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POV Results – Sabrina “The New Girl is Easy.. look at her she’s not pretty”

12:20AM Jon and Kenny

They both do not want to vote out Heather. They want Paul gone. Jon says NEda is really pushing for Heather to go. Kenny says they have to tell NEDA that it’ll upset the house too much. He’ll tell IKA because he does not want to vote Heather out especially since they all promised HEather she was going to stay. Kenny says IKA had this planned to make them look like Idiot.

12:30AM HOH Sabrina, IKA, NEDA, Rachelle SAbrina crying away she’s upset because of the new girls stealing away Andrew. Sabrina brings up that Andrew told her he liked her but because she was calling him her brother he lost interest. The girls say the New girl is easy.

Big Brother Canada Season 2 House Guest VIDEO Interviews!

Earlier today Big Brother Canada released the identities of 14 of the 15 house guests that will be moving into the BBCAN2 house . In the bios of the 14 house guests we learned a bit about their personalities and strategies going into the house. We will discover the identity of the 15th house guest that has not yet been revealed on the March 5th Big Brother Canada premiere date. We are already starting to get to know the new cast and have already discovered Adel Elseri’s Tongue 2 Teeth Invention and that Anick Gervais is a “Breatharian”.

BBCAN2 Anick Gervais – “I’m a spirit having a human experience” “Something magical is happening in my body”

One of the 15 cast members of Big Brother Canada season 2 is Anick Gervais. She is a free spirited girl from Hanmer, Ontario – that claims she has severe ADHA (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder) which you will agree after watching a couple of her psbyanick youtube videos. She also says that she is a “Breathairian”.

Anick states:

“I don’t work out. I became a Breatharian ( a year ago and that definitely had a BIG nudge to where I am today. I’ve learned a lot. I’ve learned to let go of “guilt”.

Big Brother Canada 2 – Adel Elseri Co-Inventor of the Tongue-Mounted Toothbrush

The cast of Big Brother Canada season 2 was just released today and already the dirt on the house guests is beginning to surface. One of the house guests named Adel Elseri is an inventor / welder from Edmonton, Alberta. After searching his name online we discovered that he is the co-inventor of “Tongue 2 Teeth” with Said Fayad which is a tongue mounted toothbrush. It is a hands-free toothbrush with a bumpy texture that is coated with toothpaste that you mount on your tongue. Adel states that the idea came to him while he was driving home after a 12hr shift at work.

Meet the CAST of Big Brother CANADA Season 2!

As promised the identities of the 15 cast members of Big Brother Canada season 2 were released today! Below are 14 of them along with their answers to a few revealing questions. With the Big Brother Canada season 2 premiere just one week away we couldn’t wait to get to know the new house guests!

The beautiful newly re-designed Big Brother Canada Season 2 house was just released the other day and these new house guests will soon call it home for the next couple months. If you miss the BBCAN2 house tours, make sure you watch them!


Get READY Big Brother FANS! Big Brother Canada season 2 is about to START in a week and a half with the premiere episode airing on March 5th, 2014!
Almost a month ago we were teased with photos of the new house still under construction. Today we finally got to see photos of the completed Big Brother Canada season 2 house and we’re very impressed! Take a look as it looks like one of the best designed and decorated big brother houses ever! Leave a comment below and tell us what you think!

Big Brother Canada 2 New House Pics WOW!

Images from the new Big Brother Canada house were release today. By what we can see this house looks amazing!! We’ll get more information about the house and hopefully the cast tonight when the house is toured on Entertainment tonight Canada. Cast should be released on Wednesday. . Photos of the diary room hall and HOH bathroom:

FIRST LOOK Inside the NEW Big Brother Canada 2 House!

Big Brother Canada Season 2 STARTS March 5th!

BIG BROTHER CANADA Season 2 – Premières March 2014!

Big Brother Canada INVADES and the Season 2 Application Deadline is Fast Approaching!

Big Brother Canada REUNION SPECIAL

Big Brother Canada: The Morning Show – AFTER the Finale! Is GARY okay with SECOND PLACE?

Big Brother Canada Finale Night SPOILERS

Big Brother Canada Episode 28 EVICTION RESULTS! ** VIDEO **

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