James – “I’m going to throw this next HOH, I need to be open next week”

POV Holder: Corey POV Competition Sept 3rd
POV Used ? POV Ceremony Sept 5th
HOH Victor Next HOH Sept 8th
Original Nominations: James AND Nat
After POV Nominations: James AND Nat
Have Nots None

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Big-Brother-18 2016-09-08 15-36-27-248

1:21pm Natalie and James London room
Nat – these people are evil.. I want to go to Jury and be with Bridgette and Michelle
James’s- it’s going to happen
Nat – America I can’t believe I apologized to Victor and Paul I tried to take the high road and be the bigger person.. Victor was a complete douchebag to me in the beginning of the season until he had to re-evaluate how he treated people
Nat – Paul has been making fun of people all season and I betrayed them because I had a final 4 deal with someone else (final 4 with both couples) .. I apologize for betraying them but they were jerks all season so that apology I’m taking it back.

James – I don’t even know what to say
Nat – don’t say anything just Kick butt in this game

Nat – like you said for such a nice girl I can’t understand how you got so many people to hate you
Jame s- why do you dwell on things
Nat – that’s all there is to do
James – you can think about life.. Friends.. Family.. Why let those mean things get to you..
Nat – i’m going to be happy to leave this toxic energy and these toxic humans

Natalie says she’ll never be friends with the “4 out they’re

Natalie – hopefully you and me stay friends and I wish you the best in this game
James- why would you say hopefully
Nat – you never know
James – I don’t think I’ve said anything to make you go not be my friend but… the only reason why everything else happened you pretty much said you felt you weren’t ready for anything.. .

Natalie – well certain thing you said this season made me not want to be in a relationship
James- that’s fine.. I don’t hold that against you, we still can be whatever.. We don’t need to shoo each other away

James – sometimes I wish you would put yourself in my shoes for a day
Na t- I have james..
James- how you feel
Nat – you know how I appreciated you all summer long

Nat – you were talking about me to them.. all of you were talking about me
James- I said 1 thing.. and I told you that.. I thought we were over I didn’t know you were upset
nat – you know we’re not friends why would you tell them something
James says he was upset he’s a human being
Natalie says she just sat in the London room and cried by herself
James- I wasn’t like.. you know.. like.. oh she’s a jerk and walked out.. they just asked me if y’all fighting and I said we got in a little argument..

James – we were fine last night
Nat – we are fine james, we are.. I just want to go I don’t want to be here anymore

Jame s- you need to go to your happy place you are not the same happy girl that walked in here since day 1
nat – I’ve had my feelings hurt, I’ve been hit on by the whole house and you haven’t, nobody has been talking garbage about you
Natalie says the 4 out playing cards are acting all innocent like they’ve never made fun of her.

James says he had a tough time growing up getting beat up by kids and picked on he knows what it’s like getting talked about
nat – Victor was so rude in the kitchen talking about his starburst..
Natalie says Victor is a “f***g jerk”
Jame says they all know this that is why Zing bot called him a douche bag (ZOMG.. is that really the edit Victor is getting.. man glad I don’t watch the show)

Nat about the (final 4) “they are so annoying i can’t wait to get out of here… Finale night not even going to talk to them or look at them”

Big-Brother-18 2016-09-08 15-56-33-370

3:00pm James and Natalie London room
James wondering what the ratings are like
Natalie says the ratings will be CRAZY
James thinks the showmances and “controversy” are helping ratings

James – I’m going to throw this next HOH, I need top be open next week.. i gotta push my luck
Nat – what if you can win this next HOH why would you do taht to yourself
James says once she goes the 2 other side will target each other and he’ll be safe.
James says the other sides thinks he’s checked out, “I layed down and rolled over”

James says if he doesn’t win someone has to be up against him
Nat points out they have a final 4 and the numbers they might take him out.
James says it depends on who he’s up against.
James thinks Paul will put up Corey and Nicole
Natalie disagrees says Paul is putting James up
James doesn’t think so says Paul might try to get his vote and use him as a backdoor option (ZOMG)
James says he’s got 4 votes in the jury , they agree if it’s James and Nicole final 2 James is getting all the votes.
James- it’ll be a tight race.. it’ll come down to 5-4.. either way I make it to fianl 2 i’ll be happy.. i’ll still get 50K
nat – there’s a reason you were brought back into this game.. and I have a strong feeling you’ll make it very far.
James – Damn how did they take 2 of my people out..
Nat – you really think those 4 best friends are not goign to gun after you james
James- no.. how bad I’m doing at comps, how easy I am to get out.. they see i’m a well rounded guy.. t
James claiming he’s on the “GOOD” side saying that good will prevail over evil.
James now saying if he can win the HOh he will he’s just not sure what side it’s better to win. “My argument will be you can use me I’m 1 person use me.. ”

Big-Brother-18 2016-09-08 15-56-28-500


4:12pm Feeds on Jeff..

