Big Brother 15 HOH and Have Not Results “Amanda’s strategic game is flawless” -Andy

POV Holder: ? Next POV Aug 10th
POV Used ? POV Ceremony Aug 12th
HOH Winner: ANDY Next HOH: Aug 15th
MVP: ?
Original Nominations:
Current Nominations:
Last Evicted Houseguest David, Nick, Jeremy, Kaitlin, Howard, Candice, JUDD
Have Nots Aaryn, Helen , GM, Elissa


10:04pm Amanda and MC She crying because she never wins any of the competitions.


10:05pm Have nots Helen an Amanda
Helen: “OK .. we are all here because of you OK you are amazing OK you are winning without having to win OK.. You are a champ OK”

Helen says if next week it comes down to her and Amanda She’ll throw the HOH to Amanda.

Amanda: “McCrae didn’t want to win he didn’t want the blood on his hands.. “
Andy joins them. Amanda tells Andy she’s so happy for him she doesn’t want him to think she is a sore loser she just really wanted to win something She’s the only person that hasn’t won anything in the house.
Andy: ‘Girl i was right there beside you until today” He says Amanda’s strategic game is flawless


Amanda leaves says she OK just feeling down because she wants to see her family. Helen starts jumping around congratulating Andy.. Helen starts talking about JUDD not wanting to give her and Elissa a hug after they blindsided him. Helen: ‘It;s so weird.. but lets not think about that lets think about this (Points at Andy) you are so amazing.. it’s America’s HOH” (It it was America’s HOH Helen and Amanda would be going up)

Andy tells them he’s going to be as fair as possible with deciding who gets to host the POV. Andy says it was very nice of Helen and Elissa volunteering being a havenots. Talk goes back to JUDD and how shocked he was when he went home. Andy jokes it would be funny if GM had gone right after Candice so they could have spent a week together in the Jury house.

Andy: ‘i knew she was going to keep it real”
Helen: “I did,’t think it was going to go to that level”


10:22pm MC and Amanda

He’s comforting her telling her Andy winning HOH is the best thing to happen to them. Andy will get all the blood on his hands and they get nothing. Plus is shows the house they are not good in competitions. She apologizes for freaking out on him earlier she just felt like a loser and really wanted to see images from her family. Amanda comments that it was Andy, McCrae and her in the HOH competition. MCCrea: ‘Once it came down to us three I didn’t care”


10:25pm Packing up JUDD’s stuff

10:28 pm bedroom Andy and Amanda
Amanda: “I’m going to separate myself from you .. I am so proud of you. “
They hug it out
Amanda: “We have to make sure Jessie goes home”
Andy says he is going to pull Spencer aside and tell him he’s going up as a pawn and if POV is used GM is the replacement nominee..
Nominations will be Spencer and Jessie. The target is Jessie if POV is used GM goes up (Exciting unpredictable Big Brother 15)


10:37pm have Nots Jessie and Aaryn

Aaryn: “What does it mean that the jury is still in the game cause that could be really bad for me..”
They go over some possibilities about what Julie could have met when she said the jury is still in the game. Aaryn says maybe the jury will get a vote or perhaps one of them get voted back in in a week.
Aaryn says everyone in the house has made bonds with someone else before they made bonds with her. Jessie says Aaryn has GM, ‘What about me.. you at least are informed”

Jessie says she would vote for Aaryn to win because Aaryn has won so many competitions. Jessie: ‘You just got out one of the best players in the game”
Aaryn: ‘The thing with JUDD i think he legitimately wanted to take me to final 2.. the fact I got him out not good for me good for them”
J: “you have GM.. she’s good at comps”
A: ‘She does crazy shit I don’t approve of”
J: ‘She hasn’t done anything that crazy”

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154 thoughts on “Big Brother 15 HOH and Have Not Results “Amanda’s strategic game is flawless” -Andy

  1. Omg please Andy change things up this week i know you won’t but it is the same thing every week why Jessie could you have not won that

    1. Hate her or love her Amanda is a puppet master and is siting pretty right now. The person I hate the most out of this garbage cast is Helen tho. Fuk she makes me sick.. I seriously LOATHE HER. Stupid bitch

      1. Helen’s the same with Amanda, but based on this double eviction she is actually a better puppet master than Amanda. For one she was able to control Arryn to nominate and evict Judd who is a pawn and loyalist of Amanda. This is Amanda’s first major blunder and may cost her the game, if Helen, GM, Elissa and Arryn form a final four deal they now control the house against Andy, Mc Crae, Amanda and Spencer.

