Big Brother 14: Britney “You get rid of the guy with mastodon thighs…not the model chick”

POV Holder: ? Next POV: July 14 (Friday)
POV Used ? POV Ceremony July ??? (Mon)
HOH Winner: Willie Next HOH: July 19 (Thurs)
Original Nominations: ??? and ???
Current Nominations: Frank and Kara
Have Nots /Slop Ian, Ashley
Coach Competition Winner Boogie


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2:03am Frank, Kara and Jenn are talking. Frank is really talking it up.. telling the girls that the coaches are playing their own game and trying to get the new players to do what they want. They are “rallying us together”  Frank adds that “Mike” had it all figured out. Kara tells him that her coach and his coach are making them a HUGE target because everyone seems to want to get rid of them. Frank understands and says that they need to remind the entire house that they are working for themselves they are playing their own game.
Kara: “you trust Boogie .. is he a good coach?”
Frank: “I don’t need to trust Boogie.. he doesn’t have a vote.. he’s just an adviser for us he can’t win HOH next week”

Frank: “his (Boogie)  fate is tied to mine my fate isn’t tied to his, They can’t win without us but we can win without them” Jen points out that the water is going to get hot with the coaches, 100K is a lot of money
Frank: “A coach is a bad name for it…  they are more an adviser because in  team scenario a coach will get us to do what they want us to do but in this scenario they just advise us”

Frank: “I’m telling YA they need us we don’t need them”
Jenn: “we’re the golden egg”
Frank leaves.

2:35am Up in the HOH room. Jojo, Britney and Willie are talking. Britney keeps telling them that there is no point in talking about what might happen until after the POV competition. Britney says that we got out a competitor week one. They laugh about how they don’t even remember Jodi. The conversation turns to talking about Ian and how he had way too many cups of coffee and was wired. Willie puts shoes under the couch and they all laugh that its Ian spying on them. Jojo decides to go to bed and get up to leave. She complains about having to sleep in the same bed as Boogie. They tell her she is sleeping with the enemy. She asks them if they think he will make a move on her. Britney says we’ll find out in the morning. Jojo says that she sleeps on the very far side of the bed because she doesn’t want to be near him. Jojo heads downstairs to go to bed.


2:50am Wil and Willie then leave to go to bed. Janelle and Britney are lying in bed talking about how annoyed they are at Dan & Boogie. Janelle and Britney talk about how they are stupid for wanting to get rid of the model chick the first week. You don’t do that you get rid of the guy with legs the size of tree trunks. (Frank) Janelle tells Britney that Mike had cornered her in the bathroom and told her if she wants to win the $100,000 she needs to get Dan out. Janelle says that then when she was playing chess with Dan she told him everything that Mike had said about her needing to get rid of him.


Britney goes to get Willie to talk. Willie comes and joins them and starts talking about how he is being pulling in different directions. Britney and Janelle tell Willie that if he wants to get rid of Kara he can only benefits us coaches. They go back and forth about getting rid of Kara or Frank. Willie thinks the target is on his back with Kara. He says that if she wins HOH I am gone the next week! Janelle and Britney keep telling him that they have to get rid of the alpha male.

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3:20am -3:40am Britney tells Willie that Dan is coming up here trying to make a deal, whereas Boogie is threatening us. They continue to argue back and forth about why they should get rid of Kara or Frank. Willie gets annoyed that he’s HOH and he is stressing over who to evict. Britney says that Frank has mastodon thighs… we need to get rid of him now while we can. Janelle asks Willie if Frank got in his ear. Willie says no. Britney says that getting rid of Kara is a good thing for you … but not for us as a group. Britney says that Boogie is telling Frank to come up here and tell you everything under the sun to keep himself safe. Janelle and Britney tell Willie to watch and see how Kara and Frank act tomorrow.

3:55am Britney starts laughing and says that its week one …we’ve only been here 6 days! Let them both stay. Janelle then starts talking about her season and how it played out in the beginning. Willie heads to bed. Britney says that if they get out Kara then Dan will go work with Boogie. Janelle says that they are already working together. They discuss how Dan will go to who ever is in power.


