Gina says and who looks like the psycho now, not me! Candice does! How you like them apples?!

POV Holder: ? Next POV Aug 10th
POV Used ? POV Ceremony Aug 12th
HOH Winner: ANDY Next HOH: Aug 15th
Original Nominations:
Current Nominations:
Last Evicted Houseguest David, Nick, Jeremy, Kaitlin, Howard, Candice, JUDD
Have Nots Aaryn, Helen , GM, Elissa

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1:15am Aaryn and Ginamarie are sitting around the hot tub with their feet in the water. Aaryn says that she didn’t see that coming. Gina says I know, no one did. Aaryn says I know he (Judd) was playing me, he was playing nice with everyone just in case the wind blew. Aaryn says that all the power moves that were made have been mine and I’m scared. Gina says yeah, don’t worry you’ve got me and I’ve got you. It’s just the people that were trying to switch things are going home. Aaryn heads inside to change into her bikini. Jessie heads inside as well to change and they come back out to get into the hot tub. Aaryn and Jessie talk in the Hot Tub. Aaryn says we survived making it to jury. We’re guaranteed $13,000 but after taxes it will be like 6,500. Aaryn says I can’t believe they (Candice & Judd) are in jury. Ginamarie comes over to put her feet in the hot tub. They talk about Pandora’s Box and Aaryn tells Andy that if he gets it he has to open it or she will evict him next week. Jessie and Ginamarie discuss how Candice and her got into it during the Candice’s eviction speech. Jessie points out that Candice felt she had to sit there and be quiet during the nomination speech. Gina says yeah she could have said something then, there are no rules you need to be quiet. Gina talks about Candice’s comment about her living with her parents. Gina say yeah I broke up with my fiancé and lost my house. Gina says and who looks like the psycho now, not me! She does! And I put her up there on the block! And see the f**king key, I put you up there! How you like them apples! And I told her to get to stepping! Don’t let the door hit you on the way out. Aayrn says that Candice said she respects everyone but me and you.

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2am McCrae, Jessie, Amanda, Spencer, Ginamarie and Andy are all sitting on the backyard couch talking about random things like past seasons of Big Brother. Andy jokes and says so Helen, Elissa and Aaryn all went to bed early. That’s a slap in the face and so they are on my radar this morning. They talk about how the nomination ceremony will be later in the afternoon. Andy laughs that his meetings with people will go pretty fast because I am not meeting with Spencer. Spencer says oh sh*t. Spencer brings up Kaysar Ridha from Big Brother 6. He says that he thinks they put a likable Muslim in the house because of everything going on at the time. I don’t mean that to sound bad but you know what I mean.
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2:35am Elissa and Amanda are in the bedroom laughing and talking about Candice’s keeping it real with Candi moment in the speech. Amanda asks if Elissa knew that Candice was going to do that during her eviction speech. Elissa says kind of. She was asking me if her words were fitting. Like if the word defamatory was the right word to use. Elissa says can you image Candice and Gina in the jury house together?! They laugh. Elissa says she is hilarious. Amanda agrees and says she was keeping it real, keeping it real with Candi! They both laugh. Elissa heads to the bathroom. Elissa and Jessie talk. Jessie asks if she thinks Helen has enough influence with Andy? Elissa says that she thinks Andy will do what the majority of the house wants. Jessie says she thinks she will be going up on the block again. FOR THE FOUTH F**KING TIME! Elissa tells Jessie she should start campaigning to stay then. Jessie and Elissa talk about how everyone needs to push for Spencer and Ginamarie to go up on the block. Jessie says that he should put up the last showmance in the house. Elissa says that she would be surprised if Andy would do that. I don’t think there is any way Andy would do that though. Helen joins them. Jessie says if I go up against Ginamarie or Spencer then I will go home. Jessie says that she doesn’t think Andy will make a power move like putting up Amanda and McCrae. Helen says she will talk to Andy about it, we may need to seize the opportunity to get rid of them. She says that she will talk to Andy tomorrow.

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2:40am Out in the backyard – They discuss tonight’s eviction and all the drama that happened. Spencer starts talking about how Ginamarie said to Candice as she was walking out the door that her mother doesn’t even want her. Amanda says that she didn’t think that was funny at all.

