Big Brother 14 First Episode ONE Twists revealed and First HOH Results

POV Holder: ? Next POV: July ???
POV Used ? POV Ceremony July ??? (Mon)
HOH Winner: Willie Next HOH: July 19 (Thurs)
Original Nominations: ??? and ???
Current Nominations: ??? and ????
Have Nots /Slop ??????

It’s finally here Big Brother 14. We know the cast contains 12 New players and from leaks we know that there are 4 “Mentors” who have played in previous seasons, they are Britney Hayes from BB12, Dan Gheesling BB10, Janelle Pierzina Mike BB 6,7 and “Booger” Malin from BB 2,7.

Big Brother 14 Episode 1 Twists

Julie Chen’s “The 4 legends are not here to play the regular Big Brother Game they are here to coach it.”

Summers First competition Send One houseguests packing before they even unpack their bags. … each BB14 Legend gets to pick 3 houseguests and will Mentor them throughout the season. If one of their protegee wins the Mentor wins 100K and the houseguests wins 500K

The coaches pick their players

Britney picks: 1) Shane 8) Willie 9) JoJO
Boogie picks: 2) Frank 7) Ian 10) Jen
Janelle Picks: 3) Wil 6) Ashely 11) Joe
Dan Picks: 4) Kara 5) Danielle 12) Jodie

The First HOH Winner is

Britney’s Team wins HOH and Britney awards it to Willie.

Dan’s team comes in last and he must select one player to cut loose.
Dan sends JODI home..

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132 thoughts on “Big Brother 14 First Episode ONE Twists revealed and First HOH Results

  1. I don’t know, not really loving the coach thing, personally I’d love to see a season where there are no returning players to overshadow the newbies. It’s not fun when the alliances are pre-decided…but then again I could be the only one with this opinion.

    1. Well it’s only one episode. So perhaps the twist will grow on you. I do agree that it would be nice to have just new players but I think BB ratings were great the last year because of old HGs. So sadly I think we’ll see previous HGs for a while.

    2. Didn’t want to see vets come back either but at least I like the ones that came back and they are playing against each other. If the “crazy cat ladies” had their way, Jeff and Jordan would be back again this season and the next season and the season after that.

  2. That’s it for me I tried to give big brother one more chance but wouldn’t you know the only African American got the first boot. My friends had already sworn the show off and predicted the result. Reality? no, the reality is the African Americans don’t stand a chance. There are never enough and they are marked

    1. The woman who got booted reminded me of Kalia as far as body type. Out of shape but says she’s active and the biggest female to be cast out of the whole cast of females. I think she was the only one who couldn’t wear a bikini in the promo shot. lol. It’s obvious they have a formula or a stereotype.

    2. I think it is unnecessary to bring race into big brother. And why does the race of a person make you like them more? Last year there were three african-americans Kalia who was the fifth person left. And yes Keith was voted out first because he was running his mouth to much. And Lawon who had to play against Brenden when he returned, and he went home. Race has nothing to do with Big Brother so please quit putting unnecessary racial comments on here. Thanks :) have a wonderful day!

    3. @Faye. I think I know how you feel.I’m sad to say,I wasn’t surprised by Jodi being the first player that left the house.It’s screwed up,how they didn’t even allow a veteo competition to take place.At least then,the player would have another chance to stay in the game.

      1. Agree 100%. Idk why race even gets brought up. People who play thw race card are so pathetic. She was the week link physically in a physical challenge. Made perfect sense.

    4. I feel you Faye, I’m really disappointed in CBS casting of AA. Maybe they are afraid of the backlash that will come with an AA winner and possibly loose ratings. Last year Kalia came real close. I don’t know. I really try to overlook all this and just enjoy the show

    5. One thing that I am liking this season about BB is it seems to me that these contestants are fans of the show and not just some random model they pick who doesn’t know anything about the show.

