Aaryn says it feels like an elephant stepped on both of my shoulders and took a sh*t on my face!

POV Holder: ? Next POV Aug 10th
POV Used ? POV Ceremony Aug 12th
HOH Winner: ANDY Next HOH: Aug 15th
Original Nominations:
Current Nominations:
Last Evicted Houseguest David, Nick, Jeremy, Kaitlin, Howard, Candice, JUDD
Have Nots Aaryn, Helen , GM, Elissa


CBS Interactive Inc.

8am Big Brother wakes up the House Guests.
When the live feeds return – In the havenot room Ellis says I don’t know why I volunteered to be a havenot because I we could do a havenot competition next week and I could be back in here.
Elissa and Ginamarie complain about it being too cold. Elissa says that she doesn’t think she slept at all. Helen, Elissa and Ginamarie all go back to sleep.
Up in the HOH room – Andy goes to the bathroom and then goes back to bed.

8:30am Big Brother says “I SAID IT’S TIME TO GET UP FOR THE DAY!!”

Up in the HOH room Andy props his heads up and appears to be deep in thought. In the havenot room Helen gets up and heads to the bathroom. Elissa says that was fun ..and I mean that in a totally not way. Elissa starts to head out of the havenot room and comments to Aaryn/Gina that everyone is up and dressed to impress. She says Spencer is dressed like he is going to a business meeting. Aaryn says it feels like an elephant stepped on both of my shoulders and then took a sh*t on my face! They start talking about Howard and how he didn’t like being called Howie because that’s what his ex used to call him during $ex. Aaryn says that Howard was so icky. He talked about $ex in an awkward way all the time. Amanda needs to run after the finale. Elissa says I can’t believe he said that?! Aaryn asks Elissa what her husband would do if he had said that to her. Elissa says that she thinks her husband would not be that nice to them. Elissa leaves the room. Aaryn says ugh I can’t believe I didn’t sleep, and my shoulders hurt from wearing lesbian pants.


8:45am – 8:55am Aaryn heads to the kitchen and says she does’t understand why it’s so important for them to get up. There’s literally nothing happening today. Elissa says can you imagine if Gina and Candice are in jury together. Aaryn says oh yeah that’s scary. Elissa asks I wonder what Judd is thinking right now. Aaryn says probably that he hates me. Elissa says it didn’t look like he was mad at you. Aaryn says wait till he has time to think about it. He probably wasn’t mad at me because I was right that he really was playing me. Elissa says I bet Candice hit the floor when she saw Judd. Aaryn says yeah. Aaryn and Elissa start making a sloppy breakfast. Spencer joins them.


9am In the kitchen – Aaryn says I bet the guy are all scared. UMMMm BYE! Elissa agrees. Aaryn says that a lot of the people that she thought were her friends really aren’t. Elissa says I don’t know what Judd’s deal was. Aaryn says he just played way to hard. Aaryn starts talking about how her and Kaitlin stopped being friends. Aaryn says then the stars aligned and karma prevailed in the Big Brother house.

9:10am – 9:20am Out in the backyard – Helen tells Spencer that she was the one that really pushed for Judd to go and that it helped me but also helped other get through the double eviction. She says that between you and me it was Jessie that was going to go if Judd hadn’t gone up. Spencer says that it was kind of sad to watch. Helen says I hope in some way I was able to repay the favour to you. Glad you’re here. Love you Spence. Judd is a nice guy he was just playing too hard. Helen talks about how Judd’s lies were what made her want Howard out which maybe she might not have. Andy joins them. Andy says no matter how much I distrusted Howard, I always wanted to keep you over him. Spencer says Howard acted bizarrely. They laugh about the POV competition last night and how Judd didn’t understand he need to grab the coloured nails. He was just grabbing any nails and freaking out how they didn’t fit. Spencer gets called to the diary room.


