Big Brother 15 SPOILERS – Nomination Ceremony RESULTS!

POV Holder: ? Next POV Aug 10th
POV Used ? POV Ceremony Aug 12th
HOH Winner: ANDY Next HOH: Aug 15th
Original Nominations: Spencer & Jessie
Current Nominations:
Last Evicted Houseguest David, Nick, Jeremy, Kaitlin, Howard, Candice, JUDD
Have Nots Aaryn, Helen , GM, Elissa


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5:20pm – 6:24pm The Live Feeds switch to TRIVIA for the NOMINATION Ceremony. When the feeds return we learn that Andy did exactly as he had been talking about all day and nominated JESSIE and SPENCER for Eviction.

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6:24pm In the kitchen all the house guests are hugging and talking. Helen and Amanda compliment Andy about his Nomination speech. Helen says you should be good though being a public speaking teacher. Andy says yeah I didn’t want to mess that up. Jessie heads into the back bedroom and says well what do you know BB.. 4th time on the block! They must really hate me.. I’m doing something right! Jessie gets into bed and stares off at the wall. Meanwhile in the other bedroom. McCrae and Amanda are talking in bed. Amanda says we have to get rid of Helen NEXT week! She has to be back doored, it’s the only way to get her out. Amanda says that Elissa will work with us when she is gone. They think that Spencer could win HOH next week. McCrae says that they should tell Spencer to put Helen and Elissa up if he wins HOH. McCrae heads to the kitchen. In the cockpit Andy reassures Spencer that he is safe this week and has nothing to worry about. In the back bedroom – Aaryn goes to comfort Jessie and tells her not to be sad. Jessie says that she isn’t and says that didn’t want to stay out there and be all chummy with everyone right after nominations. Aaryn then goes to the storage room where Andy and Helen and let them know that she already comforted Jessie and she is good.

Up in the HOH room – Helen and Andy are talking. Helen tells Andy that she will go and talk to Jessie. She says that she will tell her that she is safe and has nothing to worry about. (Which is a lie, since she is the target.) Helen says that she really wants to win HOH next week. Andy asks her if he made a good decision. Helen tells him that he made the safe decision, not the decision she wanted him to make but its a safe one.

6:43pm Spencer joins them and they both reassure him that he is safe. Helen and Andy tell him that they can trust them 100% that he is just a pawn and is not going home. Helen says this is the safest you will have ever been. Spencer says that he is just got his nerves all up and that it will take a bit for him to come down from it. Its not that he doesn’t trust them because he does its just being up on the block. They tell him that’s understandable and that he has nothing to worry about. Helen tells him to lay low, play pool and just relax this week. The conversation turns to talking about cooking the $43 – 5 pieces of mackerel fish fillets for dinner. Helen leaves.

6:50pm Andy and Spencer talk alone. Spencer tells Andy that he did a great job except for his nominations. They both laugh. Andy tells Spencer that his is not going anywhere this was the best decision to keep the house happy and to move us forward in the game. He says that this will keep the couples happy and keep the targets off of our backs. Spencer tells Andy that he knows and that of all the people in the house he trusts Andy the most. Andy tells him to keep close to Helen and that he will be all good. Andy tells him that he is not a target of Helens and that all he needs to do is just lay low this week. Andy and Spencer head down stairs.

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6:55pm Out on the backyard couch – Andy, Amanda and McCrae discuss how when they get Helen out next week and how they will tell Elissa that Helen told them she (Elissa) was disposable. Amanda tells Andy that they need to make the final three deal with her (HELEN) tonight so that she will be good with us. Jessie comes out to join them and puts her feet in the hot tub. Jessie tells Andy that she is sorry she didn’t come talk to him right after but she just needed time alone. She says that she wants to talk to him soon though. Andy says no problem and that she can talk to him any time. The conversation turns to talking about the POV tomorrow and how it probably won’t be that big of a set up because they are normally locked down after the nomination ceremony. They speculate on how it could be a how bad do you want it Veto Competition. Jessie says UGH!!