Janelle and Britney continue to talk and joke around. Britney says that she is so sick of Jenn. Janelle says she is too… she’s nice but she follows us around the house. They both comment on how they would vote for Dan to win, but not Booger. Janelle says that she wishes it was Boogie that was down a person and not Dan. They both laugh and wonder what Dan was thinking when he picked his team. They talk about how they’re happy with their picks. Janelle laughs about how their teams are always up here telling stories about how bad Boogie is. Britney starts talking about Danielle and how Ian was creeping on her when she was in the shower. She says that Shane heard about it and was telling her that he would go talk to Ian about how that’s not cool.


The conversation turns to talking about Ashley and the muscle relaxants that she was taking. Janelle says that she was a mess. Britney says that she was just saying the same things over and over again. She says that they must have given her a really strong one. Big Brother cuts the feeds.

4:15am – 4:35am When the live feeds come back, Janelle and Britney decide to get ready for bed. Janelle and Britney lay in bed with the lights off for a bit talking about random stuff until they fall asleep.


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If I were playing the game, I would have put up both of Dan’s people and hurried up and get them and Dan out of the game. He is smart and sneaky


. If I was playing the game then I might do what you said.Dan is one of the best strategic players,if his girls do exactly what he tells them, then the other house guests will have a problem.Since,I’m not in the game,as a viewer I’m cheering for Dan to win this entire thing.But I also like Willie,time will tell how long that last.I’m referring to me,liking Willie.Lol.


I agree. I can’t imagine the upside to targeting 2 teams over one-whether it is all Dan or all Boogie (assuming janelle & Brit are together)


Team Brit! She has really Improved her Strategic Gameplay and is most likely to be last vet standing cause mike and boogie will take each other out and Janelle has unlike-able people on her team.I Think 1 of them will be able to compete for the million dollar prize later on


Never was a big fan of Brit in season 12, however in this season I think she picked an awesome team and I am rooting for her and her team to win


Man I really hate the first couple days of live feeds as you have no idea what is really going on. Dawg/simon a summary post with what you think is actaully going on(whos teaming up with who,who doesnt like who ect…) after a couple days of lives would be awesome. Keep up the great work, you guys always do.


I like Team Britney too… and I like Ian… I cant stand Booger….. Dan is like a creepy gym teacher….


Yay! I gotta say this is the best first night of the feeds since season 11. I am really glad to see Frank and Willie working together. Janelle and Brit don’t see that Willie has to keep Frank and work with him because they are only worried about their own game. I think that Willie and Frank will do what they want.I really enjoyed the conversation they had in the have not room, they are playing the game for themselves and see the big picture better than Brit and Jani. Boogie is less annoying than I expected and Janelle is annoying always talking about her own seasons. I sense a good drinking game there.

I am glad to see that some of the players are thinking for themselves and not just doing what the coaches want them to do. Ian and Joe aren’t fitting in with the in crowd very well. All of the coaches have their one horse they want to ride to the end, but will the horse let them put the saddle on? Dan is so screwed. What was he thinking picking the three tamest girls. Listening to Brit coaching Willie you can see that he is way more in tune with the house than she is. Brit and Janelle think that Boogie is making his players campaign, what they don’t realize is that Frank has a mind of his own and from what I saw, Boogie isn’t micro managing his team like Jani and Brit are trying to do. I hope they give Jo Jo more liquor tonight. I sense a cat fight between her and Wil is not too far off. This is starting off to be an epic season!


I’m only reading this and not watching the feeds, but I don’t see much “coaching” going on. The coaches are playing their own game and so are the teams. The first comp the coach did little more than cheer them on. Also, if the team all gets evicted, does that mean the coach leaves too? This could be interesting if each coach tried to win via a different way, i.e. strategy vs. social, vs. competition, but really you need all three to win. I still say to make things more exciting BB needs to be like Survivor and have hidden POV’s or something or create new powers to really shake things up so no one truly knows if they’re safe or not unless they’re HOH. I don’t know, but they really haven’t had something new for ages.


You’re a much better person than I am for actually recapping the last two hours. I would’ve written “Britney and Janelle try to convince Willie that ousting Frank is the best move, Willie wants to aim for Kara; this conversation goes around in circles for two hours.”


