Big Brother Canada 3 News Round up

Welcome back everyone a new Big Brother year is upon us.

Network programming change for Big Brother Canada 3:
After airing 2 seasons on the SLICE Network Big Brother Canada 3 is moving to the larger GLOBAL TV Network. This is a positive change as Global TV is a larger network that is available to more viewers without the requirement of upgrading their television subscription.

Big Brother Canada 3 Live Feeds:
As of yet there is no word on whether or not the live feeds will be free again or if there will be a charge for the 24 hour live feeds. Our guess is that they will remain free with the cost being subsidized by paid advertising. No word yet if it’ll be Geo Blocked to American’s

Start Date ?
No official word on the start date but here’s our best guess. In this Insight productions news release it states “Applicants must be 19 years of age by March 1 [Sunday], 2015”. The previous season premiere was March 5th a Wednesday. Perhaps the first Wednesday after March 1st is the start date this year.. March 4th.
A little more sleuthing around the insights productions news release shows the URL (Most likely a recycled URL from last year)

TV and AfterDark times
Regular TV Format: Wednesdays, Thursdays and Sundays at 9pm ET/PT.
After Dark: seven days a week from 2am – 5am ET/11pm – 2am PT

Cast Reveal?
Last year was Feburary 26th no word on this year. From Robyn Kass’ recent tweets they are still finalizing the cast.

The Big Brother Canada SIDE SHOW will be back this season with a new 1 hour format. Thursdays, following each eviction episode, at 10pm ET/PT. The show will once again be hosted by Arisa Cox with co-hosts Gary Levy and Peter Brown.

Source: ETCanada

The second promotional commercial for Big Brother Canada 3 – The countdown is on..!

Robyn Kass The casting director for BBUS and BBCAN recently tweeted announcing that the Big Brother 3 cast has been finalized. She also added that casting for Big Brother 17 will commence in March.

Murtz Jaffer interviewed BBCAN3 casting director Robyn Kass just over a month ago about the differences between Big Brother Canada & Big Brother US. They discussed whether or not it was more likely to cast stronger females in Canada given how far both BBCAN1 Jillian and BBCAN2 Neda made it in their seasons. In addition, they discussed the casting process for big brother Canada 3 following such a successful cast as BBCAN2.

What to expect from OBB
The same thing we’ve been doing since BBCAN1 distilling down the feeds from a reservoir to a shot glass. Images, videos and superb prose πŸ˜‰

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Welcome back everyone!!

I’m really looking forward to some BBCAN3. πŸ™‚


Glad you guys are back!!


Hey Chessie! I’m glad to see you’re back. Around this time of the year I start missing the BB part of my life πŸ™‚


I’ve been missing BB since it ended


Greetings Simon and Dawg! I have been checking the site at least 5 times a week since BB ended. Can’t wait for BB Canada


didnt we hear that Rachel Rielly was set to host the new Side Show?


So excited that BBCAN3 is just around corner. This stretch between end of BBUS and beginning of BBCAN seems to go on for way too long.


Hi everyone. Quick question. How can I watch BBCan3 in the US? Thanks!


Hey Mike, at this point I’m not sure. Closer to the air date we’ll have complete instruction on how.

I’m optimistic it’ll be easier for the US viewers this year.


You can install the extension called Hola if you have Google Chrome, it’s an extension that lets you watch videos outside of the country, though you have to wait until the episode is uploaded on the site to watch it, you can’t the episode the exact time it airs unfortunately, give it a shot it worked well for me last year. Though now it’s on a different channel this year i don’t know if you’ll be needing it depending if it will be easier to watch it in the U.S.


Thanks Simon and SMG HOOVER! Much appreciated and can’t wait until BB season!

Biff Tannen

YES! BBCAN is my winter oasis! Love the POWERSHIFT from Slice to Global


Ewww… Peter Brown will be a hosting the after show again??? Enough of him already.