3am – 3:30am In the havenot room – Aaryn and Jessie are talking. Jessie says that she would not be here if Aaryn hadn’t done that for her tonight. Jessie is pleading with Aaryn to help save her this week. Jessie hugs Aaryn and leaves the room. Elissa, Gina and Helen join Aaryn in the havenot room. Andy comes by to say good night to them. They all congratulate him on his HOH win. Andy leaves. Aaryn says that she is going to do whatever Andy wants this week. Aaryn says that Jessie is grasping at straws trying to get rid of Amanda and McCrae again this week. They talk about how Spencer is scary because they can’t make him do what they want. They say that Jessie is more malleable. Aaryn says that she is going to talk to Andy tomorrow and only tell Andy to put up Spencer and Jessie. Aaryn says that she will probably push the target onto Spencer because she would rather Spencer go over Jessie this week. Aaryn says that she worries that if Spencer wins HOH she would come after her. Aaryn mentions that Spencer took it really hard when Judd was evicted. Helen says that she thinks Judd was the MVP and that he has been putting up Amanda. Elissa says that Judd was so pissed the girls were taking over the house. They talk about how Judd made final two deals with all of them. Aaryn says that Judd wanted her to win HOH and put Helen and Elissa up. Aaryn says that she knows Judd just wanted her to be the fall person. Helen says that she remembers Judd saying something recently that she thinks was a slip up. She says that he told her he wanted to throw this upcoming HOH because he didn’t want to get blood on his hands. Aaryn says that Judd came up to her and kissed her the night of the party. Elissa asks Aaryn if it was a romantic kiss. Aaryn says no, not on my part! Helen says that she thinks Judd was trying to create a new moving company alliance with Howard and Spencer. Aaryn comments that Spencer is way more dangerous than Jessie is in the house. They talk about how there are only 3 guys left in the house. They all decide to go to sleep.


6:45am All the house guests are still sleeping..

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Oh ginamarie how do you like that Candice is in jury and you prob wont ever get her vote unless it’s you + aaryn in final two which I highly doubt because they’re using you. Oh how about you also lost your job you racist bitch have fun filing for unemployment.


You guys are saying bad things all over the Internet about Ginamarie. You will not offend her. You have to use words on a 1st grade reading level. How did she win that crown? What type of pageant was it? Did she have to speak? If so, did she compete against kids in grammar school?


She didn’t win it. Someone else won it and she beat da crap out em! Yo!


I think she bought the crown in a trophy store or maybe the dollar store. She was jealous that Candace was a real beauty pageant winner. GM actually thinks America thinks she was attacked by Candace? Well, at least Candace wasn’t fired, doesn’t live with her mom as a grown adult and isn’t in love with someone who wants nothing to do with her and at least Candace is not considered a racist pig in America and beyond. Candace had many annoying qualities, but nothing compared to what these girls put her through. Yea, GM you look real good! Oh I just wish BB would follow these morons after the season is over, I would love to see their reaction to what America REALLY thinks of these people.


Aaryn, GM and Amanda may think they some tough b**ches in the BB house, but they ain’t gonna pull that shit in the jury house. Candice will beat the pulp out of all 3 of them racist dirtbags. GM has nerves calling some one a psycho, isn’t GM the one with an imaginary relationship with Nick? this dumb broad had a HOH Nick shrine and is sleeping with Nick’s pic.


Can’t even get unemployment. Not when your fired, only when your laid off.


sorry this for AarynHater5ever comment.


In some states you can collect unemployment even if you are fired, there is just a waiting period. Problem isnt so much as them getting unemployment benefits, the bigger problem is them getting medical insurance to help defray the costs of the therapy they so desperately need to find out why they behave the way they do.


GM’s bigger problem is trying to fill out the unemployment claim form. She can wear her crown to the unemployment office with her blue contact lenses and her hair extensions.


I guess she will be in the line with those applying for welfare! Oh karma is a bitch and so is GM so they will get along just fine.


@Debbie, you’re freaking clueless…. ya get unemployment when you’re fired or laid off.. But then, you never let the facts get in the way of your comments do you ??


…Hope it was worth it to lose their jobs and dignity over $6,500 (after taxes ;-)


Couldn’t of said it any better…what does she think about those apples?? LOL!!!! GM, Amanda, & Aaryn get voted out make sure you boo them since they think America loves them. They’re are so full of themselves!


