First Morning in the Big Brother 14 House: Ashley is Messed UP!

POV Holder: ? Next POV: July 14 (Friday)
POV Used ? POV Ceremony July ??? (Mon)
HOH Winner: Willie Next HOH: July 19 (Thurs)
Original Nominations: ??? and ???
Current Nominations: Frank and Kara
Have Nots /Slop Ian, Ashley
Coach Competition Winner Boogie


7:25am Ashley and Willie wake up in the HOH bed and she asks him if he can get her an ice pack for her back. Willie goes down to the storage room and grabs one for her. While he is gone she lays out on the HOH bed and rubs cream on her lower back. When he comes back she thanks him for the ice pack. Willie asks her how her back is and she says its better. She asks him what time it is and he says early, let’s go back to sleep. Willie says he needs to go back to because he has to compete today.

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7:55am Jojo is up and in the kitchen eating breakfast. After she finishes eating she does the dishes. Shane joins her in the kitchen and complains about having to sleep in the have-not room. He says he feels like he’s an old man. Jojo says she feels gross having to sleeping next to Boogie. Shane comment that he hopes the POV competition is early. Jojo says that she hope she gets to be involved. Shane says you’re the host, you’ll be involved. Jojo says yeah I just hope that I get to do more than sit there. Boogie joins them in the kitchen. They all wish they could go out into the backyard. They comment on how they can hear them working on setting up the POV competition.


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8:20am – 8:50am Big Brother wakes up the house guests for the day. Joe, Wil, Jojo, Boogie and Ian are sitting at the kitchen table talking about last night. Ashley slowly makes it down the stairs. Wil goes over to help her down. She says that she needs to go to the diary room to do some damage control to make sure she doesn’t get in trouble for sleeping in the HOH bed. Meanwhile, in the kicks room Frank, Shane, and Jenn talk about having a horrible sleep. They talk about how messed up Ashley is and how if she was on the block she wouldn’t even be able to compete. Back in the kitchen most of the house guests gather around the table and talk about random stuff. They talk about how they think the POV will be around noon today.


9am Shane, Kara, Joe, Frank, Ian, Wil, Boogie and Jenn are all gathered around the kitchen table waking up and talking about random stuff. Joe talks about how he may just wake up his kids by blasting music because his it takes 4 times to wake up his son.
In the bathroom, Jojo is getting ready for the day. Britney gets a bowl of ceral and joins her in the bathroom on the couch. Kara comes into the bathroom and asks Jojo if she is ready to host the competition. Jojo says she’s nervous. Kara reassures her that she’ll be great and that she shouldn’t be nervous.
9:20am – 9:25am – 9:40am Britney and Willie are up in the HOH room talking about who to get rid of this week. Willie continues to talk about getting rid of Kara over Frank. Britney tells him that if we are getting rid of Kara this week you can tell them that if they want Frank out they can get him out next week. Britney tells Willie that he is trusting a lot of people to vote that way. Britney tells him that he needs to figure out what is more important to him… either one week of safety from Frank or cohesion of our alliance. Willie says that he thinks Frank will take care of me for a while. They keep going back and forth again about who to vote out. Britney talks about how Dan is being honest with us and spilling his guts to us, he told us that Boogie called him before coming here to be in an alliance with him. Willie says that Frank knows that he is on a ship that’s sinking. Britney says Boogie is telling him what to do. Willie says that it doesn’t matter, in a perfect world Frank wins the Power of Veto and then we get out Kara and then Wil. Janelle joins then in the HOH room. They talk about how messed up Ashley is and how she is still in the diary room. Janelle says that Ashley is so sweet, she is the one that volunteered for me to make her a have-not. Britney asks what they should say to Dan today. Janelle says just ask if he is down with getting Kara out. Britney talks about wanting to get Ian out before week 4 because he will win every single mental challenge.

9:50am Britney says when do you think we will start knocking off these losers. Janelle laughs and asks like who? Britney says the people that the coaches don’t care about. Janelle ask which coach would you like to see go home first. Britney and Willie say Dan because he has a better social game. Britney starts making fun of Willie and then does an imitation of him smoking. Willie then starts making fun of Joe saying that he doesn’t think he is a real chef. Willie says that he is a decent chef but be burnt corn the other day.

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I want to like Britney and was excited to hear that she was returning – but she says things like Joe’s cooking is horrible & laughs about not even remembering who Jodi was. Seems like she turns into a catty bitch so quickly…. Willie is impressing me more as I initially thought he was going to be dumb and Ian is definitely laying low – but I’m guessing he’ll be able to kick ass on brainy comps soon…


I think it’s the thick accent that’s throws people when it comes to these damn Hantzs. Thought the same about Russell and he’s easily one of the greatest, smartest players that Survivor has ever had. Early days for Willie but in all honesty, I don’t even remember any of the rest just from a first impression point of view. Hope more HGs start standing out if not we’ll just see a lot of the coaches.