(sorry for bombarding yo’all with these ads but it is a really sweet deal)

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About A Month Ago On BBAD

Paulie whispered something to James and Nicole and then James said, “Huh?” and Nicole asked “What?” Then Paulie replied “Remember when we met up with Derick and Cody?” and he tilted his head and made a face. James then said, “Right” and Nicole said “Oh Ok.” Clearly all 3 of them had a preseason alliance. Also remember that despite Nicole admitting she had met Cody and his family no other HG asked how come she did not immediately say hi to Paulie when she saw him? He outed himself as Cody’s brother the 1st night but Nicole acted like she did not know who he was. She has mentioned meeting up with Cody and his family numerous times and none of the HG’s ever put two and two together.

Doesn't Play The Game James

actually nicole said “whaaaaaaaaaaat” and then said “oooooooh ooooooook”

Another Hillary Lie

Didn’t both Nicole and James vote to evict Paulie?

True But

By then Paulie had lost favor with production because his true colors were coming out. And remember how shocked Paulie was that James was flipping on him? He was in shock when they showed James ended up telling him like an hour before the airtime. Paulie was even freaking out on Paul, cornering him in a room asking if he knew James was going to cancel out those two votes.


That was about Zakiyah not about Paulie getting voted out

True But

Right. That is what I am pointing out – that Nicole and James flipped on Paulie and went against their preseason alliance by getting rid of Z and Paulie was in shock. Nicole and James did vote Paulie out later, but it was at that moment that Paulie realized his preseason alliance was no more when James canceled the two votes.


Does anybody remember the time when James was talking about being friends with Nicole before the show? I think he said something about sending her friend requests, but she never replied to him until about 3 weeks before the show and they have been friends since then. Am I remembering this correctly?

Remember the Alamo

Does anyone Remember the Titans?

Robert Plant

Does anyone remember laughter?

The Roach Coach

Does anyone remember when they picked the 4 teams…
Did Nicole have the first female pick and take Corey?

I too am starting to think this could be fixed for Nicole to win with James involved… and I think Corey could be involved (especially after the recent veto footage).

I remember Corey coming back from the D.R. one night and telling Nicole that she had the Round Trip Ticket, Nicole seemed to already know as well… yes I know Julie announced Paul had it, but we’ll never actually know whether or not he did, and if Nicole ever found herself in trouble if production was going to save her…
I remember Nicole and Corey having a quick connection, so could be telling if she had the first chance to select him, if anyone remembers, Thanks…
Also does anyone remember how the vets selecting the teams order was decided for the vets? Cause at this point if Nicole did get 1st female pick I want to know why…

Super sketch how Corey beat Nat in that veto since Nicole would have been the re-nom, he walked right into the 1st room and with hesitation or looking around the room immediately began to unscrew the pipes, nothing about that sounds right or makes sense.
Corey has been very confident lately.

Don’t forget Nicole got the “Saftey” carepackage. But probably the most sketch thing about it is how she got the safety CP. Bridgette was beating her handedly in the voting. Bridgette was sent packing in a Double Eviction by….ding ding ding Corey who won both HoH and veto to send Bridgette out and lock Nicole up for safety the following week coming off of a HoH that Corey could not compete in… and did CBS restart the vote after all of America had voted for Bridgette? Nope, gave it to the person behind Bridgette, Nicole wins Super Saftey by default and Bridgette was sent out of the house leading the polls for safety because of a double eviction… Sketch… Also, Corey didn’t hesitate to send Bridgette out… people were shocked she left over Meech that night, even Meech couldn’t believe it… But Corey knew just what to do to guarantee Nicole safety for a week, just long enough for him to be able to compete in the following veto giving Nicoles safety better odds….sketch

If anyone remember the order of how the vets selected teams and how that order was determined I really “Preesh”…
Love the show and the game but with all this recent evidence this could be my last season

Doesn't Play The Game James

I also went back and watched Corey in the Veto and as soon as he opened the door he looked to the right and went straight to the pipe. He did not look anywhere in the room but straight forward as the door opened and then to the right side where the pipe was. He had to have been told Natalie finished very very quickly and he had no time to mess around.