9:30pm – 10am In the backyard – Helen and McCrae are talking. Helen apologizes for Judd going home and says she knows they were friends. McCrae says that it’s okay I knew it had to be done. Helen says that it is better for him because now you don’t have to choose between Amanda and him near the end. McCrae says that he isn’t resentful at all. Helen says he is just really good at this game. McCrae says I knew it had to happen, it was part of my decision too. Helen says if you had said not to do it we would have respected that. McCrae says I don’t hold it against anyone. Helen tells McCrae that you’re smartest move was confessing about the moving company before everyone else. Andy joins them. They continue to talk about how the moving company. (The whole conversation is filled with McCrae saying UMm, You know and Like..) Andy starts working out on the elliptical. Andy asks so just in case I get a Pandora’s Box I should open it right? They all say yes. Helen says she keeps saying Big Brother should increase the prize size since everything else is bigger. Aaryn comments how she really wants to get a hosting job out of this. They talk about the past Pandora’s Box’s and when the reward/punishments were. Aaryn says that she is not going to tell Jessie about how him and I kissed. Andy asks really. Aaryn says yeah before the party. McCrae tells her to wait until you get in a fight with her – that will really cut her deep. Aaryn tells Spencer, Helen and Andy that Jessie made a deal with her since I saved her life that she would not come after me so if she does you all know that she is a bat sh*t crazy liar. Aaryn is convinced that one of the jury members will have a chance to come back into the game. Andy says did you hear Ginamarie when she asked me last night if she goes to the jury house and beats the sh*t out of Candice .. what would happen. Spencer laughs did you all read the rule book, what would happen? Aaryn says that reminds me I need to talk to the diary room about her situation.. Big Brother switches the feeds to inside the house.


Use the Big Brother Live Feeds to FLASHBACK to SEE what they can’t show you on TV:
BB15 N!p Sl!ps / N*des

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The smug look on Candice’s face when she saw Judd enter the Jury House with her must be incomparable to any other smug look thats been given in the history of all smug looks


are you sure they are in the jury house? i was hoping sequester for both, in case there’s another twist in the game. i’d love to see helen and amanda’s plans backfire.


I think you may be right about sequester. There were no goodbye messages for Candice. Too bad because I think gathering information at the jury house before re-entering the game is a brilliant twist; e.g. BBCan. Of course, we all know no one will be re-entering unless A-Man-Duh is evicted. Then there will be a sham of having “America” (aka AG) vote and she will miraculously be sent back in.

I don’t know why, but I just can’t seem to look away from this train wreck.

The Veto

I think the smug look on Topaz’s face when Alec was evicted after her in BBCAN’s second DE would be comparable.

The Veto

How would Aaryn know that Howard didn’t like to be called Howie because his ex called him Howie during $ex? Why would he tell her that and not Candice. Shouldn’t that be something that Candice should have known. it just goes to show what a shady and cowardly little dirtbag he is. And anyone who’s seen the BB15 Halem Shake video can attest to the fact that Howard is indeed a little creeper who likes to creep up on white girls. Maybe he did say what Amanda claims he did. Howard the Coward.

Done giving anymore time/ratings to BB on TV. Will catch it online where I can or be read updates from now on. I think the jury house will be 10x more entertaining than the B house. Wish I could watch that instead.


Don’t start that bullshit about about Howard and am and again, it’s already been debunked as a lie.


I don’t agree or care about The Vetos comment over all, but debunked? Did you watch the feed when Howard said the exact same phrase to Candice? It doesn’t make him a bad person, but the chances she came up with the exact phrasing he used 1 day later are astronomical. Timestamp Aug 1st 5:02am cameras 1-2. Perhaps you don’t get the feeds, so believe whatever nonsense is posted?


AMANDA IS ICKKY AMANDA had sex in the HOH bead and she was not even HoH . AMANDA IS ICKY .


Aaryn just trashed LESBIANS ha ha ha ha now she gonna have lesbians mad .

Ians Beer

Aaryn says ugh I can’t believe I didn’t sleep, and my shoulders hurt from wearing lesbian pants. WTH are lesbian pants??? I must be getting old and behind the times lol


More importantly, why would one’s shoulders hurt from wearing lesbian pants? Is she wearing them on her shoulders? I don’t get it….


Clearly, you’re not fluent in bigot. Basically anything Aaryn doesn’t like is gay in one fashion or another…


MY THOUGHTS EXACTLY! the f*ck are lesbian pants? and why would one’s shoulders hurt from wearing them…

Only Dr. Will Can Save Us Now

It’s too bad what Aaryn felt like didn’t actually happen.


i hope gm, jessie, spencer, aaryn, and andy all realize they are next in jury. maybe they will start playing their own games, instead of being led to the slaughter, while there’s still time left.