@Tim.In the beginning of season12,I liked Britney.Later on in her season I stopped liking her because she talked trash/bad mouthed almost everyone in the house.But I posted a comment on here,not that long ago,that said if Britney changes her attitude then I’ll probably like her again.When I watched lastnight’s episode,I was starting to warm up to her again.Then when I came on here and read how she laughed about not remebering Jodi,I realized that she’s back to being mean again.My point is I agree with you.Lol.


Tim, I agree with you. Brittney is a disappointment.

Beyonce fan

I’m about to give up on BB this year if its not a twist that put the vets in the real game this season is over.


We’re less than 24 hours in, there isn’t going to be a new twist for a while.

Also, the vets need to go away. I’m tired of these hybrid seasons.


You make good points, but I don’t think the jury house would be that ptabicredle (Matt rooting for the Brigade that he pulled along/Kathy voting based on hunkiness’)Also, we can’t really say Enzo was instrumental in evicting anybody. Every week, the house knew who was going to be out by Thursday- unless the Veto changes it up. Let’s look at the evictions anyway though:Annie vs. Rachel: Annie freaked out the HGs (self inflicted)Monet vs. Matt: Matt came up with the whole idea, Rachel outed Matt and Monet is out because the house knew it was her time for some reason. Matt had the Brigade, but Enzo was not a vital part to that.Andrew vs. Kathy: Andrew was just crazy and definitely kicked himself out.Kristen vs. Hayden: Once again, Hayden had the Brigade to back him up. Enzo had no hand in deciding it was Kristen who was going to be out, that was mostly Rachel.Rachel vs. Brendon: Rachel played more and fought more. It was a no-brainer for the whole house.Kathy vs. Lane: Being last-minute, and only anticipated by Matt, Enzo was not an important aspect of Kathy’s elimination.Matt vs. Enzo: Throwing Ragan under the bus, straying from H/E/L and winning more than Enzo is what got Matt out.Brendon vs. Britney: Ragan has a silly hate for Brendon and Lane wants Brit in final two. It seems Enzo just went with the flow.Ragan vs. Hayden: Ragan was more of a threat to Lane, so Britney went with the group. None of my points looked at what happened during that whole week, so perhaps Enzo did some things I am not aware of or that I forget. If there are some left out parts, feel free to reply. Once again, you make excellent points (especially on how people call Brit the most evil person to play BB/they have met in their life.)


I’m surprised, they normally tell the houseguests that are have nots to not fall asleep anywhere else, but that room. Pitty on a houseguest?

Other than that, I think this season is going to be interesting, but probably not as good as last. Still, going to watch it due to it being the summer tradition. Does anyone know the skinny on what the Coach’s Comp was?


What did Ashley do? I saw that she took the muscle relaxers but do we know what she did to her back?


Hurt her back during the comp and napping on the Have Not bed made it worse. She’s not the only one sore from the comp (there have been several others complaining about soreness) but she’s definitely the worst off.



Dark Horse

How did Ashley hurt her back, anyone know?

If I’m late, sorry trying to catch up.


I think it just might be from falling off the HOH comp. She might have fallen poorly or hit her back or something. Could be wrong tho.


Anyone else surprised by Dan’s choices? He might be more cerebral than we think but I thought his picks were weird. Kara, the playboy model and the Danielle who seems likable but not very athletic as proven. Perhaps he thinks Danielle is of the Jordan mould and go skate by. And maybe he was thinking Kara would be similar to Janelle and Keisha but definite risky picks. Interesting. As of right now, his team looks shaky.


@TheChosenOne.I think the reasons that you gave for Dan picking the players that he did,might be true.Dan did say,he wants players that can put a knife in another players back with out the player knowing what the knife stabber is doing.This isn’t the exact way he said it.Lol.But I think the reasoning behind Dan’s picks make sense,as long as the girls do exactly what Dan tells them to do.And ofcourse,his team has to take Kara off the block.I hope he can pull this off.I’m cheering for him.


I think I am too simply cos I liked Dan during his season…he was the only one playing the game while being surrounded by a clown parade consisting of Renny, Jerry, April & Oly. Besides if he’s done to one player this quick, from a story point, that would be harsh.


WHY’D THEY NOMINATE KARA… SHE’S MY FAVOURITE! And brit and janelle are smart.


Does anyone know what happened to Ashley’s back?


Hey was it just me but I could sworn that I heard Brit stated that this was day 7 in the house when they were talking about it being Friday the 13th am I wrong. About 2 minutes ago in the HOH room…

Beyonce fan

Yes because last night she said some about its onley day 6

Beyonce fan

Why is they working with janelle team they need to get her team out the house so she could be out the house befor aney big twist come up


Like I mentioned before,Danielle has to win this veto competition.That way she can take Kara off the block and Dan won’t lose another player.If this happens,then it will put Dan in a better position.


This is the correction (PREVIEW)


Big Brother is a racist show no black people never win period. Julie Chen can kiss my ass sideways!


I don’t think Julie Chen does the picking of the house guests!!