Big Brother 14 Janelle says if Boogie got released into the game it would be a blood bath

POV Holder: ? Next POV: July 14 (Friday)
POV Used ? POV Ceremony July ??? (Mon)
HOH Winner: Willie Next HOH: July 19 (Thurs)
Original Nominations: ??? and ???
Current Nominations: Frank and Kara
Have Nots /Slop Ian, Ashley
Coach Competition Winner Boogie


9:55am Dan and Kara are in the bathroom talking. Dan is coaching her to go up and talk to Willie and offer him a deal that he’ll be safe for a week if he keeps her. Kara says that it’s hard because there is always so many people up there. Dan says that he knows, but that she needs to go talk to him. Kara says that she’ll go up after she finishes her makeup. Jojo joins then and starts doing her makeup. Dan leaves and Jojo comments that he is such a good coach to them.

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Janelle and Britney are up in the HOH room talking. They discuss how they would much rather keep Dan in the house because he is nice and won’t rub a win in your face. Janelle says that she doesn’t know what Dan was thinking picking all the girls before a physical competition. Janelle says that she got good picks because Dan made a bad move. Britney wonders whether Dan picked the three girls to slide under the radar for the first few weeks. Janelle says that if later on in the game in the next part and the coaches do get to play in the game … then if that does happen and Boogie is released into the game it would be a blood bath. Janelle wonders if that did happen if the guys would go over to his side. Britney says no as long as we keep up our slander campaign. Janelle says that the smear campaign worked for us.


10:20am Meanwhile in the have-not room, Kara is talking to Willie. Willie says that her and him could work together if you make it past this week. Willie tells her that she can’t go spreading that we’ve talked though. Kara says that she knows. Willie says that she needs to start thinking on her own. Kara says that for her it was good because it made her realize she needs to think on her own. Willie says I definitely think something could happen between you and I because no one would expect us working together. Willie says we will talk more about it after the veto. Kara says that she isn’t coming after him and that she wants to work with him. Willie tells her not to tell Dan what they talked about …that she should just tell him that I said I would think about it. They break up the conversation and Willie heads back up to the HOH room.

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Willie, Joe, Wil, Janelle and Britney are up in the HOH room talking. Joe tells them that Ashley has left the house to go see a doctor. The conversation goes back to talking about Kara. Willie says that he just talked with her and that he thinks Dan just told her not to do anything which is why she hasn’t talked to me till now. Willie starts complaining about not being able to smoke, that this is the worst season for smokers’s been 36 hours since we’ve been allowed outside. Willie gets called to the diary room.

Jojo comes up to join them in the HOH room. Before she enters Wil says oh god not her she just needs to stay away from me today. Jojo comes in and asks what they’re talking about? Janelle says previous seasons .. Chicken George.


10:40am Meanwhile down in the living room, Mike, Danielle, Ian, Shane, Jenn and Frank are talking about past seasons. Danielle talks about when Britney was handcuffed to Brendon and they had to get up all night for him to bath in a chum bath. After a bit Ian gets up and leaves and the others talk about how much he knows about Big Brother. They call him an encyclopedia of big brother, and that he know so much information even stuff without even having to think about it …and stuff that has nothing to do with the seasons.

10:50am Up in the HOH room, Janelle, Wil, Willie and Joe talk about Evel Dick and his season. Jojo starts asking if he has a girlfriend. Janelle tells her that he is too old for her, he’s like 50. Jojo says yeah he is …he’s mad cool though. They all get up to go get ready for the power of veto competition.

11am Meanwhile the cameras switch to show that Ashley is back in the house from seeing the doctors.  Her and Kara are talking in the kicks room. They talk about wanting to have a girl alliance and that it sucks that Kara is already up on the block.


11:10am Up in the HOH room, Britney and Willie are talking and joking around. Britney imitates Jojo when she found out that Ashley had left the house. Britney says that he had to tell her to calm down …that if she was gone for good they would have told us … she is just seeing the doctor. Frank joins then in the HOH room. They start talking about how Dan has to coach a bunch of girls and he’s not used to girls since he coaches guys. The conversation turns to talking about the have-not beds and how uncomfortable they are for them to sleep on. Britney gets called to the diary room. Willie and Frank talk about how they are ready to compete. Willie asks Frank how everyone is feeling. Frank says yeah, Joe was pretty upset this morning about his name coming up so much.
Frank tells Willie that there are no hard feelings for putting him up. Willie says there was no real reason why to put you up, I just had to put someone up. Frank says that he knows and that it’s just a game. They both head downstairs to wait for the power of veto to start. Willie joins Danielle down in the bathroom on the couch. He says what’s up sexalicious?! Danielle and him talk about the power of veto. Danielle tells Willie that Kara will not go after him or put him up. She tells him that he is just getting scared because his HOH is almost over and he can’t be HOH next week.


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julie chen

so as of now who do you guys believe is going home?


Kara (but her and Danielle are my favourite houseguests!)

Dark Horse

If the noms stay the same then I think Kara. If Kara wins POV, which I hope she does then its any ones guess.


If Kara wins veto, Jenn will go up.


Last night Wille was saying that if Kara wins today, Danielle is going up. Boogie is campaigning for Joe to go up and Dan, Brit and Janelle want Frank or Ian to go. If Danielle wins, I think he will put up Wil or Ian. I think Will is going to end up working secretly with Boogie and Frank. Jani and Brit are scared of Boogie, and Jani wants revenge. Brit needs to separate herself from that because it’s clouding her judgement.


Is Ashley is medically cleared?


Ashley wasn’t medically cleared because she died and went to heaven and I’m tucking her into bed while the oral sex happens

Dark Horse

I’m frightened that if BB does not let Willie have a cig soon…he may turn into an Evil Russell.


Sounds like they’re looking @ getting rid of Kara – I read somewhere that they found out that once all the players are eliminated the coach from that team will be eliminated as well. The odds are better if they just get rid of a team right off the bat.


Hope not! Willie better not be Russell Jr.


We will have to wait until after POV to see who would go home, but if they were smart I would say send Frank out of there!


I think this cast is way better than last years useless asskissing newbs


I think they know that Willie is a Hants because Jani asked him if thay are alloweed cigarettes
on Survioir. I dont think Wil is going to last long with all that bitchin hes doing about the beer last night and Lil’Ian better
slow down with all his BB knowledge too, that equals hugetarget.


It’s wierd that the new house guests aren’t kissing the old players butt.But for some reason Britney seems to be kissing Janelle’s butt.I think that’s wierd because Britney isn’t a new player yet she acts like it,when it comes to Janelle.I guess she just really want Janelle to like her.Lol.Does anyone know why Willie put Kara on the block?Because I don’t see a reason to put her up,unleast a little birdy(production)hinted to him,what Dan said in the diary room,about his strategy for picking girls who look sweet and then guiding them to stab the other players in the back without them realizing what happened.


Edit:I meant to say,unless.