The First Big Brother 14 Power of Veto Competition is Happening NOW!

POV Holder: ? Next POV: July 14 (Friday)
POV Used ? POV Ceremony July ??? (Mon)
HOH Winner: Willie Next HOH: July 19 (Thurs)
Original Nominations: ??? and ???
Current Nominations: Frank and Kara
Have Nots /Slop Ian, Ashley
Coach Competition Winner Boogie


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11:25am Danielle and Kara are in the Have-not room talking. Kara says that it’s hard being on the block, it’s so stressful. Danielle says that she genuinely cares about Kara and she doesn’t want her to be mad at her since she is her teammate. Kara says she had a conversation with Wil and it upset her. Danielle says that she doesn’t want to smother her. Kara says Wil told her that Joe wouldn’t go up if Frank wins power of veto, that it would be Danielle or Jenn. Kara says she tried to make a deal with Willie but doesn’t think he trusts that she won’t put him up next week if she wins HoH. Danielle tells Kara about how she was just talking to Willie and tells Kara her conversation. Danielle says that if something really bad happens and I just bomb this …trust me I am not throwing it. Kara asks do you really think I would stay over Jenn. Danielle says yes. Kara says that she feels safer up on the block against Frank than anyone else. Kara says that it scares her every time she sees Frank go up to the HOH, because she knows he’s up there trying to make a deal with Willie.


11:50am Kara tells Danielle that she thinks Janelle and Britney must have made a deal. Kara says that she can’t even take the risk or not winning and being sent home. She says that Dan told her to throw the next HoH competition but there is no way that she is going to do that. Danielle says that she can’t do this without you. Danielle says we are going to have to play hard every time. Kara tells her that she don’t want be a floater. Kara says that she knows that Wil is going to fight for the veto but he is not going to save her. Danielle says she thinks it’s a puzzle of some kind for veto today. Kara thinks it’ll be physical challenge. Kara says she has a better chance of staying against Frank. Kara leave to go get ready for the competition. Dan then joins Danielle and coaches her on how to prepare for the competition. They think it maybe a spell the longest word competition. Dan tells her that she will do great. They break up and leave the room.

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12:15pm In the kitchen, Joe tells Kara that after the power of veto competition he wants to sit down and get to know her because she is the only one in the house he hasn’t talked to yet. Dan then goes and finds Kara to give her a hug and wish her luck. Soon after Big Brother cuts the live feeds. The Power of Veto Competition is most likely staring now.

12:30pm The Feeds come back on, all of the house guests are waiting around for the competition to start. Frank and Janelle are playing a chess game. Kara, Shane, and Danielle are talking in the living room about jobs they’ve had.

12:40pm The big brother live feeds switch to TRIVIA… Power of Veto is now officially starting..

1:30pm Still TRIVIA..

2pm The House Guests are still competing ..


The Power Of Veto Players are: Shane, Willie, Frank, Wil, Danielle, and Kara. With Jojo as the host of the competition.

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Dark Horse

YES! I hope she wins too…this would be the 2nd season in a row that the model was voted out first. Not including Dan not choosing Jodi, since it appears he based it on looks alone.


I’m pretty sure Keith was not a model


I hope kara or danielle kick some butt!






Go Frank! This challenge is probably not Willie’s strong suit. Worst case scenario, Danielle wins and takes Kara off the block. Team Frank/Willie!!


@Chloe.I thought you would be on team Dan.That’s too bad.But,the scenario that you mentioned for the veto competition,might be the worse case scenario for you.But that’s exactly what I’m hoping will go down in the veto competition.I’m obviously cheering for Dan to win this entire thing.Lol.


Does anyone else think Booger looks like an elf or is it just me? LOL


he does! lol


Ya know I was thinking, they never said that once a mentors team gets eliminated they do as well (or at least I didn’t hear that). What if they do get released into the house to compete for the 500k? That would be a trip! There has to be something more to this mentor thing!!


God I hope not that would be unfair, getting in the game especially when their team has been decimated, and especially since they don’t participate in any competitions to merit them getting in the game. If a mentor loses their team they should be evicted also.

Evel Prick

Shane, Willie, and Frank might as well join together, since they would be targeted first couple of weeks


Is anybody else having video issues with the live feeds? They look very blocky on my computer this year. I have tried the low and high setting and it doesn’t affect it. The words look horrible right now during the Q&A. I used bb lite last year and it looked good but its only looping flashbacks. I also tried B3V Viewer but its only looping flashbacks also. I tried Internet Explorer and Chrome. Any suggestions?


The stream is really bad. I am using chrome. It lags and freezes a lot. Wish there was a better viewer available.


TEAM KARA & DANIELLE… but it’s friday the 13th, so they’re going to lose 🙁 cries-


Simon, did Shane & Danielle are also in have/havenots with Ian and Ashley?


If Kara lose the pov. The model curse continues!


I’m rooting for Danielle to win the POV, so she can take Kara off and so she’ll be safe for the week as well.

Red Lampshade

I want to see Danielle win and see Kara. It’ll be less interesting to me if Dan is down to only one houseguest after one week. Otherwise, hoping to see Ian do well and hoping that Britney can prove she belongs with the other Mentors.


Yeeee Hawww! Hey Simon & Dawg…not sure if you remember from last year or not (I don’t comment a lot), but I’m so happy to be spending another BB Summer with you! (And the regular gang o’ BB fans.) 🙂

We finally have BB After Dark in Canada, and after watching my first episode last night, I have a whole new appreciation for what you guys do. The three hours I watched (from the one camera) made me wonder how on earth you guys can make it look so easy transcribing from four cameras each and every day. No matter how you get it done, I’m so glad you do! 🙂

I’m definitely enjoying this season so far…can’t wait to see how it plays out.


Hey WytchyD glad you’re back!


So far I think this season is going to be really good. Us diehard fans need a good season! Thanks Simon and Dawg for the awesome job you do!