    6. not a big fan of the race card either, but i’d be lying if I didn’t notice that too. i’m not black by the way

    7. I’m sorry but I totally agree with you Faye. I’m using the “race card” as others put it. Yes they don’t cast enough blacks in a lot of reality shows unless it’s flavor or love or the love of Ray J. I feel last yr they (BB) threw us a bone by putting three african americans. I will not coment on them but BB knew what they were doing with that… Why not put a african american that is physically capable of handling these challenges. Put someone like Will Mega. I feel BB took his game play and made BB the following seasons like his game.. I’m sorry but the other casts are clones of past seasons…As far as the past houseguests I like them great deal; its no Rachel/Brendan or Jeff/Jordan. I think it’s time for an allstar season…

  3. I’m kind of confused about the 4 coaches. When I looked on CBS right before the show Janelle and Jeff had twice the votes as everyone else and I actually think Rachel and someone else were higher than the Britney. How did they actually decide who was coming back in then?

      1. Oh ok I see. I didn’t pay much attention. i just went on there right before the show to see who would be coming back and was a little confused when they announced them. I just wanted some spoilers before the show started :)

    1. That wasn’t a vote on who would return. The 4 returning players had already been chosen by CBS before the poll was even put up. It was just a poll for people to vote on who they thought would be the returning players.

    2. I’m not 100% sold on the whole coach thing yet but I am glad to see BB try and evolve the core gameplay a bit. I have a feeling that one of the twists this season is going to involve the coaches playing for the grand prize instead of the “coaches prize”. It’s either that or this is going to be a very short season of Big Brother. I loved seeing someone get booted on day one and hope there are many more twists to come. They constantly say “expect the unexpected” and end up with some crappy twists. Instead of one or two major twists I would love to see a larger quantity of twists, some big and some small. Keep everybody on their toes including the viewers.

  4. I’m kind of confused about the 4 coaches. When I looked on CBS right before the show Janelle and Jeff had twice the votes as everyone else and I actually think Rachel and someone else were higher than Britney. How did they actually decide who was coming back in then?

  5. Big Brother Sucks!!!!!! I am tired of seeing past players and relatives of Survivors Hans. Whom ever is thinking this is great needs fired ! I always loved Big Brother and Survivor and the Amazing Race. I will never watch these programs ever again.

  6. I can’t say I’m too excited about this whole “coach” thing. Can they please just throw a bunch of randoms in a house again!? I’m so tired of former house guests coming back each season. It’s either that, or bring make the whole season former house guests for another all-star season. I’m happy Kalia 2.0 went home though. Hoping it’s a fun season though. Sure is a bunch of eye candy.

  7. It wasn’t hard to figure out Willie was HOH, and Jodi had not been shown in the first feed leak pictures. Then came the rumor of an eviction earlier today.

    The game is really phsyical like survivor now. Hence, why Joe & Jodi were picked last. Jodi knew her life was on the line. Sorry, girl.

    1. That’s true about it being physical. I wouldn’t even try out for the show without being in shape . But that’s just me.

  8. The only real coach here is Dan, he brags about it all the time in his personal site and on T.V. yet HE SUCKS AT IT!!! At least if it doesn’t involve football. Man, he should feel ashamed for being the first mentor to evict a player yet being the only player with coaching experience. He should have mixed up his team with at the very least one man and two women.

    Having an all girls team is really bad strategy. History shows us that neither sex was able to win HOH continuously or BB continuously. To mix it up would’ve been better.

    If I am not mistaken Dan has a team built exclusively by one gender.

  9. WOW.. sorry if the server was down follks. I had no idea things were going to be that busy.

    If any of you are into computers.. get this we run 3 8gig quad cores for web 1 4gig DB and 1 512meg memcache behind a loadbalancer.. and it went down.

  10. Although I am very tired of returning house guests from past seasons, I do enjoy this season. But I hope this is the last with returning house guests. I am very happy that Jodi went home, because she looked like the most boring person. I think this season is going to be great and I am pulling for Britney’s team.

  11. I’m really disappointed in that twist that sent someone home early. It’s a waste of a houseguest, and poor Jodi didn’t even have the chance to save herself. There was no veto competition, no house vote, just a decision made based on first impressions. I can’t even call her a houseguest, cuz it feels like she was just a visitor. She came all that way to play the game for a couple of hours, then get sent home. That’s messed up. At least give her a week to save herself like everyone else.

    I also don’t like the idea of “My-Newbies-Against-Yours” that BB has come up with. Can’t we have just one season that isn’t totally riddled with all these unnecessary and tiring twists?

