New Super alliance is formed “Box of wine Debutantes and the keg stand Bourgeoisie”

4:20pm bathroom Frank and JOJO YO
JOJO is talking about Jordan and who would of thought that she was going to win Big Brother 11, She thinks Jeff had something to do with it. JoJo Then mentions Porsche and how far she got in the game last year. She thinks that anything can happen in the game. Frank starts to hint about the players not doing what the Mentors say. JOJO thinks there will be a twist coming up switches up the teams. Frank doesn’t know but is sure that a twist will change the mentors rolls in the game. JOJO loves everyone in the house even “little Ian” even though she’s certain he’s scared of her.. JOJO laughs says that Ian is going to be getting girls after this. Frank goes one about the Mentors needing them more than they need the mentors.

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Live Feed Update – Dan Instructed Danielle to throw the POV Competition to Kara

2:58pm HOH Willie, Shane, Britney, Joe, JOJO and Janelle. Britney is saying that Frank is going to be very week with Skill competitions, She’s trying to convince them that Kara will be the tougher competitor. They start chatting about the POV how they had to run around collecting coins. The general conclusion of the bunch is that Danielle and Kara are very stupid.
Britney: “Dan has those girls brainwashed”
Willie: “Danielle is a WAY better player than Kara though”
Britney starts to impesonate DAN saying how he told Danielle to sabatoge the other players during the POV so that Kara could win it. The group laughs at this, eveyone is calling Danuielle Brainwashed.
Britney: “Hey JOJO what would you do if I came up to you and told you to throw the POV competition”
JOJO: “I would be insulted”
Britney Calls Dan and Danielle a idiot for trying to get Kara to win the POV, Brit: “Didn’t they know if Kara goes off the Block Danielle goes up”
Janelle and Joe leave. JOJO, Willie and Brit are explaining to Shane how if Kara leaves this week Dan will be over in the game. If they get rid of Frank then Boogie is coming after them.

Jenn walk in.. Willie quickly tells her they need a couple more minutes in private so Jenn leaves.
Britenay: “She is SO fricken annoying.. she’s the biggest sneak”

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Big Brother 14 Power Of Veto Results

The Power Of Veto Players were: Shane, Willie, Frank, Wil, Danielle, and Kara. With Jojo as the host of the competition.

SHANE has WON the Power of Veto!

Britney, Willie, Jojo and Shane are in the HOH talking. Britney says that we need to be really wishy washy about what we are going to do. We don’t want them to know what we are going to do. Britney says that we have both the HOH and Power of Veto in our hands. Shane has the Power of Veto in his hands. Shane won the POV! The competition was about getting coins in slots. They talk about how Danielle was stacking the coins for Frank and that they were working together. Britney says that Shane won with quarters and nickels. Britney says that even with them cheating they couldn’t win!

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The First Big Brother 14 Power of Veto Competition is Happening NOW!

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11:25am Danielle and Kara are in the Have-not room talking. Kara says that it’s hard being on the block, it’s so stressful. Danielle says that she genuinely cares about Kara and she doesn’t want her to be mad at her since she is her teammate. Kara says she had a conversation with Wil and it upset her. Danielle says that she doesn’t want to smother her. Kara says Wil told her that Joe wouldn’t go up if Frank wins power of veto, that it would be Danielle or Jenn. Kara says she tried to make a deal with Willie but doesn’t think he trusts that she won’t put him up next week if she wins HoH. Danielle tells Kara about how she was just talking to Willie and tells Kara her conversation. Danielle says that if something really bad happens and I just bomb this …trust me I am not throwing it. Kara asks do you really think I would stay over Jenn. Danielle says yes. Kara says that she feels safer up on the block against Frank than anyone else. Kara says that it scares her every time she sees Frank go up to the HOH, because she knows he’s up there trying to make a deal with Willie.