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    3. OMG, Helen is one big old lying piece of garbage. Didn’t know I could dislike someone as much as Amanda but hey Helen is a close second. She forces Aaryn to put up Judd then pretends to be sad. LIAR and BIGOT!! Hope she goes soon! She would as soon as slit your throat while she is consoling you. I would much rather someone tell me that do not like me to my face than do what Helen does. She could be Helen The Ripper!!

  2. wow andy won something… so I guess jessie and spencer are going up AGAIN….officially the lamest season of BB ever

  3. the things to root for this week:
    – gm getting kicked out
    – jess staying
    – helen trying to tell andy to go after mcmandys, while demanda tells him to go after helen/elissa. which leads to fireworks finding out which he listened to

    1. Although I utterly despise GM, her being evicted is going to be a nightmare for Candice in the jury house. I am pretty sure that Judd and GM will gang up on Candice.

      1. nightmare? no cameras rolling now in jury. if gm tries her shit, candice will put her in her place then. in fact, might be best thing for her.

  4. Oh for F*CKS sake, sit down Helen!! And ugh, that’s about all I can muster in regards to Andy’s HOH. His head will be shoved so far up Amanda’s ass once again…

    1. I feel your pain, brother. Andy was just explaining to Spencer before the HOH comp that there were three couples and that him and Spencer and Jessie had to stick together. Now that he’s in control, he will put up both of them because he’ll take the easy route.

      No one in this house has any balls to evict any of the top tier of their alliance!


  5. holy crap same people in power … AMANDA WANTS JESSIE gone but they should send gina jury … THE only person who will out andy and be 1000 % honest with him being a messenger , gossiper would be ZZZZZIIIINNNNGGGG BOT … THATs the only person who can give the house guest a wake up call …

  6. Glad Andy is HOH this week! People will finally see that he is not to be trusted. He was telling Jessie and Spencer to stick with him prior to the HOH competition. Helen and Elissa think they are good with him. GM thinks Andy can be trusted. The only ones safe are Aaryn, Amanda, and MC.

    1. I wonder if he won’t take this opportunity to get rid of Helen (as per Amanda’s approval). It is a long time until Thursday and a lot (of boring shit I’ll admit) can happen. Maybe I’m just hopeful because I want Helen gone so bad.

  7. Andy HOH….and Jessie is already all over him like a giant hemorroid!
    Ha, she thinks he is finally going to be her “person” that will help her take
    over the world. Andy already said he would play nice with her to keep track
    of her schemes….LOL.

    Sorry I know y’all love her, but she just has no skill for BB schemeing.

    On another note, Helen the Horrendous is SO HAPPY FOR ANDY!!!!!! YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Please let something crazy happen and let Helen get backdoored this week!!!

    1. Andy is a big rat, but no one in the house is smart enough to figure it out. No wonder why these sheeple are going down like flies.

      1. Do not lose hope people.

        This week could see MC turn on Amanda. He is NOT happy about JUDD being gone.
        If anything gets him to flip this will be it.
        Then again, maybe not. Him and Andy think JUDD could be voted back in by America,
        so he may have his hopes set on that and stick with Amanda.

        OK, now, I am about to flip myself.
        I like Amanda. I like to watch her, I think she is amazing at game.
        YES she has said and done some horrid shit, I get it, I still wanted her to stay
        for the viewing pleasure.
        That being said, if for some reason JUDD could be brought back at her expense, I am
        on board. This is the first time I felt genuinly sad when an HG was evicted.
        JUDD was loyal, and he looked like a kicked puppy sitting on that couch.
        MC and Andy crying about him being gone is killing me (and it is real, you can see it).
        He deserves another shot.

        Not to mention Simon , Dawg and the rest of us were finally getting fluent in “JUDD mumbles”,
        hate to waste all that education.

