leaning towards Jessie” Andy isn’t certain though and wants to go over all the options. He wonders if maybe they kept Jessie and used her to take out GM and Elissa.
Aaryn is worried Jessie will put up GM and Amanda, Aaryn thinks Jessie is close to Elissa.
Andy points out if they save Jessie she will be forever loyal to them
Aaryn: ‘Spencer is more likely to go after Helen and Elissa than Amanda and McCrae.. the more I think about it the more I think Spencer staying will benefit us”
Andy: ‘we just need to met every day and compare the reason to keep and evict them”
Andy says his Gut is telling him if he doesn’t get Spencer out of here he will be the reason they are evicted.
Aaryn: “I get that feeling to”

Aaryn says she never really trusts Spencer because he’s lied so much to her in the beginning of the game but with Jessie she tells it like it is.
Andy doesn’t feel good about Spencer even though he’s closer to them than Jessie. He still wants Jessie out he’s just playing devils advocate.

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Waiting for POV “Girl named candy had a big a$$ wanted to go out with a bang but left with no class”

4:22pm Living Room GM and Aaryn rapping Amanda joins them from the kitchen.
GM: “Yo i’m G-unit in the house i’m going to knit you a blanket.. to stick you 6 feet under.. I got the hunger fore some slop balls just chilling with my UGGS on”
GM: “We got the braids tied tight with my cl!t ring hanging ohh so right ”
Aaryn: “we got the BB bunnies in the house you better keep our names outta your mouth”
Aaryn: “they call me skipper or poopey ..”
Amanda: “My boy Spencer with his beard so red he comes from Arkansas where they’re all inbred”
Amanda: “Andy he’s so cute he loves the mother f**** boys that like fruit.. UGH he may be gay but guess what he’s still here OK”

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Big Brother 15 Spoilers – POV Players Picked! Elissa is BORED and wants to SHAKE THINGS UP!

12:45pm In the storage room – Amanda, McCrae and Spencer are talking. Amanda says that she and Helen are going to try and knock out Jessie if its the knock out competition. The discuss different strategies to beat Jessie. In the lounge room – Helen, Elissa and Andy are talking. They talk about how next week they will make a big move. Andy says that he likes Jessie but that she needs to go this week. Helen says that she and Amanda will work to get to knock Jessie out if its a knock out competition. Elissa talks about how she really thinks they need to get Amanda out. If she is in the end she will win. Andy and Helen tell Elissa that this isn’t the time we need to make sure we don’t give her any indication that we are coming after her. Helen tells Elissa that they can make a big move next week or after that. Elissa tells them that she just gets bored and wants to shake the house up. Amanda joins them and tells them the strategy of folding for every round until they knock Jessie out. Andy says that he really doesn’t want Spencer to win the veto either because I really really don’t want to put up Ginamarie.

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