Yeah, round and round, and luckily Willie is holding his ground. If there were no vets, Frank and Willie probably would have teamed up. I like them both. Janelle knows she is at a disadvantage if one of her horses doesn’t win the next HOH, especially if one of Boogie’s men wins, and Frank is the only one that looks like he could win, that’s why she wants him gone, but Brit says she wants to ride Willie to the end, so she needs to wake up and realize that if Frank goes, her best horse will be the biggest target in the game. She should listen to Willie and stop thinking she knows better and stop helping Janelle against Boogie. Boogie only has one good horse and Dan has no horses left. If they take out Kara or Danielle, Dan is toast and then they can work on Boogie. I think Frank is sincere that he would protect Willie, but Brit and Janelle are being paranoid. As I suspected, neither Brit or Janelle are good at the strategizing. Janelle’s team is pretty lame. Ashley was the strongest but she’s injured, and just one night of feeds showed that Wil is going out early. I thought he’d be fun, but he’s really annoying and I haven’t seen him talking serious game yet. And Joe is just there. Ashley is the only one that Janelle might be able to ride to the end, but that can only happen if they get out all of the competitors. Brit has the strongest team. She has three healthy horses that could win challenges, so I don’t see why she is up Janelle’s ass.


Just curious .. is the flashback not available on the feeds at all? or just not yet?


I like all the different views of strategy being played in this season. Plus the fact that there are more athletic newbies this time around(great job on casting another Kalia to represent the minorities, what gives?), I’m looking forward to how this season will play out. I hope the upcoming twists don’t ruin things, we all know they will have returning HGs, but I hope they leave out any Pandoras, DPOVs, or Coups to cheapen gameplay.

Beyonce fan

Loveing brit and janelle

This Guy

I’m kinda surprised that Brit and Janelle are getting along. I thought that these two were going to hate each other. Then again, it is only week one…


Hey Simon,

Is there a better way to watch the feeds than the superpass site? I used BigBrotherLite last year and loved it, but this year it’s just showing me feeds from the year before. The superpass site just seems so bloated 🙁




Frank and Willie make a very good point and it bodes well for this season. They both say that they don’t need the coaches, but the coaches need them to win their game. I hope Frank and Willie take control of the game and make the vets game hard. I’m glad to see that the newbs this season are there to play. If they had done this twist with last season’s newbs none of them would have done anything without the coach approving it. I did see Danielle last night talking with Dan. She was telling Dan that she won’t do or say anything without his approval. I thought the girl might have game, but she doesn’t. Brit needs to stop being paranoid and realize that if they reduce Dan to one horse Dan has pretty much zero chance of winning. Then you go after Boogie and Janelle. I really want to see the newbs play their own game and call the shots. The coaches don’t seem to realize the potential for a mutiny against them. The newbs are there to win the big prize, not so the coach can ride them to the end.


I agree Chloe….they need to focus on getting Dan out (Brit’s team that is needs to focus on it)…then focus on the other teams. those 2 ladies need to go up.
If Will does not do that…I don’t know what he is thinking. I read that Brit and Janelle were in the bathroom talking about keeping Dan around because if you lose a contest he won’t gloat about it….what type of mess is that …that is no reason to keep Dan and his girls. If Will does not go after Dan…I’m going to question his ability to win….because right now I’m kinda of rooting for him….but I could change if he starts making too many stupid moves.

Also what can Dan promise Will? Dan’s team came in last…so he can’t really promise that if one of them win HOH that he won’t be put up…because how have they proven that they (can) win HOH. I would get them out now while there team is weak because you never know what type of twist might happen to strengthen Dan’s team. I’m not against Dan (well I might be a little)….but strategically he needs to go while his team is weak.

Beyonce fan

I give it 2 more weeks till a twist come and put the vets in the real game.


team janelle i love the way brittiney is playing also the live feeds were great lastnight cant wait for tonight


Brit is a bitch but a good gamer well see how this pans out


I love this site. I’m glad Simon and crew are back. I posted some comments on BB Facebook….but on facebook they are not really talking strategy…they arguing about why Jodi was evicted and the 50% that wanted her to go; and the 50% that wanted her stay. I guess that is OK….but on this site….I get real insight. For some reason I like Willie….but I need to see him in action a little more to determine if I want to root for him. I hope i see some people on here from BB 13. We had good times last season!!! 🙂 Glad there is no Rachael, Jeff, Brenden….& Jeff girlfriend.