Mary had a little lamb

They won’t listen to me – only hypnosis would work at this point and even that’s a long shot.

New World Order

Well that explains Aaryn’s crappy attitude in life…


OMG, I bet Judd is pissed right now that Aaryn chose him as a replacement nominee. How suck doesn’t it?


Oh yeah, it will be much scarier if GinaMarie & Candice at the jury house.


I would love to see Candice whoop the hell out of GM stupid ass I will put money own it. Candice would hurt GM so bad when GM finally wakes up from getting her ass kicked coma GM will have at least a 6th education we all know her current level is between a1st and 2nd grade education level now. How sad is it when you cant spell and speak proper English you want to attack a person because the color of their skin and because she helped vote Nick from the house along with some other people


I’m not a violent person, but I would like to see Candice whoop Gutter Mouth’s a$$. And while she’s at it, I would hope she pulls those fake hair extensions out of her empty head!

Yo Brigade

*GM’s; *insert comma before “I’ll put money own it”; *on; *insert the word “that” between “hurt GM so bad” and “when GM…”; *insert the word “grade” between “6th” and “education”; *insert space between “a” and “1st”; *Sentence ordering is wacky, you should probably reword so it reads “How sad is it that someone can attack another person because of the color of their skin (as well as the fact she helped vote Nick out of the house) but they can’t even speak proper English or spell correctly?”

Don’t throw stones if you live in a glass house yo!


Judd and Candice’s conversation in the jury has is along the lines of:-

Candice: “I told you so. I was trying to save you. I was telling you that Amanda is onto you and has planned to get you out of the house. I was telling you to vote out Amanda because even if you keep her as you have planned, she will kick you out right after me. If you had listened to me you and I would be in the BB house and Amanda and someone else would be here. But because you ignored my warning, you let Amanda stay and she send you right out.”

Judd: “I wish I had listened to you. That was such a blindside” I don’t know what they told Aaryn.
Candice: “It was not a blindside. A blindside is when you have no clue. But since I told you Amanda wanted you out and you also already knew she was worried about you, then you cannot call it a blindside. You just did wanted to hang out with the “cool kids” so bad you would not listen to my voice of reason.

Judd: “I get it now. But it is too late. My shot at 500k is shuttered! I should have believed you and joined with Helen, Elissa, Jessie to vote out Amanda. Urgh!
Candice: Amanda will win it all thanks to people like you being such followers and not willing to take her out while she was on the block. Now no one will put her on the block…

This Is Judd's Brain

I think you’re giving Judd too much credit. More like:

Candice: “I told you so. I was trying to save you.”

Judd: “Whuhhh???”

Candice: “I was telling you that Amanda is onto you and has planned to get you out of the house.”

Judd: “Whuhhh???”

Candice: “Never mind…”


No! No! It’s like this…

Candice: Judd…why are you here? I was hoping they got Spencer out…he is so untrustworthy…THEY NEED TO GET SPENCER OUT!!!

Judd: I thought maybe it was Helen or Amanda running the house, but damn, they need to get the Bi%CH Jessie out…She ruined my game.

Candice: *Spencer sucks!*

Judd: *I miss Helen, Andy, and Amanda…I hate Jessie!*

I seriously hope they don’t vote these two back in…if Jessie does get voted out…I hope she gets back in…but who knows…I don’t even watch the show…I just come here for the updates and the comments…thanks everyone!!!


That sounds more like Judd the sheep


No Candice said I Told you so and Judd would be abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz


“I wonder who Andy is gonna nominate….the suspense is killing me!”

-says no one


does anyone remember when there used to be suspense and anticipation over who would be nominated? even more apprehension if the pov was used and a replacement nom was needed?

there was scheming, lying, backstabbing, betrayal of alliances…all of them missing this season, making for a very boring game.

after the pov comp, sunday and wednesday’s show are the only reasons to check in, unless there’s a fight or a house meeting. if production ever had the power to shake things up, now would be the time!


HaHa!!! I know right!?!?

the showoff

This comment has been the funniest/most exciting thing about this season so far.

Love the nerd herd part 2!!

-says no one


Aaryn says ugh I can’t believe I didn’t sleep, and my shoulders hurt from wearing lesbian pants.

WTF does that even mean…oh well, another one of Aaryn’s euphemisms.

