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Arlie to Sarah – We’re sitting in the middle of two sides fighting thats a dream position”

12:40AM Arlie and Sarah HOH

She says she doesn’t trust JOn one bit. She says he’s picking the other side over their side. Sarah wants Kenny in the house she says it’s bad for them to get rig of Kenny right now because he trust them.
She’s asking him for a favore to flip the side and keep Kenny in the game. She knows he runs the other side.

Nomination Results “We have to win the veto like have to.. seriously” -Elissa

POV Holder: Next POV Aug 17th POV Used POV Ceremony Aug 19th HOH Winner: Aaryn Next HOH: Aug 22nd Original Nominations: Elissa and Helen Current Nominations: Last Evicted Houseguest David, Nick, Jeremy, Kaitlin, Howard, Candice, JUDD, Jessie Have Nots (head cheese and habaneros) GM, Amanda, Helen and Elissa Elissa and Helen nominated 6:28pm Storage room Helen and MC Helen says she’s talked to Aaryn and her and Elisa are going up and if POV is [...]

Big Brother 15 Have Nots Results Head Cheese and Habaneros

6:07pm Elissa and Amanda
Elissa: “Amanda who is the target”
Amanda: “I dunno Specner .. I don’t even know who is going up”
Elissa: “ ok..”
Amanda: “did you talk to Aaryn”
Elissa: “ya she just said I wasn’t the target. “
Amanda: “EWwwww I can smell the head cheese shit from here”
Elissa: “i know it’s disgusting”

Big Brother 15 SPOILERS – Have / HaveNot Competition RESULTS!

2:15pm – 2:35pm In the lounge room – Kaitlin and Gina are talking. Kaitlin says that she is here to compete. Kaitlin says that just so Gina knows me and Aaryn are going up on the block. Gina says they are just picking on because we are pretty. Gina says they got Jeremy out, they got what they wanted and now they are still coming after us. Kaitlin says that Aaryn is the target this week. Judd joins them. Gina says that this is a game and I am here to compete. People are mad at us because we haven’t been have nots. Gina says I already told Andy I would take his spot. Kaitlin and Gina talk about how they already know they are going up on the block. Judd asks how do you know that? Who told you that? Gina says Aaryn. Judd says that it pisses him off that people are saying that because I haven’t even made my decision yet. He says that he is afraid because of the twist that Julie mentioned. Kaitlin says that Aaryn twists peoples words. Judd asks did Helen tell you that too? Gina says no I haven’t heard that. Andy comes in and says that the nomination screen is up. Nominations are today.

Big Brother Canada Have / Havenot Competition RESULTS!

7pm When the Big Brother Canada live feeds come back we find that the house guests competed in a have/havenot competition. The house guests got pizza. They had to do stuff to earn to be haves for the week and they succeeded.

Emmett says that was basically a how bad do you want it. Talla says that was doing things that you wouldn’t want to do or ever think of doing. Jillian says what would they have done if someone had chose to answer all the phone calls? Big Brother tells them not to talk about production. Alec comes into the kitchen and asks what do we have to eat right now? Topaz and other say this. They congratulate each other on a great job. Andrew says I guess they are cleaning up the chum bath now eh? Jillian had to wear a pregnant suit. Andrew had to get his legs waxed and wear a maid outfit. Talla tells Andrew and Jillian that they need to get back into their costumes.

Big Brother Canada: After over 5 hours Down the Live Feeds are Back – Toms Target Changes!

6:10pm When the Big Brother Canada Live Feeds come back from showing the “Hush Hush” screen for over five hours we see the house guests are moving around the house. Tom mentions that nominations are today. He says that the sign was up on the Living room tv. The havenots get to eat Poutine. Tom and Aneal are in the storage room talking. Tom says that his plan has changed and he now has a personal vendetta to get Suzette out this week and Gary out next week. He says that Suzette threatened to come after him and is spreading rumors like making up that I threatened Liza. Aneal tells Tom that he has his back and will do whatever he wants him to do. Aneal leaves the room. Emmett enters and they discuss what Tom will say to Suzette during the nominations. Emmett says that he should ask Suzette to apologize. Emmett tells Tom to tell Gary that he is the pawn. Tom says that he will tell Suzette that she has spread too many lies and she has hurt their families with all the lies she’s started.

Big Brother Canada Live Feeds: Eggtastic HaveNot Competition – Not so Eggtastic!

11:05am – 11:30am The Big Brother Canada live feeds are finally turned back on. When they return, the house guests are in the bathroom washing something out of their hair. They were competing in I believe the havenot competition. Danielle is complaining about having something in her hair, eyes and ears. They decide that they need to wash their hair in the sink because the hot water will run out. Jillian comes in and gets Aneal to hold up a towel so that she can change in the corner of the room right in front of the camera. (The camera then looks down at her to watch her change.) Jillian says that when she came down from the HOH room and said “Eggtastic” and “Eggcited” she was feed that line to say. She comments on how it wasn’t “eggtastic at all”.

One Showmance Ends Another Begins – Shane “that’s like a 10lb dumbbell coming out of your V**”

Big Brother Spoilers Week 3 Nomination Results Britney: “You can b*ckd00r anybody”

Big Brother 14 – Coaches Competition and Have Have-Not Results

Ian and Ashley first Big Brother 14 Showmance? Britney: “If we can get her those muscle relaxants”

Big Brother 14 – Joe to JoJo and Shane “Willie.. he sh!t on ya both”

Big Brother 14 Spoilers – Willie gets Kicked out

Big Brother 14 Coaches Competition Results Has Willie Left the House?

Big Brother Spoilers: Jeff got to choose the HAVENOTS this week and he picked Kalia, Dani and Porsche! *Updated*

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