Interview with Shaw Media’s Barbara Williams on bringing “Big Brother” to Canada!

With the Big Brother Canada premiere date of February 27th fast approaching more and more information will be released as we get closer. As you can see from the photo below that was released of the diary room as well as all the other construction photos, the construction of the new house that is being built on a production set in Toronto is well underway. Also, take a look at the first of many to come newly released Big Brother Canada Commercials.

Shaw Media’s senior VP of content Barbara Williams’s interview about the new Canadian version of Big Brother, its potential to be successful and the challenges in creating the show.

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Big Brother Canada Commercial “The Biggest Show in Canadian History”

The First batch of Big Brother Canada Commercial aired today during the Survivor Finale. One showed casting events and said only 14 will Make the cut. The Commercial boasts Big Brother Canada will be “The Biggest Show in Canadian History” with the “Biggest Competitions”, “Biggest Evictions” and “The Biggest Betrayals”.. The the other commercial has Boogie and Dr Will doing their “Ring Ring” …. “Chill town” … “Hosers EH!” Thing.

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FIRST LOOK Inside The Big Brother Canada House!

The premiere of the first season of Big Brother Canada is just around the corner with a tentative date set for February 18th, 2013. With the completion of the BB Canada casting calls the only other major item to finish is the house in which the house guests will live. Construction of the Big Brother Canada house has begun in a Mississauga, Ontario studio and we are now getting the very FIRST LOOK inside the house that 14 strangers will compete to win the $100,000 grand prize. Below is the video of Entertainment Tonight (ET) Canada giving us the first glimpse of the BB house and the progress of the construction. Much like the US version, the Big Brother Canada house is being built on set. The house guests will have an indoor backyard that will simulate the times of day through a “soft box” that will cast light and shadows to mimic the sun. I believe it will make the house guests time inside the house that much harder without fresh air ability to lay out and suntan but with a February start date the Ontario weather would still be too cold for that any ways.

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Big Brother Canada Vancouver Casting Call With Hayden Moss – What to expect when you audition!

Casting for Big Brother Canada began on August 1st, 2012, where reality TV hopefuls were able to submit their audition video online. Today marked the first day for the in-person casting call auditions where the first stop in the cross Canada casting process was held at the Vancouver Convention Centre.
The Big Brother Canada casting directors are looking to hand pick individuals to create a diverse cast, much like cast we have seen on the 14 seasons the US edition of Big Brother.

What the casting directors are looking for:

Big Brother Canada is in search of extroverts, conformists, risk takers, adventurers, romantics, leaders, plotters and planners, and those who don’t mind a little healthy competition. If you’re ready to strategize with fellow Canadians living in a house packed with cameras watching your every move, Big Brother Canada wants to hear from you.

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Big Brother Canada Casting Call RULES / Dates / Times / And Locations!

If you live in Canada, the Big Brother Canada casting calls are starting soon in a city near you. Beginning in Vancouver, B.C., on September 23rd, the casting directors will be setting up to interview you in 5 cities across Canada over following 3 weeks. If you already submitted your online application or if you were waiting to audition live, then this is your opportunity to meet with casting directors to show them why you deserve to be cast.

The casting directors have laid out some rules for you to follow for you to be at the top of your game, so don’t mess up your shot! Here are the rules / suggestions to help make you not look like a fool:

  1. DO NOT line up before 6am. Seriously, they’ll send you away, so why bother getting up earlier than you need to?
  2. AVOID excess baggage, in particular, chairs. Since you aren’t arriving before 6am you really shouldn’t need to bring seating. Plus it’s a fire hazard and the last thing you want is to be hauled off because you didn’t follow the fire regulations!
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Open Casting Calls for Big Brother Canada are coming to a city near YOU!