She totally reminds me of one those Think before you speak. Don’t say “That’s So Gay.” commercials.

Bless her little heart….

The Truth

Here are my feelings on the remaining houseguests. At this point, I’m not sure who to even route for:

Amanda – maybe the most vile angry contestant to ever play Big Brother, but her game is light years ahead of everyone else. She fibs so much that she believes her own lies and could never come to grips with the fact that America put her up 2 weeks in a row because she is so funny. Deserves to win, but will anyone vote for her after comparing notes in the jury house?

McCrea – I wanted to like him, but he has demonstrated over and over again that he is as spineless as a jellyfish. Watching him the last week, I think that he is starting to hate Amanda, but has no other options but to stick with her at this point. I haven’t heard much talk recently about him moving to Florida lately.

Helen – Truly one of the most annoying creatures to ever be on TV. Can anyone really listen to her pep talks? She has taken phony to a new level, but hasn’t attacked anyone on a personal level (at least to their face) and probably has done enough to win in the end. My guess is she gets blindsided, because she just won’t believe that anyone could vote her out.

Aaryn – spoiled and immature and can not handle it if she isn’t the center of everything. Not afraid to sell out her biggest allies. I think she is playing a great game to get to the finale and lose. On another note, her ability to win challenges has me thinking about getting a prescription for Adderall.

Gina Marie – I don’t think she realizes that she is on a TV show with millions of people watching. Her attachment to a guy who was basically locked in a room with her for weeks and wouldn’t kiss her is truly disturbing and bordering on scary.

Elissa – She seems to be one of the cast members who can at least think for herself. Unfortunately, Helen has poisoned any game she may have. The more episodes on CBS that she barely appears in the more I like her.

Andy – so concerned with staying in the middle that all of his options are quickly disappearing. I don ‘t see him ever making a tough decision in the house and it will be difficult to win with this attitude. Maybe the biggest snake in the house, but great at covering his tracks. Sooner or later this will be his downfall.

Spencer – another person who doesn’t seem to understand he is on TV or not hanging out with his buddies after a hard days work at Union Pacific. Overall doesn’t seem like that bad of a guy, but he will probably have the biggest fall in the real world after this season is over

Jessie – Started playing the game a few weeks ago, but her her unlikable personality is not doing her any favors. She is a true underdog who could stick around for a little while because no one takes her seriously.

Lots of comments about worst season ever. I tend to disagree as I’m not sure anything could be worse then the felons from Big Brother 9.


Come on HG, WAKE UP! How do you think this will play out with Amanda and/or Helen calling the shots? Is she going to put herself up to be voted out “for the house”?

If I were on BB I would want to out with a good game under my belt and not a lame game like they are playing. Amanda is what they have created her to be and they could take her down very easily. Ugh!


This season BLOWS!! All but about three people this entire season are vile individuals. BB should’ve cleared the cast and started over after the first few episodes!! I have been a dedicated fan since the first season, but now I have to force myself to watch. And when I do, I’m put in a horrible mood because of the tacky, trashy people I endure for an hour! They are evil, selfish, juvenile and WEAK!! This season should be named Follow the Leader! This season sickens me. I don’t even give a crap who wins anymore.


You are so right.. I don’t think I have ever had a season where i dislike all the house guests and can not seem to find even one person i want to win. Though I can’t seem to stop watching it I can’t help but keep wondering what hppens next. we need to find great players like Dr. Will to get into the house and make it entertaining again. I think one of the problems with this season is everyone is so very paranoid over EVERYTHING they are taking all the fun out of the game and no one wants to be on the wrong side of the house. Never saw a season where the whole house is so united with their votes. Totally BORING


I feel like if nick was still in there he’d lead the revolution against Amanda


Nick’s mistake was creating an all male alliance. That was his downfall. He had to go. Going into BB, one needs both genders on your side.

The Fist of Goodness



Come on Steve, do you really think he could have lead a revolution with psycho GM as his albatross? He was only there 21 days and never even kissed her and she’s talking about their wedding and kids. He’s probably hired security and is going under ground before she gets out. How nuts do you think she’d be if he were still in the house?


Jackie Im going to sue you I just choke on my snack when I read your comment about Nick and GM psycho self LMFAO!!!


Candice: Hey Boo, Jessie and I told you were next to be evicted….