7pm – 7:10pm Elissa comes out and starts stretching in front of Andy. The discuss liking to play in the veto competitions but not having to win it. McCrae asks so what did you tell Jessie. Andy says that he just told her that she is not the target and that he had a much bigger plan in mind. McCrae tells Andy to really tell Jessie then if it is a how bad do you want it veto – that she should just go for prizes because she is 100% safe. Andy says oh my god I would feel so mean tell her that. Elissa says that she would to take prizes to. Jessie then comes out in her one piece bathing suit. Andy tells her that he loves that bathing suit. Jessie says yeah so do I except for the fact that you said its the n!pple bathing suit. Jessie tells Elissa – thank you for getting me to make out with Judd when he was planning to evict me. Elissa says that she didn’t know where his mind was at.

7:10pm – 7:30pm In the havenot room – Amanda and Aaryn are talking. Amanda tells her about getting Helen out next week. Amanda tells Aaryn about how they have a plan for McCrae and Andy to make a final three alliance deal with Helen just in case she wins HoH so that she won’t put up her (Amanda) and McCrae up on the block. Aaryn says that she has a feeling that Spencer will put up her and Amanda up on the block so she thinks it’s best to get out Spencer. Amanda says no way! She says because she wants to work with McCrae and Andy and knows she would lose their trust. Amanda says next week,we need to put up Elissa and either Spencer or Ginamarie with the ultimate plan to back door Helen. Aaryn says that she doesn’t want to win HOH next week then because she doesn’t want to be the one to put up Ginamarie. She says that she would throw it to one of them. Aaryn says if she did win she would be comfortable putting up Spencer, Elissa or Jessie. Amanda says that Helen has talked about making a big move and you know what that means .. that means me and McCrae. Aaryn says that they (Aaryn, Andy, Amanda, McCrae) should have a name for their alliance. Aaryn tells Amanda that she thinks the people in jury will get to vote during evictions – that’s how they are still involved in the game. Aaryn says that she thinks Helen is loyal to the final five. Andy tells her that Helen has a final two with me. Amanda tells Aaryn that Helen isn’t loyal to us. Me, Amanda and McCrae are all loyal to you. Andy says that he feels Helen is loyal for now. Amanda says to you, not to me, Aaryn or McCrae. Amanda says I am not scared. Aaryn says we just need to know who cannot win so that I can throw it to the right people. Amanda says Helen, Elissa and Ginamarie can’t win HOH next week. McCrae joins them again. Amanda says that once we get out Helen .. then Ginamarie will have no choice but to work with Aaryn, Elissa will work with me and the four (Amanda, McCrae, Andy and Aaryn) of us will run the house. Amanda says that we can’t be seen hanging out together. The talk about an alliance name is 3AM (3 A names’s and McCrae). Aaryn says that 3AM is a funny alliance name because Helen’s alliance name was 3PM because we used to meet up at 3pm in the HOH. Amanda and McCrae leave.


7:35pm – 7:40pm Andy and Aaryn talk alone. Aaryn thinks that they can still trust Helen. Andy thinks they can too and says that Helen is not ready to strike yet but that I will keep really close to her so that I know what she is thinking. Andy tells Aaryn that when it comes down to final four it will be us versus Amanda and McCrae. Aaryn says we are stronger than the Amanda & McCrae. Andy says this is giving me goosebumps. Andy says that he never thought that Aaryn would be his biggest ally in the game. Andy and Aaryn head out of the havenot room. They head into the kitchen where the house guests are making dinner.


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Ugh. Jessie will probably go home. So disappointing. She’s the only one that will make a move


Stupid C U N T Helen. I can’t stand that twat! I’d love to jus spit in my hand and the slap the dog piss outta her


Every time I come in to read what’s happening on the feeds, I get disappointed thinking someone is willing to backdoor a few people who are leading the game at the moment. But nooooooo, Amanda is thinking way ahead and is willing to strike at Helen as soon as possible. I am done with this season. Waiting for Amazing Race. Atleast the people have to literally work hard to remain in the game.


if Amanda pulls that off ill give her my utmost respect, she knows when to strike. it will teach Helen a lesson of waiting when opportunity knocked more than once.