No No, thank you for subsidizing my unemployment checks for the next 99 weeks. You see, I always win !!!! I’m from freaking New Yawk bitches !!


You’re worse than Aaryn or GM. They don’t need Candice’s smelly vote.


The only thing exciting about this season is what’s Gina, Aaryn, Spencer, and Amanda’s reactions are going to be of themselves outside of the house. They all are pretty full of themselves and think everyone loves them…..oh finale night….

Hilly Holbrook

Leave Gina Marie alone!

Mary had a little lamb


The Help

Hilly, it was you’re character needed help…..

The Help

*Darn iPhone – Hilly, it was your character that needed help!


Hi GM momma

Not Momma

Read a great novel – it’s called The Help!


Wow I can’t believe someone actually voted for GM in the poll. That comment to Candice last night was so uncalled for. She actually thinks she came out of that exchange looking good. She is so delusional. I wonder if Helen will actually suggest Andy to put Amanda and McCrae up. If she does and he rejects that idea then possibly she will see that his loyalty is to Amanda and not her. I almost feel bad for Helen because she believes Andy is loyal to her and I can’t understand why Andy thinks Amanda or McCrae would take him to final 2. He has to be aware that Aaryn would probably beat them all in final 4. Possibly he is thinking Aaryn will split up the pair and take him to final 2. Poor Judd. He should have listened to Jessie.


Awe, poor little Ms. Understood Zimmerman. You are still looking like the psycho, please don’t worry about that. In addition, you are a borderline sociopath with stalker-like tendencies. Hence the need for production to have a psychiatrist come and counsel you.

I hope you know that you are going to be evicted if Jessie wins the POV. No one wants you in the BB house either.


Zimmerman is NOT a racist and should not be linked to these buffoons! Keep your ignorant opinions out of this conversation. I was kind of hoping that Julie would have told them about the MVP, but then we wouldn’t be able to see what kind of people they really are. Now I will have to wait for finally night, which is the only interesting thing left about this season.

Blank XIII



??????? I agree, I thought Zimmerman was racist and GM is to.

For real

GM’s mother?? I know it’s you! Stay off the boards. No one cares about your illiterate daughter.


Zimmerman is GMs last name..


Oh yea, GM is not a racist, just saying that welfare is n%$^# insurance is just a normal statement right?


Just an FYI…. GM’s last name is Zimmerman… the other Zimmerman is indeed a racist… lets not play games here…


America has formed their opinion based on GM’s own actions. She needs to take responsibilty on that, nobody made her say the things she said. She showed her true colors!! The sad thing is she really thinks that she hasn’t done anything wrong.


As I’m looking on twitter, I see a crapload of people wishing for Judd to be back over Candice. Understandable, I guess. But to me, it’s all about who’s going to shake up the house more and bring a shock wave into the house. Judd? They would welcome him back with open arms (OMG I’m so glad you’re back even though we all voted unanimously to evict you! Yay Judd!). Candice? They’d all be shitting bricks. Additionally, apparently as Judd was leaving, he whispered to Amanda: Get Jessie out. Now you have all the Amanda fans saying “This man’s loyalty is admirable.” NO. This man’s loyalty is beyond stupid and there’s nothing admirable about stupid. You have the house who you later admitted was controlled by Amanda (exit interview) vote you out with a unanimous vote and on the way out, you’re giving her gaming advice? That little advice he gave Amanda is one reason why I can’t say given a vote, I’ll be voting Judd back into the house. He would go right back to being under their ass.


Judd is a jury vote for Amanda. She is in a win- win situation with Judd wether he stays in jury or returns to the house.


It is time for Spencer to go…..I was cringing during last night show when he was thanking the railroad… embarrassing!

Union Pacific

Don’t thank us Spencer. Please, don’t ever mention us again.


Bout to die of freaking boredom omg


GM, you are the one who looks like a psycho fool!


I agree. I was embarrassed FOR her. I TRY to like everyone on this planet, but some people make that really hard.

As we say here in the South… “Bless her heart”. (that’s Southern for F that Bitch)


no one is ever going to put up the two ale lovers amanduh and mcreepy


YOU GinaMarie. You still look like the psycho.


they both are….it’s not one over the other!