        1. OriginalNoName, I agree with everything you said. Was a good message but there is one thing I think I have to add and that is, yes, MC was sad JUDD left but it also scared the shit out of him. He now sees how effective a blindside can be and he’s smart enough to know that can happen to anyone. And, yes, I’ve always wanted Amanda to stay because, honestly, she is the best player there (although she might have shot herself in the foot insisting JUDD was MVP). I don’t want to be friends with these people, or model my behavior after them, or anything else on a personal level but what I do want is to see people play the damn game and that is what Amanda has done all along. I don’t have to like her (and I don’t) BUT I want a gamer in the game.

  8. *deep breath* *smh*…here’s to another unfortunate and predictable week. The only chance for drama is if Candice comes back into the house via pandora’s box,wins HOH, and puts Amanda/Helen/Aaryn on the block. These three have lots of dirty details on one another so seeing them throw each other under the bus will be glorious. Oh but if wishes could be horses…

  9. Andy winning will definitely show his allegiance to what group he is on this week. Jessie and Spencer will unexpectedly go up and GM will be the replacement nominee, I’m just hoping that during this Have Not time with Arryn/GM and Helen/Elissa they would start a final four alliance between them with Jessie as a fifth and kick off the goof troop. This week will be predictable but the fallout for this is exciting. :D

  10. I think there is more hate on the message boards and comment section than there is in the house and that’s saying a lot. Sometimes you just gotta take a step back and watch the show and, in Judd’s words STFU. Or stop watching like everyone says they are gonna do anyways.

      1. It just seems ironic that everyone here is hating on the hate going on in the house when it’s just as bad, if not worse, on here. I’m just a fool for looking for a positive message every now and then.

        1. yeah don’t try and be positive here unfortunately. These people have lost it and are getting as ugly as th hgs. They are Not gonna stop until everyone they hate in the house is dead, imprisoned or this show gets cancelled.

    1. Well, it’s a comment section where one can rant or rave about the show. If you don’t like the comments here then don’t read them. No one has time for you policing how people should comment.

  11. Blah blah blah the season is getting worse and worse!! Bunch of followers! Andy hoh!!! Can’t be life! Amanda Helen Andy Aaryn must know the producers personally!

  12. What a child Amanda is — I’m sure McRae is having visions of year after year of her non-stop mouth whining and blaming and avoiding any responsibility for her actions — I can’t stand her voice anymore, she’s such a psycho-baby.

  13. Amanda is whining that she doesn’t win any competitions, but hasn’t she noticed her sheep is winning her $500,000? That’s WINNING!!!!!!!!!!

  14. Thanks so much for sharing the link where we could watch the show tonight. We are Time Warner customers and haven’t had CBS for almost a week now! We loved the Canadian commercials. :) Some of them were SO different! Also, if you are bored with Helen’s “OK’s and You know’s”, try counting Andy’s “likes”. I swear he uses five in one sentence. It starts to sound like this: “Like, it’s not like I like LIKE her, like, you know? Like, eww.”

    1. I got TWC and I got CBS, just not Showtime/TMC and whatever other challenge CBS owns.

      I’d rather not be able to watch BB and be able to watch Dexter, it’s the last season.

  15. Andy brags about how he isn’t afraid of making big moves. Andy, please. Make this HOH mean something. Don’t waste it on Jessie or Spencer.

    1. Please, we all know he’s going to do absolutely nothing. And then the entire “house” will vote in unison on one person like every single week so far.

    2. I would love that If he would have the balls to put up helen and Efuckya (elissa) And let the two HOS fight it out the back stabbing would be a riot and worth the whole season.!!! Oh please santa claus!! Ive been watching that has to be worth something

  16. To be honest Helen is a smart game player. For HER game keeping someone like Amanda for temporary is smart. I noticed she is following the getting out the guys strategy! If you think about it…If Amanda left this week…the guys seemed to mightve worked together!!! Spencer and Judd were close. MCrae and Andy were too. Basically Helen is eliminating her future threats….especially without Amanda’s minions….she is NOBODY!