Opportunity for Helen to make a big move and oust The Red Queen not only knocked a few times, it practically kicked the door down. Helen, of course, chose to vacillate and run to her “buddy”, Stoolie the Toad, to ask his advice about making a move. “Not at this time” she was told by Stoolie and then he promptly ran off to tell The Red Queen that Helen was involved in a plot to dethrone her.

If they had an award this season for the worst player, well, truthfully, I’d consider giving it to Elissa. She floats through the house in her own world; but she’s probably the least harmful of that entire household and I like her despite the fact she has shown absolutely no game play. If The Red Queen has her way (and when doesn’t she?), Elissa will be booted shortly unless Big Brother steps in and decides to save her. Off she’ll gaily go to the jury house, happy to practice her yoga all day in an tranquil and restful atmosphere.

But I digressed, the worst player award this season should be given to Helen. Not only is she annoying with her constant false commaraderie; she’s proven incapable of seeing the rather LARGE handwriting on the wall. She trusts Andy to the point where she is willing to cut everyone else’s throats (not literally). How could she not have figured out by now that The Red Queen always manages to know what was discussed in conversations with Stoolie the Toad unless he himself told The Red Queen? She chooses to be clueless and that, in my opinion, is a very poor player.


Anita, I completely agree with your observations. There are 2 dominant women competing here with two different approaches – Amanda, the dictator and Helen, the consensus maker. Helen had the better instincts – to strike Amanda first but unfortunately, consulted with Andy (the Judd that Judd wanted to be) and was talked out of it. I think with Andy’s HOH we are seeing the beginning of the end. Helen can’t leave soon enough – so tired of her repetitive talking points and her recycled lies and phoney motivational speeches.


Love this comment! Stoolie the Toad is a perfect description of ratboy and now I’m actually becoming interested to see if Helen or Amanda strikes first.


I think in the end it will be Spencer that goes to jury this week….a lot is going to happen in the next few days.


No remember bit ole racist bigot bully Amanda said she isn’t afraid to make a big one. Gosh, I hate her. I wish somehow and I know this won’t happen but wouldn’t it be wonderful if Andy, Aaryn, Elissa and Jessie somehow got together and decided to work together to take out big ole bully Amanda and you know Mrs. Now is Not the time, Helen. Take out McCrae along with Amanda and cannot stand Spencer also.


I don’t think Aayrin Amanda and GM should be able to go to the jury or still be in the house all 3of them are some racist bitches not one of them is better then the other!!!


When and if anyone makes a major nomination that counts, unless it is of course Amanda, McCrae, or Helen, is who I want to win this game. I am so tired and so bored with these people and it used to be so great. It is putting me to sleep so why watch any longer. Just come on here and see who Amanda nominates each week.


No surprise


* Not surprise


BOOORRRRINGGG!!! sorry simon and dawg for having to blog this week. i wish we could all skype and cheer you on and make yall laugh!


Just figured out who or maybe better word is what Amanda reminds me of. Does anyone else not think that she acts like one of the Mafia Dons from the Godfather?


I don’t know about that, but what I do know is Amanda looks like the flight attendant on the commercial for geico with the pig inside the plane. I swear when I see that commercial it looks like amanda just aged more.


Interesting because Amanda did the flight attendant schtick to death the first week. In other news, did anyone notice how quickly Aaryn changed her speech after putting Judd up? She started to lay into him for playing her but when she heard the crowd gasp she blamed the house (except two). Clever girl. Too bad she’s so vile.


Just want amanda gone.then helen.was rooten for helen to win.then she took over&thinks she’s the shit.digusting,worse big bro ever.none deserve the $.


Way to go, Opie! You did what Helen/Amanda wanted!

You’re “safe.”…… Until they back door you next week and send you crying to Aunt Bee.

What a waste of an HOH.


Surprise, NOT! Another week of the house following what Amanda Says. Hey Andy grow some balls and make a big move


That first activity would take some doing…more so than the second.

