New Super alliance is formed “Box of wine Debutantes and the keg stand Bourgeoisie”

POV Holder: Shane Next POV: July 13 (Friday)
POV Used ? POV Ceremony July ???
HOH Winner: Willie Next HOH: July 19 (Thurs)
Original Nominations: ??? and ???
Current Nominations: Frank and Kara
Have Nots /Slop Danielle, Shane, Ashley
Coach Competition Winner Boogie

4:20pm bathroom Frank and JOJO YO
JOJO is talking about Jordan and who would of thought that she was going to win Big Brother 11, She thinks Jeff had something to do with it. JoJo Then mentions Porsche and how far she got in the game last year. She thinks that anything can happen in the game. Frank starts to hint about the players not doing what the Mentors say. JOJO thinks there will be a twist coming up switches up the teams. Frank doesn’t know but is sure that a twist will change the mentors rolls in the game. JOJO loves everyone in the house even “little Ian” even though she’s certain he’s scared of her.. JOJO laughs says that Ian is going to be getting girls after this. Frank goes one about the Mentors needing them more than they need the mentors.

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4:30pm HOH Janelle, Wil, Brintey (Willie sleeping) Boogie bashing.. lol .. Talk about Mike Boogie being called BOOGER.

Brit complains about how uncomfortable the house is right now. Janelle agrees says that the house is so divided and fake. JOJO joins them. they talk about Booger coming to Britney to team up but he never offered a deal to Janelle. Britney says Boogie reminds her of a ‘Cartoon robber”. JOJO says Boogie’s picture on the Memory wall is disgusting he looks like a “Pedofileir” Brtiney “uhh A pedofiler you mean a pedophile ?”
JOJO: “ya whatever.. he looks creepy”
Janelle tells them that Boogie is a nice guys outside of the house but inside he’s a total a$$holes, she says that the whole “Chill Town” alliance has gotten to Boogie’s head. Wil says he looks like a “evil pilgrim” Britney jokes that eveytime she see him she wonders “Hmm what did you just Burgle”. They all noticed that Boogie hasn’t been hiding his emotions very well in the house. after Shane won the Power of veto Competition Boogie never congratulated him. They start talking about their teams name. janelle, jojo and Britney all say they suck at making up names. Britney points out that if she came up with the name Chill Town everyone would say it was lame. Janelle: “Willie has already named us we’re the Untouchables”

Wil says the he’s got the perfect name “Box of wine Debutantes and the keg stand Bourgeoisie” The girls don’t seem to like it they think it’s too long. The girls agree that Box of Wine makes them sound cheap. Wil disagrees defends the quality of wine that comes in a box.

4:41pm Bathroom Kara and Danielle
Kara says she’s feeling like Shane and Willie are flip flopping about who to send home. Daneille thinks they want Frank gone. Kara gives her a short recap of her conversation with Shane. Danielle tells her they still have a lot of time before the eviction they need to keep calm. Kara wants to make a deal with Shane and is really worried that they will make the deal with Frank. Kara says every time she talks to Wil she gets worried because wil is the one telling her that Shane is flip flopping. Danielle and Kara both agree that Shane and Willie are going to keep flip flopping up until the POV ceremony. Kara: “Why are they so threaten by me.. i’m just a girl” Kara mentions that she told Dan she’s not going to throw any POV or HOH comps no matter what happened. Kara pointing to the upstairs HOH room “They have all the power up there… THIS shit has got to change”

Danielle asks if she thinks Shane is flirting with her. Kara isn;t sure she knows that Shane is a smart guy and he’s playing a strong social game but she’s doesn’t think he’s going to be the type of guy that will fake being romantically involved with her. Danielle: “Do I seem like that type?” kara: “NO”

Kara and Danielle both agree that Wil is acting different he’s changed a lot, Kara is going to distance herself from him. Kara is worried that Janelle’s and Britney’s teams are working together and after this week they will have a large number advantage.

Talk shifts to who wins HOH.. Danielle thinks Shane will win it. Kara doesn’t have a clue, Danielle posts the question about what the house will do if they win HOH. Kara: “Kisses our a$$es”

5:10pm Living Room Dan, Ian, Boogie Ian telling them he’s the first 90’s born player to Do big brother. General chit chat..

5:12pm Chess board Joe and Wil Wil laughing about how self centered JOJO and Ian are. wil: “like REALLY don’t you (jojo) get tired talking about yourself all day” Joe laughs tells wil he agrees that JOJO is a bit much. Joe wants to see JOJO gone next week. Wil doesn’t think that far ahead because they need to win the head of household competition first. Joe wants him and Wil to make it to the end. Wil just wants to get the game over with. They both laugh. joe: “Wouldn’t of just shit your pants if Ashley wins HO next week” Wil laughs says they need to make sure Ian doesn’t win. Both Joe and Wil want to play the game with as little blood on their hands until the end.

Wil thinks that after Thursday things will get moving quickly in the house because this year they have the coaches competition. Wil says that everyone is telling him he the most liked in the house. Joe warns Wil that he’s playing the game too much, Joe felt that early on he was doing the same thing and he decided to slow his game on, “This is a 3 month game.. you gotta go slow” Wil agrees and says he was thinking the same thing today. Joe “My biggest thing in the game is to play honest.. to get to the final 4 you don’t have to lie.. This game doesn’t have to involve FLAT out lying” Wil agrees.

(Joe has some deal with Wil not sure how loyal to Joe wil is though)

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Box of wine alliance is much worst than Dominic’s alliance (Keith, Cassi, Dominic and Lawon)! COME UP WITH GOOD ALLIANCE!




maann Ian is soo socially awkward its crazy


It doesn’t sound like JOJO is all that popular in the house.

Head of Household

I’m rooting for team Britney personally because I love Britney and JoJo, Shane, and Willie seemed cool at first…now Jojo seems ditzy and stupid but I’m trying not to get annoyed with her lol.

But I also liked a few of the houseguests instantaneously, these houseguests being Wil and Ian. I’m so worried for Ian now because it seems like people may be gunning for him! I hope he stays :3

I hope they eliminate Frank-even though I kinda can’t stand Kara or Danielle- because honestly Frank is more of a threat and I don’t think he could really help to ‘protect’ them in the game. Plus if they eliminated Kara Boogie’s team would still be in full power.


I have watched every Year, but after this week’s premiere, I will no longer tune in. getting rid of the only African-American and minority? Really? No older people. All white bikini cast. BORING


Ian looks like Steve Albini.


Again…Box of wine Debutantes and the Keg Stand Bourgeoisie is little bit lame! worst than the regulators! Come up the new one!