Big Brother

If spencer leaves their will only be two guys left in the house. Its so boring seeing the same people dominate every week. They all are bunch of sheeps and for the people who stand up to Amanda can’t even win hoh.


if the guys were leading and the girls were down in numbers you would think it was great!


I don’t care if it’s male or female left in the house, just anything other than sheep.


Jessie needs to win HOH! She is the only one willing to make a power move!


If she won she would fall right in line, she is a follower. give her a little attention and shes in, you know ok, ok you know, ok !!!


PLEASE give us an All Star Season next year. I never thought I’d ask to see old players again, but if this is the option for new people, I don’t want to see it. You know whats going to destroy this show? Aaryn is likely going to the final 2 because they all think they can win against her. But she will win because she’s actually won things. You watch CBS will be crapping a brick on Finale night. This season is a complete disaster.


You all are so opinionated, everyone needs to shut the hell up and enjoy the damn season, racism or not it’s a game, not a personality contest, you all are someone I would not want in my big brother jury, nor my trial jury in court, I’m team mccrae and amanda all the way !


This house is still full of cowards and you know its sad when Aaryn, who is still despise as a person, is one of my favorites. If Helen is smart, which she has proven not to be, she will try to pull in Spencer and Jessie so she can have more reinforcement to get Amanda out. At this point, I really want Elissa or Jessie to win. The rest of them dont deserve it. Aaryn has played hard and won alot of competitions; however, she is a bitch to the 10th degree. Next season, CBS is going to have to really try and redeem themselves from this cluster f@ck of a season.

By the way, I wonder if Gina Marie is related to George?


I think it is George Z. It’s amazing what a $2,000 weave & nega Lypo treatments can do. Do they allow guns in he Jury House. I sure hope
Not for Candice sake.

Is McCrack related to Charles Manson?

Please don’t let him go next. That Jury House will become a house of Horror.


GM haves to be because they are both racist punk ass bitches that need to Kurt Cobain themselves!!!!!!


“Spencer brings up Kaysar Ridha from Big Brother 6. He says that he thinks they put a likable Muslim in the house because of everything going on at the time. I don’t mean that to sound bad but you know what I mean.”

Dude it sounds bad. Just stop.


I loved Kaysar!


I loved Kaysar, he was awesome and I applaud him for having his convictions in the BB house. That being said, what is so bad with putting a likeable Muslim in the house after 9/11. If anything it only helps break down the stereotypes that much of the US had about Muslims after the towers went down. I was in college during 9/11 and my Pakistani friends were constantly harassed afterwards so you would not be thinking clearly if you don’t think Middle Eastern looking people regardless of their religion were given the evil eye and that many normal, seemingly non-racist people fell into stereotyping them. I had many white friends who were suddenly worried about me bringing Middle Eastern and even Indian friends to parties. To put someone like Kaysar in the BB house would help others see a Middle Eastern, Muslim man in a positive light rather than the fear-driven images they previously had.


The problem here has nothing to do with being a Muslim. It has everything to do with the qualifier that comes before it. Why can’t he just be a Muslim? Why does he have to be a “likable” Muslim. You could apply that phrase to any identity category and it would still sound absurd and backwards as Hell. Likable gay, Likable Black, Likable Christian, Likable White.


though i would love if they evicted spencer over jessie, i would HATE if all the guys get booted out and it’s all girls in the end. how annoying is that. i hate all these “girls alliances” “lets get the boys out so its all us girls in the end” scenarios that houseguests always try to attempt. no one wants to see that. especially not with this bunch.


It’s funny, I was watching Live with Kelly/Michael this AM and Nicole Ritchie showed a clip from her reality show where she goes to have her tramp stamp tattoo removed by -yep- Dr.Will Kirby,(who is either off the Botox or Cortisone and looks great). Kind of takes me back to the days when BB had really smart, goodlooking people on the show. Anyway, GM is just a sad case, really. All of you that say her family should be ashamed of her behavior, know this: the folks that created that monster are cheering her on.


Yep the casts were interesting back then. And strange enough it seems like they were around the same age bracket as some of the current contestants now back then. I just think they picked a bad batch and they hardly try and go for the lowest common denominator to get ratings. Because they are smart people or across all ages, backgrounds, races, etc. Back then I really didn’t have race or age in the forefront of my mind while watching, the game play and the social aspect was in the more on the radar. It also seems the longer these shows runs the more future cast know all the secrets so that mojo from the early days is sort of lacking.


no one left in the house to like. my vote goes to julie! come on julie!!!!


poor judd, he really didn’t see it coming. and neither will gm.