Roisin Dubh

I love it, already plotting Helen’s eviction. There’s a part of me that thinks Elissa has been playing possum this whole time. If you think about it, she’s opposite Rachel in every sense and that doesn’t make sense. Those two are born scrappers. I think she goes into beast mode in 2 weeks.


Beast mode like not going out first in every HOH comp?


And then Amanda, McCrea, and Andy will pull Elissa aside and tell her how Helen was plotting all their evictions, including Elissa, and how Helen spearheaded evicting Candice and Howard, while saving Aaryn and GM. They will tell Elissa that Helen was putting them all in danger and had to go. Then Elissa will look across the house and see Aaryn, GM, and Spencer…and whether she buys their spiel or just convinces herself to believe, Elissa will have no real option but to go along to get along.

Elissa is not Rachel. She doesn’t have her resolve or thirst for battle. She was merely a distraction plant while BB did everything they could to help Amanda to the end.


Yap. I think not gonna happen it will be the other way around not unless BB really planned and help Amanda to win. Not fair.


Highly doubtful, her chance of winning HOH and making a game changing move was weeks ago. She sucks hardcore in competitions, she keeps proving week after week that the POV win was a fluke.

This Season Blows

That veto was actually rigged for her – production made sure all the high numbers were in her lane.

Rachelissa is incapable of doing ANYTHING in this game without production holding her hand and pretty much doing it for her.


Ugh. These people are useless.

Big Jim

The mindless sheep do as they are programmed to once again


I think that spencer will never win HoH and dumb enough to put up Helen & Elissa.


wow, what a shocker…



I think this season the Joke is on Big Brother 15. It’s really all about the Jury and getting paid any small amount. Don’t here much about the $500,
Where did they get these people from. Under a rock! The way they reason it’s no way they have watch pass BB. No way they ever have
Watch pass live feeds or read BB chat rooms. There big moves or lame, they take all the fun out of back door when everyone knows. It is clear
To me that Amanda came only for a showmance. She told McCrack that she has a Job and 10 grand in bank + $13,000. What car will
He get with that after tax a 1970 Pinto from a junk yard in the dessert. Oh and Amanda said he getting an appartments, in FLA. ? Where
They going to live with gators in swamp!!


I don’t know how much money you think a used car costs but if you don’t think you can get a nice one for $10k it’s clear you’ve bought nothing but new vehicles your whole life. Also I think you must be living under a rock if you think that Florida is covered in swamps these days. It is doubtful that McCrae is going to want to get an apartment in Boca Raton though since the apartments there cost at least $900 a month.

Dan's Mist

Where is this magically cheap apartment in Boca?! I think people would go full out gladiator death match for an apartment that price in Boca! South FL is more of a concrete swamp than real swamp. Especially Boca, can you imagine McPwhippeds face seeing the luxury estates here??


just google apartments in boca there are at least 4 or 5 that are around that price.


It would be insane if Amanda could pull a “Helen being backdoor”!! LOL It would be insane to see Amanda getting her way again and just because Helen is just the most annoying player of all time! Can’t stand her pep talks, her friendships and the freaking way she talk! OK you know!


Me: is this the worst season of BB ever?

*shakes magic 8ball

“all signs point to yes”

Jack Daniels

I do not understand why Andy wants to go to the finals with Amanda and McCrae. That is such a foolish decision. With all the work he has done the entire season being duplicitous, running around like a rat telling secrets, a final with McCranda will ensure his loss. I think he is under the impression that Helen & Elissa will respect his gameplay but I think they will feel betrayed so a final with him and Amanda or McCrae is bad. He also seems to want a final 4 with Spencer. That is a bad idea. Spencer is a sure win for whoever is in finals and Andy is soo foolish to think they would stick with him(Mr Congeniality) over Spencer(Perfect finalist for winner). Andy would have a better shot with Helen or Elissa. They could both potentially take him to finals, and he would have a chance @ the money. Andy needs Helen in this game or he is vulnerable. Im surprised he cannot see that.!. If he goes to finals with Amanda or McCrae he will be solidifying the idea that they have run the house. He will be perceived as the minion. Im hoping that Jessie wins veto, Gm is the replacement and Aaryn wakes up and realizes that she needs to stick with Helen/Elissa & GM and evicts Spencer. If Aaryn does not make a move now, she will be the new Helen, the old Judd, which is a target for Amanda & McCrae.