    1. You are so right. Think about it she will be left with Amanda and Elisa, no jury is going to give Rachel’s sister another 500K and no one likes Amanda and at that point she will be at their mercy not the other way round. Candice, Judd Jessie Aaryn, Spencer and even GM having nothing against Helen, but they will all feel used by Amanda when they are on the other side. Everyone who leaves the house goes feeling done by Amanda and not so much by Helen.

    2. Helen in all her game play she needs not get rid of GM otherwise a final 2 or 3 with GM could ruin her plan. GM only has to worry abt Candice vote and may be Elissa and Jessie other than that her comics gives her a soft spot with every other jury. Ideal she needs a final 3 deal with Elissa and Amanda and she will win the money.

    3. Unfortunately for Helen, Amanda is much smarter then her and will have her gone within the next couple of weeks so this scenario doesn’t happen.

    4. omg… shut up Helen!!! she never stops ass kissing, EVER!! You are so amazing, you are so great, America loves you, you’re just like Janelle… If I were HOH I would put her ass up just to shut her up. Of course, even after eviction she’d probably be kissing HOH’s ass as she’s walking out the door. You had to do it, you are so awesome, such a strong power player. Just leave Helen!!

  17. I’m not watching this week, it will be to predictable.(Andy nominates Jess and Gm, if one of them wins pov a pawn goes up and the other goes home).

  18. Andy is HOH= another boring week of watching sheep do nothing!! I’m taking my summer back, I watched my last show tonight. 15 seasons to end like this!

  19. The only question about Andy’s HOH tenure will be if it goes to his head as much as it did Helens. I don’t know what he’ll do now that people will be coming to his room. Will he leave his own HOH room so he can “POP IN” on his own room and see what everybody is talking about ??

  20. Julie went out of her way to reassure Candace, not once but even as much as three times, to let her know that JUST HER JURY TIME IN THE JURY HOUSE
    may not be the only thing that would happen to her. But, when Julie was with Judd, she did not give him any kind of hint even once. Very, very odd.

    This kicks in my imagination and wishful/hopeful feelings that they are going to put Candace back into the house once those two clueless girls are evicted to the jury house.

    Poetic justic would insist that Candice be allowed to re-enter house to play for $500,000 without being constantly harrassed by the ones to not be named.
    Woohoo she would then leave, even if not a winner, the BB experience after finally being able to participate as a normal houseguest. Hopefully easing some of her bad experiences earlier in the show with much happier memories.!!!!

    Anyone else think this idea has merit????? ????

    1. Worst. Idea. Ever. She was terrible at the game. She expected Howard to get her farther in the game and laid in bed all week this last week. She wasa waste of a player this year.

    2. Vote or comment please. I really hope this does not sound so farfetched.
      Simon or Dawg? Ur opinion pls.


    3. Judd’s interview with Julie was very rushed, if they had more time, she would have told him.

      With that said, I hope Candice comes back, the mindfuck the HGs will experience will be awesome to watch!

    1. He does have a pair it’s just that one is in Amanda’s mouth and the other one is in McCrae’s and then Helen massages both of them which makes it kind of awkard for Amanda and McCrae lol.

  21. Who would thunk Andy wins HOH. If Andy has any sense he would nominate Aaryn and Gina Marie.

    Amanda is a selfish individual. Talk about someone having their own pity party. Cying and being a drama queen because she can’t win anything. Boo fricken Hoo!!!!

    McCrae is looking to distance himself from Amanda after they back-doored Judd (per convo with Spencer). Pizza boy is having an epiphany finally.

  22. Amanda, whining and crying about not winning HOH, seriously?!?!? And they call Jessie a whiner… And then everyone trying to give Amanda a pep talk — “You’ll win next week. It will be your time next week.” Disgusting to hear — I actually muted the feed. :) On a side note, McCrae seems beside himself with maintaining this relationship — I bet he didn’t realize how emotionally needy Amanda truly is when this began… On another side note, I hope Jessie makes it through this week. She’ll have to fight and scratch to do it, since Amanda has already given the edict to her minions that Jessie needs to go.

    1. I’m assuming you needed to tell someone your awesome news and I know I am so glad you told me ! I support your decision ! Have a good rest of the summer :)

  23. Amanda already running HOH to send Jesse home. This season is the worst … please get out Amanda a true treat!! I mostly likely will not each anymore..