    1. I’m pretty sure he can if he wanted to, Julie never said he couldn’t or that they were on teams, but obviously their coach would not want them to.

    1. I don’t think my purchase went though I checked my credit card and its not on there so I was able to log into REAL (not the main site) and it said that I dont have a membership :( I hope it went through.

  12. Two of my faves on team Brit! Go WIllie and Jo Jo!!!! I think Hantz is going to have to call a meeting and come clean because like I thought, people figured it out right off the bat. He can do the “yeah, he’s my brother but I’m not like that, I believe in honesty and loyalty and he’s the bad sheep of the family, I been tryin out for BB since before he got on Survivor, etc”. Dan’s picks were really disappointing. What was he thinking? It was also cool to see Boogie dressed in pink. LOL!

  13. Welcome back all! Glad for the new season! Hope this new site design works as well as the old. Was it broke? I didn’t think it needed fixed–but what do I know? Looking forward to reading all of your comments again this year! So far I am “TEAM BRITNEY” AGAIN! Hope she doesn’t disappoint AGAIN! At least she admitted she was “blind” to the big picture with that stupid Brigade! That alliance had to be the worst in BB history! Now if only we can get Dr. Will Back! HOT, SEXY, FUNNY and a GREAT GAMER!! OK, GAME ON!

  14. WOW was that ever a GREAT first episode..

    Here’s my take on the teams..

    Boogie.. didn’t like the guy starting this season and loveing him and his team now.. LOL
    Dan.. if Dan can win with this team he’s the greatest player ever
    Janelle.. her team is going to be a blast to watch.
    Britney.. her team reeks of evil JOJO.. Willie.

    1. i know Britney has a strong team i think. i thought for SURE Janelle would have picked jojo.

      i think Janelle and boogie may work together. either that or Janelle and Britney. I think Dan is so screwed!

  15. I liked Jodi because she was a BB super fan and after watching her interviews I knew she really knew the BB game. Too bad she left so early

    1. I was looking forward to Jodi too because she said she competed in a couple of marathons. I think she was underestimated like Kalia was who proved she could win competitions.

  16. I think this is going to the be a good season. Britnay was the only mentor to pick her team wisely. I was surprised how poorly Dan picked, what was he thinking. Can’t wait to get to know the newbies better

  17. As boring as Jodi came off to be, it kinda sucked that she was kicked off so quickly. I would be too upset if I got all the way there just to be evicted the same night. It was such a waste of time; her time especially. She was last to be picked and then kicked off lol. She didn’t even have a chance. And on top of that, Dan’s short a person now, so how is that fair?

    — I think there’s going to be way more twists because there’s only 11 people now. I don’t see how else they would be able to make up for that.
    Either that, or CBS is going to pull some crap and somehow merge the mentors into the game.
    For some reason, I can see that being a Pandora’s box. Maybe i’m wrong.

  18. Jodi was a Kalia clone, she wasn’t going to be entertaining anyway so I don’t really care that she was the first to go

    1. I was looking at it from her perspective.
      I agree about that though. I kept calling her Kalia 2.0 throughout the episode. It’s just because she was out of shape, and that doesn’t really work in the Big Brother house.

  19. I feel so bad for Jodi. This twist is interesting. I hope the player play for themselves and not as a team.

    1. Yeah.. Dan is screwed he will be out early in the game i think… Brineys team will be in for the long haul hopefully with janelle

  20. Let’s not forget about the new competition for the “new power”. Any ideas of what this could be? Hopefully we can pick up what this is over the feeds.

  21. They’ve been there since July 7, you
    Dummies think they JUST got there tonight? Thank God the jodi is gone… Now we can all live peacefully (see how dumb that sounded?) you people who bring race into the BB sound just as stupid…

  22. Stats of BB14
    SHE IS THE QUICKEST STAY SINCE BB9. Previous stay was Day 3 couple from bb9! The new record!

  23. Pretty good first episode. They’re really getting things rolling this season. I like it!!!! However, it worries me that there are only 11 players left. Makes room for a few more…aka mentors?

  24. dan got rid of the right person. she was forced onto his team because no one picked her and she would have dragged dans team down. team dan allllll the way:) oh and why britney? I mean she was not that much of a stand out on her season. and as annoying as boogie was on his seasons he seemed okay this time. janelles just as pretty as always and russells brother seems much nicer than russell.