That Rat Andy will get poison soon, by Mc/manda. Or go down on one of those rat sticky things pulling his face off. Screaming WHY WHY ME!


A depressed GM was so desperate that she decided to end her life by throwing herself into the ocean. Life wasn’t worth living without her Nick. When GM went down to the docks, a handsome young sailor noticed her tears, took pity on her, and said, “Look, you’ve got a lot to live for. I’m off to Europe in the morning, and if you like, I can stow you away on my ship. I’ll take good care of you and bring you food every day.” Moving closer, he slipped his arm around her shoulder and added, “I’ll keep you happy, and you’ll keep me happy.”

GM nodded yes, after all, what did she have to lose? That night, the sailor brought her aboard and hid her in a lifeboat. From then on, every night he brought her three sandwiches and a piece of fruit, and they made passionate love until dawn.

Three weeks later, during a routine search, GM was discovered by the captain. ‘What are you doing here?’ the captain asked. GM got up off the ground and explained, “I have an arrangement with one of the sailors. He’s taking me to Europe, and he’s screwing me.”

The captain looked at her, “He sure is lady, this is the Staten Island Ferry.’


OK, Lurker001 – I usually find your jokes pretty offensive, but I have to say this one gave me a much needed laugh out loud…thanks.




Simon and Dawg are the best!! but your my third favorite poster here. Are you a standup comedian? If not you should be. Thanks for all you humor


I hope we get to hear more from Judd about his jury house adventures a little later. I enjoyed those tales.

Of course, we’ll have to wait untill we get a cast of characters in there first.

Keep ’em coming.


Your comments are very witty! Turn on the computer to get my laugh for the day.Thanks!



Jim 64

Gutless Andy


Hey, call Andy names when your weeks away from half a million dollars. How much money do you have to have to be reckless with your decisions? He’s playing pretty smart. Nobody is on a mission to send him packing and he see’s every move everyone makes before they make it. I’d love to be in his shoes. Just make it to the last 3 or 4 in the game and anything can happen with a little luck on your side. The longer the status quo remains in place the further he makes it to the end without having to shake anything up and pick a side. The moment he has to pick he runs the risk of a bit of bad fortune snatching half a million bucks out of his reach. Go put half a mil in front of your nose and see what kind of choices you make. Andys got the smartest game going so far.


The sense of déjà vu on this season is ridiculous! Hopefully, Jessie will see once again this POV is do or die.


Adam from BB13 would run circles around these idiots with game play.

Roisin Dubh

Wow, thanks for bringing him up. I now have the urge to go eat 5 pounds of bacon.


That’s true, that’s how terrible this cast it.


so boring.


for any cbs intern maybe checking on this place to gauge fan interest…

report back that:

you and your production team broke big brother. it sucks and i hope you lose a ton of people who used to be dedicated fans and get bad ratings


Please, you hate on it but continue to watch. Typical loser


no, you are the loser for a post like that.

and for your information loser, i dont watch these moronic people (who apparently have a ton in common with you). i read this blog.


Why read a blog that has EVERYTHING to do with big brother 15 if you don’t watch it. LOL classic. Move along peasant


I just read Candice was the first black beauty Miss Louisiana! I love this!!!! It explains a lot why GM and the the other “pretty girls” (well they think they are pretty) do not like her, GM and Aaryn are jealous and are so immature they do not know how to express their feelings, so they hate. Candice is everything GM wants to be, tanned, beautiful inside and out, college graduated and successful career, and all around professional person. Candice has broke the wall of racial inequality in her home state and will forever be remembered for it. This makes so much sense now. GM is NONE of these and wished she was.

Judd's granny

Please stop this Miss Louisiana/cheerleader nonsense. Nobody cares.