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Big Brother 14 Janelle says if Boogie got released into the game it would be a blood bath

9:55am Dan and Kara are in the bathroom talking. Dan is coaching her to go up and talk to Willie and offer him a deal that he’ll be safe for a week if he keeps her. Kara says that it’s hard because there is always so many people up there. Dan says that he knows, but that she needs to go talk to him. Kara says that she’ll go up after she finishes her makeup. Jojo joins then and starts doing her makeup. Dan leaves and Jojo comments that he is such a good coach to them.

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Janelle and Britney are up in the HOH room talking. They discuss how they would much rather keep Dan in the house because he is nice and won’t rub a win in your face. Janelle says that she doesn’t know what Dan was thinking picking all the girls before a physical competition. Janelle says that she got good picks because Dan made a bad move. Britney wonders whether Dan picked the three girls to slide under the radar for the first few weeks. Janelle says that if later on in the game in the next part and the coaches do get to play in the game … then if that does happen and Boogie is released into the game it would be a blood bath. Janelle wonders if that did happen if the guys would go over to his side. Britney says no as long as we keep up our slander campaign. Janelle says that the smear campaign worked for us.

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First Morning in the Big Brother 14 House: Ashley is Messed UP!

7:25am Ashley and Willie wake up in the HOH bed and she asks him if he can get her an ice pack for her back. Willie goes down to the storage room and grabs one for her. While he is gone she lays out on the HOH bed and rubs cream on her lower back. When he comes back she thanks him for the ice pack. Willie asks her how her back is and she says its better. She asks him what time it is and he says early, let’s go back to sleep. Willie says he needs to go back to because he has to compete today.

7:55am Jojo is up and in the kitchen eating breakfast. After she finishes eating she does the dishes. Shane joins her in the kitchen and complains about having to sleep in the have-not room. He says he feels like he’s an old man. Jojo says she feels gross having to sleeping next to Boogie. Shane comment that he hopes the POV competition is early. Jojo says that she hope she gets to be involved. Shane says you’re the host, you’ll be involved. Jojo says yeah I just hope that I get to do more than sit there. Boogie joins them in the kitchen. They all wish they could go out into the backyard. They comment on how they can hear them working on setting up the POV competition.

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Big Brother 14: Britney “You get rid of the guy with mastodon thighs…not the model chick”

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2:03am Frank, Kara and Jenn.

Frank is really talking it up.. telling the girls that the coaches are playing their own game and trying to get the new players to do what they want. They are “rallying us together”  Frank adds that “Mike” had it all figured out.

Kara tells him that her coach and his coach are making them a HUGE target because everyone seems to want to get rid of them. Frank understands and says that they need to remind the entire house that they are working for themselves they are playing their own game.

Kara: “you trust Boogie .. is he a good coach?”
Frank: “I don’t need to trust Boogie.. he doesn’t have a vote.. he’s just an adviser for us he can’t win HOH next week”

Frank: “his (Boogie)  fate is tied to mine my fate isn’t tied to his, They can’t win without us but we can win without them” Jen points out that the water is going to get hot with the coaches, 100K is a lot of money

Frank: “A coach is a bad name for it…  they are more an adviser because in  team scenario a coach will get us to do what they want us to do but in this scenario they just advise us”

Frank: “I’m telling YA they need us we don’t need them”
Jenn: “we’re the golden egg”

Frank leaves.

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Big Brother 14 Live Feed Screen Captures – July 12th, 2012 Updated LIVE!

Big Brother 14 live feed Gallery. Each minute we take a series of screen captures from each Live Feed cam in the house and upload them to our Gallery every 10 minutes. This system runs 24/7 expect thousands and thousands of Screen Captures every day.

Today was the first day of the Big Brother 14 Life Feeds. This season is shaping up to be one for the ages. There is 4 returning “Coaches” Dan, Britney, Janelle, and Boogie accompanied by 3 new players each. Dan has already lost a player (Jodi) and Willie a person being advised by Britney is the Winner of this weeks HOH. Kara and Frank are nominated for eviction with Frank being the current target.

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Big Brother 14 Janelle: I’m sick of Boogie upstairs talking to Willie, he’s so easily manipulated.