Judd: Yeah, I know. But I thought you said “elected” as in MVP in my drug induced Xanax haze….

Candice: Well look on the bright side, you won’t have to choose between Jessie and Aaryn now. (Dumb-ass!)

Judd: I didn’t even pack my bags. You think Jessie and Aaryn will pack them for me….

Candice: Well now, I wouldn’t hold my breath waiting for that to happen….(Really, dude you are one fry short of a happy meal)


Sociology, that was tooo funny!
Now, you know Candice knows how to keep it real in Candyland, LOL!

Sam I Am

Judd got exactly what he deserved for doing Jessie like that…. kissing her laying with her then going back to them fools saying I don’t like her im just playing her. Trusting Aaryn for what ever reason was stupid cause he didn’t realize she was only rubbing your stomach and flirting just to spite Jessie. He thought he had Jessie in a trans and Aaryn hanging in his back pocket. What pisses me off is when Julie ask who do you think is running the house he says Amanda and Helen…..

They all know this and they all seem fine with them running the house…. He had the chance to get Amanda but no he wanted out the big threat Candice,lmao!!!


So glad Aaryn is a Have Not this week.
So glad GM is a Have Not this week.

Still shock that Andy is HOH


Why Andy..only another puppet for Amanda and Helen.. This season is so predictable as Amanda states the target and all follow her. It is sad that Jesse or Spencer did not win HOH as that was the best shot for a move to be made without the direction of Helen and Amanda. It is not worth an hour if my time to watch any longer.. CBS ratings are bound to drop now!


Seriously GM. No one can unseat you as the queen of psycho & ignorance. I use to feel a little compassion for you, but your rudeness and how you play such a personal game makes you a bad player. In fact, worse than Daniel Murphree — and she was pretty delusional, but no way as horrible as you.

Only Dr. Will Can Save Us Now

Dream scenario: Aaryn wins HOH the week they do Pandora’s Box. She opens it and out steps Django. BOOM. No more Aaryn.


That would be hilarious!!!! No more Aaryn!!!!!


this made me laugh out loud. thank you for that!

Bring Back The GLASS BOX

Which one of your faces Aaryn??


Did you all notice that Spencer never said hello to “Marilyn” during his speech? He gave a shout out to his family and another female to do well in school, but no girlfriend. I think he might have slipped there and let us know she exists only in his mind… or in plastic form.


Sorry, this was meant for Only Dr. Will Can Save Us Now’s comment below. :)


Name, you hit the nail on the head! I heard no mention of Marilyn either. I’ll bet there is no Marilyn. But the plastic Marilyn may exist, and that had me ROFL!

Only Dr. Will Can Save Us Now

I love how Spencer thanks the rail company every time he makes his nominee speech… You’re thanking the people who called the cops on you and they can’t wait to get rid of you… SUCKER.

You So Funny

Took the words right outta my mouth.


Anyone get the feeling there will be offers for Jury members to come back? Julie made sure she said something about how they were in The Jury, but NOT out of the game. I don’t think she meant Jury is part of the game, it really isn’t. She was also very big on not revealing anything, but most things would be revealed when they watched the episodes in the Jury House? So to say certain things really didn’t matter, unless they will let the first 4 in Jury battle to come back, which sucks because the people left are the worst competitors this show has ever had. I mean give Jeff, Russell, Frank, Janelle, a chance to re-enter in their seasons and watch how hard they fight. Whose going to be excited to see Candice, GM, Jessie, or Spencer really return? No one! But still I can’t help but feel Julie was telling us there was one more twist involving evicted guest from here on. Anyone else get this impression?



Jury members move to a separate sequestered house, where they will ultimately decide who wins Big Brother 15. Because they remain sequestered, it’s also possible that one of the eliminated contestants will return to the house in some way.

I hope that helps….


No I understand that. But in prior seasons I have never heard her restrict saying things they will see on the tapes anyway. I have also never heard her say that they were still in the game. It just sounded like to me she was hinting at a twist. I did hear early on that players would compete to come back in, but I would have thought they’s sequester them all if that were the case, though Jury members might make for good TV.


Do you think that the powers that be (Julie Chen, perhaps) felt so sorry for what happened to Candice that they’ll bring her back later in the game so she can possibly win? I think they’ll feel as though that will correct the horrible treatment Candice received, and give her another chance to win. I think Julie truly felt for her during Candice’s exit interview.


