Big Brother Canada Spoilers – Allison opens the secret door

POV Holder: Kenny Next POV ?
POV Used ? POV Ceremony April 7
HOH Winner: Heather Next HOH: Apr 10
Original Nominations: Kenny & Allison
Current Nominations: ?
Have Nots Sarah (didn’t use slop pass), Kenny, Rachelle

Big-Brother-Canada-2- 2014-04-06 16-25-35-217

7:00pm Allison searching for the secret door talking to herself.
Allison – “Has to be a secret room.. has to be has to be ”
Allison – “One and three.. is it the first block or is it three.. I need to get to that wall when they sleep”

Big-Brother-Canada-2- 2014-04-06 16-32-33-650

7:30pm Hot tub Arlie and Sarah

Sarah says Allison si saying to people that she is not the lowest on the totem pole.

Arlie told her that on the hammock
Sarah thinks it’s odd that ALlison would say that to the people that would be the lowest if Allison wasn’t

Arlie doesn’t think there’s anything to it.
Sarah “the way it came across well you know kinda… anyways I’m so over those two”

Arlie says the other side is not giving him anything. She wants to know what are his thoughts.
Arlie – It’s not looking amazing..
Sarah says Heather told her yesterday it was 90% sabrina and she told her today nothing changed.

Arlie – My guts not feeling good.. because they would have no reason to not tell me if it was Sabrina.

Sarah apologizes that she might have f*** him over with the other side. Arlie doesn’t think so.

Sarah says she has kept every single thing Arlie told her a secret she wanted it to be them .. “It’s a game and I promise you if you decide it best to let me g.. o I will not out you .. Just tell me and I swear I’ll keep my word.. I would rather go this week then next week because I get to go home and see my kids”

Sarah just wants to know if she’ going this week to help her with her anxiety. Arlie says he does not want to vote her out he really doesn’t.
Arlie – “I’ll be straight up with you I will..”

Arlie can sense it 1 million percent that Sarah is going up otherwise the other side would tell him.

Sarah says this is all her fault she was the person that wanted to persuade the other side to not Backdoor Kenny. Arlie doesn’t think any of this is Sarah’s fault he thinks they are in just ash1tty position, He does regret pushing to prevent Kenny from getting backdoored.

Sarah starts to cry and says it sucks that she might be going out this way.

Arlie says he’s very confident Sabrina has been talking behind their backs to the other side because the other side can see the cracks.

Sarah starts to cry and say she wanted to be in this game for Arlie. They hug. Sarah wonders if they can find a way. Arlie isn’t sure he says everytime he suggests a different course the other side shoots him down.
Sarah – “Oh well I got too comfortable and I started worrying about someone else and not myself”

Sarah hopes that other side doesn’t screw over Arlie she will be pissed. Arlie – “It takes a lot to win this game.. A LOT”
Sarah tells Arlie it makes more sense for Jon and Neda to take Heather and Adel all the way. Arlie – Yes.. I have to assume they will be chipped away”

Sarah points out that Jon still does not trust her, “I tried hard.. I snuggled him as much as i could let him dry hump me all over the place.. let him fake kiss me.. it was f*** for nothing”..

Rachelle joins them.. Says as long as Allison stays on the block they will be fine.

Big-Brother-Canada-2- 2014-04-06 16-55-39-011

7:50pm Allison finds out one of the slats moves on the wall.
Allison recites her clue
“Look for one and three.. to be out of sight.. Turn right and then turn back or else it won’t open a crack”
Allison – “F*** I wish I could read that again”

Big-Brother-Canada-2- 2014-04-06 17-43-49-552

8:30pm Sabrian still getting waxed

Big-Brother-Canada-2- 2014-04-06 17-40-02-541

8:38pm Allison asks for clarification about the third clue.
She doesn’t know if it says turn THEM or turn IT. She thinks it might be the picture or the slat.