Judd played bad once he made the Goof Troop alliance. For an avid fan he did not take his own advice in becoming cocky. Similar to all the other HG’s that seem to strive for being ‘accepted’ by the big kids he made one critical error, bragging to Amanda that he concocted the Kaitlin/Helen rumour while in solitary confinement. Moves like that are meant to be kept until the game is over. The only one that could possible come close to saving Judd at this stage of the game was MacCrae. Unfortunately MacCrae is exhibiting signs of badgered wife syndrome.


I type this as happy as I can type it FUCK JUDD AND GM!!!!!!!!! 2 stupid people him because people was trying to help his dumb ass out and GM because she is nasty racist cunt!!!!!



King Goldy

This is officially the sorriest BB ever. If CBS does not do something soon, I am done. Hell, the sequester is probably more entertaining than this. Once GM and Candice are in the same house, with nobody who can stand in between them but Judd. Well i think Judd might self evict. I also do not know why Spencer keeps letting them use him as a pawn. Pawns go home. SMH


i don’t understand what you want cbs to do, unless it’s rig the game, and i don’t think that would go over very well, either.

the fault lies with casting. they should be fired, every last one.


Well, this pawn hasn’t (Spencer)!


SuperFriends don’t let friends stay long


Superfriends = Amanda/Helen.


A bit disappointed that Judd left; myy final 3 was Judd, McCrae, and Elissa, but now I want Elissa to win.

Too bad Helen didn’t get evicted but like her or not (I don’t), she made a smart move getting Judd out. He’s been pushiing to get out Helen/Elissa in a subtle way. What I found puzzling was Judd willing to hug everyone except Helen/Elissa. Those two are the people I would be least upset with since they just beat him to the punch. I would’ve been upset with McCrae, Amanda (especially keeping her twice) and Andy since they were in his real alliance.

I was a bit surprised (maybe not since she was using him) that Jessie was not at all upset about him going home.

Andy is a fake. He was also pushing big time to get Judd out and he cries about it. Put your big girl panty on, boy!

Gina is just plain sad. I didn’t know she said that about CAndice’s mom.


Judd went off on Jessie and told her he was faking liking with being with her. I wouldn’t have felt bad about him leaving either.


And then Judd dumb self goes up and hugs Aayrin the one that talked shit about him and put him on the block he hugs her and say get Jessie out how fucking slow do you have to be Judd!?!?!?!?!?!


It’s a sad day when people are rooting for Elissa to win. She hasn’t done anything and it is that fact (not annoying the public) that has her as one of the favorites. That says what a bad season this is when people are rooting for the person who is best at “duck and cover.” If she won, I wouldn’t even mind at this point. I don’t want a bully or a back stabber to win. I wish they would have had an 8 member jury and let America have one of the votes. And let the houseguest know America had one of the votes and then see how they would play.


I just woke up, but I’m absolutely shocked that Andy would try for that HoH. This is the worst move he has made yet. He was sitting pretty- and he would have sat pretty for at least three more weeks, but by winning the HoH, he has to make two enemies. He really shouldn’t have tried to win it. EVERYONE trusted him- now at least two people will be dissatisfied with him.


He may not have tried.



Gator girl

Andy does not have the courage to make a bold move and put up Amanda and Mc. So he will put up those really big threats Jessie and Spenser. Sheep……


I think it bothered him that he hardly ever got DR sessions, so he decided to win so that he can be more visible to the audience.


I don’t feel bad for saying this but Andy sucks that’s why they are not calling him in to the DR room what would be the point and I luv my gay dudes but Andy is No Reagan or Rue Paul to me he is a BIG KNOCKOFF Jesse Tyler Ferguson wanna be!!!! That needs to exit the house fast!!!!


He won’t make any enemies with this clueless group of houseguests. See the above comments about Judd. If he could tell Aaryn (and Amanda) to get out Jessie when he was basically up on the block because of them, then Andy can put people up and even backdoor someone and still come out the same way. It will depend on who he chooses however. Helen and Amanda will take it personally.