  24. Am I the only one that misses the MVP? I liked helping to nominate Amanda just to see her freak out. I liked nominating Elissa for MVP to help her with the mean tricks in the house. I wouldn’t mind sending a message to them this week if I could. Maybe Jessie needs a little boost. Ellisa and Jessie are the only two left in the house that I want to vote for. (for MVP)

  25. I look forward to when we get down to the final 3 house guests, and the last HOH winner doesn’t want to evict someone to go to final 2 because they don’t want any blood on their hands.

  26. And now Helen is the chef trying to explain to the racist princess what is like to be a have not. Aryan is laughing but going along with it and Helen is so serious. Too funny.

    1. I actually think that Aaryn is taking it really well and not complaining at all. Sorry, but wth Amanda, Spencer, Helen and GM disgusting me; Aaryn has just become an afterthought.

    1. Well that would make Amanda a succubus, sans the beauty. A demoness from Hell whose sole purpose is to drain the souls of men by having sex with them while they are asleep.

    2. You got that right. McCrack look like Charles Manson. Or a Crack or Meth addict. The dude look bad.
      Amanda was worried about Jessie after him. She better watch out for Andy if he see him in that clown suit. Lol lol
      And I thought Micheal Jackson look bad. WOW

  27. Is it just me or is this cast really dumb? I have heard each and every house guest acknowledge how big of a threat Amanada is, yet they refused to evict her this week and opted to evict Candice, someone who wasn’t very good at the game. And what’s worse is Helen actually said that she’ll vote out Amanda when the house wanted it??! I have only started watching bb since season 12 and I never seen the game played so sheepish, at least to the degree this cast is playing it. It is absolutely ridiculous and is making for awful entertainment thus-far. I’ve actually had to force myself through many episodes due to the boredom.

    Btw, any Canadians going to try out for BB Canada? I am really considering it because now is the best time to try out; as the show progresses on, it’s bound to get more popular and casting will therefore be VERY competitive, more than it is now.

    1. Oh, and does anyone have any suggestions as to how to make one’s application more appealing for the casting team?

  28. As soon as Judd went off on Jesse prematurely, Helen was like a cobra — whack! — another penis out of the house. She is so smoothly phony, no one sees she is playing ALL of them. Judd was on the scent of that one, and so he had to go. I wouldn’t be surprised if she knowingly brought him into that room to walk into his sword. Smart passive-aggressive floater assassin.

  29. Oh my god Andy and McCrae fu**ing crying over voting out Judd. Were the 3 of them secret lovers or something. With the way Judd treated Jessie and now them crying over him leaving makes you wonder?

    1. Please — Jesse was the idiot who fancied SHE was playing HIM — whoring out her lips and who knows what else and bragging to her alliance about it. I thought she got what she deserved. And Amanda’s paranoia about him being MVP all of it played into Helen and Elissa’a hands, and once they get home and watch all the footage, most of them will regret Judd’s eviction more than any up to this point. Unless someone flips things soon, this may have been the week that locked up the game for Helen.

      1. Well let’s see if I remember correctly he said he was using her too, he was just way more cruel about it and if you condone the way he talked to her then I guess you and “lefty” are a very happy couple then aren’t you.

    1. Adderal has a different effect on someone who actually NEEDS IT for ADHD and for someone who doesnt. Amanda probably really NEEDS IT. .. therefore it actually calms her and makes her focus better but also makes her tired…. Aaryn however always seems awake… so she probably doesnt really need it and its making her hyper, more awake and focus better… it is definitely helping both Amanda and Aaryn with comps… because Amanda would probably be not focused at all if she didnt have it but with Aaryn… its giving her a super boost.

      1. Thanks for the insight because I don’t know anything about Adderall but I’ve been reading the comments about how it affects Aaryn

        1. AAaryn has ADHD: AMANDA DOES NOT!!! Amanda is just a lazy piece of crap at competitions. Do not think she could beat her way out of paper bag. Amanda takes it for weight loss which is not really what Aderall was designed to be used for; Aaryn actually has ADHD you can tell because of how socially awkward she is and has a legitimate need for the drug.