    1. I did notice that Julie said “this” competition which leads me to believe they will compete in future competitions

  25. Well, color me shocked on the casting, I don’t think we’ve ever seen this line-up before. 3 hot girls (Kara, Danielle, JoJo), 2 hot guys (Shane, Frank), gay guy (Wil), older person (Joe), superfan (Ian), weird person (Jen), the rest are kind of wild cards that don’t fit into any categroy. Out of the thousands of applications they likely get and all those creative type people and they still can’t come up with a different cast make-up?
    I’m also one who doesn’t see the point of the coaches. Everyone there seems to at least know how the game is played and have seen the coaches’ games, so what can they really tell them? Besides, I think everyone figures out how to play the game themselves based on the house dynamic. They keep trying to make the game different, but rarely does it happen, we’ll just have to watch and see if they make it happen this year.

  26. im pumped about the mentors!!! i hope they keep feeding them strategy after strategy. lets face it…the past 4 seasons have been weak. people not trying to play “too hard”…..I CANT WAIT!! PS. (i think boogie picked the most versatile team, thus the winner)

  27. “Legendary” players Julie said. Yeah I can understand Boogie, Dan & Janelle. But Britney? SERIOUSLY?!?! Hated her on her season & will probably hate her this season, she’s just lucky she picked a couple of my faves. But amazing premiere!!! Hope there’s more twists to come!!

    1. Yea it was weird her calling Brit Brit Legendary……. hope there’s no “whores” in the house, you know how she tore into Rachel with the ugly truth, and she was right on the money

  28. Time for me to make some evil pics for Brit Brit and her Brood…………………. NEW SEASON FUN FUN………..

  29. Brittany does have a good team!!
    Shane-Nice guy everyone will probably like.
    Willie-Evil guy…I hope.
    Jo Jo-Strong, competitive girl.

    I could see a strong alliance being made…two teams getting together to take out the other two. Brittany’s team and Janelle’s…or even Brittany’s and Boogies’…we’ll see.

  30. Should I bother getting the pass this season? The first show has given me absolutely no indication of whether it’ll be worth it or not, other than Kara possibly whoring herself out.

  31. I’m looking forward to seeing how Willie handles everyone knowing his schtick so early in the game. I mean, he’s what Russel would look like without the dwarfism.

    And why Britney? Had she been plugged into any season without the Brigade, she would have been a threat. Possibly even a Rachel, since she was quite the manipulative bitch. I was entertained by her nasty personality, and mentally she could have been a competitor without such a strong alliance against her.

  32. BBAD is running from 2am to 5am in Canada. I’m a night owl but that is a little extreme. I thought it was midnight till 3 am last year. Am I wrong? This could be normal but I can’t remember. It seems late…

  33. Watching bbad and it sounds like Kara is up for nomination? Could this be determined already? Janelle is in the have not room saying she feels bad for her and that she’s really anxious….interesting. Does the house know she’s a playmate yet?

  34. So happy to have BB back for the summer. I love the twists so far and they are some MEAN twists. Made the game serious. So right now, Boogie is working Willie and I assuming Kara and Danielle are on the block with the possibility of a backdoor somewhere?


  35. Someone got evicted tonight, so the coaches will have more screen time duhhhh

    and can we put Russel’s wife for next season, his sister for survivor, and 10 years from now why not his daughters ….seriously wtf…
    Russell then Brandon and WannabeeWillie

  36. I honestly think that the show was great I didn’t like how someone went home early but with only 11 hg’s left and CBS promised us the most hg’s ever someone has to come back. Maybe even a twist well let the mentors play the game, wouldn’t that be pretty cool? I love bb14

  37. What does Dan’s shirt say that he wore on first episode of BBAD? Lol. Crazy thing to be concerned with, just curious!

  38. I waited all this time 4 big brother to come on,but when i see it was only one black person,i knew that she would be the last to enter the house and the first to leave,it is what it is and i so sad that they would do this like that.We always go though stuff like this but didn;t think that cbs would do this but not surprice at all.I won’t be watching this at all,only another black person would knew what i coming from,its gettin so old.

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