Allison – “Can I see the clue jsut one more time please..”
Allison – “Big Brother can I please see the last clue.. I know I’m annoying

‘Read it like a book from left to right .. Find one and three and you’ll be out of site Turn THEM right then turn THEM back or else the door won’t open a crack”
Allison – “So turn them right”

Big-Brother-Canada-2- 2014-04-06 17-44-57-187

8:48pm Adel gets his mohawk

Big-Brother-Canada-2- 2014-04-06 17-51-32-341

8:51pm ALlison opens the door

Big-Brother-Canada-2- 2014-04-06 18-20-20-111

Allison enters the war room

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Pooper Scooper

Cam 3 showed the inside door of the room, looked like a vault door at approximately 11:36 dvr time


its the war room that allison, scott, and nate were in before!


wow an’t wait to see what she does my guess she wants Jon out




OMG YES! I haven’t liked Allison so far but right now I am so happy for her!
Sarah and Rachelle or Sarah and Sabrina, either way it will be awesome!


It better not be a diamond power of veto or i will flip a shit.


Yipee!! Go Allison….I cant stand the rest of them its just getting more personal attacks all the time…this is something she doesnt do much of and now she found the door….this is worth watching not the petty back stabbing!!


Or Will she not use it at all because if she does… it would be clear she doesn’t trust Heather… do we know the conditions of the secret veto… can it be used before an eviction… or does it have to be used as a real veto meeting..?


No because before the PoV Competition Heather told Allison that she would use the veto on her if she won it, so Allison wouldn’t show distrust by using it herself.


Did BigBrother help her?


I definitely think production helped her. I am really they allowed her to see the clue again. I guess they must want to stir things up to make good tv.


nooooooooooooooooooooo arghhhhhhhhhhh I seriously dislike her, she deserves NOTHING but to stay on the block, superfan ok..great.. but no gameplay WHY THE HELL DID I VOTED FOR HER


I don’t care for her either but I’d rather her stay than some of the others, so I’m glad she found it!


Hey Simon & Dawg, who are POV players for Week 6 (Day 36)?


So what exactly does the secret veto do?
Does SHE get to choose her takes her spot, or the HOH???


Lilmisme I am curious to as to what the SECRET power of Veto is. Maybe it does what Adel and Ika made up when Adel got his “special” veto. I wonder if Allison will tell anyone that she has it.

Kenny is a loser



I bet this is where the DPOV is. I still hope Sarah goes!


Watching the show now- adel needs to stop saying he’s Canada’s favourite/ Canada’s player.
His head is sooo big and he is really annoying.


hand job room?

American Fan Lexx

Like seriously Sarah is sooo annoying! She getting exactly what she deserves how is letting Jon hump you and fake kiss your game move but you see him as your son? WTF how does that make any sense like seriously you shouldn’t be doing that because your married so that’s a dumb strategy to begin with. One minute your sacrificing yourself for Kenny then the next min you don’t want to go home. Your only trying save Kenny over yourself because he admitted to you he’s gay. Make up your mind. She is so pitiful and I use to like her I don’t know She is a real Bitch. What about your family? Why did you sign up if you wasn’t going to try to win and give your spot to someone else.

ihate sarah

strategy my ass…lol..i figured thats what she would say…
know the question everyone dumb enough to believe her?

another name

wow, so glad yet another production interference wasn’t awarded to the same side yet again to show just how biased the game manipulation is. oh, wait, she’s on that side now, isn’t she? yeah, like that outcome wasn’t predicted when the twist was announced. face. palm. and write the cheque out to production, winner of big brother. go ahead, tell me it was chance that allison found the first clue. blink blink. because i’ll buy that.


Hmm…the war room, eh? Well at least it is still a secret to the rest of the house for now. I am not sure if this is even for a veto. It might be a Pandora’s Box…or she might get to go use the room to spy on other house guests for a certain amount of time…like anytime for the next two weeks. Or maybe there IS just a veto sitting there. I know…she has to choose between taking the veto or using the room to spy. We shall see…

Pretty huge coincidence that Allison is the one to find the clues, since she is the only one to know about the war room…


Feeds are back and Jon and crew are up in HOH wondering why Allison is still in the DR. (So they think.) So, if there is a Pandora’s Box associated with the war room/veto…it hasn’t been activated yet.