      2. WTF, are you drinking? Amanda takes it for weight; guess she does not know how to diet or work out; whereas Aaryn has ADHD which is a legitimate need for the drug. Amanda just sucks period!

  30. its funny, andy has been complaining about not getting called to the DR and feeling like he has a “part” on this show…i wonder if he’s trying to get some showtime. also…i wonder if he’s going to be running all over the house with this power. he may stay super super tight lip. (i bet)

  31. Aaryn’s letter said “Show the house how much of a lady she is”

    Guess she still has some “showing” to do eh?

  32. I’m sitting here watching BBAD and seeing Andy the Rat and McPizza crying (literally) about evicting JUDD. They say he was a true friend. Wonder how Stalin convinced them to believe JUDD was MVP these last two weeks. BYW, Helen is really human trash to be nice to people’s faces and listen to racist and sexist comments, the cut their throats. She does work for Democrats in real life so she has plenty of practice.

  33. Simon,

    Your favorite player poll is kind of like voting for your favorite plague. I chose ‘no one’ I guess, since ‘I wanna poke my left eye out’ is not an option.

  34. For Simon I dont know whether you watch the live show or not but the real reason I dislike Helen so much more than Amanda is that when they blindsided JuDD you could see everyone including Amanda in tears throughout the moment he went on the block until after he was evicted. This is when Helen is dancing and singing telling Aryan she is Janelle and everyone owes Aryan now.

    I mean at least Amanda knows she is a controlling bit** but showing that emotion does not make me like her more but neither dislike her.

    Helen is a delusional “I do not know how to describe her” ?

    I truly believe if Jessie goes home this week the game is McCray’s to lose.

    Amanda, Aryan, and Helen will eventually go as McCray takes Spencer, GM, or Andy to the finals..

    Maybe Andy wins?

    I will not bit** about never watching BB again because I love it but this was a lost season just like BB13

    1. Helen’s been my least favorite since she got the HOH. She’s good in certain aspect of the game not going to knock that Still I find her personality unappealing.

      BB13 and BB15 are identical except this one doesn’t have the tsunami of cat people to deal with.

    2. Beware Helen — she’s like Nurse Ratched in Cuckoo’s Nest. She orchestrated Judd’s eviction. She did this for 2 reasons — 1) he was getting wise to the lies and manipulations she was spinning through the house & 2) She said quite early she wants all the guys out first and she has orchestrated that. Beware she doesn’t twist the week so that Spencer goes up as a “pawn” then she gets him out, then it’s just McRae and Andy left. She’ll keep GM & Jessie because they’re dumber than a bag of rocks and can be “suggested” things that they will repeat as truths they’ve witnessed. She will win this game if she isn’t flipped on and put out in the next 2 weeks.

  35. Because AMANDA is feeling insecure about herself bc she can not win anything…. and bc Aaryn has won 3 HOH’s now…. JUST WATCH… Amanda will now turn on Aaryn and convince Andy she is too big of a threat… (even though she did Amanda’s dirty work), and Aaryn will be the next to go. CERTAIN OF IT! (unless she pulls out a POV) Im thinking Jessie and Aaryn will be on the block together.

  36. i feel so bad for judd and even more for mccrae. he is so sad, i think he’s worried about this ruin his game. you can do this mccrae!!

  37. The only thing funnier than the way dudd went out, completely clueless, is watching these bitches cry over him!!!

    He was a total misogynist, calling women cunts/whores/bitches/sluts, and then telling jessie she is the worst person in the world and he was just playing her. It was beautiful to watch him go out like that.

    1. I liked Judd up until the first fight between him and Jessie which lead to her and Amanda having that huge blowout. After that I’m not sure what happened to him but I could not stand the Judd that took over , he basically spit in Jessie’s face when she only had his back and tried and tried to warn him about Amanda but no all she got was disrespect, and before anybody says she was using him too, I think it was totally real up until that first fight and then she was iffy about him. After was 50/50 if you are using someone you’re not going to have those goofy smiles plastered all over your face. Now I won’t say that I’m not a little sad that Judd is gone because I am, I wish he could have left on better terms with Jessie and Elissa, at least Elissa got a hug, poor Jessie got nothing not even a goodbye. I hope he gets to return to the house but only after he has seen all the footage, so that he can go in full prepared to take down Satan formerly know as Amanda.