12:10am Frank and Jenn are talking in the kick’s room. Frank says that it could be you and I up there together and common sense would mean I go home. Frank says that he has been trying to drop Joes name here and there. Frank says that he thinks he can rally the votes. Frank starts talking about Ian, ..that he’s a sweet kid just here to collect his stipend check and for the experience. Jenn says yeah this is one of his favourite tv shows. Frank says that he is having trouble thinking that they would want to get me out over Kara.
12:20am Mike, Britney, Ashley and Willie are up in the HOH room chatting about what a great twist this was and with having the team win HOH. Mike says because it gets lonely up here some times. Willie asks Britney what would you rather unlimited amount of liquor or to be a have not for the entire season. Ian joins them and they ask him if he made another pot of coffee. Ian says no just water, I was running around like a howler monkey. Dan joins them.

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Big Brother 14 Spoilers – Britney “Boogie woke up this morning and decided to start playing the game”

10:50pm HOH Room Janelle, JOJO YO, Britney, Jen, Kara

They are joking around why Wil won’t hang out with them and drink. The general consensus is that Wil feels bad if he drinks while the other guys get to feel miserable in the Kitchen. JOJO points out that Wil has a P*** that’s why he’s not drinking with them. Talk drifts to Ashely and how she’s been felling bad lately. Jenn says Ashley is on her period and is a Have nots, “she’s not in a good place right now”. The girls are getting rowdy especially JOJO. they start asking each other who would they like to sleep with in the Big Brother House. JOJO says no one in the house, she didn’t come onto the show to be in a romance. She then jokes, JOJO’s type of guy is a “Bad boys with the big cocks” FEEDS CUT when they come back she jokes “Bad boys with a good heart”.

They start playing never have I Ever.. JoJO starts “never have I ever Fu****d your boss”. Ian walks into the room.. they change it to Never have I ever Had S$X on the first date. .. Ian Leaves.

11:10pm Arcade Room Dan and Danielle Dan is talking game with Danielle. He Brings up Britney being a catty girl. Danielle doesn’t like Britney she calls her a liar. Dan is really building her up saying she’s a strong player, smart

11:40pm Dan and Kara are in the Stereo room talking. Kara and Dan are talking about the girls being on their period. Dan asks Kara to tell him when they are on it so that he knows.

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Big Brother Spoilers – Nomination Results JoJO:”if you eat gummy bears you will lose weight”

10:10pm Have Nots – Janelle, Jojo, Wil, Ashely talking about the nominations. Frank and Kara have been put up for Evictions. They feel bad for kara because she doesn’t know what she’s doing. Kara and Frank have been nominated for eviction. It’s pretty obvious that Britney and Janelle’s Teams are working together. Kara joins them and they start chatting about the Alcohol they have been drinking. Kara points out that Dan is Light Weight because after he had one drink his eyes got droopy. We also find out that the Have nots this week are Ashley, ian and Danielle. They briefly talk about Willie targeting Frank this week. Talk drifts to eating and gaining weight. JoJO:”if you eat gummy bears you will loose weight”. They head to the kitchen table to play games.

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Big Brother 14 First Episode ONE Twists revealed and First HOH Results

It’s finally here BB14. We know the cast contains 12 New players and from leaks we know that there are 4 “Mentors” who have played in previous seasons, they are Britney Hayes from BB12, Dan Gheesling BB10, Janelle Pierzina Mike BB 6,7 and “Booger” Malin from BB 2,7.

Big Brother 14 Episode 1 Twists

Julie Chen’s “The 4 legends are not here to play the regular Big Brother Game they are here to coach it.”

Summers First competition Send One houseguests packing before they even unpack their bags. … each BB14 Legend gets to pick 3 houseguests and will Mentor them throughout the season. If one of their protegee wins the Mentor wins 100K and the houseguests wins 500K

The coaches pick their players

Britney picks: 1) Shane 8) Willie 9) JoJO
Boogie picks: 2) Frank 7) Ian 10) Jen
Janelle Picks: 3) Wil 6) Ashely 11) Joe
Dan Picks: 4) Kara 5) Danielle 12) Jodie

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