POV Results – Sabrina “The New Girl is Easy.. look at her she’s not pretty”

POV Holder: IKA Next POV ?
POV Used ? POV Ceremony March 17
HOH Winner: IKA Next HOH: March 20
Original Nominations: Paul & Heather
Current Nominations: ?
Last Evicted Houseguest Kyle, Anick
Have Nots Jon, Allison, Paul

POWER OF VETO Players are: Ika, Heather, Paul, Andrew, Neda, Arlie
Power of veto winner: IKA

Big-Brother-Canada-2 2014-03-15 21-10-59-806

Big-Brother-Canada-2 2014-03-15 21-11-48-158

12:12Am Jon and NEda Counting Votes..

12:15Am HOH Rachelle and Sabrina

Rachelle Tells her she can trust her with her life.
Sabrina crying “She’s (New girl) always with the guys and she’s always with kenny.. Kenny was grumpy and rude to me on the bench”
Andrew had confronted her about why she is so grumpy at the competition. Sabrina says where did this new girl come from.. feeds cut to hush hush

Big-Brother-Canada-2 2014-03-15 21-20-22-919

12:20AM Jon and Kenny

They both do not want to vote out Heather. They want Paul gone. Jon says NEda is really pushing for Heather to go. Kenny says they have to tell NEDA that it’ll upset the house too much. He’ll tell IKA because he does not want to vote Heather out especially since they all promised HEather she was going to stay. Kenny says IKA had this planned to make them look like Idiot.

Big-Brother-Canada-2 2014-03-15 21-27-50-203

12:30AM HOH Sabrina, IKA, NEDA, Rachelle SAbrina crying away she’s upset because of the new girls stealing away Andrew. Sabrina brings up that Andrew told her he liked her but because she was calling him her brother he lost interest. The girls say the New girl is easy.

Sabrina says she’s done with Andrew she’s not going to hug him or be around him anymore. Sabrina – “He bothers the shit out of me when he talks for 2 and a half hour” Rachelle and Sabrina are also feeling left out with Sarah they mention she spends all her time with the guys.

Sarah joins them and the Allison/Heather bashing starts..

Big-Brother-Canada-2 2014-03-15 21-52-58-803

bandicam 2014-03-15 22-00-16-297

12:58AM Andrew and Allison Andrew tells her to get in with the girls she is safe with the guys he’ll make sure of it, “I like YOu”
Allison says whenever she sites beside a group of girls they all walk away.
Allison says when the girls said they liked her it felt like a lie. Andrew understands says the girls are threatened by her. Allison says she never touched the cigarettes it’s someone trying to frame her. Andrew – “I wouldn’t chalk it up to anything they (Smokes) will turn up”
Andrew says it’s obvious she doesn’t know anything about the house if she did they wouldn’t have given her immunity plus he doesn’t get the vibe that she’s been told any special information.

Part One

Part Two

Big-Brother-Canada-2 2014-03-15 22-09-56-188

1:13AM HOH NEDA, IKA, Sarah and Racehlle

NEda tells them to stop bashing Heather so much and let her last few days in the house to be happy. Sarah and IKA agree.

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I feel like I’m back in middle school with the petty girl drama. What a mess they are! It will be fun to watch Sabrina melt down. Allison is unfortunately toast if she doesn’t win HOH.


Big Beother Canada is extremly boring. No one makes big moves, and everyone votes the same! When does Big Brother Canada Us start? Anyone?


I apologize for the spelling errors. Whem does big brother america start?


You’d probably want to stick with BB CA.

BB USA is horrible. I don’t know if they have a low budget or what, but their house sucks, the DR sucks, and they really need to expand on the amount of “diversity” on the show. Julie Chen needs to be replaced. The only thing that is interesting is the competitions (some times).

…and i’m not even Canadian.


Julie Chen is the best big brother robot of all time!!!


Did you WATCH BB15??? ‘No one makes a big move’ – you must be kidding.


It just began, it will get better. It won’t be worse than BB15 and I bet when BB15 was on you were wishing that BBCAN would be back lol


Sabrina is just pissed off that Allison is changing the game for her and I am glad that Ika won POV, proving herself in the house.


Seriously, these women in this house have yet to leave high school. If I was in a house that all the chicks did was cry, gossip, and complain about who was near a guy they liked, I would self evict, like walk right out the door! Sanity is more important!




HAHA that would be unexpected, but I certainly HOPE NOT.

I don’t know if its his character or gameplay, but him and Heather just …bug.