  38. Can we stop with the Helen works for democrats. She is actually a Republican Consultant. Not that that has anything to do with her actions in the house. Just thought I would try and at least keep this somewhat a fact based place.

    Helen Kim
    Age: 37
    Hometown: Falls Church, Va.
    Occupation: Political Consultant
    Marital Status: Married mom
    No one will want to hear that the Chicago-based Kim is a political lobbyist — or that she’s married to a judge — so she “plans to lie and play it a little scatterbrained” in the BB house. “I’m really good at persuasion and negotiation but I’m going to stay the hell away from politics,” says Kim, who has worked the campaigns of several congressmen, including Republican Jerry Weller of Illinois. “I plan to play up the fact that I’m a mother of two because, well, everyone likes moms, right?” She often feels alone in her intense devotion to BB. Sighs Kim: “No one in my universe watches the show.”

    1. WATCH the show because she admitted to Elissa that she lied about that and that in fact she is a LOBBYIST! Need I say more?

    2. grandmaster,

      It took a lot of digging but I found out you are entirely correct in what you posted. Helen did work on that Republican’s campaign. I apologize for not doing more homework because I did see someone with her name who works for progressives in Chicago. God help us conservatives if she thinks she is playing a honest game.

    1. He should have voted for him to stay. Sick and tired of every body voting the way the house(Amanda and Helen) wants. Bring back the old BB days when people went against the house and made big moves

  39. I think McCrae realizes he doesnt want to be associated with Amanda and she is going to cost him his game at this point. He went against his own inner voice and voted out Judd because Amanda made him do it…. and he knows it was wrong for HIS game. He is ready to cut her loose. YET STUCK with her… and she will beat him in the end if he doesnt get rid of her. …. please let him grow a pair QUICK!

  40. zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz Jessie and Spencer on the block boring…..Andy will serve his queen Amanda. I have never seen such scared houseguests to not go against the house aka Amanda. I mean does anyone have the balls to put her up seriously or Helen. Hahaha I think normally McCrae would be right about being scared of Amanda’s behavior of bullying people but these people are like sheep and so dumb they don’t even notice Amanda pulling all there strings. As for Andy biggest rat(like Shelly from season’s past) but again I don’t think these houseguests know how to play the game because none of them have noticed. How lame these houseguests are just hand the check to Helen or Amanda now! I don’t think they understand numbers or something Amanda and Helen and McCrae are 2 people if u band together u won’t have to do what the house wants(Helen, Amanda and McCrae) soooo lame!

  41. Man why won’t these HG’s get rid of GM, Aaryn, & Amanda? They are discriminating racist bullies. Many of their evil words were targeted towards Helen as well but she just doesn’t know about the evil remarks yet. So why are people hating on Helen. When you hate on Helen, Candice, & Howard, it’s as if people are condoning the racism, discrimination, & bullying targeted towards them. Please don’t join in with the racist trio (GM, Aaryn, Amanda). I hope Candice comes back with a crap-load of power against the trio. Who here wants Andy to put up 2 of the #Racist TRIO? I do! But the HG’s are chickens & now Aayryn is going to keep winning comp’s along with GM, so the mean girls have made it to jury & maybe even to the finale. With these 3 girls on jury, Helen, Candice(if she comes back), & Andy will never have any chance at winning because they are not white & they are not heterosexual. I wish these exit interviews took place after the evictees get to see all the feedback/feeds, so that they can answer the questions with more insight because all they keep doing is avoiding taking any responsibility for racist/discriminatory comments they’ve made, so when you search their interviews online, you never see them apologize & take ownership for bad behavior. Can you imagine what Howard’s, Kaitlin, or Jeremy’s interview would have been like if they got to see the live feeds before their interviews? Anyways hope Helen, Elissa & Jessie, & Andy form the alliance of integrity & finally play the game rather than enter the dark side of the TRIO.