Hmmm, @ Judd’s granny says….well some of us do. So, you wll just have to get over it or under it.


Candice is a beautiful woman and GM probably is jealous, but Candice was inconsiderate by borrowing the other girls things without asking, slamming doors and not cleaning up after herself. I know I had two roommates in college and I mean the Number 1 rule was DO NOT TOUCH MY STUFF without asking. Women get really angry about that so Candice put a big old bulls eye on her back by doing that but the hate GM spews at her does come a lot from I think the pageant thing and not so much about her race. GM is like a 6 year old when it comes to crowns and that stuff so can sort of see her being that way. I think all of the women in this house and I use the word women lightly because all of them act younger than my 5 year old act like high school teenagers most of the time. They all need a big old reality check with GM and Amanda who probably is a Racist out of the house about all religions, minorities and anyone that is gay being at the head of the pack because Aaryn has I think had a Come to Jesus Moment somewhat. Jessie is desperate poor thing for male attention, and geez Helen is just don’t know the words to describe Helen. I don’t think there are any except she is a lobbyist and is used to lying as she pretty much does that for attention. Elissa seems to be somewhat an intelligent person but just cannot root for her as just do not think she got a lot of help from production to be on the show since she is Rachel’s sister.

Hello -

Sherriesfaith says:

August 9, 2013 at 7:55 pm

A few of the comments she has made include:

She called Andy a “queer”
She said to the Asian house guest Helen behind her back “go make some rice” and “she is the first Asian I know that doesn’t do nails”
She advised another house guest saying about Candice the African American, “watch what you say in the dark, you might not see the b*tch”

In response to this claim and quite a few others’ who have transferred Gina Marie’s ugly comments into Aaryn’s mouth – I have feeds here in my home; I have video footage of all the nastiness that GM spewed about Candice: The last quote about ‘watch what you say in the dark…’ was unequivocally GINA MARIE. I will eat Aaryns hat if I am incorrect (which I am not).
Stop piling everyone into one category::: I BELIEVE THAT IS CALLED STEREOTYPING, bigotry, prejudice and so forth.
For the record; I really do not like a lot of Aaryn’s manipulative and ugly behaviour, but let’s just stick to the truth because it comes around so rarely.


Andy is a joke, he has the perfect opportunity to make a power move this week and evict Helen or Amanda. There is no way, any of those two are taking him to final three. Both power couples (A&Mc or H&E) will take the racist Gina Marie to final three, because she can’t win any comps, and the jury will not vote for her to win. Andy will be out in two weeks if he doesn’t make a power move this week.

Roisin Dubh

Doesn’t matter, the time to strike was last week. If they would’ve gotten rid of Ahandjob, Andy was pretty much guaranteed F2. Helen doesn’t have a chance in hell, she’s gone next week. Even if Elissa wins HOH, they’ll rat Helen out.

Roisin Dubh

The only thing that’ll monkey wrench the entire plan is Jessie winning POV and that’s a very good possibility.


I cannot understand why you guys cannot see that she does not have the numbers and still do not. Andy is on Amanda and MC alliance. Helen knows a lot of people are lying to her so she just recently stated that she needed to win HOH next week. That is her only way of beating AMC because Andy wants to go with AMC and Helen and Elissa is outnumber.


Not just to your post but others here regaurding making a move. there are to many variables still. There is no absolute way to know if Helen could rally votes. Plus I’m only 90% sure he is loyal to McManda. I do think it’s his 1st choice. Andy has top decide who goes 1st Amanda or Helen. HOH will decide that for him next week. I think he would prefer McCrae but who knows.. Arryn and GM are basically floating with HOH. It’s a new twist on the old BB game. It’s like bending over and getting hooped in prison. True your getting abused but not by everyone. Arryn and GM have followed the mob. I don’t think even GM can work it into an F4 but maybe.


