Big Brother Spoilers – Nomination Results JoJO:”if you eat gummy bears you will lose weight”

POV Holder: ? Next POV: July ???
POV Used ? POV Ceremony July ??? (Mon)
HOH Winner: Willie (Mon) Next HOH: July 19 (Thurs)
Original Nominations: ??? and ???
Current Nominations: Frank and Kara
Have Nots /Slop Ian, Ashley


Alrighty people here we go another start of Big Brother.. see you on the other side.

10:10pm Have Nots – Janelle, Jojo, Wil, Ashely talking about the nominations. Frank and Kara have been put up for Evictions. They feel bad for kara because she doesn’t know what she’s doing. Kara and Frank have been nominated for eviction. It’s pretty obvious that Britney and Janelle’s Teams are working together. Kara joins them and they start chatting about the Alcohol they have been drinking. Kara points out that Dan is Light Weight because after he had one drink his eyes got droopy. We also find out that the Have nots this week are Ashley, ian and Danielle. They briefly talk about Willie targeting Frank this week. Talk drifts to eating and gaining weight. JoJO:”if you eat gummy bears you will loose weight”. They head to the kitchen table to play games.

10:20pm HOH Willie and Mike Boogie wants to know who Willie is going to put up if the POV is played. Boogie reminds him that Kara is the biggest. Willie doesn’t know who he would put up if the POV is played. Boogie tells him as long as Frank and Jenn don’t go home then they are good.

Willie tells him he really wants to try for the POV this week and he wants to keep the nominations the same. Boogie says his main target will be Joe if his team wins HOH next week. Boogie really wants to work with Willie. Boogie says he has a reputation for being a conniving player but he will gain nothing losing the trust of Willie. Willie doesn’t want to be the joke this season (Like Erica season 7)…

10:37pm Boogie and Frank Storage room Boogie debriefs Frank on his conversation with Willie. They agree if Kara gets taken off the block they will try and get Danielle up..

10:45pm Bedroom Janelle, JOJO YO, and Kara Janelle is giving them a rundown of Big Brother 7 and how Chilltown was able to dominate the game. She points out to them that Chill Town had the votes for every vote. They start talking about a Mentors competition that was played earlier in the week and how Boogie won it. Janelle tells them she tried VERY HARD to win it but boogie is “just so athletic”. Wil pops his head into the room and tells them they have Alcohol. They all decide to give the Girls the Alcohol tonight and the guys can have it tomorrow. Janelle comments that Wil should drink with the girls.

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15 thoughts on “Big Brother Spoilers – Nomination Results JoJO:”if you eat gummy bears you will lose weight”

    1. It’s a fact that eating candy will help you lose weight. Allison Grodner can confirm this. Just keep on reporting the facts. Fact: Allison Grodner is afraid of pie because she can’t tell the pie crust apart from the pie tin. Fact: Allison Grodner takes Tintin shits.

  1. who were the hg that said they didnt like Brit,Janni, and Boogie in the interviews before they came into the house?

    1. The teddy bear had as much personality as Kalia and added as much to the conversation.

      And I’ll get a life once you use punctuation.

  2. I really love this moment of the game, after the first CBS broadcast. Jumping from Afterdark to the live feeds and figuring out who is aligned with who, and where my allegiances will lie. Too much fun.

    This looks to be the Season of the Blonde! I’m rooting for Brit and Lil’ Russell right away.

  3. I’m ALL about Brit’s team. She has the best chance to win it all IMO. I think that Boogie’s team is in big trouble, my opinion. If Janelle and Brit come together, and both teams act as a unit, (as much as is possible–with Brit and Janelle REALLY calling the shots), then these girls (members of their team) stand a GREAT chance of ending up in the final four.

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