Sabrinas Mental Breakdown

LOL LOL LOL Sabrina doesn’t even care about the $100 grand, she should just self evict and find herself a man with a $ 100 grand. For God sakes just spare us from your mental breakdown about a man that’s always looking for the bigger, better deal in women and one that doesn’t even like women LOL.


sabrina chasing men she suppose to be chasing the money .. i am over sabrina always crying without any tears


The house should just go against Ika and vote Paul out, she is out next week anyway so what does it matter if they piss her off? Yeah allison is not pretty….keep telling yourself that Sabrina Maybe they are just pissed that she actually care about hygiene


Even if all Allison does this season is to make Sabrina miserable……she was a fantastic addition to the cast.

When Sabrina went after Adele and Heather, there was no backlash. I’m curious to see what happens now that Andrew is into Allison, and Kenny is already annoyed by her (Sabrina). She’s going to try the same smear campaign tactics, but I don’t think it’s going to work. I can’t wait…..


You brought up a good point.

Miss M

I had such high hopes for Allison & she has been such a disappointment!


Good grief – Ika sure can go on and on and on!! – must be first time in her life she’s had power over anything – shut her down.


I wonder where Paul and Adel are? Those 2 crack me up, Adel is always rippin Paul a new one. It would halarious if one of those 2 won HOH next week.


“Sabrina brings up that Andrew told her he liked her but because she was calling him her brother he lost interest. The girls say the New girl is easy.” But Sabrina this shouldn’t matter you said andrew already admitted to liking you right 😉

I must also admit, I thought Allison would be very vanilla and boring but she turned out to make the house alot more dynamic than I would have imagined. I think she was the right choice. I don’t think scott would have twisted things up like this.


Seriously are these girls recruited out of high school? It’s funny to watch Sabrina cry and complain about being left out when that’s the exact same thing she has been doing to other people. What goes around comes around haha!

I agree Allison has been worth it just for the fact she is breaking up Sabrina from Andrew.


I decided to give BBC2 a second change because Alison entered the house. Not only has she been major disappointment but the initial reasons why I gave up have probably got worse. Once again I just can’t watch anymore. It’s painful viewing.

I hope that Jon, Arlie, Kenny and Adel all wipe the floor with these other people. I’ll be back for BB16.


I don’t even know what to say about group of women. They’re in their late twenties, early 30s and they’re ganging up on Heather, who has never bashed them personally and the poor girl still thinks that they are friends. It’s sad to watch. Ika and Sarah are mothers too, which makes them even more pathetic.


Ika = POV

I’m all for anything that keeps Adel here another week. He’s turning out to be a pretty nice guy on the show. In a different way he reminds me of Andrew BB Can 1. If he can just get 1/2 way or even jury he may be able to reposition himself as Andrew did last season with the stooges. Jon. Neda & Adel = Stooges 2 🙂 🙂 I can only hope!

We could see a little something on Thursday if Brina doesn’t start thinking and stop the freaking crying. Andrew and Kenny are pretty clear they want Heather here. There are 13 in the house that’s 10 votes to evict. Lets assume Ika votes out Heather in a tie. 6 votes needed to save. Kenny Andrew and Arlie bye Paul. Jon and Neda cancel 1 to 1 or Jon votes with Neda? Then there is Sarah/Brina which should vote as a block. Do the vote out Heather against the guys wishes? Not sure they have the guts to do that but here”s where I think the vote stands tonight.

Heather evicted- Adel, Rachelle, Neda

Paul evicted- Kenny, Andrew, Arlie

Left are Jon, Allison, Brina and Sarah

Jon voting with Neda really is not needed as it won’t get you to 5. Allison you figure will follow the boys but even if Jon votes Paul as well that’s not 6 votes! Heathers eviction hinges on Brina/Sarah. They vote with the 3 above queen Ika casts the desiding vote. The pawn leaving seems about 50/50 ATM. Brina gotta stop crying like a little baby long enough to figure out what she is doing.

Lets see how long it takes Brina to bring up backdoor Adel tomorrow! Hope Ika does not go with that BS. Evicting Heather is better for her game than Paul or Adel IMO.


I hate Sarah, She is so evil and bitter.

Who sang the song to Sabrina about going downstairs to catch Andrew and Allison Making out? Arlie?
lmao who ever did that was evil


Hey Simon, who are POV players on week 3?


Ika, Heather, Paul, Neda, Andrew, Arlie


BIANCA….it was Paul that sang the song to Sabrina. It was worth it. She sure can’t take it. These girls are unreal, and all are so immature. They have nothing to say that is worth listening to. SARAH, you should know better. A mother who should be setting an example for your girls, and after three days you are still so rude as to refer to ALLISON as “New Girl”. You are a piece of work!!!