Ginamarie still thinks her comment aren’t as bad as Candice’s speech before elimination. Now Helen wants to get rid of Amanda and McCrae. She is stupid. Andy will not get rid of his alliance members that she thinks includes her. IDIOT! They had the chance. They are allowing two people to stay who haven’t done much but give orders. I am “ROUTING”(this is how GinaMarie spelled it in her blog) for Jessie and Elissa.

I tried to do bad spelling like Ginamarie as a joke, but my iPad kept correcting me. LOL

Wait until these girl find out they are out of jobs. Who’s going to allow Ginamarie to teach there kid how to dance?

Andy is stupid?


Aaryn as a have-not….I can get used to this….like for the rest of the season.


Simon and dawg for the 500k


My comment and then 2 questions


Both Gina Marie and Candice looked like 2 ratchet yesterday night.

I am not too sad that GM did because I was expecting nothing less from her but as for Candice, I understand that the weeks of frustration came to the boiling point yesterday but I really wish that she would have not go as low as “low-class Gina” on that moment.

GM is delusional if she thinks that she looked good in that fight yesterday, it was horrible to look at, really… I was almost hiding behind my sofa cushions so much that I was embarrassed by the moment. (Yes, I am really into it. Hahahahahaha!)

Now 2 questions

1. Why did Elissa told to Judd when he was leaving that she had nothing to do with that (his eviction)? Did he refused to hug her goodbye?

2. The 9 jury members was confirmed by BB production Wednesday but it seems that I’ve been hearing houseguests (Mc Crae to be exact) talking about this since a few weeks now. I am wrong? If not, how did he know?


MacCrae has been speculating a 9 member jury based on the large # of cast members starting the game and the amount of weeks to finale.


He was just speculating because there were 2 more HG’s added to the cast this year.


Yeah, that’s life sometimes people go at it. I don’t blame Candace that was likely festering all week. I personally would have iced her like she didn’t exist out but we all have different personalities. I think that’s the Candace that Howard was trying to contain(while he was still there) so that he wouldn’t be put on the spot and take a stance. Howard chose to be passive to the fault to the point it’s considered class where as she chooses to take another route. She shouldn’t have called her a rat to her face in front of a group of people, and I’m sure she knows that Gina Marie also says a bunch of stuff behind her back. I just don’t want to see them continue it outside the game or in the jury house. It’s pointless. But her own conscience wouldn’t allow her to just let it go without saying something especially after Howard insisted on not wanting her to deal with the bed flipping incident and how Gina Marie ran in her face.

pretty trickster

Stop hating on Judd house guests! those ladies all wanted a piece of the Judd pie. lets be real. lol i hope they throw him back in the game..


I can imagine that Andy open the pandora box is DPOV and the houseguest will get MVP twist return for one week. That would be suck for them.


i’m missing the real big brother game players like kaysar, janelle, james, dr.will, boogie, frank, dan….i could go on. like those were true game players that weren’t afraid to make big moves and not afraid to rock the house. they set standards for this show that no body from this season can even come close to because they are all just too afraid to do anything. so BORING and so ANNOYING!


Helen might want to watch herself. If she really approaches Andy with an idea to put either Amanda or McCrae on the block, Andy might just take her out.

If I were Andy, GM would be my target. No blood on his hands. Plus, it keeps Jessie and Spencer in the game, two people he knows are gunning from Amanda, and maybe Helen.

Now that Candice and Judd are gone, he is now more exposed in the game. Booting out Jessie or Spencer further exposes him and the potential next target up if an HOH doesn’t want to bloody his or her hands by trying to take out Amanda or Helen.


Ugh… I am usually ESTATIC and Excited whenever Big Brother came around every year… But I beleive…

(Worse than Season 9… Adam, after winning, was arrested, and charged by the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) for possession of 2,000 oxycodone pills with intent to distribute. He allegedly admitted funding his illegal venture with his $500,000 winnings from the show, and to buying and reselling oxycodone pills for several months. He faced a maximum of 20 years in prison and a $1 million fine. But enough with that…)

For Some reason,the horrible people seem to size control of the house every week and it’s just so annoying and hard to watch.
If Judd was smarter, he should have voted to get Amanda out giving the 4 votes needed to get out somone strong. He made the istake on pleasing the showmance and he left for that reason, caue the ‘House’ wanted him to go. This season is making me like how Danielle played in Season 13!