That’s what this whole season seems to have been partially about: protect the lamest ’cause that’s who you want to be up against in the end. Yeech…


Anybody that takes Aayrin Amanda and GM will win but im willing to bet its going to be them 3 that goes to the end because all 3 of them know the nasty racist shit the other person said but they forgot about all the racist nasty shit that they said out of their own mouth!!!! But I hope it is them 3at the end because cbs will not be able to give the money because if they want to stay on the air they cant because of the big ass backlash that will come for cbs think about it they are already are doing bad with the not being shown on time warner cable the morning show’s are not doing so good and if you have to 2 racist bitches(Aayrin&GN) lose their jobs for what they said and Spencer lost his job for the nasty stuff he said to me the worst part he said was about the kids and Amanda said some nasty racist shit to but because she works for her family reality she haven’t lost her job. But cbs didn’t kick any of them out of the game for racist shit or talking about rape on Jessie and Candice So if cbs was to give any 4of them a check that’s the end of the cbs network because how will they be able to justified doing that when 3 out of lost their job for what they said



(sarcastic voice)


It is ridiculous that Amanda and McRae are getting away with running every HOH. Haven’t the people in this house ever watched the show? If Helen was smart she would grab Aaryn, Jessie, GM and Elissa and make a final four. Aaryn would vote to get rid of Spencer , GM, Helen and Elissa do the same- game on! They have the numbers and put up Mcranda next week. Then Andy after that.


I think the only reason Helen isn’t making that move is because she doesn’t want her scheming to be exposed to the wrong people. But if she doesn’t risk it and try banding together a new alliance – a genuine alliance – she’ll serve the same fate as Judd.


The reason she cannot make the move she knows that she does not have the numbers and still don!t. As you guys can see Andy and Judd are on AMC alliance. As Helen has recently stated she has to win the HOH next week. She stated that she knows that people are telling her a lot of lies. Andy is a big rat who is playing both sides and most likely will be caught after his HOH reign. It is still very early for next week eviction and Amanda kept on saying that need to get Helen out which was what Nick, Jeremy, Howard and Judd suggested before and they are all out the door. It remains to be seen If the person who suggested to ” EVICT HELEN” will walk out the door soon in this case Amanda unless BB. help her. We shall see if I am right on my analysis of this game.



Yeah right

That’s what you said last year

big brother fan

Thank god the plan is to get Hellen out next week! Finally someone I want will go home!!


Yeah, yeah, yeah, this season sucks, but I sure am looking forward to the Zingbot.



I don’t know why they say women and asians are bad drivers…

Your doing a fine job driving all the live feeders insane every time you speak, you know, okay, okay, you know.



I’d like to see Amanda to win next HOH then put up Helen and Andy.. Neither one could win veto as how could they see with their head shoved up Amanda’s butt.


Honestly Helen is a disgrace to Koreans. She makes Asians look like dumb annoying bitches. I wish Helen would lose her job too


Im pretty sure this is most unexpected nomination ceremony ever. I would have never seen it coming. This absolutely blindsided me. Spencer and Jessie…who would’ve thought that Andy would make the biggest move in all of BB history……….


Because julie sort of gave it away & Niether Judd or CANDICE recieved a
Full Exit interview With julie Nor Jeff..

Because they are sequestered…
And IM SOOOOO ready for shit can get shaken up…

OKAY ,,,, now these nominations are making me SICK!!!!

12 (HER SEASON) because everyone is alqays voting anonymously & with the house smfh

because this is CRAZY & BAD GAME …

IM FUCKING TIRED of these stupid fcks giving Mccrea and amanda a free pass!

(BESIDES Candice, elissa, howard, jessie, nick) because they actually have a brain..

Jessie & Soencer… REALLY ANDY!!!! …REALLY!??


“They think that Spencer could win HOH next week. McCrae says that they should tell Spencer to put Helen and Elissa up if he wins HOH.”

Good luck with that, Spencer is playing his own game, he’s not a bitch that would do what the “house” wants, he’ll take a chance and go for broke like a man, whether it works or not( and in this case it most likely will work) Jessie talks big, but deep down she’s a sheep, and she’ll back down, Spencer’s the one person you DON’T want to win HOH.

