James “I think you’re going for some big fish this week.” Nicole “We want Vic out.”

12am HOH room – Corey says I hope James comes up here in a little bit. Nicole – they’re all going to be in London, that’s why I’m worried they’re going to flip. Corey says oh that could be another thing I say… Hopefully James comes up here and says they’re (Paul & Vic) are trying to make deals with him. And then I could be like – Listen I heard ya’ll are trying to make deals with James so I have to send one of you home.

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Paul – “well Nicole that’s 2 girls in a row that F*****g hate you”

paul – why was Natalie sop confident she was leaving because none of us told her
Corey – right
Jame’s lists of some reasons says Natalie thought that Maybe because she was targeting Nicole earlier in the season so Nicole wanted her out.
Corey – did you know that
Nicole laughing “NO”
Nicole – she sore up and down she would never put me up she would never put a girls up

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James – “I’m going to throw this next HOH, I need to be open next week”

1:21pm Natalie and James London room
Nat – these people are evil.. I want to go to Jury and be with Bridgette and Michelle
James’s- it’s going to happen
Nat – America I can’t believe I apologized to Victor and Paul I tried to take the high road and be the bigger person.. Victor was a complete douchebag to me in the beginning of the season until he had to re-evaluate how he treated people

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Corey – “I really hope he (James) wins HOH”

They comment the construction has ended in the backyard. There’s speculation about the type of filler for tomorrow’s episode.

They start talking about the blowhorn incident. Nicole thinks that James and Natalie might be a real thing now because after last night it’s the only thing that can fix them.
Paul disagrees..
Victor says you all know how James is he’s a nice guy he’ll not want to go out leaving it like that.
Paul – some people must want to blow her sh1t up.. First the blow up doll than that.. Someone doesn’t like her.

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Natalie to James – “we’ll always be friends you know that right”

Nat – you think I can fake my feelings for you
James – no I didn’t say that .. just hot and cold
Nat – thats how I am this game has brought out the craziest emotions for me.
Nat – I wasn’t strong enough for this game.. I’m sorry

James blames a lot of the drama on the block and miscommunication.
James- I apologize as a human being and as a friend.. I didn’t come in here I was looking for a showmance… I told America.. told my Family.. I’m coming in here for that 500K it’s business.

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Nat “I almost left the game. I need to make my decision tomorrow.” James “Don’t leave the game!”

12am Backyard – James & Nat. Nat is doing her pity party again. Nat – I apologized to them and they’re still sh*tting on me. It just sucks! Like I back stabbed two people that I trust for two people that I couldn’t trust. Trust me Paul and Vic have done dirty. James – its all my fault isn’t it. Nat – no its not all your fault. I made the decision too. James – obviously its bothering you. Nat – I’m over it. I want to stay. I’m not giving up. I would have used the veto on you. It just sucks. Like I’m human, it doesn’t feel good.

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Nicole “Since the MacGyver comp Nat has been hard core dieting” Paul “Not eating isn’t dieting”

5pm Hammock – James and Nat. Nat – I’m going to miss you. James- I’ll miss you too. I’m going to come visit you. James – I just need to decide whether get a plane ticket or get you some plane tickets. James – after you travel all where you’re going .. the least I could do is get you a round trip ticket to Texas. Or if you felt weird about it I would pay for half of it.

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Natalie to James – You know what the secret to this game is..keeping your mouth shut

3:01pm Natalie and James
Trying to figure out why the care packages went to the people they did.
Natalie says James was America’s Favorite so that’s why he got it. She was Close to James so that’s why she got it. Nicole was a fan favorite do her and Corey got it because of that. Natalie adds that Michelle was Dan Gooslings cousin and that is why she got it. (ZOMG)

Natalie – You know what the secret to this game is.. you just need an alliance of 4 a$$ strong competitors that are tight lipped..

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Paul tells Nicole – “You and me in final 2.. pick a snake or an a$$hole.”

12am – 12:30am London bedroom – James and Nat. Nat – If you’re in the final 2 with Corey you would definitely win. People didn’t like Corey. James – if Corey and Nicole get evicted, I probably have everybodies vote. Then its like me and Paul or me and Victor. I would have to have a freaking good speech. I know what he’s going to say. I battled my way back into this house two times and you evicted me James. That sounds good and all Victor but the object of the game is to not get evicted.

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