Big Brother 15:
House = Amanda / McCrea

They are doing so well cause they are like Will and Mike Boogie (not personality-wise). In season 7 Will and Mike made people fear them and barely no one had the balls to put them both on the block. And that’s why when it was too late, Chill town won. So technically, as much as I would hate this to happen, this obvious showmance are going to ge far :/ Fu** this season so far. GO JESSIE/ELISSA cause they actually have a brain :)


What I find interesting is that during the nomination ceremony, Candice took it like woman from Gina Marie; was she pissed, of course. So why, during Candice’s eviction speech did this uncouth loud mouth bigot from Staten Island feel the need to interrupt her. I guess you can’t teach appropriate behaviour to someone as classless as Gina Marie. Kudos to Jessie for pointing that out to Gina Marie.

Jessie is right up there with Elissa as the only two I respect in this game. But they are on the margins of the house.

McCrae – man up buddy and stop hiding behind your MILF…and what is up with the crying over a dude being evicted
Amanda – the succubus, need I say more….just waiting for the day you get evicted
Aaryn – a racist on performance enhancing drugs. Interesting that she saw Candice’s Michael Kors shoes and had to have her mom send her a pair
Helen – the perpertual “Stepford Wive and Mom” – can’t see the forest because of all the trees; with a friend like her who needs enemies
Spencer – the non-existent filter for his brain and mouth is his downfall; in addition his lascivious nature is disconcerting
Andy – they should revoke his LGBT card for reinforcing all those negative stereotypes of a gay twink (as oppose to man)


Do you know what MILF means? You must be really desparate.


Yeah, I know what it means…My point/assessment was directed at McCrae and his idolatry towards Amanda.

And trust me I am not desperate nor have I ever been….Now you on the other hand that may be a different story. C’est la vie


Did you say MEOW?


Candice had to ask Elissa if “defamatory” was the word to use? I thought she was a pediatric speech therapist? On the other hand, I’ve never witnessed a speech therapist says “axe” instead of ask, so she’s probably lying about her occupation, like most of the HGs on BB do.

What’s interesting is that I know someone who tried out for BB last year, and after filling out the packet and being interviewed, he was told his personality was too laid back for BB. Translation: he was normal.

Obviously, Grodner’s team specifically recruit the weird, the liars, and the freaks with a variety of personal demons/issues. It’s really exploitative, when you think about it.


Aww, JUDD is gone! Nobody left to like, and it’s shaping up to be an all girl finale like I predicted a few weeks ago. This is officially the worst season ever. Worse than Season 9 and unbelievably worse than season 13. Casting needs a shake up. Whose bright idea was it to cast a bunch of prescription drug dependents and shallow sheep? Anyone who thinks this season is watchable needs to go and watch Season 2 or 3, the best seasons ever! They had diverse casts, they had smart players that couldn’t anticipate what was going to happen next because production hadn’t fallen into a predictable pattern yet. They were interesting people, not stereotypes just hoping to advance their acting or modelling careers or break into show business. They were there to win, not just to earn the stipend and sit in jury. Jeremy was a douche, but the season would have been much better if Nick and Jeremy and even Kaitlin had not been evicted. The “race” vs “bigot” storyline is pathetic and Elissa is a waste of space. I hated Rachel, but at least Rachel was fun to hate. Elissa is fake on the outside and even faker on the inside. I am over Amanda and Helen running things and the only thing that will save this season is to bring JUDD back so he can do some damage. But even with Amanda and Helen out of the picture, who would be deserving of the title? Jessie? Andy? GM? Whoever wins this year, it will be disappointing, even moreso than Lisa season 3 and Maggie season 6. None of them deserve to be there and none of them deserve the prize, maybe the house, which BTW is looking pretty run down. If BB is going to survive, production needs a shake up, new blood, casting needs to be fired and they need to recover some of the things that made the early seasons so good. I can’t even bear to watch, I just check in here because I am a faithful Simon and Dawg fan.