Get READY Canadian Big Brother FANS! Big Brother Canada is coming to a city near you to cast for the very first Canadian Edition of Big Brother. Start getting your audition tapes ready!
Insight Productions and Shaw Media have announced that the national casting call for the series will begin on August 1st, 2012! You must be a Canadian citizen and at least 19 years old to apply. The Big Brother Canada premiere date has been tentatively set for February 18th, 2012. After the announcement of the series, Executive Producer John Burton was overwhelmed with the response he recieved from Big Brother cast and host hopefuls, so it is sure to be a hit reality series just like the US version!

“Big Brother has been a top performer on Global for over a decade. Canadians love this format and we are so excited to offer them the chance to participate in the newest edition right here on our own turf,” said Barbara Williams, Senior Vice President of Content, Shaw Media. “By offering applicants the option to apply online and in person, we’re ensuring that no matter where you live, everyone has an opportunity to apply.”

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Big Brother Canada

Big Brother Canada Start Date Tentatively Set February 18 2013

We couldn’t of been more excited when we found out Canada was finally getting it’s own Big Brother Series. Finally information is release about the Time Line, Format, Casting and Start date is known so we can start planning on how we are going to apply and get Simon and Dawg on the show. The Format so far looks the same, no word about feeds. From the press release the game rules looks like a duplicate to the US version.

Big Brother Canada Casting

  • July 2012 through January 2013
  • Casting call to coincide with premiere
    of Big Brother on Global
  • Teasers air beginning July 12
  • Online casting submissions
  • Cross-country tour September

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Entertainment Tonight Canada: Announces Big Brother Canada (Video)

After the press release of Big Brother Canada a few days ago, the news has been spreading like crazy through various media channels. Not surprisingly, Entertainment Tonight Canada (ET Canada) announced the news on a recent edition of their show. The show is sure to be a success as it is still probably about a year away from premièring and is already getting a lot of attention. The executive producer from Insight Productions recently spoke about the overwhelming response he has gotten from Big Brother Canada hopeful contestants and hosts vying for their opportunity. One thing is certain, if you are planning to apply to be on the first season of big brother Canada, make sure you stand out and leave a lasting impression.

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Big Brother Canada Executive Producer John Burton

Big Brother Canada – Executive Producer John Burton Overwhelmed by Response

Less than 24 hours after the press release regarding the newly scheduled Big Brother Canada edition, John Brunton the executive producer says that he has already been overwhelmed with hopeful hosts and contestants.

The Chief Executive Officer of Insight Production, John Burton, says:

“What’s amazing we’ve just had the most bizarrely aggressive response since that press release went out yesterday. I think I’ve had 10 emails already from people that want to host the show, some known and others who have been in the news lately, and we’ve got hundreds of emails from people that want to be in the show. People have been sending photos in. Weird photos. I know Canadians are considered to be shy, but we definitely aren’t seeing that.”

Burton stated that the company had their first pre-production meeting about the new series on Thursday. He says that they are hoping to begin shooting early in 2013 at a location somewhere in Toronto. Burton continues saying that he is looking forward to casting and says that it is the absolute key to any reality TV show.

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Big Brother Canada

The Very First Canadian Edition of Big Brother Set to Air 2012/2013

We are super excited to announce that Canada will be coming out with its own edition of Big Brother!

Shaw Media just announced that it has sealed the deal with Endemol to create the very first edition of Big Brother Canada. The Canadian Production company Insight Productions will soon start production of the internationally popular Big Brother sensation. The first ever season of Big Brother Canada is scheduled to air exclusively on Slice during the 2012/2013 television broadcast season.

The Big Brother franchise has been hugely successful over the years and now in 2011 there have been 25 aired formats in 87 countries, with more countries being added each year. The widely popular Big Brother US edition has consistently recorded high ranking on the Canadian TV Network Global over the past 13 seasons. The 14th season of Big Brother US will première on July 12th, 2012.

Barbara Williams, Senior Vice President of Content, Shaw Media says:

“Big Brother has become a worldwide phenomenon and we’re proud to team up with Endemol and Insight Productions to launch the fan favourite format in Canada.The production of this format is hugely exciting as it takes us into unchartered territory, filming live around-the-clock and enabling fans to interact with the series in ways we’ve never explored before.”

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