  42. I have not given up hope yet. There is no way that CBS is going to let this season be so boring and predictable. I expect some sort of major twist soon.

  43. Worst season BB. Aaryn is playing the best game considering the dire situation she was previously in a few weeks ago. She’s now fully trusted by Amanda and McCrae so once Jessie and Spencer are voted out, all three of them with the help of GM will go after Andy, Helen and Elissa.

  44. I am trying to understand Helen’s weird dead pan expression in the DR and when evicting Judd, then bursting into I vote to evict….Judd while she smiles and holds both hands in the air. She is weird. I hope she doesn’t win. I still have hope for Jess.

  45. McCrae is sad because his biggest allie after Amanda was Judd. Getting Judd out was I guess good for Helen and Amanda’s game(in there eyes) but not for his because if Amanda gets evicted ever(I say this because maybe she will never be evicted because of the other HG’s stupidity) McCrae had Judd. I think McCrae is playing a smart game, way smarter than Amanda, he’s very low key and to me seems like a better nicer person. I wouldn’t mind him winning but please dump Amanda.

  46. They called Andy to the DR to let him know his HOH room is ready.

    I thought it was funny when Spencer told him they called Amanda to the DR to ask her what the redhead guy’s name is!

  47. This season is so boring. No one has balls. Amanda is a bitch but ruling the roost. She would be great to watch with other strong players. I do love to see her cry. McCrea should turn on her, that would be great. There is no other way for him to win.

  48. Honestly, the screen grab above of Ginamarie packing up Judd’s stuff makes me laugh. She seriously has no idea that some of those shirts are really Nick’s! Oh, the irony! She’s giving up probable prized possessions for her Nick Shrine without even knowing it! Too funny! :)

  49. Before you decide to take an attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder treatment drug, such as Adderall, contact KKK to consider its common side effects including:

    • Lack of appetite for beautiful black girls.
    • Headache due to lack of compassion for others
    • Inability to fall asleep & stay asleep in the same bed with Black men (name Howard)
    • Dry foul Mouth that spit out racist comments
    • Admandainal l Pain and racial Andyal Discomfort
    • Weight Gain in the lips.
    . Blurry or double vision when looking at skin not white.
    .Mood swings that include hostility and severe aggression toward anyone not a member of the KKK.
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    While most Racist can tolerate low dosages of Adderall prescription medicine with minimal problems, there are some dangerous or hazardous side effects you should discuss with KKK and CBS before entering the Big Brother House.

    1. Enough with the race BS, we get it. That’s what’s wrong with everything these days, everyone just wants to fuel the fire.


  51. I am assuming that your attempt at being witty with this post is a stab at Aaryn. While I am not a fan of Aaryn’s comments about having ‘squinty eyes’ or telling Helen to ‘go make some rice’, I would like to suggest you back up your claims that she has said anything negative about Candice or Howard regarding their ethnicity or color (if you like). I anticipate your reply.

  52. Karma is a b* tch, Judd saved Aaryn over Kaitlin .
    How fitting is it ,that it was Aaryn that Voted dumbass out :)

  53. Ok Andy, now is your chance. You’ve been bitching about not getting any Diary Room time since the beginning. I bet if you nominate Amanda you would get all the Diary Room time you want. Come on SOMEONE please make a move. Season started out pretty good, but now it’s a total yawn fest. At least I had an MVP vote the last couple of weeks, but now even that is over. Ugh, and I thought last season was the most boring season ever. Is it possible this one will be even worse?

  54. what I think is amusing is that Helen thinks she made the ‘big move’ of getting judd out and is thrilled about it, when in fact it was Amanda who started the Judd bashing and is sitting pretty in his good graces cause he thinks it was Helen and Elissa who blindsides him. This is what this wholes season has consisted of. Amanda scheming, Helen thinking she’s scheming, she’s getting her hands dirty and is happy about it meanwhile it is al Amanda’s puppeteering … you got to laugh that none of them have a real clue.

    haha the crap they’re saying about judd, poor guy, he didn’t lie anymore than anyone else.. he prob did the least amount of it

    Go Jessie? Elissa? — ugh they are only half awake and getting it.

    blah blah, boring season and upsetting in terms of casting

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