Geez Louise

Thank you Simon and Dawg for keeping us “in the know”. I can’t completely do away with this season because I have been watching this show since season 2 but I cant stand to look at the poop eating grin that is constantly on Amanda’s face so this is the only way I can keep up with whats going on. I hope production can find a way to salvage the rest of this season so I can finish the season. But right now, I am just wanting to pout a little. ;)

Take Me Down To Blindside City

Reading the comments from last night here and on other boards is pretty amusing. In summary, it flows like this:

“Oh, how boring and predictable, Jessie is gone.”
“Oh, how boring and predicable, Jessie is gone.”
“Oh how boring and predictable, Jessie is gone.”


“Oh, how boring and predictable, Judd is gone.”

C’mon folks. If you were convinced that Jessie was gone last night, you should lose the right to call the season “predictable”. Boring, maybe. Annoying, definitely. Plagued by really really weak gameplay, absolutely. But predictable? It seems to me that David, Nick, Jeremy, Kaitlin, and now Judd were all partial if not complete surprises vs. who was “expected” to leave in those weeks.

Only Dr. Will Can Save Us Now

So the Ginger Keebler Elf will finally have to get some blood on his hands… it’s about time.


Spencer: What is the worst thing about eatting bald pussy? Putting back on the diaper…..


OK, now that was funny…. Sick and twisted, but funny.

This Season Blows

They’re both psycho.


I’m still pissed Gina Maria didn’t close her big fat mouth when it was Candice’s turn to talk (not that I’m a fan of hers but still)

Gina Maria, get over yourself. You don’t even have one fan Biatch LOL


GM just to let you know there are millions of people who were adopted your statement was not nice at all. If I was in your shoes, I would try really hard to win that money because you will be out of a job for a very long time. No Company will hire anyone who have such a reputation to bring down their company.

Andy the weasel red head toad, you won HoH make sure you make a power move not a stupid move.

Helen, every damn minute I love you do you think you are on the BARNEY SHOW.

Amanda and Arayn no words can describe both of you.

Ellisa, Jessie, Spencer please take them all out.


still in shock Andy won something. Floater of all floaters.


I don’t want Jessie to go sure shes kinda of annoying but a lot of the others are way more annoying. Time to take out a big player like Amanda or Helen!


Spencer disgusts me.

Judd's granny

Spencer disgusts my goat.

Ians Beer

The only thought I had last night when I saw McCrae shedding tears over Judd leaving was this…..McCrae would start wearing Judd’s clothing and start mumbling around, building Judd Shrines, and mentioning how tight him and Judd were, etc…..BUT WAIT…isn’t that GinaMarie and Nick???


Ians Beer Thank you kindly that was funny McCrea did take Judds red bandana to clean his nose just like GM used Nicks shorts to clean her nose

backseat driver

When are these knuckleheads going to realize they need to break up the COUPLE…….?
This is probably the dumbest group of houseguests EVER on BB…..not only bad gameplay,
but a BORING group.

Elections Canada

Can you imagine if people voted in elections the way these House Guests vote? “Well, the person I want to vote for is behind in the polls, so I might as well vote for the front-runner instead of the person I actually want to win… Then I’ll cry about it when the results are announced.”

Hmmm.. Actually, maybe they do. That would certainly explain a few things…

Judd's granny

Hey Elections Canada, we’re gonna send you two REAL politicians-Helen and Wiener.

Elections Canada

Noooooooooooo! :)


Oh, how I miss the days of Big Brother Canada.

Likable houseguests, big moves, drama, showmances, twists…

This season is an absolute joke. I honestly am getting so frustrated with this show. The only reason why I’m still watching is to see the devil-women of the house get what they deserve once back in the outside world.

Team #NoOne !

On a side note, who’s pumped for season two of Big Brother Canada?!

Elections Canada

Did a US Cable channel run Big Brother Canada? I’m trying to figure out how so many people in the US including the house guests saw it. Or was it all online views?


By the comments I keep reading about BB Canada on here. Sounds like they should have replaced this season with re-runs of that on CBS. lol. This season is cringe worthy. I’m just finishing it out to see them devour each other.I’m not even sure sending a person back into the game is enough. The MVP Twist didn’t help either so anti-climatic other than Nick’s eviction because of it.


Why is it that these house guests think that they can threaten each other into I doing what they want. Use Pandoras box or you are going home, doing go for a prize but POV or you are going home, use the POV on me or else. I always thought they were there to play for themselves and win big brother not to help someone else advance and win. I find there is no suspense in evictions. Everyone is told to vote for a certain person or else risk being the next to go.