Big Brother 14 Spoilers – Britney “Boogie woke up this morning and decided to start playing the game”

POV Holder: ? Next POV: July ???
POV Used ? POV Ceremony July ??? (Mon)
HOH Winner: Willie (Mon) Next HOH: July 19 (Thurs)
Original Nominations: ??? and ???
Current Nominations: Frank and Kara
Have Nots /Slop Ian, Ashley

10:50pm HOH Room Janelle, JOJO YO, Britney, Jen, Kara

They are joking around why Wil won’t hang out with them and drink. The general consensus is that Wil feels bad if he drinks while the other guys get to feel miserable in the Kitchen. JOJO points out that Wil has a P*** that’s why he’s not drinking with them. Talk drifts to Ashely and how she’s been felling bad lately. Jenn says Ashley is on her period and is a Have nots, “she’s not in a good place right now”. The girls are getting rowdy especially JOJO. they start asking each other who would they like to sleep with in the Big Brother House. JOJO says no one in the house, she didn’t come onto the show to be in a romance. She then jokes, JOJO’s type of guy is a “Bad boys with the big cocks” FEEDS CUT when they come back she jokes “Bad boys with a good heart”.

They start playing never have I Ever.. JoJO starts “never have I ever Fu****d your boss”. Ian walks into the room.. they change it to Never have I ever Had S$X on the first date. .. Ian Leaves.

11:10pm Arcade Room Dan and Danielle Dan is talking game with Danielle. He Brings up Britney being a catty girl. Danielle doesn’t like Britney she calls her a liar. Dan is really building her up saying she’s a strong player, smart

11:40pm Dan and Kara are in the Stereo room talking. Kara and Dan are talking about the girls being on their period. Dan asks Kara to tell him when they are on it so that he knows.

11:20pm HOH Willie and Britney Briteny is telling him how dangerous Boogie is. Willie seems to think that Frank isn’t close with Boogie. Britney “Boogie is lying to you” she’s explains that Frank has been running around doing Boogie’s dirty work all day. She keeps re-iterating how dangerous Boogie is, she really wants Willie to do well in this game. Britney points out that every competition he can beat Kara but she’s unsure that he can beat Frank in every competition, “You gotta start thinking Long Term”

Britney “Boogie his getting to you”.. “Boogie woke up this morning and decided to play this game”.. “Frank is brainwashed by Boogie”

Britney counts the players for him saying that They have six on their side, if they take out one of Boogie’s players they have the numbers. Willie is worried that taking Frank out puts him in a bad spot further in the game. Britney completely disagrees says that Boogie and Frank have gotten to Willie. Willie swears

Britney: “Did boogie creep you out a little bit?”
Willie: “No way.. he has no influence in what I’m going to do”
Willie says that Dan is someone he’s worried about, he knows that Dan is a HUGE LIAR, Britney agrees says she watched Dan’s season and knows what he does. Britney adds that Dan has talked to her about the possibility of their 2 teams working together. She says that her team has the HOH and everyone wants to work with them but next week the entire house may be against them. She again reiterates that Boogie is playing the game hard trying to cause the house to implode.

Britney starts asking questions about Willie’s conversation with Boogie wants to know exactly what Boogie has been saying. Willie says that Boogie has told him that he’s safe if Frank stay this week. Britney laughs says that everyone is lying in this game and he can’t trust a single person. She tried to make him realize that Boogie will come after him but Willie doesn’t think so. Willie thinks if he keeps Frank safe this week than he’ll be OK. Britney reminds him that Willie put Frank up on the block Boogie won’t forget that.

Britney and Willie both agree that JOJO is a little much and that Boogie is SICK of her.

11:40pm HOH Britney, Ashley and Willie They start talking about how screwed Dan will be if Danielle goes home this week. Britney tells them that Dan is one sneaky player. they look at the HOH Spycam and comment how much game talk Danielle and Dan are doing in the Arcade room. They asks Ashley what’s wrong. Ashley says she’s been on pain killers all day because of her hurt back. Tells the 3 of them that the house is divided now there’s Boogie and Dan versus the rest of them.

10:50pm Britney leaves, Boogie and Ian joins Ashely and Willie in the HOH Mostly small talk. Willie presses ian a bit asking him why he hasn’t visited him much in the HOH room. Ian doesn’t really have a answer says that he’s still getting in the groove. Points out that he’s sleeping on a slab and it sucks. Willie asks if he doesn’t like him, Ian likes Willie thinks Willie is “Solid” a good southern man. Willie thanks him for the complement. Willie asks if Ian feels threaten by him. Ian fumbles says yes. Willie laughs can’t understand why.

Conversation switches to Big Brother UK, Ian is a HUGE fan and is telling them all about it.

Boogie mentions how good of a cook Joe is. everyone else agrees says he might be able to make slop taste good. (40 minutes ago britney was saying that Joe’s cooking was horrible) Kara joins them.. then leaves.. Ian asks Boogie if he’s engaged. Boogie says he’s single but has a kid.

general Chit Chat.. Ashley says she suffers from “Heavy Eyes” makes her look stoned and production is always thinking she’s falling asleep. Janelle joins them.. Willie leaves and they chat about their kids.

11:45pm Storage Room Janelle, Wil and Brintey Will is telling them he’s pissed off at JOJO for drinking his beer than laughing about it behind his back. Wil doesn’t think it’s “Cool” .. Wil: “I’ll tell her in the morning.. don’t fuck with me” Brit thinks JOJO is a bit abrasive.

They switch to talking a bit about game. They are wondering why Willie wanted to get rid of Kara yesterday and now today its Frank. Janelle says I love Willie but he’s stupid. She says that Frank is going to kill this HOV. Britney and Wil both laugh and ask HOV? Janelle says I don’t even know ..POV. Janelle says as much as I like Frank …he’s got to go! He’s got hamstrings this big! Janelle says I am not trying to vote out Danielle this week because that would be a waste. (Big Brother keeps cutting the feeds.) Britney says that she tried to sell the Dan thing to Willie. Janelle says yeah. Britney says and Kara and Danielle will want to work with us. Janelle says that all Willie needs to realize is that Boogie is coming after him. Britney says Boogie is coming after him. Janelle says if shit goes down Willie is fine to keep. (Big Brother Cuts the Feeds) Wil says that we should keep Danielle because if I’m up against her, she will go home. Wil tells them that Ian is getting on his nerves and that he come down here and told everything they had talked about.
12am Kara joins them in the storage room. Janelle leaves. Britney and Wil fill Kara in on how Ian has been acting ever since the live feeds came on. Britney leaves to go make coffee. Kara and Wil hug as Kara says that she missed him. Kara and Wil talk about who will be put up. Wil says that he doesn’t think Willie will put up Joe. Kara says that she is scared that she will be put up.

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How come every Hanz wants to target a girl?


Lol, they must be afraid of women.




@BringITon. I’m cheering for Dan too,but I also like Willie.He said he doesn’t care what Britney says,he’s not going to listen to her.Lol.


Ashley really looks like she’s in bad shape.


Dawg or Simon, what is the onlinebigbrother twitter handle?

Beyonce fan

Team janelle