Get rid of Aaryn- she does not deserve a penny for her previous comments and she is a strong player. She needs to be shot down off her high horse!


I made a comment last night about wanting Elissa to win and was told she’s also preselected to win, and though I don’t doubt it one bit, it’s EXPECTED. I’d rather Elissa win over Amanda because of how Amanda treats people. I’d prefer McCrae to win over Elissa, but at this rate, I don’t see it happening. Amanda will f*ck his game up royally, if she hasn’t already. He needs to strap his balls back on and get Amanda OUT.


I think a big part on Crae feeling like crap is that he realized he should have gotten Amanda out this week, with no blood on his hands. Now, someone will have to nominate her to her face and live with her the whole week, unless they BD her, which I think they will have to do. Either way, it’s not going to be as easy for him now. He messed up, and knows it now.


Evicted houseguests are still in the game:
I hope that while either either sequestered or in the jury house they all get a chance to compete for head of house hold, and nominate two ppl in the bb house. Only the evicted guests will get to play for pov… Julie would come on and tell them whats going on……..There would be nothing for the houseguests to do except turn on each other and cause all hell to break loose….


I cannot STAND when Aaryn says “UMMMM BAI!” in that obnoxious voice…which of course she stole from Amanda. Amanda and Aaryn’s relationship/friendship makes me want to PUKE.

You So Funny

If Aaryn wasn’t such a bigot, I’d probably be rooting for her, head-and-shoulders the best at competitions. Very very pretty on the outside, very very ugly on the inside, what a shame.

GM is a joke, what kind of person talks and acts like that, are most gerls from Staten Island like this? She’s an embarrassment not only to her family but everyone from the borough.

Amanda is a controlling crunt, there’s no way she has close friends and her family probably cringes before she visits on holidays.

Andy might be the smartest player at this point, everyone likes him and doesn’t consider him a threat or annoying.

If it wasn’t for her sister, Elissa would have been gone by week three, she doesn’t deserve to win because of the monstrous advantage she has over the non-celebrity affiliated contestants.

Helen has a good game going, everyone in the house looks up to her, too bad she’s annoying as heck.

Jessie has been a big surprise the past two weeks, initially figured she was a mindless bubblehead concerned more about a showmance but I’ve developed some respect for her game.

I’m on the fence with McCrae, just considered him Amanda’s puppet but it looks like he’s thinking about an escape plan.

How can someone who’s so well spoken in the DR talk so dumb everywhere else? That’s Spencer.


I don’t agree with the Elissa comment…the fact that her sister is Rachel made her a target in which she was nominated three time. She did not go home because she aligned herself with the right group of people that help to vote others out. Which in my opinion makes her great candidate to win BB.


I give Elissa some credit for not being a morally bankrupt person. She was catty with Amanda once, but for the most part hasn’t been attacking people in the house on a personal level. But she’s letting Helen string her along, and has been no more than a proxy vote for more than a month.


Amanda: ‘No matter what JUDD will vote for you in jury”
MC: “Ya yup”
A: ‘you will get more votes than any of these people”
MC: ‘I still need to make it there”
A: “you’ll make it there I promise you .. the only way you won’t make it is if someone puts you up with Andy” <—That is a few posts back (i've been catching up) I'm gonna keep saying it, Amandas end game is with Andy, not McCrae, Like after Andy won HOH Amanda told McCrae "This is perfect & They have to start acting like they are a little scared of being put up", ……….. right now Helen is on the feeds saying after BB she's gonna check into entering Beauty Pageants, She says after being around Candice & Aaryn & GM that's it's just something she really wants to do, she would have to work on herself a little" …………i can't……

big brotherhater of mcmandas

does anybody else think its biased to let aarin play while using mental inhancing drugs?


Candace needs to take out a restraining order against GM.

This Season Blows

“Evicted HG’s aren’t out of the game” = “Don’t even think about evicting Demanda or Rachelissa because they’ll come back immediately with special rigged powers.”

pretty trickster

I dont see how Amanda is worse than Evel Dick. He was a big jerk when he was in the house,. I look forward to seeing what you guys all think..

Jody H.