“Julie announced Paul had it but we will never know”??? HUH ?! They all opened them live . She didn’t announce it we all saw it!

Eric CA

Frank Chose first: He Chose Michelle, because she was the only name he could remember
Da’Vonne Chose Second: She said Paulie but meant Paul… and Paul was on Da’Vonnes Team
James Picked Third: Picked Natalie because she looked athletic (Hot)
Nicole: Nicole Picked Corey… because he was dreamy.

Then they switched order:
Corey: picked Tiffany
Natalie: picked Victor (because he was hot… LoL the irony)
Paul: picks Zak (Paul Zak and Jozea had a day 1 alliance)
Meech: Picks Paulie (Who is bent out of shape because he was picked after Corey, Paul and Vic)

Change Directions again:
Paulie: Picks Bridgette
Zak: Picks Jozea
Victor: Picks Bronte (Last Girl standing)
Tiffany: Glen (Last Chosen)

I hate to say for most of them the choices of first Picks was Bad Memory or they thought that person was hot… except Da’Vonne I think she felt he would be a good player. James did seem to have a pre-arranged alliance with Nicole and Frank, but that could have been because they were all vets.

I will say that there was an odd moment with Paulie and Nicole… he seemed way too comfortable being the pawn when you think of his later behavior in the game…. very sketchy but it did not look so sketchy earlier in the Season.

sunny dee

Nicole picking Corey never once made any sense to me. She already knows Paulie, she would be a friend of Cody so she’s already going to know the guy is former athletic. She knows nothing about Corey, and by the end of the first day Corey almost got BEAT by the OLD guy. Her choosing corey and not paulie must have been a mystery to Paulie as well, and for Paulie to get passed over, or was it as simple as since he already admitted it, she didn’t want to have a number one target on her team? if he was going to be a number one target?

And James james james. Once again about to do one of those many things that has us all going WTFJAMES no you do NOT throw this HOH of all HOHs, it is the only thing that is going to ensure that there will be an imbalance of two powers. and considering he actually believes they are not working together for one goal, that would make more sense than not.

And if he does try to throw HOH, how fun that will be with both Corey and Nicole trying to throw it to him to win, and paul being the only one gunning for it? remember when someone was supposed to throw a vet comp to Paul and he was taking so long with it they couldn’t delay any longer without basically leaving the comp?

will paul/vic consider giving james the HOH to get one of nicorey out? not even a little bit of a chance.

The Roach Coach

Well Da’ picking before Nicole means Da’ could have picked Corey so I don’t feel quite as sketch… and I forgot they opened their tickets so no conspiracy there either….Thanks!!!

Still a few things that don’t add up like Corey beating Natalie in the veto by walking in the room and immediately knowing how to perform the task and unscrewing that pipe… but thanks all

ps nat is fake


ITS BEEN REAL , but one of u will bite the dust


I am so tired of Natalie and James. He is going to throw he next HOH. He never wins anyway and evertrime he loses he says I trew that one. The two of the as a couple are just sickening. She tries all day to see how many compliments she can get out of him and he spends all day trying to get a fell


I am tired of James throwing every comp. Why is he in the game? He is a Floater!!!

Arya Stark Badass

Is he really throwing comps or does he just suck?


He’s trying to act like he could win if he wants. It’s like when I tell people I played soccer in Europe, I don’t mention it was youth league and I was 8. Everyone got to play but we all didn’t get trophies.


Omg James. You are so fuckin’ clueless!
I would rather eat my own eyes than see him win this game.


I used to LOVE nat….now I hope she gets booed

Tiny Trump Hands

Paul calls Meech a C_nt and everyone loves him. Nat talks too much about herself and everyone hates her. Only in America LOL.

Another Liberal loser

Everybody loves Paul? Speak for yourself.


Well, in Paul’s defence, Michelle was a stupid c*nt.

Doesn't Play The Game James

Going to throw yet another HOH?! And is more focused on Nat saying hopefully we will be friends – James is worried because she said hopefully we will be friends and now he is panicked she will not be his friend lol – how BB picked this guy as a returning vet is beyond me!

Misty Beethoven

Words I never thought I’d say, but I feel sorry for James. I don’t want him to win the $500k or AFP; I think his priorities are a off, but I hadn’t given much thought to how hard his childhood and adolescence might have been. And he is truly the most patient person ever, with putting up with Nat and her passive aggressive behavior. After this is over, my wish for him is he moves forward with his life, provides for his daughter and leaves Big Brother in his rear view mirror.