Allison came back into house through DR. Went right up to bedroom and hid what sounded like a veto on side of her bed.


THAT WAS SUCH A RIGGED HOH ON 2NITES EPISODE Sarah was right the buttons only worked for the weak and not the strong you were supposed 2 answer after the question was asked not before or you would get rejected however JON AND HEATHER AND NEDA pressed the button during the question and got it and none of First 5 did. ITS SO OBIVIOUS PRODUCTION IS SABOTAGING SHAME ON YOU BB GO KENNY.


So excited alison is getting the secret veto. Hopefully she will use it to help her game even more and use all that pain from loosing andrew as fuel to her fire! GO GIRL!


Me when the end of the episode said “who will win the Power of Veto and take THEMSELVES off the block?”

American Fan Lexx

I cant believe Sabrina wears a 2 piece bathing suit and thinks it’s okay. Like girl you got a gut. Sarah wears a 1 piece and she is smaller then you. Take a hint and maybe think about wearing a 1 piece too.


That’s incredibly rude!
Don’t like her body??? Don’t look at it!!!
She is a bitch but she doesn’t deserve that, no one is perfect not even you 😀


If I was on Big Brother I would make a point of not wearing makeup and not shaving, and I’d have late night morality and philosophy talks to the cameras. I’m not sure viewers would like it, but I would still make a point, and a good one in my opinion.


Allison is really not that bad…
I’m actually starting to like her
Hope she joins jon adel heather and neda!!!!


Allison hasn’t made moves because she hasn’t had the chance. Show us what u got girl!


Sabrina can wear a two pieces if she want good for her if she is confortable in her skin wr cannot all look like f**king toothpick .


IN other news BRock lesnar just ended the streak!!!!!


The designer of the war room told Gary during a tour of the room.That under the floor was a hidden place.Maybe that is were the Veto is hidden.


Sure would like it if Allison got a super veto that vetoed Kenny’s and took herself off the block but left Kenny there. And then Heather could put Sarah up beside her boy….would be interesting to see (as some on here have already ?’d) if Sarah would out Kenny’


and isn’t the number 3 bar still crooked but the door still opened…wtf?


Arisa said on the show 2 episodes ago when ika was evicted that once they reached 6mil views there would be a hidden veto with a clues hidden around the house


So could Alison put Kenny up??


If it is some power then i am sorry that is riddiculus why don’t they just give alison the win this game is getting more and more not fair


Maybe Allison found the clues because when she saw the flowers, she was the only one smart enough to think they were there for a reason. Neda noticed them, looked at one and quickly went on to other things. No one else even bothered with the flowers. In the BB house, anything different should always be carefully examined but the rest forgot that.

Allison followed the clue to the puck in the pool and the rest didn’t even bother with the puck because there were a bunch of them there the other day, so no big deal if one was left but Allison decided to look. She now had 2 clues but instead of getting excited, she acted normal, talking to the Gremlins and others so as not to draw attention to herself.

Each clue led her to the next so she was very careful not to be seen doing the searching and Sabrina getting her wax job with nearly everyone watching made her search easier.

Once she got to the wall, even if production did help her, she had already done the majority of the work so it was a matter of time before she figured out how those bars worked.

I’m glad she found the secret room and just hope she uses her power wisely, no matter which side she picks. I’m sure she will be told exactly what the power does and will weigh her best chances to advance her own game, not anyone else’s.


When is Marsha making her big return again?

Maybe Marsha has something to do with this …. too many theories running through my mind right now!

American Fan Lexx

your right that was rude. she is a bitch but im glad she feels comfortable in her skin. She not even big. I was just being a bitch

ihate sarah

i love how kenny and sarah say jon is playing with his emotions and how dumb that is but HELLO sarah you are the one that is playing with your emotions which is why your game is over aka..your love for kenny(sinking ship) and your hate for heather(hoh) stupid game play!


Would be funny if they had Nate or Scott waiting in there for her. Then tricked her in to thinking that they were there to replace her because her approval rating had dropped to much lol.


so who the target now? Rachelle or Sarah?


That’s some Indiana Jones shit right there!!