Evel Dick was a jerk, but he admitted it! You know what you got. Plus he backed it up by actually competing in the competitions. This cast is so lackluster

The Fist of Goodness

This seasons houseguests lack any real intestinal fortitude. They all just go along with the flow and vote out their allies and friends. Sad and boring. Someone please start making some bold moves and shake up the house. Put Amanda and Helen on the block and see what happens :).


Do you think Mr. Helen, when he sees his loving spouse on the television, throws up in his mouth a little like the rest of us?


Helen’s husband is supposedly a judge in Virginia (I think that’s where). He may be a little embarrassed about having his wife on a reality show like this one, but then again she’s using her maiden name, Kim, not her married name which I think is Fitzpatrick.


This season sucks…………. hey Simon and Dawg, you guys should try out for Big Brother Canada season 2!!


Ugh… I am usually ESTATIC and Excited whenever Big Brother came around every year… But I beleive…

(Worse than Season 9… Adam, after winning, was arrested, and charged by the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) for possession of 2,000 oxycodone pills with intent to distribute. He allegedly admitted funding his illegal venture with his $500,000 winnings from the show, and to buying and reselling oxycodone pills for several months. He faced a maximum of 20 years in prison and a $1 million fine. But enough with that…)

For Some reason,the horrible people seem to size control of the house every week and it’s just so annoying and hard to watch.
If Judd was smarter, he should have voted to get Amanda out giving the 4 votes needed to get out somone strong. He made the istake on pleasing the showmance and he left for that reason, caue the ‘House’ wanted him to go. This season is making me like how Danielle played in Season 13!

Big Brother 15:
House = Amanda / McCrea

They are doing so well cause they are like Will and Mike Boogie (not personality-wise). In season 7 Will and Mike made people fear them and barely no one had the balls to put them both on the block. And that’s why when it was too late, Chill town won. So technically, as much as I would hate this to happen, this obvious showmance are going to ge far :/ Fu** this season so far. GO JESSIE/ELISSA cause they actually have a brain :)

Butters Mom

I wonder what Aaryn meant about talking to the diary room about her situation? which situation?


I felt that Candice got a really raw deal on this show, the racist remarks were nasty and CBS should have penalized the fools that were saying them. That being said, while I thought she acquitted herself very well in her interview with Chen, she should have taken the high road during her eviction speech. However, as jaded as I am with this show, perhaps production is setting up Candice by creating an incendiary situation for her return to. As for Aaryn, I only wish an elephant shit on her face. Maybe she can get a job hosting at a restaurant-maybe.


How great would it be if Aaryn won another HOH and got Pandoras Box. Of course, she would no doubt use it. However, the twist would be her switching places with one of the evicted house guests! It would be great if it were Candice Now that would be Karma!


If you lock anyone in a house and record every second on every day on tape i’m sure everyone says things that they shouldn’t (including me). However, these people just don’t seem to realize they are being recorded. What GM said to Candice about her mom on the way out is one of the most disgusting, personal things i’ve heard. Forget big brother..im talking in life. She should be disqualified and not allowed any money. She is screwed up in the head with this nick obsession too… not normal. I hope she is gone next…if she gets paid a dime by CBS it is a crime.


Andy is the worst player ever. I can’t wait to see him cry. Aaryn made a really clever HOH move saying that she would get evicted if she didnt do what the house told her to do, because knew that Judd was not her on her side and Jessie would be loyal to her


Wow why is everyone so quick to victimize Candice. She played her parts in the verbal battles actually she more then started a few ( house meetings) so to say that she needs a restraining order against GM is a little much. That girl made her bed. As for Aaryn I have never held any real liking for her but really she’s young, stupid and had a lot of growing up to do. I actually think the house may be good for this one and her “beliefs” as I think she’s starting to see that her words hurt and if you notice she has calmed down past few weeks. Truly I think Candice and Jessie are bigger villains as they have a tendency to stir the pot then play the victim afterward. Look at what happened with Judd for example. Jessie had a meltdown with him that afternoon getting him to finally blow up, then ofcourse played the victim.. She did it to Candice the week prior crying to Helen about how Candice didn’t like her and wouldn’t let things go, mentioning wanting to send her home. The week prior Candice was BF’s with Amanda knowing full well Amanda was sending Howard home over her. Both these chicks have definetly been dubious to say the least.


for favourite house guest, dawg has more votes than gina….. wow