Oh my Natalie! You should really try and keep all the hate to yourself if you’re so concerned about what “America” thinks of you. Karma is really a bitch sweetheart. (Sorry Simon…)
James please just let her be. Silence is golden.


Simon, Be careful bc if Natalie reads this, it will hurt her heart. 😉


James and Natalie thinking Victor is portrayed as a douche is extremely wrong. With James’ track record he really shouldn’t throw the HOH,; he will be the next to go. James and Natalie really need time apart to get perspective to see if they can be in a real relationship


He is a douche…came into the game as an arrogant bully, siding with the self proclaimed messiah. He didn’t change his striped until several people pointed out that nobody liked him and he was a…DOUCHE!


Well, he does do a lot of cleaning in some pretty filthy areas.


Natalie will never be in a relationship with James. She has already said (to James) she flirted with every guy in the house before settling on James. She said early on that she was going to align herself with a guy through flirting, hence James and her became a showmance. When she saw that he could not longer take her any further in the game, she started to treat him like dirt. At the beginning she was all for James playing his own game, but yesterday, she was saying that she would never talk to him again if he aligned himself with Nicole and Corey. That is not friendship. For the most part James has been very respectful of her, but she has not been the same, especially since she was put on the block. She is a nasty girl. There is nothing to gain by threatening him, and there was no need to threaten their friendship outside of the house.


No apologizing for the Ads. We know you have to find a steady way to fund this site and get compensated for your time posting the blogs for those of us that do not have the time.

An Apple A Day

Pardon all my sayings today 🙂 With regards to the haters about your site, my mother-in-law use to say “I like the way I’m doing it better than the way you’re NOT doing it.” TV version of BB18 would be a total waste. My husband is over it. This site and After Dark and the ability to point our fingers and be all judgy makes it fun LOL.

Another Hillary Lie

What a shame and you would be surprised by how many non feed viewing fans think this game is totally legit.

Hillary Wipes the Server

Production sucks Simon. My new choice for the America’s Favorite vote is Zingbot.


what season was that, Simon?


Is it illegal to rig a game show? Just wondering. Considering 500K’s in the line.

Huckleberry Hillary

Not if you make a large donation to the Clinton Foundation.

Eric CA

Was it Season 5… The first time with the twins. I had the feeds the first time and if you watched the TV Version you would think nobody noticed they were twins…. but if you had the Feeds several houseguests noticed and pointed out on the feeds.

I will also say I remember conversations that made it sound like they really wanted the Twins to form a twin alliance… sometime after it was really evident that Nakois and Cowboy were not bonding nor did Nakomis really like Cowboy at all (I will say Nakomis is one of all time favs because production could not control her at all.) . Then there was the eviction of Will Wilkie with the Twins saying Jesus told them to nominate the black guy and the gay guy and when Marvin was questioning it “Jesus told you to nominate the gay guy and the black guy.” then feed cut as he started to say something and the came back in a bit… I realized the Live Feeds are on delay so they can block stuff they don’t want people to hear or see. (Recently that happened with James and Natalie’s fight… the feeds went down right as it started and did not return till they made up… very fishy.)


A Marvin & Nakomis comment! Thats rare. 2 of my favorites


Awww I agree Misty B Bless his heart. I think he tries at times to be tough and strong but it’s hard for him. Clearly he kept his word to Nicole and she screwed him over. It is BB I get that but I think he has a hard time separating real life and the BB game. He has a big heart. There is nothing fake or phony about him. Unlike Nicole who is one big contradiction All smoke n mirrors.


Did she tho??? I mean she promised him that she wouldn’t put him or Nat up and she didn’t. Yea she told them that Merch was safe and didn’t follow through but she kept her deal with James.


James I was voting for you to win HOH,and have the power to decide the fate of those 4.But now I hope you get voted out next week .you deserve everything you get.


throwing the comp is the smartest game move….don’t know why that would make you mad

Marvin Gaye

Yea because no one could have beat Natalie’s time without help from production…, Corey went straight for that pipe without even looking at the manhole cover in the veto comp…. Then how they all switched to vote out Nat…They all gave Emotional reasons not one strategic reason to vote out Nat… Especially from Paul n Vic


I noticed that about Corey during the comp too! He went straight to the wall without looking around the room! It seemed obvious to me that someone had told him what to do. I’m so glad that someone else mentioned it. I thought I was so sick of Production interfering that I was making things up 🙂

Flip Floppers

Nicole was saying she couldn’t figure out what she was supposed to be doing in that comment at all, she was just standing there, then she said “they had to tell me what to do” and whoever she was talking to said: “really?!” and she said: “yeah, they were like…” and the feeds cut to fish.