Yeah right

Yup Spencer should do exactly what Howard did and go against the house…right on


wow jesse in spence what a horrible move should have been amanda an mcrea i sill belive jesse win pov then hoh an amanda an mcrea broke up this is when i wish dan was there they been gone


I’m still waiting for the day for someone to break this showmance up and put up Amanda and McCrae.

I’m sooooooooooooooo over them! It’s like a tease…..that just can’t seem to play out. REALLY? WHY!!! WHY!!!



So I was looking at the poll results and was just wondering what it is about Jessie and Elissa that people like? Is it just they dislike them less then everyone else or is there something there to like that I don’t see? If you truly like either of these two players I’d really like to hear why. I don’t care for either one of them.

Elissa seems pretty stuck up and condescending to me, not the type that actually respects anyone in game or out. She wants to appear to for appearances sake but not truly, you know?

Jessie is so winy and attention seeking, so needy. I can’t wait to see her go.


Boringest BB ever


I am so shocked, this was so unpredictable! I hope they realize they are going down in BB history as the worst ever and could almost destroy the series itself.


Andy has no f**king balls. he looks like a little 15 year old boy.

Yeah right

Ur right. Why can’t he play more like Jeremy? Winner.


So damn boring, even the ants don’t want to be there….


Whyy dobt the fucks understand that if you are in the FINAL THREE with mccrea and amanda & one wins the HOH round..THEY WILL NOT TAKE YOU TO THE FINAL TWO!!!…


Yeah right

I agree with everything you said except the stuff in CAPITAL LETTERS


Guess Helen will be sorry she missed her chance to get a-man-duh! Out


Someone please tell BB Canada was better then this so I can just start watching it instead.

Confused Parent

Oh, Big Brother Canada was/is 1000x better than this horrid season. The house guests were all generally likeable albeit some were quite annoying, but still likeable (you know!). The house guests competed in hilarious challenges and suffered punishments and disqualifications when necessary, something this season lacks greatly. The cast was diverse in my opinion, open minded people and reminded me of the type of people Big Brother US used to cast. There were competition beasts, puppet masters, idiots, unfair twists, and power shifts, stooges, showmances, and douches! Oh it was a wonderful first season!


That’s how retarded this cast is, soon as the MVP was gone that was the biggest green-light in the history of Big Brother to start making big moves. ANY move made Andy had the numbers to make the1st actual big move of the season, he has the most solid alliances with every person in the house, and he chooses to be a sheep. Major FACEPALM


HAHAHAHAHHAHAHHA AMANDA IS SAFE AGAIN <333333333333 HAHAHAHAHAHHAHAH I love watching all you scumbags squirm and get enraged because it isn't turning out the way you want it too.
Amanda is the best player. Hands down.


Tomasa HELL yes I’ve BN sayn that since all thus BS started!!!!!

The wizard

Hurry up and get this season over with CBS and put a little more effort in your casting for next season.


They should all just walk behind the 2 Shepards , Helen and Amanda and just say……. “Baah Baah”. !!!!


wow we really didnt see those nominations coming. way to shock us, andy, you little dirty rat. -__-


How is Aaryn so stupid? Don’t get me wrong, as a person she sucks but as a game player, well she sucks too. She watched Judd’s “alliance” throw him out of his “alliance” and bring her in as #4 and then they voted him out. Does she really think they won’t get rid of her as soon as the other loose ends are gone? Amanda may have miscalculated this move though because Aaryn can win comps and that may be Amanda’s downfall. On the other hand Aaryn may only be playing for 2nd place. She knows no one but GM will vote for her in final 2. Everyone knows she is a puppet so they will not vote for her. The biggest travesty in this game would be Aaryn and GM in final 2. Candice may self evict from jury if that happens.

helen is smart???

Aaryn wants to vote out Spencer instead. Amanda just told Aaryn that Helen is next.
Aaryn: Helen, Amanda wants you out next, we should save Jessie and join forces.
Helen: you know, too soon, ok, you know first we need to evict a couple more people that would vote with me.

Yeah right

Helen: Let’s run that by Andy