James thinks the ratings will be crazy because of Showmances…

How many seasons in a row will he have to be on before he realizes that his stalking a girl in and outside of the house are not even close to showmances

Backseat Driver

Does everybody going into the house know at the start Production will be “guiding” them towards the end? If not, how can this be a fair competition? Wow, I sure do sound naïve…….

Doesn't Play The Game James

fair game? it is a tv show you know

An Apple A Day

Oh my gosh, now it’s “Good Against Evil”. Someone thinks very highly of herself. One of my favorite sayings is that we tend to look at other people through a magnifying glass and ourselves through rose colored glasses. Little Miss Perfect has just been SO wounded by everyone and she’s taken the “high road”. Every time someone says that I roll my eyes. Taking the high road requires that you not SAY you are taking the high road. And “no takesy backsies” on our high road apologies.

Victor's Missing Facial Hair

Nat is going to make some poor bastard very miserable someday!

Rico Suave Vic

It’s about time someone else noticed Vic can’t fill out that beard ! We laugh every diary room session that he doesn’t clean that up!


Weird is good. It’s a step way above how disgusting, repulsive, immature, and sleazy most of the BB houseguests behave.


No, they don’t think you’re a weirdo. Cause…you’re not. But also, they’re reading along and enjoying the site too – but are “too cool” in their own minds to admit it.


That’s what we like about you!!


Can you tell us who?!!! :Oooo


Hey Simon! I remember a few seasons back some houseguests were talking about the website during BBAD.
Interesting facts! Thanks for sharing. Funny that they wanted you to remove non feed items from the site… Now I wanna know! 😉 I’m quite sure most of them read your website! And you are never thought of as a weirdo in my book! You and Dawg are FANTASTIC!!


Oh yes… but all the best people are. 😉


Non feeds related? And who was Simon. Tell us, tell us, tell us!!!! 🙂


Yes, I remember that Matt even posted comments a few seasons ago – replied to one of mine actually. Very cool!

Crushing on Simon

Was one of those house guests Rachel? She seems very involved in the fandom and she seems to love being a fan herself.

Flip Floppers

Simon, Rachel knows the highest form of flattery is “totally making fun of someone.” ; )


Who were this four Simon?


So James could try to win HOH and a) pick a side to work with and put a pair up see how VETO plays out. b) put up one of each side and see how VETO play out. Either way they have to come through you. OR you could do nothing and hope they target each other and/or hope you win VETO yourself. Ah the James game. Don’t try and have an easy excuse for being a LOSER. Final 5 I think I would be trying to win any HOH I could and every VETO (VETO is king at this point) and trying to ensure my safety.


I like Natalie, but all she does ALL DAY is dwell on other people’s personality faults. Like I said I like her I really do, but I usually do not care for girls that consistently try to victimize themselves. Like this is all she ever talks about. Get it together.


I think it’s kinda like she said. She has nothing else to do lol.


Please Paul…You have to win HOH tonight!!

Another Hillary Lie

Don’t leave us hanging Simon. Details please.


Nic & Vic for F2!! Both have played the actual BB game and neither have said vicious things about others. They are not perfect and though they may be annoying they both actually play the game. Imho.


I’ve had a love/hate mentality about Paul all summer and right now, he and Vic are the only 2 left that I’d like to see win. That said, Paul has been VERY vicious this summer…as bad as – and sometimes worse – than Paulie.


They don’t want to be seen following. They’re reading…I’m sure of it.

Misty Beethoven

Simon, I’m liking the random bits of info you’re posting! Will Dawg be weighing in too?

Did Corey cheat?

Anyone catch the episode last night, or watch the feeds on the Macgyver competition? Corey seemed to walk into the first room and immediately go for the first solution – without even looking at the puzzle! How did he figure out a puzzle he didn’t even know so quickly?

Sad But True

He was able to figure out the puzzle so quickly because of the little ear piece each player was wearing for the comp. The voice over you heard during the episode was for the audience’s benefit and not what the house guests were actually hearing on their end. Nicole even admitted to them trying to help her but since she was unable to beat Natalie’s time even with assistance, production gave Corey instructions right from the get go to make sure he could win the veto.

America listen

Just suppose Jamesey wins Nat will have a relationship with him if he loses James might be her friend